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For Democrats V is for Vichy


Q: What is the difference between a Republican and a DLC Democrat?

A: The DLC Democrat at least has the courtesy to use a dab of KY during a good ass-fucking. 


Is there to be any return to national sanity before the Rapture Bus that we are all trapped upon makes it’s final Evel Knievel ‘Snake River’ style jump off of the end of the cliff into the abyss? George W. Bush and his neocon death cult have the doors locked and the pedal to the metal and this is largely possible due to the appeasement and enabling of the reactionary Jacobins by the corrupt, malodorous and impotent so-called opposition party. I am hereby issuing a blanket denouncement of every fucking slimy, feckless, Vichy scoundrel with anything to do with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). They must be eradicated at all costs in order to regain control and reimplement progressive American values and there is no better place to start than with whiny little neocon tool Joe Lieberman who wears his sense of entitlement like a crown.

The removal of both the Republican party and their DLC enablers is absolutely crucial for the drive to take back America from the relentless, ruthless thugs now running the place like a crime syndicate. The apparent merger between the DLC and the GOP is like the Sopranos and the Corleones launching a joint venture. If done correctly this fall -starting with Lieberman-then 2008 will become an opportunity to launch a coordinated drive to take back American once and for all and hold the thieves and thugs accountable for their criminal actions.

Never under the DLC which has hijacked the Democratic party will things ever be set right, if one thing that they have proven to be capable of doing well it is wearing the mantle of LOSER and it will only continue as long as corporate cash continues to be the lifeblood for the D.C. elitist wing of the party. Yet another great example of the cave in to right-wing Republican pressure to
recently pull an ad featuring flag draped coffins because they were charged by the GOP goon squad with politicizing the war. Feckless losers they shall always be under the leadership of the DLC and Rahn Emanuel’s DCCC. How did the venerable and virtuous Republican slime machine respond? They immediately ran an ad exploiting 9/11, a bread and butter tactic that has been used by Karl Rove’s minions while there were still bodies being pulled from the rubble of the twin towers and the stench of rotting human flesh hung in the air. The target of the ad, Ohio Representative Sherrod Brown who is running for Senate was accused of being soft on terrorism and would weaken America’s security. This tactic is particularly galling because the DLC stuck a shiv into the back of Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett who would have had immunity against such dastardly Rovian swift boat style attacks by taking down his run for the same seat by throwing their weight behind Brown.

Republican Mike Dewine was forced to pull the ad not because of it’s slander and fear mongering but because the image of the burning WTC in the background had been doctored. Why does the DLC continue to play the game as if there are any rules when their opponents don’t? That is the million dollar question. The piss poor losers of the DLC are dead men walking, and don’t even know it yet.

Joe Lieberman IS the DLC…..and that is the main reason why Joe must GO.

The DLC has been circling the wagons in defense of the highly visible Lieberman, a man who despite hitting the trifecta through his alliances with the Bush administration, AIPAC and the corporate pigs clustered around the feeding trough is facing the fight of his life against Ned Lamont, the first true test as to the effectiveness of the netroots insurgency. The two pronged effort to paint the netroots as extremists who would drag the Democratic party to the left (that it would a monumental task to drag it far enough left to even get back to Reaganism is left out, god forbid that we have context) is bogus but a work in progress, we will see how effective that it is next Wednesday. A good op ed in the Houston Chronicle last week summed it up nicely:

Lieberman’s message is whiny with a selfish threat of bolting the Democrats to run as an independent in November if he loses the primary. The Connecticut incumbent looks more and more like he’s ready to retire. Lamont is exactly what the Democrats need to revitalize their party — a young entrepreneur with ideas who is itching to take on Washington and the Republicans.

Connecticut Democrats have a real chance to restore the Democratic Party to its progressive and populist roots on Aug. 8. Bouncing Lieberman from the Democratic ticket will send shock waves across the Democratic Party and the nation.

Connecticut voters are in a position to do what Senate Democratic Whip Durbin has failed to do — insist that the opposition party start acting like one.

That message will not only be felt in Connecticut and Washington but also serve as a wake-up call for certain 2008 presidential candidates — especially a pro-war Democratic senator from New York named Hillary Clinton.

Also the July 24 edition of the New Yorker blamed Lieberman’s unpopularity not only on his constant licking of Bush’s boots and support of the war but even took it back to his attacks on Bill Clinton over Monicagate, this is great regarding a speech on the Senate floor delivered by the whiny little fucker:

“It was an exceedingly pompous performance, in which the Senator expressed his “deep disappointment and personal anger” at President Clinton for his sad, furtive affair with a White House intern and deplored the “impact on our democracy and its moral foundations.”

In the same article this great passage is attributed to one of the Senator’s constituents:

In the Congress, in the press, and on the networks, the righteous grandstanding creeps, crazy to blame, deplore and punish, were everywhere out moralizing to beat the band: all of them in a calculated frenzy with what Hawthorne (who, in the 1860’s, lived not many miles from my door) identified in the incipient country of long ago as “the persecuting spirit”; all of them eager to enact the astringent rituals of purification that would excise the erection from the executive branch, thereby making things cozy and safe for Senator Lieberman’s ten-year-old daughter to watch TV with her embarrassed daddy again.

And this guy is supposed to be a Democrat? The bastard has ALWAYS been a duplicitous double dealing charlatan. Hell, I wouldn’t doubt if he were a mole that purposely assisted in sabotaging Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

And the DLC honchos were all a mile high in Denver where they gathered to preach the gospel of a pro-corporate, pro-globalist Democrat party and to pay homage to the great Joe. Former First Lady and Queen in waiting Hillary Rodham she of Walmart legal big-gun and more recently New York Senatorial fame actually and astonishingly addressed the economic disparity issue, more likely out of necessity to steal the issue from the progressive netroots and potential primary opponent John Edwards than for any principled reason:

“They’re not taking care of America. They’re bankrupting our country and failing to address the problems”

Said Senator Rodham Clinton, wagging a finger in the face of the Bush administration and the crony capitalists. There is one problem though, the DLC are a large part of the problem and will only provide window dressing rather than to get to the true root of the problem that is a global system of corporatism and a domestic economy that is solely driven by financial speculation. We are over-indebted, disproportionately over-taxed, grossly unsophisticated, underemployed, our manufacturing base has been decimated by two and a half decades of corporate plundering, our jobs are being shipped offshore by the thousands, the housing bubble is ready to burst thereby ending the refinancing that allows millions of Americans to rob Peter to pay Paul, our infrastructure is crumbling due to the lack of reinvestment by the greedy, global warming is a reality and energy costs are eating us alive and we are involved in a series of costly and ruinous foreign wars that will drive the country into bankruptcy.

Add to that a very angry and militant portion of the population that has been ensnared by the gospel of hate and hellfire preached by GOP co-opted charlatans disguised as ministers and who are ready to rumble and you have a tinderbox waiting to have a match put to it. The party power brokers and beltway elitists have waited too long to address this, choosing to instead fuck around with the phony ‘Culture of Corruption’ public relations campaign that went up in smoke about the same time that Representative William Jefferson was found with $90,000 stashed in his freezer. The sudden focus of the DLC on economic disparity is nothing more than a desperate effort to remain entrenched as the status quo.

The New York Times this weekend threw in their two cents by endorsing Ned Lamont over the wandering Jew I am sure that the keening from state run media will be intense with more threats and smears of ‘treason’ being leveled against the NYT and the inconvenient fact that Joe’s favorite team just took out a house full of civilians, many of them children couldn’t have come at a wore time for the neocon advocate of the implementation of the PNAC plan in the Middle East. It was his unwavering support for the Bush-Cheney-Rummy’s Iraq quagmire that got him into this mess to begin with and despite his sunny side up ‘things are getting better’ party-line parrotting of the Bushist propaganda machine the bombs continue to go off and the morgues continue to overflow. Lieberman’s wars are about to claim his scrawny ass as well.

These are desperate times for the DLC with Lieberman apparently on the ropes so look for an escalation in rhetoric this week. The little weasel himself even said in addressing another issue that much to the chagrin of Republican propagandist Frank Luntz the public hasn’t forgotten:

“It’s time for politicians to let Terri Schiavo rest in peace.”

