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Tebow Agonistes & Palin’s Taste for the Dark Meat

Denver Ravaged By Tebola Virus

The national holy war, the cultural crusade and the right-wing fascist cancer that has fed on this country for decades, flying under the radar has poked up it’s ugly, devil-horned head in Denver. The ongoing crusade to bully the NFL’s Broncos into making the Manchurian Candidate that is Tim Tebow the staring quarterback is as evil as it gets from our domestic terrorist Christian jihadists. Of course Tebow can’t accurately throw the ball but hey, he is a nice kid, loves Jesus, has a best-selling book and once appeared in an anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial sponsored by the venomous, just downright un-American gay hating organization headquartered in Colorado Springs that is Focus On The Family. Radical cleric Jame Dobson’s hate group has much to do with the Denver demagoguery.
In an update on a previous post of mine, The Great Tebow Crusade: A Sports Metaphor for a Delusional Nation that was done prior to the opening kickoff I thought that it would be interesting to drop in on my old hometown once again. The entire sordid Tim Tebow affair is typical of the bullying and harassment of the American fascist political movement that is manifested in the Religious Right. What is going on in Denver right now is a rare opportunity for this sort of pernicious behavior to cross over into the mainstream for all to see. It is very similar to the Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars shenanigans when the teabaggers/religious zealots nearly blew up ABC’s cash cow with their activism. Sad that in America that unless something happens to be disruptive to pro football or silly reality television it doesn’t get noticed, such is life in a sad land where celebrity is the coin of the realm and being butt-fuck stupid has risen to the level of dogma in one of the two major political parties.

While I largely passed for the most part on the NFL’s opening week 9/11 nationally televised carnivals of perversion I have as a longtime Broncos fan been watching the Tebow sideshow closely. With little boy Jesus relegated to the third string due to his inferior professional football skills (hell, if you can’t beat out Brady Quinn you have problems) the fervor of the cult has raged unabated. During the season opener in the recently renamed Sports Authority Field in Denver the home team laid a whopper of an egg against the hated Oakland Raiders, this being at least the third straight home loss to Al Davis’ team. Incumbent starter Kyle Orton once again couldn’t make a play down the stretch or in the red zone to save his life and during one drive had one of the most idiotic fumbles that I have seen in 45 years of watching football – he just dropped the fucking ball! The final score was only 23-20 this time, a huge improvement on last year’s 59-14 battering or the prior years ultimate humiliation on having Jamarcus Russell lead a team from behind but it was still a winnable game. The Tebow contingent, and naturally the pocket media that promotes the imbecility that he is a quality starting QB in the NFL. By the fourth quarter, when a homefield advantage led by a 80,000 fans making noise was for the most part erased by Tebow fans braying for their boy and booing Orton’s every move the deal was done and the season started out with the loss. I remember when the old Mile High Stadium was one of the most hated and feared venues in the league to play in. Opponents were intimidated by the din of Broncos (not Tebow) fans all cheering their team, making noise to discombobulate the opposition and stomping their feet on the old steel stands to rock the place as if it were in an earthquake. Not so anymore, as long as the Christers show up to try to cram their religious avatar and their political agenda down everyone’s throats the home field edge for a Denver team desperately in need of any help that they can get while rebuilding will be negated.

Disney Corporation’s Sportscenter on ESPN led off their Tuesday NFL coverage with one of their standard dim-witted, big-titted pretty girls spinning the Broncos v. Raiders game into an epic illusion that completely ignored the game, focused entirely on Orton’s fumble and then cut to shots of Aryan youth looking Tebow fans decked out in their orange number 15 jerseys chanting TEEEEE-BOWW juxtaposed with shots of Orton’s deer in the headlights look. More dishonest and out of context reporting by a network that had long ago jumped the shark and exists solely off of it’s past before it was devoured by Disney. I will grant the Tebowistas one thing, Orton does suck and more often than not exhibits all of the grace of a stork that is high on quaaludes while in the pocket. He can’t run, has to deal with a porous offensive line, has no running game to support him and the next clutch play that he makes will be the first yet he must feel like the Christers of old when they were trotted out by the Romans to be eaten by lions. In my opinion while overly sadistic and very gory it is a practice that deserves another look given the increasing militancy of American Christendom today.

But on and on it goes, the next big thing is that an out of state group is going to be spending money to put up two pro-Tebow billboards in Denver, taking their experience from the ruinous and ongoing culture war into the sports arena. These swine are pros when it comes to distraction, deceit and divisiveness and I can guarantee you that it won’t stop with the billboards. I am sure that Jesus would cough up the 10 k, it’s not like there are poor and starving children in Denver who could be better helped where the money donated to an organization that ministers to their needs. In a way though the team has nobody to blame but themselves for the Tebow thing, after all, ousted coach Josh McDaniels was given free reign over personnel decisions and he was duped into trading up and down to get Timmy to begin with. They also were completely happy to feature  those expensive number 15 jerseys that are made in other countries by sweatshop labor (really patriotic NFL merchandise) and promoted Tebow heavily in their marketing campaign for season ticket renewals despite the lockout. Pat Bowlen if nothing else is a shrewd businessman who understood that despite the season in limbo due to the lockout that the Jesus juicers being the suckers, rubes and schmucks that they are and always have been could be counted on to shell out their money for the second coming of Christ.

As it sits today, mid-week after Sunday’s latest game Tebow actually got onto the field against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, which had thousands of his flock roaring their approval. But in a cruel crushing of their hopes and dreams numero 15 was only in the game as an emergency receiver, the Broncos had lost two more pass catchers to injury and needed a decoy. Tebow didn’t catch a pass nor was he targeted by the maligned Orton, I am sure that this week the Tebow cult will be crying that it was a devious trick by hated infidel coach John Fox who may soon find himself the target of one of those trademark right-wing whisper campaigns about his alleged fondness for Sharia law. The Broncos mercifully hit the road this week after eking out a 24-22 win, it will be a welcome departure from the ongoing distraction of the Tebow cancer.

Stay tuned for further developments in this ongoing saga.

“I know that white woman want some black dick”

When it comes to the Republican dogma of butt-fuck stupid there is no better face for the anti-intellectual movement that is America’s Khmer Rouge than Sarah Palin. The wild Alaskan moonbat is a modern day fable of white trash hitting it big in a way that the Clampett’s never could have imagined. Palin rocketed to national media stardom when she was selected in an amazing act of desperation by former presidential candidate and longtime blowhard John McCain as his vice presidential running mate during the 2008 campaign. Palin, a sly little Kewpie doll with Nixonian delusions of grandeur was a perfect head of the nascent know-nothing Tea Party Astroturf movement. She traveled the land saying the things that McCain just couldn’t or wouldn’t say about the BLACK man running on the Democratic party ticket. Palin’s rallies attracted the real dregs of society, the uber-bigoted religious rabble who sure as fuck weren’t about to tolerate a Negro in the WHITE House. Of course Palin began to get under the notoriously sensitive McCain’s skin and in an amazing act of raw hubris sought to give a concession speech/call to arms when Obama’s electoral landslide swept aside the “maverick” once and for all.

Palin had staying power though, the suckling corporate media, always looking for a cheap story that appealed to the morons and living off of the government dole shut ins and rarely a news cycle went by without some sort of Palin update. She parlayed her fame with the peckerwoods and knuckle-draggers into a reality show, book deals and speaking engagements, quitting her real gig as Alaska’s governor to chase the money. She even starred in a bizarre movie version of her kampf unbelievably called “The Undefeated” which was even less popular than the idiotic adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged that was launched earlier this year.  While suffering a huge ding in her image largely due to the sleazy insinuations of violence and killin’ that was a feature of her ongoing campaigns and accumulation of dough with the tragic attempted murder of Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords – the asshats in Palin’s org. had featured a nifty map with a gunsite on top of Giffords’ district she actually dropped off of the media screen – temporarily of course. She was soon back on a heavily hyped bus tour just in time for Memorial Day where in true Republican fashion she could hijack the day from the war dead for her own political agenda like the greedy, disrespectful narcissist that she is.

