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Hey, Didn’t John McCain LOSE the Election?

I am a war criminal; I bombed innocent women and children”

-John McCain

From the treatment by the corporatist whore mainstream media you would think that John McCain was somehow still relevant. In the latest example the old loser and self-admitted war criminal is whoring himself out to the lazy cretins who masquerade as journalists in shilling for the escalation of the war in Afghanistan. McCain is ordering President Obama to make the decision on sending more troops into the meatgrinder NOW. I have to say that the ongoing forum for this asshat who has become a fixture on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit and as much a frontman for the Military Industrial Complex as the old phony Ronald Reagan was for the rising fascist tide is rather astonishing but not unpredictable. Anyone with any sense at all learned long ago not to trust a goddamned thing that the pocket media has to say even if they never even heard of Operation Mockingbird.

McCain of course is an amazing charlatan, his allure continues despite the ugly discrepancies in his personal story of the Vietnam war hero who returned home after getting the shit kicked out of him in the Hanoi Hilton. But there are inconsistencies, for example the inconvenient truth that many of his fellow prisoners hated his guts for cooperating with the enemy for some favorable treatment like the Admiral’s son that he was. The Hanoi Hilton songbird was I believe the term that is used in describing the old goat. The right wingers seem to have no problem that he made propaganda videos for the Communists that undermined the war effort but hey, when you have Hanoi Jane to spit on and kick around who needs the Make Believe Maverick? Also why is Mr. McCain never called out in the corporate press for his obstruction of the investigation into the POW’s that were left behind in the Nam? Perhaps they were knowledgable of the Golden Triangle heroin trade, or they were operatives under military cover? Lots of questions but in the fawning corporate clown media they go unasked.

A big question on Afghanistan that goes unasked is just what is the role of the CIA and black ops specialists in the heroin trade there? Puppet President Hamid Karzai’s brother has been linked with the drug trade and the CIA according to recent reports. So what does Mr. Keating Five have to say about that? Interestingly, according to Justin Raimondo’s latest piece over at the excellent the leak of the sotry may have been deliberately undertaken to discredit the former UNOCAL ‘consultant’ who was sent to Afghanistan post 9/11 as our puppet leader. I excerpt from Raimondo’s Karzai as Diem (subtitled: Afghanistan as Vietnam) –

Whoever leaked this was trying to hurt Karzai. Why would certain US officials and military officers be eager to do that? Well, because Karzai’s corrupt administration is an obstacle to their war plans: with the Fashion Plate in the Afghan equivalent of the White House, and his brother collecting tolls from drug traffickers, selling the war in Washington is becoming increasingly difficult. The only way to win support for Obama’s planned escalation, and tamp down dissent in Congress and the general public, is to clean up the Afghan government’s act – and that means dumping Karzai & Co.

As the internal debate within the Obama administration heats up — with hawks centered in the military and the neo-neocon thinktanks (CNAS, the Center for American Progress, etc.) agitating for a full-scale “counterinsurgency” strategy, and “doves” (i.e. realists) opting for a focus on “counter-terrorism” aimed at al-Qaeda – the gung-ho escalators clearly want to ditch Karzai, while the realists posit he’s the best we can hope for in that environment.

The hawks are committed to a counterinsurgency theory which demands the US get down and dirty with the insurgents, with US troops mingling with “the people” and taking risks in order to “protect” them from the Taliban. But what if the people don’t want to be protected – or, instead, seek protection from the Americans? Such a question is never asked by these pompous “theorists,” who, like their neoconservative predecessors, are in thrall to a theory that cannot work and should never even be attempted.

