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Sunday Thoughts

Fine Young Brownshirts:

College Republicans are signing up in mass numbers to join the battle against those who are the most dangerous enemies of democracy and fueled by patriotic fervor as well as the comradeship of fellow combatants they are seeking to terminate the enemies of America with ruthless vengeance and extreme prejudice. With this kind of dedication you would have to think that the army recruiting shortfall and accompanying weakening of the U.S. military is nothing other than another propaganda campaign by the damned liberal media. Unfortunately the targets of post pubescent rage and mental rot of the young GOP’ers are not Iraqi insurgents, Taliban warriors or even Al Quaeda provacateurs, it is the alleged liberal college professors who find themselves in the crosshairs. As with all cheap revisionist imitations of history these days, good ole red baitin’, commie hatin’ McCarthyism has reared it’s ugly head in the early years of the 21st century and the newest generation of the stupid and selfish is marching under it’s banner.

If these cringing little fascist fucks wanted to do a true service to America they would all collectively march down to the local Army or Marine Corps recruiting office and sign up to go promote democracy in Iraq. It is the sons and daughters of the poor who are being splattered across the streets by roadside bombs while these smug, slimy little bastard children of wealth and privilege are doing the work of highly compensated movement hacks like David Horowitz, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and all of the other lilly livered, gutless bastards who avoided serving the country while their contemporaries were taking hostile fire in Nam. Why is it always the biggest chickenshits who are waving the flag the hardest and chanting jingoist slogans at the top of their lungs?

Support Operation Yellow Elephant

Throwing Gasoline on the Fire:

Sure to make the right wing talk show circuit this coming week is the NCAA mascot rule that bars any college with an Indian team name or mascot from hosting postseason sporting events. The incandescent burning anger of the white American male will now approach thermonuclear temperatures as the limp-wristed liberal establishment once again rub their declining social status in big ole steaming pile of political correctness and firing yet another flaming arrow into the ass of John Wayne’s America. The noise machine that is hate radio will use this as yet another excuse to spew propaganda and inflammatory invective over the airwaves and goad the demented toads who comprise the audience into even more anger, likely inducing many to perform violent acts in order to strike back at the damned liberals who are destroying their way of life and laying waste to their dreams of prosperity. This horse will be flogged and linked to every inflammatory issue from school prayer, affirmative action, gay marriage, abortion, tolerance and every other bogeyman imaginable.

The fact is that when a certain race finds these nicknames to be extremely offensive it is an affront to their culture as well as to our nation’s proud reputation as a diverse melting pot of individuals from every ethnic, racial and religious background who can expect to be treated with equal fairness and dignity. The beer sodden meatheads of course don’t have a clue, they only rage at every convenient scapegoat rather than the real culprit of their diminishing stature: global corporatism. It is impossible for anything resembling an idea to penetrate their increasingly thick skulls and therefore beyond their ability to comprehend that naming a team ‘redskins’ is as offensive an epithet to a particular group as similar nicknames the like of niggers, kikes, spics, ragheads, faggots, peckerwoods, chinks, gooks, wops and krauts would be to others.

Calling Captain Ramius:

The mainstream media has mined the pop culture consciousness of Americans and struck obstructionist gold once again. Before the space shuttle storyline has even reached it’s own ending the MSM has been harping on yet another movie plot related epic, the rescue of the Russian submarine crew in a multi-national effort. Shades of the Hunt for Red October! All that was missing was Fred Dalton Thompson and that hated liberal bastard Alec Baldwin. As the seven submariners emerged from their undersea vehicle following their ordeal the wife of the commander exclaimed “My feelings danced. I was happy. I cried”. Given the circumstances the words could just as easily have been uttered by Rupert Murdoch himself.

