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Morons, Idiots and Nefarious Bastards

Lawrence Wilkerson is off the chain again! The disgraced (by his association with the Bush gang and having to repeat their lies to the U.N.) past Secretary of State Colin Powell’s former top aide went straight for the shrunken testicles of the slithering subterranean slimeball Dick Cheney in yet another of the blistering attacks that the eviscerated Democrats in Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs have had no taste for, choosing rather to triangulate around the queen in waiting and satisfied to become Republican Light rather than take a principled stand over ther perversion of true American values by the ruling reactionaries. Wilkerson laid down a withering barrage that was picked up by the USA Today of all papers in which he referred to slimy Dick as either a complete anti-terrorism zealot over the disgraceful and catastrophically bungled Iraq imbroglio or otherwise “a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard”. Of course we all know which statement best describes the cold, calculating Cheney given his past involvement with the Project For A New American Century, the neocon think tank bent on promoting world domination.

You GO Larry!!!

Wilkerson did a nice follow up on his earlier blast over the secret cabal who are calling the shots outside of the channels of the normal democratic process. Bellicose fanatics the likes of former Nixon acolytes Cheney and Rummy, the prince of darkness Richard Perle and the heinously delusional Paul Wolfowitz who once as a member of Team B trumped up the impending Soviet threat to the U.S. for the sheer shock value of it have been manipulating the increasingly detached, aloof and unstable puppet that is the reigning delusional god head and convenient dupe for militaristic fetishists of global hegemony, the naked emperor George W. Bush, a man whose already fragile grip on reality continues to drain away like the sands in an hourglass. In another of his fine and extremely disturbing pieces for the New Yorker Magazine, journalist Seymour Hersh continues to draw upon his contacts who are intimately familiar with the machinations inside the Bush bunker to paint an ever grimmer picture of Bush’s fanatic obsession with religion as a guiding force for policy:

Bush’s closest advisers have long been aware of the religious nature of his policy commitments. In recent interviews, one former senior official, who served in Bush’s first term, spoke extensively about the connection between the President’s religious faith and his view of the war in Iraq. After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the former official said, he was told that Bush felt that “God put me here” to deal with the war on terror. The President’s belief was fortified by the Republican sweep in the 2002 congressional elections; Bush saw the victory as a purposeful message from God that “he’s the man,” the former official said. Publicly, Bush depicted his reëlection as a referendum on the war; privately, he spoke of it as another manifestation of divine purpose.

The former senior official said that after the election he made a lengthy inspection visit to Iraq and reported his findings to Bush in the White House: “I said to the President, ‘We’re not winning the war.’ And he asked, ‘Are we losing?’ I said, ‘Not yet.’ ” The President, he said, “appeared displeased” with that answer.

“I tried to tell him,” the former senior official said. “And he couldn’t hear it.”

To any of the Bush loyalists that are still defending the haphazard manner in which your strutting little despot of a leader is destroying this country Fuck you all! Anybody with even half a functional brain and an I.Q. that is above borderline mental redardation knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that your king’s bullshit and spin can’t conceal the fact that the intelligence was manipulated, the problem is in finding enough people who have half a functional brain in the pathetic shell of what used to be the United States prior to the ascendance of George W. Bush, f fraudlent and petulant little turd who has to rely on the most corrupt political machine in modern history to steal elections. Bush is a pathetic little man who believes that God himself has anointed him as the avenging knight of ‘christian’ providence and who believes that the almighty actually seeks his counsel and offers advice. It is just the voices in your head George and they are no different than the ones that made the dog talk to the Son of Sam….you are fucking nuts.

George W. Bush is Grade A Fucking Certifiable Lunatic!

How Do I know this?

Because GOD himself told me so in one of the many conversations with the almighty that I personally have. You see, God has a problem that some mentally deranged megalomaniac, psychopathic drug addict like George W. Bush is using his name to justify his insane fucking crusade, the last time that some maniac dipshit played this game his renegade government had laid waste to a continent, 6 million Jews were gassed and incinerated and over 56 million people lost their lives in the conflagration by the time that Onka Dolph’s Oompah band had finished playing it’s funeral dirge.

God was not happy then nor is he happy now.

The thing that pisses GOD off even more than a sniveling little cowardly prick like George W. Bush using HIS name to justify the murderous rampages and despicably abhorrent treatment of mankind with differing perspective are the fucking virtual armies of so called ‘religious’ dolts who allow themselves to be fed a colossal line of bullshit by the false prophets who his son Jesus Christ so adamantly warned about before his ass was nailed to a fucking cross by the Republican establishment of his time. You all grovel in the filth of your ignorance and your worship of the ruling emperor, the bankers and the religious establishment that the man who you proclaim to worship as your ‘savior’ and whose name you invoke in order to justify your deeds. Through your support of corrupt false prophets you are instead blaspheming him through your intolerable ignorance, you support the modern version a corrupt order that he righteously denounced and was murdered for it and yet you continue to sin through your aquisence those who preach the hatefulness and powerlust of their ambitions from pulpits soiled by their alliance with the moneychangers. Your god is not the son of god but the son of man, your god is the modern Caesar and the mammon and hatred that serve as the mortar for the golden bricks that are used to build his heathen temple on the crushed bones of the poor.

When was the last time that any of your phony pastors with their garish temples of government subsidized largess that conduct gaudy spectacles far more befitting of WWF wrestling or tawdry sexually exploitive concerts than to be seen in a house of God taken the time to minister to the poverty stricken, the sick or the downtrodden? When did one of your leaders, one of your filthy goats among sheep ever bother to wash the feet of a poor man and when did George W. Bush ever stop to consider the immorality of dropping bombs on the heads of children in a foreign land while at the same time callously ignoring the cries of the uninsured and starving at home? Hypocrisy is denounced repeatedly in the gospels of Christ while condemnation of homosexuals is not mentioned once.

If anybody outside of the sycophantic hordes of delusional ignoramuses who man the parapets on Timothy LaHaye’s rapture watch actually believe that Jesus Christ would meet with any fate other than a similar execution or imprisonment after the obligatory media scourging by the electronic nincompoops on the FOX network or the 0utlandish demagogues on CBN were he to return to Earth preaching the same compassionate, anti-establishment message today rather than the unholy pornography of the greedmongers, the war pigs and the globalist elite that is spewed forth by the propaganda of the Left Behind series then you are as crazy as your drooling, butt naked emperor and as corrupt as your vile, self serving, charlatan televangelist leaders.

Those who promote divisiveness and hatred towards their bretheren so in order to deceive those who are otherwise well intentioned shall be damned, the choice to me made is whether to be damned along with them. The time to repent is now while there is still time to break free from the grip of the pharisees and to do the true work of your lord Jesus Christ instead of serving the great deceivers. The soul that you lose will be your own so choose wisely.

Post Turkey Day Musings

There was no top secret PR mission to Iraq this Thanksgiving Day, no pictures of the idiot king hamming it up for the cameras with a plastic turkey. There was however another bombing in Baghdad, an insurgent detonated a car outside of a hospital near a group of American troops who were handing out candy to children, thirty dead, at least 40 wounded according to ‘news’ accounts, four American servicemen among them, the body parts of the victims were strewn throughout the street, their families crying in anguish. In the city Hillah another car bomb exploded, at least 11 killed and 17 wounded, there have been over 200 deaths in less than a week. No reason for Thanksgiving in Mesopatamia. How rational is it to stay the course if the course itself is madness.

There were arrests at Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX where war protesters were hauled off while dirty George hunkered down inside, making the obligatory phony calls to ‘the troops’ and enjoying a holiday feast of roasted free range turkey, chipotle maple whipped sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus with red peppers and fruit ambrosia. The trollop twin daughters of the Bushes celebrated their 24th birthday, the atmosphere was festive, the booze likely flowing now that daddy was allegedly on the juice again. Outside protesters gathered, and were kept under control, many arrests were made by locals, word was out that Cindy Sheehan was coming, the woman demonized by both the extremist right as well as the establishment Democrats of Hillary, Lieberman and Kerry, not a one of which with the courage to stand up for what is right and call for an end to the bloody fiasco in Iraq. The utmost in hypocrisy is that Emperor Bush dared to preach the abstractions of freedom and democracy as to the Chinese last week and then had his personal gestapo haul off those who sought to express their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and protest at home, of course Bush also invoked the ever present evangelical message in China as well, more likely as an appeasement to the red state knuckle draggers of the base than in sincerity.

