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Feeding The Pigs

Yet another outrageous example of the Bush administration-mainstream media confederacy occurred yesterday with a hastily announced dinner and pool party held at Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford. After fleeing the mounting attention that has given legitimacy to the anti-war protests along the dustry trail to the movie set macho homestead for the relatively safer confines of red state strongholds and meticulously staged shameless public relations appearances in front of the usual carefully filtered audiences, where Rove and company trotted out mother flockers who gratefully would sacrifice their children in the king’s crusade. Team Bush hit rock bottom and commenced drilling through their disgracefully brazen exploitaton of Tammy Pruett, a military mom with a husband and five sons who have served or are currently serving in Iraq. In an interesting footnote none of the six have been smuggled back into the USA under the cover of darkness in body bags. After all of the hoopla in the state best known for it’s potatoes and white supremacist militias as well as the home of former O.J. Simpson racist rogue cop and bad novelist Mark Furhrman (who incidentally was not selling his shameless piece of shit Terri Schiavo exploitation piece at the GOP pep rally) Air Force One turned around and perfectly executed Operation Dumbo Drop 2, safely delivering Dubya and his entourage back to the Lone Star State.

Ya gotta hand it to Karl Rove as he pulled off the same old shit yet again, leading the parasitic, self absorbed media hacks away from Cindy Sheehan and the protestors on a short road trip that would allow the right wing slime machine sufficient time to smear Sheehan as anti-semitic, dropping the daisy cutter of all of all of the myriad of slanderous character assassinations that cable television, radio and print hacks have relentlessly thrown at her in the last two weeks. Now that the loathsome and pathetic excuses for journalists that make up the White House Press Corps were safely back under administration control it was time to ring the dinner bell and like Pavlov’s Dogs they all came running…seeking to once again curry favor with their masters. Of course the main caveat of the dinner invite was that all attendees had to promise complete confidentiality of whatever conversations occurred during the time that they were fed fried catfish, coleslaw, homemade chocolate chip cookies, beer and the assorted normal spoonfed morsels of bullshit that they are as accustomed to devouring as eagerly as a dog will occasionally dine on it’s own feces. Even aspiring personality, cool one drinking, meat eating, football talking ‘liberal’ talk show hose Ed Schultz, the nationally syndicated DLC shill suddenly found her to be radioactive despite his own pimping of her story for the majority of his on air appearances last week. Another day and yet another shameless abandonment of principle in order to save face and avoid confrontation for the centrists, as wantonly cowardly as the inability of the Democratic party as whole to grow a spine and denounce this evil, bloody lie of a war as well as the lying bloody corrupt bastards who deceived the country into this epic cluster fuck.

This wonderful story of the secuction of the press corps was published in Dan Froomkin’s Washington Post blog (which unfortunately requires registration) is aptly titled Bush’s Secret Dinner–With The Press and gives more details of the top secret event than the previously mentioned AP link, Editior and Publisher also has a story on the ‘pool report’. The week away from the vacation that the spin machine is now frantically denying is a vacation also allowed for an armchair patriot pilgramage to Crawford to plant the flag in the dirt on the other side of the road from Camp Casey which was both imaginatively and fittingly named Camp George in honor of their beloved leader whom they value more than America itself.

By the way, the latest Gallup poll of record low approval ratings for GWB, the failure of the Iraqi’s to agree on a constitution and the aftermath of fanatical televangelist and die hard Bush supporter Pat Robertson’s fatwa proclamation were swept away in a maelstrom of ‘top stories’ of the two Aruban brothers arrested as suspects in the ongoing mystery disappearance of Natalee Holloway , Hurricane Katrina and more lurid details of the BTK killer. The media may be comprised of whores but they possess the finest qualities of such women of ill repute….they are cheap, raunchy and easy!

Is This A Great Country Or What?

God’s Own Bastard

Radical cleric Pat Robertson is at it again. Leading the televangelist charge into foreign affairs after a career of denouncing the evils of feminism, homosexuality, secular humanists, liberals, the ACLU and the hated wall of separation of church and state, the self proclaimed prophet of God pontificated from on high using his 700 Club bully pulpit to call for the assassination of a democratically elected leader of a soverign state. The man who would redirect hurricanes (not to mention shadowy flights to South African diamond mines), launch seditious verbal attacks against the government in his calls for a theocratic state on his tv network and proclaim that the September 11, 2001 attacks were a warning from God called for the state sponsored murder of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Robertson claimed that the hated Chavez who called King Bush an asshole (an opinion shared by more and more of the American public with each passing day) is a man who doesn’t play ball with the globalizers, free market capitalists, oil industry swine and other corporate vermin was running a country that was a “launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism” and that sending a hit squad to take him out was “a whole lot cheaper than starting a war…and I don’t think that the oil shipments will stop”. Be it foreign leaders, Sponge Bob or the Teletubbies these religious fanatics who are all graduates of the Satan A&M Institute of False Prophecy are singing from the same hymnal and their madhouse choir is singing along with them.