So perhaps old man McCain will soon have something to say along with his fellow stooges Joe ‘the wandering Jew’ Lieberman and Lindsey Graham (whose Gomer Pyle singsong can’t be taken seriously can it?), the three headed monster that always ends up on the side of the militarist bastards and of course their war criminal proxy state Israel. There seem to be lots of mysterious leaks lately, for example this little breaking story about the Congressional ethics investigations that just happened to have been ‘mistakenly’ placed on a file sharing network by a low level staffer. Note that in this story the names all happen to belong to the jackass party. Not that I think that it’s a bad thing to weed out the filth from the Democrats but with the ongoing battle royale to kill health care reform (aka the lynchpin of dismantling the fascist capitalist slave state) and launch a gigantic regional escalation of military hostilities from Iran to Pakistan one must look at the cynical ulterior motives of every one of these leaks. Notably the name of one AIPAC whore Jane Harman appears in the story which will assuredly mean that there will be no really serious investigation as it involves Israeli espionage, bribery and blackmail that could if exposed take down at least one government. With any investigation of Harman and Israeli trickery sure to be quashed it’s a logical conclusion that one would suspect that the intention of the leak is only to embarass and discredit Democrats.

So of course the old war criminal won’t have a problem with that, it will give him something to talk about while his cock is in David Gregory’s mouth come Sunday morning. The bottom line is that it’s all about escalating the war, pouring in more troops to protect the energy and drug routes and McCain is the preeminent shill for industrialized slaughter and the spoils that it brings to the well connected. The man is so crooked that he has to screw his pants on every morning and only in a militarized lemming colony such as Murka could this Napalm sniffing swine be given the sanctimonious credibility that he is afforded let alone the time of day. The Obama administration’s waffling is starting to put a burr up the asses of the brass and the special operations killers, much in the way that John F. Kennedy once did. McCain will showboat, jump through flaming hoops and ensure that the quisling media is there to cover the whole bizarre flea circus so that Stan McChrystal can get his Operation Phoenix in gear and the decks can begin to be cleared for the imminent ascension of Emperor Petraeus.

Note: What is NOT leaked is the damning testimony of Sibel Edmonds that fingers arch neocons and McCain associates Richard Perle and Douglas Feith in a massive web of corruption, sexual blackmail and Israeli-Turkish espionage that reaches to the highest levels. Other than in some of the better areas of the alternative media and blogosphere this story is taboo for obvious reasons.

The Smell of Desperation: McCain Tabs Alaska’s Sarah Palin as Running Mate

No Fetus Can Beat Us!

From the man who previously brought us Monica Goodling, the callow, ideological twit in charge of polluting the Justice Department with the most wretched refuse from America’s most disgraced ‘law’ schools comes the bar none, worst vice presidential candidate for a major political party in history. Dan Quayle should be thanking the stars this evening because he is not off the hook for this infamous and highly dubious distinction. Meet Sarah Palin because just when you thought that the Republican party had finally hit bottom the powers that be (ie a chubby and elusive little criminal who goes by the name of Karl Rove) have not only hit the depths but awarded a no-bid contract to KBR to come in and set up shop for deep drilling.

Now we can argue this little statement till the cows jump over a green cheese moon that Dick Cheney (the bastard’s cardiologist should be public enemy number one) is the worst V.P. candidate (other than Mr. Potatoe Head) but your have to give it to the dark lord of the shadow government, he may be an evil and psychotic megalomaniac hellbent on world domination/destruction but at least he knows what the fuck he is doing and had a lifetime of experience in serving the more four overlords of the American empire when he anointed himself after being in charge of the selection committee. We still have five months left of Cheney too and he is on his way to Georgia next week to further provoke a war with the resurgent Russians so his resume could grow a bit more before he’s done but in nailing down the bottom spot on the Bush Jr. ticket he at least had been pre-qualified as a master war criminal. Palin though is still far more odious and not only due to her grossly thin history – which of course will be run through the doublethink and newspeak filters to be an asset – but in that her selection and the corporate media’s rush to perform mass acts of public cunnilingus on her while relegating Barack Obama’s incredible speech to the garbage bin of yesterday’s news.

