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Desperation Ain’t Pretty: Hillary Embraces Formerly Hated Foe

Murdoch Ditched For Richard Mellon Scaife – Niiiice!

First off let me be clear that I am not going to refer to the obviously psychotic uber bitch Hillary Rodham-Clinton as a C,U Next Tuesday again at least not in this post-probably a more appropriate anatomical description would be asshole but semantics are semantics. I just can’t deal with the weeping and gnashing of the teeth that such a volcanic little pejorative elicits and I have already basically been run off of one of my favorite blogs after being decried as the ‘Great Satan’ for such displays of down and dirty rhetorical tactics that set off some thinner skinned individuals on witch hunts and head hunting for their little lynch mobs. To those people I simply say – get a fucking sense of humor because if we can’t laugh as or rapidly dissipating little shit float of a country circles the drain on its way down into the fetid bowels of the sewer of history we would all just fucking never stop crying or just say fuck it all and chase fifty or so Xanax down with a fifth of Jim Beam to get a head start and beat the Rapture crowd to the exits.

So this is how it goes, the Clintons and their surrogates are becoming increasingly pissed off that we stupid fucking cattle just can’t just admit the obvious that they are entitled to an unimpeded path to the White House and will steamroll any uppity nigger or whimsical liberal with a childlike view of what really happens in this great, god anointed land of John Wayne style whup ass and flag sucking democracy aplenty that has turned billions into enemies seeking to destroy us for our way of life. The rubber is getting ready to meet the road now and the Clinton juggernaut is going to make road kill out of any simpering little piss ant or Judas politician who dared to sell out the great restoration for something as trivial as salvaging a bit of dignity after a full blown gang fuck orgy in the great and opulent whorehouse on the Potomac. Despite enough fuckups to give reigning king of the fuckups George W. Bush for his money the vengeful harpy flying the red flag under the brand name HILLARY the Queen in waiting is jacking up her testosterone levels for a full blown scorched earth “just fuck you all” onslaught, a category five shit storm of razor edged shrapnel forged from the discarded kitchen sinks of thousands of foreclosed homes and Jesus have mercy on anything, human, animal or cyborg that happens to get in the way. Hell hath no fury right? I just loved the classic reference to Tonya Harding politics as an analogy to the Hillary campaign and am pissed off that I didn’t think of it first.

Despite an ugly gaffe (some more cynical like me would say an outright fucking total bullshit four flushing lie) over her running from sniper fire on the Bosnian tarmac that brings back Ronald Reagan’s fabrications of reality that he cropped from old B movies as his brain slowly decomposed during the mid-1980’s that would have finished off lesser beings this thing ain’t over until the fat lady sings and that won’t be until the proper deference is given to Mrs. Clinton. This is a woman who has triangulated our way to within an inch of full blown jack-booted fascism by NEVER once taking any sort of a stand against the horrors of the Bushreich lest it cause a demographic problem but that is a story for another time, the historians are going to have a field day with this little national psychodrama.

Former President and reigning blow job king Bill Clinton is out on the hustings decrying Barack Obama’s lack of patriotism while making his pitch for the Queen, his silver mane and scowling face increasingly making him resemble Blade Runner replicant leader Roy Batty and sweet little Chelsea is regularly being pimped out to charm the credulous dickheads in the pocket media even if it means deflecting the occasional smart assed question about her daddy finger-fucking a chubby little trollop intern . James Carville, the screeching little cracker who resembles Nosferatu and sleeps with a fellow whore (much to the delight of dumbass TV loving idiots who wouldn’t know basic civics if it bit them in their fat asses) is decrying former loyalist Bill Richardson as “Judas” which at least would be technically correct in that the corpulent little spic was an integral player in the DLC pack of Iscariots who whored out every decent fucking value that the Democratic party ever stood for in order to play nice with corporate looters and accommodate the sale of our country to any foreign pig with a wad of cash and an anti-American trade deal to peddle. The DLC and their bastard siblings the neocons have a lot to lose if their win-win scenario of a ‘race’ between McClinton in November is derailed because let’s face it, the only real difference between Hillary Rodham-Clinton and John McCain is a dick…and that is only a matter of speculation because Hillary has never dropped trou in public.

Now the chutzpah is being cranked up in the battle over the super delegates with the news that a group of Clinton money mongers were sufficiently pissed over the lack of bang for their bucks and sent a nasty letter to Nancy Pelosi decrying her legitimate concern over the coming theft of the nomination in Bushesque fashion. The group of 20, primarily composed of media moguls, a feminist garment tycoon, real estate developers and the usual high rolling Jews is demanding that Pelosi sniff the glove and fall in line lest the DCCC be deprived of dollars for the coming election. If you don’t know what the DCCC is just think of bagman Rahm ‘Shit Eyes’ Emanuel and the organization that refused to fund the campaigns of progressive anti-war Democrats in 2006 and deprived the jackass party of a far larger majority (potentially a VETO PROOF majority) in the House. If anyone in the party had a lick of integrity they would tell these whiny little extortionists to stick their fucking money in the same place as their morals reside.