Of course Dirty George had no comment, he was too busy justifying his ill conceived Iraqi meat grinder/Haliburton profit center and denouncing those who would dare criticize his tyrannical pronouncements as those who would weaken America or unpatriotic traitors through insinuation. The man who would be a “uniter not a divider” and “compassionate conservative” just keeps on throwing gasoline on the smoldering coals or resentment that have pitted friend against friend, family member against family member and American against American. This type of rhetoric is getting very dangerous and it is fearful to speculate on what Gestapo tactics that the Bush administration and their police state goons will utilize to put down any serious anti-war insurgency that may be developing. The brutal crushing of protest at the FTAA conference in Miami back in November 2003 is only a preview and will likely be childs play compared to the brute force that these fascists would be prepared to bring down on any serious organized opposition to their domestic despotism. In 2005 America it is perfectly ok for political allies and religious zealots make outrageous pronouncements endorsing terrorist tactics but God forbid that anybody on the wrong side of the line in the sand that has been drawn by the emperor would dare to exercise their first amendment rights to free speech and peaceable protest.

You Are Either With Us Or Against Us !

Historical Ignorance

It just keeps coming. The latest horse-hockey that the Bushies and their hacks are prepared to feed as grist into the propaganda mill is that Iraq and WW II are comparable wars. This is a canard the size o’ Texas that will be inserted into an the coming p.r. campaign alongside the trusty old 9/11-Iraq link warhorse in order to form a dual pronged assault of mendacity as the cock of the walk will flee Chickenhawk Ranch for a series of p.r. appearances in front of the normal friendly, brain dead audiences. This newest nugget of spin was leaked to the media by ‘senior aides’ (aka Karl and Rove) over the weekend. The point being that WW II was a longer war, and due to its justifiable status as a ‘good’ war it is are more preferable to use as an example and fodder for Rovian spin than Viet Nam, a bloody quagmire that anybody but the most stupid of Americans are able to see is far more comparable to Iraq that the Big One. As Dirty Georgie and the gang goes into desperation mode to do anything to distract from a growing storyline centering on the hordes of anti-war protesters encamped at the main access road to Chickenhawk Ranch the fact that they have to resort to this folderol is proof that the anti-war movement is becoming a serious threat that the usual scum spewing talking heads have been unable to put down. Other than complete disregard for the intelligence of the American people by the Republican slime machine, there is nothing more certain than a dumbed down American public that is both eager and willing to gobble up more morsels of the same bullshit in a different wrapper. Increasingly ignorant of history and ever more distracted by the politicization of educational criteria, students just aren’t getting it when it comes to learning our national heritage and world history.

Many schools are so intimidated by right wing pressure groups led by fascists like David Horowitz that they neglect to teach it in anything form other than the blase, homogenized, state sanctioned version of America as the shining beacon of morality and goodness that cloaks the genocide of Manifest Destiny in a John Wayne style western myth of waging war against primitive, bloodthirsty savages and honors a ruthlessly greedy slave trader named Christopher Columbus as a national hero even to the extent of giving him his own holiday. It is only because of this type of mass institutional ignorance that so many are willing to swallow party line propaganda and revisionist history hook, line and sinker. Throw in a mind numbing barrage of 24/7 television, an endless supply of dumbed down formulaic blockbuster Hollywood releases and the growing popularity of the computer gaming industry and you have a totalitarian’s dream of a populace practically begging to be manipulated by government sponsored ruthless public relations firms that are paid to make YOU dumber with your own tax dollars.

Not that the great WWII Iraq link is new to these people, after all we were inundated with propagana while the war drums were being beaten that Saddam Hussein was in fact the new Hitler. Admittedly, there were some similarities: both used chemical weapons (Saddam’s were sold to him by U.S. corporations and with the knowledge of the Reagan administration, both left mass graves filled with victims (most of Saddam’s holes in the desert were filled with the bodies of those whom Daddy Bush incited to rebel against the regime in Gulf War I and then abandoned to be slaughtered) and perhaps most importantly since pictures are such a powerful medium of communication (even the illiterate can understand an image) they both have mustaches!


Exit Strategy

As Gomer Pyle used to say “surprise…surprise…surprise”. Dirty George and the ruling junta have finally come up with a desperately needed exit strategy:

Bush Invokes Sept 11 To Defend Iraq War

Unfortunately, this particular exit strategy is solely designed to escape the growing media attention and bad p.r./plummeting poll numbers that anti-war protesters have brought down as though it were a biblical plague upon Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX where the Pharoah just wants to ride his bike in peace. It is yet another example of the corruption, arrogance and incompetence of this slimiest of administrations that the exposed traitor Turd Blossom and his minions are able to once again exploit the tragic deaths of thousands of innocent Americans in order to escape political accountability rather than to address the desperately needed REAL exit strategy that would extricate the United States from the biggest foreign policy fuckup since Viet Nam; our previous national disaster/fuckup of a war that the bloody quagmire in Iraq is drawing increasing comparison to. Grumbling over the Iraq disaster is not only becoming more widespread nationally but in congress it is coming from even the very few Republicans who have not been beaten into compliance by the Rove-Delay-Cheney triad, assimilated by raw peer pressure to conform to the hive mentality or co-opted by the John McCain bandwagoners and the Arizona maverick’s pathological desire to roll over on principle and to kiss the sweaty cheeks of whatever asses are necessary in order to be the GOP nominee in 2008. It is definitely no surprise that the Democrats in Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs are too afraid of slithering out from the cover of their safe haven of fecklessness, cowardice and appeasement to speak out…they would rather leave that to Cindy Sheehan who will soon become Cindy Bin Ladin as the slime machine gets cranked up to labelling Americans who question illegitimate authority as enemies of the state and enablers of those seeking to destroy our way of life (aren’t multi-national corporations also intent on this?) which they hate as well as our freedom which is rapidly vanishing as the ruling Republicans do everything in their power to facilitate the rise of a police state.

This is what happens to those with the unmitigated audacity to interrupt Little Lord Fauntleroy’s vacation.



Tom’s Toilet

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.

Thomas Jefferson

There is a sickness running through the American body politic today and nowhere is it more apparent than in depths of the fetid dung pit of Tom Delay’s House of Representatives. There is a wonderful article on just how vile a den of iniquity that that ‘the people’s house ‘ has become in the current edition of Rolling Stone: Four Amendments & A Funeral .

In an intesting bit of synchronicity, DeLay’s porcine front man, House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s ‘alleged’ corruption is also brought up in another recently released story in a national magazine, this month’s edition of Vanity Fair, a fairly lurid celebrity mag with the saving grace of regular decent political articles. According to the V.F. story, Fat Denny has a hell of a taste for turkey (that is Turkish graft) which is brought up in a pretty long piece about fired FBI translator and key 9-11 figure Sibel Edmonds, a women who is currently under government gag order regarding potentially volcanic incriminating testimony gleaned from intelligence records that would be hugely embarrassing to certain members of the GOP. Allegations that could prove beforehand knowledge of not only an imminent terrorist atack but also shed a light on a well established network of global corruption that could provide a glimpse of just how deep that the rabbit hole goes regarding the lucrative foreign relationships that certain influential public figures are involved in.

These two stories only offer a little peek behind the curtain of the cash and carry politburo operation of DeLay Inc, a golden corral where the swine-herd is allowed to gorge itself from the trough of corporate largess. Tom DeLay is amongst the most despicable figures that this country has ever seen and his rise to prominence in a position where the blatant abuse of power is commonplace is anathema to democracy. Toxic Tom’s home district in Sugarland, TX is likely very proud that their longtime congressman is so able to represent their ‘family values’ in a manner that would otherwise be a pox upon any decent, god fearing, moral community not located in the chicken fried rapture obsessed republic of Texas. DeLay is likely the most evil, morally degenerate, bitterly driven and stagnantly repugnant piece of toxic excrement that has that has ever propelled itself through a thoroughly rancid American political system like a toxic turd through a sewer pipe. The little tinhorn tyrant is currently embattled on several fronts, from a stacked and rigged ‘ethics’ committee that is too terrified that any serious pressure on DeLay would cause the whole house of cards to come tumbling down, a rare bi-partisan effort, the whores on the other side of the aisle afraid that their own transgressions and villianously rotten pimping of influence be exposed as well (D.C. doesn’t have enough paddy wagons to haul the House away nearly en masse) and shining a much needed light on the entire nest of cockroaches who have redistricted and bribed themselves into permanent seats at the table where democracy is sold to the highest bidder.

In addition to the potential ethics violations there is also a possible criminal indictment for DeLay coming up from the Lone Star State where unbelievably there is actually a law against accepting corporate graft and potentially yet to be revealed complicity in a John McCain led senate investigation into Indian Casino influence peddling, a probe that is targeting top DeLay crony and uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the ultimate beltway bagman. Abramoff incidentally was indicted on Friday for his role in a very ugly little scam involving fraudulent wire transfers in the acquisition of Sun Cruz Casinos, a Florida gambling boat business whose prior owner Gus Boulis, who still retained a piece of the business and was not exactly enamoured with his new partners was mysteriously gunned down in a gangland style hit straight out of Goodfellas while driving home from a meeting one day and as of this afternoon there is word that Abramoff is going to be questioned in the slaying. In short, Abramoff could be going down hard and may be forced to cut a deal with the feds. The problem for DeLay Inc. is that Jackie Boy could implicate not only the Texan king rat but also all of his cohorts in the Houses, yes that was plural….Abramoff was able to bribe his way into White House itself for meetings with the Bushies through old buddy Grover Norquist, the slimy little tax cheat advocate of a prick intent on killing Social Security and “shrinking government to the size where it could be drowned in a bathtub”, all are tied to good ole Turd Blossom himself who is also subject of a criminal indictment. This could get real ugly especially when the rats realize that they are trapped and begin chewing on each other to escape so what does DeLay do? He scrambles for cover behind that old rugged cross that the extreme right is so adept at using to adorn their blatant power grabs with. He was the celebrity superstar of Justice Sunday II, the Super Bowl of fringe inhabiting knuckle dragging lunatics intent on gaining the keys to the asylum from which they can escape and descend upon America in a biblical plague so fearful that not even Moses himself would have dared to risk damnation by unleashing it upon the pharoah. Locusts, fire rains, bloody water and even the darkness of the cloud that claimed the firstborn of the ruling society were nothing in comparision to loosing the vipers of the radical Christo-fascists upon the instutitions of America.