The “Hockey Mom” is such a blatantly cynical and contemptibly contrived piece of red meat to be cast into the dog eat dog savagery of the mosh pit where the beasts that are the Republican base dwell. In any decent society it would be that great revealing moment like in Elia Kazan’s classic film on political immorality A Face In the Crowd where the con man turned populist hero Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes is caught on a live microphone after what he thought was signoff where he is exposed as a charlatan and a fraud by laughingly mocking the gullibility of the well intentioned folk who bought his act as “idiots,” “morons,” “guinea pigs” – or in 2008 language: the Republican Base. But this is not a sane or even decent society and no matter what sort of vision can be presented by a Democratic party too in hock to the corporatist powers that be is loathe to challenge the legitimacy of the system itself. Obama came as close as possible last night and it was truly shocking to actually hear a modern day Democrat invoke Roosevelt but unless he is able to mount a serious challenge to the gross inequalities of capitalism gone cancerous there will be little meaningful change at all, just rhetoric and a few more crumbs thrown to the peasants.

But I digress, the surprising choice of Mrs. Palin the red meat has been fed to the beasts and a complicit media will surely give her an immunity talisman lest the big fraud be exposed. The rabid loathers and red state fascists who have given us George W. Bush will now join forces with those most bitter of recalcitrant bitches that are the Hillary Clinton dead enders, they now have a champion and like the pied piper luring the rats they are going to lunge for the hook and in their blind rage to avenge their phony and prematurely crowned queen they will proceed to back a ticket that will then pack the Supreme Court with fascist clones of Scalia and Alito and continue to wage war against the very women’s rights that they have always fought for.

And Sarah Palin will be their Judas Goat.

I mean if McClown and Rove wanted a woman on the ticket for the sake of say…just having a vagina which in the hoary days of post primary animosity among militant feminazi dead-enders is what qualifies one to sit in the White House – they could have chosen Paris Hilton. Hell, at least she HAS an energy policy.

The one thing that Democrats outside of the Hillemmings should find hardest to swallow thought is that this unqualified, inexperienced nitwit will be a heartbeat away from the presidency with the oldest man ever to run for office already babbling senile nonsense and worn out after a grueling two year campaign. I am curious as to what the pros, the Vegas oddsmakers have the over/under set at for John McCain to even survive his first term let alone make it to the inauguration without keeling over if he is elected. Ironically, as sad and perverse and grotesque that this spectacle of sin and deception is, it truly is ugly in a uniquely American way in the post-9/11 wasteland that now goes by the name of The Homeland it could have been even worse – it could have been Lieberman!

And so it goes….at least Paris Hilton has an energy policy and as much national security experience as the Hockey Mom from frozen Bum Fuck does…

But that is really what this is all about isn’t it, the energy policy. Barack Obama goes on national television in one of the greatest political speeches of the modern era and makes an all out commitment to alternative energy and that just can’t be allowed by the oil corporation mafia so along comes Suzy Creamcheese with her little Downs stricken demon child, her anti-abortion crusader credentials and presto, the base has been appeased and the angry army are furiously jacking off into a sock once again. The base has been duped again is more like it, overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean jack fucking shit to the Hockey Mom but playing a key role in throwing open Anwar to the looter capitalists (who can then drill it until it resembles the moon’s surface and export the oil to China) does.

The same dirt-poor rubes and country cretins who have routinely been rode wet and put up dry by the whore-mongering strip miners of America will once again buy the big lie, turn out en masse come November to throw down against that dirty Muslim darkie and his 60’s radical bomb throwers, vote against their own economic self-interests and doom their children and grand children to a life of indentured servitude, debt slavery and the now standard corporate sharecropping but they will have once again made that one great stand to preserve the treasured paradigm of the Sixties and further cement the black legacy of Nixon and Reagan in amber. And you fucking know that the fix is in when a vitriolic misogynist pig like Rush Limbaugh is shilling for Sarah Palin, say what you will about that grand poobah of white populist propaganda but he is worth every fucking penny of that $400 million dollar contract that he just signed to pollute the minds of the mindless with lies and continue to sow the seeds of discontent like some sweaty, swollen, pregnant male version of Johnny Appleseed.

