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Long Dong Silver Rides Again

Uncle Thomas and the House Negro Last Crusade

Among some of the rankest of the rank right-wing subterranean sewage that runs through the darkest recesses of the internet has been the ridiculous allegation that President Elect Barack Obama is unqualified to be hold the presidency due to his not being an actual American citizen. This two-faceted disinformation campaign (one focusing on some sort of mysteriously forged birth certificate) was dealt a serious setback when the fascist bloc on the Supreme Court refused to hear a case by one Leo Donofrio seeking to challenge the very definition of what constitutes citizenship. You have to love these fascists, when all else fails they change the rules, kind of like the sniveling little brats who would take their football and run home to mommy if the game got too rough back when we all were kids, I am sure that you know the type. A bunch of whiny bitches and bastards with heads full of lame conspiracy theories, a constant sense of being the aggrieved parties in some grandiose librul conspiracy to overthrow the land of Murka and a sense of victimhood that justifies the very existence of the pharmaceutical industry because let’s face it: these sort of people are just plain fucking nuts. The culture of crybabies.

That this bullshit would end up in basically the same Supreme Court (minus of course one Placidyl lobotomized corpse walking William Rehnquist but plus two more ultra fascists in Roberts and Alito) that illegitimately installed one George W. Bush as our king and therefore made us into subjects would be fitting. Longtime water-carrier for the white man and self-hating house Negro Clarence ‘Uncle’ Thomas was reportedly revved up to allow Donofrio’s airing of his dirty diapers and fellow veteran scurvy dog of Uncle Sam’s plantation, Alan Keyes has also filed a suit challenging Obama’s citizenship but discretion won out for the time being anyway, the court denied the case without comment. Not that the embittered Thomas gives a rat’s ass about his legacy though, his pathetic servitude set aside for at least the time being this man never had any business even being confirmed, especially not with the ugly little business that Clarence was a closet porno freak who especially reveled in the exploits of one Long Dong Silver. The confirmation hearings were brutal but the fascists had a superior grass roots movement, more clout within the system, the puppet master himself Poppy Bush presiding over a burgeoning shadow government and a media that had been reconfigured into one giant motherfucker megaphone so this degenerate was allowed to slither onto the bench.

Of course Thomas and Keyes are pissed off and it is understandably so, their act as the ‘responsible Negroes’ has been nullified by a black man with merits, intelligence and an actual claim to being one of the smartest men in America with his successful presidential bid. There has to be no shortage of umbrage with those favor currying black men who have spent their entire lives serving as foot stools for the Chivas sipping, Wall Street Journal reading, Lexus driving Thurston Howell III country club (blacks or Jews not accepted of course) set who run the oligarchy and launder the ill gotten gains of the empire. The election of Barrack Obama solely on merit is a novel concept indeed to the ‘Toms’ and ‘lawn jockeys’ who have for too long played both ends against the middle in the ongoing nightmare of institutionalized racist America and they like the washed up whores reduced to sucking cock at a deep discount (‘chicken-neck in street slang) to feed their crack habits have now hit bottom.

I want to take this chance to refer to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo fever dream riff on the psychologically damaged, overly-infatuated with pussy, marathon fuck sessions, bestiality and the superhuman exploits of the black counterpart to Johnny Wadd Holmes that was Long Dong Silver entitled Fear and Loathing in Elko. Clarence Thomas is a fucking disgrace, my personal opinion is that he would make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. vomit so malodorously rotten he is, so counter to the very concept of black progress, so contemptuous to civil rights, he is in the spirit of the holidays, the proverbial triple-decker toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce.

We haven’t heard the end of this Obama citizenship thing either, not by a longshot, according to a front page right-wing propaganda piece in my local fish wrapper, The St. Petersburg Times (a once proud newspaper brought low during the Jeb Bush years) that is too long to be anything other than an orchestrated and furious last ditch effort by the rotten fascists who have sucked the blood from this country. The writer is one Wes Allison whose history and intentions need to be sufficiently scrutinized because the very last sentence of this piece states that Dick Cheney’s hunting buddy, Fat Tony Scalia is going to take on another case, Wrotnowsky vs. Bysiewicz into conference on Friday. Nice that the locals had a massive delivery surcharge slapped onto us last year so that we could get a print version of the Drudge Report parked on our doorstep like a prank flaming bag of dogshit. Any ‘news’ organization (not the the SPT Times is the only one but I am more pissed off as a subscriber who has to pay good money to subsidize this short of vile shit – BTW they also mailed out that militant Zionist DVD ‘Obsession’ a few months back) that helps to further thing retarded piece of right wing trash needs to be keelhauled just for general principles.

