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Day Of The Flag Suckers

Nationalism is a silly cock crowing on his own dunghill.
-Richard Aldington
Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.
-Bertrand Russell
 They are the ones who are shouting the loudest for others to die in foreign lands, they are the ones waving the flag the most vigorously while undermining all that it is supposed to stand for and today being the Fourth of July, they are legion. America has a peculiar form of reverence of the flag as a symbol, not something that would be found in a free and more advanced society and more associated with traditional dictatorships, for example Weimar era Germany. Children are indoctrinated to pledge allegiance to the flag, a strange ritual in what is falsely advertised as a free country, the additional contemptuous phrase “one nation under god” having been slyly swapped out for the original “one nation under democracy” and has served as an integral rallying point for the cancerous fascist fifth-column that continues to grow stronger and angrier. The pure intoxication of mixing nationalist flag worship with a perceived divine mandate to conquer the world abroad while persecuting the hated liberals, gays, minorities and especially Muslims at home is as irresistible as it will inevitably be deadly.
Nowhere is the cancerous merging of nationalism and religion more prevalent than in the fascist Republican party and it’s brownshirt army of hostile useful idiots that is the Tea Party. Today is their day for they like all right-wing vermin have a monopoly on patriotism. They will gather across the land to swill beer and stuff hot dogs and apple pie into their blowholes, denounce the commie in the WHITE House who has become the unifying factor for the racist dregs of American society as they carry out the dirty agendas of plutocrats, our modern day domestic versions of the British aristocracy that this country once waged a revolution against. Rallies across the country, promoted heavily by the mega-billionaire Koch Brother and their hydra network of front groups, all with Orwellian names designed to play the patriotism card which they deal from the bottom of the deck will be attended by the worst of the worst of American fascists, specifically those who are running for the presidency on the Republican party ticket and will have the full backing of the angry rabble to take their country back and oust the dirty Manchurian Candidate, teleprompter reading socialist Kenyan darkie once and for all.
The wretched teabaggers, in all of their innate ignorance will gorge themselves to bursting, straining the seams of their red, white and blue Wal-Mart apparel and waving their blessed made in China flags, lounging around like the good ole boys in Mississippi Burning and holding court on Obama’s militant ACORN army, the implementation of Sharia Law, the United Nations gun-grabbers, the homosexual agenda and the prevailing greatness of our god-kissed capitalist Empire. Tonight, after darkness falls and when they get good and liquored up and are at their fireworks shows there will be a good many will be prowling the crowds looking for anyone who looks gay, isn’t white or doesn’t look sufficiently patriotic enough to beat to a bloody pulp, while individually the scumbaggers are as yellow as their Gadsden flags they like wild dogs hunt in packs. The sort of raw  and mean filth that gravitates to the one time libertarian, pro-civil liberties and anti-war, non-interventionist movement that was infiltrated and immediately taken over by the fascist Republican party (and I suspect a good deal of right-wing Israeli types) are a menace to decent society and an affront to everything that his country was supposed to have stood for. The hordes of Glenn Beck zombies, promoted heavily by longtime Republican operative Roger Ailes and funded by the Kochs, whose family fortune was derived in the decidedly un-American way by their daddy Fred building oil refineries for the tyrannical Russian despot Josef Stalin sprung into action like terrorist sleeper cells immediately after that helicopter trucked away George W. Bush like so much garbage. Their phony grass roots movement was a vehicle to mount a racism fueled backlash against Mr. Obama who despite his hypnotic message of hope and change has turned out to be just another corporate toadie, subservient to his Wall Street backers and too much of an invertebrate to challenge the status quo. This doesn’t bother the baggers though, they are perfectly down with stealing from the taxpayers to bail out chiselers and outright thieves and Obama has done nothing to overturn the worst abuses of the Bushreich that they never had a problem with prior to January 20, 2009.
Nobody waves the bloody flag like the fascist Republican party, a collection of slimy, degenerate blowhards who are determined to blow up the entire country and the already horrendous economy to oust the terrible black man from the house that Ronald Reagan built. Collectively they are the most dangerous threat that this country has ever faced and they have the muscle in their 9-12 movement goon squads and the dens of iniquity that are the Christian churches to back them up. It is lost on the knuckle-draggers, mouth-breathers and just balls out stupid peckerwoods that the party leadership, outside of the rare exceptions like John McCain and the new CIA Director General David Petraeus they are purely armchair patriots and apple pie authoritarians.
This anti-American political party could never carry the torch of patriotism were it not for their deception and demagoguery in playing to the most base and vile instincts of the perennially angry. Like any good purveyor of tyranny enabling double speak and race baiting, they have a little something for everybody.
Festering resentment towards women? Welcome to the party.
Hate Mexicans and Blacks? Step right in.
Want to round up and intern Muslims? You are truly patriotic.
Think that the liberals are destroying the country? We do too.
Are you on God’s side? Hallelujah, so are we.
Do you want to defeat the homosexual agenda? We are on your side and God is too.
The Constitution? It’s just a goddamned piece of paper, we have the flag!
The values volk are anything but patriotic and their value system is anything but American. Were one to read up on some history in say the mid-1930s, which country do you think would have won the hallowed national pride/most patriotic honor that was personified in a certain flag-worhipping political party?
The Republican swine always love to bray about flag desecration as well, fortunately we have been spared the annual showboating to pass anti-flag burning/desecration legislation the past few years as the wave of red, white and blew sewage that belched forth after the American Reichstag Fire that was 9/11. I always found their definition of the sanctity of Old Glory to be as hypocritical as it was nauseating. In the looter capitalist Homeland the flag is routinely desecrated by those seeking to use the symbolism to sell shit to morons, Wal-Mart, prior to the invasion of the Chinese products always used to tout their good old pro-American style of retailing. Sam Walton took his dirt nap in 1992 and the parasites who inherited his empire quickly adopted the same sort of loyalty to America that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street speculators and rapacious corporations that are addicted to offshoring jobs as though it is crack cocaine have used to bust the majority of a once great middle class back to zero.
But I digress….
If the flag is a sacred object then it is only logical to make ANY misuse of the national symbol a crime:
If  one were to use a patriotic, red, white and blue napkin to wipe my mouth after eating apple pie isn’t that desecration?
If one were to  use a patriotic latex condom to fuck a gay lover up the ass, isn’t that desecration?
If businesses use the stars and stripes in an advertisement to sell a product, isn’t that desecration?
If one chooses to put a stars and stripes sweater on a pet dog one day isn’t that desecration?
If one were to wear a red, white and blue striped bandana on my yearly run to Sturges isn’t that desecration?
If on that run, one paints their Harley’s gas tank to resemble the flag isn’t that desecration?
If one were to paint a flag in the center of a grass field for my High School football team opener isn’t that desecration?
And wouldn’t the National Football League, where every game is an orgy of symbolic reverence for war, the flag, militarism and controlled violence be guilty of desecration?
The willingness to use inflammatory language and then wrap it in the flag to induce emotional responses from certain segments of the population IS desecration.
Flag desecration? Let the Republicans wrap themselves in it, what could be more disrespectful than that. Consider their collective military service, despite their standard flag-sucking demagoguery that sells to the masses of asses the majority of them have never worn a uniform, or at least never worn one in the service of their country.
2012 Presidential Candidates
Michele Bachmann: Never Served
Newt Gingrich: Never Served (draft deferment to avoid Vietnam)
Herman Cain: Never Served (other than pizza of course)
Sarah Palin: Never Served (husband allegedly served in white supremacist militia group)
Mitt Romney: Never Served
John Huntsman: Never Served
Tim Pawlenty: Never Served
Rick Santorum: Never Served
Rick Perry: Never Served
Ron Paul: Vietnam veteran, served with honor but has zero chance because of his anti-interventionist, pro-civil liberties and anti-Federal Reserve views.
Assorted other Right-Wing Vermin:

Eric Cantor: Never Served

John Boehner: Two months in US Navy – medical discharge
Mitch McConnell: Briefly in Army Reserve – another medical discharge
Joe Lieberman: Never Served
Allen West: Served but discharged for sadistic tendencies that have served the tea house Negro well in his rising political career as he targets gays and Muslims.
Chris Christie: Never Served (other than multiple trips to all you can eat mega-bar)
Marco Rubio: Never Served
Scott Walker: Never Served (anything other than the Koch Brothers)
Glenn Beck: Never Served
Andrew Beitbart: Never Served (other than Matt Drudge that is)
Bill O’Reilly: Never Served
Roger Ailes: Never Served
Jeb Bush: Never Served
Sean Hannity: Never Served
Rush Limbaugh: Never Served
Beginning to notice a pattern here?
I have neither the time nor the space to continue with the chicken hawk roll call but rest assured the aforementioned have plenty of company amongst their cowardly ranks.
They are Armchair Patriots, those who detest American values but wave the flag as though it were some sort of shield for their fascism.
Armchair patriots believe in war without their own personal sacrifice, they believe that war is the simplistic jingoism of the John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone movies that they have been weaned on.
By the way, John Wayne never served either.
God bless the USA and may the rockets red glare now be just a little brighter come Tueday morning.
in say the mid-1930s, which country do you think would have won the hallowed national pride/most patriotic honor?
GOD BLESS AMERICA and our holy fucking flag!