I have to hand it to the Republican fascists, the Powell Memorandum and the think tanks have grown into a propaganda and idol making machine that would cause even the late Rove role model Joseph Goebbels spew his goo into his riding breeches, this thing is an awesome thing to behold because despite the overwhelming rejection of right-wing fascism among the rank and file it continues to ensnare just enough outside of that certain twenty something percent of true authoritarians that exist in any society to continue to chew up and spit out all comers while it rolls through history, cutting a wide swath through what used to be a quaint thing called American ideals. The Democratic party consultants would be wise to recognize that the most potent alternative fuel along the purpled, rotten-fruited plains is abortion and as long as they continue to defend the practice without apology or constraint it will continue to be used to bludgeon them into submission.

Change? Well the more that things change, the more that they stay the same.

And some people actually question why I do not preach the bestowing of liberal tolerance and inclusiveness towards these motherfucking fascist pricks and prickesses…

Get a clue because New Rome is burning and our path to the exits is blocked.

The War’s Over Rambo: We Lost

Rarely a column (especially one in an establishment shitrag like the Washington Post) is able to completely sum up a decades running American tragedy that has led to 2008’s march of the lemmings into the abyss like Harold Meyerson’s Why Were We In Vietnam? This piece in and of itself should be an essential part of the arsenal when it comes to the inevitable re-fighting of the Vietnam war that is going to go live soon as a key part of the upcoming presidential campaign. The Vietnam war, always just below the surface of the American subconscious (although a good amount of the population hadn’t even been fucking born when the choppers lifted of that embassy roof for the last time) like a trailside booby trap just waiting to be tripped anew by a ruthless post-Nixon political party of perverts, jackals, thieves, looters and thugs and their billion dollar propaganda machine. This piece is stunning in pointing out that ugly elephant in the middle of the room that is the pursuit of Vietnam as the latest destination in the off-shoring exodus, it seems like the availability of ever cheaper labor, the crack cocaine to Wall Street parasites and traitors is very alluring in the former Indochina.

From Meyerson and at length because I can’t do it justice otherwise:

Why Were We In Vietnam?

Doing business in China is beginning to cost real money. Not that Chinese workers are buying second homes or anything like that: Their average wage is still a little short of a dollar an hour. But so many Chinese have now left their villages for the factories that the once bottomless pool of new young workers is beginning to run dry, and the wages of assembly-line employees are rising 10 percent a year.

Worse yet, new labor laws are making it harder for employers to cheat their workers out of their wages and benefits. Many American businesses that do their manufacturing in China had warned against those laws; the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai had flatly opposed them. But the good old days of Maoist labor discipline, when the government could send tens of millions of skilled workers down to the farms to be toughened up and periodically tortured, are gone. Mao’s heirs, though not above a touch of torture here and there just to keep the system humming along, are concerned, as he was not, with achieving social harmony, even if that means compelling employers to sign, and honor, contracts with their employees.

Confronted with such appalling squishiness, what’s a good, cost-cutting American business to do? Many are fleeing south of the border — not our border (Mexico costs way too much) but China’s.

They’re bound for Vietnam.

According to a report by Keith Bradsher in the New York Times last month, such multinational companies as Canon (the printer and copier maker) and Hanesbrands (the North Carolina-based underwear empire) are expanding or building factories in Hanoi, where they churn out products for Wal-Mart and other American retailers. Foreign direct investment in Vietnam increased 136 percent between 2006 and 2007, while it increased just 14 percent in China.

The reason for the move south is straightforward: Vietnamese factory workers make about a quarter of what their Chinese counterparts earn.

But why Vietnam and not, say, Thailand, where labor is similarly cheap?

Vietnam’s edge, it seems, is political. “Communism means more stability,” Laurence Shu, the chief financial officer of Shanghai-based Texhong, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cotton fabrics, told Bradsher. This view, Bradsher reports, is common among Asian executives and some American executives, too, though they have the presence of mind never to say so on the record. After all, Vietnam, like China, outlaws independent unions. Absent free speech and free elections, no radical shifts in the government’s economic policies are likely to be sprung upon unsuspecting American businesses.