There is quite simply nothing like the sensation of the razor sharp tongs of the devil’s pitchfork in the form of the imminent danger of a looming criminal indictment poking at one’s hind quarters to bring about a miraculous conversion to the tent preacher sermons of damnation of one’s youth, disregarded as crackpot rantings at the time and chucked our with the rest of the childish toys once boys became men. It is always at the time of the utmost peril that those who have spent their entire lives acting as pimps, scoundrels, thieves, liars, cheats, adulterers, sexual deviates and outright parasites choose to seek sanctuary through being born again by the baptism in the holy waters of righteous forgiveness…Halla-fucking-looya! Of course, if there is in fact a just and almighty God, death bed conversions would be scrutinized with the same sort of meticulousness that modern day American mass electronics retailers cull their customer lists for habitual offenders of loss leader bulk purchasers seeking to turn a quick buck on E Bay. As the saying goes, religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel….and combined with patriotism it a product that has overwhelming appeal to the legions of suckers who comprise the mailing lists for the criminal organizations that filth the likes of DeLay are able to reap their illicit gains from.

Don’t forget, when the heat began to come down earlier this year, DeLay had no problem latching onto the Terri Schiavo family tragedy like the bloodsucking little leach that he is in order to deflect attention from embarassing revalations about his influence pimping and for awhile became the champion and darling of the radical right theocrats, he even issued the following fatwa against the non-believers, pagans and secular liberals at a whacko rally:

“They stopped churches from getting into politics … Lyndon Johnson … passed a law that said you couldn’t get in politics or you’re going to lose your tax-exempt status … It forces Christians back into the church. That’s what’s going on in America … That’s not what Christ asked us to do.”

While I certainly am not an ordained minister, I can pretty much assure you that Christ did not ask hypocrites and moneychangers to use his name in order to pontificate to the hypocritical masses of the ignorant slugs, losers, dry drunks, pederasts, racists, perverts, freaks, mentally ill, professional victims and white knuckle former drug addicts who make up the majority of the base of the extreme religious right and Republican party. As a matter of fact, Jesus would likely have planted a sandal clad footed, running drop kick squarely into the buttocks of Delay and his investment bankers and lobbyist cronies in order to send them sailing out of the temple and into the gutters where they belong. Sweet Jesus! This sanctimonious sack of hell bound snakeshit actually makes his reactionary anti-American predecessor Newt Gingrich look like a patriotic saint by comparison, no wonder that Hillary has been seen chumming with him lately.

Cynics would say that the very presence of a ‘man’ such as Delay contradicts the very existence of the vengeful and almighty God whose name that he seeks to conjure up as a shield against his own overwhelmingly unredeeming descent into the lowest pits of banal and vile behavior, Dante would have had to create an entire sublevel of Hell for the sole purpose of serving as DeLay’s personal dungeon. This man has NO morals and if the wrathful god that he so often evokes in order to rouse the rabble were to be as vengeful as advertised the thunderclouds would have long ago parted and delivered the flaming bolt of lightning from the heavens that would have turned this slimy piece of garbage into a smouldering stench of an oil slick long ago.

Now that the Abramoff connection looks to become a serious problem, the greasy little Ratzo Rizzo lookalike is circling the wagons and instilling a jihadist spirit to the theocratic movement’s Justice Sunday II national television audience, waving his arms and spewing anti-American spittle along with other Christo-fascist luminaries and assorted false prophets the likes of the power crazed James Dobson, the eternally bitter fascist zealot Robert Bork, the foaming at the mouth turncoat and peckerwood icon Zell ‘Spitballs’ Miller, former Nixon aide and convicted criminal Charles ‘Tex’ Colson (whose rape in prison while serving time for his role in Watergate is very likely forefront in DeLay’s diseased mind), Family Research Council head Tony ‘Psycho’ Perkins, radical Catholic cleric, William Donahue, the American representative for Herr Ratzinger’s drive to reintroduce the good ole days of the Inquisition and longtime reactionary favorite grande damme Phyllis Schlafly whose simmering resentment over her own son’s proclivity for swallowing the pork sword has transformed her from simply an addle-brained bitch into a screeching harpie with a bad hairdo, a cross between Ellen Burstyn’s pathetic diet drug addicted mother of Requiem For A Dream and a modern Joan of Arc.