Palin being the divisive figure and insatiable media whore that she is would naturally compile a long list of enemies, a good many in the GOP establishment who likely resented having to kiss her ass for two plus years. Palin also has a past and the dirty little secrets are starting to seep out. This spring saw a book launched by a former ally named Frank Bailey entitled Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin which portrayed Palin as vindictive, driven, immoral and unethical in her pursuit of power. The book unfortunately was lost in the cacophony of crap when the Palin bus tour was launched at a suspiciously coincidental time so as to swallow the revelations in Bailey’s book. Now there is a new book on flag-draped, dumb-ass America’s sweetheart that is far uglier than the first. Author Joe McGinniss trots out The Rogue which has assholes all along the teabagger right puckering for allegations of drug use and even better yet that Palin had a yearning for fucking black men back in her younger days. Notably an alleged fling with former NBA basketball player Glen Rice during his college career with Michigan when Palin was covering the team and that she had a “fetish’ for black men.

The Palin-Glenn Rice allegation (which hasn’t been denied) conjures an image of Michelle Bachmann going around the world on that Iowa corndog. One has to wonder just how much these third generation Phyllis Schafly’s just have this primal urge to deep throat twelve plus inches of hot meat. Schlafly’s gay son could certainly appreciate it that’s for sure.Sarah Palin just has that twinkle in her eye that makes one believe that she can do more tricks with a six-inch prick than a monkey on a grapevine, the teabaggers see it too which contributes to her enormous popularity with the angry white male masturbator demographic.


Back when I was much younger I knew a  black fellow named Lenny Stokes who was quite the cocksman, servicing bored metropolitan Denver area suburban housewives while working for a cable television company. This was back during the cable explosion of the 80’s when every house in America was being wired into Reagan’s propaganda machine. He worked with a partner who was a beer alcoholic Mexican named Hector Olivas with a serious jones for the devil weed. Hec’s favorite brew was Mickey’s Big Mouth malt liquor or as we used to refer to it due to the glass bottles “little green grenades”. He would show up for work in the mornings with his eyes blood red and reeking of dope, it cut the edge of the previous night’ hangover. Hec’s specialty was to cut under the table deals with those so inclined to participate in order to add the additional channels like Showtime, The Movie Channel, Cinemax etc for extra party money.


Lenny Stokes was more into “white pussy”, his favorite saying was “I know that white woman wants some black dick”.  I would say that he put more shots through the hairy hoop than Glenn Rice and who knows, had that gig lasted he may have even given Wilt the Stilt a run for his money in bedding women. Lenny always had the rap with the Christian “bitches’, his daddy back when he was growing up in Enid, Oklahoma had been a preacher and he talked the talk. For some reason that I can only speculate they were the most receptive and sexually frustrated and Lenny was able to connect.


I will always remember Lenny and Hec for their sheer luck, one might say, if they are prone to believing in religious nonsense superstition that a higher power had intervened when an outer Brighton area husband happened to get home early while Stokes was delivering the beef and Pete was passed out in the cable truck after a liquid lunch. The hubby went fucking berserk and went for his gun, putting several bullet holes into the back of the escaping white cable truck. I never heard how they managed to explain that to their bosses.


Hell, I don’t where I am even going with this other than the Palin-Rice fuckery conjured up memories of an old acquaintance… so I digress…


Todd Palin naturally screamed LIES..LIES..LIES. It would be too much for that northern, secessionist, white supremacist to accept that every time that he kissed America’s most well-known hockey mom that he was planting his smackers on a black man’s crank by proxy.


The one thing about the whole Palin fucked Glen Rice tale isn’t that she being a young single woman was into hot and nasty sex or that she did some blow on occasion it is the sheer hypocrisy of it all. Palin presents herself as some sort of chaste and holier than thou champion of those “family values” that the debauched Christers in the Republican party have been spouting for decades. Really, if you are going to talk the talk, walk the walk and Sarah Barracuda’s history doesn’t match the rhetoric of the all-American Mama Grizzlie.

Then there is the thing with fucking a black basketball player, not that any sort of interracial sexual activity is any sort of an issue and I personally tend to believe what Senator Jay Bullington Bulworth proposed in that we should all just start fucking one another until everyone looks the same. But whenever one of these pigs from the GOP end up being caught fucking a black man or woman or are caught in an airport bathroom with a cock in their mouth they need to be appropriately vilified. After all, the Republican party is nothing but a neo-Confederate, racist to the bone, anti-gay pack of vicious haters and bullies who would be as in their element in a 1930 German beer hall as they are in their opulent megachurches or local teabagger bund meetings.


The book “Rogue” has the right-wing swine in the sort of circle the wagons, attack mode that hornets or WASPS typically instinctively conjure as they scramble when someone has whacked the hive and according to the author the rhetoric is getting close to inciting violence against his person. Hell, it’s sheer hypocrisy once again from these degenerate, fake Christian, fascist pigs. Where the fuck was the outrage over the Regnery Publishing shit that had Hillary Clinton having Satanic lesbian orgies in the White House basement and hanging miniature glass crack pipes from the Clinton’s Christmas tree? I’ll tell you where, it was in the same place where all of this anger and indignation was when Bush was running up the national credit card.


Perhaps There is something deeper with Palin’s Obama obsession…. if I cold locate Lenny Stokes, if he is still alive and didn’t get the Steve McNair treatment maybe I could ask him.

The Republican Crybaby Culture

Breaking news of the latest right-winger incited to commit acts of violence in support of the most virulent political party since the Nazis. A Kansas abortion doctor was gunned down in cold blood today in a Wichita, Kansas church, just another example of how these religious fanatics that dare to call themselves Christians would make Jesus puke were he return to earth tomorrow – then the same bastards would crucify his liberal ass. Here we have yet another example of the sort of mayhem that unstable, armed-to-the teeth freaks are capable of when their buttons are pushed by the malignant filth the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the house propagandists for the American fascist state. Nothing is sacred to these miscreants, murdering their whole families and then committing suicide is commonplace, the same houses of worship that they claim to be places of sanctity are now legitimate shooting galleries, shit some lunatic right-winger not long ago dressed up as Santa Claus and massacred a houseful of former relatives including children. A terminally diseased political philosophy breeds this type of scum and they should all be subject to euthanasia for the good of society. If you consider that to be overly harsh just imagine how many of these human time bombs that you in your normal daily doings encounter, they hate liberals, gays, minorities and even going to the grocery store becomes a dangerous endeavor when surrounded by them.

The ongoing fomenting of animosity, racism, sedition and the dehumanization that has become an institution since the rise of the post WW II fascist movement is reaching a level of dangerous proportions – and the drumbeat of hatred goes on. Which brings me to the Republican slime machine’s filthy attack on Obama SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayer, the spectacle a pack of racist swine playing the reverse race card in order to derail her confirmation is beyond the pale. Even more despicable is the way that the corporate media play right into it, giving credibility to the cowardly rhetoric of reverse discrimination that has been bandied about by the red-assed right. Perhaps the worst aspect of what appears to be a long and drawn out melodrama by the titans of truth who brought us all the O.J. Simpson circus, Michael Jackson’s ongoing saga over a flurry of allegations of pedophilia, Natalee Holloway, Jon Benet and the amazing adventures of Laci and the fetus is that a career reprobate like Newton LeRoy Gingrich is given one ounce of credibility. Gingrich is a fiend, a serial adulterer, a liar, a cheat, a pathological degenerate with the psychological makeup of a pederast and a charlatan whose Herculean ego is the embodiment of short man syndrome.

