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FL Gov. Charlie Crist Stonewalls in Octopus Murders Case

Under constant seige by the Dick Armey of Darkness and ambitious Jeb Bush protege Marco Rubio’s savage pandering to rabid right wingers, Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s office is according to a press release by Rachel Begley of Desertfae currently blocking the extradition of Octopus Murders suspect Jimmy Hughes.

Mr. Hughes is a key player in the nexus of black ops, arms dealing and shadow government activities that took place on the Cabazon Indian Reservation. I would recommend brushing up on the details by visiting KESQ TV’s website for Nathan Baca’s Emmy Award winning investigative series on The Octopus Murders. If Hughes is allowed to sing a lot of the darkest secrets of America’s clandestine government could come to light with devastating consequences. This is a massive story that encompasses the theft and modification of Inslaw Inc’s highly advanced PROMIS software, Iran-Contra, numerous murders including that of Cabazon Indian Tribal Council Vice Chairman Fred Alvarez (along with two friends) who was going to blow the whistle on the whole sordid affair as well as investigative reporter Danny Casolaro who was working on the story when he was ‘suicided’ back in 1991. There is also foreign espionage, illegal spying, blackmail, arms deals, drug trafficking and corruption that reaches into the highest levels of government.

I would refer to my four part series Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government as well as visiting Rachel’s website Desertfae for background on this massive, decades running criminal enterprise. Charlie Crist is a master politician, back-slapping, flip-flopping con artist and empty suit whose fight for his very political career is taking place. Rubio and the teabaggers are sharpening their knives and perhaps it’s time for Florida’s Governor to call in some favors by obstructing justice in order to preserve his Senate campaign hopes. I have published Rachel Begley’s press release below:

Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Office Stalls On Extradition of Jimmy Hughes Arrested on Murder Charges: “Octopus Murders”

November 6, 2009

Self-described Mafia hit-man James “Jimmy” Hughes, 52, was arrested on September 26 as he boarded a plane at Miami-Dade International Airport heading for Honduras. The fugitive warrant lists three counts of murder and conspiracy to commit a crime for the 1981 execution-style murder of Cabazon Tribal Council Vice-Chairman Fred Alvarez, his friend Ralph Boger, and Patricia Castro in Rancho Mirage, California.

Detective John Powers at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California, Central Homicide Unit – Cold Case Division, was assigned to investigate the 28-year-old triple homicide case about 2 years ago when Rachel Begley, the daughter of victim Ralph Boger, convinced the sheriff’s department to re-open the case.

Both Powers and Begley were aware of what they were stepping into when they launched their investigations. Today, their respective findings include information relating to Jimmy Hughes’ political and military connections in Honduras, as well as his political ties to the republican politicians in the US.

Rachel Begley & Det. John Powers Working: 03/02/09

Hughes has been held at Miami-Dade Metro West Detention Center since his arrest on 09/26/09. The extradition process involves a Governors Warrant being sent from the State of California to the office of Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida. During the time that the paperwork is being completed, Hughes is required to have a hearing approximately every 30 days. The State of Florida can hold Hughes up to 90 days while the paperwork is being completed, after which time, they reportedly must release him.

Today, for the second time, the hearing scheduled for Jimmy Hughes has been delayed. The hearing today was to take place before Judge Bertila Soto at 9:00am Eastern Time. Monica Torline, reporter for The Desert Sun confirmed today through both the County Clerks Office and the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office that the hearing has been moved a second time, this time being held on November 20, 2009.

Upon learning the news of the second delay, Rachel Begley decided to take action to find the reason for the delay. During the course of the day, she was able to confirm that Governor Charlie Crist’s Office has had the completed paperwork in their possession for over two weeks. She made multiple calls, left multiple voice mails, sent emails, and faxes to attempt to speed up the extradition of Jimmy Hughes.

After being transferred she was able to speak with multiple individuals in the legal department at the Governor’s Office. Rachel was informed by Kerry Owens that only one person is in charge of the extradition, Susan Smith, Florida State Extradition Coordinator. In attempting to speak with Susan Smith, Rachel was informed by a Heidi, within the legal department, that Susan Smith was not in court today due to her being at a conference. Rachel asked to speak with Susan Smith’s supervisor and was told by Heidi that her immediate supervisor is Charlie Crist and that nobody is allowed to speak with him nor leave him a voice mail.

Monica Torline of The Desert Sun wrote today, “Once we issue the warrant we are not involved in the extradition process as it moves through the court system,” Florida press secretary Sterling Ivey told The Desert Sun by e-mail Friday. Officials in the extradition unit of the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office said in most cases, the governor’s warrant is filed with the court during an extradition hearing.”

This extradition hearing has yet to take place. One must wonder how long the delays and stalling will take place? Will Jimmy Hughes be released due to the State of Florida’s stalling techniques or a technicality?

NOTE: For in-depth background details on the history of the triple homicide and Cabazon investigations see: “Octopus Cold Case File” dated June 23, 2009

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