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Remember the USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in international waters during the Six Day War while flying the American flag. This is the type of treatment that our so-called special relationship brings, Christ only knows that may happen now that President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet on the illegal settlements and dared to give a speech in Cairo on the necessity of the creation of a Palestinian state. The treacherous bought and paid for rats in Congress are already in the plotting stages of what will be a determined and blistering counterattack on Mr. Obama on behalf of his Israeli paymasters. The Iran attack clock is also ticking with elections a week away and the fake devil Ahmadinejad quite possibly on his way out, removing the excuse for a massive attack to ensure Israel’s nuclear superiority.

Now of course as is common procedure this blog was called out as anti-Semitic in the past week by a once mighty and still influential liberal blog that shall remain nameless (I dared to call the owner of the blog a cunt so of course that makes me a Jew hater in her eyes) because I dare to speak the unspeakable truths about or ‘allies’. Well I am going to continue to tell the truth and damn all of those who dare to dissuade me from doing so.


USS Liberty Coverup

By James Bamford (excerpted from Body of Secrets)

Early in the morning of Thursday June 8, 1967 the first rays of sun spilled softly over the Sinai’s blond waves of sand. A little more than a dozen miles north, in the choppy eastern Mediterranean, the USS Liberty headed eastward. But the calmness was like quicksand – deceptive, inviting and friendly – until it was too late.

As the Liberty passed the desert town of El Arish, it was being closely watched. About 4,000 feet above was an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft. At 6.05am, the observer on the plane reported back to Israeli naval headquarters: “What we could see were the letters written on that ship and we gave these letters to ground control,” he said. The letters were “GTR-5” – the Liberty’s identification. “GTR” stood for “General Technical Research” – a cover designation for the National Security Agency (NSA)’s fleet of spy ships.

The Liberty was in dangerous waters at a dangerous time. The six-day war, in which Israeli air and ground forces launched a massive attack on Egypt, Syria and Jordan, was raging. Fearing involvement in a Middle East war, the US joint chiefs of staff needed rapid intelligence on the ground situation in Egypt. Ships were considered the best option for the job. They could sail relatively close and pick up the most important signals. Also, unlike aircraft, they could remain on station for weeks at a time, eavesdropping, locating transmitters, and analysing the intelligence. And so the Liberty, which was large, fast and had been stationed relatively close on the Ivory Coast, had been ordered in.

Throughout the morning, the ship sailed on, with reconnaissance repeated at approximately 30-minute intervals. At one point, an Israeli air force Noratlas Nord 2501 circled the ship and headed back towards the Sinai. “It had a big Star of David on it and it was flying just a little bit above our mast,” recalled crew member Larry Weaver. “I was actually able to wave to the co-pilot. He waved back and actually smiled at me – I could see him that well. There’s no question about it. They had seen the ship’s markings and the American flag. They could damn near see my rank. The underway flag was definitely flying, especially when you’re that close to a war zone.”

By 9:50 am, the minaret at El Arish could be seen with the naked eye like a solitary mast in a sea of sand. Although no one on the ship knew it at the time, the Liberty had suddenly trespassed into a private horror. At that very moment, near the minaret, Israeli forces were engaged in a criminal slaughter.

Three days after Israel had launched the six- day war, Egyptian prisoners in the Sinai had become a nuisance. There was no place to house them, not enough Israelis to watch them, and few vehicles to transport them to prison camps. But there was another way to deal with them.

As the Liberty sat within eyeshot of El Arish, eavesdropping on surrounding communications, Israeli soldiers turned the town into a slaughterhouse, systematically butchering their prisoners. An eyewitness recounted how in the shadow of the El Arish mosque, they lined up about 60 unarmed Egyptian prisoners, hands tied behind their backs, and then opened fire with machine guns until the pale desert sand turned red.

This and other war crimes were just some of the secrets Israel had sought to conceal since the start of the conflict. An essential element in the Israeli battle plan seemed to have been to hide much of the war behind a carefully constructed curtain of lies: lies about the Egyptian threat, lies about who started the war, lies to the US president, lies to the UN Security Council, lies to the press, lies to the public. Thus, as the American naval historian Dr Richard K Smith noted, “any instrument which sought to penetrate this smoke screen so carefully thrown around the normal ‘fog of war’ would have to be frustrated”.

Into this sea of deception and slaughter sailed the USS Liberty, an enormous spy factory loaded with the latest eavesdropping gear.

