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Land of Murka: Part Two

Here is the conclusion of Manuel Valenzuela’s epic essay Land of Murka. This is a work of sheer genius and needs to be read by every thinking individual in this rotting empire.

Land of Murka, Part II: The Fundamentalist Threat
By Manuel Valenzuela

The Fundamentalist Threat
To live in Murka is to see firsthand its degeneration into an emerging Christian theocracy, with its collection of televangelists, cult leaders, mullahs and Taliban, nothing more than corruption-filled, hypocrite-behaving, masterminds of pervasive ignorance, false prophets and preachers drunk off the liquor of fundamentalist thought misguiding tens of millions of lost souls through the chalice of brainwashed and unenlightened thinking.

Commanding the attention of born again, salvation-seeking, messianic and Armageddon-searching souls in need of finding their way past the fires of hell and into the gates of heaven, these wolves dressed in sheep skin embrace principles of extremist belief and fanatical dogma. The flock of sheeple succumbing to the distortions, deceptions and delusions of their dangerously unwise shepherd leaders follow blind, deaf and dumb, disregarding all semblance of rational thought and analytical thinking in their discarding of common sense and proven scientific fact.

Instead, mesmerized by the incantations of those they follow, eager to buy lifetime supplies of snake oil being sold, captivated by the charlatans speaking the tongues of fraud and deception, tens of millions of Christian fundamentalists choose to place blind faith in make-believe stories of fantasy, relying on the primitive myths of ancient and unlearned tribal men and their archaic fables used to explain both the world of yesteryear and their psychological fears and insecurities, of no more significant use to modern humans today than the technology of 8,000 years ago.

In the land of Murka, the most prosperous and wealthy nation on Earth, there exists the constant friction between the secular and the religious, perpetually in battle over the minds of the masses. It is a schism that is dividing a once-united populace, having become over the years a most dangerous manifestation that is an enormous threat in 21st century Murka, helping to shake the pillars of society itself and which, in the end, will contribute to the forces imploding the nation from within. This internal war between secular and religious belief only continues to grow, their diametrically opposed views and goals further distancing themselves, creating, in the next decade, a tug of war of ideology whose winner will decide the future course of Murka. Either Dark Ages will approach or secular progressiveness will continue.

In a land where one would expect abandonment of primitive and archaic dogma as a result of greater socioeconomic integration, enlightened investigation and advancement of both technology and knowledge, one finds the opposite to be true. In order to maintain their subjects hypnotized by the aura of supernatural myth, and by consequence under the control of those who usurp the interpretations of religious dogma, those living off the fruits of the sheeple maintain their subjects in abject ignorance, forcefully demanding the absolute right to teach youngsters in Murka’s educational system fantasy written thousands of years ago, choosing to indoctrinate youth to rudimentary and backwards thought instead of the advanced evolutions of modern thinking.

In addition, they stridently seek the fusing relationship between church and state, constantly seeking to impose their delusional beliefs on secular citizens and on believers of other faiths. To them, Murka is and always has been a Christian nation, failing to understand Murkan history, the philosophies and beliefs of its Founding Fathers and the changing evolution of its society. They fail to comprehend and practice the teachings of the Christ they claim to worship, going against the tenets of his meaning to mankind, conveniently forgetting his messages of peace, love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

Living under the fumes of fantasy, these Taliban seek to impose Christian prayer in schools and other government functions, trying to weave ever-closer the connection between church and state, desperately clinging to the idea of a theocracy. They wish to exhibit the Ten Commandments in public buildings, no matter how many times their kind breaks many of these same tenets and no matter how hypocritical they are in the behaviors they exhibit and the exhortations they proclaim.

Murkan Taliban wish to control a women’s right to her own body, and hence her own decision making, thereby robbing her of freedoms and rights finally granted after millennia of suffrage. They detest same sex partnerships, wishing to banish this human form of love from contributing to a better world, seeing it as an aberration and not a free choice and genetic predisposition. They would rather endanger the lives of teenage youth, contributing to ruined lives, venereal diseases, teenage pregnancy, divorce, the destruction of a nuclear family and a vicious cycle of indigence and ignorance, than abandoning their asinine belief of preaching abstinence as well as the sin of using contraception to the most sexually driven age group known to man, simply to appease fanatical views and extinct dogmatic belief.

Seeking this fraudulent form of teenage control and brainwashing in public education, in an age group saturated with chemical changes, hormonal firework explosions, psychological alterations, bodily transformations and an increased attraction towards sex is so out of tune with reality, with biological truth, with common sense, that it is preposterous it is even being implemented. Self-defeating and dangerous, this push to condition children is about control and retaining power over the mind of blossoming independence.

One can no more succeed in stopping a frog from jumping or a dog from barking any more than you can inhibit a teenager’s sexual libido. Teenage sex is as old as humanity, a manifestation of biological urges and evolutionary behaviors, molded by the hands of nature and our inherent need to procreate, and to try putting a stop to it using primitive dogma, issuing edicts that fail to embrace human truth, instead of using pragmatism and educating children to its reality, teaching protection and wisdom, is to see how out of tune with reality, and with life in the 21st century, extremist fundamentalists truly are.

Indeed, they seem more worried about their own insecurities, fears, stereotypes and in the private lives of people who will never cause them harm than in helping billions of humans worldwide, just as Jesus asks them to do, many of whom subsist on two dollars a day or less, many of whom die of malnourishment, disease and misery. Yet their interests lie in maintaining control, and thus power, over the dwindling supply of sheeple still able to be shepherded in Murka than in pursuing true religious convictions worldwide.

In order to maintain a dumbed down following, as well as to keep free-thinking children in the flock, and under control, the false preachers corrosive to human society demand the teaching in public schools of ancient creationist fantasy along with the scientific realism that is evolution. Fighting a perpetually losing battle with reality, and evolution, and clinging to the hopes inherent in desperation, they continuously repackage, remarket and relabel the fantasy of creationism in hopes of sneaking their religious dogma into the public domain. Never mind that the concept of “intelligent design” is nothing but pseudo-science, completely discredited by the scientific community, a desperate quasi-attempt to evolve a primitive fable into the modernity of 21st century thought, knowing that the reality of evolution continues to feast on and eat away at the carcass of an extinct idea worthy of the cavemen that invented it.

The Falwell’s, Robertson’s and Graham’s of the land of Murka, along with their clones, shills, hacks and lackeys, see more and more members of the population escaping their detrimental grip and the trance-like belief in the fundamental theology they inspire, and feel the very real threat to the continued existence of their power and control. They see the intrusion of secular thought, of logical, analytical and reasoned minds penetrating and obliterating those segments of society once reserved exclusively to the ancient domains of scripture and realize that if not halted, if momentum is not shifted, the logical wisdom and knowledge that comes with time will inevitably make their kind, and the fantasy they believe in, an extinct reality.

They only need to take a peek at Europe to squirm at the thought of their coming demise, and with it their control over vast segments of the population. Yet they fail to realize that the world they inhabit no longer resembles that of 8,000 years ago. It has progressed forward into the 21st century, not back to the Stone Age or into medieval times, no longer in need of the theology of primitive thought and archaic belief, no longer needing the stories of agrarian imaginations to help explain human complexity and the world we inhabit. Of course when living in delusion one cannot but fail to see reality, preferring to dwell in the treasure trove of fantasy rather than confronting the uncomfortable abyss of reality.

It is therefore vitally important to these Murkan Taliban to establish, as much as is presently possible, the parameters of a theocracy in the land of Murka, making ignorant the children of today in order to maintain present numbers tomorrow. Knowledge and wisdom are their enemy; education and enlightenment their Satan, which is why they seek to impose, at the risk of expediting the decline of empire and abandoning the futures of our progeny, religious lunacy upon the children of the country.