There were empty seats at holiday dinner tables across the land, seats that once would have been filled by loved ones who have been killed in Bush and Cheney’s bloody fuck of a war. Some chairs were filled by it’s living victims, men or women with brain injuries, crushed and useless bodies, some were missing extremities blown off by roadside bombs, unable even to lift a fork, these are the invisible veterans of Bush’s war, hidden away from the public eye lest the truth be know that there is no glory in war and that those who will never be the same again are better forgotten by the rulers lest their dirty little secret be given away. The FOX network broadcast a football game on Thanksgiving, as with all of their productions the flag waving faux patriotism and use of the troops as props was on display once more, the militarization of the American psyche through ubiquitous propaganda knows no holiday, propaganda that is an officially sanctioned function of the Bush administration who uses taxpayer dollars to hire public relations firms like the Rendon Group. The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine has an expose called ‘The Man Who Sold The War’ that is as disturbing as it is outrageous, even more outrageous is that a music magazine is able to publish great investigative journalism that the so called mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole for fear of incurring the wrath of their corporate masters and the criminals in the military industrial complex for whom they function as shills.

A few days prior to turkey day a British paper published a story on how it had obtained a memo showing that last year Emperor Bush actually contemplated bombing Al Jazeera, the Arab television network based in Quatar, an ally, even more proof that the terrorists are among us, the lunatics have seized control of the asylum. The maniac Bush had to be talked out of this futile and stupid gesture by Tony Blair who despite his own lust for power and duplicity is rational enough to understand that such an act would inflame the Arab world and further unite them against American and Britain. Talk about winning the hearts and minds of the Arab world…Jesus! A fucking three year old playing with toy soldiers in a sandbox is a more competent commander in chief than the ass clown in the White House. The White House of course vehemently denied this report but the proof is in the pudding, the British government was scared shitless to the point of invoking a gag order and issuing threats on any news organization that would release the document. Not to worry about much domestic outrage, the corporate media made this story disappear as quickly as granny’s sweet potato pie.

The Pentagon team was also called into action this week over reports that the demonic super terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been killed in a raid on an insurgent stronghold over the weekend. Rummy’s asshole must have puckered big time over the news that somebody may have blown up their poster boy. The rise of Zarqawi has been a phenomenal thing to watch and the credulous public has bought the bait and switch with the same unquestioning fealty allowed them to overwhelmingly believe that Saddam Hussein was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. The elevation of this small time operator to international terrorist mastermind has been a masterful deception by the black ops masters and image makers. The fact that the real Zarqawi was the only militant with alleged ties to Al Quaeda who could be placed in Iraq (even if it was in an area that wasn’t controlled by Saddam) at all in the run up to the invasion was immediately seized on by the lie factory and lo and behold he is now a bigger influence to the shadowy global terrorist networks than Osama Been Forgotten himself. Of course any such story of the death of an iconic figure who has become the very symbol of ultimate evil that allows the neo con dream of hegemony and chaos in the Middle East had to be debunked swiftly and with extreme prejudice, too much time and money had been spent in the making of the myth. How do you kill a man that is already dead?

An amazing new movie is out, a movie that I am astonished that was even allowed to be made in this dark era of nationalism and disinformation where questioning the intentions of power is denounced as being tantamount to treason. The movie is Syriana and is about the geopolitics of oil, corporate and governmental corruption, CIA complicity in assassinations and terrorism. It is a movie that is foreign to our era of the dumbness, subliminal advertising and special effects extravaganzas that pass for mass entertainment. Hard hitting political movies just don’t get made anymore lest the servile and ignorant begin to ask questions of institutions of power, the golden era of such films was in the 1970’s in the aftermath of Viet Nam and Watergate when the lies were exposed, film is an extremely powerful medium and such incisive films soon gave way to the trash revisionism of the Reagan era and it’s Rambos. George Clooney has had a phenomenal year in terms of intelligent political movies, Syriana comes on the heels of Good Night and Good Luck a film that explores the evil of the McCarthy era where dissent was also crushed under the jackbooted heel of labelling Americans who dared to call power into account as ‘communists’, the precursor to the invective of ‘unpatriotic’ that is so well utilized by today’s demagogues. Clooney’s character in Syriana is loosely based on former CIA agent Robert Baer whose books See No Evil and Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude offered a glimpse into the real life international intrigue of the politics of oil and the Middle East. This is an important movie and the slime machine will soon be ramping up their efforts to discredit it as well as the hated liberal Clooney. Some in the right wing media are already up to their usual tricks in their debunking of the movie the ruling queen of the industrial strength vibrator Ann Coulter is leading the way with her attacks that refer to Clooney as
‘Danny Ocean’ and then inserting whatever hateful malarkey that the closet dyke throws out to her audience of right wing alpha males whose masturbatory fantasies of being violated by the sex toys of ‘Mistress Ann’ are only second to their conscription into the army of Bush Armchair Patroits who have nothing better to do than gather together for circle jerks over a Ouija board to Coulter’s channelling of Eva Braun. The rest of the electronic goon squad will soon be jumping on the anti-Clooney bandwagon and there is little doubt that FOX’s Bullshit Billy will be driving.

And finally:

A 100 lb Virginia woman won a turkey eating contest by consuming 4 pounds, 3 ounces of bird in twelve minutes. All the major media outlets covered the gastronomic miracle.

God Bless America!

The Crying Game

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Festivus with the caroling of Republican moaners melodically airing their endlessly growing list of grievances, slights and perceived slights. Is there a bigger group of whiners and hand wringers in America than these people? The plaintive wailing is constant, the entire secular-liberal world is out to get them and of course, the perpetual victims are never the ones at fault for any of their problems. The culture of victimization is alive and well and the examples emanate from the top down with chief scoundrel and neocon traitor Dick Cheney bitching away about critics of his massively fucked up war on a daily basis. Yesterday, in front of yet another drooling anti democracy fascist think tank audience at the American Enterprise Institute the VP denounced the majority of Americans who now oppose his foreign adventurism as engaging in revisionism (invoking the sweet spot word again) of the most “corrupt” and “shameless” type and engaging in “self-defeating pessimism” (another code phrase targeted the eternal optimists, Horatio Alger dreamers and Jiminy Cricket when you wish up on a star devotees aka the terminally stupid and unrealistic Pollyannas who buy into the party line hook line and sinker) in what is becoming a tired and trite daily rant. Thursday would truly be a day for Thanksgiving if these people would just take Bill O’Reilly’s advice and SHUT UP! With Cheney and the bitching heads on the cable shows taking the lead it is easy to see why playing the victimhood card has essentially become pathological to these people.


On Iraq media coverage: “It’s all sooooo negative, it’s all about death and killing, where is the ‘good’ news about all of the schools that are being built and the firestations and the people that we saved from torture?” FOX News that’s where, it’s far easier for most to live in a rose colored fantasyland than to poke their heads out of their shells to get a glimpse of the real world. This attitude was a key in the appeal of great conservative icon and revisionist history father of the country Ronald Reagan.


On Abortion: “They’re killing the babies, life begins at conception, Roe V. Wade is a an attrocity, it’s all the fault of the liberals, they don’t respect the culture of life.” And on and on it goes on the reigning champion for one issue voters which the GOP has grabbed by the tits and milked for years however in an interesting contradiction the so called pro lifers compassion extends neither to eliminating the death penalty or in showing any sort of outrage over civilian collateral damage in Iraq and the absence of any outcry over the recent revelations regarding the use of chemical white phosphorous on civilians is sorely missing from the public discourse.


On Gun Control: “The liberals are coming to take my guns away!” The NRA has milked this baby to death and otherwise sane progressive people who have nothing whatsoever in common with any other part of the right wing agenda will turn out in droves on election day to preserve their second amendment right to stockpile military style assault weapons and cop killer body armor piercing bullets. This is an essential lure to a fringe element exactly the same as gay marriage or abortion, another phantom issue.