About noon, as the Liberty was again in sight of El Arish, and while the massacres were taking place, an army commander there reported that a ship was shelling them from the sea. But that was impossible. The only ship in the vicinity was the Liberty, and she was eavesdropping, not shooting. As any observer would have recognised, the ship was a tired old Second World War vessel crawling with antennae, and unthreatening to anyone – unless it was their secrets, not their lives, they wanted to protect.

By then the Israeli navy and air force had conducted more than six hours of close surveillance of the Liberty off the Sinai and must have positively identified it as an American electronic spy ship. They knew she was the only military ship in the area. Nevertheless, the order was given to kill her and at 12:05pm, three motor torpedo boats from the port of Ashdod, about 50 miles away, departed. Israeli air force fighters, loaded with 50mm cannon ammunition, rockets and napalm, followed.

Without warning, the Israeli jets – swept-wing Dassault Mirage IIICs – struck. On board Liberty, Lieutenant Painter observed that the aircraft had “absolutely no markings”, their identity unclear. He then attempted to reach the men manning the gun mounts, but it was too late. “I was trying to contact these two kids,” he recalled, “and I saw them both; well, I didn’t exactly see them as such. They were blown apart, but I saw the whole area go up in smoke and scattered metal. At about the same time, the aircraft strafed the bridge area. The quarter-master, Petty Officer Third Class Pollard, was standing right next to me, and he was hit.”

The Mirages raked the ship from bow to stern with armour-piercing lead. A bomb exploded near the whaleboat aft of the bridge, and those in the pilothouse and the bridge were thrown from their feet. Commander William L McGonagle grabbed for the engine order annunciator and rang up all ahead flank.

In the communications spaces, radiomen James Halman and Joseph Ward had patched together enough equipment and broken antennae to get a distress call off to the Sixth Fleet, despite intense jamming by the Israelis. “Any station, this is Rockstar,” Halman shouted, using the Liberty’s voice call sign. “We are under attack by unidentified jet aircraft and require immediate assistance.”

“Great, wonderful, she’s burning, she’s burning,” said an Israeli pilot.

At 2:09 pm, the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, operating near Crete, acknowledged Liberty’s cry for help. “I am standing by for further traffic,” it signalled.

After taking out the gun mounts, the Israeli fighter pilots turned their attention to the antennae so the ship could not call for help or pick up any more revealing interceptions. Then the planes attacked the bridge, killing instantly the ship’s executive officer. With the Liberty now deaf, blind, and silenced, unable to call for help or move, the Israeli pilots proceeded to kill her. Designed to punch holes in the toughest tanks, their shells tore through the Liberty’s steel plating like hot nails through butter, exploding into jagged bits of shrapnel and butchering men deep in their living quarters.

As the slaughter continued, neither the Israelis nor the Liberty crew had any idea that witnesses were present high above. Until now, that is. According to information, interviews and documents obtained, for nearly 35 years the NSA has hidden the fact that one of its planes – a Navy EC-121 ferret – was overhead at the time of the incident, eavesdropping on what was going on below. The interceptions from that plane, which answer some of the key questions about the attack, are among the NSA’s deepest secrets.

The ferret had taken off from Athens for its regular patrol of the eastern Mediterranean, and at about the time that the air attack was getting underway, Navy Chief Petty Officer Marvin Nowicki heard one of the other Hebrew linguists on the plane excitedly trying to get his attention on the secure intercom. “Hey, chief,” he shouted, “I’ve got really odd activity on UHF. They mentioned an American flag. I don’t know what’s going on.” Nowicki asked the linguist for the frequency and “rolled up to it”. “Sure as the devil,” said Nowicki, “Israeli aircraft were completing an attack on some object. I alerted the evaluator, giving him sparse details, adding that we had no idea what was taking place.”

Deep down in Liberty, Terry McFarland, head encased in earphones, was vaguely aware of flickers of light coming through the bulkhead. He had no idea that they were armour-piercing tracer bullets slicing through the ship’s skin. Larry Weaver had run to his general quarters station but it was located on an old helicopter pad that left him exposed and vulnerable. He grabbed a dazed shipmate and pushed him into a safe corner. “I said, ‘Fred, stay here, you’ve just got to because he’s coming up the center’,” Weaver recalled. “I got in the fetal position,” he said, “and before I closed my eyes I looked up and I saw the American flag and that was the last thing I saw before I was hit. I closed my eyes, just waiting for hell’s horror to hit me. And I was hit by rocket and cannon fire that blew two and a half feet of my colon out and I received over 100 shrapnel wounds. It blew me up in the air about four and a half, five feet. And just blood everywhere.”