In their minds, the continued fusion of church and state must continue, using the appointment of conservative theocrats to the benches of the nation, the religious zealots in Congress and state legislatures, government officials who can affect policy and members of school boards to impose upon the peoples of Murka their Christian Taliban ideas of theocracy. These false preachers are selfish creatures who would rather implement policies that will endanger members of their flock than subscribe to the notion that their coffers will dry up and their power will be eroded. With the legions of political prostitutes masquerading as leaders scattered throughout the hallways of power, many of which have been recruited to join and further the interests of the fundamentalist army of Armageddon-seeking sheeple, there exists the very frightening possibility that they may succeed in augmenting their already growing power.

At present they are emboldened; their power has never been greater, their numbers are strong. Residing in the White House is a born again Christian, conduit to the Almighty itself, doing the arduous work of the Lord, holding the spear of war and shield of crusade. Since his ascension as Emperor to the Christian Right and Dictator of Murka, the war between the secular and the religious has increased. At no other time has the distinction between church and state been so compromised, and never has the struggle to keep both mutually exclusive been harder. Under the bull manure of ‘moral values’ those seeking expanded power onto the Christian Taliban have hijacked the nation, making millions believe that their power is greater than it really is, in the process silencing a great majority of the secular population. Yet they have gained in strength and numbers, and have become a major threat to the Land of Murka.

The weak minded capacity of the dictator who twice stole office aside, the Establishment knows that with religious belief comes greater control of the masses, clearly exemplified in the last three years of perpetual war. With theological belief comes unenlightenment and ignorance, a citizenry less likely to question authority and the decisions of leaders. Emulating the herd mentality, extremist believers in the metaphysical have been conditioned to place blind faith in leadership, whether seen or invisible. They do as they are told, not as they want. They are blind and so are told what to see; they are deaf and so are told what to hear; they are mute and so are told what to say; they are ignorant and so are told what and how to think.

Easier to control and manipulate, this group can be, at the push of a button, at the showing of emotional video or the speech of a demagogue, stirred into the frenzied lunacy of hatred or the violence-seeking, blood-thirsty plague of vengeance. In time, and with enough propaganda and brainwashed stimuli, this segment of the population, millions strong, can be made to focus all attention and all animal emotion at a chosen enemy, the scapegoat created by government and needed for the perpetual wars necessary for the continued hegemony of the Establishment. Through systematic precision, the Establishment can manufacture enemies, new Pearl Harbors and the quick mobilization of large segments of the population made to think and behave in accordance with the wishes of those pulling the strings of a marionette masquerading as a society.

Blindly following, never asking questions, naively believing everything they are told, this group of Murkans is quickly molded into a nationalistic, patriotic, religious and warmongering fervor, wishing death upon innocents and made xenophobic racists conditioned to hate anything alien. In their lunacy they seek the use of nuclear weapons upon foreign lands, without regard to life. They seek the suffering of untold civilians through ceaseless bombing and the sadistic torture of human beings through disappearances and kidnappings. They hate because they are told to hate; they detest because they are conditioned to detest; they seek violence and unconditional death of innocence because they blindly follow the words of hatred; they are filled with anger because they suffer frustrations in their daily lives, repressed in their employment, never being able to think for themselves, instead incorporating the jingoistic and anger-filled tirades of fascist commentators as their own.

Without empathy, without understanding and without humanity these millions stand complicit, through their silent acquiescence and in deriving sadistic pleasure in the misfortune of others, in war crimes and crimes against humanity upon their fellow beings. Advocating religious belief, proclaiming themselves seeds of Christ, believing themselves good Christians, these lost energies turned hypocrites seek the total annihilation of innocent life for simply being of different color, ethnicity and religious belief. They champion their beliefs on others yet fail to implement teachings into their own lives, breaking sacred tenets in their Crusade of Rabid Hatred against concocted enemies of the state.

These are the Murkan Sheeple, a grave and gathering threat facing the nation, tens of millions strong, looking forward to the total destruction of humankind, the fulfillment of prophesy (had the stories of the Bible been written in Russia, would they care about the Middle East? End Times would be sought in Siberia, not the Fertile Crescent), becoming suicidal seekers of Armageddon, desperately seeking a Rapture their kind have been waiting for every generation for the last 2000 years, only to be disappointed every lifetime that passes as fable never delivers upon its promise. They are told to hate diversity, secularism, heterogeneity, embrace everything Israel (in order to fulfill prophesy; exploited severely by Zionists of all kinds), hate foreigners of dark complexion and different religious belief, accept war against infidels and violence against heathens, label as communist progressive secular thinkers and loathe anything unorthodox not in tune to their – and their false preachers’ – idea of a world that has long since passed them by.

Humanity Lost, the Human Animal Resurrected
The land of Murka is today an incarnation of an Evil Empire, a terrorist state unleashing carnage and barbarity abroad and exploiting, with callous indifference, its own citizens at home. It has bastardized human rights, in essence stomping with its marching boots of “shock and awe” the innocence of humanity, becoming an overgrown hypocrite moralizing virtue but mandating criminality, no longer able to light the torch of human rights or reprimand fellow abusers. It smears with the feces of wickedness universal principles of human rights, in a mere matter of three years unleashing, along with its thousands of tons of bombs and missiles raining down from the skies, a devastating aura of human suffering that has resulted in over 100,000 innocent deaths and countless more injuries, maimings and forms of mental and psychological devastation. A beacon of human rights and humanity has vanished from Earth, becoming that which it most abhorred and fought to make extinct.

With the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 Murkan humanity also collapsed, disappearing into the massive white cloud of debris, lost in perpetual purgatory, chained to the dark walls of the deepest reaches of the human animal. The disintegration of true moral values quickly gave light to the worst in the human condition, creating in the citizenry an army of crusading hatreds, fears and anger. The armies of the Evil Empire have destroyed an entire nation, with great success devastating infrastructure, culture, government and the foundations of society itself. They have made to suffer, in unquantifiable terms, and in horrendous amounts, millions upon millions of human beings.

A military given free reign to decimate and destroy, without punishment or moral leadership, allowed to unleash death upon the population of Iraq, has in the span of two years perpetrated such massive war crimes as to make the Nazi army proud. It has lost all sense of compassion, understanding and humanism, instead brutalizing and dehumanizing a citizenry of 25 million people. It has resurrected human wickedness, becoming a reincarnation of all human malice that has come before.

As sadistic and as hate-filled as millions of their compatriots in the Land of Murka, those soldiers illegally occupying foreign land have killed without remorse, shooting joyfully at innocents, taking pleasure in targeting women and children, much like the video games they play at home. This army has wrongfully imprisoned thousands of Iraqis, treating them inhumanely, overcrowding their cells, dehumanizing them with the lessons learned from Israeli Defense Forces, barbarically torturing many, sodomizing some, raping others and treating all with the cruelty of occupiers thinking their conquered subjects sub-human creatures unworthy of human sympathy.

Entire cities have been destroyed, with homes and infrastructure turned to rubble; WMDs have been used, including napalm; mosques have been obliterated, Iraqi religion spat on; Iraq’s – and the world’s – cultural patrimony has been destroyed, including the relics of man’s first civilizations and the ruins of Babylon; mass graves have sprouted in clusters where non existed before, full of innocent men, women and children, killed by Murkan soldiers; news reporters have been targeted and assassinated, attempts have been made to shoot and murder those possessing information the Murkan government does not want released; young children throwing stones at tanks have been shot; Iraqi freedom fighters, wounded and unarmed, have been shot point blank by sadistic, trigger happy soldiers; hospitals and doctors have been targeted, bombed and killed because they constitute “enemy propaganda”; thanks to depleted uranium radiation festers throughout the land, penetrating soil, water, air, vegetation and human bodies, with Iraq’s environment now equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki’s, promising to be infested with the invisible poison for billions of years to come.