On The ‘Welfare State’: “I work damned hard and don’t want to give my tax money to lazy minorities who just want to live off of the government dole”. It’s amazing at how some moron who works at Walmart will so vociferously defend the right of the rich to bilk the poor through the massive redistribution of wealth, elimination of the progressive income tax system and the endless font of corporate welfare that flows through Washington D.C. Of course ‘welfare state’ is just another two word phrase that sanctions racism and inequality.


On Taxes and Big Government: “The government is too big, I don’t want to pay taxes”. The war against ‘big government’ and taxes in general is a masterful dissemination of pro elitist propaganda in which the very people who benefit from progressive taxation are the lower and middle classes and who through their support of Grover Norquist style ‘starve the beast’ tax cutting are slowly committing mass suicide through the evisceration of the public school system, medicare, medicaid, social security and other essential ‘entitlement’ programs so that the wealthy can have their tax cuts and increasingly become the freeloaders that the indignant but proud ‘working man’ so despises. Then again, committing suicide is what lemmings usually do and always enmasse.

The litany of whining is far too long to list in depth, but it includes so many references to the removal of religion from the public realm and the perceived persecution of fundamentalists that additional decalogues on which they could be inscripted would reach higher than the Tower of Babel if stacked on top of each other. Another big one is ‘Bush Bashing’ which is invoked as a shield whenever the great and almighty leader is questioned or criticized, funny but I STILL see checkstand tabloids Clinton Bashing five years after he left office! The piss babies of the right are as full of contradictions and hypocrisy as they are of bullshit. I could keep on writing but sadly I have only so much time for blogging and do have a real job unlike so many of the conservative activist blogger losers who live at home in daddy and mommy’s spare room, garage apartment or basement and wage electronic war against the very rigged game and backlash cultural environment that landed them there. Remember, If all else fails just blame it on Clinton and cry me a river you big babies!

A Truly Pathetic Display

I typically refrain from using the word ‘cunt’ as a pejorative but sometimes a line is crossed in such a grossly egregious and detestable manner that nothing less than calling in the rhetoric Arc Light will duly serve justice. Republican Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is therefore truly deserving of being forever labeled as a CUNT with a capital C for her disgraceful and cowardly attack on Rep. John Murtha on Friday in Dennis Hastert’s House of Pigs. Schmidt is the well connected Republicunt who narrowly held on for a victory over Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett in a 2005 special election. Hackett is a man who she also slurred repeatedly, dragging his military service through the muck and questioning his patriotism with the full backing of the GOP slimers including thrice divorced drug addict Rush Limbaugh and barely managed to eke out a win in a heavily Republican district. Scum like Schmidt only ‘support the troops’ when it is expedient to do so in order to promote their theocratic fascist agenda.

Schmidt, who is the the most junior member of congress was dressed up like a red, white and blue ‘patriotic’ condom three weeks after Halloween and performed her trickery like a veteran Republican chickenhawk in spewing out a phony letter from a right wing activist as a narrative vehicle for advancing the GOP talking points and labeling the 37 year Marine veteran a ‘coward’ for his criticism of the pathetic conduct of the Bush administration and Pentagon in conducting the ‘war’ in Iraq as well as calling for a withdrawal of troops. Schmidt’s unscrupulous demagogic attack should be a surprise to nobody who follows politics given the recent infamy of the ‘Buckeye State’ where the local Republicans are the largest collection of unprincipled thieves west of the beltway. Ohio is such a corrupt shithole of a state that it actually makes Jeb Bush’s Florida look like a model for good government by comparison.

Coingate: Another Republican money laundering scheme where sleazy operator Tom Noe was given 50$ million dollars in state taxpayer money from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation to invest in rare coins and other collectible items such as baseball cards and ‘shockingly’ (sardonic laughter) funneled a portion of the money into the GOP political machine with some of the money ending up being directed to both the campaigns of George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Investigators estimate that $10-$13 million total went missing, that money funds a lot of campaigns and when all is said and done it will likely be connected to the nationwide racketeering of Abramoff , Rove & DeLay Inc. Schmidt has longstanding ties to Noe and with any luck may go down with the other turds once the chain is pulled.

Governor Bob Taft: The grandson of former U.S. President William Howard Taft is just another slimy and corrupt Republican politician hiding behind a family name. Taft was recently forced to issue a public apology over his failure to report graft that included 52 golf outings and numerous expensive dinners and tickets to entertainment events.

Congressman Bob Ney: Likely to soon to be indicted in the potentially massive Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Ney peddled influence and used his official position as chairman of the House Administration Committee which controls capitol building functions such as assigning parking and office space to reign like King Tut over Dems and low ranking GOP house members. Soon he may find his influence limited to peddling cigarettes in a federal prison.

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell: The Uncle Tom who did everything possible to stack the deck against black voters in the 2004 presidential election, at one point invoking a statute over the paper stock that provisional ballots could be printed on in order to invalidate potential anti-Bush votes. Blackwell is just a smarter, darker version of fellow Bush family lackey Katherine Harris.

Election Rigging: Florida 2000 Redux. There are too many reports of black box voting machine ‘malfunctions’, racial intimidation, insufficient voting machine allocation and even a bogus Homeland Security lockdown to list here. I recommend the following:

The Conyers Report : U.S. Representative John Conyer’s report on the fraud that was Ohio in November 2004. A man so despised by Republicans in The House of Pigs that his hearings on the Downing Street Memo were relegated to a cramped basement room…see Bob Ney.

Mark Crispin Miller: This is a link to a Harper’s Magazine article of a few months back, since then he has had a book published named ‘Fooled Again’. I can’t review this book because I have yet to read it but Miller’s past work is highly recommended.
Northern Front of Theocratic Movement: The state of Ohio has been targeted as the northern front of the radical fundamentalist movement. The Ohio Restoration Project plans to mobilize evangelical voters based on bogus social issues that will be prevalent on every ballot, this is very disturbing news and if allowed to happen would establish a D Day type of beachhead from which further attempts to spread the poison gospel of Pat Robertson, Richard Land, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson throughout the northeastern hinterlands. The old sports writer’s condemnation of the city Cleveland as the ‘mistake by the lake’ has spread to the entire state of Ohio which has become as terminally toxic as the one time legendary EPA nightmare of Lake Erie. A northern rust belt state as full of bunco artists, dimwits, hicks, fish, suckers, stooges, fools, evangelicals and peckerwoods as in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi or any other regressive and terminally retarded red state. The theocratic master plan of tearing down the wall of separation between church and state cannot be executed without conquering the north.

And now that the dreaded ‘C’ word is out for only the second time in this blog’s history and for the first when not being used to describe Michelle Malkin as a “crazy cunt” for her advocacy of the insidiously Nazi like idea of herding up Arab Americans and sticking them in concentration camps, perhaps now is the appropriate time for all chickenshit, chicken hawk Republican House members male or female who callously impugn the patriotism of others and then hide behind the flag to launch their dastardly attacks to wear it as a scarlet letter:

Duncan Hunter? CUNT ! Jeff Davis? CUNT! Dennis Hastert? BIG FAT CUNT ! Roy Blunt? CUNT! (see, it even rhymes) Tom DeLay? DOUBLE CUNT! Dick Cheney? QUADRUPLE (bypass) CUNT TO THE SIXTHTEENTH POWER!
And So It Goes.

And what better word than cunt, one of the most offensive and inflammatory terms in the English language could be used to describe those who are the most offensive to the very concept of democracy, since there is as of yet no known word that could epitomize the utterly excrable and contemptible behavior of the ruling political party in America today.

It would only be fitting if the term Republican could one day become more loathsome than any in our common language including cunt, the current practitioners of this most militant and anti American of political dogmas deserve a label befitting their true place as the ultimate pariahs in American history and may the very mention of the word Republican be worthy of having a child’s mouth being washed out with soap or an adult being shunned by all respectable company.

