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A Preponderance of Useful Idiots

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

-Robert A. Heinlein

One of the major reasons for my recent decision to retire from blogging is that I just became fed up with the ugly and unavoidable truth that we are living in a real life version of the movie Idiocracy. It’s not that this is any sort of a big surprise or anything it’s just how all-encompassing that it has become since the election of President Barack Obama. The mass delusion extends from both the ‘left’ or more appropriately the silly-assed utopians and thin-skinned political correctness Nazis that now comprise it as well as the ever more bizarre, ridiculous and living in a different fucking universe altogether teabaggers. In this time of horrendous woe, with the sheen finally coming off of the Green Shoots propaganda blitz that along with bogus bank stress tests, the elimination of the mark-to-market accounting rules that allowed the Wall Street criminals to value their asswipe derivatives at whatever the fuck they decided was necessary to keep the bonuses coming it is increasingly obvious that the only CHANGE since the Obama era began is that we as Americans have become even stupider than ever before.

Not only is the childish belief that the disemboweled economy is getting better being exposed as total bullshit in the aftermath of Friday’s catastrophic 3 % plunge in the DJIA (Dick Jammed In Ass) but the lies of B.P. and the corporate rats in the Obama administration about the environmental catastrophe that is the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico (DRILL BABY DRILL!) that this biosphere destroying example of good old stick it to you American Capitalism being under control are just becoming a bit too audacious for all but the most delusional O-Bot to buy. The birds are coming home to roost my friends, and they will be coated in plenty of oil as they reach the shores of the Gulf states. Especially devastated will be the diseased penis of America better known as the state of Florida, I find it deliciously ironic that the GOP have decided to hold their 2012 convention in Tampa. By then the local beaches should be covered in oil, of course that won’t stop their diseased and wretched local teaparty activists from showing up by the thousands in acoration of that filthy little salsa-dipped Nazi prick Marco Rubio, the Joan of Arc of the bats in the belfry bible-thumping hockey moms (or Grizzlies or whatever the fuck it is this week) as well as the prophet of modern times that is Glenn Beck. The GOP high-rollers may not get the beach time but it is a goddamned written-in-stone guarantee that the bare pussy bars on Dale Mabry Hwy will be doing record business and the local hookers are already deliirious at the prospect of the family values crowd rolling into town. Hell, there is probably going to be a surge in underground lesbian bondage bars opening in anticipation of Michael Steele and his pigboys alone descending enmasse with RNC credit cards.

All of this though is immaterial, the good old U.S. of A is a failed state, so corrupted and broken and populated by the rankest of swine has our entire political process become that it’s only a matter of months until we at least unofficially become a banana republic. The news just keeps getting worse, the police state keeps expanding its powers and the corporate media is doing it’s bought and paid for duty in digging up the good old Natalee Holloway again to trot out for the masses of asses, of course this corpse-humping is no less dispicable than the typical spinning of the latest Israeli human rights atrocities, like murder in cold blood of those activists on the Gaza aid flotilla earlier in the week. Dogs bark, birds fly, pigs wallow in shit and the mainstream media lies – it is what they are supposed to do. They are today trumpeting the arrest of the latest “jihadists” The sanctioning of the criminal activities of the New Hitler Bibi Netanyahu’s genocidal regime by beloved neocon stooges like the insidious Washington Post propagandist Charles Krauthammer whose standard Jew baiting has reached the level of parody with his latest malodorous piece of garbage entitled Those Troublesome Jews are pumping out loads of horseshit  at even a faster volume than the ruptured pipe from the Deepwater Horizon is spewing black death. It’s going to continue too as the recalcitrant Netanyahu reportedly now has maniacally stationed Israeli nuclear subs off the coast of Iran and like the real Hitler in those dark and final days down in the bunker before he popped cyanide and fellated his Walther PPK is a man with nothing left to lose…only Hitler didn’t have nukes and Bibi does. The Rapture is coming you morons but you are just going to be incinerated with the rest of us heathens while God laughs his jolly white ass off at all of you buffoons.  

Jesus Fucking Christ, where was I?

Oh, back to the topic of useful idiots. We have been dealt a staggering loss in the war against stupidity in this pathetic shell of a country and we aren’t coming back. That much is a certainty. Just for the sheer hell of it I dropped by one of my old haunts back before I became convinced that much of the ‘left’ was as deranged and loopy as their more openly fascist right-wing counterparts and wandered into a pitiful defense of the moral coward Buddy Dharma’s jackbooted Daily Kos style of censorship over ANY discussion of the blatant inhumanity of the Israeli rogue state. I figured what the fuck and just let it all rip since the place is below anyone with any semblance of either dignity or a functional thought process to begin with. My very troublesome (but pragmatic) suggestion to threaten to nuke Tel Aviv to initiate a massive uprising against the Netanyahu-Lieberman government before they succeed in starting World War III was flushed down the memory hole within 30 seconds with Kosian efficiency. From that point on I just trashed that filthy overrated sleazeball Buddy and his minions until my account was terminated (it took about three minutes total) once and for all. The point of this is that the ‘left’ or the sorry remnants of what was once a strong, economically moral, pro-America and pro-labor movement is as responsible for the state of terminal rot that this country is now entrapped in as any of the idiot teabaggers (who I will get to in a minute). What passes for triumph with these people are the small victories, like mobilizing to fight for the revocation of the prejudicial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about gays serving in the military. Trust me idiots, this would NEVER be revoked if the military didn’t desperately need more cannon fodder for the great Obama’s Afghanistan crusade. The ‘left’ also finds it a huge victory when MSNBC corporate shill Rachel Maddow can successfully bait an abject moron like Rand Paul into making an asinine statement about the Civil Rights Act on cable television and then the DNC talking points can make hay out of yet another strawman. Incidentally, while I have often defended Ron Paul for his principles (many other things I am in serious disagreement on) I have no illusions that his son is anything other than a slightly more articulate version of George W. Bush. So really, while the useful idiots on the ‘left’ drive me to teeth-grinding frustration how can I really just walk away and let the worst of them continue to do their parts to administer the final fucking of America?