Strange words from a man who joined the flock of vultures like Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Randall Terry, Mark Fuhrman and every other sleazy, amoral reprobate who kicked the poor woman around like a political football and incited hordes of rubber fetus waving religious zealots to descend on the Florida hospice with no regard for the suffering of the others who were being kept there. Little Joe must have gotten nervous when Michael Schiavo showed up to join the campaign against him.

Paybacks are a motherfucker aren’t they? Joe may be about to find out first hand.

Do you want to see people devoted to the concept of democracy? Look south to Mexico where thousands are taking to the streets to protest a rigged election. Where was John Kerry on that cold November 2004 Wednesday morning when evidence was emerging on Ohio voting irregularities and potential electoral fraud? Did he hold out for a recount….no he listened to his weasel DLC consultants and threw in the towel.

Democracy is for peasants, we have American Idol.

July Motherfuckers


“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”

Albert Camus 

The long anticipated (at least by some) ferocious coordinated pushback against the ‘netroots’ by both DLC and GOP establishment forces began in earnest over the last couple of weeks. The blogosphere was specifically targeted by party line pundits from the drug addled champion of ‘values’ Rush Limbaugh to the DLC’s own shill Ed Schultz who loosed their condemnation. In a rare display of bipartisanship it was imperitive to impugn the credibility of one of the few remaining bastions of free speech that dares to sing in an off tone in relation to the rest of the madhouse choir. The mainstream media is our enduring national shame for it is a media overly obsessed with child killers like Andrea Yates, the mysterious Suri Cruise and in circling the wagons for talking point defenses of the right of Israel to lay waste to its neighbors using American-made bombs than engaging in serious investigative journalism or any sort of honest introspection over what has caused things to have gone so horribly wrong with this country in the first place. The citizens are in a funk , policy is set by sociopaths, crooks and amoral thugs, war is now spreading throughout the world and we as a nation have strayed so far off the course of acceptable moral behavior that the point of no return may be soon appearing on the horizon.

After a much needed although too very brief vacation, The Station is once again transmitting and we couldn’t have returned at a better time; especially now that the blogosphere itself is under siege and its very legitimacy is being called into question by charlatans and pimps. I personally have been attacked by right and left-wingers alike who are unified in both their ignorance as well as their savagery, their mutual hatred of any independent voice or thought is possibly the only thing that they have in common though they would be loathe to ever admit it. Of all the vitriolic denunciations, spam and hateful diatribes that stuffed my inbox the one that I particularly got a kick out of was from some pathetic right-wing loser’s website that was incredibly enough called I ♥ Ann Coulter. With a title like that there is no need for further explanation. I would be willing to bet that the guy’s ‘Godless’ cover shot of the harlot of hate has been adorned with a ‘pearl necklace’ on more than one occasion….hope that he spent the extra dough for the special commemorative laminated edition.

Additionally, my frequent usage of the term fascism to describe the rulers of our de facto one party government was called into question as to its legitimacy in describing modern domestic politics so please allow me the opportunity to present the very definition of ‘fascism’ taken directly from an authority on the English language – The Miriam Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: fas·cism
Pronunciation: ‘fa-“shi-z&m also ‘fa-“si-
Function: noun
Etymology: Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces
Often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

I say that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then chances are that it truly is a fucking duck. What was omitted from this definition though was the union between the government and big business which gets it’s own definition in the dictionary under Corporatism:

Main Entry: cor·po·rat·ism
Pronunciation: ‘kor-p(&-)r&-“ti-z&m
Function: noun
: the organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their jurisdiction

Now depending on which reference that you use both of these are often combined under the blanket term Fascism which when you take into consideration each and every aspect of the system as it is in the era of George W. Bush’s America we are already there. The administration and it’s legal army is moving even as you read this to subvert the recent ruling of the high court in Hamdan v.Rumsfeld that for at least a fleeting moment slapped down the right of the U.S. executive branch to act as king and to imprision without trial and torture at will. The Bushists are also now moving to rewrite the rules to allow for the legitimizing of illegal wiretapping and surveillance of American citizens which will be approved usual by the rubberstamp Congress and if the language isn’t exactly to the liking of the Cheney master plan then Bush will just use another one of those signing statements that his goons are so fond of.

Once again, if it walks like a duck……..

The MSM and even most liberal bloggers are loathe to utter the dreaded ‘F word’ as a descriptive term but those who choose not to see that the lasting trend has been a slow and then post-9/11 more rapidly accelerating tract towards fascism then they are either plain dumb or in denial and more than likely a bit of both. I will however add that while it is fascism it is a softer version of it – at least for now but this could rapidly change if the neocons and their bellicose Zionist allies are able to successfully escalate the chaos in the Middle East into full blown regional and optimally civilizational war. If Dick Cheney and the neocons get their wish an early Christmas present will be a domestic terrorist attack that will allow the implementation of every Draconian, authoritarian aspect of the latest version of the USA PATRIOT Act. Then there will be a grand opening of the KBR Detention Camp franchise and time for the black vans to commence their pickup routes but that time the least of our worries will be attacks on the free speech zone of the blogosphere or quibbling over our definitions of fascism.

Besides, that’s not the point of this posting. Because we are back and we are badder than ever.

Our policy here is that we will NEVER endorse political candidates! This is not only our policy out of principle but also because of laws that could be invoked were any sort of preferential treatment might be misconstrued as free advertising. Our view is that we are far more concerned with the issues, the corruption of the entire fucking system and the sickening fact that relatively speaking most of the candidates are pretty much interchangeable when it really comes down to it. In order to survive to emerge from the filtering process to even be allowed to run for public office with a party sanction you have already been compromised. The DLC is known for conducting screenings so that only the most pro-corporate agenda potential candidates are able to emerge. We prefer to call a spade a spade and don’t engage in the practice of turd polishing or practicing porcine cosmetology. If we happen to attack some politicians or public figures more vehemently and viciously than others it is not because we find them to be shining examples of virtue, they just happen to be bigger whores with more vile clients than the others.

Besides, as far as endorsements are concerned there are plenty of blogs out there with no such qualms that engage in becoming involved in the actual political business. Many of them are the so-called ‘A List Blogs’ that like to believe that they carry a large degree of clout. Personally, I would prefer to keep a lower profile and not have to compromise my own sense of values or risk becoming contaminated by the taint of getting too close to the actual workers in the great Washington D.C. sausage factory. It is far better to fly low, not worry about self censorship or compromise and leave the politicking to those who truly have a taste for it. There are plenty of writers/activists who are far more enamored with attention, influence, some small degree of mainstream media acceptance and the possibility of occasionally being invited to lavish parties thrown by the ambitious where they can act like the pretentious bores that they are while trolling for pussy, munching on crudites and sucking down free booze that the world sure as hell doesn’t need another one.
Our sole purpose in life is to attack the system rigging bastards where they live and to expose the hypocrites and charlatans that have sold out American values, values that are based upon having a strong middle class and progressive social programs such as those championed by men like Franklin D. Roosevelt – now THERE was a Democrat! Without the desolation and desperation created by the job destroyers on Wall Street and their lackeys in the White House, Congress and the Pentagon there would be no bloodthirsty, Social Darwinist, fascist (there’s that fucking F-word again) menace laying waste to our country both within and outside of our borders. Now that the duplicitous pig-fuckers in the DLC have entered into an alliance with the Rovians and that other country that wags the dog while engaging in dispicable acts of violence against civilians as they wage war against their overflowing enemies list it’s time to throw down.
Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post’s latest column entitled ‘Liberals and Israel’ virtually screams that left leaning bloggers are not only cowardly by not engaging in debate about the overkill in Lebanon (Markos M. of Da Kos is specifically singled out for staying out of it) but also telegraphs the strategy of the soon to be unleashed barrage of accusations of anti-Semitism that will be used by both the Rovians and the Clintonites to smear progressives and The New Republic, that piece of shit neocon-lite rag is also making noises in launching personal attacks on netroots bloggers.
Of course here at the Station we are all too happy to call a spade a spade, know the difference between a Jewish person and the Israeli government, hate the very concept of ‘political correctness’ and are officially on record as saying that the politicians on both sides of the aisle of the whorehouse in Washington are not only in bed with Israeli lobby doing the nasty thing for the lifeblood of campaign support (financial and otherwise) but also ensuring that they get protection from the hordes of activists. The 400+ members of Congress who officially went on record to pledge their loyalty to a foreign government over their own are not only the most vile of traitors but their actions are enabling war crimes that further isolate this country from the rest of the world. Where is the outrage over the shipments of bombs that are being sent to Israel on the sly via the backdoor to drop on the poor women and children and others who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Where is the MSM coverage of this attrocity? Where is the DLC outrage? Who gives a rat’s ass about collateral damage!
We Do! And We Are Goddamned Proud Of It Too!