Attack Of The Surrogates

Emperor Bush has been sent packing, gone away overseas to the Orient on a mission from God to ‘repair his image’ (maybe he can vomit on the Japanese Prime Minister like his daddy did) and to stay out of trouble while his vicious good squad spins away with category five force strength, seeking to throw enough bullshit against the wall in the hope that some of it will stick in order to reverse his devastating post Katrina slide and restore his onetime mantle of ‘The War President’, but alas, when all of the markers are back in and counted good ole Abe Lincoln will be proven right once again:

“You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Bush couldn’t cut and run fast enough from his increasingly damaged regime and the accompanying plummeting public approval ratings, leaving a vapor trail of invective as he blasted off from Alaska where he again likened Democrats and war critics to traitors who would sell out the troops that he sent to Baghdad under trumped up pretenses, an accusation so shameful that Republican Senator Chuck Hagel saw fit to break ranks with the goose-steppers in his own party to denounce it:

“The Bush Administration must understand that each American has a right to question our policies in Iraq and should not be demonized for disagreeing with them. Suggesting that to challenge or criticize policy is undermining and hurting our troops is not democracy nor what this country has stood for, for over 200 years.”


The utmost in hypocrisy is the story of George W. Bush pushing for freedom in China while his henchmen do everything possible to crush dissent and strip civil liberties at home, extending the USA PATRIOT act beyond it’s original sunset provisions in order to provide a standard enabling act for tyranny. Habeus Corpus is likely going to be a quaint thing of the past before much longer due to the rottenness of the fascists in congress, the torture state will firmly be in place and the FBI and other government agencies could be rifling YOUR data without any sort of oversight or accountability for potential ‘terrorist’ connections. Makes you feel real secure doesn’t it? Even the flag wavers would likely have problems with this if they were to ever bother to do a bit of research on their own rather than to rely on electronic demagogues to tell them how to think.

Bush has a history of having others fight his battles which is indicative of the spoiled little Richie Rich type of prick that he truly is and always will be despite the phony luminescense of the glowing halo that his fantastic image masters imbue the inarticulate little dunce with in order to offer an undeniable allure to the fundamentalist peckerwoods and other suckers of the party base. The GOP Slime Machine has even conjured up the penultimate demon of Dick Cheney to wage his cowardly verbal war of distortion and vitriol against the truth that is rapidly closing in on his office: the Valerie Plame leak and Iraq lies are strictly bush league, the really serious shit is going to start coming out soon. The Washington Post actually had a story about Cheney’s corrupt energy task force in which his complicity had been walled off from the public by a deal with the devil and Antonin Scalia that was consumnated on a ‘duck hunting trip’. The Cheney-Scalia excursion reminds me of the outdoor gangster gathering in the Danny DeVito movie Hoffa where the great outdoors male bonding session was merely a pretense to conduct criminal activity and so was Cheney’s Louisiana safari with Scalia, a judge so tainted that he doesn’t only deserve impeachment but also needs to be tried as the sleazy mafioso that he truly is alongside the rest of the Bush Brothers crime family.

The real stuff about Dick Cheney is just too much too handle for most of the credulous, infantile and outright ignorant populace but it’s coming. When a right wing advocacy rag like the Wall Street Journal actually runs a piece by former FBI Director Louis Freeh basically accusing the vaunted 9/11 Commission on covering up the existence of Able Danger on the Op Ed page and questions the integrity of the commission itself it is a sign that serious questions about that ugly September Tuesday morning four years ago have reached the penetration point where they can no longer be easily dismissed as the rantings of cranks, conspiracy theorists and tin foil hatters. The actions of Cheney on the morning of 9/11 and the total breakdown of standard intercept protocols for off course potentially hijacked flights that allowed sufficient time for the twin towers to be destroyed in a spectacular display that could be forever seared into the American consciousness are the Rosetta Stone of the tragic transformation of America into a nascent repressive police state in the early twenty first century. While it would be hard to imagine that any serious investigation into exactly who benefited from the attacks and why will ever be undertaken by either the government or the media as it currently exists, any independent researcher should be able to form a pretty damned good working thesis by doing a serious and objective analysis of all of the inconsistencies, fortuitous foul ups and machinations of neo conservative ideology.

Then again as Colonel Jessup once said “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Of course it was Cheney riding to the rescue as chief pitbull as it always is when Little Lord Fauntleroy wants to stay out of the fray and allow his surrogates to fight his battles. In one of the most anti-American displays of incendiary rhetoric in recent memory Darth Dickie blasted off with a rolling thunder attack on war critics that continues to smolder three days afterward. The five time draft deferring chickenhawk lashed out in front of an audience of rabid right wingers during a speech at another one of the fascist think tanks that serve as launching pads for the shit missiles fired by the cowardly commanders of the Army of Bush. Cheney practically blew out his aorta with a rabid onslaught of totalitarian bile in which he further disseminated the GOP weekly talking points that have decided that painting the majority of Americans as terrorist collaborators who seek to undermine the troops for political advantage and throwing down the dreaded trump card of tarring the opposition as ‘unpatriotic’ that has worked so well in the past for this scum is the best and only strategy for polishing the turd of their failure of a bloody goddamned war. Cheney blabbered inane denunciations in a phlegm choked semi roar, calling Democrats “opportunists peddling cynical and pernicious falsehoods” as he tightened the ropes that held the flag tethered to the pirate schooner of Republican fascism and nationalist imperialism. The very week that the story is broken on how the U.S. military dropped chemical white phosphorous on civilians and insurgents during the Guernica style razing of Falluja last November it is ironic and tragic that the ruling junta has chosen a similar rhetorical tactic in der homeland.


Treasonous, anti American vermin the likes of Cheney whose naked greed is surpassed only by their lust for power should according to the the immortal words of Dalton Trumbo:

“be hanged and drawn and quartered and paraded through the streets in small chopped up little bits and thrown out into the fields where no clean animal will touch them and let their chunks rot there and may no green thing ever grow where they rot.”

Hanging is far too good for this despicable pig fucker of a traitor, but the drawing and quartering would be far more appropriate for a nazi bastard who cowers in some rathole of a bunker, eating Viagra tablets like skittles and slowly masturbating over a damp, dog earred copy of Mein Kampf while fantasizing about becoming the grand emperor of a secret underground government that would replace Jeffersonian democracy with Straussian deceit and Hitlerian repression. A wounded animal however is the most dangerous, and with nothing to lose and a potential world spectacle of a trial for treason and murder look for Big Dick to do whatever is in his power no matter how ruthless…hell…participating in the murder of over 3,000 innocent Americans as a matter of business wasn’t an issue for this psychopath when he wasn’t under scrutiny……how many will he kill to save his own ass by instigating a massive terrorist attack that will give him the power to revoke Habeus Corpus, turn America into a totalitarian police state and simultaneously invade Syria and nuke Iran?

The bastard’s cardiologist should be declared public enemy number one.

How in the hell did we ever get to the point where we as a country could become so morally depraved that we would allow a sleazy, immoral, unpatriotic, morally deficient, perverse, evil, greedy, criminally insane sluttish piece of shit slime his way into the White House to begin with? If Cheney is the ‘human’ embodiment of the military industrial complex and all of the evils that have been wrought upon the innocent and poor in the name of stealing natural resources, the naked greed of war profiteering and the unbelievably despicable afterbirth of the Nixon years then George W. Bush is the ‘human’ embodiment of the effects of stupidity, sloth, apathy, avarice, ignorance and selfishness that have afflicted this nation in the subsequent generations since our brave ancestors sacrificed all to defeat the fascist evil of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi war machine, a juggernaut built with if not outright complicity by American industrialists and Wall Street capitalists then built with their sanction.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are God’s plague upon us all as well as a pox that will never be erased in the lifetime of any living reader of this posting. So contemptible has their repudiation of over two hundred and thirty fucking years of American values been that it will forever taint we as a people as it has weakened us both within and without.

What Price Is Too High…when will we finally wake up?

Interestingly enough the longtime Karl Rove tactic of muddying the waters also popped up this week when it was revealed that famed Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward has inserted himself into the Valerie Plame investigation and has through his admission to Patrick Fitzgerald’s office that he too was intimately involved in the case but was so concerned with being interrupted from working on his Bush hagiographies that he at the time did not disclose that he was allegedly the first reporter to learn of Plame’s CIA status. This is obviously spin designed to extricate the administration from the perils of the Scooter Libby situation and the potentially damning testimony that could come out in a trial. Rove, having bought time through a last minute diversionary tactic that kept him from also being indicted is now calling out all hacks in an attempt to spin, slime and discredit Fitzgerald. A chief hack is apparently Woodward, a legendary and once great reporter now gone to seed and corrupted by wealth, easy access and celebrity. The man who helped to bring down the corrupt Nixon regime has sold his soul to the apparatchik and apparently in addition to becoming a White House mouthpiece he is now an official member of Team Bush, first denouncing the merits of the investigation and now dragging himself across the trail like a red herring. The Post should do the right thing and run this sycophantic ass kisser out the door, pressuring him for his ‘resignation’ ala the New York Times’ Judy Miller, another whore masquerading as a reporter.