Stan White raced through the sick bay for the enclosed NSA spaces. “Torn and mutilated bodies were everywhere,” he said. “Horrible sight!”

As soon as the Mirages pulled away, they were replaced by Super Mystere fighters which raked the ship. A later analysis would show 821 separate hits on the hull and superstructure. Now, in addition to rocket, cannon, and machine-gun fire, the Mysteres attacked with 1,000lb bombs and napalm. Deafening explosions tore through the ship and the bridge disappeared in an orange-and-black ball. Lying wounded by shrapnel, his blood draining into his shoe, was Commander McGonagle. Seconds later the fighters were back. Flesh fused with iron as more strafing was followed by more rockets, followed by napalm.

As the last fighter departed, having emptied out its onboard armoury, turning the Liberty’s hull into a flaming mass of grey Swiss cheese, sailors lifted mutilated shipmates on to makeshift stretchers of pipe frame and chicken wire. Damage control crews pushed through passageways of suffocating smoke and blistering heat, and the chief petty officer’s lounge was converted into a macabre sea of blood-soaked mattresses and shattered bodies.

After landing back at Athens airport, Nowicki and the intercept crew were brought directly to the processing centre. “By the time we arrived at the USA-512J compound,” he said, “collateral reports were coming in to the station about the attack on the USS Liberty. The NSA civilians took our tapes and began transcribing. It was pretty clear that Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats attacked a ship in the east Med. Although the attackers never gave a name or a hull number, the ship was identified as flying an American flag. We logically concluded that the ship was the USS Liberty.”

At 2.50 pm (Liberty time), 50 minutes after the first shells tore into the ship and as the attack was still going on, the aircraft carrier USS America, cruising near Crete, was ordered to launch four armed A-4 Skyhawks. At the same time, the carrier USS Saratoga was also told to send four armed A-1 attack planes to defend the ship. “Sending aircraft to cover you,” the Sixth Fleet told the Liberty at 3:05pm (9:05am in Washington). “Surface units on the way.”

At that moment in Washington, President Johnson was at his desk, on the phone, alternately shouting at congressional leaders and coaxing them to support his position on several pieces of pending legislation. But four minutes later he was interrupted by Walt Rostow, national security adviser, on the other line. “The Liberty has been torpedoed in the Mediterranean,” Rostow told Johnson excitedly.

The NSA’s worst fears had come true. “After considerations of personnel safety,” said deputy director Tordella, “one of my immediate concerns, considering the depth of the water and the distance of the ship off shore, had to do with the classified materials on board.” Tordella got on the phone to the Joint Reconnaissance Center (JCS) and spoke to the deputy director, a Navy captain named Vineyard. “I expressed my concern that the written material be burned if at all possible, and that the electronic equipment be salvaged if that were possible,” he said.

But Tordella was not prepared for what he heard. According to NSA documents – classified top secret – he was told that some senior officials in Washington wanted above all to protect Israel from embarrassment. “Captain Vineyard had mentioned during this conversation,” wrote Tordella, “that consideration was then being given by some unnamed Washington authorities to sink[ing] the Liberty in order that newspaper men would be unable to photograph her and thus inflame public opinion against the Israelis. I made an impolite comment about the idea.” Almost immediately, Tordella wrote a memorandum for the record, describing the conversation, and then locked it away.

A cover story for the Liberty was then quickly devised. “She was a communications research ship that was diverted from her research assignment,” it said, “to provide improved communication-relay links with the several US embassies around the entire Mediterranean during the current troubles.”

On the Liberty, black smoke was still escaping through more than 800 holes in the hull, and the effort to hush up the incident had already begun. Within hours of the attack, which left 34 men dead and two-thirds of the rest of the crew wounded, Israel asked President Johnson to quietly bury the incident. “Embassy Tel Aviv,” said a highly secret, very limited distribution message to the state department, “urged de-emphasis on publicity since proximity of vessel to scene of conflict was fuel for Arab suspicions that the US was aiding Israel.” Shortly thereafter, a total news ban was ordered by the Pentagon. No one in the field was allowed to say anything about the attack. All information was to come only from a few senior Washington officials.