The one thing that I did like in the Wes Allison piece was his reference to the pathetic loser who was helping to pimp this abortion, one certifiable reich wing buffoon, Roger Bredow of Asscrack, PA or some other backwoods shithole enclave of bitter guns n god volk (he is actually pictured in a Dr. Seuss style Uncle Sam hat – red, white and blue elephant condom would have been more apropos) or some other bumfuck haven of the inbred was actually referred to as not fucking get this… “an internet publisher” because he was able to put up a dipshit website and a slanderous and feeble minded excuse for a YouTube video so all you bloggers take this to heart: you are ALL now officially INTERNET PUBLISHERS which should be immediately added to your resumes, especially now when perspective employees are required to not only jump through flaming hoops for jobs but also must blow peanuts across the floor for the amusement of some dipshit human resources generalist with a degree in basketweaving or something even more worthless – an MBA degree.

But I digress….

And while I’m on the subject of Toms, has there ever been a bigger one that Orenthal J. Simpson? Living large in his Brentwood home with his cokehead trophy wife and doing stupid pet tricks for whitey the Juice had it made until it all fell apart one ugly and bloody night in the early summer of 1994. A made for the new tabloid Murkan media circus, the long, slow drive to nowhere in the infamous white Bronco, the perverse intellectual rape of the ongoing trial, the travesty of the verdict and the moronic waste of tax money that was the most grossly botched prosecution in modern memory and a new legend had been made. In his post football career during which he was the life of the party for the high rolling Caucasian clowns who run the circus, appearing in bad movies and building a very successful career as a non-threatening black pitchman for products the Juice never managed to achieve the level of global stardom that his reputed killing spree kicked off. That O.J. Simpson ever became any sort of a symbol for injustices against blacks by the white legal system was always an enigma, it wasn’t like he ever wanted to be anything but the shuck and jive, happy go lucky celebrity that he was and didn’t do jack shit for the black community but that is a far more complex story and for another time. Granted the disparity between just the type of jurisprudence that blacks face versus that which whites do is a travesty, but the bigger travesty is the disparity between the rich and the poor.

Faced with the full fury of the criminal justice system O.J. did what any other millionaire would do, he hired the best and dirtiest team of goddamned snake lawyers that he could find and with much chicanery and theatrics beat the rap – of course having grand dragon Mark Fuhrman, the now retired L.A. police detective and full time bigot on the witness stand was a boon The entire Simpson trial was a sad commentary on the decade of the 90’s, the period in time when Americans were set up for what was to come like billiard balls on a table by the sharks who run the system. It’s ability to provide that hit of electronic crack to a nation of attention deficit stricken lizard brained sheep would bring us such follow ups as Susan Smith who drowned her kids in a car and blamed it on black men, the long-running cash cow of the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation and the amazing adventures of Laci and the fetus among many, many others. It was a decade of sloth, sin and sleaze and the tabloidism eventually spilled over into politics with good ole bubba Bill Clinton along with the entire system dragged through the shit after he had the idiotic indiscretion to receive a series of sleazy blow jobs from that chubby little trollop Monica Lewinsky, a young woman so pathetic and immature that she actually saved a blue dress that Bill had blown his wad on as though it were the fucking shroud of Turin.

But I am rambling now, what I am getting at is that last week’s verdict and subsequent sentencing of up to 33 years in prison for his participation in an armed confrontation over sports memorabilia. Whitey’s revenge. Simpson should have known better, it was crystal clear to all but the blindest of the blind that he was being watched very carefully and any minor fuckup would be pounced on but when the damned imbecile used a gun during the commission of the crime (which has always smelled like a setup) he might as well have just thrown himself over the fence into the tiger pit at his local zoo and let them rip him limb from limb. He has always been playing with five fouls ever since he was able to get away with murder in an ugly national spectacle that people still haven’t gotten over.