I will address this in my next posting but first a word on the DLC.
The Democratic Leadership Council is a bunch of feckless, despotism enabling, Israeli Lobby worshipping, corporate lackeys who are perfectly content to go down in flames over social wedge issues as long as the status quo can be maintained and the debate over fairness to the American worker doesn’t surface. We here at The Station are strictly Joe Six Pack type of guys and are fucking pissed that we are now having to drink cheap swill due to the fact that it costs more to gas up the car to drive to our shitty fucking jobs every day, to keep being gouged by the power pirates who have taken over the public utilities, to keep paying more to the racketeers of the insurance industry whose economic terrorism comes with the full blessing of their bought politicians and especially pissed at ignorant peckerwood morons and the lemming members of the Christo Fascist zombie brigade who continue to dissemble while ‘New Rome’ burns. We are among the millions who struggle to keep food on the table to feed our families and raise our children who are being turned into the future debt slaves that will be necessary to feed the financial industry. The children have bleak futures due to the looting and corruption of the special interests, they lack the skills to compete for increasingly scarce ‘good jobs’ due to the shitty education that is provided by a public school system beseiged by influential theocrats and privatizers.
Now the DLC and their acolytes puff up their chests and for the first fucking time in over five fucking years of hell goes into attack mode against the blogosphere. Where was this coordination and fire in your bellies while you let Bush and his rubberstamp fascist GOP Congress run fucking roughshod? Where were Hillary’s temple eunuchs while we were all getting whipped like cringing dogs by the bullies who run the circus who are the Chivas sipping, Lexus driving, Wall Street Journal reading, lobster bisque sucking elitists who call the shots in the ‘Class War’ that is the elephant in the living room in America in our fear drenched, Jesus juicing, new Gilded Age of the post 9/11 world where:


The DLC is far worse than the existing tyrannical one-party rulership of the GOP and their smirking idiot king at 1600 Pennsylvania. They are worse because they represent the falsehood that there is such a thing as a true opposition party in this country. As a Marxist acquaintance once told me (not that I am a Marxist by any means, I believe in American capitalism although it needs to be strongly regulated to keep the greedballs from looting, raping and pillaging) that the parties as they exist today are nothing other than warring factions of the same corrupt capitalist system and he is absolutely correct. When you judge them by their deeds rather than their words and it becomes very apparent that this is so. When after all was the last time that the Democratic party actually stood for protecting labor which was the true left prior to the period when the think tanks were a dominant force and were able to successfully parlay the alleged statements of an unnamed Democrat in a Robert Novak column that anti-war Nixon opponent George McGovern stood for “Acid, Amnesty and Abortion”.

The DLC was born out of the Reagan years when the elitists latched onto the concept that it was easier to go along to get along and joined the anti-labor gang along with other so-called ‘Reagan Democrats’, other than a brief interlude of Republican Lite with the Ross Perot assisted serendipity of the Clinton administration it has been one long ongoing purgatory of being tarred as pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-family and un-patriotic ever since then for the jackass party. By aligning themselves with the corporations and the wealthy on economic and trade issues they sold their souls to the company store along with millions of Americans who have been crushed by the war on labor and the plague of outsourcing.

They being the establishment DLC are a pox upon America and represent an impediment to the vital systemic reforms and ideological changes that are necessary for this nation to once again be a place where each and every citizen has an opportunity to realize their dreams. It is also imperative that our disastrous foreign policy misadventures be changed immediately so as to remove the animosity towards America that breeds terrorism and turns the lesser fortunate members of the world into nothing more than cheap slave labor with which to keep profits up for the treasonous looters of Wall Street and the ultra-rich elites who have stolen democracy from the people like the Grinch himself descended upon ‘Whoville’ to load up his sled with pilfered goods and abscond under the cover of darkness only these cheapjack fucks won’t be returning when they suddenly grow a heart.

In real life there are no fairy tale endings.
This isn’t a game for the squeamish.
As Clint Eastwood (A great American director whose recent movies are excellent and enduring pieces although he first had to pay his dues by playing Dirty Harry and similar cardboard cut out tough guy archetype roles for years) said in the classic ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’:

“Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.”

Josey Wales was a serious motherfucker and he won AND lived!

The Clintons are serious motherfuckers as are their partners The Bushes!

AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby are serious motherfuckers!

Dick Cheney, David Addington, Rummy and the neocons are serious motherfuckers!

The corporatists are serious motherfuckers!

The religious right are serious motherfuckers!

Karl Rove is a serious motherfucker!

And I am a serious motherfucker too!

The Question Is: ARE YOU?

Republicans Vs. Jesus

“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone..”
Jesus Christ

Quite possibly the only thing on the planet that is more gut-wrenchingly nauseating than seeing an endless parade of Republican chickenhawks painting their fucking fingers purple, wrapping themselves in the flag and braying their approval for sending poor bastards off to die ostensibly in the service of their country in a foreign land (while most of those gutless scum ever even bothered to wear the uniform themselves) it is their sheer blasphemy and callous disregard for exploiting Jesus Christ himself to mount their jihadist terrorist assault on the United States of America. The idiots in Congress are only the standard bearers for those who are the far more nefarious puppeteers behind the movement to replace democracy with theocracy.

The Republican party and the religous zealots who effectively control it have hijacked the Christian religion and have transformed Jesus Christ into a ‘new and improved’ product that can be sold to the flocks of consumers who regularly pack their goat barns or as they are more commonly known, their mega-churches. This label comes from the biblical parable puts it that Jesus will divide his sheep from the goats amongst them, he also dispenses some very good wisdom about prayer:

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say to you that they have their reward.”

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly”

That’s Matthew: 6, Verses 5 and 6 by the way, look it up. I am not exactly a biblical scholar or theologian but it seems to me that Christ is alluding to the fact that it is not exactly necessary to run down and join your neighborhood mega-church in order to curry favor with God, you can actually save a bit of coin on the gas and retreat to your own cramped closet at home to offer up prayers. I know that the militant fundamentalist ‘Christians’ have this connotation that closets somehow are equated with homosexuality which according to their radical clerics must be eradicated but it just seems to me that Jesus is actually calling out those who gather in temples of worship to be seen is a form of hypocrisy. It’s a shame that the true teachings of Jesus Christ the prophet, liberal and he who preached compassion towards the downtrodden is so often eschewed in favor of the vengeful, materialistic, warmongering character that the fanatics of the Religious Right have transformed him into for their own benefit. I mean when was the last time that James Dobson, Timothy LaHaye, Jerry Falwell or for that matter George W. Bush took the time to wash the feet of a poor man?

GOP Jesus, the gay-hating, free-market preaching, Social Darwinist avenger who now pilots a fighter jet because his more traditional donkey was unable to carry enough incendiary devices or precision guided bombs to drop on brown skinned children rules the mega-churches. He is a staunchly pro-American warrior and those who proudly display their little yellow ‘support the troops’ ribbon magnets on their gas guzzlers as a tribute to GOP Jesus are legion, hell I even saw a sticker the other day with an angry looking Christ with blazing eyes and a broadsword, what in the fuck ever happened to “blessed are the peacemakers”? Probably the same thing that happened to the blessed meek who were to inherit the Earth, the dogma of GOP Jesus is summed up by the harlot of hate Ann Coulter who once said: “Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours”.