The army of Murka has embarked, with the tacit approval, and some would say with the sadistic pleasure, of its Commander in Chief, on a hurricane-like annihilation of Mesopotamia, killing hundreds of thousands through weaponry, condemning scores more through the purposeful disregard of infrastructure and basic services such as electricity, sewage, clean water, healthcare and the providing of food, which will in the end result in the deaths of more Iraqis than all the bullets and bombs used by Murka’s military. Whether dying by bullets or bombs or by the collective punishment of an entire nation, such as in the complete destruction of infrastructure or the disregard of basic services, Iraqis, especially the young, old and frail, will continue to perish by the tens of thousands, dying of disease, malnourishment, lack of medicine or from the sorrow of what George W. Bush has wrought onto their land.

When one combines these present and future casualties with the million and a half, including half a million children, that died at the hands of economic genocide implemented by Murka in the form of sanctions during the 1990’s, along with the silent mass murder of depleted uranium, the ultimate WMD, that has already killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis through illness, cancers, disease and birth deformities, the world will in the future recall what the Land of Murka unleashed upon Iraq as nothing short than a systemic holocaust comparable to the worst crimes of Nazi Germany.

It is not necessary to construct gas chambers, incinerators, gulags or concentration camps to exterminate millions of human beings. We are seeing this reality today in Iraq, in multiple forms, in degenerate warfare, in countless acts of war crimes and crimes against humanity being perpetrated by Murkan forces. In the end, millions have and will die at the hands of the Land of Murka, some quicker than others, some in silent placidness and some in terrible agony, some by bullets and bombs, some by water-borne disease and malnourishment, some by radiation-filled cancers, mutated deformities and destroyed immune systems. The seeds of the Iraq Holocaust have been firmly planted in the now barren lands of the Fertile Crescent.

Yet the Land of Murka, being the sole superpower, unable to be touched by the peoples or nations of the world, dictating and trumping the laws of humanity, never surrendering even in defeat, will erase these truths from the history of the planet. Nobody will be tried in Nuremburg, no one will hang for war crimes, no one will be brought to justice, for in today’s world, those in power create reality, writing and revising history to suit their needs. In the end, and much like the three million southeast Asians who died in their own holocaust a few decades ago, Iraqis and their stories of human wickedness reborn will disappear into the abyss of nothingness, their silent cries going unheard, their truths sequestered and their horrible suffering forgotten.

For Iraqis do not manage and operate Hollywood, the printed media or the televised media, those great bastions of propaganda. They do not have as advocates the gatekeepers of information, those who take it upon themselves to inundate the memories of old Holocausts into the conscious of humanity, monopolizing and exploiting its horrors to garner sympathy or pity, using its evils as excuses to cleanse native peoples, occupy lands, dehumanize populations, ignore resolutions, claim perpetual victimhood, silence protest, intimidate criticism and further vested interests at the expense of the rest of the world.

No, the lessons of history will go unlearned, new generations will never be made privy to the evils of human malice, truth will be whitewashed and glossed over and in the span of a few years or a decade or two the same horror will befall mankind once again, for we never learn, we never understand and we never care, giving birth to yet another holocaust like those in Rwanda, Congo, Vietnam, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Cambodia, Indonesia, World War II Europe, Sudan and Yugoslavia.

The occupation of Iraq has been nothing short of a barbaric and savage assault on humanity itself, resurrecting into the collective conscious of mankind memories of those nations of yesteryear possessed with the demons of human wickedness that launched the world entire straight into the crosshairs of death, destruction, suffering and the devastating onslaught of the human animal. The occupation of Iraq, much like the pervasive occupation of Palestine, exhibits to the world, once again, that the human animal is alive and well, living in maniacal leaders sprouting the seeds of human wickedness among their subjects.

Indeed, what this decade’s war crimes and crimes against humanity show, much like those of every decade throughout the globe, is that war criminals have little problem mobilizing their populations into the arms of fear, anger and hatred, nationalistic lunacy and religious fervor, manifesting in the easily controlled masses – nothing more than violent apes awaiting to be resuscitated from the black holes of depravity – a hunger for violence, a thirst for vengeance and an indifferent disregard for the suffering of innocent human beings that is nothing short of barbaric and primitive. The human animal never changes, ending one millennium with war, violence and destruction and commencing another with worse of the same. Until we confront this truth, primitive we will remain.

Once the right buttons are pushed, once new Pearl Harbors are manufactured, the Establishment has little problem bringing out their mobilized army of hypnotized primates, millions of citizens mutated by fear, hatred and anger, conditioned into them by the same elite that will begin exploiting their emotions, in short order bringing to the surface the ever dangerous, never thinking, blood-thirsty and always self-destructive human animal.

With millions of little Hitler’s rising together in unison, each possessed by the demons of conditioned and manipulated hatred, anger and fear, a mob-like mentality springs forward inside the psyche, thereby allowing warmongers acting as leaders the flexibility to spawn unimpeded and unquestioned policies to enact their malicious war crimes against entire populations. The millions who have granted their leaders such power prefer to be led into blindness and ignorance rather than being confronted with the savagery and suffering taking place behind their silent acquiescence, purposefully imposing on themselves deaf ears and dumb minds to hide from their conscience the guilt of knowing the crimes against humanity being perpetrated in their name.

It is better, it seems, to bask in the comfort and self-delusion of ignorance than face the guilt of reality, preferring to remain living in the façade of innocence than being confronted by all they validate by their actions and words. For a war culture and a blood-thirsty population, this is how granting mandates for mass murder and crimes against humanity gets shielded by human psychology. Just ask Germans of the 1930’s and 40’s.

In the invasions and subsequent occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan – nothing short of chess moves on the geopolitical board game taken for imperial hegemony, energy resource control and geostrategic maneuvering hidden under the fantasy, for consumption of the masses, of now proven lies of WMD, “fighting the terrorists” and bringing freedom and democracy to tyrannical lands – the land of Murka has taken it upon itself to contravene all laws of peaceful nations, waging preemptive and aggressive offensive warfare on sovereign and non-threatening nations in order to begin securing for itself, and the Establishment, the last remaining vestiges of the primitive form of energy called oil. Welcome to the Age of Resource Wars, a most ominous and dark period that will soon befall humankind.

Land of Lies, Illusion and Rabbit Holes
In the daily atrocities and carnage being committed in Iraq the world sees the degeneration of Murka and its society. With half the population rabid in its hatred of Arabs and Muslims, full of xenophobic fears and violence-laden thoughts, easily manipulated and conditioned, serving the interests of power and control, one is witness to how low the Lands of Murka have fallen since 9/11. Human rights no longer have meaning as illegal wars of offensive aggression have been validated through the vote of tens of millions, or the indifferent acquiescence of millions more, who cared too little to help alter the course of the nation and the world. As a result, the murderous rampage of Murkan soldiers, laying waste to both land and man, has gone on without so much as a whimper from the population.

With the re-election of George Bush, many will argue through his second coup d’etat, though one cannot argue with the close to 60 million citizens who voted for him, the war crimes leading to the death of 100,000 innocent Iraqis and 10,000 Afghanis were endorsed, granting the war criminals in office a mandate to continue their reign of terror in the Middle East. Through elections, uncontested appointments and silent submission to crimes against humanity, torture has been given reason to exist, making it, in the minds of millions of Murkans, the preferred way to deal with Iraqi freedom fighters in Iraq and innocent Arabs and Afghanis in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, kidnapped and left to rot in the many Bush gulags.