The answer is that I can’t….and so I am back.

In an attempt to make some sort of sense out of my disillusionment, a few months ago I signed up to receive emails and to post on our local Tea Party Meetup. It was my naïve hope that at least some of these people could be reached, that they could be peeled away from the shrieking berserkers, the dregs of our doomed society and the unrepentant bigots. What can I say? I was badly mistaken. In the beginning I actually had some hope as one of their honcho organizers was a local neurosurgeon who had run afoul of the press with his circulation of the infamous Obama witch-doctor cartoon (definitely racist) had sent me an email. I suspect that it was inadvertently a response to his email list that was captured when I had previously sent him a rant calling him out as a right-wing Nazi. He was actually a very nice guy and we exchanged emails for awhile discussing the sort of serious philosophical issues such as collectivism versus individualism that are lost on the average teabagger who couldn’t find his or her own ass without directions from Glenn Fucking Beck. The Doc was decent enough to me and was grateful for my respect so I figured that I’d see what the rest of them were like. After all, could I really judge the actions of an entire group based on the actions of the most vile of them? There had to be real people there whose shared frustrations could be reasoned with into some sort of a rational attempt to bring about systemic change.

I was at first welcomed and the administrator (a very nice lady) said that they could learn from me. After a while though it was obvious that this was no grass roots movement pissed off at the government but rather a fully owned subsidiary of the Republican party.

Get a load of some of these post titles and content:

New Meetup: National Day of Prayer


Brighthouse Field
601 N Old Coachman Rd
Clearwater, FL 33755

The 58th Annual National Day of Prayer (NDP) will be held May 6th at 7 p.m. at Brighthouse Field in Clearwater. In cities all around the country, people will gather to pray to God for the healing our great nation and the well-being of those that lead it.

Yes, PRAY.

Prayer has always been used in this country for guidance, protection and strength–even before we were a nation or a handful of colonies. The Pilgrims at Plymouth relied on prayer during their first and darkest winter.

In 1775, the Continental Congress designated a time for prayer to ask God’s intercession in forming a new nation. In our founding fathers’ eyes, our recently-created nation and freedoms were a direct gift from God. And being a gift from God, there was only one way to insure protection–through prayer.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln officially called for prayer in the midst of a crisis that was dividing our nation. It was his belief that, “it is the duty of nations as well as men, to owe their dependence upon the overruling power of God.”

As American troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944, President Franklin Roosevelt called for our nation to unite in prayer. He also offered a prayer to prepare each citizen for the road ahead. “Let our hearts be stout, to wait out the long travail, to bear sorrows that may come, to impart our courage unto our sons wheresoever they may be. And, O Lord, give us faith. Give us faith in Thee.”

In 1952 President Harry S. Truman officially established an annual event by an act of Congress, and the National Day of Prayer was signed into law.

President Ronald Reagan amended the law in 1988, designating the first Thursday of May each year as the official NDP.

Historically, the most visible gathering of the NDP is held at our nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C. The executive, legislative and judicial branches of government have been represented, along with the military. Unfortunately, this American tradition is yet another that Mr. Obama has chosen to ‘opt out’ of.

Mrs. Shirley Dobson, NDP chairman, reminds us: “We have lost many of our freedoms in America because we have been asleep. I feel if we do not become involved and support the annual National Day of Prayer, we could end up forfeiting this freedom, too.” How prophetic of her — just today (April 15) a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled the NDP unconstitutional, saying the government “cannot call for religious action”. Please join us to pray for our nation, while we are still allowed to do so!

So much for the Constitution lovin’ folks respect for the separation of church and state.The Jesus Nazis were there as well as the standard Republicans picking the low-hanging fruit. And if people are so fucking stupid to believe all of that Dobson Inc. hogwash about the Christian founders then any sort of association with them at all was going to be an exercise in stifling the gag reflex.

Here are more:

New Meetup: Marco Rubio & Mitt Romney (with this gruesome twosome any of that crap about a restoration of honest government is discredited)

New Meetup: Ladies Only – LOCK, LOAD, EAT (a bunch of sexually frustrated white old bats with guns and an infatuation with Sarah Palin.)

New Meetup: Flaunt the Flag Day (what would any gathering of right-wingers be without the inevitable flag worship, brings to mind Weimar Germany. Now as to the flag worship you do have to at least respect it and not use it to wipe your ass or burn it like so many of the hippie, Commie losers on the other side are prone to do. To quote the great Saul Alinsky who got it:

Even the most elementary grasp of the fundamental idea that one communicates within the experience of his audiende – and gives full respect to the other’s values – would have ruled out attacks on the American flag. The repsonsible organizer would have known that it is the establishment that has betrayed the flag while the flag, itself, remains the glorious symbol of America’s hopes and aspirations, and he would have conveyed this message to his audience.

It’s no wonder that Rules for Radicals by Alinsky is enjoying a resurgence of sales but to the Tea Partiers and NOT to the flag-burning pinkos on the fake left.

The place was pretty much a trolling ground for Republicans as every Tom, Dick and Marco was heralded as the second coming to these people. Finally, I had enough and I posted a scathing diatribe of how these self-proclaimed patriots were being hornswoggled by the same old crooks and that they were only being duped into thinking that it was the nasty black man in the White House who was taking over their country.

