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Nice Job Ron Paul Schmucks

The carnival of perversion that was the Becker march on Washington over the weekend only makes it more painfully apparent that the Ron Paul movement which I used to admire as the most energetic and vibrant phenomenom in American politics of late is officially dead. Stick a fork in their asses, they’re done. They have been hijacked (very easily I might add) and used as an exo-skeleton for the drooling, jackbooted, race baiting, anti-intellectual fascism that is eating the country from within as termites and exemplified by the hero of millions FOX’s Glenn Beck.

The recent Astroturf town hall thuggery, reminiscent of the early day’s of Hitler’s S.A. has set the nation dangerously on a course towards violence in that the Beckers, Birthers, Deathers and assorted other haters and miscreants marshalled into an angry army and sent forth by a sordid collection of high-rolling lobbyists for tax chiselers, multi-national corporations, health care industry parasites and Wall Street looters to rage against their own self interests in ugly public spectacles that would be funny were they not so resplendently gruesome. There are two really amazing contradictions to all of this hoopla and hatred the first being that the Pope of Hope, Barack Obama is a Socialist, not that this can penetrate the thick skulls of the teabaggers or take up residence in their pea brains but Socialists do NOT bail out banks they nationalize them, clean them up, and then fire the bastards (or more preferably prosecute the thieves) and sell the banks back to private interests who will run the damned things honestly. Secondly, and far more importantly it is ludicrous for a deranged demagogue like Beck to gin up the latest version of the McCarthyist Red Scare when his boss, a foreign pig named Rupert Murdoch likely gets one hell of a huge erection when the potential to do business with the Communist Chinese arises. Sad that in America such inconvenient truths are lost in the deluge of rancid filth, lies, racism, fear mongering and fourth grade level namecalling that is the new standard of what passes for what used to be conservatism.

Now to my main point, the fifth-columnists, right-wing extremist sleeper cells, guardians of the legacy of Dick Cheney and the protectors of the oligarchy have been made successful beyond their wildest dreams by infiltrating and essentially taking over the Ron Paul movement. Now I have taken a lot of grief over the years by my liberal friends for throwing in with the Paul folks despite my serious differences on economic philosophy but there was something there that had crossover appeal. It was the principled calls for the accountability from the Federal Reserve, a pack of jackals and banksters if there ever was one and a body that is about as federal as Fedex, thereby making it a rogue organization and totally unaccountable as well as largely responsible for the destruction of the U.S. economy and the transformation of the dollar into so much toilet paper.

The Ron Paul movement also stood for the end of the reckless and murderous imperialist wars that have brought the republic to the brink of bankruptcy as well as a restoration of the civil liberties that were stolen from us all by the Bush-Cheney-Neocon Axis of Evil with the phony ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11 as an excuse. It was a movement that had principle, energy, serious intellectual legitimacy and momentum. Now it has all been pissed away by throwing in with the dregs of American society that are the Beckers. From many accounts of the ongoing protests it is obvious that the fringe elements like Birthers, Deathers, Haters, Sarah Palin worshippers and other assorted goons are perhaps 30 percent of the crowds (and that is not accounting for the Astroturf agent provacateurs) and the rest are justifiably pissed off, fucked over by the system, disenfranchised decent Americans who have been willingly hornswoggled by the snake charmers who could give a rat’s ass about them. They are led by Beck and I am warning the Ron Paul folks right now, I am warning the 9/11 Truthers, I am warning the End the Fed activists who have been hijacked by these parasites that the day of reckoning is coming and coming soon.

With the intense racial hatred directed at Obama being cranked out to economically screwed, TV lobotomized zombies there is going to be blood. Very soon some crazed loon, manipulated by the fascists is going to attempt to assassinate the president, blow up a building or go on some sort of deranged killing spree against a group that is loathed, it could be liberals, it could be gays, blacks or Muslims. That is the climate right now and when that happens the Ron Paul people are going to be associated with that and in all honesty will deserve a part of the blame for throwing in with these miserable freaks instead of expelling them, denouncing them and exposing them for what they are. Your numbers are giving them legitimacy and I can damned well assure you that not one of the Beckers was out when you people were doing the original tea parties, protesting the neocon wars, the Fed and crying out for a restoration of civil liberties. You have laid down with snakes and allowed them to take over the tent as well.

They have no principles, only hatred and are leading you straight to the slaughter mixed in with the sheep, denounce them now before you are in the steel chute at the end of the maze when you will be unable to avoid the hammer dropping on your head.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe


All Aboard the Tea Party Express!!

“Hey, Rube” is an old-timey phrase, coined in the merciless culture of the traveling carnival gangs that roamed from town to town in the early 20th century.

Every stop on the circuit was just another chance to fleece another crowd of free-spending Rubes – Suckers, Hicks, Yokels, Johns, Fish, Marks, Bums, Losers, Day Traders in Portland, fools who buy diamonds from gypsies, and anyone over the age of nine in this country who still believes in his heart that all cops are honest and would never lie in a courtroom.

These people are everywhere. They are Legion, soon to be a majority, and 10,000 more are being born every day. It was P.T. Barnum, the Circus man, who explained the real secret of his vast commercial success by repeating his now-famous motto, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” in this country, ahd his job was to keep them amused, with a zeal that has never been equaled in the history of American show business.

Barnum knew what people wanted: Freaks, Clowns, and Wild Animals. The Barnum & Bailey Circus came to town only once a year, and those days were marked as sacred holidays on the John Deere calendars of every Rube in America…. Those dates were special; many schools closed when the Circus came to town, and not every student returned when the public frenzy was over. “Running away with the Circus” was the dream of every schoolboy and the nightmare of every mother with a bored and beautifyl daughter.

– Hunter S. Thompson