Now, far be it from me to begrudge the Vietnamese their moment in the sun before global capital finds them too costly and moves on to Bangladesh and Somalia. But didn’t we fight a war to keep Vietnam from going communist? Something like 58,000 American deaths, right? And now American business actually prefers investing in communist Vietnam over, say, the more or less democratic Philippines? In all likelihood, it would prefer investing in communist Vietnam to investing in a more chaotic, less disciplined democratic Vietnam, if such existed.

Let’s imagine, just as an exercise, that we’re trying to explain this to those 58,000 Americans and their loved ones. We could argue that by investing in communist countries, we’re pushing them toward democracy. But everything we know about China suggests that, in reality, such investments merely make authoritarian regimes stronger. We could argue that what we’re really doing is bringing communist nations into the world capitalist system. Then again, the effect of bringing into the global labor pool hundreds of millions of low-wage workers — people whose wages are held in check by both capital mobility and communist repression — is to hold down wages in democratic nations with advanced economies and with no national strategy to preserve and expand good jobs at home (i.e., in the United States).

Or we could argue that our onetime opposition to communism was noble and all that but that, unburdened by the illusions of the past, American business, backed by the American government, has realized that the problem with communism wasn’t that it was undemocratic but that it was anti-capitalist. And that once communism was integrated into a world capitalist system, its antipathy toward democracy not only wouldn’t be a bad thing but would actually be good. That is clearly the political logic that underpins our involvement with China. It’s a little dicier to say this about our growing involvement with Vietnam, since all those Americans whose names are on that wall on the Mall probably didn’t realize how compatible with global American enterprise Vietnamese communism would turn out to be or how the cause of democracy would turn out to have been of no real importance at all.

I guess a note from the American establishment to those men and women with their names on the Wall would be in order. Something like: Say, guys — sorry ’bout that!

Maybe the Vietnamese can now start manufacturing those crappy little flag pins that have so cheapened the concept of patriotism, they are nothing but merkins (a pubic wig, originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia to eliminate lice or disguise the marks of syphilis) anyway, displayed upon increasingly empty vessels who shamble about in a fog of fear and jingoism even as they are herded towards the network of fences that end at the shoot where the pneumatic air hammer stuns them in preparation of the slaughter. The ‘gooks’ can even take away the American flag business from China now that it is no longer a cost effective destination for labor arbitrage.

With ‘free trade’ that the flip-flopping charlatan John Sidney McCain III has just spent the better part of a week sliming his way through Latin America promoting as a shill for the rapacious, anti-American strain of virulent looter capitalism (how could you ever expect anything less from an elitist who owns EIGHT houses) that has cut a swath of economic destruction through Der Homeland it would seem that the issue of using Vietnam as the latest destination for exported American jobs while cloaking himself in the immunity of some sort of phony war hero is more than a tad hypocritical.

When and if those ludicrous public relations gimmicks used by McCain actually allow anyone other than another adoring sycophantic war freak to ask questions the ‘maverick’ should be called out on this but it of course he won’t be, it is just too dangerous to the entire bogus Vietnam storyline that has been constructed around the self-admitted war criminal. For all of his paeans to the moneychangers to even acknowledge that America has now sought out Nam as the latest and greatest Mecca for labor arbitrage would be as if he himself were to walk up to that black granite wall, whip out his dick and piss all over those names that are carved into it.

Not only are we prepared to export jobs en-masse to Vietnam but the ongoing cynical invocation of that goddamned fucking war has been used as a cudgel to brutally beat into submission those who were suckered into accepting all of that hogwash about the American Dream at face value only to see their pockets picked and their bank accounts sucked dry by those who cashed in on the four decade tragedy of fighting and re-fighting it, like some acid and viscera drenched version of the movie Groundhog Day. Manchurian McCain and the fascist Republican party will escalate the fighting in Vietnam in the next few months, count on it! The carpet bombing runs are already being planned, the napalm pods polished with loving care, the effigies of Hanoi Jane to be burned slowly stitched together.