Let Them Eat Fear

Yesterday’s appearance of Al Quaeda honcho Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Robin to Bin Laden’s Batman) in a yet to be authenticated video clip aired on Al Jazeera had all of the usual trademarks: the backdrop of rock cave or canyon, Islamic fundamentalist religious garb, an assault weapon at his side as a prop and fortuitous timing. The clip just happened to pop up at a time when the Bush administration hydra was regenerating, riding high coming off of a week of fawning mainstream press coverage over the pork laden horsetrading of a corrupt one party legislature that brutally rammed through Bush priority legislation including gun industry friendly immunity from product liability, baseball steroidgate news, resurgent missing Aruba teen coverage, giant panda bear news and space shuttle stories that completely knocked traitors Karl Rove and Scooter Libby out of the headlines. Now suddenly more bad news from Bush’s war threatened to slow the momentum. American marines in Iraq were becoming corpses in an increasingly bloody quagmire. 44 officially announced dead in the last 10 days was taking a bit of the bloom off of the chaff blossom that King George disappeared into on his way to yet another extended vacation on the phony Crawford, TX ranch where he spends more time on the taxpayer dole than any other chief executive in history.

Enter Al-Zawahiri. These Quaeda dudes just happen to pop up at the darndest of times, all fortuitously beneficial to periods of public discontent with the administration or ugly news that it considers inconvenient to the political agenda. Didn’t Osama himself just happen to emerge from the batcave looking tanned and rested only four days prior to last years election? Such coincidence may cause people to talk. Dubya was certainly using the occasion to talk, albeit mostly in a rambling and unintelligible manner (which he typically does whenever not reading from a teleprompter or taking audio cues from a back mounted communication device) from Crawford Ranch where he launched into a belicose diatribe to remind Americans that we are in a war to the death with the terrorists, after all, these are the guys who attacked us on 9-11 because they hate our prosperous lifestyle and the egalatarian democratic system in which we live. Strong Daddy, the protector was back!

“Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country”

-Hermann Goering

Recent terror attacks in London and Egypt had the administration frantically trying to find an Al Quaeda connection, anything to resuscitate the specter of terror that has worked so well in using as a bludgeon of the American spirit so as to impose their radical fascist doctrine upon society, as Herr Goering said, “It works the same in any country”. The Bushie ship was taking on water due to the exposure of Rove, Libby and still to be named others in the treasonous Plame outing and terrorism has always been the ace in the hole to be played as the ultimate trump card at the most critical moment. The Al-Zawahiri video, while lacking the ability to send the nation into a much desired total lockdown where dissent would be quashed through extreme enforcement of the USAPATRIOT act certainly buys a bit of time for a workable strategy to be mapped out to distract attention for the looting of the treasury, the gutting of the constitution, the ascent of the ruling class and the rise of the theocracy.

Perhaps one day history will look upon the criminal Bush administration for its infamous crowning achievement, turning the United States of America (formerly known as the land of the free and home of the brave) into a nation of quivering, quaking, craven cowards and flag waving leg pissers. A free floating dread is maintained by melding entertainment with propaganda as evident by the popular FOX series 24 where there is always a loose nuke or other WMD in the hands of Islamic extremists seeking to destroy the American way of life. Phantom menaces the like of the all powerul Al-Zarquawi plot to turn the Iraq charnel pit into a staging ground for a war against ‘democracy’ drawing ‘terrorists’ from across the middle east to wage jihad against U.S. forces (giving the right wing media another great canard: we are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here) and to pull off daring escapes the likes of which belong in cliffhanger action movies just as his imminent capture looms, and he is free to loose his malevolence another day. I am increasingly suspicious that the dreaded Al-Zarquawi does not even exist and is just another ficticious super villian created by pentagon propaganda mills bent on peddling their illicit war to tv nation as though it another season of 24.

These days people jump at shadows and see ‘terrorists’ seeking to destroy the holy sanctimony of the American way of life in every dark skinned person and facilitators of the enemy in every citizenwho dares to question the morality of Bush’s war or the fanatic zeal of his rubber stamp congress and bureaucrats who seek to repudiate over two hundred years of constitutional freedoms. These are freedoms that have been paid for on the installment plan by each generation whose young died in a foreign war, shedding their precious blood for ‘democracy’. Now for political expedience and the advancement of a fascist agenda the sacrifices of the brave ones are not only ignored but in an ultimate disgrace to their legacy, are cynically used by those usurpers of democracy who cower behind the stars and stripes and use bill of rights as a shield from which to launch attacks on others seeking to utilize their own civil liberties by standing up to the domestic terrorists in our own government and corporate America who relentlessly attack the patriotism of those questioniong any that are not a part of their particular militant status quo, be it the elitists at the top of the oligarchy, the Wall Street investment bankers, the insane, doomsday cult ‘christian’ fundamentalists or the corporate masters of energy and the military industrial complex.

