Exit Strategy

As Gomer Pyle used to say “surprise…surprise…surprise”. Dirty George and the ruling junta have finally come up with a desperately needed exit strategy:

Bush Invokes Sept 11 To Defend Iraq War

Unfortunately, this particular exit strategy is solely designed to escape the growing media attention and bad p.r./plummeting poll numbers that anti-war protesters have brought down as though it were a biblical plague upon Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX where the Pharoah just wants to ride his bike in peace. It is yet another example of the corruption, arrogance and incompetence of this slimiest of administrations that the exposed traitor Turd Blossom and his minions are able to once again exploit the tragic deaths of thousands of innocent Americans in order to escape political accountability rather than to address the desperately needed REAL exit strategy that would extricate the United States from the biggest foreign policy fuckup since Viet Nam; our previous national disaster/fuckup of a war that the bloody quagmire in Iraq is drawing increasing comparison to. Grumbling over the Iraq disaster is not only becoming more widespread nationally but in congress it is coming from even the very few Republicans who have not been beaten into compliance by the Rove-Delay-Cheney triad, assimilated by raw peer pressure to conform to the hive mentality or co-opted by the John McCain bandwagoners and the Arizona maverick’s pathological desire to roll over on principle and to kiss the sweaty cheeks of whatever asses are necessary in order to be the GOP nominee in 2008. It is definitely no surprise that the Democrats in Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs are too afraid of slithering out from the cover of their safe haven of fecklessness, cowardice and appeasement to speak out…they would rather leave that to Cindy Sheehan who will soon become Cindy Bin Ladin as the slime machine gets cranked up to labelling Americans who question illegitimate authority as enemies of the state and enablers of those seeking to destroy our way of life (aren’t multi-national corporations also intent on this?) which they hate as well as our freedom which is rapidly vanishing as the ruling Republicans do everything in their power to facilitate the rise of a police state.

This is what happens to those with the unmitigated audacity to interrupt Little Lord Fauntleroy’s vacation.



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