DeLay is great at using religion to whip the masses into a fury in order to generate a smoke screen to obscure his corruption and megalomania, he descended upon the poor, wasted body of Terri Schiavo like the buzzard that he is, hypocritically preaching the evils of the state not intervening to save the life of the brain dead woman even if he himself presided over the decision to rip the plug out of his own daddy’s life support equipment after a tragic accident left the senior DeLay on a respirator. No matter how often that these thugs hide behind the cross, no matter how tightly wrap themselves in the flag and invoke patriotism as justification for their anti-American tactics, at the end of the day all of these scumbags have reaped their ill gotten gains and sated their powerlust by being on the top of Jack Abramoff’s speed dial list. Let us hope that it is a list that is now in posession of U.S. prosecutors who will eventually work their way up to a position where they are able to neutralize the criminal hydra that holds American democracy in it’s evil grip by eventually lopping off the heads.

It’s time to hit the flush button: November 2006!

Support The Bush

At the very forefront of American hypocrisy these days is that jingoist contingent of glassy eyed flockers who continuously invoke the mantra Support the Troops whenever anyone dares to question Bush’s Iraq fiasco. Given the amount of coverage that Cindy Sheehan’s protest outside of Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford is attracting it was only a matter of time until the rightie goon squad flew into action and organized a ‘counter protest/nationalist rally’ open to all GOP toadies, lackies, rubber fetus wavers, gun totin’ radicals and assorted brownshirt bund members who choose to attend. The call went out over radical right wing talk radio that any backwoods militia misfit with an axe to grind or a cross to burn could hop into their SUV or American made pickup truck and make a beeline to Crawford in a show of unity to support their embattled leader.

What a bunch of ignorant hypocrites! I don’t what’s worse, these dumb ass hicks, dittoheads, bedroom revolutionaries and angry white men without a clue about the true cause for their societal displacement or the apathetic consumerist assholes who compose the majority of the populace that still want to pretend that this war doesn’t exist and that there aren’t real consequences attached. The mainstream media is busy bitching about Iraq fatigue: the continuing stream of bad news is too much of a downer and they resent having to cover the unending bombings, especially the ones that result in American casualties. This is why you see wall to wall Aruba teen disappearance stories and the corprate papers are filled with the space shuttle, fantastically wasteful Mars missions and assorted celebrity tabloid garbage….this crap is what sells advertising and panders to the power brokers in Washington who in turn shower the increasingly consolidated corporate media with favorable legislation in return for their craven coverage of issues that really matter. It is a vicious circle but when GE is making billions of dollars on peddling munitions and also happens to own a large share of the national media it is good business to inundate the masses with pervert of the week stories and play down the reality of the bloodbath in Iraq. As Forrest Gump so eloquently put it, “stupid is as stupid does” and a dumbed down, sheeplike populace is exactly what is needed for the Bushies to see their master plan through to fruition.

While they are supposedly laying the groundwork for democracy in the middle east the administration and their acolytes do everything possible to destroy it here, engaging in character assassination, ratting out CIA agents for political gain, rewarding corporations for outsourcing American jobs to low cost slave labor third world cesspools, allowing lobbyists to write EPA rules while ignoring scientific evidence that global warming is indeed a reality that is going to be biting us all in the a$$ very soon and laying waste to social programs with the crown jewel being the privatization of Social Security and the complete renunciation of the New Deal. They chant support even while their piggish self indulgence contributes to the very factors that have placed so many of our fine young men and women in harms way in a foreign land.

Where is the sacrifice?

It sure as shit isn’t in slapping a silly little magnetic country music song cliché yellow ribbon sticker on the bumper of an SUV, and if it happens to be turned sideways like a Jesus fish it does nothing other than to increase the suspicion of Muslims that this is indeed a holy crusade against Islam: You dumb fucks are playing right into the hands of Osama Bin Laden and his ilk, don’t all of those stickers make for interesting viewing on Al Jazeera?

It sure as shit isn’t in attacking fellow Americans who speak out in opposition to a leader who would be king, a man who the bootlickers support with unyielding fealty, a large amount of them would kill for him wouldn’t they? As long as they didn’t have to actually go to Iraq in order to do it.

But that never occurs to any of the flockers does it?

Nor does anything that is not on message for their exalted leader.

Why don’t the rabid nationalists put their money where their mouth is and stop gassing up on foreign oil, the idea that they are bartering away the precious blood of a generation every time that they refuse to practice conservation never reaches the penetration point of their reality television, FOXified thick skulls. Why not relinquish the tax cuts that have destabilized our national economy and facilitated an immense transfer of both wealth and the tax burden from the lower class masses to the wealthy country club elitists who gorge themselves at the trough of free market capitalism, they sleep very soundly indeed knowing that their children will not have to bear the consequences of being blown to bits by a roadside bomb.

Support the Troops?

Did any of the assholes ever support them before it became politically convenient? I didn’t think so…sunshine patriots never have and never will.

The troops should spit on the American public when they do eventually come back home from this bloody lie of a corporate war.

For as little as has been done to preserve the democratic values and idealism while they are the only ones being asked to sacrifice it is what we all deserve for our complicity in this debacle.