It has not seemed to bother Murkan society that the Iraq war was based on lies and deceptions that have led to the murder of over one hundred thousands people. Living in a state of perpetual amnesia, embracing all forgetful principles of Alzheimer’s, the Murkan people quickly chose to disregard an amalgam of lies and scandals that would have rocked to pieces any other western nation and would have helped to bring down the vast assortment of scoundrels lingering like flies on fecal matter in the halls of power. Instead, using the remote control, Murkans change the channels showing them the little reality made available, finding instead escapist fiction or sensationalized gossip. Such is the mind of the average Murkan.

Onwards the Murkan people continue, never looking back and seldom looking forward, preferring to never remember and always forget. Conveniently they overlook how their government clandestinely ships their dead loved ones in transfer tubes under cover of darkness, placing a media ban on coffins and funerals so as to better control the psychological mood of the populace. It understands that images of dead soldiers and flag draped coffins are a powerful and sobering reminder of the horror of war, helping to mobilize the anti-war movement in Vietnam, which helped put a stop to that wicked debacle. This the government knows, which is why it lies and manipulates, hiding death, funerals, mourning and anger away from the public.

Preferring to live in ignorance rather than confront the horrific truth, the Murkan people have deluded themselves into believing the official death count of Murkan soldiers, which presently hovers around 1,500 dead and 10,000 wounded. In reality, as happened during Vietnam, the death figures are being manipulated, deceiving the public as to the real casualty numbers. Presently, the Department of War is implementing an Enron-type accounting method that fails to count as dead those dying en route to hospitals outside Iraq. If a soldier does not die inside Iraq, but dies while evacuated abroad or once inside a hospital, say in Germany, he is not counted among the official list. Also, many new immigrants, mostly those from Mexico, have been recruited into the army with the promise of a green card if they fight in Iraq. When these soldiers are killed, since they are not Murkan citizens, their numbers are not counted in the official list. Granted that these immigrant soldiers are routinely sent directly into the front lines, so as to limit the deaths of Murkan citizen soldiers, the implication arises that many of these soldiers have died in combat but are not counted.

Finally, expunged from the lists of official casualties are Murkan contract workers, mercenaries and private security that have been killed while working for the Murkan military. Estimates, then, place the number of dead Murkan soldiers at between 5,000 and 7,000, with more than 20,000 wounded. Add to this the untold thousands of Murkan soldiers that will inevitably die in the next decade due to their exposure to depleted uranium, not to mention the 11,000 that have already died of depleted uranium exposure from the first Gulf War, and one can see the damage done to our loved ones.

Seen in this light, the Murkan quagmire in Iraq takes on an entirely new and horrific dimension, becoming not the rosy delusions of Bush but the fields of carnage they in reality are. For the profit and wealth and empowerment of the Establishment thousands of young and talented soldiers have and will die, for a war based on lies and deceptions. Sent to secure oil fields and geostrategic lands, sent to allow the robbery of the national treasure and the pillage of Iraq’s finances, businesses and resources, Murkan soldiers were thrown into a hornet’s nest of anger, forced to battle resistance fighters waiting for a guerilla war those in power must have clearly seen coming. These soldiers have been sent to die for greed and the Almighty Dollar, representing to the Establishment nothing but cannon fodder in a war of illegality, designed to enrich a few miscreants in the military-industrial complex and further aggrandize the power of the elite over the masses. This is what Murkan soldiers are dying for; this is what they are being maimed over; this is the reason so many are returning home mentally destroyed.

The truth is that the Iraq debacle represents what Murka and half its population have become since 9/11. A war culture conditioned to the drums of war needs enemies to fight, new Pearl Harbors to help mobilize, scapegoats to profit from, and bogeymen to instill fear and insecurity in the minds of the masses. It needs blind patriotism to function, nationalistic tendencies to mobilize and distract, jingoism to unite and vanish from public thought the corruption of the Establishment and evildoers to spawn the hatred and xenophobia inherent in the human condition that makes entire populations conduits of violence and easily controlled and manipulated beings. Finally, new Pearl Harbors are needed to thread the needle necessary to bring all of the above into fruition, creating the veil binding the masses to their continued subjugation.

Without a constant battle of cowboys and Indians, of English and Revolutionaries, of Communists and Murkans, of good versus evil, Arab versus Christian and terrorists versus Bush, the Establishment cannot convince the masses that wars, invasions, occupations and the subsequent pilferage and profiteering of conquered land, resources and Murka’s national treasure are necessary components of a concocted and bogus ‘war on terror’ or its mutated and repackaged ‘war on tyranny.’ Already $200,000,000,000.00 have been wasted in Iraq, with an additional $100,000,000,000.00 already set aside for the continuing debacle that has no end in sight. Additionally, the Defense budget continues to skyrocket, going from $350,000,000,000.00 per year to 2005’s record sum of $420,000,000,000.00. Each year the monies allocated to the military industrial complex rise; each decade that passes results in the voracious gorging of the Department of War to the detriment of all other Murkan expenditures.

Also, billions of dollars have been appropriated for rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure destroyed by decades of Murkan imposed sanctions and aggressive warfare, further enriching the elite, friends, profiteers and crony capitalists close to the Administration. Nine billion dollars ($9,000,000,000.00) of this sum has simply vanished into thin air, unaccounted for and lost, having become a casualty of war, though probably safe and sound and well hidden in the Swiss bank accounts of Republican lackeys and hacks that worked in Baghdad’s Green Zone and in those accounts owned by Bush-friendly corporate executives and profiteers. With so much money and power at stake, so much treasure to plunder and wealth to accumulate, perpetual wars and perpetual enemies make good business sense to the Establishment, courtesy of our taxes and the blood of loved ones.

Without enemies, real or concocted, the Establishment cannot expand its wealth and power. It cannot warm up the profitable assembly lines of its machines of destruction and violence, spitting out from its conveyor belts those weapons that will kill, maim and destroy. Profiting from human death, suffering and destruction, the military-industrial complex, with an ever-increasing budget allocated to it, needs perpetual war and violence to continue expanding its mammoth hegemony. War, after all, is the ultimate revenue-making business model that is guaranteed to redistribute Murka’s treasure away from the people and towards the elite. By destroying the infrastructure of a nation, the Establishment assures itself of having to rebuild it back up again, using cronyism, corruption, fraud, Enronesque accounting practices and Halliburton-style robbery to further enrich itself at the expense of the masses.

Using up and exhausting its weapons of war, manufacturing new and ever-more supplies, creating evolved technologies, flattening cities and infrastructure, rebuilding once again using the businesses it owns, taking possession of the oil industry and all its resources, having Iraq’s industries, utilities and businesses privatized, buying and carving them up, monopolizing the nation, exploiting Iraqi citizens through lower wages, higher prices and the evisceration of social programs, the elite of Murka assure themselves of the enormous bounty created by war, occupation and the implementation of their neo-liberal policies that continue to decimate scores of underdeveloped nations throughout the world.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Murka the population goes about its daily lives, amnesia guiding its short-term memory, its attention span converged on the celebrity trial of the week, diverting its attention away from disasters at home and abroad. Fed a steady diet of bread and circus, enthralled by the latest Michael Jackson story or celebrity gossip headline, millions continue gorging on the intravenous feeding tube called denial, becoming so out of tune with the rest of the world’s opinion and reality that rabbit holes continue to sprout everywhere, sending the Land of Murka into a wonderland of delusion, manipulation and fantasy.

Today’s lone superpower is dangerously falling down a slippery slope of perilous undertakings, dumbing down its population, creating, with each new generation, an army of worker bees and soldier ants not capable of rational and analytical thought. Millions of unenlightened drones are now the rule rather than the exception. They now allow state-sponsored terrorism in their name. War crimes are ignored, as are gross violations of human rights. Voluntarily and without protest or debate they are giving up their civil rights and freedoms. Democracy has vanished before their unknowing eyes. Murka has become an Evil Empire, hated by the world and detested by billions, yet those residing inside the belly of the beast seem not to care, not bothering, not understanding and not giving a damn. It is this hubris that will in the coming decades cause Murka to implode from within.

