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The Wrong Mexican to Fuck With

Here is the new bootleg video for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete that has the right wing filth having shit hemmorhages today. Scored from this website – be forewarned the Memory Hole attendants at YouTube are flushing this wonderful little piece of film away by the second. On the heels of the Phoenix Suns brilliant in your face rebuke of Arizona’s new Naziesque ‘show your papers’ abomination of a law by showing up for last night’s NBA playoff game in LOS SUNS uniforms this is bound to send a shiver up the deformed spines of the chickenhawk phony patriots and the GOP co-opted scumbagger movement. Intersting concept for a change, let the REAL Americans start to take the fight to the fascist pigs on the right, nice to see that is finally beginning to dawn on many that the only way to deal with fascists is to destroy them.

The trailer actually came from the Rodriguez-Tarantino flick Grindhouse which was a mixed bag, Planet Terror was great but Death Proof was slow moving and a bit long although Kurt Russell’s character was outstanding, the soundtrack and the carchase was awesome but the best part of the entire thing was the Machete trailer at the beginning. Nice to see this finally being made into a full length movie and pushing back against the racist filth. Arizona is a bone dry shithole full of cactus plants, rattlesnakes crazy ass right wingers (not that there is much of a difference) and a lot of interesting rock formations but the politics are only slightly to the left of Hitler. It would be nice to see Machete going after the cowardly charlatan John McCain who made propaganda videos for the communists during Nam or Sheriff Joe Arpaio…sooner or later all of them will pick the wrong Mexican to fuck with.

The American fascist right, the scumbaggers and their ilk were even enough to make Barry Goldwater want to puke as he was revulsed at the mutation of conservatism that was birthed during the Reagan years.

Pass this one around while you can, it’s brilliant.