And the right wing has the balls to whine about a ‘liberal media’, just more horseshit to distract from their well compensated imbeds throughout the press. Carl Bernstein, the Watergate reporter who maintained his honor by not selling out ala ‘Robert Redford’ Woodward wrote a very good although difficult to find piece on the practice of CIA use of plants within the media which was published in Rolling Stone back in 1977 and is unbelievably to my knowledge unavailable on the internet in it’s entirety. I did manage to however find it on microfiche at my local library and it reveals the history of the sinister manipulation of public opinion by the power elite through the dissemination of propaganda. Operation Mockingbird was the code name and despite rumors to the contrary the imbeds are dug in even deeper in 2005.

How fitting that Woodward would eventually succumb to the glamorous Redford imagery, a monster of his own creation, the one time golden boy of American journalism has like Anakin Skywalker discovered the power of the dark side of the force where he runs with the wolves.

And to end with an extremely disturbing piece of gossip:

According to some reports, the little tyrant is slowly beginning to lose it, quite possibly hitting the bottle again while cutting himself off from most of his dipshit sycophant advisers as well as finally acting out with the longtime psychological damage caused by his Oedipus complex and resentment against his daddy by completely cutting the old man out. Bush is reportedly only accepting regular counsel from his real and surrogate mommies, the chaotic consequences of empowering the deranged, idiot spawn of the ultimate dysfunctional American family is now coming home to roost.

It will be like The Jerry Springer Show only that the featured guest will have all of the nuclear launch codes and an increasingly tenuous footing in reality.

King Of The Angry White Males

Screaming head Bill O’Reilly, Sir Galahad to the doofus populist faction of foaming at the mouth white male bittermen is spouting off in anger once again! The former cheese tabloid tv frontman and current FOX propaganda network resident blowhard went off on yet another lunatic fringed tirade, this time against the city of San Francisco that has both drawn outraged protests as well as reinforced the image that his anger management issues and ego driven megalomania are rapidly threatening to turn into a full blown sociopathic personality disorder….a perfect spokesman for Bush Republicans.

During a regularly scheduled hissy fit Billie Blowhard got his panties in a bunch over a city initiative to ban military recruiting in local high schools and went off on a typical mentally unhinged slobbering rant that ended wih his encouragement to Al Qaeda or any terrorist organization to feel free to launch an attack on the landmark Coit Tower and the city of San Francisco. O’Reilly, as with the rest of the chickenhawk contingent whose ‘patriotism’ is so often and easily offended by any person or group that would dare to invoke true American values such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom of religion and just freedom in general of course didn’t serve one day in the United States military. To the legions of armchair patriots so eager to send others into battles based on questionable merit and/or outright falsified intelligence apparently serving the country means parking their often ample asses on sofas in front of the tube and cheering on insane, jingoist celluloid revisionist history garbage the likes Rambo II, Rambo III or any war movie starring either John Wayne or Chuck Norris, this is the bizarre through the looking glass world of fantasy that they inhabit.

O’Reilly is emblematic of the angry white male without a clue to what the true causes for his hostility really are that are drawn to the GOP like starving fleas to a mongrel dog. Their bitterness is masterfully used by party message masters and misdirected at the welfare state (code phrase for blacks) which allows them to express outwardly their belligerent racism with a degree of false legitimacy. The interesting paradox is that the ones who rant the loudest and most virulently about ‘those who are too lazy to get a job and would rather live on the government dole’ are strangely silent and unperturbed when it comes to the leeching off of the same federal teat by tax dodging corporations that pay for favorable legislation allowing for them to offshore operations, export jobs and deplete the tax base therefore smacking angry white man in directly in the wallet. They also have little or no beef with the wealthy elitist chiselers who use every method of chicanery and deception available to squirrel away their money in tax shelters or just cheat outright in order to avoid paying their fair share. The concept that the powerful institution of rich, capitalist whitey is by far a bigger abuser of government programs and publicly funded largesse than any lower income, lower class black or other minority with no access to accountants, investment consultants and attorneys could ever be will never reach a penetration point that would allow for such an idea to penetrate their thick Cro-Magnon skulls and imbed itself into their pea sized brains. That is precisely why they need guys like Bill O’Reilly to ‘watch out for them’.

The resentment of strong women or feminazis to borrow a phrase from of one of O’Reilly’s fellow radio blowhards who is also a degenerate as well as a thrice divorced racist drug addict (one of the ‘values’ people) not to name any names, is also a symptom of ‘angry white male syndrome’. Men who are especially susceptible to this mental malady are those who are incapable of accepting that a woman could actually be capable of being anything other than either a subservient domestic slave or an object that exists only for their own perverse fantasies of power and sexual gratification, they literally see a woman as nothing more than a walking vagina and reinforce this image through their infatuation with pornography and masturbation. An underlying reason for such misogynist hostility is that most of these guys couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison if they had a pocketful of pardons within their posession. They resent having to compete with women in the work environment and feel that their masculinity has somehow been compromised as a result of the women’s rights movement. Many have never had any sort of meaningful relationship with a woman with the exception of their mothers, a great example would be their almighty leader George W. Bush who is not only a real momma’s boy but is in such constant need of motherly reassurance that he needs surrogate mommies like Condi Rice and Karen Hughes around to constantly prop him up. You see a lot of the exploitation of this trait in many of the policies of the religious right as well, women are definitely subordinated so that ‘strong daddy’ can assume his rightful place as the head of the family. I would imagine that a lot of the anti-abortion fervor stems from the subconscious desire to deny a woman both her right to do with her own body as she pleases as well as to trample on any right that she may have regarding privacy or otherwise autonomy. Women are big time bugaboo number two in the world of the angry white Republican male.

And speaking of San Francisco and right wing blowhards, I wonder if Billy Brainbleeder took the time to look up a fellow radio demagogue while in the Bay area, despicable reprobate and militant homophobe Michael Weiner aka Michael Savage. It could have been one Hell of a time in the Tenderloin District for these two manliest of manly men, latex, loofah sponges, amyl nitrate poppers, studded dog collars, a small thermos full of KY jelly and enough raging testosterone to satisfy any and all submissives in search of strong daddy doms, talk about a rager of a party, it would make the annual Bohemian Grove elitist orgies look like a glee club meeting by comparison to the onslaught of seriously perverse, wretchedly sinful debauchery that those two would be capable of if they were to join forces.

The preceding horrifying statement sets up a nice little segue into the third leg of the ‘angry white male’ tripod and another of the great right wing Republican allures when casting a net for loyal, party line parroting brown shirts: homophobia!

Homophobia is a convenient disguise for latent homosexuality, studies have indicated that extremely homophobic men when monitored while being shown both straight and gay pornography experienced greater stimulation while viewing the boy on boy stuff. Not that I am a psychologist but it doesn’t take Freud to figure out that a large amount of the anger directed at gays can be described as a percolating self loathing that is outwardly projected. Why do you think that fellow FOX mouthpiece Sean Hannity spends a substantial amount ruminating on the sexual act of ‘fisting’ in his shitty ghostwritten book? It is interesting that there are so many single white men on the Bush administration political team, many from Texas and it certainly would not be a reach to speculate that the White House itself could be a huge garrison for the Dick Army. There are even many rumors floating around that Karl Rove himself may be a longtime closet pole smoker and after all, false reporter and gay prostitute Jeff ‘hot military’ Gannon held an astounding level of clearance for a hack reporter in a time of a heightened state of national security, Gannon visited the White House over 200 times over two years and he wasn’t sneaking in through the back door…no pun intended.

