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Lourdes on the South Platte

Denver Police teargas demonstrators at DNC

“Fuck The New Deal” blurted out a large-boned, hog-jowled, bull dyke from Greeley who was wearing a Hillary 2008 T Shirt – that crippled cocksucker fucked around on Eleanor so just fuck him all to hell. She was in a pack of about thirty or so blue sign waving Hillary dead enders, the ones that the fucking disgrace of a national media was hyping as critical to sway the election, continuing to pimp the sucker bait trash that has so effectively been peddled by celebrity ‘journalists’ and their country clubbing, corporate boardroom masters who know the real score of the big con.


The teargas projectiles were causing quite a ruckus in a free speech zone, some of the die hard Hillary dead enders had made the mistake of mixing it up with a twenty something bunch of Obamacons who were offended when they called their savior “a nigger” in one of their well choreographed chants. Anti-abortion activists prayed and waved signs and rubber fetuses as though to exorcise that fake devil liberalism, some Rapturheads parked a truck outside of Michelle Obama’s hotel with a sign that “Abortion is an Obama nation.” The pathological haters on the right have been growingly increasingly desperate and are actually now out huntin’ libruls like that deranged, unemployed fuckhead James Adkisson who opened fire in a Tennessee church – several books by the likes of Bill O’Reilly were later found at his house, there was another loser who just gunned down the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic party. The propaganda is working beautifully, soon we may have organized lynch mobs boppin’ to the beat of that big bopper Rush himself as they take to the streets to rape, murder and pillage in the name of American fascism. They are the strongest possible arguments for abortion that exist outside of the White House.

The crowds were restive, the city was pregnant with fear and loathing, waiting for something very ugly to be birthed. The Blackhawks were on full alert. While the mini-Gitmo style converted warehouse – replete with Nazi concentration camp style concertina wire, cages for holding cells and an army of Kevlar coated pigs drooling for the chance to kick some ass had been exposed by the few independent journalists who were actually doing their jobs, forcing the removal of the Stalag 17 wire and the installation of an air-conditioner, a kinder and gentler gulag. An alleged assassination plot by three meth-headed, white supremacist, rocky mountain peckerwood punks had been exposed and ruled out as not being credible by local authorities. Alternative radio host Alex Jones and his entourage confronted and shamed neocon Michelle Malkin, calling her out for her support of concentration camps, death to dissidents and trashing free speech as the cunt hissed like a coiled cobra, defending vicious thug marines who reveled in the videotaped murder of puppies. Cindy Sheehan’s hotel room was bugged, I suppose it would have been an insult if it had not been, being on the shit list in Der Heimat is a matter of pride, much like being on Richard Nixon’s enemies list. The new American police state was resplendent as the true face of Amerika was shown to one and all, men in black wielding truncheons, tasers and tear gas canisters enforced a brutal order and it was only day two – a Code Pink protester was brutalized by a Denver cop, order was restored. The terrorist myths are never far beneath the surface, a local McCain campaign outlet received an envelope containing white powder, the reich wing pundits screamed it was anthrax, the tests proved negative. It was only samples of Metamucil.

Hillary herself spoke on Tuesday night, speaking of unity but the damage had already been done, the feminazis would willingly go down in a blaze of glory, supporting the Republican McCain, his dick smoking right-hand man Lindsey Graham and that filthy little Zionist operative Joseph Lieberman who will surely pack the Supreme Court with ideological clones to Tony Scalia and little Scalito who will once and for all turn back the clock on whatever social progress remains after the Bush-Cheney junta is smoked out of power. While the rejected queen preached coming together was there a little smirk that I noticed and then went away faster than the infamous Janet Jackson pierced nipple? I don’t have TIVO but with the shank already implanted to the hilt in Barrack’s back and the domain name for Hillary2012 already secured Mrs. Clinton can slime away from the house of shit before it collapses upon itself.

On Thursday, in a new chapter in Denver sports stadium history the anointed one will mount the stage in Invesco Field, another example of the hostile corporate takeover of America is this disgusting proclivity to sell naming rights to taxpayer funded sports facilities. Mile High Stadium, the storied venue that hosted the world champion John Elway Broncos, Lyle Alzado vs. Muhammad Ali, Bruce Springsteen, U2’s Zoo TV and the Pope had nothing on this. It will be as though the spirit of Leni Riefenstahl will again been conjured up by the yuppie idolmakers huddled around a Ouija board at after hours pizza and beer parties for another chance after being rudely finger-fucked in the ass by Republicans for so long, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned you know. Especially one who idolized Adolf Hitler a vicious bastard who as a dysfunctional rumored queer had more in common with the modern day sodomite cabal luminaries who have congregated around fascist Republicanism as though they were horseflies circling a bucket of fresh shit.