Later that morning, Johnson took the unusual step of ordering the JCS to recall its fighters while the Liberty still lay smouldering, sinking, fearful of another attack and with its decks covered with the dead, dying and wounded. On board the flagship of the Sixth Fleet, Rear Admiral Lawrence R Geis, who commanded the carrier force in the Mediterranean, was angry and puzzled at the recall and protested to the secretary of defense, Robert S. McNamara.

Geis was shocked by what he heard next. “President Lyndon Johnson came on with a comment that he didn’t care if the ship sunk, he would not embarrass his allies.” Geis told Lieutenant Commander David Lewis, head of the NSA group on the Liberty, about the comment but asked him to keep it secret until after Geis died. It was a promise that Lewis kept.

In the days following the attack, the Israeli government gave the US government a classified report that attempted to justify the claim that the attack was a mistake. On the basis of that same report, an Israeli court of inquiry completely exonerated the government and all those involved. No one was ever court-martialled, reduced in rank or even reprimanded. On the contrary, Israel chose instead to honor motor torpedo boat 203, which fired the deadly torpedo at the Liberty. The ship’s wheel and bell were placed on prominent display at the naval museum, among the maritime artifacts of which the Israeli navy was most proud.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel had attacked the ship and killed the American servicemen deliberately, the Johnson administration and Congress covered up the entire incident. Johnson was planning to run for president the following year and needed the support of pro-Israel voters.

A mistake or mass murder? It was a question Congress never bothered to address in public hearings at the time. Among those who have long called for an in-depth congressional investigation is Admiral Thomas Moorer, who went on to become chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. “Congress to this day,” he said, “has failed to hold formal hearings for the record on the Liberty affair. This is unprecedented and a national disgrace.” Perhaps it is not too late.

If Mr. Bamford’s information is correct the USS Liberty was attacked in order to suppress what is another Nazi style (think Lidice) slaughter by the folks who burned babies in Gaza. Cowards, swine and vicious vermin whose bloodlust now has the world on the brink of apocalypse. Note that none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State and the top snake in the Obama tent has now come out and announced on national television that Iran is subject to an American led Iraq style first strike.

Hitler On The Roof

“You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs”

-Bibi Netanyahu (the irony of this quote is superb)

Tin soldiers and Bibi’s Coming: Israeli strongman Benjamin Netanyahu, fresh off his defiling of American soil with his malodorous presence he has already told President Barack Obama to fuck off, the settlements will only continue to multiply in the holy land. Bibi also threw down the gauntlet to our shiny new reality show prez on taking out Iran. So much for peace in our time, scramble the IAF, there are babies to be burned, territory to be conquered and a competing nuclear power to be taken down in one of those now acceptable preemptive actions that used to be considered acts of war. The madness of a country that exists largely through fear and exclusion and uses one of history’s all time crimes against humanity – The Holocaust as the justification to murder, conquer and wage wars of its own is only becoming more pathological and the Rapture clock is ticking towards conflagration. Despite the lunacy that it would take to launch an attack on Iran (a preventative measure that is just more of the same malarkey) it is going to happen, the extremist government in Tel Aviv is hell bent on going to the mattresses fully confident that the Samson Option is their ace in the hole.

There is an uptick in tensions with those who run God’s chosen land these days (not to unfairly mock decent people but any claims that God is responsible or intends anything are preposterous and un-provable, nice con game and it works too) and those who were optimistic that global thermonuclear warfare could be averted are seeing those hopes stomped on by a jackboot. Wearing that jackboot is Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose extremist allies plan to sponsor legislation requiring residents to swear loyalty to the Jewish state, a move critics denounced as liable to hamper the rights of Arab citizens. Also there is a flurry of measures in the pipes to further eliminate free speech such as mandatory jail terms for statements deemed to be “disloyal to the state”. Jane Harman must be having an orgasm over this one as well as the odious wandering Jew Joseph Lieberman, they after all had been pushing for committees that would slander, criminalize and crack down on what is deemed to be homegrown terrorism but is really a transparent attempt to squash critics of Israel here in the Heimat.