GOP Jesus also disdains the causes and care of the poor and downtrodden who were the biggest concern for Jesus Christ for the praise of the wealthy who delight in the accumulation of earthly treasures which are all the better to show how successful and blessed by God that they are to their fellow ‘goat barn’ members. Earthly possessions are not a burden to holiness as Christ seemed to indicate when he said in the book of Matthew (3:19-3:21):

Lay not up yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The religious right instead has a far more Calvinist style view in that God bestows favoritism through materialism, this meshes very nicely with capitalism and it’s no wonder why the GOP’s holy warriors who serve as the palace guards for the elite who remain cloistered in their gated communities and Wall Street ivory towers have such a cozy, symbiotic relationship.

The coming holy war leading up to the November elections will be viciously fought and no quarter will be given, not with the providence of the Bush kingom of God on the line, Israel on the attack and the Middle East aflame, the rapture clock is nearing the long awaited moment. No, there is too much at stake now to not use the goat barns as garrisons for the soldiers of the army of GOP Jesus.

I can practically hear the shrillness of cornered animal Karl Rove desperately barking orders:

“Mobilize the Base! I want the abortion clinics and gay bars stormed, I want to see rubber fetuses on pitchforks, what the fuck is wrong with you people…don’t you understand what is at stake here?”

When it is all coming apart there is nothing like whipping up the masses of ignorant activist thugs with plenty of free time on their hands. These are the ones who comprise the standing army of the party base of the legions of hate. Millions of venom spewing, poisonous, regressive little toads who have been duped by megalomaniac televangelists and sleazy political operatives into supporting a party that conscripts them into a war against a phantom enemy and forces them to sell their souls as well as the very future of their children in order to wage total jihad for a cause that is the very antithesis of what Jesus Christ actually stood for.

The moral rot and corruption of the Republican party is anything but a just cause and it’s message much like Hitler’s proclamation of ‘Got Mit Uns’ distorts religion in order to pander to the basest of the evils and fears of humanity so as to allow them to justify anything in the name of what they have been fraudulently sold as the will of God.

The rise of the radical religious right in America and it’s takeover of the Republican party has a been the equivalent of watching a trainwreck in slow motion, unable to avert your eyes from the horrible scene.
The majority of our population of sheeple go about their daily lives while completely oblivious to the growing danger of the increasingly malignant cancer of radicalized fundamentalist religion that continues to metastasize through the body of secular, democratic society. The media being the craven corporate monolith that it is remains firmly in the corner of the administration, the neocons and the theocratic jihadists, fearful of any legislation favorable of monopoly being stalled or of any further deregulatory standards that would impede their profits being derailed. The media is also terrified of the sort of mass, well organized boycotts against their sponsors that would result in a loss of profits so they won’t touch the menace posed ty the theocrats with a two hundred foot long pole. The bastardized nature of their illicit union with the sad remnants of what was once the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt is as shameful as it is unholy.

And how preposterous it is for one of the world’s major religions to proclaim a mandate of superiority at the expense of others, to preach to the ignorant the gospel of providence. Does it not occur to the pathetic wretches that no one, person or religion has exclusive rights to God? The evangelical Christian movement in America uses good old fashioned jingoism and nationalism to reinforce their message of theocracy and exclusion, of hate and illusion. Christ warned about the danger of following false prophets who would be as goats among sheep as well as the ultimate fate of trees that bear bitter fruit but this does not hinder a movement indoctrinated to a particular militant translation of the gospel and scriptures

Then again, this movement is not about God, it is not about morality, it is not about Christ, it is about raw institutional power, to ever believe anything else is foolishness. A good look at the Texas Republican Party platform is a glimpse at the Mein Kampf of our modern times. It is a playbook that Karl Rove will be using almost exclusively in the coming days as he launches a scorched earth campaign to distract and deceive and chart a course out of the wilderness for the unholy administration of emperor Bush and his besieged minions. Make no mistake, these people are the enemy within and are determined to overthrow the legitimate government, re-write the constitution through legislative terrorism and judicial fanaticism and enforce their cruel extremism on all who are not members of the cult.

Rove is now massing his army for an all out assault and the hell with whatever the damage ultimately may be, then again when in the hell have the America haters on the extremist right ever cared?

Were Christ to return to earth tomorrow he would be decried as a treasonous liberal by the GOP state controlled media, would be denounced as a long haired, anti-American peacenik who supports the terrorists, hates freedom, is a commie and is unpatriotic. Then after the electronic crucifixion would be arrested as an enemy combataant and would be just another Middle-Eastern man in an orange jumpsuit locked up in a tiny cell in Gitmo.

You see, GOP Jesus and today’s Pharisees and moneychangers have successfully chased Jesus of Nazareth’s ass out of the temple and he sure as hell ain’t ever coming back as long as they have anything to say about it.

“We will fuck him. Do you hear me? We will fuck him. We will ruin him. Like no one has ever fucked him!”

-Karl Rove

Blogswarmed by Cyber Stalin’s Soldiers of Orange

Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream,
Wave after wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

Have you heard the news?
The dogs are dead!
You better stay home
And do as you’re told.
Get out of the road if you want to grow old.

Pink Floyd- Sheep
Over the weekend a balls nasty napalm flaming hot civil war broke out at hallowed liberal blog Daily Kos and spilled over onto the much more open to free speeech (and more respectful in general) My Left Wing over a highly controversial post by an influential (and might I add absolutely correct) voice and it was ugly.

The opening salvo by longtime contributor Maryscott O’Connor started out with:

“Sometimes I am embarrassed to call myself a member of DKos.

This is one of those times.

There is a sort of groupthink, Lord of the Flies kind of behaviour at DKos over certain issues that absolutely makes me nauseated.”


The author, an outstanding writer in her own right went on to call into question the behavior of many of the members of the hottest left wing blog going regarding their witch hunt mentality (personally I compare it a drunken lynch mob fired up by some ranting demagogue in a beer hall) and crushing of certain dissenting opinions. The treatment by the head honcho toward the Democratic Party’s sacrifice of Paul Hackett was also addressed and it sent shock waves reverberating throughout the Kos-O-Sphere. I wrote a piece back when Hackett was thrown under the bus by the slimy corporate fucks in the DLC and believe me, it still makes me want to throw up. Sleazy bastards like Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the reprehensible Vichy accommodators whose mortal fear of derailing the status quo far exceeds their will to participate in a true democracy are the real reason why the Republican menace has been running roughshod and is hell bent on unleashing their jack-booted armies of brownshirted thugs….there is no fucking opposition! The DLC sold out the working class long ago and until there is a serious move by the Democrats and their progressive mouthpieces to address this we will forever be trapped in an endless cycle of “GOD, GAYS & GUNS” and other inflammatory social issues that distract from the looting and crushing of dissenters.

That being said, the shit hit the fan on DK and the fan was on high sparing nobody from getting showered by the spray. The mindless rush to attack the messenger reminded me of nothing short than the Bushist Gestapo pouring out of their megachurches after a particularly ‘uplifting’ Hellfire and Brimstone anti-liberal sermon, the loyalty as intense as the dumb bastards stormed the beaches oblivious to the thundering artillery and whithering machine gun fire in order to wage total war for their leader even if they are cut to pieces in the process.

Here is a sample of some of the comments from the both fronts of the battle and I am not listing aliases nor changing names to protect the innocent just listing some of the more provocative or otherwise inane comments, there were between both sites nearly 1,650 of them (and of course the ones hidden or deleted by the Kostapo):

“One of the reasons I’m almost never at dKos anymore…I got tired of wading through reams of bullshit, usually of the order either of “Right on!” or “Fuck off!”, disguised as comments.” 


I certainly threw around my share of ‘Fucks’ during my tenure but there is no crying in baseball and blogging isn’t for sissies. I will however try to watch my fucking language in the future.