Newt barks, Media Salivate. The proclivity of Gingrich to rebuild his political career from the ashes of embarrassment and failure in a Nixonian fashion has been spayed across cable television ‘news’ and the rapidly collapsing under the weight of their own bullshit newspaper industry is an affront to the intelligence of America. Whoops, better strike that last comment, considering that we live in a burgeoning idiocracy were trash TV is king and the lepers bathe in the electronic stream of foulness as though they were lepers swimming in the waters of Lourdes I certainly don’t mean to give the average American moron too much credit. To qualify that, it is an affront to the senses of those of us with finely tuned bullshit detectors in our brains, more than a semblance of decency and humanity and a reality based view of history that outlasts the meteoric rise and fall of the beautiful and talented beacon of inspiration that is Susan Boyle.

Gingrich calls Sotomayer a “Latina woman racist”. What the fuck? Can’t we just flush down this rotten turd once and for all? What a horse’s ass! Might I remind people that this philandering little fascist dwarf was engaged in some serious adulterous fornication himself while he waged an ugly public jihad against Bubba Clinton for getting his stogie smoked. By the way, while Gingrich the fat, oversexed swine with the bad ‘do was bringing the full power of the snake infested Republican Congress down on our horny hillbilly prez, Osama bin Laden, the Cheney cabal, the Wall Street plunderers and the rest of the real threats to American safety were using the prurient salivating to plot their coming attacks.

Knowing the laws, I would never call for the assassination of a public figure but were I to be a Republican that has no such qualms about these things I would love to see that phony hairpiece that adorns Gingrich’s pathologically horny, conniving, demon-infested dome nailed to a fencepost someplace – feed the body to the pigs, who the fuck really cares as long as he is gone. He can usually be located in a FOX ‘News” studio – a target rich environment for anyone who may be sincere about cleaning up America and downsizing the fascist quotient. If I were to win Powerball this weekend there would certainly be less worthy things to use the money for than posting a bounty on that little douchebag, normally you can just call the Orkin man when the rats are massing but eliminating a world class, anti-American swine with a soapbox as dangerous as this would take some serious coin. Then again, once his hatemongering racism in spreading vindictive virulence to derail the Sotomayer nomination along with the growing backlash against Republican fomenting of violence in their ranks against the ‘brown menace’ it would probably take less than a hundred bucks and a bottle of good tequila to provide encouragement for some real victim if institutionalized racism Republican style to give this fat little prick a Columbian necktie in the name of justice.

This swine should be hung from his fucking balls… the pudgeball little twat should be fucking ignored, the media hacks who afford this foul little cocksucker time should be the ones who are hung. Oh and did I forget to mention that his get his rocks off by jerking off over the ongoing wars while he and the rest of his Republican chickenhawks never had the fucking nuts to serve in the military? Shit, Dick Cheney, the man who is openly cheering for another ‘terrorist’ attack on Obama’s watch and tens of thousands of dead Americans just to prove a fucking point about the grotesque torture state that he was the embodiment for took five goddamned draft deferments!

Why the fuck don’t the human time bombs for once target the true perpetrators of their fucked up lives? The stinking sacks of snake shit who are responsible for rigging the game so that their jobs can be sent overseas? Or their houses are in foreclosure? Or their health is in terminal decline due to the massive systemic corruption of the medical industrial complex? Or why gas is going back towards four bucks a gallon now that the Wall Street speculators have been given a new lease on life on the taxpayer dole?

If there is anything that disgusts me more than the Republican vermin who run this gone to dogshit system it is the moronic, angry white males who think with their dicks (if at all) and don’t have a motherfucking clue as to why they are angry. They are debauched, disgraced, degenerate, diseased, dicked-in-the-ass, demented, dumb, devoid of decency, borderline retarded, credulous, easily manipulated, stupid, stinky,wretched, pathetic, malignantly worthless, chronically moronic, mean-spirited, godless, guileless, slothful, treacherous, violent, putrid, rancid, stinking, filthy, syphilitic, short sighted, entitled, indolent, arrogant, perverse, four-flushing, cheapjack, dog kissing, spineless, dickless, malodorous, cowardly, chickenshit, retrograde, knuckle-dragging pieces of jaundiced, scabies ridden, scaly-skinned, protoplasmic slime that have for too long oozed into every crevice of this society, sucking out it’s life and vitality as the shit eating parasites that they are and always will be as long as they allow high rolling drug addicted perverts like Limbaugh and the rest of the neo Nazi Republican party do their thinking for them.


And I hate them, oh sweet fucking Jesus to I hate them. The fires of my hatred burns internally like white phosphorous munitions dropped upon brown skinned civilians out of the sky by our [snicker] ‘heroes. They are human excrement (and I use the term human very loosely) who are no good to themselves or to anybody else as they flail about outwardly as blind beasts in agony at the wretched and abysmal failures of their pathetic and botched little lives.

Simpering losers, saplings for trees of tyranny that find fertile rooting material in the mass failures of the dead enders on the extreme right. And there are always the demagogues, the servants of the oligarchy who so successfully sow the seeds of discontent so as to divide and conquer, dominate and rape not with force, but through the willing acquiescence of the dregs of society. They allow themselves to be defiled, to be showered with the come of those who only hold them in the most seething of contempt, the most curious forms of bemusement. They don’t get it that their heroes like the $50 million child-fucking, dope addicted vat of shit flavored jello that is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and his fellow country clubbers laugh and snicker at them as the white niggers that they fully understand them to be.

And for fuck’s sake, just how long until the next human time bomb goes off as their fears and desperation are exploited by the type of scum that should be hanged from their mangy necks until dead like Julius Streicher was at Nuremburg.

An Entrenched Culture of Crying:

But the very existence of the brazenly anti-American Republican party wouldn’t be possible without the support of the mouth-breathing, perpetually-pissed off, Jesus juicin’, knuckle-dragging retrograde morons that are the party base. These are the real dregs of society who are wired to salivate on command to demagogues, it was from this percentage of the population (an authoritarian element that exists in nearly every society) that ensured that Adolf Hitler would rise to power (see Bob Altemeyer’s study The Authoritarians), it is plain for all to see that despite the punditry that is speaking of the political demise of the GOP that the true fascists like Cheney, Rove, Gingrich and the rest of the treasonous scum is only seeking to radicalize and purify the dead enders, molding them into an effective and violent brownshirt force for when the time is ripe.

The fucking grievances are endless, they are played upon, exploited and the caterwauling nonsense of the culture of victims that the extreme right is made out of (FUCKING LOSERS) is like nails on a goddamned chalkboard but the pitch is right up there with the dog whistles that these moronic fuckers are conditioned to salivate over.

WAAAAA: The Queers are getting married! The evil homosexual agenda is destroying the nuclear family. This one is a real hoot given the proclivity of all of the latent little boy buggerers to burrow deeply into the Republican party (not to mention the Catholic church of course). The vicious and sustained campaign to deny the rights of marriage to a group of American citizens using the law as a bludgeon is insidious and has no place in a so-called free country. Why is it that the Republicans always want to snoop into the private bedrooms of people to play peekaboo at wee wees and pee pees? This is the nature of the repressive slavery of institutionalized religion (Evangelical Christianity in my opinion should be outlawed and their fucking churches taxed out of existence, if they can’t pay then just tear em down and build something useful like marijuana plantations in their palaces) and another prime example of how the abuse of the ‘GOD said it’ scam enables the persecution, dehumanization and murder of others. Were I a believer in Hell I have no doubt that it would be full of Republican ‘Christians’. Also the justification against the jihad against gays seems to me to be an outwardly expressed version of self loathing. Hell, there are plenty of gay Republicans, just get over it, do what is natural, cast aside your religious hokum and leave everybody else the fuck alone. Of course the ongoing demonizing of gay people is a boon to fascist Republicans, it is as consistent with their Hitler 101 playbooks as any of the rest of their disgusting horseshit.