The Republican Tet Offensive is coming and coming soon and their pimping of the ongoing revisionist history of the war that the hippies and liberals didn’t let us win, the horseshit of spitting on the troops and the media blame game are all going to spring this bouncing betty one more time for their war criminal candidate and free trader McCain, a man whose only ‘qualification’ for the job is his phony Vietnam narrative.

And once again the Democrats will be true to form, they will capitulate, dissemble, plant big wet, sloppy kisses on McCain’s mangy ass, triangulate, cower and likely even in some cases even contemplate fleeing to Canada to avoid the war rather than fight in what to them has been a lost cause ever since they allowed themselves to be labeled as the party of “acid, amnesty and abortion” and allowed George McGovern to be defined as some sort of anti-American pinko even though history has proven that he was right..

As no less an authority on Nam than Captain Willard once: “Saigon…shit, I’m still only in Saigon”

John McCain: War Hero or War Criminal?

“I am a war criminal; I bombed innocent women and children”

-John McCain

So in what should be no surprise to anybody it turns out that John McCain is really no different than say Rudy Giuliani outside of military service of course but I’ll get to that in awhile. He is a charlatan, a philanderer, a hypocrite, a panderer and a man whose judgment and hair trigger temper should not allow him to occupy the oval office, that is if anything resembling a change is really to occur. McCain has always portrayed himself as this great incorruptible figure who would stand up against the special interests, reign in the torture state and work in something resembling bipartisanship that would somehow defuse the festering hatred that has transcended the ‘my team vs. your team’, win at all costs corrosiveness that has created factions in America that could one day equal the kind of generational hatred that is passed down in Europe and far less exceptional places that God’s other chosen land. He was a maverick, he was different and even Mr. Republican himself the great Rush Hudson Limbaugh III who is the personification of every single element of the GOP hates his guts but then the story broke.

The damned liberal New York Times in typical style as the propaganda arm of the great commie liberal conspiracy that has been doing it’s damned best to over throw this great and mighty country had the audacity to launch a dastardly smear campaign against McCain with a story of a potential affair with a telecommunications lobbyist that was really so much more than the lurid sort of lemming food sex scandal that the American idiots regularly wallow in. It really isn’t about sex at all but about corruption, about the great John McCain wallowing in the slop with lobbyists, lying to cover it up, bringing pressure on the Times to withhold the story until after Super Tuesday and then there is that ugly little thing about playing games with the campaign finance laws. So despite the frenzied attempts by the neocons to change the subject to the damned liberal New York times over Manchurian Mac’s alleged sexual dalliances the far bigger bombshell in the story is that the ‘straight talk express’ is nothing more than another corrupt business as normal whore house shuttle. There undoubtedly will be more on this story of corruption, lies and the public relations spin that has allowed for the canonization of yet another of the scoundrels who have so thoroughly contributed to the moral rot of the empire, you can count on that.

What the Times story does to a larger extent is to catapult the propaganda and allow for a look at McCain’s serial dishonesty, his fervor for war and his veracity as a ‘war hero’. Put quite simply, any man who comes out in favor of preserving the Bush-Cheney junta’s dictatorial right to use water boarding, a torture method so foul that it was used by the masters of the Spanish Inquisition while trying to parlay his own past as one who was tortured into political power while playing up his victim status as a POW who was also reportedly tortured is amoral, cynical and exploitative. A portrait of a career charlatan is only slowly emerging although the signs have always been there back to his involvement with the Keating Five scandal and running up to his hijacking of the Iraq war and occupation as his hallmark issue stating that despite the obvious facts that ‘stuff was getting better’ when the carnage raged and the bodies stank in the streets, rotting and being eaten by packs of starving dogs outside of the Green Zone. There was that ridiculous stroll through that market with Lindsay ‘five rugs for five bucks’ Graham with nearly half the fucking army in tow that was exposed as so much stagecraft during that now famous 60 Minutes segment last spring and McCain’s political aspirations appeared to be on life support. But that was before the Surge and the Vichy Democrat’s surrender on efforts to stop the war that they lied about in order to be given control over Congress in November 2006. McCain was suddenly off the ropes and back in business again.