Recovering America’s Imprisoned Energy
The Land of Murka is a wonderful spectacle of heterogeneous synergy, a land of impeccable beauty and multi-talented humans. Tens of millions of its citizens are honorable, good and decent people striving for the highest integrity and virtues, seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The greatness of humanity exists in abundance in this country, waiting for the world to see. Millions possess the intelligence, wisdom, talent and ability to move the nation forward into stratospheres of greatness.

Yet an entire nation is being led astray, hijacked by greed, unenlightenment and the forces of the Almighty Dollar. We are being sodomized by the cross and buried alive with the red, white and blue, allowing ourselves to be gang raped by miscreants in power. Murka is a nation currently lost in the netherworld of amnesia (remember Enron, Halliburton?), sickened by a plague of Alzheimer’s, possessing the attention span of a gnat, the wisdom and IQ of a shoe, gleefully handing over our civil rights and freedoms, becoming submissive fatalists to corruption, rotting with fascist momentum, infested with the maggots and leaches consuming us from inside. Tens of millions residing inside the belly of the beast have been sucked into the fog of schizophrenia and paranoia, allowing their frightened and stressed out minds to yield to frustrated angers and exploited hatreds. Without a doubt, the Establishment and the corrupt lackeys it owns are ruining a great people and majestic nation.

We deserve better than what we presently have. If the People do not rise the land entire will eventually fall, flattened by powers too strong for a small cluster of dissent to fight alone. Great potential lies within our shores, yet it is crushed and exploited, made submissive and manipulated to the dictates of power, turning many into seekers of war and violence. The many are made subservient to the few who use a vast array of tools to control and divide us. From our hypnotized slumber we must wake before all that has been gained is lost. There is still time for the Land of Murka to once again become America, yet this window of opportunity is passing us by.

Let us, then, recover our great energy that once transcended oceans and borders and cultures and differences, making this land the bastion of goodness and humanism. Let us become the shining example of all this is good with mankind, once more lighting the beacon of greatness that has been extinguished by the veil enveloping our land. Let us once more be Americans, for we are the world just as much as she is us. Let us rejoin the peoples of the world, embracing the fraternity of nations, educating our progeny, enlightening our population and learning how to lead not as an empire, but as one global village, through wisdom, reason and a humbleness that will make our children stand proud to live in the land we once knew to exist. This legacy we must leave our future, not the one we are presently embarking on.

Let us purge alternate worlds and parallel universes from our lands, making extinct the sickness that has plagued us for years. We are the solution, not the problem, and inside each of us is the energy that has been imprisoned inside the dungeons of the human animal. It is time to make it free, allowing it to fly unhindered through the zenith of renaissance, granting it the freedom to change the direction this country has taken, giving it life to fill dark skies with enlightenment. The key to unhinging the locks holding back America lies within us, one and all. Searching deep inside we will find this catalyst for change, and what we decide to do with it then could very well alter history as we know it.

Land Of Murka

Editor’s Note: This is one of the best essays of the past few years that I am going to post over here in the event that people have never read it. Manuel Valenzuela’s brilliant,epic piece came out around three years ago and is in my personal opinion a rant for the ages that pegs the state of our vile and thoroughly rotten empire of avarice, murder and stupidity as exactly what it is – the motherland of murkan motherfuckers.

Land of ‘Murka’

An Inside Look at George W. Bush’s “Murka”

By Manuel Valenzuela

Decline and Decrepitude

From the highest mountains to the lowest valleys a great energy has gone missing from the land once known as America, its pulsating and vibrant warmth no longer felt as the enveloping mist of the last four years spreads far and wide, from sea to shining sea, penetrating every porous cavity of escape. An energy of positive realms and humanist inclinations has been imprisoned, wasting away in the dungeons of human malice, replaced with the negative manifestation of an alternate universe devoid of light, spawned by miscreants hijacking the idea and principles of what the land once known as America was.

From clear-cut forests to urban jungles, from golden prairies to steel-glass canyons, from arid deserts to honeycomb-looking, cookie-cutter suburbs, the winds of parallel worlds blow, causing drought throughout, poisoning lands once bountiful, bringing communal sickness to millions of citizens. In their surreal manifestations and hypocritical inclinations swaying and tilting the lone superpower into dimensions of lunacy, hatred and decrepitude, the winds of alternate universes have collided with those of normalcy, love and prosperity, transforming, for the worst, a nation and those residing inside it, creating a schism where non existed, helping send humanity on a collision course with itself, its most dangerous and formidable enemy.

Come inside the belly of the beast, journeying outside the box of conditioned realities, venturing into new realms of thought, acquiring open minds and nascent understandings, willing to question what is thought to be known and what has been learned, no longer blind to new ways of seeing the world and no longer deaf to the wailing truth of a nation in utter pain and mental anguish.

Inside the belly of the beast the world presently finds itself trapped in, exploring through polluted bowels birthing malignant cancers spread by corporate indifference, continuing into diseased and enlarged entrails of gluttonous addictions, traversing black-blood veins soaked in oil, peering into the empty brain cavity of empire exhibiting corrosive mental disorders created by society itself, showcasing non-existent attention spans, Alzheimer’s-like amnesia, medicated chemical imbalances laced with conditioned fear and insecurity, and the remnants of anti-depressant, hyperactivity sequestering cocktails eating away the minds, imaginations and futures of youth.

Inside the belly of the beast will we venture into, witnessing the overflowing testosterone of the human animal, the hate-filled, violence-seeking, fear controlled and deranged xenophobia of half the population, the ignorance fed by gutted educations and dumbed-down televised fictions, the castrated courage of the sane half of its citizenship, the silent acquiescence by the citizenry to mass murder and war crimes, the government and corporate controlled minds of people turned sheeple and the wisdom-lacking behaviors of so-called leadership.

Let us observe a youthful empire in freefall, a nation in decadent decline, collapsing under its own weight and its own self-induced ignorance and unenlightenment, drunk off its arrogance and self-proclaimed aggrandizements of magnificence and manifest destiny. Let us be witness to a land in disrepair, a population in mental anguish. Let us examine a country decrepit in true moral values, empathy and wisdom, a nation quick to rise and fast to fall, lacking the experience of history and the wisdom of time.

The Land of ‘Murka’ awaits, George W. Bush’s America, opening its realities and its gates, showing us its pariah lands, polluted environs, corrupted capitals, unenlightened communities and deluded citizenship. Let us look inside the window of reality, beyond the veil of delusion and deception, for history, it seems, is once more upon us, begging to be studied and learned, fearful of again being ignored, for we are witness to the rapid decline of one of the shortest empires to ever befall mankind, a second rate attempt at imperial hegemony that fails to stand side by side with the great Empires of history.

The end of Empire is near, a matter of mere decades. The symptoms of decline are all-encompassing, a manifestation of growing too fast and learning too slow, of basking in the glow of superfluous narcissism and embracing the delusion of grandeur, of succumbing to the demons of greed, power and wealth, of allowing the population to rot in the stupor of unenlightenment, of misallocating treasure and plundering budgets, of seeking hegemony and finding acrimony, of arrogantly calling for preemption and finding only overextension, of allowing the addictions and demons of capitalism to corrupt society, leadership and collective thought.

The foundations of an empire absorbed in megalomania are crumbling, slowly but surely rotting to the core, a victim of its own hubris, indifference and complacency, in time to fall with the tremors of an earthquake of its own creation. This the Land of Murka cannot stop, for its inertia has been set in motion, its momentum into self-implosion has been accelerated by its own hand of decadence. Though full of talent, ability and millions of good, decent people, the lessons of history has it yet again failed to learn nonetheless, and so is reaping what it has sown, yielding a rotten harvest made barren by the fruits of its actions and the drought wrought by consequences it fails to understand.

