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The Bushreich Battle Of The Bulge

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

-Adolf Hitler

In late 1944, battered and on the brink of defeat due to the failed delusions of global domination by an extremist right-wing megalomaniac and his one party state, the German regime in a desperate attempt to regain their mojo and turn the tables on the advancing American armies threw everything but the Berchtesgaden kitchen sink into a massive counteroffensive famously known as the Battle Of The Bulge. It is no slight coincidence that the similarities between the playbooks of both Rove era Republicans and that certain twentieth century European regime of the mention of which is verboten in many areas of the liberal and progressive blogosphere but they continue to manifest themselves in the tactics of this rogue regime that has hijacked America and is once again reverting to their bread and butter strategy of going back to the future. The stench of fetid sauerkraut and charred flesh will be wafting in on the early September breezes emanating from the think tank kitchens where the bitches brew of anti-American warmongering propaganda is concocted. The Pentagon has even set up yet another of their psyops chop shops to pimp the war and keep the killing machine in overdrive.

A relentless propaganda campaign of extreme right-wing nationalism swaddled in the stars and stripes, yet another ripping of the scab from the festering wound of Vietnam for political advantage, exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 and going to the ‘we cold have won but the liberals and media stabbed us in the back’ card will soon be jacking up the pro-war fervor of an ignorant and pathologically angry base of dead enders as the Bush-Cheney junta seeks to prolong the escalation of his war of civilizations and bludgeon all opposition into submission no matter what the consequences are. From all indications there is going to be a huge Republican neofascist counter attack against the thoroughly lame Democrats, war critics and civil libertarians that will be so savage and vicious that it will be a wonder if there aren’t mass pogroms with blood running in the streets by the time that it is all over and the motherfucker brigades have been mobilized. Soon the screaming heads on FOX and CNN will be braying accusations of treason at the top of their diseased fucking lungs and the pocket media will provide cover for the warmongers. Longtime establishment shill George Will has already started with his recent Washington Post column that goes so far as to actually invoke Weimar entitled What September Won’t Settle:

Come September, America might slip closer toward a Weimar moment. It would be milder than the original but significantly disagreeable.

After the First World War, politics in Germany’s new Weimar Republic were poisoned by the belief that the army had been poised for victory in 1918 and that one more surge could have turned the tide. Many Germans bitterly concluded that the political class, having lost its nerve and will to win, capitulated. The fact that fanciful analysis fed this rancor did not diminish its power.


When Gen. David Petraeus delivers his report on the war, his Washington audience will include two militant factions. Perhaps nothing he can responsibly say will sway either, so September will reinforce animosities.

One faction — essentially, congressional Democrats — is heavily invested in the belief, fervently held by the party’s base of donors and activists, that prolonging U.S. involvement can have no benefit commensurate with the costs. The war, this faction says, is lost because even its repeatedly and radically revised objective — a stable society under a tolerable regime — is beyond America’s military capacity and nation-building competence, and it is politically impossible given the limits of American patience.