The response from the administrator was surprising, it was actually quite fragile considering the virulent nature of the Beckers and Palinazis and it certainly was more friendly than the champagne socialists and cruise missile liberators of oppressed women over at Docudharma.

I can’t write as beautifully as you but I think I can get my message across. We agree 100% with you that BOTH parties are responsible for the disasterous situation our country is in. Actually, I blame the Rep even more because I expect it from the Dems but truly didn’t from the Reps. 51% of this group are Democrats and Independents. I, like many others, are registered Rep. However, we are encouraging ALL members that are Independents to register as something so that they can vote in the

Primary. Have you gone to any of the PCREC meetings? You may find that a good place to discuss your opinions.

Ed, we are truly grassroots. We volunteer every spare minute we have from our jobs to run this group. We probably do a ton of things wrong but by God, we try so hard. When I think back to one year ago when, unfortunately, most of us were watching TV and shopping and I look at us now, I am so very proud. America is waking up. Hopefully, it is not too late. I have friends who think I am crazy. These are friends I have had for 50 plus years. They are STILL clueless. And when I try to talk to them, it falls on not only deaf ears, but they laugh at me. I feel closer to the people I have met this last year than I do to all of my old friends. Not all are awake yet. And some will never awaken. But, with people like you, we have a shot. Please recognize that the Tea Party/9.12 people are passionate, God fearing/loving individuals who are trying with every once in them to make a difference. We may not all be as bright as you but I guarantee we love our Country as much as you. Be patient. Let us all do our jobs. We can and we will make a difference. What we don’t need is to be put down by those people who are basically on the same side as us, just go about it in a different way.

I hope we can remain friends. I told you when you signed on that I thought we could learn a thing or two from you. I still believe that. But you can’t knock us down and then expect us to not fight back. That is no longer in our nature. Stick with us – calmly and respecfully tell us your thoughts and I think you just might be interested in what the members reactions might be. They may disagree with some of what you have to say but done correctly, we will learn from each other. Making them angry right off the bat will accomplish nothing.

Now this is a nice lady although misguided and my diatribe was obviously hurtful. She doesnt’ seem to post much over there having ceded the duties some real GOP cheerleader who has no shame in pimping the rotten party line to all of the hateful lemmings, dupes and just poor fucked over people with no other outlet for their frustrations. I did find some humor when some guy used his “WE THE PEOPLE” moniker to advertise for his local business and was castigated by the admins. Strange view for a collection of people whose sole goal in life is to sell Glenn Beck’s ghostwritten drivel in order to make him millions and to ensure that principled reformers like Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum can rise to power in order to preserve the tax breaks on yachts in Florida while pissing all over the poor slobs who are doing the legwork for them.

Sigh, that is just the way it is in America anymore. Is it any wonder that even one as stout as I can become disillusioned and just run away from the Brawndo vat as quickly as my legs can carry me?

Back in action my friends.

Just my two cents


Geithner And Government Protect Wall Street And Dump Main Street For India

Geithner And Government Protect Wall Street And Dump Main Street For India

By William Cormier (featured with our good friend Bill’s permission – Just Another Coverup)

In a speech that will not surprise anyone, Timothy Geithner, while on a two-day visit to India, pledged that our government would “not (to) harm India’s IT outsourcing sector as it battles to create jobs at home in the worst labour market since the Great Depression of the 1930s.” He went on to state that “protectionist measures to prevent jobs from migrating outside the country would do more harm to the US than good.” As he rambled on, placing international relations and Wall Street profits ahead of millions of unemployed American workers, Geithner dug in his heels and stated:

“protectionist measures to prevent jobs from migrating outside the country would not seek to curb the investments of US companies overseas as “our fortunes are tied with the world”.”

“We are not going to go down that path,” promised Mr Geithner. “We know that it would make us weaker, not stronger.” LINK

To make matters worse, Timothy Geithner stated that the Obama Administration:

“would not seek to curb the investments of US companies overseas as “our fortunes are tied with the world”.

Who exactly is Timothy Geithner speaking for when he states that “We know that it would make us weaker, not stronger?” We need to press the White House and Mr. “Globalist Geithner” to explain exactly who he is referring to when speaking about “us.” We also need to know how and why it would make the United States weaker if we quit outsourcing American jobs and pay our citizens decent wages rather than supporting the economies of other nations throughout the world.

It is obvious the us Mr. Geithner is speaking of is Corporate America and Wall Street investors, not millions of highly qualified American workers that have had their livelihoods stripped from them by greedy corporations who have placed profit above the health and welfare of the American people. The Obama Administration’s acquiescence to corporate profits and power is nauseating and directly conflicts with his campaign promises. This is the most outrageous and misleading statement that Geithner has made to date, IMO, and we must challenge this need of President Obama to support Corporate America while stating that his administration is doing their best to prop-up our jobs market. You can’t do both Mr. President; our work force is competent and to pull us out of this “jobless recovery,” we have to create more high-tech jobs and quit outsourcing our economy and future to other countries.

How much has corporate greed aided other nations while helping to destroy our own economy? Just in India, the article referred to herein states:

IT outsourcing, which is heavily dependent on business from the US, is one of India’s flagship economic sectors. Companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Genpact helped propel the economy to growth rates of 9 per cent before the global financial crisis and was responsible for creating 45 per cent of new jobs over the past 10 years.

I haven’t seen these statements circulated in our Mainstream News Media, and as usual, they are reporting upon anything and everything other than what concerns the welfare of our own country. We need to spread the word that President Obama is selling out American workers and pledging to support other economies rather than our own, and this is absolutely unacceptable!