When Bill is not spewing bullshit over perceived slights to his nationalist fetish with home grown fascism he certainly is a proven and reliable attack dog when it comes to disseminating yet another great right wing grievance with modern society, the War on Christmas! What would a holiday season be without O’Reilly stirring up the zealots of the land with yet another edition of the same lame jihad about how the godless liberals are trying to take the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas…damn their eyes! Usually the grease on the turkey gravy from Thanksgiving has already congealed and the last slice of pumpkin pie has been devoured before this good ole yuletide treat is hauled out by the righties but when the idiot bastard son of George H.W. Bush’s poll ratings are plummeting like thermostats in houses where medicine takes a priority over overpriced heating oil it is time to get the talking points out before GWB ends up being the nastiest little twerp on Black Peter’s Christmas list. This year the invocation came while the ‘no spin zone’ was spinning off into a p.r. campaign trumpeting the virtues of Sammy Scalito:

“By the way, if Alito is confirmed, that will be a good thing for conservatives. That’s the bottom line. Because Alito will take a more traditional view than a [Supreme Court justices Stephen G.] Breyer or a [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg. OK? He’ll look at things, and he’ll say, “You know, the Founding Fathers didn’t want partial-birth abortion. The Founding Fathers didn’t want all mention of Christmas stricken from the public arena.” That’s what Alito will do. He’s a traditionalist. He’s going to rule that way.”


American Christmas is in and of itself the ultimate piece of propaganda, far more geared to getting consumers out to the stores to participate in the gross annual pagan festival of capitalism called holiday shopping season. Jesus Christ has long been relegated to playing second banana to Santa Claus in the land where the ultimate holiday season currency is not frankincense and muir but Visa and Mastercard. Stress and spending overkill, racking the plastic and indulging the already spoiled and ignorant brood with increasingly expensive toys and electronic gadgets are what really make the bells jingle or more precisely beep now cash registers have become high tech. Ho Ho Ho, Santa’s on his way and be it the politically correct ‘Season’s Greetings’ or the traditionalist and currently under siege by the liberal heathens ‘Merry Christmas’ you can count on one thing….that the credit card companies are singing Joy to the World off our national profligate holiday spending spree.

The firing up of the lunatic fringe is a given as demagogues like O’Reilly throw yule log after yule log on the smoldering fire of divisiveness and ill will towards men is not only contrary to the peaceful spirit of the holiday spirit that Christmas is supposed to be about but ironically it is all for a cause that is as phony as that of old Saint Nick flying through the skies in a reindeer driven sleigh: brace yourself for this one…Christmas Day is more than likely not even the birthday of Jesus Christ!

That’s right, December 25 is an arbitrary day picked by a Roman emperor, the true birthday of Jesus Christ could be on Halloween, Kwanza, Martin Luther King Day or even….GASP…Gay Pride Day.


Not only that but Christmas is not mentioned even once in any widely accepted Christian bible, not even the hallowed King James version, therefore Christmas is a PAGAN holiday. The entire religious aspect of the entire season is nothing more than a long running urban legend.

Not that this will ever stop the haters like O’Reilly and the rest of the Republican demagogues from exploiting the stupidity and gullibility of their flocks of pigeons and sheep, the point is in playing on the emotions and whipping up the outrage, it keeps them turning out to vote when it counts despite the blatant use of their infantile and misplaced faith in a benevolent government.

Here is exactly what their leaders think of them from a Salon article on the Abramoff Indian Casino Senate Investigation:

Consider one memo highlighted in a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday that Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, sent the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana to describe his strategy for protecting the tribe’s gambling business. In plain terms, Scanlon confessed the source code of recent Republican electoral victories: target religious conservatives, distract everyone else, and then railroad through complex initiatives.

“The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees,” Scanlon wrote in the memo, which was read into the public record at a hearing of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. “Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them.” The brilliance of this strategy was twofold: Not only would most voters not know about an initiative to protect Coushatta gambling revenues, but religious “wackos” could be tricked into supporting gambling at the Coushatta casino even as they thought they were opposing it.

So there you have it, the party base, the angry white males and the religious right are not only fucking stupid but are in all likelihood going to hell anyway, but hey look at the bright side, they will have plenty of time to spend with their fellow Republican mega church congregation members.

Maybe O’Reilly can even lead them along in a chorus of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in front of a nice warm chestnut roasting holiday fire when they are all gathered there together.

Dishonoring Our Veterans

It is difficult to imagine a greater disgrace to the nation’s war dead and servicemen and women in general on Veteran’s Day than the despicably distasteful politicking by Le Enfant Terrible and his Rovian hacks this morning when he preened around in front of the troops, once again using them for political cover while he launched cowardly attacks on recently emboldened Democrats and other opponents of the Iraq war. Employing standard right wing demagoguery along with good old fashioned buzz phrases George W. Bush embarked on a search and destroy mission upon which he denounced revisionist history (a HUGE right wing slogan that taps into decades of resentment, a virtual Rorschach test for whackos looking to attack and debunk any contradictory evidence or dissent to their John Wayne world views), war critics and declared the majority of Americans who now question the biggest clusterfuck of a foreign disaster in the history of the United States as those who would undercut the forces on the front lines and accommodate the rise of the radical Islamic empire that is being built from Spain to Indonesia: the Left Behind crowd was probably so giddy over this line that they peed their pants in anticipation of the rapture and Armageddon .

Facing a growing public awareness that the neo cons and the Rove shop cooked the books in order to launch Shock and Awe and a torrent of leaks that threatens to turn into a raging flood, the Bush-Rove-Cheney triad resorted to a familiar tactic today; they did what all skunks do when cornered and launched a diversion by polluting the air with foulness while at the same time pissing on the solemn parades of Veteran’s Day observerances throughout the country.

It was an epic performance from a man so patriotic that he used his rich daddy’s influence to land him a coveted and rare spot in the National Guard so that some other poor bastard could go to Viet Nam and risk either death or capture/torture while he was safely flying a desk in Texas and chasing tail, snorting coke and knocking back shots of tequila on off duty days; and as if that weren’t a big enough of an insult to the man who had to go to a tropical hell in his place the sleazy little punk couldn’t even be bothered to show up for the last year or so of his obligation to duty! He may not have had the balls to go off to fight when it was HIS time but he sure as shit has developed a set of brass ones to pull off a shameless dog and pony show like he did today at the the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Bush stood in front of yet another one of those cheesy slogan laden banners proclaiming ‘Strategy For Victory’ as he launched his craven attacks from the bully pulpit, damning not only his political opponents but the memory of all of those who have served their country with honor or are doing so today long after he dressed up like Maverick from Top Gun with a pair of rolled up tube socks stuffed down his underwear and strutted around like a Banana Republican dictator in front of a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Bush also played to all of the arm chair patriots by dragging out the great hunk of brainless jingo spewing nationalist red meat that is the flag burning amendment:

“In June the House of Representatives voted for a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration. I urge the United States Senate to pass this important amendment.”

Is it possible that there is anything more disrespectful to Old Glory than allowing it to be used as a wrapper for exteme right wing Republican turds? And what would a product relaunch be without the ubiquitous references to 9/11, Islamic fundamentalists, global war on terror, the swapping out of Pentagon created bogeyman Zarqawi for ‘Iraqi resistance’, terror, terrorists, terror, terrorists, 9/11, Al Queda, terror, they hate our way of life, Zarqawi, terrorism, September 11th, terrorism, kill Americans, militant Islam, democrats, 9/11, with us or against us…yada….yada…yada…. same old bullshit from this bunch of thieves and traitors.

The entire transcript of this nauseating spectacle is available here if you are able to stomach it.

Veteran’s Day was so tarnished by its exploitation by the Republican Slime Machine that it was it was as though the very gates of Hell itself swung open today and discharged every damnable disgrace of a flag waving, repugnant, chickenshit sorry excuse Repug from the bubbling sulphuric dung pits where they normally thrash around amongst each other like rabid rats in a fetid nest.

Draft Deferment Dick Cheney, the man who had ‘other things’ to do while his less fortunate peers were bleeding to death in rice paddies to stop the domino effect of those who in that era hated Americans for their way of life slimed out of his secluded bunker just long enough to defile the memory of veterans in an appearance at Arlington Cemetery where he dissembled once again and invoked what else…..terrorists.

A rejuvenated Karl Rove fresh off his ratting out of Scooter Libby and prancing around like a giddy grand kid on the Gauleiter’s knee made an appearance in front of the bund, preaching the destruction of the courts to the extremist fascist members of the Federalist Society.