Being raised in Denver I had many memories of the old Mile High Stadium, a rusted out dump that leaked piss from the pipes into the already watered down Coors beer that was being sold by the vendors and that shook like a fucking earthquake during each and every John Elway led drive, courtesy of the stomping feet of tens of thousands. I remember fondly the great Broncos comeback over the Warren Moon led Houston Oilers in the NFL playoffs, the rise of the 1976-77 Orange Crush Broncos who finally shook free of fifteen years of jokes and mediocrity to beat the hated John Madden led Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship game only to be trounced by the far more talented and flashy Dallas Cowboys.

I remember less fondly the Denver Bears baseball teams who used to pass out free tickets in Coke and Pepsi cartons only to have 60,000 (half of them piss drunk and mean) Mexicans who roamed the upper decks beating up honkies, or the day when high on grain alcohol jungle juice and blotter acid I passed out well before Ted Nugent took the stage in 1979 or when my old friend who I only knew as ‘Buzz’ fell down at least fifty rows after getting drunk on Mad Dog 20-20 and then pissed himself as a disgusted pack of Cub Scouts walked around him. In an interesting footnote “Buzz” was one of the most irresponsible rebels without clue that I have ever known (and in my nearly fifty years on Planet Shit I have known many) and one of the first, during our junior year in high school he undertook the fool’s quest of trying to see how many consecutive red traffic lights that he could run in his 74 Charger. He would gleefully chortle every time he made one more and the streak officially ended at something like 79 or 80 but memory fails me now. Pushing his luck, perhaps an omen to a young man of my age of the same sort of reckless, brain-dead fanaticism that has had the entire fucking country engaged in running red lights for so long that whenever our number comes up once and for all – and it will be very soon – there is going to be one hell of a ticket that needs to be paid.

The Democratic party is now on something like red light 77 and nothing that the great Obama can do is going to prevent it. The failure to actually challenge the real problems of the warfare state and the system of looter capitalism itself have charted a course for a November defeat against a babbling jackass of an elitist war freak, a man who made propaganda commercials for the communists while receiving favorable treatment in that Vietnamese concentration camp that he invokes whenever any real questions happen to be asked of him, an accomplice in the Keating Five financial corruption scandal, an adulterer who dumped his dutiful wife why stayed married to him during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton to marry into a beer queen’s fortune and now is so fucking fat and happy that he doesn’t even know how many houses he has, a serial flip-flopper with alleged mob ties and a self admitted “war criminal” – all while a Republican party that should be eradicated from the face of the planet like slicing off a festering boil on my ass will continue to survive against all odds despite a colossal history of failure, fascism and demagoguery of the most vile sort. Of course the system is off limits, the high rollers and their big con can continue to go on, any doubters or naysayers only need to look at the selection of Mr. MBNA Joe Biden for the most powerful office in the western world. The Senator from the ‘Usury State’ is a longtime benefactor of the credit card industry that has Americans in debt slavery with no chance at getting the key to the shackles with an incoming Obama administration (if it defeats history and the odds) because Biden was a key backer of that nasty little piece of work that stripped away bankruptcy protection for average Americans. Think how many fewer foreclosures would be happening right now if people were able to jettison their unsecured debt in order to concentrate on keeping the roofs over their heads despite how overpriced said roof is.

No, the Democrats are just flip sides of the same corrupt coin. As my Marxist buddy recently commented so accurately:

“No matter which of those parties win, the ruling class of owners of the big corporations and banks and big business and owners of the factories, mines, mills, banks, corporations, industries, big real estate companies, big financial and speculative capitalist companies, win. The dollar tanks, and we lose by inflation, but they win by speculative investment. The dollar goes up, and we lose by having to pay increased prices of goods from other countries, but they win again by the returns of their dividends held by them in their stockholdings in the big companies go up. Inflation goes up, and we lose by the high prices, but they win because that gives them an opportunity to speculate. Inflation goes down and deflation happens and we lose by lost jobs and layoffs and bankruptcies throwing workers out of work, but they win by investing and speculating in the new bankruptcy-based economy. It’s a rigged deck so long as the capitalist system remains intact. To them, politics is simply another investment. They invest in both sides — both parties — to keep their options open. That’s how the capitalist system operates.”