William Cormier

Original Source Link

Editor’s Note – The story referenced from the Financial Times requires registration, for those who cannot afford to subscribe to this most important economic news in this time of national crisis I am posting the article below:

Geithner vows to block protectionism
By James Lamont in New Delhi

Published: April 7 2010 10:39 Last updated: April 7 2010 17:31

The US government has vowed not to harm India’s IT outsourcing sector as it battles to create jobs at home in the worst labour market since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary, said during a two-day visit to India that protectionist measures to prevent jobs from migrating outside the country would do more harm to the US than good.

“We are not going to go down that path,” promised Mr Geithner. “We know that it would make us weaker, not stronger.”

He also said that the administration of Barack Obama, president, would not seek to curb the investments of US companies overseas as “our fortunes are tied with the world”. There have been proposals to trim the tax privileges of US companies that operate internationally.
“American companies are long in the world,” Mr Geithner told Indian business leaders at a discussion hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

“They are good at what much of the world needs. A huge part of the basic economic challenge we face is to give stronger in- centive for private investment, help support innovation and try to make sure there is more investment and stronger exports globally.”

Mr Geithner said Mr Obama was “deeply committed” to trying to build a consensus among Americans for more open trade to support the recovery.

“We have got the worst labour market since the Great Depression,” the Treasury secretary said. “Most Americans are still going through an incredibly difficult economic series of challenges and yet we’ve been very successful in working to keep our markets open under all that pressure.”
IT outsourcing, which is heavily dependent on business from the US, is one of India’s flagship economic sectors. Companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Genpact helped propel the economy to growth rates of 9 per cent before the global financial crisis and was responsible for creating 45 per cent of new jobs over the past 10 years.

Last year the global IT outsourcing market was estimated to be worth as much as $250bn (€187bn, £164bn).

“Some of the sounds coming out of the US have caused concerns here,” said Tarun Das, the president of the Aspen Institute in India. Local businesses were wondering whether “the authors of globalisation are turning to protectionism”.

Senior policymakers say that the Indian economy is fast becoming more export-oriented and more vulnerable to protectionist action by other large economies.

“If we want to get to 9-10 per cent growth it’s in our interest that the US should get back to growing as soon as possible,” said Montek Singh Ahluwalia, deputy chairman of India’s powerful planning commission.

“It’s also [important] that [the] market remain open.”

Hey Rahm, Fuck You Too!

In a wonderful bit of good ole American ‘Up Yours Too’ that hasn’t been seen in quite some time the filthy corporate Democrats took it right up the butt in Massachusetts when poor old pickled Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat was lost to GASP…the Republicans. This was beautiful and the shit rain is only on the horizon right now, the real fireworks are coming in November. After the ugly mocking embedding of a dagger between the shoulderblades of the party base I wonder if the Obama brainless trust and Raht Emanuel are having second thoughts this morning. This is what happens when CHANGE is promised and then ordinary working people lose their jobs and insurance to goose rapacious corporate profits, the banker scum on Wall Street is bailed out with taxpayer money and then goes right back to gambling and bestowing obscene bonuses on their criminal executives while millions are homeless and unemployed, the wars are escalated, the Bush criminals are not held accountable and in the latest indignity, a top Obama advisor, Cass Sunstein comes up with an idea to infiltrate ‘conspiracy’ groups that smacks of COINTELPRO.

Oh, and just how many people were finally done with the teflon coated bullshit salesman when he decided to adopt the phony 9/11 War on Terror rhetoric in the aftermath of the national panic that was the false flag underwear bomber incident on Jesus’s fake birthday? I guess that now the honeymoon is over for any thinking person who was quick to catch on to the ugly truth that Barack Obama is just a well packaged, supremely well promoted corporatist product whose sheen wore off in an amazingly short amount of time unlike the old fraud Ronald Reagan who is still conning gullible schmucks from the grave today. The O-Bots and their sycophantic swine co-opted bloggers and television show hosts will have blood in their eyes starting this morning as the purity purge begins and the dangerous far-left berserkers are cast out for not being ecstatic about the bailouts, sellouts and wars (of course Medea Benjamin, that Code Pink cunt is not included because of her Afghanistan war cheerleading). The coming war across the prog blogs is going to be ugly, wretched and brutal….a war of attrition between the entitled laptop thumping twits who frequent Daily Kos and the other fake left honeypots and the principled few who wear their criticism of Obama for the same things that they attacked Bush for like a badge of honor.

Now of course on the so-called right, especially the co-opted by Dick Armey, FOX and the RNC phony tea party movement there is joy this morning and deservedly so. It is always easier to harvest the low hanging fruit and the neocons have done a masterful job in hijacking the Ron Paul movement for their own political benefit. Trot out a brainless bitch like Sarah Palin, a loser like Glenn Beck and a fatass like Limbaugh to rouse the rabble and it’s easy to take over a larger entity, hey, the Bolsheviks weren’t a majority either. So there will be great joy in Republican bund meetings today and an increased vigor to wrestle back the controls over the massive government spoils system starting in November but like all idiots who lack both common sense or clarity they do not realize that in the Scott Brown win lie the seeds of their own demise. The anger in America is NOT going away and the Republicans are the default position in a rigged two party sham that only allows the incumbents to be punished when in all honesty every last one of these pigs should be run out of office and redirected to the nearest prison where they belong.

What will happen is that the millions of angry people who are drawn to the garish Astroturfed tea party spectacles, especially the cash cow National Tea Party Convention in Nashville in a few weeks that the shmoes can’t afford tickets for will soon find out that they have made their deal with the devil much like liberals did with Lord Obama. With the aforementioned Pope of Hope now officially a lame duck and once the secret Muslim, Communist Nigger has been run out of Washington on a rail in three years who is going to be the scapegoat then? I can forsee the Republicans playing with something that they really can’t comprehend other than that the worst of the dregs may be able to provide short term political gain but they are the minority in something much larger, and much more uncontrollable than they realize. It was largely Bush and the fascist Republicans who got us all into this mess to begin with and they sure as hell don’t have any solutions on how to make it all better.