In comparing the America that awaits the bogus Patraeus Report written by White House flacks with Weimar Germany Will also sees the all too obvious analogy – only this time with history as a guideline as to what happens when an angry, rogue element is allowed to wave the bloody flag to marginalize, dehumanize and ultimately destroy those who have betrayed the glory of the state and the “November Criminals” while building a totalitarian death machine that was doomed to self destruct but not before claiming millions of victims it is essential that the brownshirts be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.
Something is in the air right now, that much is for sure and this is not the same country that it was six years ago that is evident from the crazed screed of neocon operative Michael Savage wanna be cocksucker named Stu Bykofsky that proclaimed that America NEEDED another 9/11 to among other things “quell the chattering of chipmunks and to restore America’s righteous rage and singular purpose to prevail”. What sort of a rancid and filthy goddamned place has this become when it is acceptable to openly advocate for the murders of thousands of innocents for the sake of rank political expedience for entrenched criminal sacks of shit and their miserably failed war that never should have been started in the fucking first place?
Extremist red state fascist sleeper cells are now being placed on full alert, treasonous fifth columnist apostate scum the likes of Pastor John Hagee along with that duplicitously rotten little dual loyalist bastard Joe Lieberman are out rousing the rabble of the Christian Zionist warmongers for yet more war against the enemies of God’s chosen land of Israel. Baring his fleshy butt cheeks as if to say “kiss my ass” at the contemptuous Vichy Democrats on his way out of Washington Karl Rove is now free to run amok. Now even veteran rat fucker Ari Fleischer is back with yet another of those swift boat style Orwellian named front groups called this one unbelievably named Freedom’s Watch that is going to launch a $15 million dollar blitzkrieg of slander, sewage and hate mongering just in time for that holiest of all holies -September 11th our great day of national fucking glory when the reset button was hit on the great experiment called democracy. I don’t make this shit up although it seems like such daredevil freefall leaps of faith down the rabbit hole just can’t fucking be real.
The Freedom’s Watch website not surprisingly features lots of American iconography straight out of Frank Luntz’s playbook with flying flags, a glowering eagle and enough ‘patriotic’ fascist style horseshit to ensure wavering red staters and raptureheads that the Republicans are REAL Americans not those limp wristed, terrorist symp, faggot worshipping, defeatist enemies of America whose logo is a freaking donkey for God’s sake! The Fleischer spots are among some of the most shameless and dishonest moments in the history of American marketing. They are so thoroughly vile in nature that the only comparison that I can come up with was the ploy from the movie Used Cars where one of the lot lizards had Toby the dog play dead under a vehicle that was being test driven to lay a colossal guilt trip on the sucker inside to buy the lemon. The trick worked, the rube signed the dotted line and when the tailgate fell off on the way off of the lot Toby was wagging his little tail as the commission was booked. These damned Republicans remind me of the same sort of disreputable cheapjack swindlers who manned the Fuchs Brothers’ dealerships with the sole intention to prey on any moron who was credulous enough to be easily gypped and fleeced. They prey on weakness and have a sixth sense that gives them an uncanny, almost supernatural ability to smell the blood of the vulnerable upon which they feed just like the worst that nature has to offer like feral garbage rats, ravenous wolves and degenerate pederasts. The Democrats are on their heels now and the scent of desperation is in the air.
None of this of course would be happening were it not for the doublecross of voters by the new Democratic Congress who given power last November with a crystal clear mandate to ring down the curtain once and for all on the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil’s bloody damned wars – both on Iraq and on civil liberties in ‘the Homeland’ a fucking stinking term of totalitarian language that is the antithesis to everything that America is supposed to stand for. Not once did the disgusting excuse for leadership exemplified by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer and the too smart consultants already triangulating while running for 2008 draw a serious line on ending the madness and the death.
No, scratch that – not once did the gutless, contemptible charlatans in the Democratic Congress take a stand on ANYTHING! Impeachment was immediately taken off of the table, a smirky criminal Attorney General still is the nation’s top law enforcement official, illegal spying on American citizens has now been codified AGAIN, habeas corpus is still gone, this is still a torture state, the Fairness Doctrine has not been restored, corporate greedheads still have carte blanche to screw the middle class whenever they damned will please which is every day while the Wall Street looters are allowed to suckle at the government teat whenever their schemes unravel, millions are still uninsured, subpoenas are openly mocked and ignored, the same neofascist Supreme Court justices that were green-lighted by a Senate too timid to use the filibuster (which I might add is now loved by Republicans) to essentially overturn Brown v. Board of Education and I just don’t have enough time to keep listing the failures of this most disappointing and cowardly of Congresses. The spin can go on until Hell itself freezes over and the fingers can be pointed at the “Blue Dogs” but the fault lies with a party leadership itself that continues to piss on America and then claim that it’s raining.
It is no wonder that their popularity rating is only slightly higher than colorectal cancer and they are about to be torn to shreds by a vile hydra that has regenerated itself because the timorous jackasses couldn’t close the deal and drive a stake through it’s heart when it was on the ropes.

Bush Preaches to the Choir

The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

-H. L. Mencken

I happened to catch the raw spectacle of George W. Bush’s stump speech during his last minute barnstorming tour to shore up support in the red states and it was an incredible thing indeed. This particular stop was in Perry, Georgia which can’t be far from the locale depicted in the movie Deliverance and was absolutely stunning in its completely over the top (even by Rovian standards) level of stridency in attacking Democrats by doing everything but accusing them of assisting the ‘terrorists’ in the coordinated killing of babies in the streets of America. Appropriately it was given on Halloween and Bush and his propagandists took fear mongering to a new level by all but denouncing Americans as traitors and spreading dread amongst the meticulously selected audience of shit kickers assembled at the George State Fairgrounds as though it were manure.