Look, I can’t say that O.J. was actually guilty of murder, I wasn’t there, I do however believe very strongly that he either did it or was involved, the evidence doesn’t lie and despite the Gestapo that is the LAPD the story of them planting of it all just to frame Simpson has always been ludicrous. O.J. may have snapped but the bitch was pushing him, flaunting it and it is totally understandable that it happened, I mean how many similar murders over domestic problems occur every day? This one just happened to involve celebrity and biracial marriage to boot. O.J. at the very least was an accessory to murder and walked pretty much scot free due to the Johnnie Cochran and the ‘Dream Team’ who rolled in with an assemblage of the dirtiest legal rat bastards and the best expert witnesses that money could buy , a multi-million dollar cottage industry built on the trial, the saturation bombing by paparazzi that launched the long running writing and/or cable television careers of dozens (including the insipid Great Van Susteren who should visit the Juice at least weekly during his prison stay to blow him after all that he has done for her career) and a riled up largely black jury out for payback and to send a message to the fascist pigs of the Los Angeles Police Department, a bunch of jack-booted thugs if there ever was one. On top of all of that the gross incompetence of the Los Angeles District Attorneys office should be a case study for future lawyers for decades on how NOT to run a trial. It was an abject farce Marcia Clark and company were the most inept bunch in modern legal history and wouldn’t have been able to get a conviction even if the squad cars would have rolled up to find the Juice with his dick in the mouth of Nicole’s freshly severed head.

That was then though and this is now, Simpson was railroaded after rubbing whitey’s face in a big steaming pile of fresh shit when the glove didn’t fit. This latest verdict is the same sort of Jim Crow style racist bullshit that is shovels of bloody meat thrown to the masses of asses each and every single time that a black celebrity athlete manages to fuck up enough to become a public spectacle. The names Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick and most recently Plaxico Burress immediately come to mind and are regularly strung up the yardarm by the balls as an example to the low minded scum inhabitants of Apartheid white Murka that the justice system really works by the gang of thugs jackals and pirates who run the rigged game. The game is only able to continue by feeding on smoldering racial resentment with religion always thrown in to keep the peasants pitted against each other while the treasury is sucked dry by vampires like Hank Paulson and his ilk at Goldman Sachs. The sheep always have had a taste for lamb chops when served up smothered in racism. The fucking hypocrisy of it all is astounding.

Simpson got railroaded, that is exactly what this is about, the last charge of a dying breed of the stupid white men who have bankrupted the country, turned us all into a bastardized combination of a global pariah and historical joke, a master race of lepers whose only saving grace when the future historians drag our bloated carcasses onto the autopsy table will be that we never quite were as bad as the Nazis, granted the envelope was being pushed very seriously but when Tom DeLay and his vile scum were dealt a humiliating blow at the battle over Terri Schiavo the mastodon had been mortally wounded and was already lurching towards the graveyard.

The Simpson verdict though was sweet indeed to far too many, a large percentage of them view it as some sort of perverted form of payback for Obama’s ascendance to the highest office in the land. It’s all a rigged game and while there is high-fiving and jubilation in peckerwood nation over taking down the Juice too many people who are being dragged down by a cunningly disguised long-running drive to spread economic disparity and bust the backs of the working class will never be able to get it through their Neanderthal skulls one very important fact – we are all niggers to the masters of Uncle Sam’s plantation.

Save The Last Elephant Ear For Me

Peckerwood Nation’s Last Stand

Salvaging something after the general election debacle the fascist Republican armies threw everything that they had left into defending the Georgia Senate seat of one Saxby Chambliss, a man so despicable that he became a party legend for running campaign commercials comparing his opponent, a Vietnam war triple-amputee to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. While Max Cleland lost both legs and an arm at Khe Sahn, good ole back-slapping Saxby Chambliss was taking five deferments to keep his chickenshit ass out of the action and to begin his career as a credentialed armchair patriot and water carrier for big bidness and the dead enders of the Religious Right. Chambliss decisively won Tuesday’s runoff election against feisty challenge of one Jim Martin making that coveted 60 seat Senate majority (hype as it may be) wet dream now statistically impossible – sort of like the Detroit Lions or Cincinnati Bengals making the NFL playoffs but more on that malodorous crock of malarkey in a little bit.