What then? When both parties have been thoroughly and deservedly discredited, as they should be the angry teabaggers and fucked over leftists just may find something in common and then it will be time to roll out the guillotines.

Just my two cents over the mornin’ cup of joe


Triumph Of The Willfully Ignorant

The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.

-Henry A. Wallace

Now late August in his month of blistering hatred, Ted Kennedy goes in the ground tomorrow, by Sunday the Blue Dogs will be lining up to piss on his grave. The vicious offensive by Astroturf groups that was spliced together with neo Confederates, white supremacists, domestic terrorists like Randall Terry and full blown American Nazis on health care town hall meetings has been an astounding success in driving a spike through any meaningful sort of health care reform. The deals have been cut, the propagandists have earned every penny of their millions for serving as a protection racket for the elite, the public option is dead and the entire sordid mess is soon to be administered last rites. It’s been a month of foulness that hangs heavy in the air, you can breath it in, smell the growing anger, the hate is so thick that it seeps into your pores. Soylent Green is made out of grandma, death panels, eugenics, Stalinism in stars and stripes, they are going to abort the babies and Obama will enslave the white race in labor camps where they will work to pay slave reparations. Were Herr Hitler and Herr Goebbels alive today they would marvel at how much more sophisticated and refined that their model has evolved and developed, God and Glenn Beck willing there will soon be pogroms in the streets, blood in the gutters and then librul huntin’ season will be announced from on high by that doped up and batshit crazy fat man in the EIB Network bunker who brags about having talent on loan from the almighty yet who can’t get an erection without pharmaceutical assistance.

When the definitive account of the decline and fall of the American civilization is one day put together by a future historian it will no doubt include much on how a large segment of a country was driven mad by a decades long saturation bombing of fascist indoctrination and swill peddled by Republican party operatives and hate mongers who were able to convince a certain authority worshipping demographic block to foreswear their own economic self-interests and become shock troops for a corrupt and amoral overclass. The values of propaganda and mind control to socially engineer the masses really gained traction with the ideas of Edward Bernays, the overly ambitious nephew of Sigmund Freud who curried favor with the looter class and became their most influential mind molder. I would refer readers to Adam Curtis’ excellent documentary for the BBC The Century of the Self, and please pass it around. Bernays would go on to be a very good teacher of the technique to none other than Joseph Goebbels who was a huge fan and a model as were many early industrialists and eugenicists to the various leaders of the Nazi regime however that is a story for another time. The control of the American mind was critical for the long slouch into outright fascism and nobody did it better than those who demonized the communists in order to terrorize the populace into support for the illegal wars of conquest and imperialism.

With the end of WW II presenting a great opportunity for the hated New Deal programs of the class traitor Roosevelt the CIA was formed as the enforcement arm of Wall Street and would engage in secret wars both abroad and at home against the very concept of a liberal, egalitarian and just society. The efforts would result in the smashing of the real American left under the jackboot of McCarthyism and the nurturing of a mean spirited, exceptionalist, white nationalist creed as embodied by John Wayne, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and which would one day metastasize into the culture of right-wing sewage that has 2009 America on the brink of a hot civil war. I am not going to go into the history of all of this now as I choose to leave it for another day, the only intention of my even mentioning it was for context. You may want to listen to this interesting hour-long program by anti-fascist radio host Dave Emory on American Gladio for additional background. The level of hostility, racism, gay baiting, red baiting and insurrection pimping has reached an apex during this August as a result of the health care town hall invasions by outraged mobs, many of the attackers are the same detestable losers who flocked to Sarah Palin rallies last fall to call for Barack Obama’s assassination and rail against his secret Muslim background and purported plan to grab the guns and annihilate the white race.

But I digress…

Nowhere have the swine on the right been more vindictive than in manufacturing phantoms, in distorting reality and filtering it through their fully owned media prism to discredit the feckless opposition, the Vichy Democrats of Harry Reid who now no longer has to defend his failure to get anything done with a 60 seat majority now that Ted Kennedy is dead. Awash in the electronic vomit of the last few days when every cowardly fascist bitch and bastard has been flogging the corpse of the last Kennedy brother is a very sleazy little psyop, the exact type that these pigs are notable for. Earlier this week, the office of the Colorado Democratic Party headquarters in Denver was vandalized and certain elements of the liberal and progressive community onine were too quick (this time anyway) in shooting from the hip and blaming it on right-wing animals of the sort who have been raging across the country ala the Sturmabteilung. Not that similar acts aren’t the fault of the Republican brownshirts (note the defacement of this sign by vandals and any good cop knows that whenever a crime occurs that the first place to look for the perp is with the usual suspects) but this time the bloggers and others were wrong. Dead wrong and the well oiled machine that is the fascist fifth column was ready to pounce and declare it a false flag operation undertaken by the left to discredit their goon squads….as if there were any honor amongst those assclowns.

The putrid belching of right-wing outrage over the recent vandalizing of the Denver Democratic Party headquarters is stunning in both its mendacity and organization, you see, nobody plays the outraged victim card better than the fascist Republicans. There are no bigger tyrants when they are in power and no bigger crybabies when they are not, the entire movement is nothing more than a cacaphony of contrived grievances against a sweeping liberal conspiracy that does not now and never has existed. It was of absolutely no help though then that progressives were quick to label the breaking of the windows as another escalation of right-wing mayhem, one radio host Bob Kincaid even went so far as to invoke Kristallnacht.