Americans have for the most part been brainwashed by incessant nationalist propaganda distributed by a compliant state controlled media, rendered ignorant by those seeking to misrepresent our national history and heritage, pitted against each other so the uber-capitalists and free market fanatics can continue to wage relentless class warfare against the working people through the exportation of our jobs to low cost third world cesspools for the maximization of shareholder wealth, mortgage the future of our children by amassing unprecedented levels of foreign debt, money that will one day have to be paid back at a time when the scoundrels who have used abortion and gay marriage as a ruse to dupe people into putting their children to bed cold and hungry in order to empower those who would seek to further lay waste to the prosperity for all that was at one time, not long ago an American birthright. These people have crippled what was once the American Dream, a concept that is now on life support, they are coming to pull the plug now, hiding under the guise of phantoms and seeking to exploit FEAR in order to finish the job.

Nothing is a more useful tool than fear. Fear will distract the American sheeple from both the increasingly unpopular move to defraud the public on our nation’s longtime, successful retirement programs as well as from the news that Video News Releases (VNR’s) which are slickly produced pieces of advocacy ads produced by public relations firms that resemble actual news broadcasts are being utilized with increasing frequency by the criminally dishonest Bush administration in foisting their radical agenda off on a terrified and dumbed down public and that the usage of these slick infomercials have been decried by the GAO (Government Accounting Office) as the misuse of taxpayer dollars to fund illicit propaganda which is prohibited. If Tom Ridge’s kindergarten level homeland security color threat level chart were still in use it would likely be blinking red today.

Goering was right. It is our national shame that the GOP party strategists are so cynical and ruthlessly calculating that they freely use the techiques of his Nazi regime’s playbook and nothing is more shameful than a populace that is so ignorant of history and terrifed of the present that they allow it to happen.

The Butcher’s Bill

In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason.
-Ernest Hemingway
How many others currently lie in veterans hospitals?
How many Americans will from suffer war wounds for life?
How many dead Iraqi children/collateral damage ?
How many American children left without parents?
How many American mothers left without children?
How many more will be sacrificed for this lie?
How many actually care?
* story began to ‘disappear’ from major sites soon after 1,800 figure announced
How many of you have family members who will be sacrificed for this man and his Oedipus Complex/Rapture fixation in the future?

Monday Musings


The Republican machine wasted no time in exploiting the perils of the space shuttle Discovery in order to steer the easily distracted media back onto the officially sanctioned administration message track and the Karl Rove treason scandal was allowed to combust in the ozone. In the course of seven short days since last Monday’s DLC coronation of their next pretender to the crown, the GOP has successfully executed a blitzkrieg of one party legislative ‘victories’, ramming NAFTA’s ugly twin CAFTA down the throats of an American public already reeling from the plague of corporate outsourcing, the yellow dog support of 15 tomato can Dems closed the deal for the globalists, followed by a floor mopping triumph of an industry friendly energy bill, a bill shielding gun manufacturers from liability and final indignity of the body blow of Monday’s John Bolton recess installation at the United Nations. By this time the vast majority of the media had changed back into their normal cheerleader garb and were furiously waving the pom poms while trumpeting the renewed momentum of GWB’s agenda.

Another unrelenting pounding of the already dazed and pathetically outmaneuvered Dems has left the stumblebum opposition party staggering on the ropes, bleeding profusely and pummeled into submission once again, tottering meekly on their spindly legs and spineless bodies, ready to go down with a resounding THUD yet too punch drunk to call it quits and find a real fighter instead of the tomato cans that they keep trotting out to take on the champ. Ironically enough, at this point it would be good if the GOP can finally deliver the long coming knockout punch to the lame ass, pro corporate centrists that are repeatedly trotted out by the DLC and are more intent on appeasement and capitulation than in mounting the spirited challenge to the reigning bully that Americans deserve…..and desperately need. With a reigning champeen that telegraphs the blows and has a glass jaw it is inconceivable that this is still a problem.