I haven’t seen or heard demagoguery on such a level since the last time that I watched ‘Triumph of the Will’ and the glazed look on the faces of the zombies in the audience was eerily similar to the normal looking Germans in what is widely hailed as the greatest propaganda film of all time. Bush’s speech writers and image masters are now outdoing themselves and are starting to make Leni Riefenstahl and Paul Joseph Goebbels look like rank amateurs by comparison.

I knew that the already tenuous mental state of Le Enfant Terrible was deteriorating daily but this was some radical stuff even for me and signs of a rapid escalation for sneaky and conniving cornered rats like Rove and Junior is not a good sign, I just have this feeling that it is going to be scorched Earth from this point onward. Colonel Kurtz has reached the end of the river and gone totally fucking insane, I mean God help us if the DLC manages to fuck up the election on Tuesday because this lunatic is demented enough to engage in some serious shit and has already proven that he regards the law as something that he can spit on whenever he damned well pleases. I can envision the nightmarish scene of the White House lawn turned into a hideous sort of tableau reminiscent of the jungle compound of Kurtz when the PBR Erebus arrived to find the heads of recently killed enemies lining the banks of the Mekong, mutilated bodies hanging from the trees and the stench of depravity and pure unadulterated evil lingering in the air.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be on the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil’s official enemies list on Wednesday morning if America awakens to a still standing and pissed off one party Republican fascist government and a demented despot determined to exact revenge on his tormentors. If your name happens to be Rahm ‘ass-eyes’ Emanuel and your strategy of under funding progressive candidates in favor of funneling cash to DLC approved corporate whores and warmongers the GOP may be the least of your worries because every tuned in American who is counting on your ‘leadership’ to halt the Bushist juggernaut is going to want to have your scrawny ass drawn and quartered for fucking up the opportunity of a lifetime due to your own sleazy ambitions and the vainglorious arrogance having to have all suitors line up to come and kiss your ring prior to being granted a seat at the table.

As with all officially sanctioned PR stops and the stage show events in which Bush appears access was strictly controlled and only the worst of the worst of dead enders and die hards were allowed in the doors to begin with. It is tragic that the majority of Americans never get to hear these rambling, demagogic diatribes or they would likely be shaken from their apathetic slumbers and justifiably horrified that a man who is by all signs a certifiably insane megalomaniac ccupies the most powerful position in the entire world and is in possession of the nuclear launch codes.

Here are a few pieces of the Perry, GA stemwinder:

Now I want you to — when you’re out rounding up the vote, and people say, well, there’s no difference between them, or they’re saying, well, maybe I feel comfortable with the Washington Democrats, I want you to remind them about these three votes we just recently had. There’s a clear pattern. When it came time to renew the Patriot Act, more than 75 percent of the members — Democrat members in the House of Representatives voted, no.

When it came time — when it came time to vote on whether to allow the CIA to continue its program to detain and question captured terrorists, almost 80 percent of the House Democrats voted against it.

And when it came time to vote on whether the National Security Agency should continue to monitor terrorist communications, almost 90 percent of the House Democrats voted against it.

On all these vital measures, measures necessary to protect you, the Democrats in Washington follow a simple philosophy: Just say no. When it comes to listening in on the terrorists, what’s the Democrats’ answer? Just say no. When it comes to detaining terrorists, what’s the Democrats’ answer? (The crowd then roared “JUST SAY NO” in unison)

In this global war against extremists who use murder as a weapon, Iraq is now the central front. Oh, I’ve heard all of the voices in Washington, D.C. They say — a lot of them say, it’s just a distraction in the war on terror. That’s not a part of the war on terror, people in Washington — Democrats say. Well, all I ask if you’re undecided about this important issue is just listen to the words of Osama bin Laden, or Mr. Zawahiri, the number two of al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden calls this fight the third world war. He has said that victory for the terrorists in Iraq will mean America’s defeat and disgrace forever. It’s important to listen to the words of the enemy if you’re in war.

