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CUFI: A Dangerous, Anti-American Terrorist Organization

Belching forth hatred, vitriol and clouds of sulfuric brimstone, reeking of rotting corpses and hypocrisy the anti-American foreign agent Pastor John Hagee convened the CUFI coven of dual loyalists and hard core Zionist warmongers for their latest befoulment of all things American. The corpulent delusional toad once again led the legions of the fucked and doomed Raptureheads and the idiot militant right-wing Jews who are too fucking bent on mounting a campaign of genocide that will make Hitler look like a piker to get it through their thick skulls that Hagee’s particular brand of good ole time religion ends with them being immolated so that Jesus can return to Planet Shit and the true believers can fly dirty, nasty nekkid up to sit at the foot of God’s throne while the rest of us heathens and the Jews be made to suffer plagues, pestilence, war and hell on Earth. Israel, you see is just the tinderbox that the death freaks who are goaded on by the false prophets like Hagee needs to serve as the crucible for the apocalypse and like a come filled rubber it will be discarded once the blessed orgasm of the biggest fuck of all time – Armageddon has been blown like a screeching, soul-cleansing wad of “OH GOD” intensity.

Hagee and his masses of miscreants are organizing for the big push to ensure that unstable, half senile, self-admitted “war criminal” and potential Manchurian Candidate John Sidney McCain III is able to gain possession of the nuclear football and with the help of that dastardly little mole Joe Lieberman (more on him later) get the PNAC game plan back on track and green light the Israeli war machine for it’s Nazi style blitzkrieg through the Middle East. You could just hear the sound of puckering assholes from Johnny Mac and the Likudniks when that picture of Barrack Hussein Obama sitting in the chopper with the sainted General Petraeus looking cooler than all get out in those mirror lensed sunglasses while flying over Baghdad. I can’t imagine anything that puts a burr further up the neocon’s asses than the prospect of an Obama presidency that dares to not give 110 percent to Zionist aggression and to lick the jackboots of those who in all likelihood proudly display to guests lampshades made out of the skin of Palestinians and consider the blood of Muslim children to be one of the greatest of all delicacies to be savored like a fine wine. Lieberman and Hagee are readying the shock troops and preparing the dead enders for battle, these are the type of Jews who killed Christ and the same sort of ‘Christians’ who would nail his long-haired, liberal ass up tomorrow if he were to suddenly return preaching against the warmongers and the moneychangers.

The chatter about ‘terrorist’ plots, foiled assassinations and the new call for a formal declaration war aginst al Qaeda – courtesy of the Zionist tool A.G. Michael Mukasey who can’t be bothered to enforce the fucking rule of law in the U.S. but has no problem foisting off this giant lie that will justify the police state and lifelong civilizational war against Muslims – has been being ratcheted up this week to sow fear, gestate anger and racism and potentially lay the ground for that long awaited false flag attack that will trigger NSPD51 and allow for that sweet apple pie authoritarianism to be locked in forever. Quite a useful bogeyman like al Qaeda ( actually a database of CIA assets) has been instrumental to shill for Israel’s wars and in this nation of television addled dopes weaned on the image of the swarthy Arab fanatics portrayed in films and series who in their everlasting cowardly ignorance and lives of pathetic shame lap it, hell, I’m not exagerating in stating that at least a quarter of the populace here in our Idiocracy would eat a bowl of fresh dogshit and swear it was chocolate pudding so woefully fucked are they and by extension fucked are we as it is the rational ones who must suffer for their sins.

Then there is Lieberman, the treacherous little termite who infiltrated the Gore campaign in 2000 and destroyed it from within so that the neocons could pull off their dirty little theft of the election and subsequently the Edward Luttwak style coup d’etat that was piggybacked on the back of the ‘terrorist’ attacks on 9/11 that were not only known about by certain rogue elements of the United States Government but were aided and abetted by several renegade elements of foreign intelligence services most notably Israel (see story about the celebrating Mossad agents disguised as movers right after the WTC towers were taken down). Lieberman, who once had the raw chutzpah to compare the maniacal demagogue Hagee to fucking Moses, was once again prominently on display at the big CUFI bund meeting where he did his level damnedest to pimp for U.S. involvement in Israel’s war against Iran, here are some excerpts from his speech:

All of you here, united as Christians for Israel, have chosen to be part of the “covenant of destiny.” You have chosen a mission for yourselves. By fate you are Americans with an ability to make your voice heard. You then freely chose to use your voice for a cause. By doing so you are turning your fate into destiny.