WAAAAA: Obama’s a socialist, a godless Muslim, he wasn’t born in America, even Bo, his Portuguese water dog is un American, just pick your poison. “I work damned hard and don’t want to give my tax money to lazy minorities who just want to live off of the government dole”. It’s amazing at how some pea brained moron who works at Walmart (provided he still has a job at all) will so vociferously defend the right of the rich to bilk the poor through the massive redistribution of wealth, elimination of the progressive income tax system and the endless font of corporate welfare that flows through Washington. Think tankers and right wing money moguls are going back to the future to the glory days of McCarthyist red baiting. The positive aspect of this though is that there is actually a return of sorts to a discussion of the merits of democratic socialism versus predatory capitalism. Of course the Obama administration with the bestowment of trillions to the grifters of Wall Street and the hedge fund hyenas will only ensure that any sort of socialism will be heavily slanted towards the rich, the corporations and those who have hijacked the political system to protect their ability to remain the fuckers and keep the other 99 percent of the populations in their proper places as fuckees. But try to tell this to one of the imbeciles at one of those fucking tea parties. It just doesn’t register to the simian minded poltroons that they are out there essentially defending the rights of King George and the redcoats, that puts it in a bit of historical perspective.

WAAAAA: “They’re killing the babies, life begins at conception, Roe V. Wade is a an atrocity, it’s all the fault of the liberals, they don’t respect the culture of life.” And on and on it goes on the reigning champion for one issue voters which the GOP has grabbed by the tits and milked for years however in an interesting contradiction the so called pro lifers compassion extends neither to eliminating the death penalty or in showing any sort of outrage over civilian collateral damage in Iraq and the absence of any outcry over the recent revelations regarding the use of chemical white phosphorous on civilians is sorely missing from the public discourse. The hypocritical bitches and bastards don’t give one tin shit about the sanctity of life, once the kid is out of the womb it’s on it’s own to be fed upon by predatory capitalists with a better chance at becoming either permanent sources of income for the for profit prison system or in being sent off to be chopped into hamburger in another of the fucking imperialist wars that this criminal government is addicted to. This is bullshit, total bullshit and is more of the same misogynist domination games and double standards that the lumpen Republican are acclimated to sitting up on command for. Once again, Jesus would fucking puke over the ongoing use of Christianity to continually underwrite the warfare state and the oppression that sustains it.

WAAAAAA! On Gun Control: “The liberals are coming to take my guns away!” The NRA has milked this baby to death and otherwise sane progressive people who have nothing whatsoever in common with any other part of the right wing agenda will turn out in droves on election day to preserve their second amendment right to stockpile military style assault weapons and cop killer body armor piercing bullets. This is an essential lure to a fringe element exactly the same as gay marriage or abortion, another phantom issue. And do any of these wanna be Rambos who are arming themselves to the teeth to fight against the government when that damned Obama comes to pry my penis extension (with the 50 round magazine) from my cold dead hands ever bother to contemplate that their arsenals are fucking popguns when the state has tanks, bombs and a king hell surveillance system? More idiots. I am on record myself of course for arming yourselves to the teeth but I am far less afraid of the government than I am of the violent yahoos in the militias who I need to defend myself against.

WAAAAAA! On Taxes and Big Government: “The government is too big, I don’t want to pay taxes”. The war against ‘big government’ and taxes in general is a masterful dissemination of pro elitist propaganda in which the very people who benefit from progressive taxation are the lower and middle classes and who through their support of Grover Norquist style ‘starve the beast’ tax cutting are slowly committing mass suicide through the evisceration of the public school system, medicare, medicaid, social security and other essential ‘entitlement’ programs so that the wealthy can have their tax cuts and increasingly become the freeloaders that the indignant but proud ‘working man’ so despises. Then again, committing suicide is what lemmings usually do and always in mass. If you idiotic pig fuckers don’t like what the government does with your tax money don’t bother to call your local fucking fire department when you light your mattress on fire and you discover that lighting farts in bed is no more of a joke than your idiotic crusades in favor of the richest 1 % and the corporations who use and abuse your mental shortcomings so that they may forever be unburdened by paying their fair share to keep the fucking system running.

The litany of whining is far too long to list in depth, but it includes so many references to the removal of religion from the public realm and the perceived persecution of fundamentalists that additional decalogues on which they could be inscripted would reach higher than the Tower of Babel if stacked on top of each other. The piss babies of the right are as full of contradictions and hypocrisy as they are of bullshit. I could keep on writing but sadly I have only so much time for blogging and do have a real job unlike so many of the conservative activist blogger losers who live at home in daddy and mommy’s spare room, garage apartment or basement and wage electronic war against the very rigged game and backlash cultural environment that landed them there.

Cry me a river you big babies! Rush and Newt can buy a yacht and party all the way downriver in high style, floating downstream with booze and cooze on the current of your collective tears.


Neocon Nocturnal Emissions

“They (sic) are a superstitious cowardly lot so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts, I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible…a…a…”

-Nocturnally fixated millionaire GOP donor Bruce Wayne

The needle on the good ole puke-o-meter got buried early this week when it came to my attention that certain fascist propagandists (chiefly that foreign pig Rupert Murdoch’s recently acquired shit rag WSJ) were – get this – actually comparing the comic book hero Batman in the new mega-blockbuster The Dark Knight to George W. Bush and his phony war on terror.

I just can’t make shit like this up so here you go:

What Bush and Batman Have in Common

By Andrew Klavan

July 25, 2008; Page A15

A cry for help goes out from a city beleaguered by violence and fear: A beam of light flashed into the night sky, the dark symbol of a bat projected onto the surface of the racing clouds . . .

Oh, wait a minute. That’s not a bat, actually. In fact, when you trace the outline with your finger, it looks kind of like . . . a “W.”

There seems to me no question that the Batman film “The Dark Knight,” currently breaking every box office record in history, is at some level a paean of praise to the fortitude and moral courage that has been shown by George W. Bush in this time of terror and war. Like W, Batman is vilified and despised for confronting terrorists in the only terms they understand. Like W, Batman sometimes has to push the boundaries of civil rights to deal with an emergency, certain that he will re-establish those boundaries when the emergency is past.

And like W, Batman understands that there is no moral equivalence between a free society — in which people sometimes make the wrong choices — and a criminal sect bent on destruction. The former must be cherished even in its moments of folly; the latter must be hounded to the gates of Hell.

“The Dark Knight,” then, is a conservative movie about the war on terror. And like another such film, last year’s “300,” “The Dark Knight” is making a fortune depicting the values and necessities that the Bush administration cannot seem to articulate for beans.

Conversely, time after time, left-wing films about the war on terror — films like “In The Valley of Elah,” “Rendition” and “Redacted” — which preach moral equivalence and advocate surrender, that disrespect the military and their mission, that seem unable to distinguish the difference between America and Islamo-fascism, have bombed more spectacularly than Operation Shock and Awe.

Why is it then that left-wingers feel free to make their films direct and realistic, whereas Hollywood conservatives have to put on a mask in order to speak what they know to be the truth? Why is it, indeed, that the conservative values that power our defense — values like morality, faith, self-sacrifice and the nobility of fighting for the right — only appear in fantasy or comic-inspired films like “300,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Narnia,” “Spiderman 3” and now “The Dark Knight”?

The moment filmmakers take on the problem of Islamic terrorism in realistic films, suddenly those values vanish. The good guys become indistinguishable from the bad guys, and we end up denigrating the very heroes who defend us. Why should this be?

The answers to these questions seem to me to be embedded in the story of “The Dark Knight” itself: Doing what’s right is hard, and speaking the truth is dangerous. Many have been abhorred for it, some killed, one crucified.

Leftists frequently complain that right-wing morality is simplistic. Morality is relative, they say; nuanced, complex. They’re wrong, of course, even on their own terms.

