Support The Bush

At the very forefront of American hypocrisy these days is that jingoist contingent of glassy eyed flockers who continuously invoke the mantra Support the Troops whenever anyone dares to question Bush’s Iraq fiasco. Given the amount of coverage that Cindy Sheehan’s protest outside of Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford is attracting it was only a matter of time until the rightie goon squad flew into action and organized a ‘counter protest/nationalist rally’ open to all GOP toadies, lackies, rubber fetus wavers, gun totin’ radicals and assorted brownshirt bund members who choose to attend. The call went out over radical right wing talk radio that any backwoods militia misfit with an axe to grind or a cross to burn could hop into their SUV or American made pickup truck and make a beeline to Crawford in a show of unity to support their embattled leader.

What a bunch of ignorant hypocrites! I don’t what’s worse, these dumb ass hicks, dittoheads, bedroom revolutionaries and angry white men without a clue about the true cause for their societal displacement or the apathetic consumerist assholes who compose the majority of the populace that still want to pretend that this war doesn’t exist and that there aren’t real consequences attached. The mainstream media is busy bitching about Iraq fatigue: the continuing stream of bad news is too much of a downer and they resent having to cover the unending bombings, especially the ones that result in American casualties. This is why you see wall to wall Aruba teen disappearance stories and the corprate papers are filled with the space shuttle, fantastically wasteful Mars missions and assorted celebrity tabloid garbage….this crap is what sells advertising and panders to the power brokers in Washington who in turn shower the increasingly consolidated corporate media with favorable legislation in return for their craven coverage of issues that really matter. It is a vicious circle but when GE is making billions of dollars on peddling munitions and also happens to own a large share of the national media it is good business to inundate the masses with pervert of the week stories and play down the reality of the bloodbath in Iraq. As Forrest Gump so eloquently put it, “stupid is as stupid does” and a dumbed down, sheeplike populace is exactly what is needed for the Bushies to see their master plan through to fruition.

While they are supposedly laying the groundwork for democracy in the middle east the administration and their acolytes do everything possible to destroy it here, engaging in character assassination, ratting out CIA agents for political gain, rewarding corporations for outsourcing American jobs to low cost slave labor third world cesspools, allowing lobbyists to write EPA rules while ignoring scientific evidence that global warming is indeed a reality that is going to be biting us all in the a$$ very soon and laying waste to social programs with the crown jewel being the privatization of Social Security and the complete renunciation of the New Deal. They chant support even while their piggish self indulgence contributes to the very factors that have placed so many of our fine young men and women in harms way in a foreign land.

Where is the sacrifice?

It sure as shit isn’t in slapping a silly little magnetic country music song cliché yellow ribbon sticker on the bumper of an SUV, and if it happens to be turned sideways like a Jesus fish it does nothing other than to increase the suspicion of Muslims that this is indeed a holy crusade against Islam: You dumb fucks are playing right into the hands of Osama Bin Laden and his ilk, don’t all of those stickers make for interesting viewing on Al Jazeera?

It sure as shit isn’t in attacking fellow Americans who speak out in opposition to a leader who would be king, a man who the bootlickers support with unyielding fealty, a large amount of them would kill for him wouldn’t they? As long as they didn’t have to actually go to Iraq in order to do it.

But that never occurs to any of the flockers does it?

Nor does anything that is not on message for their exalted leader.

Why don’t the rabid nationalists put their money where their mouth is and stop gassing up on foreign oil, the idea that they are bartering away the precious blood of a generation every time that they refuse to practice conservation never reaches the penetration point of their reality television, FOXified thick skulls. Why not relinquish the tax cuts that have destabilized our national economy and facilitated an immense transfer of both wealth and the tax burden from the lower class masses to the wealthy country club elitists who gorge themselves at the trough of free market capitalism, they sleep very soundly indeed knowing that their children will not have to bear the consequences of being blown to bits by a roadside bomb.

Support the Troops?

Did any of the assholes ever support them before it became politically convenient? I didn’t think so…sunshine patriots never have and never will.

The troops should spit on the American public when they do eventually come back home from this bloody lie of a corporate war.

For as little as has been done to preserve the democratic values and idealism while they are the only ones being asked to sacrifice it is what we all deserve for our complicity in this debacle.

A Chickenhawk Ranch Field Sergeant Issues a Flocker Call to Arms

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