And that choice has brought you now to Washington D.C. at a truly historic and pivotal time for both America and Israel.

On the one hand there have been some positive developments in the Middle East over the past few years. Most importantly, Saddam Hussein, a man who mass-murdered his own people, attacked his neighbors, and launched missiles at Israel and paid families of suicide bombers, is gone.

And –

On the other hand, the threat that the U.S. and Israel face from the Islamic Republic of Iran is today greater than ever.

The threat from Iran lies not just in their arming, training, and funding terrorists throughout the Middle East and the world, but even more from the nuclear weapons development program they are clearly pursuing.

A nuclear Iran is a mortal danger to all of our allies in the Middle East–both to the Arabs and Israel–and it is a threat to us. A nuclear Iran would transform the balance of power in the region in the worst possible way. As Iran continues to expand the reach of its missiles, it will soon not just be the Middle East that is threatened, but Europe as well.

The President of Iran has made his genocidal intentions toward Israel clear. And he regularly leads his Iranian audiences in chanting “Death to America.”

History warns us what can happen when we don’t take the threats of such tyrants and terrorists seriously. We must not repeat this mistake.

Although 76 senators voted for the amendment Senator Kyl and I offered, a handful opposed it–so take nothing for granted as you speak to members of Congress this week.

People who move the world do not believe that it is inevitable they will sit atop the world. They lead not because they believe in their greatness, but because they believe in a cause that is greater than themselves. They see a mission to accomplish, a destiny to shape.

That is precisely what all of you here do. You see Israel and America under threat–and so you stand up for both.

You stand up for Israel not because it is easy or because it is popular–but because it is right. You stand up for Israel because you recognize that it is a cause that is just and honorable, because it is a cause greater than yourself.

In addition to being a dangerous zealot, the Senator representing Tel Aviv is one hell of Jew, so concerned with perpetuating a campaign of rape and pillage that is the grand Zionist genocide that he willingly throws in with a man who once fondly cooed over Adolf Hitler’s mission as an earthly extension of God’s plan for the creation of the state of Israel. Hagee is an anti-Semite as are every last one of the Raptureheads whose glorious becoming can only occur once the Jews have been incinerated but hypocrisy rules in Der Homeland and long ago conquered reason, the lemmings quite simply prefer magic, myths and fairy tales and Hagee is a pied piper leading a rat army who marches in goose-stepping unity. As for Lieberman, he is by definition a traitor, to his party, to his religion and ultimately to his country and were the rule of law as set forth by the founders respected in anything remotely resembling their true intents Lieberman would find his ass placed on trial, convicted and then hung – not only as justice dictates but as an example to every other duplicitous bitch and bastard who sells out America on behalf of a foreign interest.

Were this an organization run by Muslims then there would have to be another wing built at Gitmo so outrageous would be the outcry. For the sake of argument let’s say it were a black minister like Reverend Jeremiah Wright calling for racist wars of aggression, terrorism and genocide – you can rest assured that so vicious would be the calls for shunning, the cries of treason and the death threats that there sure as shit wouldn’t be any U.S. Senators making keynote speeches in front of the flock at that church. CUFI is a terrorist organization and the full force of the law should be brought down upon it. Their funding sources need to be investigated, their assets frozen if found to be a product of radical foreign meddlers and their leaders put on trial for sedition, crimes against the republic and outright treason for if they are to be successful then the body count from their next fucking war will make Hitler look like an amateur.

All The 9/11 Pimp’s Neocons

The presidential campaign of Rudolph Giuliani epitomizes every misery of the Bush era Republican party that is now spontaneously combusting on the big stage for all to see. The intellectual bankruptcy and moral failures of modern ‘conservatism’ have reached the stage of terminal rot and the air is thick with desperation as the GOP tries to emerge intact from the now disastrous Karl Rove era. The symbiotic relationship with the most extreme elements of the Religious Right is coming unraveled, the libertarians are crying bloody murder and the looters are being exposed as the thieves that they always have been. The Republican debates have been an ugly carnival of perversion with a bunch of anal retentive, rich white guys trying to one up each other on how best to torture, shred the constitution and drag the country further down the dark rabbit hole of regression that increasingly resembles a bottomless pit.
The only two candidates with any sort of a legitimate chance at the nomination are Rudy and Fred Thompson aka ‘The New Reagan’, a mush mouthed oaf who specializes in the same sort of ‘Morning in America’ horseshit that was used to lead this country so badly astray in 1980 and whose mass appeal to the rubes can’t be easily dismissed. Thompson however is sleepwalking through it all and you get the impression that his candidacy is more the result of the war pigs at the fascist nest of snakes that is the American Enterprise Institute’s desire to have another malleable tool in the White House than any sincere desire by the great white dope. The minute that his fuck bunny trophy wife stops haranguing him the big lug will likely mail it in and return to his comfortable life as a millionaire lobbyist and character actor so he is really just a bit player in all of this. Rudy is the one who is by far the most dangerous for he is a text book example of the sort of personality examined by Bob Altemeyer in his study The Authoritarians and more recently by John Dean in his book Conservatives Without Conscience.