Left and right, all Americans know that freedom is better than slavery, that love is better than hate, kindness better than cruelty, tolerance better than bigotry. We don’t always know how we know these things, and yet mysteriously we know them nonetheless.

The true complexity arises when we must defend these values in a world that does not universally embrace them — when we reach the place where we must be intolerant in order to defend tolerance, or unkind in order to defend kindness, or hateful in order to defend what we love.

When heroes arise who take those difficult duties on themselves, it is tempting for the rest of us to turn our backs on them, to vilify them in order to protect our own appearance of righteousness. We prosecute and execrate the violent soldier or the cruel interrogator in order to parade ourselves as paragons of the peaceful values they preserve. As Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon says of the hated and hunted Batman, “He has to run away — because we have to chase him.”

That’s real moral complexity. And when our artistic community is ready to show that sometimes men must kill in order to preserve life; that sometimes they must violate their values in order to maintain those values; and that while movie stars may strut in the bright light of our adulation for pretending to be heroes, true heroes often must slink in the shadows, slump-shouldered and despised — then and only then will we be able to pay President Bush his due and make good and true films about the war on terror.

Perhaps that’s when Hollywood conservatives will be able to take off their masks and speak plainly in the light of day.

Mr. Klavan has won two Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America. His new novel, “Empire of Lies” (An Otto Penzler Book, Harcourt), is about an ordinary man confronting the war on terror.

Well there it was. I just had to post that gut-wrenching piece of shit in it’s entirety, how fitting that the hack who wrote it has a novel called “Empire of Lies” but of course it’s not the only one, far be it from neocons to actually use anything remotely resembling originality (note the hysterical commercial from the war criminal McCain comparing Jesus Obama to the ubiquitous Paris Hilton and that twisted little fuck bunny Brittney Spears – only in America), the Bush-Batman comparisons are rapidly spreading through the reich wing brain dead blogosphere and accompanying fascist media machine like freshly torched gas from a lighted Heineken fart. Even Spanky Limbaugh weighs in on it (no pun intended) as he panders to his addle brained dittohead dipshit co-dependent audience. In a strange bit of irony that largely goes unmentioned (especially in conservative circles) the guy who played Batman was recently arrested for beating his mother – real swell for the ‘values’ volk but certainly not surprising that the bottom feeders identify with such behavior. As with George W. Bush the Oedipus Complex seems to run deep with the sort of deviant fucks who gravitate the the fascist Republican party.

I haven’t actually seen The Dark Knight myself as of yet although I plan on it. I loved the first one and am a big Christopher Nolan fan (you have just got to fucking see The Prestige if you haven’t already) and even better it is supposed to have the trailer for my favorite graphic novel of all time, Watchmen premiered before it. The Dark Knight’s reviews have been spectacular and I tend to like movies that are more than a bit on the dark side, after all, the world is certainly not a candy-coated apple like far too many ass ostriches and Pollyannas skipping down their white picket fence lined primrose paths to perdition would like to believe it is. It is a serious morality play in which Batman must cross the lines of morality to take down a psychotic and vicious enemy in Heath Ledger’s Joker. who is pretty much a ‘terrorist’ in this one (actually a chaos loving anarchist would be a better description but in the post-Orwell era of 2008 what the fuck are words really worth?) and the think tankers have brilliantly seized on the plotline to unbelievably try to plant their freak flags right in the middle of Gotham City as justification for their ongoing war on American ideals and their savage stealing away of our freedoms under the cover of darkness.

It should come as no surprise that I feel the same tactics and worldview is merited when confronted with those who don’t play by the rules and the neocons and their ilk are the real life villains who I speak of. To hell with peering into Nietzsche’s abyss because sometimes you really DO have to become a monster to fight one and the fascist Republican war on America has certainly been waged by immoral monsters against a largely innocent albeit woefully ignorant public. I have always said that if you are going to deal with the large scale extermination projects that really rid us of our rats and cockroaches that you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, in order to deal with slime you have to be willing to climb down into the gutter in which it resides. I dig Batman but really V For Vendetta is much more my bag when it comes to getting down and dirty with the scum and it is a much more serious depiction of the neocons and their perfect society as laid forth by Leo Strauss, Karl Schmidt and the rest of the fucking Nazis who so have so inspired them as they have hijacked America using their dirty little coup d’etat that 9/11 provided cover for.

Despite all the adoration of the extra-legal tactics utilized by the Batman as he throws down with the Joker an important point that is missed by the neocon goofballs is that while Batman may engage in illegal surveillance, random beatings and renditions, hard core vigilantism and a general willingness to operate outside the pesky confines of the law like Dirty Harry or any other stock action figure of the past thirty years he is doing so for a good reason – trying to save Gotham City from evil and the existential threat that the Joker represents. The key distinction however that is missed is that he is not engaging in these sort of end runs around the law for the purpose of illegally eavesdropping and blackmailing journalists and political opponents, thumping those who may be nuisances to the looting spree, imprisoning without trial members of an opposition political party and providing protection for the racketeers who pay the Republican crime machine for their mob style tactics. Also Batman doesn’t engage in torturing naked Muslim men in gruesomely sadistic, sexually perverse tableaus which are then presumably filmed for the enjoyment of the sick fucks who run this big time con game that by now has become more revolting than even a jar of fresh vomit. The Rovian revisionism and use of movies and pop culture to manufacture consent for a very anti-American agenda would really be approaching parody if it weren’t so dangerous.

These neocons are very strange people, one would speculate that they are fixated on black leather batsuits which would indicated a serious kink factor leaning towards BDSM, I can only imagine them going gaga over George Clooney’s nippled bat suit and codpiece in the colossal failure Batman and Robin. There was also GOP hero and son of former Nazi goon Arnold Schwarzenegger in that one so the orgasm accelerator must have been irresistible. Then again, in this idolatry of Batman’s crusade against the Joker maybe they are still more than a little pissed off at the late Heath Ledger for putting a burr under the saddle of the great American macho John Wayne archetype by playing a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. There are certainly a lot of seriously conflicted folks over in the Cult of the Elephant and for every Larry Craig that is exposed trying to suck a cock in a public toilet stall there are many more who are smart enough to keep a lower profile.

For those who are buffs of both history and American pop culture you may remember a certain Dr. Fredric Wertham who wrote a book called Seduction of the Innocent on the dangerous effects of comic books on America’s youth that was then used as justification for a Congressional inquiry into the comic book industry back in the heyday of the good ole Joseph McCarthy era. Wertham’s gaydar went off when he speculated that Batman and Robin may have indeed (and I shit you not) been homosexual partners and that Batman comics were a potential endorsement of such heinous and deviant lifestyles (I speak tongue in cheek of course, the water fountains in much of the country were still in many places still labeled as “colored” back in those days), he also inferred that Wonder Woman was a lesbian and railed against lurid depictions of murders in the popular horror comics of that day that ultimately resulted in the Comics Code Authority which was created as a form of self censorship by the industry.

Could it be that Wertham may actually have been onto something real? Perhaps Batman did trigger latent, prurient impulses in some – one can imagine the little wimpy Jewboy Billy Kristol beating off over Batman comic books in a darkened coat closet in daddy’s upper east side digs, his Joker like grin already present as the demons in his noodle that would one day lead him to become a shill for mass murder on a grand scale feasting on the darkness of those little psychological cues that were sinisterly implanted in the stories. Normal dudes jacked off to hard and soft core porn, semi-normal (although sheltered dudes like boy Kristol) at least jacked off to Catwoman but now we are living in the PNAC world of sick freaks and fantasy as reality so who the fuck knows that the fuck people jack off to anymore…Armageddon perhaps?

I don’t know, as freaky as it may be it is possible that Dr. Wertham is right about the leather fetishes and shit and perhaps the Murdoch Journal has a point that that bat cowl could fit squarely on King George’s pointy little head – after all, Jeff Gannon was sitting on someone’s face during all of those back door White House visits that he made awhile back.