Seems like it won’t be much longer until the color coded sew on stars are passed out to be worn for identification purposes. Looks like Israel in the very early days of the Netanyahu-Lieberman regime is back to ginning up the case for war, flagrantly giving the finger to the civilized world and dragging America further into the morass. Of course our resurgent neocons, Gingrich, Cheney and the roiling spring of fascist filth that is known as the American Enterprise Institute (where the Israel Lobby meets the Military Industrial Complex) are wetting their panties over the kick starting of their own plots for world domination. Israel, while criminalizing any dissent over questioning the existence of the racist, exclusionary Jewish state is alarmingly reminiscent of the horrifying days of nose-measuring, purging the universities, and ensuring that Aryans would be given first class citizenship while the Juden were slowly driven into despair, humiliation and persecution. Kristallnacht was the direct result of a state sponsored campaign of ethnic cleansing, demonization and subjugation. Any sane Arab should trying to get the fuck out of Israel right now before the pickup vans are sent out. I might also offer the good advice that any sane Jew should also leave the rogue state and the rising virulence of Avigdor Lieberman. The dogs of war are growling and the worst elements of the Israeli right are feeding them bloody red meat by the shoveful. Dissing Obama, getting pissy with the Pope (so Herr Ratzinger was once a member of Hitler Youth but he was able to cast aside the indiscretions of his early days) over his support of a Palestinian state and now the preparation for the transition to an oppressor state. It’s sure as shit starting to look like 1933 again but despite the ever present neocon propaganda the real New Hitler is a Jew.


“World War II ended with the Nuremberg trials. The heads of the Nazi regime, along with their collaborators, were executed. I hope this will be the fate of the collaborators in the Knesset.”

-Avigdor Lieberman (see how well he plays with others)

Hell, loyalty oaths? They already have the ghettos with the great wall of Israel, a decimated Gaza and sub-citizens in the Palestinians…could the gas chambers be far behind? Despite the bludgeoning of critics and human rights advocates with the constant invocation of The Holocaust and the six million dead Jews it is never once brought up that there were millions of other victims as well. Hitler may have hated the Jews but he also hated gays, the handicapped, Poles, Slavs and Gypsies among others and yet their slaughter (estimated at five million) is never recognized by the media propaganda machine. David Duke and his ilk may be denounced as the pejorative of all pejoratives, Holocaust deniers but he has number fudging counterparts engaging in spin and revising history who are every bit his equal. The Holocaust has been the most ass kicking club in the bag for militant Zionists, Norman Finkelstein wrote a book about the ongoing exploitation of the dead for political reasons entitled The Holocaust Industry and became a hated enemy of the Israel Lobby and it’s goons. Mr. Finkelstein was finally denied tenure at DePaul University after a crusade backed by the insipid opportunistic clown Alan Dershowitz pressured the cowards to buckle under pressure. The brownshirts then paraded around with glee as though they were tribal savages with Finkelstein’s bloody scalp affixed to a pole. And they have the audacity to call out Islamic radicals for issuing a fatwa against Salman Rushdie?


Selling WW III: Now the propaganda wars in the U.S. media to garner support for attacking Iran are oozing up again, we saw it last week with the borderline retards being busted plotting to plow up a synagogue and attack military planes (despite the fact that they were stoners who could barely capable of stumbling of bed in the morning) in the aftermath of Bibi’s visit. This one especially stinks: Secret document: Venezuela, Bolivia supplying Iran with Uranium. The flow of secret documents to justify another genocide never ceases to amaze me, it was this same type of hogwash that has the U.S. mired in two unwinnable foreign wars and the economy in ruins. The bastards are persistent though, and far too predictable. Now with the fascist Republican party engaging in vintage red baiting to dupe their idiot base into thinking that Barack Obama, the servant of Wall Street financial oligarchs is a commie this one meshes in real nice with the story line that they are slowly constructing.

The Canadian health care system is assailed and slimed on a daily basis as inefficient, primative, fuck off and die socialism that is just plain goddamned un-American and now horror of horrors, that evil little socialist man Hugo Chavez is being linked to plot supplying Iran with the crucial ingredients for nukes – it’s a plot against the Jews and it must be stopped because Jesus must be avenged. This is propaganda at its finest as the tie to the hated Chavez will surely fire up the knuckledragging lumpen Republicans who are already on high alert for the Red Dawn style communist takeover of America that has them armed to the teeth and determined to repel the red menace. This is high grade stuff, well thought out and designed for maximum demographic impact, like all of that apocalyptic asswipe by the false prophet on the Israeli payroll Pastor John Hagee. You can still see his maniacal (Mossad sponsored?) ravings on display in the nation’s Wal-Mart stores where the rubes and peckerwoods are now getting squeezed by the low prices promisin’ blight on the planet that is big, blue and yellow smiley. Hagee’s magnum opus Jerusalem Countdown still adorns book racks in my local superstore halfway between the beer coolers and the ammo section – get it while you still can folks.