To hear the talking points of the right-wing extremists and their highly paid propaganda pimps like millionaire thrice divorced drug addict Rush Limbaugh tell it he was the last man to halt the agenda of the “far left” which would supposedly allow the flipping of the country into one of those damned hated European socialist countries, the ones with free education, health care, public transportation systems that are the envy of the world and god forbid, an educated populace. So the GOP threw everything that they had into defending the Chambliss seat, kind of like Stalin marching thousands directly into the meatgrinder of Stalingrad, a sort of cornered animal type of desperation drove the rally of the knuckle-dragging, Confederate flag waving aggrieved lumpen Republicans who were already chafing from having that burr of a ‘darkie’ president rammed up their asses. The Jesus juicers were out in force and there was no fucking way in heaven or hell that they were going to run up the white flag of surrender on this one. They would let John McCain go down in flames but the cracker Saxby was one of theirs, and Sarah Palin (who Saxby praised to high heaven), new darling of the REAL Republicans as well as the hoochie mama who has induced as a record amount of monkey-spanking and meat-yanking mania amongst the angry white dittoheads that has left that haggard, horse-faced, crack whore Ann Coulter in the dust (you have to admit, at least Palin has a set of tits to come on) . Now I personally don’t think that Jesus would approve of such ‘mass-treebatin’, but shitfire Jim Bob, if he dared to show up at either a Klan picnic or a Palin rally (what’s the difference when you really get down to it?) he’d find his meddlesome, long-haired librul ass crucified on a piece of plywood by a nail gun faster than you can say Oh God Sarah baby by the ignoble savages that are our southern brethren and you gotta admit, at least Palin HAS a set of tits to come on.

The rise of Palin as the Führess of the most vicious and bigoted portion of the population, the ones who have been descending on gun shows across the nation since November 5th like so many Black Friday Wal-Mart shoppers is a terrifying thing to behold, especially on the brink of an economic crisis with hyperinflation of the sort unseen in the western world since it took a wheelbarrow full of reichmarks to buy a loaf of bread and the need for scapegoats for the coming suffering. Try as I must to talk myself out of such a wild assed conspiracy theory but the parallels between what is going on in Der Heimat and the rise of Nazi Germany have just too many eerie parallels to be a coincidence, and there is that long history of Nazi-U.S. Corporate and financial collaboration (Prescott Bush was the poster boy) but that is a story for another time. The Republicans are going to go more ideological, become more fanatical and regenerate like the hydra that they are and it’s all going to gestate in the belly of the beast south of the Mason-Dixon line, these people have had their noses bloodied before and in a bit of grudging admiration they don’t forget things like William Tecumseh Sherman’s cutting a bloody swath through Georgia during the Civil War using what could objectively been called terrorist tactics and they are still fighting that goddamned war five or six generations later. The aggrieved psychotics who actually run the party, guys like Georgia based Newt Gingrich are going to be rubbing the sores of discontent raw in the south and given the victory lap and synchronized jacking each other off over the election results by Democrats, progressives and liberals who are now ready to go back to sleep this is a recipe for doom.

But I digress…

The victory of cracker Chambliss in Peckerwood Nation really means nothing in the real scheme of things outside of the extreme right finally getting a tourniquet onto the wound to stop the bleeding and to provide an opportunity to regain momentum for the battle royal against the dark skinned demon Obama and the librul hordes. Not that a 60 seat majority would guarantee jack shit given the history of the jellyfish centrists in the Democratic party, Casper Milquetoast Harry Reid a coward of Neville Chamberlain proportions still runs the place, the receiving line stretched around the rotunda to kiss the ass of Judas Lieberman and the one person who could have provided a backbone and some much needed bellicosity to the ranks, Hillary Rodham-Clinton who should have been installed as majority has slithered like a snake into the Obama cabinet. A win in Minnesota by the unfunny comedian and former Air American personality Al Franken is largely irrelevant and besides, aren’t there already a disproportionate amount of Jews who hold positions of influence within the system? And with the son of a fanatic Zionist terrorist in Rahm Emanuel already acting as the gatekeeper in the Obama White House I just have a very sick feeling that our disgustingly one-sided Middle Eastern policy that contributes to an overwhelming amount of violence is not going to change anytime soon.