Jesus Fucking Christ, is nothing sacred to these diseased pigfuckers

Pissing In The Neocon Holiday Punchbowl

Chalk up a rare score for the real government against the usurpers and traitors in Dick Cheney’s shadow government and their Pentagon and media moles who piggybacked their filthy little coup d’etat onto the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11 using Edward Luttwak’s model and their parallel COG (Continuity Of Government) infrastructure. Monday’s surprise release of the explosive National Intelligence Estimate bombshell on Iran’s nuclear weapons program continues to reverberate with the usurpers of the levers of American power desperately scrambling to keep the attack plans for a strike on Iran in play. This running drop kick to the groin of the war mongers in their run up to another war also sadly put a damper on the return of the prodigal Wolfowitz as well not exactly the welcome back gift that the comb sucking freak would have expected. Junta leader George W. Bush in trying to polish the turd that is his neocon kill em all and let God sort em out laterforeign policy trotted out for a press conference and in his typical stuttering and inarticulate style like some drunken loser of a salesman who just can’t close the deal badgered reporters and reinterpreted the NIE to continue Cheney’s PNAC agenda:

“And so, you know, kind of Psychology 101 ain’t working. It’s just not working, you know? I am — I understand the issues. I clearly see the problems and I’m going to use the NIE to continue to rally the international community for the sake of peace.”
But the real questions have yet to be seriously asked by the lapdog press corps and the national pocket media – why have the Bush-Cheney-Neocon Axis of Evil continued to mount a massive international propaganda campaign to gin up an attack on Iran if the conclusions of the NIE have been known for months?
The constant barrage of apocalyptic conjecture on the same level with the smoking guns as mushroom clouds that led to the disaster in Iraq has been broadcast by every one of the same corrupt media outlets that were accomplices in allowing the Bushists to lie the country into that war and now the same brazen fabrications and outright fibs are being peddled again. Dan Froomkin did a good piece the other day on Le Enfant Terrible’s press conference in his White House Watch column over at the Washington Post online entitled Neck-Snapping Spin From the President and has been hot on the follow up all week so check it out. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has also been hot on Bush’s deliberate ramping up of the rhetoric to attack Iran despite knowing the NIE’s conclusions and were Congress to have either a spine or a willingness to stand up to the 800 pound gorillas of the Israel Lobby there would be preparations for impeachment on the table right now as well as a serious investigation into how deep that the rabbit hole really goes when it comes to the infiltration and influence of the American political apparatus. Another wing would need to be added at Gitmo to imprison all of the traitors who have colluded to lure this country into wars against America’s self interests. Right now The Lobby is in overdrive working to keep the game rigged in their favor and given that it is an election year and our corrupt politicians grovel at their feet for the campaign contibutions that are like crack cocaine to any seeking to be competitive my money is on them.
It should be no surprise that some of the loudest bitching outside of the usual snake pits and mole nests like the American Enterprise Institute and the National Review Online naturally comes from that shitty little oasis of corruption, violence and paranoia that has been the bane of our existence over the past seven fucking years of one sided Muslim smashing foreign policy. The right-wing extremists who control the state of Israel are apoplectic as the selling of their war as America’s war is now openly being called out as the bullshit that it always has been. Iran is not an existential threat to America, never has been and never will be no matter how much the neocon propaganda mills churn out fake stories about Iranian Jews being forced to wear yellow badges , that Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage takers at the American embassy back in 1979 (this one resonates especially well with members of the Reagan cult), that Iran had dispatched suicide bomb teams to the U.S. and Europe, that Ahmadinejad threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” which was a mistranslation (likely intentional) that has been used to launch the entire Iran as Nazi Germany product line, that Iran was behind a buildup of Hezbollah in South America to strike the U.S. and in what truly is designed to appeal to the prurient interests of lurid sex obsessed America that Iran was going to start executing porn stars – this one was so embarassing that CNN has since taken it down. After the NIE, the cable ‘news’ network that boasts Glenn Beck as one of their top stars was forced to cancel their planned holiday fear mongering opus “We Were Warned — Iran Goes Nuclear.”These are but a few examples of the hundreds if not thousands of the gigantic propaganda campaign to demonize Iran in preparation for the attack at the behest of that parasitic police state, but I digress….
From Mc Clatchy’s story Israeli officials reject U.S. findings on Iran Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (who Bush leaked the NIE to two days prior to it’s release) whined that:
“Even after this report, the American stance will still focus on preventing Iran from attaining nuclear capability,” Olmert said. “We will expend every effort along with our friends in the U.S. to prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.”
WE? Now this may cause me to be labelled as the boor at the party by some readers but isn’t it time to ask the obvious question: Just WHO is fucking dictating U.S. policy?
When the tail begins to wag the dog it then it is a cancer and cancer needs to be cut out or cut off – from funding that is. The United States gives away billions of taxpayer dollars per year with no strings attached in military aid to Israel to finance Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the bombing of civilians and there shouldn’t be another red fucking cent given to them until they get their asses to the peace table and get down to some good faith negotiations that could lead to the end of the slaughter. I can’t think of anything that I personally hate seeing my tax dollars (and I hate a lot of they ways that they are used to promote war and violence)spent on more than on than funding a militant foreign regime that represents and ongoing threat to world peace, is hell bent on using genocidal killing sprees to carve out Lebensraum and is armed to the teeth with hundreds of nukes. These weapons of mass destruction if and when push comes to shove could be unleashed in some lunatic plan called “The Samson Option” that is eerily reminiscent of General Jack D. Ripper’s maelstrom of madness in Dr. Strangelove where he locked down an Air Force base and sent the nuclear armed B-52’s on a renegade mission to nuke Russia. Those crazy fucking bastards in the extremist right wing circles of the Israeli government according to their Samson Option would actually unleash a massive final strike against the entire Arab population of the Middle East and as has become evident to anybody who can recognize stark raving mad fanaticism may even include Europe and quite possibly America. Hell, could anyone even put it past them that they could be using actual nuclear blackmail (as well as the long rumored sexual blackmail traps that have been ongoing) against the United States right now? How many of those Israeli nukes are targeted at American cities? It takes someone with one hell of a lot of chutzpah to come right out and publicly override the results of the entire U.S. intelligence community that has now emphatically gone on record as saying that Iran halted their nuclear weapons program in 2003. Just who in the fuck do these arrogant pricks think that they are – God’s chosen people or something?
Time for Israel to go it alone, it is neither cost effective nor in the long term interests of America to continue to play golem for a pack of hostile, illogical and indignant warmongers so let them for once go forth and fight their own battles. May they attack Natanz with the same vicious, no quarter savagery that they unleashed on the USS Liberty four decades ago and then let them deal with the blowback – it’s not our problem. Israel is like that freeloading drunken relative who insists on ‘blessing’ the family with his/her presence during the holidays and then proceeds to destroy everything that was planned by loving but naïve family members with good intentions and an ill placed sense of loyalty and tolerance towards a maladaptive idiot who fucks up everything on an annual basis and turns what should be a joyous time of peaceful enjoyment into a cross between National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
And let them for once reap the whirlwind for their militarism and insanity as America renounces their unconscionable favoritism for Israeli extremists over Palestine and everyone else in the region. Time to reclaim the moral high ground by ousting the moral reprobates and their destructive ideologies and to act as an honest broker for peace. After the grand fucking that the world has been given by the criminal junta that seized power with an iron fist on 9/11 it is imperative that the war pigs be brought to heel once and for all and for the USA to cast off the garish costume of an empire of fear to once again become that shining city on the hill. Maybe like other rogue states Israel can just be threatened to be carpet bombed back to the Stone Age, kind of along the lines of what they tried to do to Beirut last summer – now THAT would level the playing field against their neighbors and their mutual festering centuries old religious hatred, let them all fight it out with sticks and fucking stones just like in the good old days.