It Takes an Idiot

Radical Rick Santorum has been on a helluva roll lately, pushing the envelope on even his own twisted views and inflammatory extremism as he hit the circuit to promote his new manifesto on ‘family values’ in which he rails against the evils of liberalism with a psychotic fervor typical of all think tank funded right wing propagandists who seem proud to produce drivel that is on the borderline of emulating Hitler himself who denounced the the Jews in his own ego driven piece of hatemongering ass-wipe Mein Kampf. Just substitute liberalism for Juden and these highly compensated, frustrated writers have a successful formula to pander to the peckerwoods intent on manipulating sales figures through bulk purchases and then letting the regressive ‘authors’ pontificate on FOX, EIB and all of the other outlets that are tuned specifically to the brainwave frequencies of the retarded. The second most powerful man in the U.S. Senate (and whoever ghostwrote this tome of utter horseshit) went on a tirade against working mothers, abortion which was once again equated with genocide (…YAWN) and Massachusetts senators John Kerry and Edward Kennedy whom he blamed for enabling pedophile Catholic priests (he had earlier blamed the entire liberal city of Boston for this mortal sin) to engage in their sprees of wanton molestation that have been an embarssment to not only the Vatican but to society itself, bottom feeders like Ricky always are there to exploit indignity and tragedy for their own personal gain. Just what is it that drives these people’s obsession with sex? The religious right and their political servants are fucking pathologically obsessed with gaining entry to EVERY damned bedroom in America for some reason reason or another and I just don’t buy the morals bullshit, I believe that it is a front for their own smutty desire to watch.

I especially wonder about the jihad against consensual gay sex, a practice that Santorum once compared to man on dog sexual relations. Given the far too voluminous list of examples of perverts, both alleged and officially outed among the so called ‘family values’ party as well as their spirited defense of the evil perversions and sadomasochistic tactics employed against prisoners in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib with their homoerotic overtones (dogs played a big part, perhaps a beastiality fetish lurks within Ricky’s troubled psyche as well ). I strongly suspect that there is a rampant self loathing/latent homosexual force running deeply through the GOP and their wealthy power brokers, not to mention the many unmarried male Texans in the White House and unprecedented carte blanche given to gay prostitute Jeff Gannon to bypass normal security procedures in order to freely visit 1600 Pennsylvania Ave whenever the need arose. It would be very interesting to find out just how many of the Federalist Society sanctioned judges are wearing a pair of pink, silken panties under their black robes.

As for Santorum, the man is the strongest argument for retroactive abortion alive today!

Revenge of Strong Daddy

As expected, despite being rejected on every attempt to install the biggest asshole in America as America’s chief UN diplomat by those in the senate who would dare to suggest that he does not hold absolute power, Emperor Bush used a recess appointment to send John ‘Kiss Up, Kick Down Guy’ Bolton on a mission to take out Secretary General Kofi Annan with extreme prejudice. Annan has incensed the fascists already convinced with paranoid fantasies that the U.N. is the dreaded One World Government railed against by loons from Pat Robertson to the John Birch Society to the millions that have come to take the Rev. Timothy LaHaye’s Left Behind folderol as the literal word of God by his opposition to Lord George in the run up to the Iraq occupation. Now the avenger with the floppy retro 70’s comb over and prominently displayed white mustache (a wonder in itself that it has not been indeliably stained from years of bureaucratic butt kissing) is coming to town to paint the town red, rename it HELL and play Clint Eastwood while taking ten floors off the joint, with all who dare to contest the providence of GWB buried under the rubble. Once again, democratic process doesn’t mean jack to Dubya and the neo cons.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week:

Best man for the job or one of the most blatant examples of corporate product placement ever?