These are dark clouds on the horizon, large portions of the liberal base are already chafing at the bit over Obama’s establishment ‘centrist’ appointments and unless there is some serious action to deliver on that promise of change the turnout is going to suffer, support is going to wane and it could be 1994 all over again come November 2010. Our brand spanking new President Elect Obama may have had a crackerjack ground game, a veritable Wehrmacht of local operations and an organized army of online activists that contributed greatly to his near landslide win but in typical establishment fashion the antiwar, pro-Constitution base is already having their backs pissed on and being told that it’s raining. The trickle could become a downpour of biblical proportions that will surely be seized upon by the minions of Limbaugh, LaHaye, Hagee, Robertson, Gingrich and their Alaskan Valkyrie queen. If nothing else, the more overtly fascist elements of the Republican party are experts at destabilizing governments and any perceived betrayal of the left along with the coming depression is going to create opportunity for a resurgence. The most foolish mistake of all would be for jubilant liberals, progressives and their feckless centrist Democratic party champions to ignore what the always profound Chris Hedges refers to as “American fascists” and he isn’t throwing that term around loosely, these people are a huge threat to the republic and as a recent Hedges column over at truthdig describes it we are still in very serious jeopardy of losing it all:

The old assumptions and paradigms about capitalism and free markets are dead. A new, virulent populism, still inchoate, is slowly and painfully rising to take their place. This populism will determine the future of the country. It is as likely to be right-wing as left-wing.

I watched these competing populisms flicker Thursday night at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., when I moderated a debate between independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. The two candidates come from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Nader, in essence, is a democratic socialist in the mold of Eugene Debs or Norman Thomas. Baldwin, a founder and minister at the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Fla., is an evangelical, right-wing populist.

Baldwin, like Nader, rails against corporatism and our involvement in foreign wars, wants to repeal NAFTA and denounces the curtailment of civil liberties. But Baldwin goes on to support the abolishment of whole departments of the federal government, such as the Department of Education. He calls for U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO, the elimination of the Food and Drug Administration, the outlawing of abortion and removing all restrictions on the purchasing of firearms. One of his catchier campaign slogans is: “To help keep your family safe and your country free, go buy a gun.” He wants to seal our borders, deny amnesty and social services to illegal immigrants and end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants. He calls for dismantling the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, overturning the 16th Amendment and the personal income tax, and returning the American monetary system to hard assets: gold and silver.

These candidates, while marginal figures in the current election, express the two forms of populism that will soon find a wide political currency. The anger toward our elites will morph into rage. These new populisms may not be articulated by Nader and Baldwin, but they will be articulated by people like Nader and Baldwin.

The ideological foundations of free-market economics and a consumer society have collapsed. This collapse is hard for us to fathom. We are still in shock and denial. We cling to old structures of meaning and outdated words to describe them. We have yet to realize that all our political science and economic textbooks have become junk. We have yet to formulate a vocabulary to describe our altered reality. We grasp, on a subliminal level, that laissez-faire capitalism is gone, but we have not viewed the corpse, scheduled the funeral and read the last rites.


The left, with a few exceptions, like the Progressive Party in Vermont, has largely thrown in its lot with the Democratic Party. Right-wing populists, as is evidenced by the acrimonious split in the McCain campaign, remain clustered around the fiefdoms of large megachurches that stoke hatred and frightening totalitarian visions of a Christian state. The left has no correlating centers of activism, organization or mass support, especially with the decline of labor unions. If left-wing populists do not rapidly build local organizations, as was done in Vermont, to compete with the right-wing populism of the Christian right, the most dangerous mass movement in American history, they will be easily swept aside. There is not much time left. A Democratic victory in November may signal not a reversal of our fading fortunes but the start of a precipitous slide toward the Christian dystopia peddled by people like Baldwin.

Progressives are playing a dangerous game of mass self-congratulation right now and in that comes an inversion of one of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief – DENIAL – and in failing to recognize that the extreme right is not going away, not now, not ever without a very serious (and in measured terms I say dealt with using ‘extreme prejudice) effort to cut out the cancer that is the Republican base, now in apparent remission but in actuality mestasizing to rage anew then we may one day look back on the Bush administration as tempered moderates.