While Pelosi’s prostitutes, that crab-cake quaffing, glad-handing AIPAC stooge Steny Hoyer and that pathetic neutered little runt Harry Reid have so thoroughly reneged on every promise of 2006, shafting the antiwar base, enabling the Bushreich criminals to alter the laws to lock in their gains and pave the way for their clean getaway and line up to lick the jackboots of the Israel Lobby one only need to remember that the biggest wars in this country’s history were presided over by Democrats. That is the ugly little truth that gets lost in the bizarro universe of the post-9/11 Heimat.

The crowds in their glazed-eye fanaticism and fealty to the new Jesus (just a ringer and a new face for the empire) conjured up memories of the same sort of true believers who turned out en-masse for the 2004 New York City coronation of American Fascism that was the GOP convention of George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zell Miller where the shrill denunciations of liberal and traditional American values were only drowned out by the constant invocations of 9/11. “Change” is 2008’s “9/11” But fanaticism is fanaticism and it is dangerous whether it is ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’ or the bizarro brand of both that exists in America today, a strange genetically spliced brand of incestuous bestial fuckery – think of it as being the middle person in a three-way buttfuck sandwiched between a horny snorting jackass and a fetidly stank and dirty unwashed elephant. Blind faith is exactly that.

I remember an old buddy named Rob, a hippie idealist druggie who bought just enough into the sixties to have felt anally raped when it all fell apart and who turned in his later years to smoking crack and listening to Rush Limbaugh used to put it like this in all of his bitter cynicism, “Life, Work and Shit are all Four Letter Words” – today in the ongoing circus maximus, that provides the comfort food for the sewer of the post-9/11 American mind I could elaborate on the old stoner sage’s words of wisdom by adding yet another four letter word to the list: HOPE. Rob in the early 90’s, a fellow victim of Reaganomics was sucked in by the siren song of the grand poopah of white populist propaganda who were looking for scapegoats as well as the blessing of their instinctive hatreds as though they were allowed to frolic naked in a mass rutting festival in the waters of Lourdes but for some reason this crowd that had descended upon the Mile High City like locusts were to me some sort of perverted, through-the-looking glass mirror image of their more easily duped brethren the dittoheads.

I don’t know exactly how to describe my feelings other than some sort of a visceral and primal urge to simultaneously defecate, vomit and masturbate – it was fucking surreal, bizarre and loathsome to the most basic and prehistoric levels of human nature.

‘Real Change’, just like ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ you see is just another of those famous two-word phrases that mean the same thing as BULL SHIT..

Cry "Nigger" and Let Slip the Dogs of War

Clinton supporters celebrate after big Pennsylvania win

The living hell of the 21st Century continues with the increased focus on stoking racial tensions in Der Heimat through a Clinton-Republican joint venture to make “Negro” into the new “Juden” and goddamn it if there is blood running in the streets, that’s just what it takes to fuel the war machine. Hitlery Rodham-Clinton’s seizure of command of the perverted circus of the Democratic nomination fight largely on conjuring up images of the dangerous, dick swinging black man lurking like the big bad wolf ready to pounce on our nation’s innocent, red riding hoods is as down and dirty as it gets and in the ongoing narrative to continue re-fighting those 1960’s style battles over Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement is working to perfection for the fucking moron populace.

The Clintons have played the race card and dealt it from the bottom of the deck with the precision of the O.J. Simpson Dream Team trotting out that delightful little gift that never stopped giving in Detective Mark Furhman and all wrapped up with that nice little rhyme “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit” by the race baiting Johnny Cochrane. The O.J. Simpson circus maximus was a perfect precursor to the post 9/11 wasteland and the intellectual regression that have made the Bushreich and the return of the Clinton slime creatures possible. In a bizarre replay the Clintons and the Establishment are the Dream Team pouring gasoline on smoldering racial tensions by the gallon with Barack Obama, the pathetically easily divided and conquered antiwar movement and the non corporatist pockets of resistance within the Democratic party playing the foil. It’s the Washington Generals getting their asses handed to them by the Harlem Globetrotters, Ground Hog Day and the thoroughly inept Los Angeles District Attorney’s office who wouldn’t have been able to convict had the cops rolled up to find ‘The Juice’ with his dick in the mouth of Nicole’s decapitated head all rolled into one. The only people who truly benefited from the “trial of the century” were the tabloid media and rising stars like Greta Van Susteren (who owes O.J. a lifetime of blowjobs for her long running television career that came out of that carnival of perversion) and Marcia Clark who after fucking up the biggest case in her lifetime was able to be reincarnated among the other cultural flotsam and jetsam that bumps around on the electronic crackpipe.

