Lourdes on the South Platte

Denver Police teargas demonstrators at DNC

“Fuck The New Deal” blurted out a large-boned, hog-jowled, bull dyke from Greeley who was wearing a Hillary 2008 T Shirt – that crippled cocksucker fucked around on Eleanor so just fuck him all to hell. She was in a pack of about thirty or so blue sign waving Hillary dead enders, the ones that the fucking disgrace of a national media was hyping as critical to sway the election, continuing to pimp the sucker bait trash that has so effectively been peddled by celebrity ‘journalists’ and their country clubbing, corporate boardroom masters who know the real score of the big con.


The teargas projectiles were causing quite a ruckus in a free speech zone, some of the die hard Hillary dead enders had made the mistake of mixing it up with a twenty something bunch of Obamacons who were offended when they called their savior “a nigger” in one of their well choreographed chants. Anti-abortion activists prayed and waved signs and rubber fetuses as though to exorcise that fake devil liberalism, some Rapturheads parked a truck outside of Michelle Obama’s hotel with a sign that “Abortion is an Obama nation.” The pathological haters on the right have been growingly increasingly desperate and are actually now out huntin’ libruls like that deranged, unemployed fuckhead James Adkisson who opened fire in a Tennessee church – several books by the likes of Bill O’Reilly were later found at his house, there was another loser who just gunned down the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic party. The propaganda is working beautifully, soon we may have organized lynch mobs boppin’ to the beat of that big bopper Rush himself as they take to the streets to rape, murder and pillage in the name of American fascism. They are the strongest possible arguments for abortion that exist outside of the White House.

The crowds were restive, the city was pregnant with fear and loathing, waiting for something very ugly to be birthed. The Blackhawks were on full alert. While the mini-Gitmo style converted warehouse – replete with Nazi concentration camp style concertina wire, cages for holding cells and an army of Kevlar coated pigs drooling for the chance to kick some ass had been exposed by the few independent journalists who were actually doing their jobs, forcing the removal of the Stalag 17 wire and the installation of an air-conditioner, a kinder and gentler gulag. An alleged assassination plot by three meth-headed, white supremacist, rocky mountain peckerwood punks had been exposed and ruled out as not being credible by local authorities. Alternative radio host Alex Jones and his entourage confronted and shamed neocon Michelle Malkin, calling her out for her support of concentration camps, death to dissidents and trashing free speech as the cunt hissed like a coiled cobra, defending vicious thug marines who reveled in the videotaped murder of puppies. Cindy Sheehan’s hotel room was bugged, I suppose it would have been an insult if it had not been, being on the shit list in Der Heimat is a matter of pride, much like being on Richard Nixon’s enemies list. The new American police state was resplendent as the true face of Amerika was shown to one and all, men in black wielding truncheons, tasers and tear gas canisters enforced a brutal order and it was only day two – a Code Pink protester was brutalized by a Denver cop, order was restored. The terrorist myths are never far beneath the surface, a local McCain campaign outlet received an envelope containing white powder, the reich wing pundits screamed it was anthrax, the tests proved negative. It was only samples of Metamucil.

Hillary herself spoke on Tuesday night, speaking of unity but the damage had already been done, the feminazis would willingly go down in a blaze of glory, supporting the Republican McCain, his dick smoking right-hand man Lindsey Graham and that filthy little Zionist operative Joseph Lieberman who will surely pack the Supreme Court with ideological clones to Tony Scalia and little Scalito who will once and for all turn back the clock on whatever social progress remains after the Bush-Cheney junta is smoked out of power. While the rejected queen preached coming together was there a little smirk that I noticed and then went away faster than the infamous Janet Jackson pierced nipple? I don’t have TIVO but with the shank already implanted to the hilt in Barrack’s back and the domain name for Hillary2012 already secured Mrs. Clinton can slime away from the house of shit before it collapses upon itself.

On Thursday, in a new chapter in Denver sports stadium history the anointed one will mount the stage in Invesco Field, another example of the hostile corporate takeover of America is this disgusting proclivity to sell naming rights to taxpayer funded sports facilities. Mile High Stadium, the storied venue that hosted the world champion John Elway Broncos, Lyle Alzado vs. Muhammad Ali, Bruce Springsteen, U2’s Zoo TV and the Pope had nothing on this. It will be as though the spirit of Leni Riefenstahl will again been conjured up by the yuppie idolmakers huddled around a Ouija board at after hours pizza and beer parties for another chance after being rudely finger-fucked in the ass by Republicans for so long, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned you know. Especially one who idolized Adolf Hitler a vicious bastard who as a dysfunctional rumored queer had more in common with the modern day sodomite cabal luminaries who have congregated around fascist Republicanism as though they were horseflies circling a bucket of fresh shit.

Being raised in Denver I had many memories of the old Mile High Stadium, a rusted out dump that leaked piss from the pipes into the already watered down Coors beer that was being sold by the vendors and that shook like a fucking earthquake during each and every John Elway led drive, courtesy of the stomping feet of tens of thousands. I remember fondly the great Broncos comeback over the Warren Moon led Houston Oilers in the NFL playoffs, the rise of the 1976-77 Orange Crush Broncos who finally shook free of fifteen years of jokes and mediocrity to beat the hated John Madden led Oakland Raiders in the AFC Championship game only to be trounced by the far more talented and flashy Dallas Cowboys.