Not that this sort of action in the climate that has been created by a party that long ago ceased to represent America and embraced a new fascism didn’t have tea baggers and town hall terrorists written all over it but the facts must be considered no matter that a pattern is repeated. To Kincaid’s credit he fully understands the dangerous nature of the foul shock troops of corporate America, he is an activist in the hot zone fighting the battle against mountaintop removal and this video is indicative of the sort of meanness that can be conjured up when moneyed interests are threatened. But this time he and the others were wrong and the full force of the fascists was ready to pounce and to seize the day to invoke their own bogeymen and phantoms of the mythical far left, just like they did in Seattle during the WTO protests back in ’99. The truth is that anything even remotely to the left of the right-center must be destroyed and destroyed with extreme prejudice.
The vandalism of the Denver Democrat office as it turns out was allegedly done by a transgender activist who blogs under the name Ariel Attack and who happened to work on helping to get Democrats elected back during the election. Now I do not know this particular activist, I had never even heard of her until this shitstorm in a teapot was whipped up by the GOP operatives so I am not going to attempt to speculate on motives (especially since this has not been decided in a court of law as to whether Ariel Attack even did it) other than to note that the LGBT community has a right to be angry over the betrayal by the Obama administration, a long slow stab in the back that began when that filthy, bigoted pig of a false prophet Rick Warren was invited to give the invocation during Obama’s coronation. That sort of thing really is a slap in the face to a group whose support was instumental until they were discarded.

As one who has been a member of the antiwar movement I totally understand being sold out by Democrats and there is a growing unrest out there that the Obama White House is desperately trying to quash lest a full blown revolt of the base occur. On reading this story I must say that some of the comments from the virulent rats on the right on what Ariel Attack is going to face in jail – especially rape and their masturbatory glee at transcribing their sick fantasies makes me disgusted to be an American. In this society it has become acceptable that our overfilled, for profit prison gulags have rape rooms every bit the equal of the big bad Saddam’s and our national obsession with punishment and torture are shameful in a civilized society. As Dostoyevsky once wrote “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons” and we live in a land were brutality, rape and institutionalized sadism are the standards.

Of course the pigman weighed in with his offering to dittohead dope addicts on the so called false flag, mocking Ariel Attack: “Now, I don’t know if this was an addadictomy transgender or a chopadickoffamy transgender”. I must admit that I find the Republican, Birther, Deather, Teabagger, dead ender obsession with dicks to be rather mystifying in that their hatred of gays, lesbians and transgender Americans is so strident as to influence others to commit acts of violence (like Matthew Sheppard’s sadistic killers), dare I say that it’s positively Freudian and there are actual studies that back me up. The strange fascination over penises with male Republicans has taken a bizarre turn into the land of the Mad Hatter’s mushroom tea party as of late with this sordid little story that screams of the dangers of repressed homosexuality on the subconscious of the average American hate filled Birther courtesy of David Neiwert:

The fine Real Americans at the Free Republic have found Obama’s achilles heel: his Long Dark Staff of White Insecurity.

hoosiermama: The only other thing that hit me was that Sinclair said BO was not circumcised. When my son was born in a hospital that was done as a matter of routine without even consulting us. Would the same be for Hawaii? OTOH People born at home or in some other cultures are not circumcised.

thecodont: A relative of mine was born (in a hospital) a couple of years after BO’s alleged birth date. He was circumcised also (as a matter of routine, not according to any family request).

afraidfortherepublic: My son was born in June of 1961 in a hospital in CA, and the nurses released us because of miscommunication in a day and a half before the circumcision was done. We had to go back to the doctor’s office to have it done a week later, and the doctor was NOT HAPPY. My second son was born in the same hospital 4 years later. I don’t remember them asking me about it. Routine procedure for little boys.

hoosiermama:Wish we had someone to make a phone call to the hospitols in HI and ask if they routinely do circumcism and when that practice started.

MHGinTN: You might want to make that call to a Canadian hospital …

MHGinTN: No…it would have been in Kenya….not Canada.

Natural Born 54 : I am having a vision of a court room scene. The judge turns to O sitting in the witness chair to his left and says “I am sorry, Mr. President, but I am going to have to ask you to stand and drop trou …..”

Anyone remember how Republicans wound up obsessing over Bill Clinton’s Johnson, ad nauseam, even on TV? I remember Ann Coulter speculating over Paula Jones’ claims about the shape and behavior of the Mighty Clenis, as we came to call it.

Now, I guess, they get to do the same for Obama’s unit. This should get entertaining.

Oh My Fucking God….Clinton’s Penis: The Sequel!

I am sure that everyone remembers the days of the great Ken Starr blowjob inquisition when the the ultimate goal of the freaks was NOT to impeach and remove Clinton but to get him to drop trou in court and show Mr. Wiggley because after all, the unimpeachable testimony of that trailer park slut Paula Jones had vividly described Bubba’s member in lurid detail as being somehow deformed or otherwise ‘unique’. Now they are practically drooling over the possibility of peeking at Obama’s pee pee to determine whether it is a helmet or an anteater. The inner turmoil at repressed sexuality turned into a little alien chewing away the insides of star spangled God fearing folk is largely what drives them to rage against the non-white secular society, much of the repression is the result of religious indoctrination that makes all sex (and especially GASP gay sex) into a loathsome and feared form of sinful wretchedness. It’s ironic that so many of them end up becoming so warped by self loathing directed outwardly that when it finally finds an outlet it is in child molestation, violence and the lurid and sleazy extramarital affairs that they so denounce from their pulpits and bund halls. Jesus didn’t talk much about sex, could be that was all left behind in the early years of his mysterious life before he appeared as if beamed down from outer space in his thirties and threatening the corrupt moneychangers. He did however have much to say about hypocrites though and there is a serious hypocrisy in the morbid belief that when Jesus V.2 does come back to wreak his vengeance that a lot of holy rollers will be flying through they skies dirty nasty nekkid to their great reward.