The faster they rise the quicker they fall, products of their own self-implosion, like an immature, overgrown and undisciplined child, tied to the comatose grip of mind-altering and numbing prescription pills, orphaned and lacking parental oversight, never allowed to grown up and mature, failing to understand human society or civilization, failing to learn the behaviors and interactions of man, the lessons of history and the humbleness of greatness. Never suffering like all peoples before, never experiencing the growing pains of empire, never understanding the wisdom that comes with history, never learning the pitfalls of imperial aspirations, the empire only 200 years old cannot see its inevitable decline, preferring the comfort of denial and a life living in delusion to the unpleasantness of truth and the sobering truth of reality.

In the end, whether the Pax Amerikana fall fast or falls slowly, history tells us in a most certain way that it will most certainly fall. Humankind will only benefit to this reality, ridding itself of yet one more embryonic wannabe in a long line of often failed and seldom succeeded attempts at long-lasting empire building. The Pax Amerikana, a mere uncomfortable digestive gas movement in the long history of man, is not the first empire to rise, and will certainly not be the last. In time, this most uncomfortable gas, which continues to stink up much of the planet, becoming a festering nuisance to billions suffering under its wicked grip, will inevitably come out the sphincter of humanity, disappearing into thin air, carried away by the winds of history and bringing relief to a constipated world.

Its usefulness did have its merits, however, leaving behind a certain legacy, just as all imperial systems are want to do. Yet it will also leave its dangerous downside, its most ignoble contributions to humanity, embedding in civilization corruptions, exploitations, behaviors and decadence that will not readily be fixed, helping bring us closer to self-destruction. It served its purpose, coming along according to our path of development, contributing to our progressing evolution as a civilization. In time humanity will seek greener pastures, desiring to leave archaic and primitive empires behind, instead pursuing systems and leaders in tune to our evolving mental and civilizational growth. New players are already lining up to take its place and in time it might be wise to teach our progeny Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi or Portuguese.

This Land of Murka

Inside the Land of Murka do we find ourselves residing in, the land of greed and the home of the slave, where eagles no longer soar, where long held principles have been disappeared and where dreams have turned into hollow fantasies. Murka is the land where nightmares become reality, where fantasy is turned to truth, where delusion and deception become principle, where lies are forever believed, where parallel universes and alternate worlds exist, where Pandora’s Box is alive and well and where vicious cycles perpetuate their destructive forces upon the lower castes of society.

Murka is the land of profit over people, revenues over integrity, corporations over citizens, pollution over environment, the bottom line over universal principles of humanity, injustice and inequality over justice and equality, greed over reason, and the addiction to wealth over the virtue of moderation. The principles of Murka reward pursuit of materialistic wealth over pursuit of happiness, the love of the individual over that of the entirety, the addiction to labor over the love of life and the love of money over the love of family.

The religion of millions of Murkans is the Almighty Dollar; their god is greed; their temple of worship the television monitor sitting in the center of family affairs, like an idol being adored and venerated for hours at a time, its commands being obeyed, its lies and deceptions being absorbed just as its fictions manipulate human brains, rewiring minds and conceptions of a real world that will never attain the perfection seen on the monitor, sending reality spiraling into the vortex of psychological confusion and mental unhappiness.

It is here, in this land of surreal belongings and parallel dimensions, inside a nation of depraved delusion and unenlightened ignorance, that criminals and murderers and manipulators and exploiters of human flesh are rewarded, protected and extolled, elected to higher office, promoted in business, enriched with treasure and power, and given the bonuses that come with expanding the bottom line and the wealth of the Establishment. Whereas good, honorable and virtuous citizens, and there are tens of millions of you out there, are walked over and trampled, becoming the kicking dog of the alpha males and females, forever kept oppressed and subjugated, those lacking in honor and integrity, full of selfishness and apathy, willing to ruin lives and sell their souls to the demons of greed for a climb up the hierarchical pyramid, are rewarded throughout life, thriving in their wealth born in sin and in their power accumulated over years of flattening the best society has to offer.

Only in Murka do laws, rules and regulations defend and protect corporations, entities exhibiting actions of a psychopath along with the tendencies of psychopathic behavior. Hiding behind the laws they create, mold and help birth, these psychopaths kill tens of thousands of guinea pigs/people each year through their actions, behaviors, disregard for the environment and by the vast assortment of cancer-causing, disease-forming, chemically-manipulated, toxic-infested products they shove down our throats. In another world, in another time, if corporations were human beings, they would be sitting, cowering in shame, chained in their cells on Texas’ death row, awaiting execution by barbaric means for the mass murder of tens of thousands of human beings that have perished and been made to suffer thanks to their products and actions.

In Murkan society, however, vice is given precedence over virtue, immorality is rewarded over integrity, acquiescence is chosen over dissent, submission to authority is sought over the protesting of wrong, and callous indifference to the plight of others is smiled upon over concern for anything that does not expand the bank accounts of the Establishment. Indifference, cold-blooded disregard for human life, deranged motivations empowered by greed and actions and products that befall toxic fates and lifeless futures onto the population are cherished and acceptable principles running in the veins of corporate miscreants, lackeys and shills. It is in Murka, after all, where malfeasance is seen as virtuous, a highly praised human “trait” that, although condemning millions of humans, generates billions of dollars in profits. In a land where money is king and greed is an omnipotent addiction, vice becomes virtue just as morals become extinct.

The virtues of Murka are taught at schools and universities, forming the minds of future criminals and murderers and exploiters of human flesh, bombarding the mind with the need to expand revenues and profits, brainwashing youth to follow the dictates of corrupt capitalism, making its principles sacrosanct, holier than thou relics thriving off the behaviors and emotions of the human animal. Many schools of higher education help cement the idea of prolonged and ceaseless labor, of cutthroat competition, of individual glory and of the virtue of sacrificing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to suit the interests of the Establishment, planting in the thoughts of sponge-like, developing brains the subservience to authority that will last an entire lifetime, slowly laying the groundwork for perpetual loyalty not to humanity, but to the corporation and the elite that owns it.

Where the Few Prosper and the Many Serve

Within the boundaries of Murka crony and corrupt capitalism thrive, becoming the frontier of exploitation and indifference, where the few elite prosper while the masses flounder. It is a place where the bright rays of sunshine fall warmly on those at the top, though forever blocked from reaching the many below by the omnipresent shadow of greed and love for the Almighty Dollar. In this land the crimes of the Establishment get rewarded with the fruits of enrichment and protected through laws enacted while the small breaches of the masses result in lifelong oppression through the whips of control.

Murka is the epitome of human wickedness disguised as American corrupt capitalism, where working and middle class citizens are exploited for their valuable blood, sweat and tears by the few whose wealth and power only continues to grow with each new day of hard labor millions of people are forced to endure. Having precious energy squeezed from their weak bodies day in and day out, millions of workers struggle to survive on a daily basis, living paycheck to paycheck, meal to meal, perpetually looking over their shoulders for the next massive layoff, downsize or outsource that might further plunge them into the abyss of subsistence.

In Murka unemployment grows, employment declines, wages fall, prices go up, hours increase, exploitation continues, deficits skyrocket, budgets expand, the surplus erodes, debt increases, slave jobs rise, meaningful jobs disappear, the dollar plummets, the economy implodes, unenlightenment festers, tax cuts to the rich few continue, the poor are made poorer while the rich are made wealthier, uncertainty prospers, fear is conditioned, insecurity expands and the mental health of average citizens continues to plummet with the onslaught of economic rape, the pillage of national treasure, the fraud of corporate profiteering and the corruption of government institutions, all benefiting the corporate Leviathan and the Establishment that runs it.