I remember less fondly the Denver Bears baseball teams who used to pass out free tickets in Coke and Pepsi cartons only to have 60,000 (half of them piss drunk and mean) Mexicans who roamed the upper decks beating up honkies, or the day when high on grain alcohol jungle juice and blotter acid I passed out well before Ted Nugent took the stage in 1979 or when my old friend who I only knew as ‘Buzz’ fell down at least fifty rows after getting drunk on Mad Dog 20-20 and then pissed himself as a disgusted pack of Cub Scouts walked around him. In an interesting footnote “Buzz” was one of the most irresponsible rebels without clue that I have ever known (and in my nearly fifty years on Planet Shit I have known many) and one of the first, during our junior year in high school he undertook the fool’s quest of trying to see how many consecutive red traffic lights that he could run in his 74 Charger. He would gleefully chortle every time he made one more and the streak officially ended at something like 79 or 80 but memory fails me now. Pushing his luck, perhaps an omen to a young man of my age of the same sort of reckless, brain-dead fanaticism that has had the entire fucking country engaged in running red lights for so long that whenever our number comes up once and for all – and it will be very soon – there is going to be one hell of a ticket that needs to be paid.

The Democratic party is now on something like red light 77 and nothing that the great Obama can do is going to prevent it. The failure to actually challenge the real problems of the warfare state and the system of looter capitalism itself have charted a course for a November defeat against a babbling jackass of an elitist war freak, a man who made propaganda commercials for the communists while receiving favorable treatment in that Vietnamese concentration camp that he invokes whenever any real questions happen to be asked of him, an accomplice in the Keating Five financial corruption scandal, an adulterer who dumped his dutiful wife why stayed married to him during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton to marry into a beer queen’s fortune and now is so fucking fat and happy that he doesn’t even know how many houses he has, a serial flip-flopper with alleged mob ties and a self admitted “war criminal” – all while a Republican party that should be eradicated from the face of the planet like slicing off a festering boil on my ass will continue to survive against all odds despite a colossal history of failure, fascism and demagoguery of the most vile sort. Of course the system is off limits, the high rollers and their big con can continue to go on, any doubters or naysayers only need to look at the selection of Mr. MBNA Joe Biden for the most powerful office in the western world. The Senator from the ‘Usury State’ is a longtime benefactor of the credit card industry that has Americans in debt slavery with no chance at getting the key to the shackles with an incoming Obama administration (if it defeats history and the odds) because Biden was a key backer of that nasty little piece of work that stripped away bankruptcy protection for average Americans. Think how many fewer foreclosures would be happening right now if people were able to jettison their unsecured debt in order to concentrate on keeping the roofs over their heads despite how overpriced said roof is.

No, the Democrats are just flip sides of the same corrupt coin. As my Marxist buddy recently commented so accurately:

“No matter which of those parties win, the ruling class of owners of the big corporations and banks and big business and owners of the factories, mines, mills, banks, corporations, industries, big real estate companies, big financial and speculative capitalist companies, win. The dollar tanks, and we lose by inflation, but they win by speculative investment. The dollar goes up, and we lose by having to pay increased prices of goods from other countries, but they win again by the returns of their dividends held by them in their stockholdings in the big companies go up. Inflation goes up, and we lose by the high prices, but they win because that gives them an opportunity to speculate. Inflation goes down and deflation happens and we lose by lost jobs and layoffs and bankruptcies throwing workers out of work, but they win by investing and speculating in the new bankruptcy-based economy. It’s a rigged deck so long as the capitalist system remains intact. To them, politics is simply another investment. They invest in both sides — both parties — to keep their options open. That’s how the capitalist system operates.”

While Pelosi’s prostitutes, that crab-cake quaffing, glad-handing AIPAC stooge Steny Hoyer and that pathetic neutered little runt Harry Reid have so thoroughly reneged on every promise of 2006, shafting the antiwar base, enabling the Bushreich criminals to alter the laws to lock in their gains and pave the way for their clean getaway and line up to lick the jackboots of the Israel Lobby one only need to remember that the biggest wars in this country’s history were presided over by Democrats. That is the ugly little truth that gets lost in the bizarro universe of the post-9/11 Heimat.

The crowds in their glazed-eye fanaticism and fealty to the new Jesus (just a ringer and a new face for the empire) conjured up memories of the same sort of true believers who turned out en-masse for the 2004 New York City coronation of American Fascism that was the GOP convention of George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zell Miller where the shrill denunciations of liberal and traditional American values were only drowned out by the constant invocations of 9/11. “Change” is 2008’s “9/11” But fanaticism is fanaticism and it is dangerous whether it is ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’ or the bizarro brand of both that exists in America today, a strange genetically spliced brand of incestuous bestial fuckery – think of it as being the middle person in a three-way buttfuck sandwiched between a horny snorting jackass and a fetidly stank and dirty unwashed elephant. Blind faith is exactly that.

I remember an old buddy named Rob, a hippie idealist druggie who bought just enough into the sixties to have felt anally raped when it all fell apart and who turned in his later years to smoking crack and listening to Rush Limbaugh used to put it like this in all of his bitter cynicism, “Life, Work and Shit are all Four Letter Words” – today in the ongoing circus maximus, that provides the comfort food for the sewer of the post-9/11 American mind I could elaborate on the old stoner sage’s words of wisdom by adding yet another four letter word to the list: HOPE. Rob in the early 90’s, a fellow victim of Reaganomics was sucked in by the siren song of the grand poopah of white populist propaganda who were looking for scapegoats as well as the blessing of their instinctive hatreds as though they were allowed to frolic naked in a mass rutting festival in the waters of Lourdes but for some reason this crowd that had descended upon the Mile High City like locusts were to me some sort of perverted, through-the-looking glass mirror image of their more easily duped brethren the dittoheads.

I don’t know exactly how to describe my feelings other than some sort of a visceral and primal urge to simultaneously defecate, vomit and masturbate – it was fucking surreal, bizarre and loathsome to the most basic and prehistoric levels of human nature.

‘Real Change’, just like ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ you see is just another of those famous two-word phrases that mean the same thing as BULL SHIT..

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