“I have been ordered by the hit squads at Kos to take more than one diary down. I have been threatened with ‘expulsion’. I have been told that my writings have been ‘reported to Kos’; as if he were going to pull an O’Reilly and send his acolyte division out after me. More than one Kos member has targeted me repeatedly. My commentary on other sites regarding this issue has also been affected; with certain people taking after me there as well. “


Key Word: O’Reilly!

“Since being banned from Kos a couple of months ago for warning that there will probably not be an election this year, the only time I go there now is when someone recomends a diary there on another blog. There are enough star bellied sneetches in the party, thank you. Glad I missed the latest snootfest.”

Sneetches? And as far as this guy’s prediction goes it isn’t officially false until after Nov. 8th.

“Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me. Me me blah blah me me me myself.
Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me. Me me blah blah me me me myself.
Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me.Me me blah blah me me me myself.
Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me.Me me blah blah me me me myself.
Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me.Me me blah blah me me me myself.
Blah blah me blah blah blah me me me. Me me blah blah me me me myself.”


I shit you not about that one.

“Dkos is rotten through and through. If you cannot smell that,.,..after the refusal to allow posts about the election fraud, after the pie fight brouhaha, the July 4th masscre/tinfoil hat thing, the gradual diminutiion of intelligence in most of the posts and comments and the concomitant ascendency of some sort of pack mind there, the tacit acceptance of the reign of cyberbullies like DHinMI and HIS blogmates, the various tactical shuffles of the leadership in an attempt to stay…stay WHAT, exactly, other than totally false…the disastrous symbolic choice of Las Vegas (The absolute WORST symbol of the corporate Disneyfication of America that could have possibly been chosen as a place to have a left wing meeting here in MediAmerica, 2006.), the ummasking of Armando as a conscienceless and aggressively unapologetic lawyer for the DisneyCorpse-ish motherfuckers that are turning this nation into a population of mindless, TV addicted serfs, let ALONE the “appearance of impropriety” in the buddy buddy, wink-wink/nudge-nudge support/non-support of Warner…

If you cannot smell THAT?

Then I got yer diatribe, right HERE!!!”


Now THAT’s a fucking diatribe!

“All this over a petty rivalry? Its clear that she who also tells people not to post in her diaries and calls them names and tells them to shut the fuck up doesn’t really believe in people saying what they want. I think she just wants to instill doubt in peoples minds about people here to bring people over to her site cause it isn’t getting enough attention. I don’t see anything worth discussing here. with all that’s going down in this world all people give a shit about is what she has to say about a blog? Now I know this country is fucked up beyond repair. how this got on the recommended list…wow.”

Nothing personal of course….

“Gazing in awe at the carnage*:

Un. Be. Lievable. It looks like WWIII in the comments and hidden comments section here. Congrats MSOC: you actually got an Armando flame war, a Kos flame war, and an MSOC flame war all on one thread (with a handful of trolls to boot!)!

Sorry I missed it.

FWIW, I almost never agree with Maryscott, but I’m tentatively with her on this one. Even the appearance of impropriety can do immeasurable damage to the netroots, and like it or not, we will be held to a higher standard.

Because people are looking for someone who upholds a higher standard.

Comment tentatively approved by Supreme Overlord Kos

For some reason I particularly liked that one.

“It’s the reason I did not post about my experience and take on YKos, which, as I’ve written here, was offensive to me. Unless big changes are made to include people of color and the poor, I’ll never attend Ykos again. But, I refrained from posting my feelings because I just didn’t want to deal with the “defenders.”

Dkos is just at a certain level in the evolution of organization. It is the nature of organization, and MLWers will have to work very hard to keep it from happening to that extent here. But, that would be the exception to the general rule. There will be a hierarcy, intolerance of independent thought, group think, and purging, purging, purging. It’s happened in every liberal organization to which I’ve ever belonged, and it’s fucking depressing. Liberals tend to become fascistic in their own little fiefdoms. Liberals eat their young.”


Meet the new boss…..same as the old boss!

“Agree with all comments except… the “influence” of the mighty Kos monster is still very presumptive, and very much in doubt…and frankly always will be…how do you verify his influence at the polls? I mean, Bush has been a much greater force for coalescing the reactive Democratic movement than Kos. As MSOC said, he, Armstrong and others were just lucky to be the sounding board in the time of the Great Reptublican Idiot.

Sure, if the Dems win something he can TAKE credit, but is it really his to take?

The liberal blogosphere is a great sounding board for the “disadvantaged”, but its still nothing more than a reactionary liberal chat room with fascist tendencies…well DKos has apparently slipped into full blown cyber fascism, apparently…this site and nowhere excepted.

Thanks MSOC for being reborn and keeping it real for a few of us, at least! I remember well your days of consciousness raised at the Kos.”



“Not to seem like I’m denigrating another forum, but, frankly, the few brief visits that I’ve made to DKos have given me the impression that that is a blog that brooks ABSOLUTELY NO DISSENT WHATSOEVER, and that they’re just about as bad as the right, in that respect. I’m also aware that many of my opinions would get me troll-rated, if not banned outright from DKos. At the same time, however, my opinions are not accepted on the RIGHT-wing blogs, either.”

Now there’s a great endorsement!

“Between you, edencho, and arthur, I’ve been about ready to put a bullet through my screen. And as I told Arthur, what a fucking waste of our time and yours this has been. We have much better things to do.”

Open mouth, insert gun…pull trigger. You will feel much better.

Jesus Fucking Christ!!! Carnage is the not the word for this electronic abattoir, if you think that this was bad you should see some of the other ones!

The ‘Troll Police’ led by their mighty community Gauleiter Armando manned their swift boats and flailed away at their laptops, hitting the delete key to smack down dissenters as though they were swinging rubber truncheons. Look if you want community and you can put up with ignorant little piss-ants with large egos and itchy trigger fingers who enforce discipline then DK is the place for you. There are a lot of good stories and posts there by a lot of intelligent minded people, Frederick Clarkson for one posts there and any place where you can get exposure to his great work on the menace of the fundamentalist zealots in the religious right is a good place no matter what sort of riff raff that you have to tolerate to be there.

If however you happen to be a free thinker who also happens to be an iconoclast then you had better stick with the lower profile blogs.

DK specifically forbids so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and shows no quarter when inconvenient subjects may arise that show more than a lemminglike ability to follow along in parroting the official stories for many suspicious events.

This is their official statement:


Some people have been confused by the above discussion. Let me make it perfectly plain. Diaries advancing ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are subject to ridicule and derision from the community at the very least. Repeat offenders can and will be banned.

Here is what kos has to say-
The conspiracists by kos
Fri Jul 08, 2005

Today I did something I’ve never done before (not even during the Fraudster mess), and wish I’d never had to do.

I made a mass banning of people perpetuating a series of bizarre, off-the-wall, unsupported and frankly embarassing conspiracy theories.

I have a high tolerance level for material I deem appropriate for this site, but one thing I REFUSE to allow is bullshit conspiracy theories. You know the ones — Bush and Blair conspired to bomb London in order to take the heat off their respective political problems. I can’t imagine what fucking world these people live in, but it sure ain’t the Reality Based Community.

So I banned these people, and those that have been recommending diaries like it. And I will continue to do so until the purge is complete, and make no mistake — this is a purge.

This is a reality-based community. Those who wish to live outside it should find a new home. This isn’t it.

Update: I’ve been reinstating some of the banned accounts as they email me. Some people wondered why there wasn’t any warning. There have been warnings from others — repeated pleadings for people to ground themselves in reality.

It’s telling that I have NEVER done something like this before. Because this has been an extreme situation. This isn’t about disagreeing with what people are saying. If that was the case, everyone would’ve been banned by now. The myth of the “echo chamber” is just that. A myth.

But as for warnings, well, this has been my warning. I wanted it clear that I was serious, and I think that has come through. I am reinstating those who ask to be reinstated. But the message has been sent.

Straight from the Horse’s mouth and of course using the especially inflammatory Bush-Blair theory as an example…..hey assholes, you forgot to mention the UFOS! Never mind George and Tony’s alleged scheming, there are more important things that can be proven or are more easily questioned. The Downing Street Memo for example as well as the theft of the 2004 election that was addressed in the report by Congressman John Conyers as well as by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a major piece in a recent issue of Rolling Stone.