Now I want you to listen to the words of a senior Democrat in the House of Representatives. The reason I bring this up is I want you to understand there is a different mind set in Washington. She said, the President says that fighting them there in Iraq means it’s less likely we will have to fight them here. I did say that, and I strongly believe it. The opposite is true, she went on to say, because we are fighting them there, it may become more likely we will have to fight them here.

Iraq is a central front in the war on terror, but the only thing they want to do is leave before the job is done. I want you to hear some of the voices of leading Democrats. They say we should pull our troops off the battlefield right away. My opponent in 2004 said there should be a fixed date for withdrawal. Others suggest that we ought to move our troops some 5,000 miles away to an island. Nineteen House Democrats introduced legislation that would cut off all the funds for the troops in Iraq.

However they put it, the Democrat approach comes down to this: The terrorists win and America loses. And that’s what’s at stake in this election. The Democrats want to get us out of Iraq, and the Republican goal is to win in Iraq. I’m not saying these good folks are unpatriotic. I’m just saying they’re wrong. You can’t win a war if you’re not willing to fight it.

I want you to go home and think about what retreat from Iraq would mean before the job is done; it would embolden the enemy. It would enable them to ridicule countries like the United States to folks who are wondering where the balance of power will lay in the world. It will embolden the extremists and radicals. It will enable them to gain a new safe haven from which to launch further attacks on the United States. It would strengthen the hand of the extremists and deny hope to millions and millions of people who simply want to live a peaceful life. It would dishonor the sacrifice of the men and women who have worn our uniform.

I see the impending danger. I will use all assets at my disposal to do the most important job of the government, and that is defend you. We will fight in Iraq, and we will win in Iraq. (Applause.) Oh, I know there are Democrats and independents in a great state like Georgia who do not share the views of the Democrat leadership in Washington. You may not agree with Republicans on every issue, but you should also realize what voting Democrat in this election would mean for the war on terror.

When you vote next Tuesday, your vote will determine more than who is your local congressman. It will also determine which party’s leadership will set the agenda on Capitol Hill. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote for the liberal Democrat leadership in Washington, D.C. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the Senate Majority Leader a man who bragged about killing the Patriot Act. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee a man who said the world would be better off if Saddam Hussein were still in power.

A vote to send a Democrat to Washington is a vote to make the chairman of the House of Ways and Means Committee a man who has suggested cutting off funds for our troops on the battlefield.

A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the Speaker of the House — the third person in line for the presidency — a woman who said that capturing Osama bin Laden would not make America any safer.

That’s about all that I can stomach so go to the official White House website if you want to read the rest (and have the NSA do a courtesy scan of your computer) and of course the sweaty crowd cheered and roared for liberal blood with each invocation of 9/11 and each inference that the Democrats were the enemy.

It is because of idiots like those sweating and dementedly cheering Bush in Perry that the entire south gets lumped in with the worst of the bigots and crazed rabble rousers like the dyed in the wool rabble rousing berserker Zell Miller and any number of high potency fundamentalist preachers who unfortunately happen to be the most vocal and influential spokesmen for morally repugnant Republican party which is always looking for regressive, knuckle dragging, cross burning, bible thumping angry freaks and all normal southerners need not apply. I really feel for the people who are forced to live amongst these hostile morons who have never gotten over the fact that they lost the Civil War or that they were forced by the government to recognize the rights of blacks and women.

James Webb who is running against the silver spoon country club racist George Felix Allen for Virginia’s Senate seat was featured in a recent piece in The New Yorker where he as a southerner offered up some valuable insight which I will take a few passages from it here:

Webb also believes from experience that the Republican hold on the South is not unshakable. His own political remigration began when he was working on “Born Fighting” and realized that his culture’s natural home is the party of Andrew Jackson. His people don’t hate the government; they hate governmental intrusion. It is the government’s job to build dams and highways, not the perfect society.

“It’s a bottom-up culture that has been manipulated,” he told me one day. “Really, that’s one of the big reasons that I decided to go ahead and do this-—test the theory, because I believe it.”

This is, of course, a thought that has occurred to other Democrats. It’s what Howard Dean was trying to get at in 2003, while campaigning for the Presidency, when he said, in a characteristic display of unfortunate phrasing, “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.” Dean’s point (and Webb’s) is that Democrats cannot succeed in the South until the Party broadens its tent, becoming less insistent on such matters of current Party orthodoxy as abortion, gun control, and gay marriage. “You know, it’s been a hard thing to get through the heads of many Democrats,” Webb says. “They have to rethink a piece of something that’s become fundamental to them, which has hurt them in ways they don’t understand.”