What a fucking disaster this abysmal sham democracy is rolling out for the 2008 auction of bought and paid for meat once again resorting to the bread and butter of race baiting and fear-mongering to dupe enough idiots into showing up in November so the Diebold fix isn’t so obvious. That Bill Clinton “America’s first black president” (God, isn’t THAT offensive to blacks) is out throwing elbows in the mosh pit of shit and offal comes as no surprise. Despite being some sort of iconic celebrity to many on the so-called new left the man is a fucking degenerate pig and has been for long before the began poking his crooked ‘mister wiggly’ in whatever lowlife warm cooze that he could find outside of his maniacally ambitious frigid spouse and sucking on cigars marinated in the vaginal fluids of chubby little thong wearing trollops. Bill Clinton sat in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion when Ollie North was running his cocaine and gun-running operations out of Mena, slithered into office only because of the presence of Ross Perot (who by the way was right, just like Ralph Nader) where he promptly pandered to the knuckle dragging racists by ‘reforming’ welfare, cutting deals with Wall Street looters the culminated in the elimination of the Glass-Steagall Act (largely responsible for the ongoing economic catastrophe of today), signed off on middle class destroying ‘free trade’ pacts like NAFTA, deregulated the telecommunications industry which led to our current state run propaganda machine and used the military against his own citizens. He is a pedigreed scoundrel and perfectly comfortable in doing the wet work for wifey as a payback for the humiliation she suffered as a result of his public philandering.

Sure the Clintons were the victim of the great right-wing conspiracy largely led by the megalomaniac exterminator Tom DeLay who tried to overthrow the government from within as well as the sleaze merchants like Rupert Murdoch and Richard Mellon Scaife who cashed in on the biblical plague of scandals (and in a perfect example of blowback created that cocktail dress wearing ringer for a haggard horse faced crack whore Ann Coulter) but they were far from the innocent victims that they portrayed themselves as and the lowball pandering to the peckerwoods and gun-totin’, bible thumpin’ bitter rubes make this evident to all but those whose eyes are filled with scales. The great Clinton restoration will be enabled by the reincarnation of the Dixiecrats who have learned that nothing succeeds in American politics like crying “nigger”! Racial tensions are at a new high and the Clintons and their more overtly fascist cronies on the Republican side of the D.C. whorehouse would like nothing more than a series of ugly and destructive race riots like those of four decades past which is a distinct possibility considering the travesty of the get out of jail free card given to those pigs in New York who offed Sean Bell in an overly excessive rain of bullets on Friday. This is going to be very ugly and since the Homeland Security Gestapo in the Big Apple have announced that they will now be toting machine guns we could very soon have a bloodbath unseen in this country.

You can count on the Clintons and their right-wing race baiting cronies to all swim in it as though they were frolicking through the surf on a beach at the Hamptons.

Hillary Feeds Ugliness on ‘Left’ as Denver Looms

The ideological inspiration for the modern American ‘left’

The level of sheer vitriolic nastiness, baseball cap to the knees tactics (aka Tonya Harding politics) and jackbooted enforcement of political correctness by the current American political left has been nothing short of astonishing as all divisions are bared by the current Hillary Rodham Clinton-Barack Obama steel cage death match (click here for a wonderful and fun little treat all too symbolic of what passes for politics any more in our Idocracy. I have not in my three years or so of blogging ever seen shuch shrillness, crying mommy, cyber bullying, censorship and caterwauling over assuaging the feelings of the identity based groups who have attached themselves to the gigantic hog at the feeding trough that is the Democratic party in the same spirit of their much savvier brethren in the Republican pig sty.

The carnage has been unbelievable as the surrogates of Mrs. Clinton and their angry army of post-menopausal crusaders hunt the blogosphere in packs swarming, intimidating and spreading outright lies and propaganda while enforcing pressure on blog owners and admins to stigmatize, censor and ban any who don’t use the utmost deference in planting big, wet sloppy kisses on the Queen’s ass. I have personally been a party to some of this and faced as withering an attack as anything that I ever faced when fighting the right and what made it so bizarre is that those who once were firmly aligned with those fighting to beat back the tide of American fascism are now reduced to the ‘my team vs your team’ identity based politics that the modern Democratic party milk to continue their con game in passing themselves off as any sort of legitimate opposition entity.

