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Alex Jones Pimps Phony Race War

Alex Jones, the proprietor of, a man who I have had serious reservations over for awhile now but due to the concept of finding an occasional diamond in a mountain of manure I have largely refrainied from critcizing is over the line. Mr. Jones, an influential online radio host, documentary producer and bombastic self-purported thruth sayer despite his failure to ever call out the Texas Oil Nazis, the Koch family, the Council For Foreign Policy or the John Birch Society on his syndicated show has now began to promote a dangerous meme. I speak of the ridiculous and inflammatory jihad against the Robert Rodriguez film Machete which the morons over at Infowars are calling out as an instigation for a race war. This is what happens when those that have been subjected to dehumanization, deligitimization and demagogy over a prolonged period like Hispanics finally counterattack. The brown menace has been the bread and butter for Jones and a large portion of his listeners for years now, it is painful to have to wade through the global warming denial, whacked out and tired conspiracy theories like flouride in the water, gun grabber paranoia and the incessant race baiting on Jones’s show to hear the guests who actually have something worth a damn to say yet are shut out of saying it anywhere else.

While I have in the past defended Jones and his affiliation with a long list of CNP contributors such as Doctor Stan Monteith despite serious reservations while taking holy hell from my former allies on the left, a bunch of in denial, politically correct and feckless toads who are in their own way every bit as bad as their more virulent right-winger counterparts. Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon and Collapse pegs the pathetic excuse for what passes as the American left as: “…the most delusional, ineffective, and compromised political worm ball I have ever experienced, past and present” in speaking as one who has now left it for good I find little to argue with Ruppert about. The caveat though is that there are a lot of decent, good intentioned people there who remain friends despite my disagreements with them. It is my hope and opinion that ideologues will one day be able set aside their preconceived notions of a perfect society where there is no hate, a world without war and a utopian communist rule by the workers (when all that communism is is just another group of thieves, sadists and perverts using the power of the state to steal and murder) and just realize that human nature is inherently bad and that there are one hell of a lot more bad people out there who will pick the meat from their bones in a second if it suits their own needs.

Alex Jones and his operation are now exposing themselves as the wolves roving amongst the sheep despite the ongoing falsehoods of waging war against tyranny and corruption and anyone who is a listener should boycott the program over this latest shrill rhetoric. We have very serious problems in this country today regarding real concerns about a rising tide of violence that has already thanks to the demagogues on the right become a cold civil war. Jones and his more refined and famous counterpart (who he is quite obviously jealous of) Glenn Beck have done their damned level best to create a climate of hatred, fear and animosity and using the constant race-baiting black propaganda to do it. Where did all of those obscene images of the infamous Obama Joker come from? The Alex Jones show, that’s where. And this farcical and ridiculous attempt to manufacture fake outrage to fool his audience into buying the reverse psychological bullshit of the race war that he and his ilk have spent years ginning up as typical lard-assed Texan troglodytes is as beyond the pale as it is ludicrous.

The Christian white majority that has ruled this country and presided over the rapid decline and strip mining of the economy that could never have occurred without their foul stupidity, their meanness, greed and inability to turn their backs on superstition and mass murder will soon be a minority. The coming demographic shift is imminent and irreversable and pigs like Jones and his ilk would rather have blood flowing in the streets than to simply accept the inevitable and try to work towards fighting against the real tyranny – corporatism and the military industrial complex and the unwinnable, bankrupting illegal wars of destruction. It is fitting though that the white man is getting eased out, at least it is more humane this time than when they slaughtered the original indigenous inhabitants of what would come to be known as The Homeland.