The population residing in Murka has as destiny a life working like a slave, imprisoned like a serf, bound to the dictates of an employer and the commands of a system that see but an automaton in the factory and not a living spirit of humanity; indebted to a society that shackles us from cradle to grave, making us lifelong servants trained to produce and consume, robbing us of life, energy, precious time, family and happiness; forced to return our living wages to the same feudal masters we work for in order to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves; and forever destined to be trapped in a purposefully conditioned vicious cycle of materialism, consumerism and ever-exceeding unsustainability that is robbing our humanity, destroying our planet, and condemning our progeny to a future that gets more dangerous by the day.

Meanwhile, basking in the spoils of human exploitation the Establishment’s power increases exponentially through the pilfering of our treasure, the vast control of government, the systematic — and quite purposeful — eruption of the budget deficit, the lowering of taxes paid by the elite minority, the evasion of taxes by the corporate world and the destruction of the nation’s social programs. The middle class is being ripped apart, slowly gutted through methodical policies designed to increase the gap between the lower strata and upper castes. The nation’s social programs are being eviscerated under the rubric of fighting the mushrooming deficit created by Republicans while the rich minority makes billions of dollars in exploited energies and untaxed wealth while sacrificing little to the common good.

Like the good moralist, virtue-emulating and Jesus following clan they claim to be, conservatives have, since 2001, and like the good hypocrites they are, declared class warfare against the lower, working and middle castes, reducing expenditures on welfare programs affecting the poor, including those offering medicine, shelter and food to children. To the followers of Christ, it seems, the poor are “lazy” and “lesser humans,” thereby deserving the life they have in a world of “survival of the fittest.” Lack of compassion and empathy go hand in hand with burgeoning ignorance, racist inclinations, delusional theory and callous, elitist indifference, after all.

In Murka, the richest and most prosperous nation the planet has ever seen, a land of unsurpassed wealth and comfort, hovering in resplendent abundance, forty million citizens live life without health insurance; millions go to bed hungry every night; millions of children living in indigence suffer malnourishment and uncovered health problems; millions have been or soon will be fired from their jobs, outsourced by companies to protect the bottom line, moving jobs across the ocean to the next bottom dwelling slave nation to offer cheap human exploitation; employment benefits to millions of unemployed do little to nothing to comfort insecurity and fear of tomorrow; homelessness only increases, growing daily along with poverty and mentally maimed Iraq war veterans; tens of millions live paycheck to paycheck, making nothing more than the slave payment called minimum wage; millions more are and will forever be indebted to their credit card lenders who charge criminally malfeasant interest rates; education budgets are being eroded at all levels, and the attempt is being made, rather successfully, to prevent the lower castes from ever advancing forward and never setting foot inside a bastion of higher education.

The Control of Education

The Establishment of Murka, as well as those in any other nation, understands perfectly well that in order to eviscerate the middle class, in order to increase the lower castes of the nation, the masses must be reduced to pebbles in a vast ocean. The easiest way to achieve this goal is by destroying the education, and by consequence the thinking mind thus created, that a population receives. Starting from the cradle, in those early years of utmost importance in brain development, the Establishment of Murka is purposefully failing to fund many aspects of infant and child education.

These policy decisions affect lower and middle class toddlers exclusively, most of whom are forced to attend unequal, unjust, unfunded and devastatingly unprepared educational districts from birth, segregated by racist policies, socioeconomic status of families and by the social engineering tendencies of the Establishment. As those children of the wealthy never need the assistance of government for education, it is easy to see who is targeted and who pays the ultimate price in assuring the continued hegemony of today’s stratified society.

Already behind their rich counterparts, and falling behind more and more each year of schooling, the majority of Murka’s children, slowly growing up, living in both rural pockets of isolated backwardness and urban reservations of decrepit underdevelopment, will be subjected to education systems disgraceful in their socioeconomically engineered segregation and in their abandonment to and failures in the priorities of our progeny’s future. When the Establishment needs massive slave labor to exploit for years to come, assembly-line and burger flipper serfs to abuse into perpetuity and military conscripts turned cannon fodder to help wage the wars of profitable conquest and imperial aspirations, one can see, quite readily in fact, the ultimate purpose behind the deliberate dumbing down of Murka’s children, most of whom have had their fates sealed long before they become a sparkle in their parents’ twinkling eyes.

The dumbing down of Murka’s future continues until the end of high school, by which time it is hoped the child has either dropped out of school completely, thereby beginning a life of servitude or imprisonment, or will become a victim of environmental circumstance, meaning the now young adolescent is woefully unprepared for higher education and decides instead to pursue a life either relegated to the lower strata of society or decides to “voluntarily” caste draft himself into a military serving the interests of corporate and elitist power, becoming the cannon fodder of profit and the tool needed to expand the wealth of the elite.

The Establishment hopes that by this age dreams have been dashed, negativity has flourished, the pursuit of a prosperous future has been eroded, positivism and idealism have been extinguished, and the fatalistic assumptions of a defeated mind have set in. This way, the decades remaining in the life of the socio-engineered citizen will be used to further enrich the elite, with the person forced to work at the margins of society until the end of her working days, performing low paying yet arduous jobs while being exploited until old age, with her capitalist employers maximizing and squeezing from her every last ounce of energy she is capable of producing revenue and profit, and milking the newly minted automaton/slave for everything she has.

When multiplied by hundreds of millions of citizens, calculating the unimaginable profits of exacting prolonged hours of labor paying minimal amounts of wages while offering token benefits and non-existent political power, one can surmise how much the Establishment benefits from investing heavily in the formation of a dumbed down, defeated and unenlightened citizenry, each of whom will toil in burdened purgatory for decades at a time, living paycheck to paycheck, never rising above the caste chosen for them, born to enrich and empower their feudal masters.

This extinguishing of lives, ruination of futures and predestined selection into castes has resulted in innumerable millions having their abilities, talents and natural rights to opportunity quashed, never to escape the dungeons of oppression and exploitation, never to tap into the vastness of their potential and always to waste away in a life created, from the first gasps of air to the last dying breath of life, serving the elite minority in the historically perpetual hierarchical saga of the human condition that is the powerful few exploiting the weak majority.

Branded, rebranded and marketed again and again throughout the Ages by those in power, the perpetual exploitation of the masses, whether existing under the term slavery, manorialism, feudalism or capitalism, the concept remains the same, changing in name only and in the slight increase in freedom granted the masses. Repackaged and relabeled, as if to create illusions of rights and charades of freedoms, exploitation, subjugation and oppression of the lower strata of humanity by those at the top has never ceased to exist, giving the appearance of extinction, only to extend its devastating tentacles once more, this time born again under different circumstances, conditions, eras and level of human progress, claiming change yet delivering only a more refined and clandestinely oppressive system than before, as always evolved to further increase the power, control and wealth of the Establishment.

With the birth of a new being the same vicious cycle will once more renew itself, embedding the demon of predestined engineered fates into each new generation born into the lower castes of Murka, making of human energies nothing more than exploited and easily replaceable armies of production, consumption and war molded to suit the needs and interests of the Establishment. Through the assembly line called human procreation, manufacturing billions of entities worthy of exploitation, the Establishment has more than enough conduits of energy to exploit. With so many of us caught in the same vicious cycle, with millions needing to work for survival, seeking a low supply of jobs, the Establishment can do with us as they wish, paying low, asking for prolonged hours of sweat and toil, more easily controlling the masses, making us defeated drones never to stir the pot of discontent. We are easily replaceable, after all, for behind us stand thousands more eager to take our place if we happen to deviate away from the automaton/slave role designated us.