The most kick ass club in the bag for the legions of Hillemmings is the dreaded ‘misogynist’ card which has been dealt from the bottom of the deck most recently by that preening little British fag Elton John. ‘Sir’ John, the madman across the water is the abosolute last person who should be lecturing anybody on the finer points of gender based etiquette and lecturing Americans for their misogyny, it’s like being given an ethics lesson by Karl Rove or being taught table manners by Jeffrey Dahmer and it earned him a spot on Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person In The World list last night, jusfifiably so. We have enough problems with fanatical Zionists and the American high rolling Jews who largely back Clinton and meddling in our domestic political system and no advice from a pole smoking Englishman is necessary. Let’s face it, we have enough of our own fucking problems in retaining our national sovereignty in an increasingly hostile globalist world. Besides, the misogyny thing just doesn’t work with Mrs. Clinton no matter how much her stooges and public relations hacks want you to think so, this is a woman who is the penultimate elitist, was a high powered corporate lawyer, a Wal-Mart board member and currently a U.S. Senator so where exactly did she smack into that glass ceiling like a fly into a windshield?

The entire thing is just total horseshit and the Establishment is desperate to do anything that is possible to take out Obama and roll out the red carpet for the return of the globalist Clinton crime family. In some of the darker corners of the internet there are already sinister connections being made between Saint Barack and the dead homosexual choirmaster at Reverend Wright’s Chicago church (making it pretty evident that the pocket media continues to flail away at the Wright sideshow) that are largely being pimped by members of the Lyndon LaRouche network. The high priest of conspiracy (who occasionally does have points of some merit) has already come out in favor of Clinton and is throwing his very substantial weight behind what is going to be a coordinated smear campaign with the Rupert Murdoch/Richard Mellon Scaife media empires to savagely take down Obama when the time comes. He was only supposed to be a ringer designed to make this sham democracy look like the real thing for the rubes and buffons in idiot America but then he got bigger ideas and went off the reservation. Judging from the percolating of such slime I predict that the mother of all racist/anti-Semitic smart bombs is being put together to forever terminate the candidacy of Mr. Obama with extreme prejudice. I had this prediction result in censorship at another site that I immensely respect for it’s ability to be inclusive and open to all opinions but Clinton surrogates flooded the admins with cries of foul and it was hidden. We will see what happens and there is no fucking way in Hell that the Clintons are going to allow an usurper to that which they are entitled.

Hell, you saw what happened to Air America’s Randi Rhodes who was suspended by that faux left radio network for making reference to Mrs. Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro as “fucking whores”(at least she didn’t call them fucking fascist cunts) during a non-network sponsored appearance that exposed the ‘liberal’ network as nothing more than a propaganda arm of the corrupt Democratic party. Rhodes who had become increasingly critical of Rodham-Clinton was sold down the river much like Mike Malloy was a year or so ago by Air America and like Malloy managed to land another gig pretty quickly at Nova M Radio which is a bit more open minded when it comes to telling it like it is although I am not down with having to cough up the coin to subscribe not that I am a huge fan of the often obnoxious Rhodes anyway. Such is the state of free speech in Murka post 9/11 where every dissenter is a potential Al Qaeda member, war is peace, ignorance is knowledge and freedom is slavery.

I would rail on at length about the abomination that is the ‘left’ but will leave that for another time, suffice it to say that the real left was laid to waste by a long-running, coordinated fascist campaign that changed the language, erased our history, destroyed the unions and allowed a bunch of dope smoking, long haired, baby killing, sodomy worshipping, holier than thou identity based cliques to fill the vacuum and we as Americans have been suffering for it ever since.