Just my two cents


The Wrong Mexican to Fuck With

Here is the new bootleg video for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete that has the right wing filth having shit hemmorhages today. Scored from this website – be forewarned the Memory Hole attendants at YouTube are flushing this wonderful little piece of film away by the second. On the heels of the Phoenix Suns brilliant in your face rebuke of Arizona’s new Naziesque ‘show your papers’ abomination of a law by showing up for last night’s NBA playoff game in LOS SUNS uniforms this is bound to send a shiver up the deformed spines of the chickenhawk phony patriots and the GOP co-opted scumbagger movement. Intersting concept for a change, let the REAL Americans start to take the fight to the fascist pigs on the right, nice to see that is finally beginning to dawn on many that the only way to deal with fascists is to destroy them.

The trailer actually came from the Rodriguez-Tarantino flick Grindhouse which was a mixed bag, Planet Terror was great but Death Proof was slow moving and a bit long although Kurt Russell’s character was outstanding, the soundtrack and the carchase was awesome but the best part of the entire thing was the Machete trailer at the beginning. Nice to see this finally being made into a full length movie and pushing back against the racist filth. Arizona is a bone dry shithole full of cactus plants, rattlesnakes crazy ass right wingers (not that there is much of a difference) and a lot of interesting rock formations but the politics are only slightly to the left of Hitler. It would be nice to see Machete going after the cowardly charlatan John McCain who made propaganda videos for the communists during Nam or Sheriff Joe Arpaio…sooner or later all of them will pick the wrong Mexican to fuck with.

The American fascist right, the scumbaggers and their ilk were even enough to make Barry Goldwater want to puke as he was revulsed at the mutation of conservatism that was birthed during the Reagan years.

Pass this one around while you can, it’s brilliant.


Bravo Los Suns

“It’s hard to imagine in this country that we have to produce papers, It rings up images of Nazi Germany.”

-Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr
The sound of puckering assholes among the fascist filth that is the rabid American right brings to mind Ross Perot’s famous quote about a giant sucking sound. The scumbaggers and their GOP bund buddies are shrieking foul over the NBA’s Phoenix Suns doing the unthinkable for a sports team – making a political statement. In flipping the bird to their Arizona fanbase of cranks, losers and racist nutjobs who worship Sheriff Joe Arpaio as though he is the second coming of Jesus Fucking Christ only imbued with the full power of the rising American police state the Suns wore orange uniforms with the team name “LOS SUNS” across the front. Now this is ballsy in the rapidly closing society that used to be the United States of America post the 9/11 false flag attacks that turned us into a poverty ridden sewer of fear, loathing and stupidity.
I am sure that gasbag Rush Limbaugh, the shameless multi-millionaire moon-faced demagogue Glenn Beck and the scatterbrained but worshipped by a cult of millions of morons Sarah Palin will be railing at the traitors who dared to defile sports by going native. Not that any of the garden variety scum who will be screaming for their fifth columnist champion Joe Lieberman to hurry the fuck up and pass his filthy Naziesque bill to strip Americans of their citizenship so that LOS SUNS can be rounded up en-masse and packed off to the torture chambers at Gitmo. The pill-popping poobah of propaganda who may purportedly have talent on loan from God but can’t get an erection without pharmaceutical assistance will likely remind his legions of angry white losers that they already have the orange suits. As for the NBA, it’s not exactly popular among the nativists that fill the reich-wing anyway, as my old co-worker Stick once said “It’s full of goddamned niggers”.
The blazing hatred directed at Los Suns today over their daring political statement is really more than a bit hypocritical (a right wing standard) given that all of those pigs never seem to have a problem when the shit-salesmen on FOX’s NFL pregame show like the idiotic Terry Bradshaw and his ilk get to dress up like toy soldiers in their cammies and move their set to Afghanistan to promote the war. None of the armchair ‘patriots’ ever have a problem with the regular wasting of taxpayer dollars on the standard flyovers of NFL games nor to they do anything other than stand up and salute their beloved 50 inch plasma screens when General David Petraeus goose steps out in full dress uniform to flip the coin at the Super Bowl. That’s because those are all symbols of the white man with his bloated military kicking the living shit out of the ragheads, skinnies, sand niggers or gooks. White supremacy is what this is all about and sweet Jesus it is just downright un-American to not worship our imperialist military. The dastardly slander against Los Suns has already started, when I did a Google search of Steve Nash, one of the Suns players the first thing that popped up was some Tom denouncing him as an “overrated Canadian point guard” for daring not to bow down to Governor Jan Brewer’s institutionalized racism – the meme is going to be hot today, that much is predictable.
Not that you would know it by the corporate cowardice of the new American century, the iconic Michael Jordan once famously remarked “Republicans buy shoes too” but there is a long and rich history of sports and politics and the fight for social justice. There was the Muhammad Ali of old, denouncing racism and the Vietnam war, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Paul Robeson, Dave Meggyesy and who knows what sort of stories that Pat Tillman would have told if he were allowed to return from Bush and Cheney’s illegal wars were he not murdered by his own troops, very likely on orders to silence a poster boy gone off the reservation. All of the stories of those who used sports for principled stands against the oppressive machine are untold, Americans would rather worship the crucifixion and resurrection of a freak like Tiger Woods than bother to read up on those with principles. For those who would, I would recommend the work of the outstanding Dave Zirin, his website is Edge of Sports and he has written three outstanding books on sports and social justice: What’s My Name Fool?, Welcome to the Terrordome and A People’s History of Sports in the United States.
Steve Nash and his team did more last night than beat the San Antonio Spurs and won a game, they won over the hearts of the silenced majority, those of us who have had a bellyful of the vicious racism and foaming at the mouth hatred of progress and diversity that is exemplified in the teabagger movement and the payrolled swine who goad it on. The anti-intellectualism that is championed by the Sarah Palin worshipping freaks in this country brings to mind the sort of fervor that drove the Khmer Rouge when they took over in Cambodia and implemented their Year Zero program of social change. They struck a blow for freedom of thought, inclusiveness and fairness and now are going to catch hell over it, with any justice though they just may emerge as America’s Team. And why doesn’t the teabagger filth just get the fuck out of MY country if they hate it so much? That is a question that more decent Americans should start to ask and ask LOUDLY.
So Viva Los Suns, in a land of cowardice, conformity and apathy your principled statement is one to be cherished and an inspiration to all who aren’t down with the creeping fascism that has for too long now suffocated our spirits and allowed the assclowns like the teabaggers and dittoheads to control the discourse. What would be truly inspiring would to see the Los Suns jerseys start to outsell those of theocratic Manchurian Candidate and new Denver Broncos third string QB Tim Tebow when it comes to sports merchandise. Now that would be a real sign of progress.
Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe

Town Hall Troglodytes

The sweltering summer of betrayal just continued unabated, the grand scheme of the insurance industry and it’s bought and paid for lackeys in Congress enters the next phase. The August recess was always the time for the Battle of the Bulge of the usurers and schemers against any sort of meaningful health care reform. The stall tactics were ensured by the traitor Blue Dogs and the slimy and thoroughly corrupt Max Baucus from mighty Montana with all of it’s electoral clout, once the bill was pushed into the fall it was time to send out the goons.

Of course I refer to the town hall disruptions and the angry mobs who have been sent forth from their bund halls to poison any sort of reasonable discourse just as surely as the SA did in 1930’s era Germany. And it’s working too, of course the corporatist media does it’s part in portraying the beserkers as just citizens who are fed up with mounting debts (strange that they were nowhere to be found when Bush had the national credit card) and are out in true American fashion dissenting. This of course is bullshit, while there are a number of really disenfranchised and scared people showing up it is the agent provacateurs sent forth by phony Astroturf organizations and hotheads riled up by the fanatic Glenn Beck who are infiltrating and mixing in with the legitimate protesters. Now again, I emphasize that there was absolutely NO such sort of organized ‘protests’ against the Bushreich but hey, when the money is going to fund ChristoNazi outfits like Blackwater to kill the sand niggers to many of the mouthbreathers and haters it’s money well spent even if their grandkids kids will be going to bed cold and hungry for their present foolishness.