So therefore, if you question the evidence of voter suppression, disenfranchisement, machine rigging and outright electoral fraud that is DOCUMENTED but unfortunately falls under the dreaded ‘conspiracy theory’ definition on DK then you will be run and run quickly. I am not even going to there as far as questions with the official explanation of 9/11 or any of the other myriad of stories that are out there that people who actually are capable of thinking for themselves are easily able to see don’t add up due to the inconsistencies and contradictions. Do not expect any sort of meaningful conversation on the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) and the “New Pearl Harbor” that it so specifically mentions.

Posting on these topics is verboten on DK, they are deathly afraid of being saddled with the dreaded ‘tin foil hatter’ label that they immediately censor any comments that relate to Deep Politics (thanks to Peter Dale Scott for that term) which is that there are always illicit and duplicitous activities going on in the background.

So any posts on election rigging, market fixing, drug running, collaboration to give amnesty to Nazi war criminals in the aftermath of WW II to use them as intelligence assets and research scientists, lingering questions over the JFK hit, the PNAC or any questioning of official explanations gets your ass run in a New York second from DK even if you have links to back it up from official reports.

I guess that for many that it’s better to remain an Ass Ostrich (my term) than a Tin Foil Hatter who dares to ask questions. Da KOS has made it very apparent that they need any sort of ‘conspiracy theory’ that could damage their cred like Kennedy needs another hole in the head.

The swarming of the Kossacks was so brutal that some of the blood spilled over onto other blogs:

Famous blogger Atrios hit it:

An Open Letter to the Daily Kos Community

Dear Kossacks,

It’s not your fucking blog.



Perhaps Bob Dylan said it best:
The Titanic sails at dawn…
And everybody’s shouting,
“Which Side Are You On?”
And this one sums up the frustration:

“Jesus… now i’m ashamed this is absolutely unbelievable. For shame. for shame. I don’t see much of a future for the political blogs… the heyday was over before it even began.”

As long as you have pathological assholes like Armando donning his Hitler hat and his lackeys and ilk controlling the discourse this is sadly coming true. Need of mainstream acceptance leads to self-censorship and agendas. As far as cred, hey show me some fucking electoral success instead of a lot of yappy, self-centered yada and sanctimonious bullshit and you’ll get my respect……I’m waiting! Absent winning shy don’t you get busy in advocating for some fucking social justice in this country, take on the class war…..the little guys are getting their asses kicked on a daily basis while you people are more interested in puppy love and humping the leg of whichever Democratic Party charlatan happens to be serving free booze.

And Finally A Little Love:
“Thank you MSOC for this diary. It gave me the opportunity I needed to say my piece about the lynching of Edencho on dkos by Armando. The reason I am so angry about it still is because I was stupid enough to listen to him. I gave him authority he didn’t have, and I have been chewing on this ever since. You gave me the opportunity to say my piece without ending up in dkos’ troll heaven. I absolutely agree about the persecution hysteria at dkos, and I wonder about the mental health/maturity of some of the people there.

Thank you, again, for opening the door for me.”


And a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to that particular comment because a lynching it was, so severe that the only way that I could possibly retaliate was by dropping a daisy cutter.

Look, the piece that I wrote ‘Peckerwood Nation’ that caused this whole fiasco at least from my standpoint was admittedly over the top even for myself and although it was true in portraying a lot of the so called stereotypes it offended some really good people as well.

My biggest sin was in lumping everyone in the South in together with those bigoted yahoos who have had us all bent over a log squealing like pigs much like poor old Ned Beatty in Deliverance for the past several years and have been giving us the business without the benefit of a lubricant.

That was a tactical error on my part, quite honestly I didn’t think that the fucking thing would be so controversial…it’s been on my site since last August.

Anyway…I posted a disclaimer here on my own site on the post but since DK has banned me they have the original version that caused so much outrage.

Believe me I have paid for it, I have been targeted by a well-connected white supremacist group and now fear that one of those fascists could show up on my doorstep as well as banished by those whom I once felt shared respect for free speech….they certainly had me fooled.

The problem that I have in all of this is not in catching the shit, I expect that….it was in the dastardly nature of the lynching itself. My comments were hidden or censored when I tried to respond.

What the fuck is that?

Gutless! Maybe Ann Coulter can write her next book about y’all who stabbed me and others who tried to defend me in the back.

Dispatch From Lago: I am a real bastard sometimes. A phantom returned from the grave after an ugly lynching just like Clint Eastwood rolling into the town of Lago in High Plains Drifter with a wagonload of red paint and a hankering for vengeance.

Using the screen name ‘Abu Grabb Ass’ I briefly reappeared to engage the Troll hunters with several mean-spirited and tantalizing posts which was fun but my own itchy finger blew my cover too soon. I think that the one entitled:



Was just a bit too obvious and gave me away, I was banned within two minutes after that outburst when Armando picked up the super-user rune and smited me down.

Damn it….I’m down to 14 logins now!

Maybe it’s time for Markos M. himself to climb down from his ivory tower for a Night of the Long Knives style purge against his troll hunting goon squad.

It may offer up a new perspective rubbing elbows with the lepers once in awhile.

By Ed Encho

Hannity and Kos

Not that the chaos and tumult over my short tenure as a member of the online community at the liberal blog Daily Kos where I posted occasionally and drew an onslaught of rabid flamers is the cause of this but I would like to make the following observations, not out of anger, desire for revenge or for any other reason than to state that which is true.

1: Da Kos is as quick to affix people with the dreaded ‘conspiracy theorist/tin foil hatter’ label as any right wing media outlet. I brought up something about a certain notorious media mogul’s past affiliation with the CIA and the Bush family and provided links to the story and it was denounced and scrubbed. I am also sure that any and all references to electoral fraud, the inconsistencies with the official story of 9/11, the JFK assassination and any other in the myriad of events with far too much remaining unexplained or left to coincidence and happenstance will be similarly treated. God forbid that the Democrats be affixed with the dreaded ‘tin foil hatter label’.

2: Every time that I sought to defend my position in the ruthless flame wars of my so called GBCW (Good Bye Cruel World – cute but not very original) posting I had my comments rapidly censored. Now I know what it must feel like to be a guest on Hannity and Colmes or the O’Reilly Factor. The left (at least on that particular site) is equally adept and quashing free speech if it doesn’t fit into their own interpretation of such. And by the way, the grammar police are always out in force there…frustrated teachers or something. The ‘Troll Police’ also enforce their frontier style justice and are eager to lynch whoever they desire.

My personal message to them, as Marshall Jed Cooper once said “when you hang a man you had better make that he’s dead” or something along those lines.

Blacklisting and Paranoia:
I have recommend he be banned and his diaries deleted.
He wrote diaries here so that the Right can use them to point out how “Crazy” Daily kos is.
by Armando
Blaming the messager:
this guy is a troublemaker
by buffalogirl

And too many more to list….it is sooooo Republican, but hatred eventually makes you become as bad as your enemy in many ways, it’s the looking into the abyss thing, trust me I know.

3: Some of those righteous individuals who sought to defend my stand were also harassed:

Anyone who uprated edencho’s comments, anywhere at dailykos should reconsider how they hand out their 4’s

Stop recommending the trolls!

Talk about enforcing discipline! It’s like the House under Tom DeLay

4: There are some on the left who are every bit as nasty as their counterparts: The flaming and distortion of my words was the sport of the day for the Kostapo, the one that I liked best was some little laptop wielding fruitbag who took the following words from one of my own bloggings totally out of context to state that my ultimate goal was to destroy the Democrats by telling voters to:

1: Stay Home
2: Vote Libertarian
3: Vote Green

And advise everybody else to do the same….

Unfortunately the dipshit ignored the entire fucking post up to that point where I railed against the corporate shithacks of the DLC and their continued lack of opposition to the GOP juggernaut as well as their failure to mount any sort of defense against GWB’s two fascist SCOTUS appointments to the high court’s bench.