Think about THAT the next time that you gas up your car or go buy groceries, what you are dealing with now is the triumph of fascism that only was made possible by the hijacking of the REAL left by the effete, politically correct snobs and cheese eating limousine liberals. I have made my break with the bitches and bastards, let them chew on each other until there is nothing left, I am finished with the bogus left-right paradigm.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Nice to see our friends the money grubbing, communist, totalitarian Chinese playing the same fear cards of their American cohorts in attempting to distract from the international outrage over their brutal crackdown against Tibetian protestors with surprise, surprise – an Al Qaeda threat to the Olympics. The fucking chinks are going to use the Bejing games this summer to showcase what a wonderful country that they have much like Hitler did in Berlin back in 1936. I would strongly recommend boycotting anything related to the 2008 Olympics – which are antiquated, overly commercialized, boring and just plain suck to begin with – over the human rights abuses of the Chinese government. The paramilitary goon squad dubbed the men in blue who have been assigned to escort the olympic torch across the world and who have beaten protestors is an outrage and that such groups are allowed to operate on American soil is just another example of how the global criminals and Wall Street looters and their finely pefumed political whores have sold their souls to the company store.

Clinton’s Mandingo

Know Your Place…Boy!

In the latest fusillade of degradation and swill coming out of Camp Clinton the nation’s foremost fucked-up couple has been pushing for Barack Obama to fall into line and accept a slot as the Queen’s running mate. This is all about the white woman on top though because let’s face it the Clintons are the plantation masters and an Obama Vice Presidency would be more the norm of attending state funerals and serving mint juleps to the gentry than exercising any of the raw power that Dick Cheney, Elliot Abrams and the neocons have amassed in the office that their parallel government uses as a nexus of evil. It is so condescending, insulting and such a slap in the face that it conjures up memories of the Dixiecrats who would spend their spare time toasting marshmallow over a burning cross and dressing like a bunch of fancy prancing faggots in cheap sheets dancing around drunk on ethanol grade pure moonshine hooch somewhere in a wooded area of peckerwood nation. It all just really conjures up memories of shit like Mandingo or some other rotten relic of the good ole boys down south of the Mason-Dixon line and their longtime traditions and debased social mores in the native habitat of the species chicken fried motherfucker americanus.

Mandingo was a shocking novel of southern repression, slavery, adultery, corruption, baby killing (a favorite of modern day Republicans if such babies are of a dark hued skin), torture (ditto) and of course enough raw bi-racial sex to virtually assure that it was universally scorned as some sort of taboo smashing stuff to be sold from under store counters where ‘decent folk’ didn’t have to see it, kind of like Naked Lunch. Anyway, Mandingo was made into one of those blaxploitation flicks that were so popular during the 70’s on the grindhouse circuit. It was a Dino DeLaurentis epic starring Perry King, Susan George (Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry) and boxer Ken Norton who was the prize buck engaging in steamy, nasty fucking with the blonde wench while hubby was out doing the nasty with the black girls. It was a real nasty piece of work that put a king sized burr up the asses of many in the deep south who were deeply offended at the all too accurate depiction of their lifestyles – it was like poor old Ned Beatty getting bent over that log and made to squeal like a pig while being bent over a lot and cornholed by Jim Bob and Jethro in the Georgia woods and it set back the image of our inbred southern cousins as much as that famous photo of Sheriff Lawrence Rainey stuffing his fat face with Red Man during the trial of the murdered civil rights workers that the movie Mississippi Burning was based on . I will never forget how viciously my grandmother fought to prevent my bad influence uncle from taking me to the drive in to see this thing, she went to the wall on this one to protect my innocence and purity and of course got played because I ended up going to see it anyway after being sworn to secrecy not to tell the truth that we didn’t go bowling that night after all.

Those were the days weren’t they? The old drive in movies that predated VCR’s, cable television and Ronald Fucking Reagan, back when things in this country were a lot closer to being ‘normal’ than in this sick era of the three second attention span, whopping sized plasma screens, the genius of Blu-ray (so the suckers can ditch their DVD collection and run out and replace it with the newest and more expensive discs much like they did the video tapes), the poisonous allure of the cult of celebrity and a fearful, dumbed down populace who things that Arab terrorists lurk under every bed and that they can one day all be millionaires like Donald Trump. Sigh, I have many fond memories of the good old drive ins from when we popped popcorn in a pan on the stove and mixed it with butter in brown paper grocery bags that were coated with grease and took a cooler full of our own drinks since my dad would never spring for any of the concession stand food especially those little orange shaped sippy things that were advertised before the previews. He would always take us to those great all night Clint Eastwood western marathons where it was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (still the best western ever in my opinion), Hang ‘Em High, A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More.