And like Flintstone with “Gazoo” every time that McCain found himself in trouble on Iraq he just invoked “General Petraeus” and was out of any jam and his symbiotic relationship with Joe Lieberman which went over well with the same high rolling Jews that fund the campaigns of those of both parties who are acceptable to the neocons as well as his shilling for the American Enterprise Institute put Insane McCain back in the game again. He used the wizardry of a master in getting out in front with the game plan to incinerate everything that moves within 1000 miles of Israel which of course makes the Raptureheads pee in their undergarments in anticipation of their teleportation while the world immolates. But the “Surge” isn’t working, it has all been one gigantic bait and switch in which taxpayer money is buying time by paying off Sunni insurgents not to fight Americans. That dirty little deal along with the ethnic cleansing have more to do with the reduction of violence along with the hermetically sealed media than any real political success. It’s all to buy time so that dirty little fuck up in Mesopotamia doesn’t play havoc with the election or any of the two chosen neocons who would be warmonger in chief, McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton. And if McCain is so brazenly lying about his holier than thou bullshit about being different and above corruption you really have to wonder how much else of his tailor made for mass consumption by the moronic, television addicted lemmings is also more of the same bullshit. Could he also be lying about Vietnam?

Let’s talk about Nam, that nasty little quagmire in the American subconscious always waiting to be sprung like a bouncing betty whenever it is politically opportunistic, we are still fighting that fucking war and will continue to fight that fucking war until we as a nation are ready to collectively acknowledge the accumulated weight of all of our military interventionist sins and to seek atonement. That John McCain can continue to trade on his Vietnam record as he runs his campaign on the promise of more war for the rest of all of our lives even if it bankrupts us and rapes the futures of those who have yet to even be fucking born. Now I have a lot of problems with this great narrative that McCain has constructed for himself about being this great war hero, first let me say that there is absolutely nothing fucking heroic in dropping bombs on civilians and McCain himself has come out and admitted this when questioned during interviews, he correctly called himself “a war criminal” during another 60 Minutes interview back in 1997.

The Democrats and the more flaccid spined liberals out there with their pet issues snap to attention when it comes time to bestow their platitudes on the great and almighty war hero John McCain who will happily continue to send young men and women to their deaths if and when he snags the keys to the war machine. I have always found this sort of deferential treatment to be not only pathetic but self-defeating as well, the quisling Dems to use a sports analogy are all too happy to spot their opponent a two touchdown lead before they even take to the field for the opening kickoff. This is an area where I am flummoxed especially after the treatment that was given to John Kerry (a foofy haired elitist doofus who actually was something of a war hero) when he was savagely swiftboated by a Karl Rove operation back in 2004. Of course Kerry also came out against the war in his now legendary winter soldier hearings that peeled back the flags from the faces of the armchair patriots and the deniers which was and to this day is still a big taboo in a country that bathes in the blood of the innocent that are murdered by the war machine that has made death out top national export. It is far easier to decry Kerry for statements such as:

“They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, tape wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the country side of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”

Glorifying a man like McCain for whistling Dixie and then bombing the fuck out of people who he didn’t even have the guts to look at when they were sucking in jellied fire with their dying breath while vilifying Kerry is so typically Amerikan. McCain saluted the flag, did time in the Hanoi Hilton where according to who you believe received favorable treatment and then he made anti American propaganda videos of the same sort have carved a scarlet letter of “treason” onto the forehead of Jane Fonda for the last three and a half fucking decades not to mention every person who speaks out against our great wars of conquest rather than to just be a God kissed patriotic American who is content to watch television, go shopping and be a productive little cog in the murderous machine of industrialized murder that is our grand stinking capitalist empire of rot and death.