So the heat is slowly being cranked up on Barack Obama, he is the proverbial frog in the pot on the stove and unless he grows a set of balls and backs down Bibi and Avigdor-preferably by cutting off ALL U.S. military aid but I would personally prefer a full out invasion of God’s chosen land in order to gain control of their nuclear arsenal – then he is soon going to find himself rendered into soup. He has already been rolled by the Wall Street moneychangers, shanked in the back by the quislings in his own party over closing down the institutionalized embarrassment of the torture state Gitmo and is about to face an Alamo style last stand by dug in hard core fascist Republicans over his Supreme Court nominee. In short, it ain’t looking good for the pope of hope, change is just another empty promise like ‘this won’t hurt a bit’, ‘the check’s in the mail’ and I promise not to come in your mouth. He has already shown weakness by refusing to investigate the war criminals of the Bushreich and the knives are going to be coming out very soon. Hell, given the prominence of the treasonous Dick Cheney on the corporate spin cycle there is very likely a false flag event in the works that will make 9/11 look like chump change and allow the dead enders who get their marching orders from the porcine propagandist Limbaugh to take to the streets for a shootin’ war against the Obama administration that failed to protect America. Some will call it conspiracy theory but that is the way the bastards think so take the tin foil hat, shit in it and wear it like a crown of shame atop your empty gourds.


Weasels Ripped My Flesh: In America, any honest attempt to question Israeli policy is met with a vicious and highly coordinated onslaught by the agents of various elements of the Israel Lobby. A very tightly managed network of media polemicists, Christian Zionist organizations and militant Jewish activists attack in waves, people are threatened, slandered as anti-Semites, smeared in the media, subjected to pressure on their employers by activists and boycotts and careers are ruined. This has been an immensely successful plan in that the political discourse in the United States is controlled to an extent where criticism of Israel is not tolerated and any sort of neutral, objective look at Middle Eastern geopolitical issues (especially in regards to the Palestinians) is rare if nonexistent. In fact the political discourse and the media at large are far more tightly controlled here than they are in Israel itself where there is robust discussion of the issues although the extreme right has (for the moment) seized control of the political system. No better examples exist of the sort of vicious attacks perpetrated by the slime and destroy machine than those on former president Jimmy Carter (arguably the best friend that Israel ever had) and ambassador Charles Freeman. Obama is already in the crosshairs lest he do their bidding.

Now I realize that I am going to catch holy hell for writing this, that’s just the way it works with some people and lord knows I have had my share of detractors, for that matter so does anyone who openly questions Israeli Lebensraum, it just goes with the territory . Simply put I am an American taxpayer, a military veteran and an outraged citizen who has a serious issue with my tax dollars being funneled by my government to a genocidal rogue state that is the biggest menace to global stability on the planet at this time. There may be weeping and gnashing of the teeth over the North Korean nuclear test but the real threat, so sayeth the media propaganda, the Israel Lobby war-freaks and the neo-Nazi thugs at the American Enterprise Institute is Iran…Iran…Iran..IRAN!!! The drumbeat has been incessant and it’s getting louder, it was nothing short of miraculous that Cheney and the balls to the wall neocons weren’t actually allowed to start WW III under the George W. Bush administration. They tried like hell but were headed off at the pass every time. Now Cheney is liberated and like a cornered skunk will spray the room with his foulness and his dug in network of pro-Israel/Christian Zionist moles at the Pentagon.

The failure to cut off the head of the snake by the feckless, perpetually neutered Pelosi-Reid Congress is only going to go down in history as the biggest capitulation since Neville Chamberlain did everything but blow Hitler in Munich. The point is that the Israeli lunatic fringe led by Bibi and the vile and loathsome death monger Avigdor Lieberman are prepared to destroy the world in order to save it, that is save it so that they can live upon it in their terms. Right now is a very dangerous time, the rise of Lieberman and his melding with Netanyahu is going to be one of the greatest crises of foreign policy in American history for all of the implications of the eventual rollover to the scum. So now is the time to start speaking out as never before.