Once I was in High School when we had our own cars and began to take girls out to the drive ins to make out and if lucky to round third base for a headfirst dive for home just like in Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” which of course rarely ever happened to most and resulted in many false stories that would paint the dates in a less than flattering manner lest any stature be lost with the boys. I certainly never had any luck getting laid at the drive-in, during my first date I was left with a serious case of blue balls during Saturday Night Fever and the closest that I ever came to actually having sex was with a pleasingly plump date that resulted in an exchange of a three fingered clitoral massage under the steering wheel (my fucking wrist hurt for a week or so) and a dry hand job in the cockpit of a Chevy Sprint during the break between Red Heat and Invasion U.S.A. and that is the closest thing to sex that I had a drive in. Why am I telling you this you ask? Christ fucking knows but the Mandingo thing stirred other memories related to the American institution that is the drive-in theater.

Post High School, my hooligan friends and I typically used the drive ins for partying, loading the car up with pot and alcohol and then parking towards the back out of the range of the scrutiny of more respectable folks who were actually there to watch the movie instead of getting stoned as the bejesus since most of us still lived in the parent’s basements and couldn’t do such things there. The marijuana smoke would roll out the windows in clouds which may have set off some alarms about the dopers in the midst of family moviegoers and that was largely why we parked in the back, besides, it was far easier to get out to take a piss rather than having to schlep a bursting bladder all the way to the concession stands and wait in line at the urinals. This was a setup that worked reasonably well until one of my friends who we called Buzz for the obvious reason that he was constantly stoned fuck up who made Jeff Spicoli look like a valedictorian drunkenly stumbled into a speaker cord and tore out some dude’s window which then resulted in him getting the living shit kicked out of him and all of us having to flee before the cops came and found a carload full of underage drinkers with enough dope and drugs to give even the “mobile narcotics lab” in Hunter S. Thompson’s trunk in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a run for the money. Buzz was something, a true delinquent whose greatest contribution to society was his astonishing record of deliberately running 65 red lights in a row without getting caught by the cops and having his license suspended – he was truly proud of this, a rebel without a clue. Last I ever heard of Buzz he had stolen a car to make a pilgrimage to the 1984 Olympics (minus the Russians) in Los Angeles, drunkenly ran into a fence and spent the duration of the games in the local hoosegow. He may still be there for all I know..

But I Digress…..

The entire deal with floating the suggestion that Obama would potentially be welcomed as the houseboy on the Clinton restoration ticket is yet more of the rank, cowardly and dealt from the bottom of the deck racism that has allowed ‘the monster’ to dupe the elite media into the notion that she is once again the one in control and Obama should be happy to sit in the back of the bus lest he be run over it. The Clinton surrogate’s sleazy innuendos about cocaine use, Jesse Jackson and all of that other happy horseshit screams “NIGGER NIGGER” in the same manner as scrotumface Imus and his “nappy headed ho’s” did and is more of the usual sewage from the consorts of Dick Morris and James Carville (the Democrat whore who sleeps with the Republican whore, God does America love these sordid and fucked up family dramas) that is being belched up through the garbage disposal on that ballyhooed kitchen sink. The Clintons are nothing more than upwardly mobile peckerwood trash now ready to reoccupy Washington like some surreal version of the Clampetts in a sequel destined for smash hit status in Idiot Nation.

It fits in though with the entire covert Muslim storyline too, just like all that bullshit about Tony Rezko that the Clintonites and the right-wingers have been pounding the call in shows with while failing to mention the Clinton connection to Rezko. Of course Mr. Rezko is an Arab which of course offers yet another piece of damning circumstantial evidence in the case that Barrack Obama wants to usurp the entire government to launch the Islamofascist caliphate that is intent at basing it’s operations in the West Wing. The rank hypocrisy is always there too with the Clintons, nothing is mentioned of the close friendship with Denise Rich, the wife of the Jewish arch-criminal Marc Rich that Bubba pardoned (Scooter Libby was his lawyer) and whose ties to a global network of vicious looter capitalist thugs is the stuff of Keyser Soze style legendry. The Clintons are also never held to account for all of that cocaine that Ollie North’s Iran-Contra network flew through Arkansas then they made the governor’s mansion their residence but these things aren’t something that an establishment punditry and press trifles with now that they are once again on track to be queen makers and to maintain their proper places as shills and D.C. cocktail party circuit apologists for the political prostitutes.

The electronic lynching already having commenced is about to kick into high gear and Barack Obama is being fitted for one of those nifty white jackets for the inauguration ball.