This is the reality of the situation: deep south bible belt whites, mainly poor, increasingly hostile and always Republican have contributed mightily to our current economic and global crisis through their long run of owning a disproportionate amount of political power in America and if they regain it they will be ever more determined to wield it and the next time they will be playing for keeps. They will use it in order to drag the country backwards through time to a dark place in our history that had apparently been buried in the past. They seek to return to the days where the American south was mired in the smothering blackness of a festering, hateful and corrupt parallel universe to the more progressive states above the Mason Dixon Line, trapped like a dinosaur in a tar pit. It was only through the courage of the civil rights movement and federal anti discrimination laws that the roaring beast was able to be semi-tamed to a point where it would be able to interact with decent folk. With the ascendancy of a red state evangelical movement the south is back for blood revenge, thundering a bastardized version of Christianity from pulpits, preaching hatred and bigotry and the end times and drawing the masses of the disenfranchised into ever growing mega churches and mobilizing armies of activists. The southern regressive fervor cunningly infiltrated the United States government itself with their ultimate triumph being the rise of George W. Bush who will now serve as a teaching tool of what NOT to do the next time, say when Sarah Palin is deemed to be ready. This southern fried anti-Americanism will, if not watched very closely once again creep back into power like some malignant strain of alien kudzu.

America is far from out of the swamp of backwoods religion and politics and very soon could be forced to bend over that log, take it up the ass with a double-barreled shotgun pressed to our necks and forced to squeal like a pig like poor old Ned Beatty in that fine cinematic depiction of that paradise of the old south Georgia: Deliverance.

New Management, Same Bogeymen

I understand that fear is my friend, but not always. Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed.

-Hunter S. Thompson

Other than the flogging to death of the usual horseshit talking point by the pocket media kingmakers, this one being the Team of Rivals which is the most vomit inducing three word phrase since Joe the Plumber, the early days of the incoming Barack Obama administration are seeing the establishment resort to the same old bread and butter that so served the ruinous Bushreich. I speak of course of the demonic and omnipotent global terrorist network al Qaeda (or more appropriately al CIAda) which has enjoyed a major renaissance since our ‘transformational’ (translation: same old fascist bullshit) election.

In recent days the circle jerk propagandists have invoked the fear and terror card early and often in stirring up dread and beating back those godless libruls who would dare to question the established dogma of the “center-right nation” by demanding that the chosen one be held to account for some actual change rather than just another cynical ploy for the American suckers along the lines of a P.T. Barnum saying that we have all come to hold so dearly. God forbid that the rapidly collapsing house of cards that is American looter capitalism to EVER be seriously challenged nor the global network of militarism and black ops that it uses as a defense mechanism. That the empire is collapsing is apparent to all but the most loopy Sarah Palin worshipping shitheads and assclowns but the chiselers, the looters, the moochers and the war freak blood barters are doing everything that is still within their power to prop it up, slap a fresh coat of paint on it and sell it as the greatest holiday deal of them all, roaches, termites and cracked foundation be damned.

Yesterday saw the official announcement that the U.S. is indeed in a recession and has been since last January (so much for all of that hucksterism of the fundamental soundness of the economy) which simply means that conditions have deteriorated beyond the point of lying anymore and still being able to dupe the disciples of CNBC’s preening court jester Jim Cramer and his can’t miss institutionalized buffoonery. This fucker is going down hard, the clever little manipulations of statistics that were so well exposed by Kevin Phillips in his recent book Bad Money no longer work. Chairman Ben can’t scramble enough helicopters to meet the looming threat of another depression and the temple of the moneychangers known as the Federal Reserve is unable to further cut interest rates. This quasi-governmental monstrosity created to protect the interests of Wall Street bankers has been strapped by panicky actions, lies and more damned lies, a quisling Congress that imbued Goldman Sachs criminal Hank Paulson with dictatorial powers at Treasury to steal American taxpayer money to buy worthless counterfeit paper. The Fed is dead and a huge and ugly globalization of the financial system is coming and coming soon, there is simply no other way to deal with cleaning the shit out of the diapers of high-rolling Wall Street trust fund babies.