Now there is this little cell of cyber terrorists who would make me (as well as others) out to be a Jew hater because I happen loathe them and their ilk and since they are Jews, they in their demented little minds have made that little leap of illogic. But hating Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin because they are quite frankly – cunts, doesn’t make me a misogynist, hating Michael Vick for murdering dogs does not make me a racist and hating a pack of sleazy bullies and goons certainly does not make me an anti-Semite so just fuck those people. As the late great Hunter S. Thompson says “I piss down their throats.” I happen to rage against the monstrous war crimes committed by Israel (a taboo in this society) and damn the actions of thugs like these four and the rest of the overly powerful and dare I say anti-American Israel Lobby, a de-facto collection of agents of a foreign government that routinely engages in act of the most vicious form of slander, libel and outright intimidation to strong arm dissent, influence public opinion, boycott media and continue to keep American tax dollars going to finance the bloody genocidal campaigns of the country were their loyalty truly lies.

I have seen some pretty ugly stuff by these people by Israel’s cyber soldiers including a vicious smear campaign linking what was at one time a prominent liberal blog to the sewer that is Stormfront and then posting it over at the great orange Satan’s blog, the Daily Kos. I have seen blogswarming of a coordinated nature with the dialogue (if you can call it that) being so shrill that a patriotic military veteran and prominent blogger was called out as a Turner Diaries reading agent of Z.O.G. for alluding to the cabal of neocons who played a large part in instigating and then delivering the illegal attack on Iraq. Now this is pretty fucking common knowledge and being that it was easy for the arch evildoers Rummy and Cheney to play their simpering idiot puppet president off against his old man for failing to take out Saddam it was a perfect launching pad for the conquest of the Middle East according to the PNAC playbook. Of course slime and destroy is what traditionally works best for the enforcement arm of the Israeli public relations colossus, I am pretty much certain that I will be called out as the equivalent of one who ran the gas showers at Dachau and studies the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as the Jesus juicin’ redneck Republican base do their tomes of Timothy LaHaye Left Behind trash.

The sort of slanderous slime practiced by the Israel Lobby brownshirts is intolerable and with the accompanying hypocrisy it is unconscionable at best and diminishes real anti-Semitism at best. Note that Zionism is a political movement that uses Judaism as a cover, much like the reactionary fascism practiced here in the Homeland by the more virulent elements of the fundamentalist ‘Christian’ right or the violent murdering thugs who hijack Islam to wage their ruthless attacks on innocents or any religious extremists for that matter. The use of religion as justification is a tactic as old as humanity itself and it works just as effectively in modern times as it did thousands of years ago. As long as people are willing to cast aside logic and reason for superstition and silliness and lifelong slavery to an invisible man in the sky that exhibits psychopathic tendencies and has a thirst for blood equal to the earthly rulers of rogue states there will be no end to the violence, nor the wars, nor the slavery that have been the bane of humanity since man in whatever early form that he originated as crawled out of the primordial swamps or was left here as a seed by intelligent alien life forms who seeing what their science project has turned into are wisely staying the fuck away from us all.

But I Digress…

The Coming Storm: The actions of Avigdor Lieberman and Bibi Netanyahu are exactly what are going to start World War III when they finally do launch their long awaited attack on Iran. Netanyahu is a calculating swine who like a cobra will not strike until he is certain that he has the necessary political cover for the box of hell that will be opened. Lieberman on the other hand is nothing sort of a full blown lunatic with Hitlerian megalomania, virulent racism, an eliminationist world view and an itchy trigger finger. He is also a drooling extremist right wing fanatic who would not hesitate one second to launch a parliamentary coup against Bibi if the conditions are right and circumstances merit it, a kosher version of Tom DeLay.

To the credit of some influential U.S. Jews there is finally some well deserved pushback against the derangement of the Israeli extremist right, in particular Adolf Lieberman. The Nazification of Israeli society is just a bridge too far, even for Abe Foxman. Also there is a rising but still nascent analysis of right-wing Israeli policies and their caustic effect on U.S. national interests and security. Newsweek actually has a pretty fair piece on Iran that catapults much of the propaganda, shit what do they have to lose? The magazine is going down in flames already and has just done the unthinkable and dumped the standard celebrity coverage and tabloid cheese in favor of actual intellectual stories. This week’s edition has a cover featuring the face of the fake devil Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the caption: Everything You Think You Know About Iran Is Wrong. The piece goes on to open a large portion of the issue that not only gives a more balanced view of Iran than has been seen in quite some time here in the 36th most free media of all of those ranked by Reporters Without Borders (actually it is a six way tie but hey, we still rank well ahead of the twinkle in the eye of authoritarian capitalists – China) in their 2008 ratings.