The left wing blogosphere suffers from one thing other than a giant inferiority complex. That itself is pretty justifiable considering how the right has consistently made hay out of them due to the abysmal lack of leadership in the so called opposition party. Their problem is their stubborn unwillingness to take the time to look at any of the excellent sites or seriously discuss the opinions of principled conservatives or investigative reporters who could offer some context and insight that they could use for direction. If you are going to fight at least show up with as much information as you possibly can have about your opponent. The opinions and research that I immediately seek out are from conservatives that the right-wing slime machine itself decries and denounces. The left misses out on a lot of quality by ignoring the work of Paul Craig Roberts, Kevin Phillips, Lew Rockwell and his great libertarian site, Alex Jones of Infowars, Lou Dobbs, Wayne Madsen and even loose cannon Pat Buchanan who makes sense….at times. They are all outraged over the fascism of the Bushists and neocons.

Endnote: I do want to thank those who were cool enough to defend my right to say what I wanted to even if it did cross the line and piss a lot of people off, you know who you are and you are welcome here. A special shout out to those who really get it:

Mary Scott O’Connor whose excellent ‘My Left Wing’ blog has no similar problems with free speech or those who are opinionated. I also occasionally post there.

This following comment was very well put and very much appreciated.

Troll cops…anti-troll cops. Sigh. Really, there’s something kind of Republican about putting people into boxes like that. No offense, of course.

by alienabductee


I also want to apologize for offending people with ‘Peckerwood Nation’, this was a bit over the top even for me. If you were genuinely outraged by this diatribe I am sorry, I did not mean it as a blanket slur against EVERYONE in the south only those who fit into the stereotype and there are plenty of em! To everyone else I offer my sincere regret and assure you that I meant no injury to you or your families….honestly it got far more exposure than I expected.

There are a lot of good folks on KOS and it is blowing up to the point where the Republicans need to counter it….that is progress. My advice is to fight on against the right-wing machine but don’t become lemmings by tuning out the independents.

And don’t hitch your wagon to the DLC, use your megaphone to demand that we get the fuck out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY and then move the dialogue towards the CLASS WAR!

By Ed Encho

The Wall Street Journal: Gospel for the Moneychangers

“While the form of treachery varies slightly from case to case, liberals always manage to take the position that most undermines American security”

-Ann Coulter (or maybe not)

In today’s environment of corporate friendly, corporate owned newsless newspapers there is one paper that stands out as the top voice for big business: The Wall Street Journal. The Journal is the preferred reading material for the idle rich, the corporate buccaneers, ruthless capitalist punks and their wealthy sugar daddies who are the modern day successors to the ‘Robber Barons’ in the new Gilded Age. The WSJ while publishing the same information on the latest Bush administration snooping program into the financial transactions of millions to ostensibly track the money that could be used to fund terrorist activities. As if terrorist networks don’t highly suspect that their money trail is already being followed? Give me a fucking break, we are talking about professional jihadists and not woebegone losers like the ‘Cornrow Qaeda’ and their silly, overhyped plot to take down the Sears Tower.

The Times story on the monitoring of international banking transactions handled by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) while initially not treated as much of a big deal was then seized upon by the Republican slime machine as yet another story in which to tear the country apart by affixing the ‘treason’ label to critics and dissenters, most specifically the New York Times. Just in time for the 4th of July, what better time for divisive “you are with us or you are with the terrorists” blasts of fiery rhetoric to allow the fascist GOP to wrap themselves in ‘Old Glory’ which in to crib a term from language (hey Coulter does it) of Senator Bill Frist and modify it slightly, “lost today” and loses every day that it is reduced to being used as a Republican turd wrapper. Speaking of A.C. here is a good piece on the anorexic, horse faced, plagiarizing skank courtesy of a story in the Buffalo Beast.

The echo chamber began to churn with the wonderful potential of taking down the NY Times as a red meat offering to the basest of all bases that are the GOP diehards and dead enders by sending out the pitchfork wielding knaves to launch a coordinated assault against ‘The Old Gray Lady’ for it’s alleged constant barrage of ‘liberal bias’ (Hitler once said something along the lines that the bigger the lie the more people that will believe it) even though the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal published similar stories….why is it that there is never as much outrage over the WSJ’s over the top ultra-conservative bias? Well the good little soldiers like the insidious Peter King of Long Island were all too willing to lead the attack by leveling charges of treason against the NYT, going so far as to even suggest an inquisition by the Republican congress and Bushist lackey Senator Pat Roberts whose nickname should be ‘Stonewall Roberts’ for his complicity in obstructing any serious attempts by his Senate intelligence committee to investigate the criminality of the ruling junta in it’s assault on “that goddamned piece of paper” the U.S. Constitution. The attack was quickly joined by pinheads like Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the electronic demagogues and the angry army of activists that are the right-wing slime throwers in the blogosphere.

Frank Rich of the accused traitor New York Times put it very well in his latest outstanding piece in yesterday’s Op Ed column entitled:

‘Can’t Win the War? Bomb the Press!’(you will have to get a subscription to Times Select or check out an actual copy of the Sunday Times to get the whole piece but here are a few choice paragraphs….unlike Coulter I always give credit to the original author)

OLD GLORY lost today,” Bill Frist declaimed last week when his second attempt to rewrite the Constitution in a single month went the way of his happy prognosis for Terri Schiavo. Of course it isn’t Old Glory that lost when the flag-burning amendment flamed out. The flag always survives the politicians who wrap themselves in it. What really provoked Mr. Frist’s crocodile tears was the foiling of yet another ruse to distract Americans from the wreckage in Iraq. He and his party, eager to change the subject in an election year, just can’t let go of their scapegoat strategy. It’s illegal Hispanic immigrants, gay couples seeking marital rights, cut-and-run Democrats and rampaging flag burners who have betrayed America’s values, not those who bungled a war.

No sooner were the flag burners hustled offstage than a new traitor was unveiled for the Fourth: the press. Public enemy No. 1 is The New York Times, which was accused of a “disgraceful” compromise of national security (by President Bush) and treason (by Representative Peter King of New York and the Coulter amen chorus). The Times’s offense was to publish a front-page article about a comprehensive American effort to track terrorists with the aid of a Belgian consortium, Swift, which serves as a clearinghouse for some 7,800 financial institutions in 200 countries.

It was a solid piece of journalism. But if you want to learn the truly dirty secrets of how our government prosecutes this war, the story of how it vilified The Times is more damning than anything in the article that caused the uproar.

Sorry, that’s all that you are going to get here…you will have to seek out the rest on your own. Suffice it to say that the wrath of the entire anti-American fascist Republican establishment was loosed in a coordinated assault on the Times. De-facto President Dick Cheney as always led the charge with so much venom and vitriol that I am surprised that he didn’t blow out an aorta:

“What I find most disturbing about these stories is the fact that some of the news media take it upon themselves to disclose vital national security programs, thereby making it more difficult for us to prevent future attacks against the American people,” Mr. Cheney said, in impromptu remarks at a fund-raising luncheon for a Republican Congressional candidate in Chicago. “That offends me.” (NYT 6/24/06)

Leave it to ‘Dirty Dick’ to throw down the fear card that he has done so effectively in order to further his nefarious agenda ever since the stench of burning flesh from the WTC attacks was still in the air and bodies were being pulled from the rubble. Cheney is a man on a mission with a maniacal drive to overturn the constitutional intent of the founders by reconfiguring the presidency into a position where the chief executive would be able to wield dictatorial powers more in line with a king than a president. This is a man with vendetta and a thirty-year hard on for retribution against the press and the congress ever since the pullout from Saigon and the ouster of Richard M. Nixon from the White House. This is addressed in another outstanding piece in last week’s edition of the New Yorker on David Addington (Scooter Libby’s replacement) by Jane Mayer. ‘The Hidden Power’ offers a glimpse behind the scenes into exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the House of Cheney and the hardball tactics of the dark master and his minions in getting payback for the rat-fucking of Nixon by carrying out a vendetta against the checks and balances of the system. This is a great article and I would strongly recommend checking it out, and while you’re at it you might as well read Seymour Hersh’s latest on the plans to attack Iran: :

