Feeding The Pigs

Yet another outrageous example of the Bush administration-mainstream media confederacy occurred yesterday with a hastily announced dinner and pool party held at Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford. After fleeing the mounting attention that has given legitimacy to the anti-war protests along the dustry trail to the movie set macho homestead for the relatively safer confines of red state strongholds and meticulously staged shameless public relations appearances in front of the usual carefully filtered audiences, where Rove and company trotted out mother flockers who gratefully would sacrifice their children in the king’s crusade. Team Bush hit rock bottom and commenced drilling through their disgracefully brazen exploitaton of Tammy Pruett, a military mom with a husband and five sons who have served or are currently serving in Iraq. In an interesting footnote none of the six have been smuggled back into the USA under the cover of darkness in body bags. After all of the hoopla in the state best known for it’s potatoes and white supremacist militias as well as the home of former O.J. Simpson racist rogue cop and bad novelist Mark Furhrman (who incidentally was not selling his shameless piece of shit Terri Schiavo exploitation piece at the GOP pep rally) Air Force One turned around and perfectly executed Operation Dumbo Drop 2, safely delivering Dubya and his entourage back to the Lone Star State.

Ya gotta hand it to Karl Rove as he pulled off the same old shit yet again, leading the parasitic, self absorbed media hacks away from Cindy Sheehan and the protestors on a short road trip that would allow the right wing slime machine sufficient time to smear Sheehan as anti-semitic, dropping the daisy cutter of all of all of the myriad of slanderous character assassinations that cable television, radio and print hacks have relentlessly thrown at her in the last two weeks. Now that the loathsome and pathetic excuses for journalists that make up the White House Press Corps were safely back under administration control it was time to ring the dinner bell and like Pavlov’s Dogs they all came running…seeking to once again curry favor with their masters. Of course the main caveat of the dinner invite was that all attendees had to promise complete confidentiality of whatever conversations occurred during the time that they were fed fried catfish, coleslaw, homemade chocolate chip cookies, beer and the assorted normal spoonfed morsels of bullshit that they are as accustomed to devouring as eagerly as a dog will occasionally dine on it’s own feces. Even aspiring personality, cool one drinking, meat eating, football talking ‘liberal’ talk show hose Ed Schultz, the nationally syndicated DLC shill suddenly found her to be radioactive despite his own pimping of her story for the majority of his on air appearances last week. Another day and yet another shameless abandonment of principle in order to save face and avoid confrontation for the centrists, as wantonly cowardly as the inability of the Democratic party as whole to grow a spine and denounce this evil, bloody lie of a war as well as the lying bloody corrupt bastards who deceived the country into this epic cluster fuck.

This wonderful story of the secuction of the press corps was published in Dan Froomkin’s Washington Post blog (which unfortunately requires registration) is aptly titled Bush’s Secret Dinner–With The Press and gives more details of the top secret event than the previously mentioned AP link, Editior and Publisher also has a story on the ‘pool report’. The week away from the vacation that the spin machine is now frantically denying is a vacation also allowed for an armchair patriot pilgramage to Crawford to plant the flag in the dirt on the other side of the road from Camp Casey which was both imaginatively and fittingly named Camp George in honor of their beloved leader whom they value more than America itself.

By the way, the latest Gallup poll of record low approval ratings for GWB, the failure of the Iraqi’s to agree on a constitution and the aftermath of fanatical televangelist and die hard Bush supporter Pat Robertson’s fatwa proclamation were swept away in a maelstrom of ‘top stories’ of the two Aruban brothers arrested as suspects in the ongoing mystery disappearance of Natalee Holloway , Hurricane Katrina and more lurid details of the BTK killer. The media may be comprised of whores but they possess the finest qualities of such women of ill repute….they are cheap, raunchy and easy!

Is This A Great Country Or What?

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