John McCain is no war hero, he is a war criminal that is plain and simple and in addition to being a war criminal he is also by definition a terrorist for committing terrorist acts against unarmed civilians and no amount of hand wringing fake moralizing is ever going to overturn that ugly and rancid little fact. War IS terrorism and no man who praises war as a way of life as does McCain is nothing other than a terrorist himself. Consider the irony of that particular statement for a minute and the now institutionalized phony war on terror that has brought the war, eternal war home to America as our way of life. None other than that flaming leftist Patrick J. Buchanan acknowledges that war is terror in relation to the bombings of Japan that would bring about an end to World War II and spawn the post war era of as Gore Vidal calls it “perpetual war for perpetual peace”. Buchanan despite the blanket discrediting he receives both by the pathetic mess that passed for the left these days and the neocon right is actually spot on about many things in these horrible days of a rotting empire and he asks the question: “But if terrorism is the massacre of innocents to break the will of rulers, were not Hiroshima and Nagasaki terrorism on a colossal scale?”

The dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy and whether it was ultimately necessary against a broken enemy or was merely an opening gambit in the Cold War will be debated until the end of our days but the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will always be interpreted by most as necessary steps to end a long, cruel and far too bloody war and to spare even more American casualties. I can even see the validity of this argument although I am not a convert but these were only two events, albeit massive in the systematic destruction and the breaking of the will of the Land of the Rising Sun. Regarding the bombing of Japan an excellent resource would be Errol Morris’s excellent documentary the Fog of War during which he interviews at length former Secretary of Defense and Viet Nam war architect Robert McNamara who was Rumsfeld before Rumsfield in his arrogance. The film while not depicting the slaughter on the ground offered a glimpse into the methodology of industrialized mass murder. General Curtis LeMay, McNamara’s superior and the commander of the Twenty-First Bomber Command that devastated the Japanese Home Islands in the late days of the war plays a prominent part. In the film McNamara explains his role in the incendiary attack by chillingly reducing it to the banality of number crunching as to the potential casualty tally. LeMay, who was savagely lampooned in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove as General Jack D. Ripper who kicks off nuclear Armageddon is featured in actual film clips that are among the most interesting parts of the movie.

In a precursor to modern corporate number crunching the bombing run efficiency was maximized to the point where stripped B-29s were sent in flying so low that they literally reeked of burning flesh, a good and short although militaristic account on LeMay and the bombing has been written by Victor Davis Hanson and entitled The Right Man, this piece is featured in the World War II compilation called No End Save Victory, a pretty good book of essays that you could likely pick up cheap online. The ruthless efficiency of the incendiary bombings even had LeMay himself to comment that “I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal”.

On the nights of March 9 & 10 in 1945 Tokyo was subjected to an incredible incendiary bombardment that destroyed sixteen square miles of the city, boiling asphalt and cooking flesh. Although the true number will never be known it is estimated that nearly 100,000 were killed, most incinerated and most civilians including women and children and the helpless elderly. The fire consumed the city structures that were mainly built out of wood and the heat according to Nicholas Von Hoffman as referenced in Pat Buchanan’s Where The Right Went Wrong “boiled the water in lakes and ponds, cooking those who fled to safety there like human lobsters” But this is always the way that it is in war isn’t it? General LeMay was correct, the victors are never the war criminals and never the terrorists, the infamy as well as the true costs of aggression are not ultimately paid by the warmongers but suffered by the poor bastards who just happen to live under the rule of rogue governments or those that otherwise fall into disfavor with the most powerful of nations. The truth is that America has a long history of employing and glorifying war criminals, Lyndon B. Johnson, McNamara, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and both George Bushes were the pros but John McCain is a rising star who with his star-crossed past and maniacal zeal to wage war could yet challenge every one of them when it comes to racking up the body count, and he already has kills on his personal ledger.

Considering how McCain has been right up there with putting his seal of approval on George W. Bush’s torture state despite the alleged hell that he endured while a POW not only makes the story itself suspect but any man who has undergone that sort of torture and who comes out in defense of torture is a goddamned hypocrite and is unfit for any sort of high political office let alone that of Commander in Chief.

John McCain’s free pass as a strait shooting war hero needs to be revoked for it is now apparent that he is neither.