According to a recent Newsweek piece by Michael Hirsh entitled Would You Buy A Used Hawk From This Man?, Giuliani has stacked his foreign policy team with several neocons of the most virulent type including the granddaddy of them all Norman Podhoretz. Along with the grand old man, also advising Rudy are the virulent racist Daniel Pipes, who once advocated collective punishment in the finest tradition of Lidice by suggesting the razing entire Palestinian villages, and his crony in the neo-McCarthyist Campus Watch goon patrol that targets free speech on America’s campuses, Martin Kramer. Make no mistake though, it’s Podhoretz who brings the real clout to ‘Mr. 9/11’s’ team.Revered by many as the driving force behind the neoconservative ideology, ‘Poddy’ has now found a new host after doing everything but actually blowing George W. Bush to get him to blow Iran to kingdom come. The launching of a ‘preemptive’ attack on Iran is a crusade to which he has on numerous occasions actually admitted praying for.

Here is a small sample from the Newsweek piece:

Podhoretz is in favor of bombing Iran because of the country’s unwillingness to suspend its uranium-enrichment program. He also believes America is engaged in a “world war” with “Islamofascism” and that Giuliani is the only man who can win it. “I decided to join Giuliani’s team because his view of the war—what I call World War IV—is very close to my own,” Podhoretz tells NEWSWEEK. (World War III, in his view, was the cold war.) “And also because he has the qualities of a wartime leader, including a fighting spirit and a determination to win.”

And another helping of some more vintage Podhoretz courtesy of Think Progress:

If we bomb the Iranians as I hope and pray that we will we’ll unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced look like a lovefest.

By the way, there is no such fucking thing as “Islamofascism,” a think tank distilled bit of folderol that just sounds good for the haters and the rubes. In actuality the two main components are diametrically opposed, which anyone who can think critically recognizes right away. The “Islamo” referred to is based on a rejection of modern western civilization and all of it’s perceived evils and impurities, while fascism is very capitalistic in nature and the perfect exemplification of the corporate state to the extent that in 1934 Fortune Magazine featured a cover story and a fawning tribute to Benito Mussolini himself.

But I digress…

Much has been made over Rudy’s having been dissed by radical cleric James Dobson as well as movement guru Richard Viguerie for his failure to toe the theocratic line on suppressing women’s privacy rights, and this is being seen by many as a death blow to his presidential ambitions. Underestimating the American Il Duce is a very serious mistake now that he has apparently decided that his easiest path to the throne will come courtesy of the neocon lunatics along with his bread and butter exploitation of 9/11. Those who would prematurely write off ‘Mr. 9/11’ due to Dobson’s snit are making a tragic error – especially if they include Democratic strategists whose coddling of AIPAC is already responsible for a hell of a blind spot. Rudy’s throwing in with the likes of Podhoretz and the crazies only ensures that the most irrational of all will be jumping aboard the Giuliani campaign as though it were the Rapture Express itself.

The extremist ideology of Podhoretz appeals to a much more dangerous group than the so called ‘values voters’. His maniacal zeal for bombing Iran is a bridge to the Armageddonites who will goosestep to the polls in droves at the mere thought of the potential end of days on the ballot. With nutty Norm helping to dictate Rudy’s foreign policy that plays to the extremely militant death cult affiliated with Pastor John Hagee and his ass kicking Christian Zionist organization CUFI (Christians United for Israel) who have been fired up with lies that bombing Iran is a precursor for the return of Jesus Christ. The Giuliani campaign is already a formidable force, but with Podhoretz onboard Rudy will pull that portion of the vote no matter how he stands on the other divisive social issues and Dobson will have no choice but to swallow his pride and get with Rudy’s program.

The combination of a lower than expected voter turnout due to widespread anger with Democrats over their failure to deliver on their November 2006 mandate to end the war and hold the Bush administration criminals accountable, along with a reenergized Republican base with a lynch mob mentality, could be a boon for Rudy and the neocons and the worst of all possible worlds for the rest of the planet.