Again, I digress…..

Rush the pigman is really not the authoritative source on anything that even resembles the straining at the seams sack of lemming shit that is pimped to the rubes and the peckerwoods as ‘values’. The $40 million a year guardian of the moneychangers may talk a good game to the idiots susceptible to being lobotomized by AM talk radio but let’s get real ok? For one the guy is a rich fat failure who just happened to be plucked from obscurity by a fascist political machine determined to find the next Father Coughlin to poison the minds of the fucked over farmers in the heartland who had been ruined by Reaganism. He raged forth on the airwaves and was adored by Poppy Bush so much that he was invited to the White House to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom where the fat piece of shit probably jacked off under the sheets. He is thrice-divorced (so much for the sanctity of marriage), not only was doctor shopping and eating mass quantities of Vicodin and Oxycontin but sent his maid out to score for him (so much for the railing against crackheads) is a die hard racist (a necessity to be a Repiglican) and was busted along with the freaks who were responsible for giving us Jack Bauer (America’s favorite Nazi) coming back from the notorious sex tourist mecca in the Dominican Republic with an illegal bottle of Viagra in his luggage (was he fucking little boys or little girls?) that were it not for the rigged courts would have resulted in his drug violation being revoked and his sweaty, corpulent ass being thrown in prison where he belongs. Oh and the big patriotic man was also a draft dodger like so many of the other Republican chickenshits, he got out because he had a cyst on his ass and it’s long since crawled up his spinal column into his cranium where it set up shop.

Other than Limbaugh the pigman, the August anarchy in the town halls has been facilitated by the rest of the corporate protection racket payroll cable television Nazis and groups like the uber lobbyist tax chiseler Dick Armey’s Orwellian sounding Freedomworks. There is of course the immensely popular Glenn Beck, an increasingly unstable babbling rabble-rouser who seems to have the most effect on the average American half-wit. His FOX program is a masterpiece theatre of how to destabilize a country from within by inciting an angry army of heavily armed fifth columnists. Beck is an interesting case, he was plucked from obscurity out of the Tampa Bay market where he specialized in emceeing ‘big eater contests’ to be the moonfaced spokesman for post 9/11 fascism. In an interesting side story he is a former alcoholic whose family has a history of mental disorders including multiple suicides (trivia tidbit: Karl Rove’s mother also killed herself, driving out to the edge of the desert and gassing herself in a car) so I it would hardly be too awfully surprising if Herr Beck does the full Howard Beale and actually blows his brains out on the air someday – it would like the exploding head in Scanners and would go fucking viral on You Tube! With any luck he can induce his cult following to do likewise, it’d be the greatest mass suicide since Jonestown and would go one hell of a a long ways towards getting our national rat infestation problem under control.

Michelle Maglalang (aka Malkin) is another of the more hideous inciters of violence and even has a brand new book Culture of Corruption that is rocketing up the charts courtesy of the same reich wing bulk buying that lands every other amateurish version of Mein Kampf on the bestseller list (hint – look for the little dagger) where it is given away to dangerous freaks like David Adkisson who then go out and kill liberals. Maglalang became known for her support of U.S. internment camps for Muslims in the aftermath of the Big Wedding and like the rest of the house propagandists plays to the fears of the brown menace in railing against illegal immigration. Ironic in that she was at one time the subject of rumors (never substantiated) on the internet that actually accused her of being an anchor baby herself. Hell, I was in the Philippines a few times back during my Navy days, for all that I know I could be her daddy.

I could continue naming names but why bother? They are all diseased and punched out with cookie cutters from the same rolled slab of shit. All that I can say is that once they have their little revolution courtesy of the secessionists and plotters to take over the government that show up at the town halls looking like the deranged assholes that they are and order is restored that all the propagandists will be herded up by whoever is left and made to stand in the dock just like Julius Streicher did at Nuremberg.

The right wing slime machine has now chosen as a target the blog Queers Against Obama since it is easy pickings and panders to the vilest homophobic derangement of the red state fascist base. In another alarming sign of the coming crackdown on free speech and classifying of blogs as anarchist, terrorist or subversive it is this blog, where Ariel Attack happened to be a regular that is being targeted as an example. Hell, I’m going to go on the record here that I have spoken to the founder of Queers Against Obama on several occasions on an internet radio show that I am a regular on, he also happens to post on a few blogs that I frequent and I can attest that he does not seem to be any sort of threat to anyone. He’s just a pissed off activist who is able to see through Obama’s phony bullshit act and as with many gay people who were used and abused by this latest flim flam man and then thrown under the bus when the votes were no longer needed. Far from the wild revolutionary anarchist hellbent on the violent over throw of the government (unlike Beck’s psychotic minions) that the blogswarmers and reich wing media are trying to sell as their latest painted up fake devil. He is actually a very well educated individual which makes it two strikes against from the degenerate fascist right scum.