And the Repug band played on throughout the day, driving the news cycle and inundating the blogosphere with self serving spin and fear mongering rhetoric while trashing war critics and Democrats.

What a sad day, for not only America but for all of those veterans who sacrificed everything and in many cases lost everything just so that one day Republican neo con punks, pimps and thugs could hijack their national day of honor and piss all over their service to a country that they once faithfully defended in order to mislead those who are wise to their anti-American criminal activity and have no qualms over who they use in the process.


Torturers R Us

“We Do Not Torture’
-George W. Bush-
Another day, yet another insanely contrived lie from the bare-assed naked, stark raving mad emperor of the United States, a man as crazy as a shithouse rat with the moral principles of a degenerate addict on a bad jones with no money for the next fix and looking for an easy mark. In the political realm there is of course no easier mark than the millions of adoring suckers who will gobble up the lastest imperial bullshit biscuit as though it were a sacred morsel of the God’s honest truth just as a good ole peckerwood gobbles up grits ‘n biscuits ‘n red eye gravy along with Timothy LaHaye pulp fiction novels.

Of course this is a lie, and as Hitler once reportedly said “the bigger the lie, the more people who will believe it”. The Nazi analogies once seemed to be over the top for this goon squad of an administration and their sycophants but when the United States of America becomes just another human rights abusing torture state the piss baby Republicans who bray on in mock outrage at each invocation of the dreaded ‘N’ word in connection with their vile totalitarian policies lose credibility with each new incident that comes to life and with each prevarication from the liar in chief and his minions.

Bush and his master Dick Cheney have been taking the war to congress in their very advocacy of the divine right of the United States to savagely beat and humiliate and illegally imprison whoever in the hell that they damned well please by using the bully pulpit to intimidate and paint opponents as somehow being facilitators of terror:

“There’s an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again. And so, you bet we will aggressively pursue them. But we will do so under the law.”

The caveat is that when the law has been altered to allow torture that this will be a true statement and these lunatics are hellbent on doing whatever is necessary to allow for perverse, ultra violent, bloody and painful sadomasochistic techniques to become perfectly legal tactics that will become commonplace. Cheney himself is the chief advocate of striking the Geneva Convention from the American language and rarely has there been a man so desperately in need of having his balls ripped off by a pair of fire heated cast iron tongs than the nefarious master manipulator. And if Crazy Dick Cheney and his allies get their way and the law is permanently changed in order to allow torture the real enemy that is seeking to destroy America, and destroy her from within will be one step closer to their ability to use their tactics against domestic dissenters and enemies as the dawning of the day of the American Inquisition draws ever nearer. When looking at today’s social and political trends it is fairly simple to extrapolate forward several years and when taking into consideration the growing infatuation with a hate filled, vengeful and virulently evil strain of militant theocratic dominionism, mix in a political party determined to hold power through deception and fraud and a nation of desperate, destitute, dumbed down, reality television addicted zombies and it could only be a matter of time until the new FOX network smash hit reality show will be American Torquemada where any liberal or moderate could become the guest of the week.

Don’t look now but the foundations of a fascist police state are already in place through the creation of the massive Department of Homeland Security and the passage of the USA PATRIOT act, a vile piece of enabling legal chicanery that is already being abused to cast a far wider net than originally explained according to a recent Washington Post story that should send a shiver up the spine of any rational citizen still in some sort of a state of semi-denial over this five year ongoing nightmare. The neocons and Cheney have their own reasons for brutality and as acolytes of the twisted Leo Strauss whose belief that religion should be used as a methodology for mass deceit they have found all too willing partners in the power hungry, revolutionary zealots of the radical religous right, a long gathering force in domestic politics that has been allowed for far too long to fly under the radar and has grown like a raging fungus in a dank cupboard. The much desired theocratic society must have the state sanctioned usage of torture available to them in order to initiate the return to the good old days of the middle ages, today’s story that congress is scrambling to mount an investigation into the leak of the administration’s global torture gulag network is proof of what is at stake. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert (Tom DeLay’s front man) are ready to go medieval on a leaker whose exposure of their existing torture training camps threatens to expose the entire game. A like sense of urgency to initiate Senate investigations into the Valerie Plame leak or manipulated pre war intelligence never received any serious discussion from the legislative point men for the religous right; Frist and DeLay remember brought the country to a standstill to introduce emergency legislation in order to override the decisions of the courts in the tragic Terri Schiavo family melodrama. Why the sudden desire to go to the mattresses if some serious hidden agenda is not in jeopardy? Frist’s intimate ties to the theocratic elite are hardly a secret given his appearances at the anti-American gatherings to overthrow the constitutional foundations of the judiciary laughably called Justice Sundays.
Regarding the condemnation of torture, the ‘christian’ fascists of the militant religious right are strangely out of the dialogue and as usual their stance is completely contradictory to the teachings of Jesus Christ who incidentally happened to be tortured to death himself. Where is the outrage? Unsurprisingly it is absent from the millions whose accolades for Mel Gibson’s bloodbath of an epic torture snuff film ‘The Passion of the Christ’ show that they have both a taste for blood and a yen for voyeurism and cruelty. The radical religious right that constitutes the vast majority of George W. Bush’s rabble is only now beginning to be recognized by mainstream figures as the menace to democracy that it always has been. Former president Jimmy Carter addresses the power of the fundamentalists as well as their strange interpretations of the life and teachings of Christ in his great new book ‘ Our Endangered Values’ in which he often contrasts traditional Christianity with the mutated version that has now become so widespread in the United States that Abraham Foxman, the director of the influential Jewish Anti Defamation League warned of the growing threat of institutionalized extremist Christianity and the coming dangers to religious tolerance and the wall of separation between church and state.

“Today we face a better financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before. Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America. To save us!”

While funneling billions of dollars of taxpayer funded graft through Faith Based Initiative programs to nurture and empower the fundamentalist movement, the Bush administration freely uses the IRS as it’s personal financial Gestapo in order to threaten real churches who dare to preach Christ’s message of peace as is evident in this report of a recent crackdown on a Pasadena, CA ministry who dared to denounce Bush’s evil Iraq war when at the same time, churches who are on message and therefore effectively advocate the policies of the state are allowed to operate without a similar invocation of IRS audits for their blatant politicizing of sermons, expulsion of Democratic parishioners and distribution of propaganda materials.

The truth needs to be known: The terrorists are already here, they always have been here, the terrorists are among us and unless their ability to restructure the laws to allow for their cruel, animalistic need to dominate is stopped then any who are not with them will be against them and will be rounded up under the pretenses of being either an enemy or a collaborator of an enemy of the state. The initial structure for this theocratic torture state is being erected a plank at a time behind a façade of legitimacy that will be dropped once the work has been completed and there is no longer a necessity for illusion. The time to stop this insane power play is yesterday and any sane American needs to scream now and scream loudly in righteous outrage in order to stop this decline into despotic barbarism. Start reading your history and most specifically read the history of the horrors of the inquisition and the heinous techniques that were utilized by the inquisitors.

You will be screaming much louder when it is you who is strapped to the torture table.

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

“Every one of us has brought a shovel, because Mar del Plata is going to be the tomb of F.T.A.A.

-President Hugo Chavez

Massive protests greeted Emperor Bush in the streets of Mar Del Plata in Argentina where he had slimed off partially in order to act as a shill to corporate American intestests and the promotion of the anti-labor F.T.A.A. agenda but also to avoid the bothersome scrutiny over the Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney CIA leak fiasco by an increasingly inquisitive press but the poseur king had this time jumped from the frying pan into the fire. People took to the streets to protest, unfortunately a small amount of them as they always do turned to violence and rioting, the burning of buildings became imagery that the spin machines could immediately seize upon in order to discredit the protestors in the same matter that they were demonized as a whole in Seattle. To the people who took to the streets to protest, all that I can say is that according to recent polls that a majority of Americans think that Bush is every bit the fascist asshole that you do.

The ‘Latin Bureau Correspondent’ shithack for my local newspaper was on the story and damning the evils of those would condemn the free trade agreements that are anathema to big moneyed American and transnational corporations seeking to open new slave labor markets and privatize every ‘commodity’ down to the water they drink and very likely when technology reaches a stage where it becomes possible, the very air that they breathe. Take a close look America: they are us! Latin America is only the test environment for products that will one day be rolled out domestically.