So what is one to do? Christmas is coming, daddy and mommy are unemployed and facing foreclosure and junior and sis are caterwauling over the thousands of dollars in new toys that they have been bred to expect are their god given rights. It’s as Herman Goering once famously said:

“Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

So the answer is obvious, the incoming administration (while I am withholding judgment for the time being) is sending too many signals that it will be but another tool of the existing establishment and is going to double-down on the wars of conquest that we as a society have become inculcated with since birth. Of course there was the sweet potato pie serendipity of the Thanksgiving eve Mumbai terrorist attacks which were of course immediately blamed on al CIAda through insinuation by a media propaganda machine that has become more discredited by the day. Now that a story has actually surfaced that somebody in U.S. intelligence community actually warned of just these sort of attacks it reeks of the same sort of false flag daredeviltry but on a much smaller scale than that great day when our history was erased by ultra fascist coup plotters: 9/11/2001! This whole thing stinks and knowing full well the history of the PNAC boys, the immoral Kissinger crowd and big time Machiavellian schemers like Zbigniew Brzezinski it seems like a perfect excuse to change venues for the wars that are our reason for existence to Pakistan by pinning the blame on them. Dare I say that I am more than a bit cynical and very justifiable so after last years big lie that Benazir Bhutto died by hitting her head on the sunroof instead of being murdered in cold blood. I also must say that the hypocrisy of many on the left now that the Democrats are back in power by embracing flagrant acts of agression and militarism as long as they are the ones in charge is already beginning to bubble up like the worst form of digestive bile.

The shame continues for the pocket media kingmakers with the revelations that major networks serve as nothing more than shills for perpetual war for perpetual peace as in this New York Times piece of the other day regarding the rotation of former military ‘experts’ onto the payroll to pimp for the ugly behind the green curtain wetwork of the empire. In an interesting footnote Maureen Dowd of the NYT just did a column on the offshoring of the news and a primary reason for that practice is that to anyone with a lick of sense the media has NO obvious purpose rather than to induce guffaws and trigger gag reflexes. The fact that Ms. Dowd is bemoaning the going rate of a penny a word to Indian scribes who while not local also are not elitist fat-asses and dick smoking appeasers to beltway power is ironic in that it was her own employer and felon Scooter Libby fuckbuddy Judith Miller whose ongoing lying on behalf of the neocons has largely been responsible for a mainstream press and legions of electronic crackpipe dwelling, smack talking jibberheads and big titted bimbos whose credibility is only slightly higher than a blob of whaleshit and only because whaleshit is on the bottom of the sea. Hell, how can you even expect to seriously compete with swarms of dedicated activist bloggers (most of whom incidentally largely do what they do for free), alternative news reporters with a taste for real investigative work and low cost overseas labor. This is what happens when the journalism schools of a rotting society focus on turning out politically correct, indifferent, careerist P.R. flacks who wouldn’t recognize H.L. Mencken if he rose from the grave and kicked them right square in the middle of their lazy asses.

But I digress..

The past several days have seen a veritably horn of plenty of stories about why we as Americans should never be allowed to emerge from our cocoons of ignorance and fear because THEY are out to kill us and there will be no serious CHANGE when it gets right down to it. Mr. Obama (a “House Negro” for empire according to an on cue chiming in by al CIAda number two Ayman al-Zawahri) will soon take possession of the nuclear football along with the keys to the White House but he is damned well going to have minders as is evident by the presence of veteran spook Bob Gates (at least he managed to stop the neocons from starting WWIII so he deserves a bit of slack I guess) and the queen of the Clinton Crime Family so that the continuity of skullduggery from Mena to Mumbai has now been officially sanctioned. The stories that are being pumped out like link sausage made with tainted skunk meat are hyping a looming biological weapon attack no later than 2013 (which conveniently will allow for four years of less ostentatious fear mongering from the Team of Rivals and a Pentagon plan to further erode Posse Comitatus and allow for the total implementation of the fascist police state in Der Heimat is one of Gates’ centerpieces. Time will tell whether Obama is sincere or just a likeable Fozzie Bear frontman for the same filthy and bloody imperialism but the early days post election are not encouraging.
Time will tell whether Obama is sincere or just a likeable Fozzie Bear frontman for the same filthy and bloody imperialism but the early days post election are not encouraging.

The twelve days of Christmas in 2008 is likely to culminate with Osama bin Laden sitting up in that pear tree, fear has long ago come to be as American as apple pie or more appropriately due to the seasonal festivities – pecan pie and egg nog (both of which in excess incidentally give me a bad case of the screaming shits).

Let the thieving lying swine and filthy blood sucking imperialist bastards go off and hold their massive holiday bullshit sale someplace else, we are way overstocked here in chumpland!