And Mrs. Clinton is using Richard Mellon Scaife’s shitrag Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to throw out innuendos intended only to further besmirch Obama and go to the soon to be beaten into American skulls 24/7 Reverend Wright SCARY MILITANT NIGGER card one more time to sow fear with the Pennsylvanians. The embrace of Scaife is interesting since he was largely responsible for the rumors of Clinton complicity in the alleged suicide of Vince Foster which was at the time quashed as just another smearing from the right wing slime machine. Now though I’m not so sure, the more that I get to know about the Clintons and their dirty dealings the more I start to think that there is more to all of those stories about the murders, rapes and corruption than meets the eye. The joint venture between the Clintons and the Ollie North drug and gun running operations that flew threw Mena while America’s favorite doofus dysfunctional family was in the governors mansion is a dead giveaway as to the morality of the Clintons as well as the ongoing schmoozing between Bubba and arch-criminal mastermind George Herbert Walker Bush.

Mrs. Rodham-Clinton’s alliance with the right-wing extremist slime mogul Scaife is just one more example that the former ‘Goldwater Girl’ is a fake leftist or more appropriately a longtime mole in a Democratic party that has increasingly tilted towards Mussolini light as it sprints rightward as fast as it’s chicken legs can carry it away from the New Deal and the legacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Over at Op Ed News where I regularly post Jerry Zeifman had an interesting post on how a 27 year old Hillary tried to block the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon back in 1974 and lost her Judiciary Committee job, I haven’t seen this anywhere else so pass it around.

While using the Scaife scandal sheet as a forum to declare that Wright “would not have been my pastor” Rodham-Clinton’s association with the ultra-conservative and highly secretive fascist order The Fellowship is not a topic worthy of serious scrutiny. Now in the land of dumbass, flag swaddled, television lobotomized whitey the failure to hold the radical clerics of the ‘Christian’ faith to the same standards as Reverend Wright or any other preacher who dares to bring down the hellfire and brimstone against the American empire of blood and murder is commonplace but The Fellowship is something more than your ordinary religious cult. I personally suspect that it is a CIA front group given the long history of flirtations with fascism and its ranks being populated with many serious honchos who can be free to discuss their machinations to ruthlessly support global finance capitalism and the colonization of the planet under the façade of legitimacy that convening for religious reasons offers up. Some folks have conspiracy theories of the Freemasons and the Illuminati, I don’t personally buy into those but there is a degree of truth in that such quasi-religious organizations are perfect cover for the building and cultivation of underground networks of those with ideals that run counter to those great myths of democracy and liberty and The Fellowship as well as the equally spooky Council For National Policy (CNP) certainly fit that criteria as did World Vision which should immediately strike a chord with those in the know on covert mind control black ops and programmed assassins, that too is a story for another time but I promise to get at it some day. Anyway stay tuned for future details on this because these front groups along with the Reverend Moon’s empire need to be exposed as the menace to American that they long have been however don’t count on much more from the corporate pocket media kingmakers.

Now if the Clintons can’t destroy Obama through the normal media takedown (the Reverend Wright thing really blew up) or political corruption – the bribing of the super delegates to back the Queen’s coronation then there is the LBJ option – force Obama to accept Mrs. Rodham-Clinton as the Vice President on the ‘dream ticket’. Running the country from the veep’s office may work well with a reptilian longtime shadow government kahuna like Dick Cheney but Hillary craves the limelight and will not be satisfied with being viewed as anybody’s second banana, that act already has been finished. I love Matt Taibbi’s comments on this in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone in his piece “ Hillary’s Flimsy Case” that to my knowledge is NOT available online (a disturbing pattern with recent anti-Clinton diatribes) but from which I excerpt below:

It doesn’t matter what Obama does at this point. He’s fucked either way. If he gets into a catfight with Hillary, the peanut gallery will slam him for being just another typical politician. If he sits there and just lets her plunge knife after knife into his abdomen, he’ll have every hack at Time and Newsweek saying he doesn’t have “what it takes to compete in the “blood sport” that is politics (as if any of those news-mag yuppie turds know anything about actual “blood sports”.

I’ll say one thing: This endless he-said/she-said piss-fighting between the two camps, with its attendant daily purging of loose-lipped campaign staffers of the Samantha Powers/Geraldine Ferraro genus, is a bad place for Barack Obama to be Nobody in American history has ever been better than the Clintons at calculating the electoral math of resentment, paranoia, media-aggression and just flat-out, back-alley nastiness. Everyday, the Clintons come up with some new and brilliantly devious way to color the subliminal background of the electoral canvas, from using comparisons to Jesse Jackson to buttonhole Obama as a “black candidate”, to floating rumors of an “unstoppable” Hillary-Obama ticket – despite the fact that Hillary would rather eat a KFC bucket of her own shit than run with Obama – in order to con the on-the-fence voters into thinking that a vote for Hillary might also be a vote for Obama.

It’s quite obvious the white woman on top ‘Clinton Mandingo’ isn’t going to fly after the great Obama speech on race and the out and out lies of the great Bosnian sniper attack so if Medusa is going to be on the ticket it is going to be as the number two and that is only going to last long enough until the establishment finds a way to off Barack in an ugly public manner unseen since Dealy Plaza. Obama would essentially be signing his own death warrant were he to cave in to pressure to include Mrs. Clinton on the Democratic presidential ticket.

I am constantly reminded of that old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” even though if that is what was in my fortune cookie which was the only edible part of my dinner because the shrewd Chinese owners of my favorite takee-outee restaurant in my neighborhood that actually delivered had the good sense to sell their business to a bunch of lilly white chumps who can’t cook fucking chicken egg foo-yung back when it became obvious that gas prices were headed towards 4 bucks a gallon. That little parable my friends is the story of 21st century schizoid America.