Webb’s campaign adviser David (Mud-cat) Saunders recalls a revealing exchange he had last spring at a retreat for Democratic senators in Philadelphia. “I had a very prominent U.S. senator come up to me and say, ‘Mudcat, why are your people so stupid that they would vote against their own economic self-interest?’ And I replied, ‘Listen, we do vote against our own economic self-interest. We do that. But you say it’s stupid. Do you ever consider that there might be a powerful force at work, and that it’s driving these people to vote against their economic self-interest? I’m telling you, it’s there. It’s called culture.’ ”

Webb’s point should be well taken, because the perception that the south is mocked as a whole by all liberals has allowed the Republicans to create a bastion of infallible support by showing up as wolves in the clothing of sheep bearing gifts of bigotry, false religion and an opportunity to essentially re-fight the Civil War through the divisiveness that is the Culture War and this only throws gasoline on the fire and creates a self fulfilling prophecy. We all need to find a way to marginalize the worst elements and work together on the economic issues that are destroying ALL of America.

I myself am admittedly guilty of taking more than my fair share of shots at the red state denizens who happen to be card carrying members of the KKK wing of the GOP while failing to acknowledge differentiate between the many good people south of the Mason-Dixon Line who abhor what the Neanderthals have done to their image to the rest of the civilized world. I have friends in the south, have lived a good many of my years in the south and there are many who are proud of their heritage, we should not disrespect them as a whole but rather seek out their help in exorcising the demons amongst them. Conversely I hold those red staters who insist on goose stepping adherence to the bellicose party line in the utmost of contempt especially those who are responsible for giving this country the stinking, rotten, debased Bush administration as some sort of revenge on liberal society and if they are offended then I only have two words for those ignorant and bigoted yahoos: fuck y’all!

I would like to implore every southerner who is appalled at the Republican party, the white supremacists and the snake handling preachers of the gospel of Armageddon and the military industrial complex to get out there on Tuesday and vote Democrat even if you feel that you must hold your noses to do so. Granted there are many problems with that particular party that need to be ironed out but at least they are reasonable enough to engage in debate and some sort of discourse rather than the anti-Enlightenment tyrants who know control the entire country, demand lockstep unity, have no tolerance for dissent and are dismantling the constitution bit by bit. The constitution incidentally protects the rights of southerners too or it used to before it was gutted by the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil.

If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Democrats, libertarians, greens or even a write in candidate instead of a dangerous and deceitful Republican party that has lied to you about matters of importance as God and country as well as exported the industrial capacity of America and our shared economic prosperity along with them for the sole reason of greed then just stay at home….please just stay at home on Tuesday.

And by the way, George W. Bush and his ilk are playing y’all as suckers, he is just another phony dude rancher like George Felix Allen. Bush is a yankee from an eastern elitist family who was born in Connecticut and educated at Andover and Yale. What could be a bigger insult to the intelligence of southerners than a stupendous fraud like he passing himself off to you as some plain spoken populist man of the people and Earthly executor of God’s orders?

As they sometimes say in the south – that dog just don’t hunt!

Rove’s Tingler

“Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave”

-Roy Batty 
One of my all time favorite horror movies is William Castle’s 1959 classic The Tingler starring the great Vincent Price. The Tingler is a large, ugly centipede like creature that lives inside a victim’s body as a parasite and grows larger as it is fed by fear, attaching itself to the spinal cord. The Tingler literally becomes stronger as the fear level is ratcheted up. The studio even had a promo gimmick where at the end of the flick when the creature is on the loose in a theatre that certain seats in the real theatre had electric devices implanted that would then activate for an additional scare value to moviegoers.