The hard liners are still determined to have their goddamned war and suck the U.S. into it so to put it as Winston Wolf so eloquently once said “Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet” because dark forces are scrambling to regain the iniative, the NIE is a brief reprieve that only buys a bit of time to further damage the doomsday machine. The American neocons and their right-wing whacko Israeli cohorts will now redouble their efforts to avenge this embarassing poke in the eye and barring the long overdue total explosion of Dick Cheney’s black heart the full force of the shadow government will be thrown behind a desperation fourth down all out blitz. The pocket media will be brought to heel, the public will be relentlessly bludgeoned into a near catatonic state of fear and the entire fucking playbook will be emptied to regain the initiative for their escalation of the war of civilizations. The Republican presidential candidates for 2008 (with the exception of Ron Paul) will also jack up their already bombastic rhetoric to the next level. Look for the next ‘debate’ to be a testosterone fueled, muscle flexing, Muslim bashing, torture drenched infomercial for Armageddon that will at worst provide the heretofore fractioning knuckle dragging lumpen Republican base with a unifying cause to let slip the dogs of war (not to mention the allure of a crusade against the she devil Rodham-Clinton) and at best will induce mass madness as the lunatic fringe take to the streets with blood curdling shrieks to launch a series of pogroms against liberals, pacifists and the usual scapegoats for their pathetic fucked up lives.

In any sane country the legislature, the courts and those still loyal and sane within the military command structure would be compelled to launch an immediate decapitation strike against an administration that has reached the end of the river and immediately arrest and frog march both George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney out of the White House and leg irons, restore control of the war machine to rational forces and weed out the moles, party hacks and fanatics before we are all in concentration camps sucking in nuclear fallout because that is the endgame to all of this lunacy for anyone not salivating over their seat assignment for the Rapture. This however is post 9/11 America and we only have the Vichy Democrats as a toilet tissue paper thin firewall against fullblown fascism and World War III. As for our elected officials now is the time to stop worrying about who was videotaped with someone’s dick, fist or rubber dildo in their mouth, asshole, vagina (or elsewhere) or whatever other unspeakable acts of debauchery and sodomy may be being held over their heads like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, or even if it is something as trivial of common corruption (hell, we expect that of politicians) it’s time to come clean in the best interests of America and reject the threats of The Lobby, people are catching on and pretty soon there will be far greater worries than appeasement of foreign agents – like trials for treason. As Pat Buchanan once correctly put it Congress is Israeli occupied territory and it’s way past time that a thorough housecleaning is done so those who are sworn to defend the Constitution start putting America first because all of the rest of it is just rot and corruption and runs counter to our own national interests.

I am sure that this post could potentially land me on Jane Harman’s shitlist as well as a place in a database for the day that the treacherous little fucking rat Lieberman consummates the anti-American H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 and commences the traveling carnival of perversion of McCarthyist modern day ‘red baiting’ and blacklisting but just fuck them all nonetheless.
All I want for Christmas is to wake up from this fucking long-running nightmare.

Fred Thompson? Why Not Fred Flintstone?

Still desperately seeking to reincarnate the right-wing crackpot, commie basher, fink and phony western hero turned Social Darwinist pitchman Ronald Reagan the flailing remnants of the juggernaut that was the Republican party is casting a longing eye towards that little glass screen and getting high off of the fumes of that sweet opiate high that emanates from the national cult of celebrity. After last week’s national fucking embarrassment of the South Carolina GOP debate exposed the gaggle of goofballs competing for a shot at King George’s throne and all of the powers of the unitary executive as a bunch of amoral hucksters, charlatans and fear pimps the Republicans need to rapidly find a plan B. Outside of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s daring to bring up the real stuff and not the sideshows of fear, abortion and those damned homosexuals the bunch that was trotted out in Columbia were just more of the same finely suited shills for a nation gone to seed.

Rudy Giuliani: His pompous grandstanding and misinformed smackdown of dark horse Paul’s introduction of the unwelcome and alien concept known as reality was a testament to both his shameless pandering to the red state fascists as well as his sole ownership of that holy grail of Republican politics that is 9/11. After all, he did happen to be the mayor when the fucking attacks took place and he was in the streets as he likes to boast primarily because the oily ass clown had his command center in WTC7 – you know, the building that just happened to fall down hours after the twin towers were hit? And did I forget to mention that his wife was once employed by a company that murdered dogs?

Mitt Romney: Another Massachusetts flip-flopper with the looks of a matinee idol and the charm of a repo man but make no mistake, Romney is a slithering snake who will sell out everybody in his quest for the White House. Hell, John ‘Frenchy’ Kerry rode the straight talk express compared to this ‘Bean Town’ bullshit artist who is the most conniving rat outside of Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award winner “The Departed”. Romney is a triangulating flim flam man trying to parlay his anchorman good looks into landing the GOP nomination by advocating expanding Gitmo because we just aren’t fucking torturing enough people already. Would you buy a car from this man?

John McCain: Another flip-flopper trying to have it both ways on every issue while at the same time sucking up the black ops political fixers of the Bushreich who laid him low with slander and push poll insinuation in South Carolina in 2000 and recently departed radical cleric Jerry Falwell. McCain is as corrupt as they come despite the ‘maverick’ media hype, don’t forget the Keating Five scandal and his unholy alliance with that bloodsucking little prick Joe Lieberman. There was the great Baghdad market photo op where he needlessly exposed our troops to harm and that likely resulted in the abduction and slaughter of 21 of the market workers whose lives were sacrificed for the Manchurian candidate’s vainglorious stroll through the Mesopotamian charnel house.

Duncan Hunter, Tommy Thompson, Manny, Moe and Jack are irrelevant and I won’t even bother including in the group the three retrograde moron poltroons who proclaimed that they didn’t believe in evolution or Ron Paul who as a man who dared to bring up that inconvenient about the disastrous blowback that occurs due to our longstanding foreign policy of stealing resources, propping up murderous dictatorial regimes and spreading ‘democracy’ at gunpoint. He has already been mocked and marginalized by the fifth columnist shills in the pocket media and will very soon be unceremoniously dumped from the ‘debates’. The LAST thing that the Republicans or the establishment in general wants is a party pooper who could give away the whole game.

To further stack the deck for mass consumption (aka lemming food) the ‘debate’ was held in front of a Foxed up, carefully screened audience of Neanderthals, outright sadists and red state fascists and knuckle-dragging peckerwood morons straight out of Mississippi Burning who would be certain to whoop it up for the cameras whenever the designated fascist talking points were spewed. Take the raucous applause when the goodfella Guiliani tried to shank Paul for his comments on bombing and blowback which would form the basis for the operatives and FOX fifth-columnists to launch their swift boat attack, or the hoots of approval during mentions of torture which in the pre-9/11 world was something that the bad guys resorted to, back before America the land of the free and home of the brave took that dark journey through the looking glass and emerged as Amerika land of the fearful and home of the slaves.

The latest American hero, psychotic torturer Jack Bauer’s name was mentioned with only slightly less reverence than that of the Gipper during the previous get together showing with ever more clarity the blurring of the lines between fantasy and reality in TV nation.

I already looked at the dangerous influence of FOX’s smash hit 24 in one of my recent posts entitled Jack Bauer: America’s Favorite Nazi and the barrage of references to torture and Bauer by men seeking to wield the power of what is arguably the world’s greatest military machine and intelligence network should terrify any sane citizen of this rapidly deteriorating republic as well as those who it targets as it’s enemies: both foreign and domestic and if I were Michael Moore I would be seriously looking into applying for citizenship in a country without an extradition treaty with Der Heimat, but more on him later.