A Chickenhawk Ranch Field Sergeant Issues a Flocker Call to Arms

The Peacemaker

A new shipment of hillbilly heroin must have recently been delivered to Le Chateau de Limbaugh in luxurious West Palm Beach. Rush Limbaugh, the grand poobah of propaganda, never missing out on an opportunity to engage in bombastic self-promotion has made the news again, this time offering to act as a mediator in the ugly public feud between Philadelphia Eagles petulant wide receiver Terrell Owens and their star quarterback Donovan McNabb. Yes, the same Donovan McNabb who was trashed by the flabby, drug addled god to dittohead nation during his brief stint on ESPN two years ago as an overrated black quarterback who is being hyped by the dastardly liberal media. Limbaugh was forced out before his seat on Sunday NFL Countdown had even been broken in, it was obvious that any crossover dreams that the Vicodin gobbling, thrice divorced champion for ‘true American values’ would never have the national appeal needed to package his racist rants into mainstream acceptance, he would have to be content to preach demagoguery from his am radio pulpit to legions of like-minded rabble, adoring drones who clung to the great one’s every word as though they seriously were delivered with talent on loan from God himself, for a shitling army of ignorant sycophants Limbaugh is the perfect general. The shiftless corporate media of course was on this latest ‘news’ like McClellan on Gannon, eager to hitch a ride the bandwagon despite their inability to fathom the unfathomable truth, that Limbaugh is overrated as a both a social commentator and radio ‘talk show’ host while vastly underrated as a spigot of GOP agitprop, then again at the end of the day the hacks and flacks all work for the same bosses and Limbaugh is one of their own.

Of course Limbaugh’s offer of bridging the gap between the two star African-American athletes plays into the larger party strategy of infiltrating the black community in order to make inroads among potential voters. RNC chief Ken Mehlman recently slimed his way onto the podium at the NAACP national convention to renounce and apologize for Nixon’s southern strategy as well as to label the Democratic party as the party of Jim Crow (the party of jack shit would be more appropriate) in an effort to put a smiley face of inclusiveness on the longtime GOP strategy of targeting their message to appeal to bigots through the condemnation of the welfare state, specifically Cadillac driving welfare queens. The utter absurdity of such a speech is that such a large portion of the GOP party platform is build upon planks of racism and intolerance that if even half of them were to be removed the entire fucking structure would collapse like the walls of Jericho. The party mainly seeks to mobilize blacks through invading their religious establishments, wolves disguised as sheep and waving fistfuls of Faith Based Initiative dollars as well as crooning the siren song of a mutual enemy, aka preaching the gospel of gay bashing. It used to be that the only time that a white Republican was to be seen in a black church he would be there with gasoline and matches. These clowns are nothing more than the KKK in suits and any incursion into the black community is purely based on malicious intent. Whether or not it is ultimately effective remains to be seen but as with all parasites seeking a new host their success will be in just how they are able to infiltrate without resistance, if the clowns have come to the realization of anything it is that it is far easier and subtle to use deception as a tool rather than violence. The flaming hacks who now pull the levers of the party apparatus have learned many lessons since the days of Nixon’s implosion, most importantly how to focus group test their message so as to appear as compassionate conservatives. If five years of the ruthless reign of the Bush crime mob haven’t taught people that both compassionate conservative and bull shit are two word terms with the same meaning then they will never get it and may has well just tune into Rush, don a dittohead cap and dance a mad dervish to the tune of the pied piper leading them down the primrose path to ruination.

The War On Cindy

With the barbarians massing at the gates and Dirty George holed up at Chickenhawk Ranch in Tejas, fucking off on yet another taxpayer funded vacation, the Rove signal went out, the message, as usual was attack and destroy! The target was Cindy Sheehan, the California mother who lost her son in a phony war, a war sold to the credulous, childlike American public on fear mongering and falsehoods, a mother whose desire for an answer as to why her boy had to die for Karl Rove’s mid-term election strategy has become something of a cause celebre. Cindy Sheehan is a face for a growing anti-war movement that is just starting to get it’s legs and to strike back at the daily excesses of the Bush administration’s anti-American, pro corporate drunkenness on power, an administration that is intent on sending adolescents to die or be maimed in order to goose the portfolios of the elitists and feed the fantasies of the psychotic neocons, shredding the constitutional rights of all Americans in the process.

As is typical for the cowardly, fascist, criminal enterprise known as the Republican Party it once again, as it always is, the acolytes, sycophants and Kool Aid drinking kook activists who must take the fight to the ‘enemy’, subscribers to the doctrine of blind faith and unquestioning fealty who are only too willingly answer the call to battle. If even a fraction of these people would show up en masse and equally fired up for battle at their local Army or Marine Corps recruiting offices, places where they could volunteer to serve their country honorably instead of defending the indefensible policies of a mentally ill, coke snorting, draft dodging, dysfunctional, dry drunk who is a child of generations of blue blood, East Coast wealth masquerading as a populist and uses Jesus as both a crutch and a tool to deceive and manipulate the masses…well, this country would be able to exit this most odious of foreign interventions with our honor still intact. Then again, if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump it’s ass on the ground when it hopped. Cowards will always be cowards and those of lower social classes will always be sent off to fight and die on foreign soil, for corporate interests so that the craven poseurs can wrap their yellow tinted bodies in the red, white and blue, the sons and daughters of the working class will always be sacrificed so that the status quo is able to retain power and reap profits off of the blood money generated by their bravery/slavery.