The biggest disconnect among Americans on social programs is that they themselves actually have benefitted from gubmint aid and I dare any of the red baiters to be true to their convictions (HAH!) and just refuse to collect Medicare and Social Security but that won’t happen. The red state fascists invoke Jesus Christ, probably the biggest long haired, librul, socialist troublemaker of the past two millenium yet ignore his preaching of compassion for the poor and his warnings of false prophets and hypocrisy. When in the fuck did Dick Armey last wash the feet of a beggar and you can be goddamned sure that Jesus wouldn’t own a gun were he to return today. The REAL Jesus, not the bastardized version worshipped by town hall trogs and their RepubliKKKan consorts was the one who chased the moneychangers out of the temple and not vice versa. Note that in regards to moneychangers that I just stumbled across the following link out on Reuters that there is yet another fleecing of taxpayers afoot, this time to prop up the toilet paper ‘assets’ of the bonus baby banks for their rapidly deteriorating commercial property portfolios. Any sort of seriously fucked over Americans should be grabbing their pitchforks and making a beeline for the office of Treasury Secretary and Wall Street protector Timothy Geithner’s office over this one becaus it’s gonna do far more harm to them than the bitter pill of a national health care plan that competes with insurance goliaths. Then to really get down to it all it’s not the looters at the Treasury and the Fed that are the problem, it’s the ‘nigger’ in the White House.

No matter what I personally think of Barack Obama’s abysmal failings to this point, largely the result of compromising, rolling over and playing footstool to Wall Street pigs and engaging in silly assed staged farces like the ‘beer summit’ the man is facing a king hell toxic stew of roiling racism in this country. The demagogues who serve as a protection racket for the oligarchy and the blood barters in the Military Industrial Complex are crafting their propaganda to capitalize on his skin color and with every invocation of reverse racism there are tens of thousands of Bruce Pardos and George Sodinis out there just getting more unstable, like wet sticks of dynamite and one of these days very soon one or more of them are going to show up at a town hall meeting or even better in the eyes of the white supremacist Palinist movement take a shot at Obama. There is already a report of firearms being carried into one of these gatherings in Tennessee (a land where William Jennings Bryan still is as popular as Jesus and Jack Daniels) and with the slow boiling pot of economic collapse (someone is killing and eating pet horses here in Florida) many more of the flotsam and jetsam of American looter capitalism are reaching the breaking point.

You can count on the deranged instigators like Glenn Beck to continue to egg them on until the day comes when there will be blood.

Just my two cents over the mornin’ cup o’ joe


Planet Shit Dispatch: American Idiot Edition

You know who is bitter in America? I am. Because shit-kickers voted twice for a retarded guy they wanted to have a beer with, and everybody else had to suffer the consequences!

-Bill Maher

The bubba vote? What a fucking hoot! Newsweek magazine just continues to amaze in their increasingly successful quest to become America’s predominant tabloid shitrag. This week’s cover story is laughingly entitled Obama’s Bubba Gap and flogs the latest Clinton slime machine storyline that the magical mulatto is failing to attract the same dumb motherfucker demographic who were largely responsible for giving us the eight year running pox on western civilization that is the George W. Bush soft dictatorship.

The Clintons are really fixated bagging their share of rubes with the tired charge that Obama is some sort of high falutin, nappy headed version of John Kerry, an effete snob and an ivory tower elitist who some slobbering white trash freak wouldn’t want to have a beer with. He is just a prissy boy with no ‘testicular fortitude’ who doesn’t throw down shots of whiskey at photo ops and can’t bowl worth a damn, but I sure as hell bet that he can wind surf and is a living god when it comes to polo.