Karl Rove has his own Tingler and it’s name is 9/11, ready to be loosed upon the American subconscious at any time and on days like today with the breaking up of the latest and greatest alleged terrorist plot (and one day after the national release of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center – what wonderful serendiptiy or was it just another convenient coincidence?) this time ten planes departing from Britain to blow up while traveling to various U.S. destinations. Whether legitimate or another phony, overhyped conspiracy designed to invoke fear like the Miami ‘Cornrow Qaeda’ and their ridiculous plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago the timing of this media fed monstrosity is suspect to say the least. According to an article on the website of the London Guardian Bush’s ‘poodle’ Tony Blair had reportedly informed our hallowed king of the coming crackdown on the plotters as early as Sunday. “Yo Blair”…Thanks for the assist….again.

The terrorists have obviously become more sophisticated since dipshit loser Richard Reid tried to light his shoes on fire and this time they were allegedly going to use a liquid explosive that was cleverly concealed in a sports drink bottle. Der Department of Homeland Security honcho that is the Boo Radley lookalike Michael Chertoff (the same guy who only a bit less than a year ago presided over the monumental fuckup in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which was briefly an American outrage until the new season of American Idol premiered) flew into action announcing our first ever national RED ALERT terror warning and babbling on incoherently that it was ‘Suggestive of an al-Qaida plot’ despite having at the time no official linkage from the Brits who did the actual police work. In Chertoff’s case this was just likely more of the same idiotic incompetence that has marked his tenure but it served the purpose of sending an alert to the Rove psychological SWAT team that immediately flew into action to work on pounding out the talking points that could once again elevate George W. Bush to stature of the man that stood on top of the rubble of the WTC with a bullhorn while the smell of rotting flesh hung in the New York City air mingling with the fetid musk of Rove’s own ambition.

Airports went into full panic mode. Any sane society would have used far more discretion in putting the out the news but in the empire that is Bushland they just threw the bloody chunks of meat into the feeding pit prior to dusk when full spectrum dominance of the news cycle for at least 24 hours and with any luck the entire weekend would be ensured. The renewed push for the latest re-launch of 9/11 would completely blow away any serious coverage of the civil war in Iraq, the Israeli murdering of Palestinian children with American bombs, the growing hissing sound coming from the housing bubble and the smackdown of DLC kingpin Joe Lieberman by the increasingly aggressive bloggers who are kicking the living fuck out of the MSM cocktail party pundits. Flights were cancelled, airports are jammed with stranded travelers and all liquids and gels are being confiscated from passengers. Note to Rush Limbaugh, you had better chuck that tube of KY Jelly into a wastebasket before passing through security if you plan on visiting the Dominican Republic again this week in order to have sex with poverty stricken third world persons forced into prostitution. Another ugly public incident may dethrone you from being the self- proclaimed champion of values with “talent on loan from God” that you would probably gladly swap for the ability to get an erection without the little blue pill.

The utterly worthless sacks of shit in Congress sought to redeem themselves for their most pathetic tenure during which only coming to the rescue of poor Terri Schiavo was a sufficient reason for them to move with any sense of urgency interrupted their vacations today to run for the nearest cameras in front of which they would issue their rhetoric and sanctimonious statements in well prepared sound bytes. They pandered and pontificated and waved the flag tarring each other as traitors or terrorist collaborators and thanking God and Karl Rove for the fortuitously timely change of subjects with the all out terrorism onslaught by the Republicans, the oligarchy and their state controlled media today as they sought to regain the initiative.

“Freedom is never free, and we must never be complacent in defending it,”

-Fat Denny Hastert

“We must be on alert so that our nation does not suffer another attack like 9/11.”

-Bill Frist -the Peckerwood Pimpernel

“should serve as the latest, most serious evidence that we are in a war against a brutal enemy that intends to attack us over and over again in the most indiscriminate way.”

-Joe Lieberman – Loser, AIPAC mouthpiece and Bush administration shill.


And of course Bush himself used the bully pulpit set up on the tarmac of a Green Bay airport to say:

”The American people need to know we live in a dangerous world, but our government will do everything we can to protect our people from those dangers”

Now call me a cynic but I just watched the movie V For Vendetta over the weekend and this is amazingly similar to the rhetoric of the fascist chancellor Adam Sutler as his repressive rule was beginning to crumble under the inconvenient truths that facilitate totalitarianism:

“I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!”

Incidentally I hope that all free thinking Americans will see this movie now that it is on DVD, it’s a good sign that it was selling like hotcakes at my local Wal Mart last week.