Given the national sickness of today’s television indoctrinated nation, once Cindy’s cause began to draw more media attention and threatened to become an embarrassing spectacle for Daddy Bush’s wastrel fool of a son, the right wing slime machine kicked into overdrive with activists pounding call in shows, CSPAN and the blogosphere in a vicious effort to slander a grieving mother who is fed up with the lies and wants some answers on why her son was made into a blood sacrifice for Haliburton and the neo con cultists. Now all of the great armchair patriots are on the attack, spewing their condemnation and vitriol over the airwaves, the yellow ribbon magnet crowd turns berserker to question Sheehan’s motives and to decry her right to free speech. How dare she defile the service of her son to the cause of bringing democracy to the Iraqis, they who would have their tongues cut out or boiled alive for speaking out against Saddam? Their rage builds to a crescendo, how long will it be before they themselves are ready to rip out tongues in defense of their own hallowed and mighty leader?

The corporate cable news networks actually had to break from the attention diverting and profitable story line of Natalie Holloway, the WASP teen missing in Aruba in order to allow for a barrage of attacks on Sheehan. The propagandists were unleashed, the dogs of war let slip, with raw chunks of bloody red meat to throw to the ravenous masses of fat asses parked on sofas and barcaloungers throughout the land. A confederacy of dummies, their brains awash in cheap alcohol and pharmaceuticals, their arteries clogged with cholesterol, these are the soldiers of the army of the television punditry and their generals were crying out for mobilization.

Onward they charged, a throbbing vein popped up on the forehead of Bill ‘tickle my ass with a loofah’ O’Reilly, Michelle ‘internment camp crazy cunt’ Malkin brayed at the moon, Rush ‘fat ass drug addict and thrice divorced’ Limbaugh pontificated from his studio chair, his philodondial cyst (and likely dildo) ravaged, sweaty, smooth cheeked, chubby bottom bouncing along in rythym on an inflatable rubber donut that made little whoopee cushion type farting sounds as he jonesed for more hillbilly heroin and blamed it all on Clinton, Queen Ann of Babble-On-Ia, the forty something single blonde who is the subject of so many right wing male’s masturbatory dominatrix fantasies chimed in with her own denunciations, spewing invective as her tongue danced lithely with a flickering butterfly like fervor normally reserved for lapping from the furry bowl. A fortuitously timed letter from a ‘relative’ who happens to be a slavering Bush devotee denounced her motives in a familiar tactic (pg 43 of the Rove playbook) as right wingers began to jack themselves up into a Schiavo jihadist type of frenzy, maybe Mark Fuhrman can throw together another tome of shit for the occasion.

While the media assault went on and Cindy and her ever growing crowd sought a meeting with the seed of former president George H.W. Bush and current emperor, the smarmy little prick of Crawford who has never fought a battle of his own that wasn’t rigged by daddy’s money or the influence of manipulative puppeteer power brokers did poke his jug earred weasel head out of the bunker on Friday. He did slithered out of Chickenhawk Ranch to attend a RNC donor’s BBQ for rangers and pioneers this afternoon, hiding behind tinted windows as his motorcade roared past Sheehan and the protestors camped outside, he was probably giving them the finger, this ‘man’ gives a fuck about nothing other than his own petulance, he never has and never will.

In an interesting side note that further illustrates the barbaric freefall into the abyss of nationalist stupidity that the United States has embarked upon, it was announced that a gala orgy of flag waving, jingo drenched, kick ass, fuckfest of epic proportions will occur on our newest and most hallowed national holiday, September 11th. It is on that day, on the national mall that a Donald Rumsfeld-Clint Black (yet another country cretin who finds it far safer as well as more lucrative to brandish a gittar instead of a gun and gutterally croaking flag wrapped odes to the glory of the holy crusade) collaboration will occur to ‘honor’ the troops, ie: to stoke resentment, decry liberal America haters and glorify the ‘heroes’ who are conscripted reservists being blown to tatters by roadside bombs in Baghdad to be called “America Supports You Freedom Walk”. You can bet that the demonization of Cindy Sheehan will play a prominent role in this country music drenched bacchanal, the emperor and his minions will have not only sent her son to his death but will proceed to steal his memory for their goddamned never ending war on freedom.






Recently the ruling Republican fascist junta invoked yet another demand for a constitutional amendment against flag burning. How typical, when all else fails try to wrap your decidedly un-American tactics in the red, white and blue of the flag itself and get your civil libertarian opponents on record, it will come in handy with all of the truck driving rubes and armchair patriots come election time. What better way to undermine or otherwise define the swishy opposition as America hating socialist, godless, fag loving, pinko liberals? Of course the opposing party aka Hillary’s Temple Eunuchs, once again melts rather than taking a principled stand for American values, rather than to hammer home the fact that it is not the flag that is America, it is the very freedom to burn the flag without fear of governmental punishment or repercussion that is America. But then again, freedom of speech is only important to these Nazis when it is applied THEIR speech, and the more hateful and divisive that their speech becomes is all the better for their cause.