The blog, much like my own blogs and many others maintained by those of us who are more activist and choose to rage against the machine rather than line up to eat shit behind the rest of the lemmings certainly has incendiary rhetoric but let’s just get a little perspective here – we are pretty much voices in the wilderness, too small to be even bothered with until the vicious right-wing ratfuckers need to make an example of someone. The schoolyard bully mentality of the fascist right (along with the co-opted O Bots on the pathetic excuse that passes for the left) is dangerously predatory, stupid and relentless – I would suspect that the malodorous gray goo that is the brain of a pederast functions the same way. I would advise those of use who are renegades to take a stand against the savage attacks against QAO because as the great wisdom dispensed by Pastor Niemöller during the most pitch black of days in late 1930’s Germany:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

The double standard is as flagrant as it is a condemnation of the corporate media in all of its resplendent foulness. The nation’s journalism schools long ago ceased to produce any sort of courageous truth tellers able to hold power to account, instead the allure of money and the realization that the bucks were in throwing in with the oligarchy ensured that a steady flow of stenographers, public relations flacks, establishment shills and corporate toadies would be pumped out. Once honorable institutions where reporters were allowed to learn the craft had become nothing more than machines producing cover up artists like link sausage made with tainted skunk meat. The reason that we find ourselves today in a decaying society ravaged by terminal sloth, dumbness and a need for scapegoats is in no small part the fault of a media that long ago abrogated it’s constitutional responsibility to ensure that an informed populace would serve as a necessary check on systemic corruption. When news became a for profit commodity the charlatans, cheats and schemers saw an opportunity to exploit and in turning the media into a 24/7 sleaze machine populated by big haired bimbos with thousand yard stares reciting nonsense off of teleprompters and vicious demagogues and hate mongers like Limbaugh and his ilk.

Whatever happened in Denver and why, while it is being spun by the fascist noisemakers who have turned August into a roiling cauldron of filth and hate is more of an illustration at just how much that the Obama administration has betrayed the party base. While the GOP and conniving swine like Newt Gingrich give their knuckle dragging base nothing but shovels of bloody red meat and then send them forth to harangue, disrupt and threaten the democratic process by descending on health care town hall meetings like flesh eating zombies the new ‘liberal’ Obama administration under the stewardship of Raht Emanuel is happy to use the base to mobilize to win elections but when the rubber meets the road it’s nothing but more of the same catering to corporate interests and finance industry plunderers. I would also like to note that Cindy Sheehan has been protesting at Martha’s Vineyard against the wars that Obama has not only inherited but escalated. To this point there is absolutely zero media coverage, stunning when you consider the back of camera fitted vultures that were present at George W. Bush’s Crawford dude ranch.

The growing anger towards the Obama administration is understandable with liberals and progressives, specifically the GBLT community, organized labor, civil libertarians and especially the antiwar movement. For a man who ran promising change the only change has been chump change, once again we’ve been had by a silver-tongued devil preaching renewal, no surprise given Obama’s stated admiration of Ronald Reagan, the ultimate product as president….that was until November 2008. The great Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger summed it up perfectly in his piece Obama’s 100 days – the mad men did well from which I excerpt:

The BBC’s American television soap Mad Men offers a rare glimpse of the power of corporate advertising. The promotion of smoking half a century ago by the “smart” people of Madison Avenue, who knew the truth, led to countless deaths. Advertising and its twin, public relations, became a way of deceiving dreamt up by those who had read Freud and applied mass psychology to anything from cigarettes to politics. Just as Marlboro Man was virility itself, so politicians could be branded, packaged and sold.

It is more than 100 days since Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. The “Obama brand” has been named “Advertising Age’s marketer of the year for 2008”, easily beating Apple computers. David Fenton of describes Obama’s election campaign as “an institutionalised mass-level automated technological community organising that has never existed before and is a very, very powerful force”. Deploying the internet and a slogan plagiarised from the Latino union organiser César Chávez – “Sí, se puede!” or “Yes, we can” – the mass-level automated technological community marketed its brand to victory in a country desperate to be rid of George W Bush.

No one knew what the new brand actually stood for. So accomplished was the advertising (a record $75m was spent on television commercials alone) that many Americans actually believed Obama shared their opposition to Bush’s wars. In fact, he had repeatedly backed Bush’s warmongering and its congressional funding. Many Americans also believed he was the heir to Martin Luther King’s legacy of anti-colonialism. Yet if Obama had a theme at all, apart from the vacuous “Change you can believe in”, it was the renewal of America as a dominant, avaricious bully. “We will be the most powerful,” he often declared.

Perhaps the Obama brand’s most effective advertising was supplied free of charge by those journalists who, as courtiers of a rapacious system, promote shining knights. They depoliticised him, spinning his platitudinous speeches as “adroit literary creations, rich, like those Doric columns, with allusion…” (Charlotte Higgins in the Guardian). The San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford wrote: “Many spiritually advanced people I know… identify Obama as a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who… can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet.”

Since our reality television show president entered the White House the absence of any sort of meaningful change has been stunning, the audacity of the one who preached hope and is now exposed as just another snake oil salesman blindsided many of those who worked so hard to ensure that he would be the man to turn the page on the horrors of the Bush-Cheney era. The marketing campaign that washed the Pope of Hope into power as is now apparent just more of the same high-powered public relations and image making that corporate America has so successfully utilized for so long to sell us all crap that we didn’t need for money that we didn’t have. It was magnificent in that it relied so heavily on the votes of uninformed youth who were neither well informed nor politically active and who would just one time go out and do their civic duty in punching the ticket of the Michael Jordan of the new American century. They would then go back to their video games, their bling-bling and their blissfully ignorant lives. The great moderate middle, having exorcised the devil Bush could then shuffle back into their prostrate positions in front of their televisions and go back to sleep again.

The betrayals continue to mount even as the ongoing fascist plot to overthrow the legitimately (although deceptively) elected government continue to breed operatives like cockroaches. The Obamessiah has succeeded in leading his Wall Street masters to the promised land of milk and honey and is going back to shepherd the insurance industry racketeers.

How dare anybody expect a few crumbs be scattered in front of their miserable hovels on the way.