This is just phase 26 of the ‘kitchen sink strategy’ designed by a vengeful woman scorned in the aftermath of that Super Tuesday so long ago to keep moving the goalposts down the field, paying off the refs and making the ball carrier face repeated flagrant fouls on the way to the end zone. Like some grotesque running of the gauntlet designed to exact the maximum amount of damage because the ultimate sin in Murka is bucking the system. I brings to mind the great and eerily prophetic 70’s movie Rollerball in which Jonathan E. refuses to retire and faces the ultimate death match of a game with no rules, no time limit and a sole purpose of publicly killing him because he had the audacity to believe that he was bigger than the ‘game’.

A lot of those 70’s movies have a lot of relevance today when viewed again because let’s face it, people really had their shit together a lot more back then and were scared fucking shitless of what this country was becoming. Rollerball was about the corporatization of the planet, the elimination of any actual wars and the mass opiate game that kept the masses in line, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it and don’t waste your time with the silly remake. Soylent Green is looking more and more like the work of great work of vision too with the current world food crisis, global warming, over population and borderline anarchy. How long is it going to be before some corporate genius comes up with the great solution that wraps up everything in one great bundled solution for all of our current problems?

Hell, the prototype program is already out there just waiting to take on some of that great added value that Wall Street looters cream their suits over and of course like so many other nefariously anti-American things like web censorship, bioweapons, military arms and vaccines is it being test marketed in a country without the civil liberties protections that even our now picked clean constitution offers us here in Der Heimat.

It was recently revealed that the Chinese government (you know, the human rights abusing chinks sponsoring the idiotic corporate Olympics this summer) is utilizing mobile execution units or ‘death vans’ to dispatch with criminals and more than likely in keeping with tradition, other enemies of the state including any dissidents that are not destined for slave labor factories to produce cheap shit for export to your local Wal-Mart.

The old Stalin era Russians sent out bread trucks at night to haul off dissidents, the Nazi’s used buses with non-threatening silhouettes of people painted onto the windows so as to not appear menacing in order to more easily lure their victims into vehicles that were specially designed to asphyxiate the occupants with exhaust fumes, could it be that there will be big yellow smiley faces painted on the vans when they are rolled out here in the USA? As with Google and Microsoft who are currently using China as a market in which they can beta test internet censorship software before the imminent U.S. rollout it is probably only a matter of time until there is a death van coming very soon to a location near you. And since you are out here acting as a subversive blogger in the Bushreich’s surveillance state rest assured that YOU will likely already be on the pick up list.

On being confronted with the gruesome truth about the new state fleet Chinese officials were positively Rovian in their shameless explanation that the vans actually represented a more humane means of performing executions rather than the traditional use of firing squads and for good measure further justified the new program by saying that it actually benefits the poor per the following excerpt from a 2006 USA Today story:

Makers of death vans say they save money for poor localities that would otherwise have to pay to construct execution facilities in prisons or court buildings. The vans ensure that prisoners sentenced to death can be executed locally, closer to communities where they broke the law.

My God that sounds so Murkan that it sends a cold chill running up my spine. Just how quickly do you think that the one party rulership of this country would jump at the opportunity to introduce legislation to roll out the newest weapon in the ‘Global War on Terror’ to deal with all of those sleeper cells of secular humanist, al-Qaeda worshipping, godless, gay loving liberals? And guess which company will probably get the no-bid contract? If you guessed the same one that was recently awarded $385 million to construct ‘temporary detention facilities’ you are already more of a danger to the state than you might realize.

But wait, there’s more. The truly ghoulish part of this horrible tale is that the death vans are staffed with medical professionals who after performing the execution by lethal injection then proceed to harvest the victim’s organs which are put up for sale and the bodies are being driven immediately to a crematorium before relatives are allowed to view the decesaed or otherwise investigate. According to Amnesty International, the same world human rights organization that incurred the wrath of the Bushist government for their condemnation of our new national right to torture and maintain a gulag system:

Injections leave the whole body intact and require participation of doctors. Organs can “be extracted in a speedier and more effective way than if the prisoner is shot,” says Mark Allison, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “We have gathered strong evidence suggesting the involvement of (Chinese) police, courts and hospitals in the organ trade.