He railed against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the only man with the balls to stand up to U.S. Imperialism and the oil to allow him to not be taken out or made into a complete pariah by well organized public relations spin chambers. He impugned the credibility of any who would dare to protest the gross inequities of the FTAA, tarring Chavez and celebrity soccer star Diego Maradona as mere lackeys of Fidel Castro, a longtime bogeyman to be invoked whenever U.S. Latin American imperialism is met with resistance. Of course what in the hell does this idiot know, he was writing the damned thing in Miami, he had neither the balls nor the backing of the conservative rag that he worked for to bother to actually show up in person. How appropriate that it was Miami, the same city where Gestapo tactics were used by police in a vicious crackdown to quash protest two years ago where he was laid up like a typical GOP lackey, more than likely in a fine South Beach hotel eating well, chasing tail and getting juiced on a nice expense account to file his byline from poolside. Unfortunately this right wing advocacy was pretty much the extent of the coverage that the locals in my area received, what in the name of Christ has happened to decent, objective reporting? What is the point of sending these people to journalism school in the first place when headhunters for public relations firms circle college campuses like vultures looking to pick the most talented writers to join the ranks of the flacks and spinmeisters that have sent our vaunted freedom of the press plunging like a stone affected by Newton’s law of Gravity to such an abysmal point that we as a country now trail notorious former fascist states as well as Soviet Bloc countries when it comes to allowing the public to receive the truth and not spin and propaganda. We now rank at 44 and closing in fast on N.I.T. eligibility.

Chavez’ growing popularity among South Americans is a continuing burr in the ass of the Bush junta and their globalist corporate pimps, he is becoming quite the figure and a much needed voice who speaks the truth about the sham trade arrangements that are destroying the ability of the majority to ever experience any life outside of the cruel and inhumane existential hell that is abject poverty. Chavez took to the stage in front of thousands to denounce the fraudulence of free trade as “the way to hell”. The masses cheered, chanted Bush is a Fascist and represented.

There were tens of thousands in the streets, these you see are people who actually get it. They are all too familiar with the foulness and corruption of tin pot banana republic dictators, they have seen men like Bush before and know both what they are capable of and can’t be fooled when it comes to the fact that their true interests lie in the further suppression of the masses (often violently) in favor of the cruel, plutocratic leaders who form U.S. puppet governments. They can actually remember past events with a clarity not found in the citizenship of their northern television infatuated neighbor, they haven’t forgetten the Reagan era bloodbaths, they don’t forget the previous century of intervention of U.S. corporations, CIA assassinations, Wall Street backed invasions, death squads, body dumps, exploitation, torture and abandonment. They have had their Pinochets, Noriegas and any other number of United States backed goons.

There is a semi famous but mainly unrecognized little tract written by the great Marine Corps Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler called War Is A Racket. Butler is the man whom Wall Street thugs once attempted to enlist to lead an attempted coup against the hated Franklin D. Roosevelt only to have Butler turn on them and rat them out to congress. He was a military man who was sick of the game and stated:

“I spent 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism.”

It’s just a shame that Americans within our own borders have the innate ability to live their lives in a state of myopic ignorance that allows little tin gods like George W. Bush to continue to perpetuate the lies of the benefits of a ‘global freemarket’ while most are only a job loss or tragic health incident away from poverty themselves.

A Holiday Feast of Fear

“Quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it? That is the life of a slave”

-Roy Baty
King Bush’s epic invocation of fear mongering during yesterday’s major address regarding the dreaded Avian Bird Flu has the mainstream media’s panties in a twist and disseminating dread over—GASP—whether your Thanksgiving turkey could potentially kill you! Jack up the fear level, what better method to get the taxpayers to agree to willing bestow billions of dollars to the already bloated and blood-sucking pig that is the pharmaceutical industry. Next, I have a damned sneaking suspicion that the Pentagon/Rove propaganda shop will soon be invoking Al Queda in connection with this modern day plague and attack on both a hallowed American holiday as well as the domestic food supply. The word to all of you quivering pilgrims is that you have far more reason to be fearful of the turkeys in Washington than the one on your table.

By the way, those cute little pilgrims in your holiday display were the James Dobsons, Fred Phelpses and Pat Robertsons of their day. They were far more likely to burn you at the stake than break bread with you. England didn’t run those fanatics out of the country without reason.

I can only wonder what’s next, the evil phantom menace Zarquawi hi jacking Santa’s sleigh and sliding down the chimney with an uzi? Nothing is below the level to which they will stoop to keep Americans in a constant state of dread and confusion.


I read a particularly disturbing piece in the Washington Post regarding the House of Tom:

DeLay Loath to Doff His Leadership Hat

The crux of the story is that much to nobody’s surprise that everyone’s favorite slimy little prick from Sugarland is refusing to actually cede leadership despite being forced to step down over a flurry of disreputable ethics issues. Lard Ass Denny Hastert and fellow stooge Roy Blunt who have effectively taken over in DeLay’s period of diminished influence are as they always have been the Martin Bormann and Hermann Goering of Tommy’s house of fascist pigs are mere front men for the true tyrannical power of the biggest prick in the history of U.S. politics. The article, by Jonathan Weisman has several interesting and extremely disturbing passages which I will translate in italics below for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the hardball, scum tactics of the rancid and vile piece of toxic excrement that is Toxic Tommy.

Although he was forced to relinquish his leadership post Sept. 28, after the first of two indictments for alleged involvement in money laundering related to the 2002 Texas election, DeLay continues to use an office in the leadership suite, occasionally presides over private meetings with committee chairmen and lobbies members during key floor votes.

Captain Corruption fully intends to put down any attempts at mutiny from saner crew members and is intent on going down with the ship if necessary.

“My issue is having an indicted former leader hanging around the leadership offices,” said one House Republican, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of DeLay’s remaining authority. “This guy did so much good work getting us into the majority. Why does he want to stick around? He’s not helping us.”

Hasta La Vista Dickwad, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Countering those are DeLay’s ardent House supporters, dozens of whom now sport hammer-shaped lapel pins evoking DeLay’s nickname, “The Hammer,” to proclaim their allegiance. They say much of the discord is due to DeLay’s departure from the leadership, not his continuing influence.

My God, these people are so shamelessly Nazi like that they even have their secret Hitler decoder insignia to display for the grand dragon of their bizarre little cult.

“Ethics is everything,” Shays said. “If you don’t have a strong moral standing, if you don’t have an ethical foundation, you just crumble.”

Wow, those are two words that when used in a positive tense just have no reality based connection with the House of Pigs, a real oxymoron like friendly fire or military intelligence.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and other leaders remain publicly in DeLay’s camp. House Republican Vice Chairman Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) distributed a glossy “member profile” of DeLay last week, gushing about DeLay’s role in foster parenting, his run-in with an errant quail hunter, his love of jazz and his affections for his bichons friss , Baily and Taylor, and his miniature dachshund, Scooter.

Let’s just hope that the member profile picture was laminated, it would be both a shame and a waste of money if they had to be pitched after only one use. Also, does anyone really believe that DeLay wouldn’t drown the puppy of any opponent in a bucket with demonic glee if the opportunity presented itself?

And he has continued his well-honed practice of rounding up votes on controversial measures that otherwise might not win House approval.

It’s pretty damned hard to find an utterly irredeemable sociopathic thug with no qualms about kicking opponents in the balls (at a minimun) come crunch time to deliver the goods to the big money corporate interests….why let the best of all time go?

Regardless of how members feel about DeLay, Republicans across the ideological spectrum say the current unstable structure of the leadership is inviting discord. DeLay has asked Republicans to leave his post vacant until the charges against him are resolved, and supporters say the case could be tossed out or beaten by January.

The Texas Mafia is going to be very busy in the coming two months.

But for now, the majority leader’s office is “a staff without a head,” said Rep. Michael N. Castle (R-Del.).

If we lived in the days of the guillotine and French Revolution there would be one shitload of headless house members laying around without need of a staff.

GOOD GOD, The man is public fucking enemy number one, how in the hell could anybody who has not already consigned their soul to Satan continue to support this piece of shit?