We have come a long way since 9/11 and today is unequivocal proof of just how far so. Now nothing even has to fucking blow up in order to cause a mass panic, a sensationalist media spectacle and an opportunity for politicians and pundits alike to make hay. The pathetically timorous, fearful, sheeplike drones who watch far too much television revert to their basest primal instincts of cowering in abject horror, quivering and whimpering for protection from their strong daddy leader. The bewildered herd are no more capable of controlling their innermost dread than Pavlov’s dogs were able to keep from salivating when they heard their master’s bells.

Rove has this down to a science now and his fat ass is atop the bell tower pulling the cords with all of his might.

One more thing about ‘The Tingler’ the host could kill it by screaming and releasing the FEAR once and for all and therefore destroying the destructive parasitical creature.

So why do so many choose to remain silent in the face of duplicity and demagoguery while a tyrannical junta dismantles the very constitution that serves as a guarantor to their rights and freedoms?
Don’t fall victim to the propaganda and mindset of:

Remember, Remember the Eleventh of September

that will perpetuate itself throughout the land in the next three months as the immoral war criminals and their illicit regime desperately seek to retain their positions of power lest they face an accountability moment for their own negligence and complicity in the same terrorist acts which they so decry.

California’s Raw Deal

“If I can sell tickets to my movies like Red Sonja or Last Action Hero you know I can sell just about anything”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nearly lost in the torrent of post Hurricane Katrina news and spin was significant activity by current California Governor and former action movie hero Arnold Scharzenegger. Despite recent troubles regarding falling public approval ratings, sleazy deals and an unpopular special election designed to further weaken state Democrats the former Mr. Universe just announced that he would indeed seek a second term in Sacramento. A flurry of pandering to the extremist right wing base was followed up with the official announcement on Friday.

With growing public unrest over his stalled agenda and his attacks on teachers, firefighters, nurses and state employees who he has derisively referred to as special interest groups, Der Schwarz was faced with poll ratings that were sinking faster than Cyberdine Systems stock after their Los Angeles research facility was destroyed in Terminator 2. The Austrian ass-grabber, still reeling from embarrassing revelations of an unseemly $8 million deal with musclehead body building mags that sold so-called nutritional supplements (similar to the ones that he in his official capacity had recently vetoed a bill that would have regulated such substances) and the ensuing conflict of interest charges that ultimately forced him to cancel the arrangement after a torrent of negative publicity has taken one body blow after another, becoming even more unpopular in the state than George W. Bush himself.

Faced with the prospect of serving out the remainder of his governorship under a pall of shame, or even worse being the subject of a Total Recall himself, Der Schwarz did what any other Rove era Republican would do in a similar situation: he resorted to gay bashing. When state lawmakers passed a bill to officially make same sex marriage legal in California, he announced that he would veto the bill, therefore pandering to the very same intolerant theocratic bigots that have terrorized the country with reckless abandon over the past four years. Gay activists were understandably outraged at the latest maneuver of this calculating political chiseler, other than his denouncements of opponents as ‘girly men’ there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Der Terminator himself possesses any hostility toward gays and it is obvious that he is only seeking to curry favor with the dumbest segment of the populace that is the hard core Republican base of bitter and deluded haters.

Thusly, the self proclaimed moderate was running to the right so quickly that he was threatening to lap Hillary Clinton and her DLC cronies. Not only has he not been overtly anti-gay but when considering some of his past comments as well as his early choice of a career in a profession where manly men admire each others muscle tones and where there is a history of a notoriously sinister homosexual undercurrent he wouldn’t seem to fit the mold of a typical angry white gay hating male at all but would more likely be sympathetic to homosexuals. According to an infamous interview that a much younger and less ambitious Arnie gave to OUI Magazine in 1977 he spoke openly of participating in orgies like “..the guys who can fuck in front of other guys” did, he also was photographed by the late Robert Mapplethorpe whose explicit homoerotic artwork was the cause of national outrage, in the run up to the recall election some alleged explicit pictures that had never been released did not materialize despite rumors that they would appear in the days prior to the polls. The Gropinator also can’t hide behind the so called ‘protection of the sanctity of marriage’ shield either given his extramarital exploits and reputation as a giant horndog so the attack on the gay lifestyle is a strictly political as it is cunning and caluclated which are the two consistent traits of this ongoing retelling of the tale of the American dream.