It is quite obvious that none of the buffons onstage stands a snowball’s chance in hell against the long pre-selected candidate of the financial oligarchs, the blood barters and AIPAC to carry the day in a general election (presuming that it hasn’t already been fixed by Karl Rove’s chicanery) against Queen Hillary. The philandering fascist dwarf Newt Gingrich is still threatening to slime his way into the race like a starving rat crawling into a house through a dryer vent but his liabilities far outweigh his massive ego so he is toast even if he did appear on James Dobson’s national brainwashing network to give a mea culpa over his adulterous ways. None of this had to happen either, but the carefully cultivated successor to that great phony western hero iconography George Felix Allen went down in a blaze of ugly public racial comments, hubris and lurid tales of stuffing deer heads into black folks’ mailboxes during a Senatorial reelection campaign so completely bungled and mismanaged by the lamentable Dick Wadhams that it could have been Bob Schrum in disguise. But alas, when the dude ranch desperado went down to James Webb last November the GOP was left in the lurch without the next Reagan. As the day is getting later and the situation more dire it is now time for the great man on horseback to ride to the rescue and turn back the hordes of secular liberal varmints and renegade paleoconservatives.

Here comes Fred Dalton Thompson to continue to drag America back to the future.

After the GOP hype machine and the pocket media echo chamber gets finished pushing the supposed virtues and credentials of yet another bad actor as Reagan redux the neocons will have their champion. Personally I have always thought that Thompson sucked as an actor. He spends the majority of his onscreen time towering, glowering and mumbling in a voice that is reminiscent of a man with a mouthful of marbles or Mushmouth from those old Fat Albert cartoons. His performances are totally unimpressive and devoid of any actual thespian skills to all but the red state yokels who are still addicted to reruns of The Dukes of Hazard. But that is strictly my opinion, others see him much differently.

Take Liz Garrigan of the ‘Nashville Scene’ writing at Mockingbird Central more formerly known as The Washington Post. By the time that she gets done building up Fred with her slavering columns like ‘He Sure Can Act The Part’ Thompson will be right up there behind Jesus and Jack Daniels in the Volunteer State and on the rise nationally. Here is a few paragraphs of Garrigan’s nauseating tripe:

Like voters everywhere, we Tennesseans want our politicians to be part professor, part John Wayne. But the top-tier candidates in the GOP field so far — John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney — somehow lack that magic merger of smarts and swagger, which is probably why nearly half of Republican voters say they’re still waiting for the right candidate. Well, their John Wayne is standing just outside the corral.

He is Fred Dalton Thompson, and while he’s no admiral, he has played one in the movies. The former senator is also the third man from our humble horizontal Southern state to be touted as presidential material in the past year, after former Senate majority leader Bill Frist and former vice president Al Gore. Thompson has yet to raise a nickel — or a presidential posse — but grass-roots Republicans from the East Coast to the West already see the man with the low drawl and the towering stature as their political savior. But is he?

It wouldn’t be the first time a B-list actor united the country. In fact, part of what this former ladies’ man has going for him is widespread Ronald Reagan nostalgia. That, and he’s a refreshing contrast to the calculating likes of Gore and even Frist: He’s a guy with a Senate legacy of bipartisanship and even-handedness. (When he led the Senate investigation into 1996 campaign-finance irregularities, he targeted not just the Clinton-Gore White House but Republicans, too.)

And he knows how to play the political game. At the start of his Senate race in 1994, Thompson was a high-dollar Washington lawyer and lobbyist who drove a Lincoln Continental, lived in a condo and wore dark suits and ties to even the most folksy barbecue-and-beans Tennessee campaign appearances. But nobody — nobody with an echo, anyway — accused him of being phony when he eventually decided to prop up his flailing bid with, well, props: a getup of jeans and work shirt and some down-home locomotion in the form of a used cherry-red Chevy pickup truck that he drove across the state and featured in television ads to transform his campaign.

All of which makes him some combination of brilliant and lucky as hell.

But there’s more to it than that. Unlike his Democratic native-son counterpart Gore, who was picked apart like so much Tennessee roadkill in 2000 for his campaign-consultant-directed wardrobe transformation from dark suits to warmer tones, Thompson was rewarded for his makeover from slick silk-stocking lawyer to accomplished hayseed. In 1996, when he won election to his first full term, more Tennesseans voted for Thompson than for any other politician in state history.

RETCH! To cut through the party line bullshit and put it in layman’s terms Fred Dalton Thompson is just the latest version of a bad product made palatable by a crackerjack marketing campaign. Thompson has also endeared himself to the angry hordes of white male loser Michelle Maladong/Glenn Beck watching miscreants with his attacks on Michael Moore for his visit to Cuba during the filming of his new movie SiCKO. Moore’s last movie Fahrenheit 9/11 went far too easy on the fourth generation criminal George W. Bush for my liking but it was effective and exposed some ugly truths to millions of Americans who had been kept in the dark. Attacking Bush and the war is one thing but SiCKO goes after the very paymasters of Thompson and his ilk – the health care lobbying leviathan that finances the legislative fornication at the Washington whorehouses where business is conducted. Look for lots of cash to come sluicing into Thompson’s campaign from that particular group of johns.

Thompson also has the trick of feeding red meat to the jihadists of the Republican base down as he is the lead attack basset hound going after the hated Moore. The GOP vendetta against Moore for his trip to Cuba is just more of the same standard use of the government as an arm of the Republican party Gestapo that has become commonplace during the reign of the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil. Thompson is just reading from the same tired old script in flogging that old Cold War nag that just doesn’t get too many folk outside of the most dug in enclaves of dead ender members of the John Birch Society or the raving lunatic Cubans in the Miami area who have already tried once to book the Orange Bowl for an orgy of ghoulishness when Fidel does kick or the mental midgets who watch FOX. Thompson and Moore have had a go round with Freddy spewing invective about internment and Moore challenging the big man to a debate on national health care. Thompson of course did the manly Republican thing – he declined. “I have been looking at my schedule Michael and you know I don’t have time for you” during a staged photo op where the new Reagan was smoking a Cuban cigar.

Ironically Michael Moore is being targeted for prosecution by the Bushist junta under the Trading With The Enemies Act which those who don’t rely on the corporatist pocket media for their information will instantly recognize that this is the same law under which the assets of George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush’s company were seized by FDR for doing business with Hitler’s Nazis. And if what I have heard about the Cuban footage in SiCKO is true then Moore has really done it by daring to rub Rudy and the 9/11 party’s noses in a big pile of the same bullshit that they have been shovelling down the throats of Americans for the past five and a half fucking years. The first responders on 9/11 who are suffering from inhaling toxic substances – which Rudy and the government tried to cover up – were taken to Gitmo by Moore to find that the terrorists interned there get better health care than they do. This is going to be a bomb that will detonate in theatres across the land next month unless the Bushists are able to get their way and suppress it which will be a public relations disaster of unprecedented proportions that even Big Fred won’t be able to overcome.

The Republicans are going to learn pretty quickly that you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Instead of continuing to cling to a failed set of anti-American ideologies like a life preserver adrift in a sea of shit it is time to just come clean and admit what is obvious – Reaganism, neoliberalism, imperialism and globalism along with the tapeworm economy that they are all dependent upon DO NOT FUCKING WORK! They have been robbing us blind, dismantling the middle class, selling off the national infrastructure to foreigners, looting the treasury, eradicating the Constitution, setting up a police state, turning the USA into a world pariah and now with the importation of unregulated food ingredients from China just to make a few more fucking bucks they are poisoning us. When in the Hell is enough enough? Do babies have to start dying from the same tainted imported shit additives that have already killed thousands of pets before Americans get off their fucking asses, put down their goddamned remote TV controls and take to the streets to scream “I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”?

So instead of rolling out Franken Freddy as yet another pitchman for the same disastrous shit isn’t it time for the Republican party to try something different while there is still an existing framework for a political system in America?

How About – Be Like Ike? For a party so steeped in the past it would refreshing for a change if they would pick another era other than the stone age to emulate.