The Hidden Power by Jane Mayer
Last Stand by Seymour M. Hersh

But I digress, this post is primarily about the Wall Street Journal and the unique dynamic of their hard news department versus the White House adjunct on their editorial page. The GOP jihad against the press this past week is great at illustrating just how different that the two sections are. The WSJ editorial page like the good little attack doggies that they are lashed out at the dastardly liberals at the New York Times with a huge, hectoring diatribe on Friday that referenced the works of an obscure legal scholar and then proceeded to launch a scathing and caustic attack on the credibility of the Times that included the following statements:

“We recount all this because more than a few commentators have tried to link the Journal and Times at the hip”


“We suspect that the Times has tried to use the Journal as its political hitshield precisely because it knows that our editors have more credibility on these matters”And then the coup de grace:

“The problem with the Times is that millions of Americans no longer believe that its editors would make those calculations in anything close to good faith. We sure don’t. On issue after issue, it has become clear that the Times believes the U.S. is not really at war, and in any case the Bush administration lacks the legitimacy to wage it”


Jesus, who in the fuck wrote that shit? Karl Rove? I absolutely love the comment where the WSJ editorialists seem to say that they are more reliable than the NYT and in a sense they are probably right, they have consistently been there to carry the water for the Republicans whenever controversy or the ugly spectre of truth reared its head. This vitriolic attack was so over the top that John Harwood a senior writer for the WSJ was forced to explain the “shocking” nature of the editorial on Meet The Press, here is the story on this from Editor & Publisher.

The WSJ is the ‘mighty wurlitzer’ of globalist corporate propaganda and is as indispensable to hard core neo-liberal free market fanatics as the availability of cheap overseas sweatshop labor is to their bottom lines. Crony Capitalists revel in the in depth coverage of corporate maneuvers and gossip of impending mergers and acquisitions that are predominant features of the Journal. The slavering devotion to promoting the ill advised policy of cutting taxes on the rich while increasing spending dramatically to ‘starve the beast’ is a dogma which the Journal promotes with missionary zeal while preaching to a choir of elitist, Chivas sipping, Lexus driving, Ayn Rand worshipping, gluttonous greed mongers. Gordon Gekko was a piker compared to the predators that have evolved since the golden era of Reagan deregulatory greed and rampant scandals on the street, they are far more sophisticated and the rise in technology has made the grand financial game both more intricate as well as easier to conceal. The truly great technical minds don’t work for international terrorist organizations or the law enforcement squads tasked with sniffing both they and corporate plunderers out, the true geniuses work on Wall Street where they manipulate the world markets like the true maestros that they are.

However, to broad brush the entire paper due to it’s target audience of the capitalist vultures who have no qualms over their profiting off of the screwing of the American working class, profiteering off of bloody foreign wars or booking gains made possible by the exploitation of sweatshop child labor toiling under barbaric conditions in third world shithole factories is not the point here. The Journal actually does have a fairly decent news operation that steers clear of the cheap and sleazy celebrity garbage that threatens to turn other papers into nothing more than toned down versions of the National Enquirer and other cheesy check stand tabloids.

To honestly look at the Journal it is necessary to look at each of its three major components independently rather than the paper as a whole.

The Good: The Journal’s actual news, although lacking in overall content is generally well written and researched and targeted at a far higher intellect than the incredibly bland and dumbed down McNews of the only national paper with a higher circulation: USA Today which is written to appeal to those with the cognitive level of sixth graders. The news section is generally filled with stories that involve corporations, regulatory information, serious domestic and international news that has the potential to affect investor decisions but that is to be expected by a paper that specializes in financial news and business information. It is definitely slanted towards those with a right wing bias but the actual journalistic qualities are of a high standard. The news department does a credible job on the stories that they do choose to cover at length but the majority of the paper to no surprise is dedicated to business news, pro corporate public relatons spin and of course the most in depth stock and financial section in print.

The Bad: A financial stats section that is a speculator’s dream and that wholly encourages the raging Laissez-Faire cancer that has eaten away the backbone of American prosperity. Former Fed Reserve Chairman and WSJ cult figure Alan Greenspan was treated with reverence and the current climate of market manipulation is praised to the extent of being something just below holiness. Despite the finest financial section in the land the Journal must bear some responsibility for pimping the neo liberal ‘free’ market worship that is laying waste to America in the name of unfettered global capitalism. The WSJ is to the speculators and high rollers what the racing form and tip sheet are to bookies and gambling addicts. The commonality is that both are degenerate gamblers in the same manner that a desperate crack addict offering cheap blow jobs for a daily fix and a ‘high class’ thousand dollar an hour prostitute are both whores.

While extolling the virtues of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand the WSJ fails to mention the obvious contradictions between the selective interpretation of the much ballyhooed ‘Wealth of Nations’ and the realities of modern day society. Smith would definitely not be a proponent of the unrestrained ‘free market’ of today and it’s grossly disproportionate favoritism of the wealthiest of the wealthy and unaccountable corporations and their wholly owned subsidiary on the Potomac. In fact Smith’s treatise, due to the period in which it was first published was completely unable to forsee the detrimental and corrupting effects on the free market by high tech, transnational corporations and the individuals who guide them with no regard whatsoever to the continuing stability and health of the local community which must should in theory be the benefactor of trade, provided that the ownership has a vested interest in such a community. The perverse concept of total laissez faire economics actually lessens the ability of the markets to be either free or fair and when coupled with an inherently corrupt political system in which the largest of corporations are able to throw money around by the bushel like a rancher feeding slop to pigs to eliminate regulatory oversight and stack the deck in their favor it is anything but a free market and the small business owners as well as the consumers are the ones who are getting the shaft. Most Americans don’t even get the benefit of a reach around by the ‘invisible hand’ while being buggered by the unfettered ‘free market’.

The reason that I have labeled this particular function of the WSJ as ‘the bad’ is that it perpetuates the very forces that are destroying the American dream as well as laying bare the extremely unpleasant fact that unregulated capitalism is a failed economic system destined to one day (the sooner the better) assume it’s rightful place in the family plot of doomed ideologies next to the grave of totalitarian communism.

The Ugly: The one part of the WSJ that is the grossest and sleaziest by far is the Editorial Page which is probably the most overtly biased in the land not owned by either Rupert Murdoch or Richard Mellon Sciafe and which serves as a direct mainline from the think tanks and GOP propaganda mills to the targeted segments of the public who treat the Journal as the gospel itself. The Op Ed section is chock full of slanted and just plain nasty viewpoints dripping with poison pen vitriol that is designed to prop up whatever extreme right wing figures or organizations happen to be under fire at any particular time and to ALWAYS, no matter what happens discredit the hated liberals and act as a defender for political and corporate malfeasance or the extreme right.

It is the on the Op Ed page where the Journal crawls into the gutters and slimes around with the slugs with what is without a doubt the meanest, most subjective and dishonest staff of propaganda producing hacks this side of FOX News. Whether they be loudly whining about the evil bogeyman of dreaded liberal media ‘bias’, bashing progressive social programs and sane foreign policy the house columnists are geared towards promoting the same policies of divisiveness that their beloved Republican party touts, for their system to function according to their desires it is of the utmost importance to create phantoms in order to keep the poor pitted one against another so as they never realize the gross inequalities of the system itself. The worst nightmare of the elitists is for people to start grasping the unpleasant realities and to begin to question and to organize for that will be the beginning of the end for their beloved neo-liberalism and crony capitalism. Nowhere was the propaganda of the WSJ Op Ed section more blatant and outright deceptive as in their labeling of the poor, who pay no taxes as ‘Luckie Duckies’, a two word think tank created marketing phrase that utilized the twisted, through the looking glass logic that the poorest of Americans who had insufficient income to be liable for any sort of taxes were somehow the most fortunate of all.

Overall, the Wall Street Journal runs slightly (but not much) to the left of Benito Mussolini, a man whose ‘corporatism’ was fawned over by Fortune Magazine which featured Il Duce on it’s cover in the 1930’s as an example of a pro business leader, of course this was before fascism became a dirty word and well before it became businiess as usual on Wall Street and in Washington.