Executions in death vans are recorded on video and audio that is played live to local law enforcement authorities — a measure intended to ensure they are carried out legally.
China’s refusal to give outsiders access to the bodies of executed prisoners has added to suspicions about what happens afterward: Corpses are typically driven to a crematorium and burned before relatives or independent witnesses can view them.

Chinese authorities are sensitive to allegations that they are complicit in the organ trade. In March, the Ministry of Health issued regulations explicitly banning the sale of organs and tightening approval standards for transplants.

Even so, Amnesty International said in a report in April that huge profits from the sale of prisoners’ organs might be part of why China refuses to consider doing away with the death penalty.

What a great idea for the mutated form of capitalism/fascism that is so popular in the world among the globalists today and the vans can also one day be used to facilitate the elimination of the unfit so that the entire Social Darwinist process can be accelerated. The organ market represents yet another opportunity for money to be made, you can bet that Wall Street will go absolutely bonkers over the profit potential and the futures market will explode faster than you can say Thurston Howell III. Aren’t the wonders of the fucking free market grand?

There is a marvelously sick serendipity in the possibility of the death vans hitting the domestic market at exactly the same time when civil liberties are disappearing, secret arrests are looming, the death penalty is being expanded and Haliburton is constructing concentration camps for ‘future programs’ yet to be defined, people are getting hungrier by the day and with the U.S. manufacturing base having been gutted the bean counters are desperately looking for a new export product other than toxic financial shit bombs.

Could Soylent Red, White and Blue be coming soon?

But I digress….

We have come to where the highest qualification for the presidency is the abilty to successfully pander to the white trash aka the Hoosier state vote, a bunch of ignorant racist hicks who worship Larry Bird, just Midwestern versions of the same dumb, beer swilling, testosterone reeking dipshits who were largely responsible for George W. Bush and the by proxy ass fucking of the rest of America. It was pretty damned funny when this little story came out that Clinton hack Mickey Kantor is in the political classic movie on the 1992 Bubba For President campaign War Room referring to those pasty white inbred idiots in Indiana that are now being hornswoggled as get this – “white niggers”! The actual quote attributed to Kantor is “How would you like to be a worthless white nigger?” Now that is piss your pants hilarious but Bill O’Reilly won’t be asking the Queen about that one during her next hot session of dry humping on Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing propaganda pulpit will he? This is as astoundingly humorous a bit of true honesty as when Jack Abramoff referred to the rubber fetus crowd as the bunch of ingorant, knuckledragging morons that they are an email that was exposed a few years back. I say that Hillary has one set of brass balls to accuse Obama of being an elitist with yuppie pricks like Kantor on the staff.

Does Hillary shave her pits? Why does Michella Obama hate America? Where’s his Merkin flag pin, is she really a hermaphrodite? just how are them hoop shootin’ local white boys at the local all American John Cougar Fucking Mellencamp little foreclosed on pink houses small town high school going to do this year? That is about as sophisticated as it gets for the dumbest fucking collection of white trash corn fed, pumpkin patch peckerwoods north of the Mason Dixon Line. Shit yeah, we have no jobs, the double-wide is in pre-foreclosure and the kids are going to bed cold and hungry but goddamit we are gonna wage us a proxy war against that uppity high fallutin darkie and all of his Muslim buddies.

And no amount of the empty suit’s damnation of Reverend Wright is going to do one fucking thing to change the mind of the ‘nigger hating white niggers’ when it comes down to it, they will all obediently goosestep to their polling places come November and cast their votes for John McCain.

The shit-kickers and rubes will once again be the ones who ultimately make the choice come November, they will swallow the same bullshit in a slightly different package and the rest of us will continue to suffer the consequences of living in a country with such an overwhelming amount of willfully ignorant, easily suckered morons.

I am beginning to strongly suspect that we are all doomed to be fucked!

God Bless America!!!!

By Ed Encho