I have a question that is begging to be asked by the spineless invertebrates (Democrats and so called moderate Republicans) in congress who spend their terms seeking to avoid a fight, seeking to cede ground, seeking to appease, seeking to play it safe, to never bother to take a stand on principle, the jellyfish who are as bitter a disgrace to American values as those who seek to destroy them through the brute force of a unified one party reign that marches in lockstep and polices itself with ruthless efficiency to maintain conformity to the long term goal. 1933 Germany was full of their type and their inability to question or otherwise rise together against the current cancer on democracy that is the chicken fried ‘christian’ coalition is a pathetic example and their inaction will be what ultimately destroys our republic.

Given that you are once again going to roll over without a making a stand is it too much to ask if you were to hammer it out in committee, despite your disgraceful fecklessness that the proposed amendment would apply to FLAG DESECRATION rather than just burning? If the flag is a sacred object then it is only logical to make ANY misuse of the national symbol a crime:

If I use a patriotic, red, white and blue napkin to wipe my mouth after eating apple pie isn’t that desecration?

If I use a patriotic latex condom to fuck my gay lover up the ass, isn’t that desecration?

If I use the stars and stripes in an advertisement to sell a product, isn’t that desecration?

If I choose to put a stars and stripes sweater on my pet one day isn’t that desecration?

If I wear a red, white and blue striped bandana on my yearly run to Sturges isn’t that desecration?

If on that run, I paint my American made Harley’s tank to resemble the flag isn’t that desecration?

If I paint a flag in the center of a grass field for my High School football team opener isn’t that desecration?

The willingness to use inflammatory language and then wrap it in the flag to induce emotional responses from certain segments of the population IS desecration.

The real desecration here is that the bible belt Gestapo in congress is even raising this as an issue to invoke nationalist rage and paint their political enemies as unpatriotic. If the flag becomes an object of worship it will be all the easier to meld it to their biblical fever dreams of theocratic society in the future. Will the flag become so holy that the cross will one day replace the fifty stars in the upper left blue corner? Being one nation under God there will be no need for fifty separate states, all for one, loyalty or death!

When red herring ‘issues’ like constitutional amendments to ban flag burning, gay marriage and congressional investigations into steroid use in baseball take priority while the blood of our youth is being shed in the desert over a lie in order to disguise long term strategic agendas who is truly the enemy?

“When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag”
Senator Huey Long


It’s Not Your Cross to Bear Mel!

Get off the cross Mel, somebody else needs the wood. Former Lethal Weapon hotshot Mel Gibson is now the darling of the militant religous right due to of the popularity among the vulgar masses of his violently pornographic bloodbath/sadomasochistic opus cum ‘religious’ flick, The Passion of the Christ. This was Stark Raving Mad Mel’s finest hour as well as his anti Semitic/Holocaust denying daddy’s cathartic moment of rapture, a moment of fatherly pride when he realized that his loins had borne fruit worthy of his Jew hating, anti-American passions. Gibson certainly deserves to be paid homage for his groundbreaking genre piece melding epic spiritual movies the likes of Ben Hur with cheap slasher pics or at the even baser level that such an overkill of graphic violence would relegate it to: snuff films.

Now radical Catholic groups seek to have Mel perform a reenactment of the crucifixion in the streets of Sydney, Australia. Jobs aren’t the only thing that America is exporting in droves, fanatical faux ‘christian’ religious extremism is also a marketable product. This would really be a great idea if Mel himself would play the starring role and the scourging would be performed with real whips clubs, cat-o-nine tails, and authentic force. There also needs to be a real wooden cross, not some bullshit balsa wood movie prop. It would be wonderful and the masses would roar their approval, he could be paraded through the streets of King’s Cross to whatever destination would be picked to serve as Golgotha. Then Mel could be mounted on the wooden cross and the nails pounded in, I am sure that it would be no problem in finding an angry Jew willing to jab ‘Mad Max’ in the side with a spear as a nice reminder that his propaganda film has fueled the anger of anti Semites in a manner that would do Leni Riefenstahl proud. Maybe even Herr Ratzinger himself will show up for the gross spectacle if it comes off.

Mel’s real life part in this perverse passion play would be the least that he could do after cashing in at the box office with four shitty Lethal Weapon movies, the ridiculously dumb Signs and the epic Braveheart which despite it’s quality setting it apart from most of Gibson’s other crappy, exploitative films has found a niche as a role model among the angry white Jesus freak acolytes of the false prophets seeking to rewrite biblical history in the guise of male ‘christian’ empowerment movements. These are the same sad, socially rejected morons who actually are duped into thinking that Christ would firebomb Falluja to further advance the ticking Armageddon clock.

Whatever happened to turning the other cheek?
As far as the movie itself goes, the original wasn’t sufficiently gory to satisfy my own B-movie bloodlust and taste for onscreen torture, I will anxiously await the sequel: Jesus vs Freddy.