Control Through Television

Furthermore, the evisceration of education fuses with the dumbed down escapism and fictions of television to create a population addiction to and reliant on modern civilization’s new drug of choice. In television the Establishment and the government it owns have found the most powerful tool at their disposal to control, condition and manipulate a population to the dictates of power. Simply put, the television has become, in the span of a few decades, the fireworks erupting in the wet dreams of every Joseph Goebbels alive today, a propagandist’s manna from heaven and the Establishment’s weapon of choice in the pursuit of mind control and thought manipulation.

Television has become the heroin of the masses, a powerful escapist drug deviating stressed psychologies away from reality. For hours at a time, the human mind, never before bombarded with the stresses experienced today, can relieve pressure and relax to the tunes of a fictional world of beauty, perfection and orchestrated wonderment, a world that the natural human condition can never duplicate or achieve. Lost in fantasy and entertainment, the mind travels to locations far and wide, surfing the waves of channels in search of the greatest pleasure, and the most comfortable escape.

Today, the experiment of television has been a rousing success as subsequent generations of citizen’s fall prey to the heroin inside their homes. Never before a part of human evolution, the television suddenly appeared without study or research into its effects on the human brain, captivating millions of citizens half a century ago. For over fifty years entire generations of children have been subjected to the now known damages of television, creating in the population of Murka, a group that watches by far the most hours of television in the world, a series of behavioral, emotional and psychological anomalies that no human society has ever had to confront.

The children of days long gone are now baby boomers, and today their children and grandchildren are succumbing to the catastrophe that is the television. From a young age blitzkrieged with the repetitive, rapid and throbbing images of fictionalized entertainment, made privy to stimuli never before experienced by the young, developing human mind, toddlers, and later children, undergo a rewiring of their brains and a systemic manipulation of behaviors and emotions associated with an internal confrontation between the reality of life and the fictionalized fantasy they watch on the monitor.

After years of incessant television watching in youth, with the monitor having become parent, teacher, role model and trusted friend, with primate minds now under the spell of fictionalized conditioning and brainwashing, the adult citizen easily falls prey to the deceptions, manipulations and dictates of the Establishment. Using highly addictive and much needed escapist television programming as the hook and drug used to captivate and capture the attention of the masses, those in power fill the airwaves with the subtle yet powerful mechanisms of control, conditioning the masses to the direction they want society to take.

Through their advertisements the corporate world indoctrinates the masses with the products to be used in our daily lives. This way, we are introduced to products and ideas we have no choice but to purchase and incorporate. Using deceptive images of fantasy and perfection marketed to us, designed through methodical psychological research whose results yield the best way to manipulate the human mind, we are made to believe that if we purchase the products and services we see we will invariably achieve the perfection we see and the fantastical life we become enraptured with.

Using our fragile egos against ourselves, the Establishment succeeds in conditioning us to make a necessity out of purchasing their goods and services. Never mind that the human condition will never achieve the perfection of body, mind and lifestyle we see, nor that we can ever hope of becoming the characters, and the fictionalized modes and behaviors, the television monitor regurgitates into our homes.

Through the television the Establishment not only controls what it wants us to buy and how it wants society to evolve but our subservience and acquiescence to the system as well. When it wants war it bombards the channels of propaganda with the images and pundits that will best mobilize an entire nation. Corporate media will distort, deceive and manipulate so-called news to suit the needs of a government and corporate world trying to convince a mostly placid citizenry of the significant need for war. Taking the form of blatant propaganda, the Establishment formulates a cocktail of lies, fantasy, emotionally-charged and psychologically-manipulative jingoism, over a period of time pushing the right buttons that will mutate a drone-like population, concerned only for their daily lives, into a reincarnated manifestation of past generations, creating a frenzied, rabid, blood-thirsty, scapegoat-searching war culture under the hypnotized grip of the television and the powers that control it.

Using fear and the threat of insecurity to manipulate the people, corporate media, in bed with government, over the years having become the mouthpiece of government control, unleashes a barrage of propaganda, in images and pro-war commentators, to arouse in the population the false sense of security that justifies military action. This way, debate is silenced and dissent is disappeared on the airwaves as once again the corporate media, the gatekeepers of information, allow us only to see and hear the point of view they want us to incorporate into our psyche. Voices of reason and of intelligence are ignored, banished from imparting important thoughts of wisdom, thus making it virtually impossible for the population to ever know there are other options besides the horror of war.

With corporate anchors, journalists, reporters, commentators and executives pushing into our monitors an exclusively pro-war, jingoistic viewpoint, blitzkrieging us with their propaganda-laced images and opinion, over months of constant threats of fear and insecurity, denying the public from ever seeing or hearing truths and realities, it therefore becomes rather easy, with a population addicted to television viewing, to mobilize a nation for war. With the marriage of government and corporate power, truth disappears just as much as falsity prospers. With both entities profiting from the spoils of war, it is in each other’s best interest to work together to disseminate the seeds that will invariably spawn the rebirth of a dormant war culture.

Once again the system is at work, knowing how easy it is to control the minds of a dumbed down population that has been well trained, and some might say socially engineered, to never question authority, never think outside the box, never seek accountability and never think for itself. Easily manipulated, millions of Murkans are conditioned to believe, from a very early age, that anything emanating from television is sacrosanct. Thus, everything they watch is reality and anything they hear is truth. Anchors and reporters become trusted personalities voicing reticent opinions whose veracity are seldom, if ever, questioned.

Never do millions of Murkans stop to think of the many vested interests in corporate media, of the intricacies of profit and revenue, of the need to expand shareholder wealth, of the purposeful demonization of Arab peoples and the sugarcoating of anything Israel, of just why there is such an imbalance in the coverage and commentary of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, of why exactly there is such protection of and propaganda for the present administration. In reality, this failure of the population to ever question the interests of television, both clandestine and made public, is a symptom of the system at work, where children are brainwashed and conditioned so that as adults they will be easier to manipulate and control.

Whomever controls television controls the masses, along with whatever interpretation of reality is created for our consumption, and this certainty can best be seen in the Land of Murka, where the system serves to keep truths hidden and realities far removed from public discourse, where the media, acting in concert with government, whitewashes, omits and sugarcoats vital information the population is never allowed to receive, where, using the formula of constant repetition, the corporate media succeeds in planting that information into the public mind that will best serve both the interests of its parent companies and the Establishment.

Murka has become a nation addicted to its heroin, fed to us by the drug dealer called the Establishment, perpetually keeping us in the escapist world of television. The heroin injected into our homes distracts us from ever seeing reality. It is designed to manipulate and control at once, transforming the population into a sedentary herd of sheeple who never question what is told them. Over the years millions of citizens have used this most dangerous drug to escape lives of frustration, unhappiness, desperation, depression and loneliness, never realizing that with every hour they watch, with every show they are glued to, with every channel they surf their minds are turned to mush, becoming conduits of ignorance, molded into muscles in desperate need of gossip and sensationalism, no longer thinking for itself.

The Establishment has perfected its machination of propaganda, creating the realities it wants into society, forming whatever truth that will be of the greatest benefit, not to society, but to itself. Whatever reality it wants to create and disseminate is quickly absorbed by a population eager to feed off the mammary glands of television. The Establishment, the corporate world and government have for years told us how and what to think, how to act, who to obey and where to follow, condemning our minds to obedience, our lives to conformism and silent acquiescence.

We have been made sheep, one and all, some more than others, becoming, over years of conditioned receptivity, members of the army of fantasy, unknowingly conscripted from birth, our minds rewired through the tools of the airwaves, made subservient creatures dumbed down by Establishment created education and television, following the commands of our masters, bowing in eternal submission to powers both known and unknown, falling prey to their deceptions and manipulations, allowing them to do with our minds as they please. For the elite, nothing has ever been easier; nothing has ever been more successful. From cradle to grave, our minds thus become their slaves.