The Newsweek piece by the establishment’s own Fareed Zakaria dares to make the heretical statement that “They May Not Want the Bomb” and there is an accompanying photo essay that GASP – paints Iranians as actual human beings. There is also analysis or leading Iranian political figures and interviews with reform minded leader Mohammad Khatami who states the obvious that “the country can be run better” and IAEA head Mohamad El Baradei whose blasphemy is to say that “they are not fanatics”. Damn, this cuts across every piece of the folderol that we proud and shiny Americans are led to believe, that we are under the threat of nuclear or biological attack by the berserker Iranians. As far as the real fanatics are mentioned, an intimate of Bibi Netanyahu is quoted as follows:

“Think Amalek.” The bible says that the Amalekites were dedicated enemies of the Jewish people. In 1 Samuel 15, God says, “Go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass”.

And yet this insane babbling (which incedentally makes Adolf Hitler look like a moderate) is not given any press – other than this gutsy Newsweek feature. All the while, Mr. Ahmadinejad is quouted out of context, mistranslated, painted up like the fake devil and pilloried so that the new crusades can have ideological cover. Shit, relations have been bad with Iran but what can be expected when the CIA overthrows their elected leader, Mohammad Mossaddeq in 1953 and installs the torture happy and corrupt Shah as well as his fingernail pulling SAVAK secret police. This of course led to the seizing of the embassy and the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his Islamic revolution. It’s a long and complex story and better saved for another time, all that I can say is that American Imperialist ventures in the region are a long, bloody and dirty volume of trickery filled with dual alliances, double crosses and even some Israeli compicity in selling arms to the Iranians (some of which may have been used to blow up the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut back in 83), it is a stew of the most vile ingredients but it would take far more time than I have to even begin to scratch the surface and do it justice.

The Newsweek feature also talks of next month’s Iranian Presidential elections where it is entirely possible that Ahmadenijad will be toppled legitimately….not that it makes a tin shit’s worth of difference to Lieberman and his Luftwaffe. This is going to cause a massive retaliatory strike from dug in right wing Israeli propagandists and war crazed neocons at their own organs, Weekly Standard, Commentary and the like. God forbid that Americans are given any nuance or context, they may just one day wake up and renounce the warfare state and demand some actual courage and representation from their whore politicians and polluted institutions. Of course this is unlikely but it wasn’t that long ago when the same magazine would have the same dour face of Ahmadinejad only with the screeching title of SATAN. The Iranian president of course has been a longtime whipping boy for the neocons and the Likudniks, it started right off the bat with the idiotic claims that he was one of the embassy hostage takers and only became more absurd when his statements were taken out of context and intentionally mis-translated to state that he planned to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Total bullshit, but all too necessary in the big lie that he is the next Hitler and that the shoot from the hip neocons could strut around like little Churchills, a favorite idol of theirs.

Nobody pimped the propaganda of the “new Hitler”as hard as Bibi did, he was like a used car salesman two months behind on his unaffordable mortgage a day before the final sales numbers went up on the board. It was shameless, and of course it was all a lie. Bibi of course had his share of help spoon feeding this drivel to the American lemmings courtesy of a dishonest media which really does have a very pro-Israel bias in reporting anything from the Middle East. The Zionist influence over the domestic media is a very real thing and while it is easy to conflate any who bring this inconvenient little truth up with rabid white supremacists and neo Nazis to smear them. But trust me it’s there, just take some time and read Mearshimer and Walt’s amazing expose – The Israel Lobby.

It is imperative to our survival that the vicious right-wing zealots in Israel and their accomplices in the U.S. extablishment, the pocket media and the bought and paid for Congress not be allowed to escalate. The real loyalty oaths in my opinion should be administered here where the long and short term interests of America are routinely jeopardized to facilitate the monstrous crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli rogue state. The time to stop this is now before the psycopathic Avigdor Lieberman is able to further consolidate his power, crush resistance by Jewish moderates and set the world aflame all for his own apocalyptic glory.

Organize, Resist, Speak Out, Fight!

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning
As the war machine keeps burning
No more war pigs of the power
Hand of God has sturck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings

-Black Sabbath (War Pigs)