When looking at Arnold’s political career it needs to be recognized that it was all built on fraud and chicanery. The egomaniacal former body building honcho saw an opportunity to one up former Predator co-star and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and damned if he would let it pass. Der Governator has seen his meteoric rise to GOP celebrity status floundering in the same manner that his Hollywood action hero career did after the succession of increasingly cheesy and hackneyed box office bombs that drove him into politics in the first place. The entire saga is permeated by shady back room deals, a maniacally sleazy national party backed usurpation of a sitting governor who was guilty of no criminal or ethical breaches of the public trust, corporate greed, the tawdry sleaze of celebrity, betrayal and hubris. The Bush-GOP machine, knowing all too well the fawning idiocy of the general public had their eye on Arnie for quite some time as there were private meetings arranged with their future real life action hero with Kenny Boy Lay from early in 2001. The agenda would be two pronged, first to allow the sleazeball Houston energy brokers to slither off of the hook of accountability for paying back the money that they bilked California consumers out of and secondly to put the state into play for GWB in November 2004. Republican power brokers determined that they were going to do whatever they could to get California to jump for George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election they realized that they had to get rid of one obstacle, the recently reelected albeit unpopular Gray Davis and what better way to slime him than to play the blame game by hanging the rolling blackouts around his neck…all that was missing was a patsy. To run Schwarzenegger outright would have been too obvious so Rove and company needed a dupe to initiate the recall and they could hardly have found a better candidate than the ambitious greaseball Darrell Issa to initiate the recall movement and then to be left holding a flaming bag of dogshit when his own gubernatorial dreams would be later dashed by Der Terminator.

The reign of Arnold has been a circus from the outset, cementing the idea for many Americans that the Golden State was indeed the U.S. capital for the bizarre. The Gropeinator played coy until using the nationally televised platform of longtime GOP sycophant Jay Leno’s Tonight Show as a jumping off point by announcing that he would indeed be running and was just the right man to come to the rescue of the public:

“The politicians are fiddling, fumbling and failing. The man that is failing the people more than anyone is Gray Davis. He is failing them terribly, and this is why he needs to be recalled and this is why I am going to run for governor.”

And it was with this sliming of Davis that the ambitious muscle man officially threw his hat into the ring where he would run as a populist ‘moderate’ Republican. The recall election was a garish spectacle, 135 candidates were on the ballot offering a veritable potpourri of freakitude with far more flavors than Baskin Robbins. The choices included a former baseball commissioner in Peter Ueberroth, a smut peddler in Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, a porn star in ‘actress’ Mary Carey, a washed up child actor in Gary Coleman, a commentator in Ariana Huffington, a sumo wrestler and numerous other disreputable opportunists seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. The rest as they say is history as Schwarzenegger’s name recognition, bankroll and Rove led backing allowed him to easily exploit the recall and to leave a slime trail along his way into the Governor’s mansion where his first term has been a collection of sleazy p.r. stunts, bad one liners, capitulation to right wing special interests and big time self serving promotional appearances like the one at the 2004 GOP convention in New York City where his muscle flexing was relegated to second banana status by the hateful and incoherent ravings of Zell Miller.

One wonders why the Gropinator is even bothering with the effort to retain his starring role, considering that his wheeling and dealing and influence peddling would have him fast tracked for a highly influential position in the House of DeLay were he to not run for reelection and instead chose to buy his way to a likely easy win for a congressional seat and an increasingly visible role in national government that he could use as a springboard to bigger things…like the White House which would likely be successful due to the power of celebrity on flake nation, he wouldn’t even be the first fraud of a bad actor from Hollywoodland to occupy the Oval Office and most likely and even more tragically wouldn’t be the last.

Not to accuse Governor Schwarzenegger of being an out and out Nazi because partying with Kurt Waldheim, acknowledging a one time admiration of Adolph Hitler and prancing around to Wagner marches while clicking his heels (albeit in his younger days) as well as having a father who actually was a real member of that most infamous of German regimes would be traits totally unbecoming of an American with big time political aspirations. Now if he wanted to pass a ballot initiative requiring that all California gays to wear pink stars on their lapels tomorrow he could be certain of sending armies of right wing Republican extremists goose stepping to the polls in November 2006 where the combination of celebrity and bigotry will likely be a winning formula for the GOP.