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Print the Legend: The Official Death of Osama bin Laden

The man who boasts that he habitually tells the truth is simply a man with no respect for it. It is not a thing to be thrown about loosely, like small change; it is something to be cherished and hoarded and disbursed only when absolutely necessary. The smallest atom of truth represents some man’s bitter toil and agony; for every ponderable chunk of it there is a brave truth-seeker’s grave upon some lonely ash-dump and a soul roasting in Hell

 H. L. Mencken

I would have to say that in my opinion the greatest thing about the officially announced death of our very own Emanuel Goldstein, Osama bin Laden is the sheer joy of watching the Republicans having to eat their own shit. There is something wonderful about the super-sized helping of humble pie served up with one of those nice little toothpick American flaggie things planted in the middle of their slab now that the rotten fascist fifth columnists and neocons have been robbed of the most kick ass club in the bag, their shameless exploitation of the ‘terrorist’ attacks of 9/11/01 for political gain. The GOP has utterly terrorized the rubes, suckers and suburban Sally soccer moms for nearly a decade now, fundamentally altering the country in the process. You can bet the house on it that the fear and terror cards along with the inevitable Obama is a secret Muslim who along with buddies Bill Ayers and Louis Farrakhan attended wild drug fueled orgies where satanic ritual sacrifices were held were key components of their 2012 strategy. Remember the wild rumors about Hillary’s secret lesbian trysts in the White House and the Christmas tree adorned with crackpipes and dildos? That one was a children’s bedtime story compared to the volcanic eruption of lies, filth and toxic spew that the Koch Brothers money was funding this time around. The narratives were already well under way and likely were very costly, direct mailings, whisper campaigns, retainers for think tank scum like Dinesh D’Souza and his ilk for their libelous bulk purchased books all are going to have to be scrapped because in  less than a week it is all gone, it went up like a bag of flaming dogshit. To all those who have been justifiably revolted by this all too predictable heinous tactic of assassination though black propaganda and a corrupt media that amplifies and disseminates it just enjoy the sweet schadenfreude along with a side of delicious irony. 

Bin Laden is dead! The release of this week’s latest edition of Time Magazine, the official ‘news’ magazine for the establishment with the evil one’s stock picture with the traditional red X though it ensures that despite the caterwauling of the squealing little swine birthers, degenerate America hating pigs like Orly Taitz, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the neocon propagandists the official account is now locked down by the impenetrable firewall of conventional wisdom. Sure they can warble about having to see the pictures like the hilariously desperate Sarah Palin (perhaps she can finagle some sort of trade bartering beaver shots of Bristol for the pics of the now dead bin Laden) who still doesn’t understand that her political career is over and that she is well into her next phase of being a gross parody of herself, not that she wasn’t always a parody from the git go. Yes, they are going totally batshit over in the big carnival tent of the Republican party, barker in chief Donald T.Rump can now focus on selling tickets to the feces eating contest in the geek section. It is astonishing to behold, the party of shoot first ask questions later is bemoaning the capping of the unarmed uber terrorist and in what is the most hilarious thing of all the corporate media is now suddenly concerned about international law and did the execution of Osama violate it. Hell, that one is hilarious, nearly spit coffee on the keyboard when I read that. Just where in the fuck was the corporate media and the concern for international law when George W. Bush launched his illegal wars, bombed the shit out of civilians, presided over a vile and sadistic regime that made torture an official U.S. policy or for that matter when Obama continued to endorse predator drone strikes on civilian weddings? Double standards and it shows just how rotten to the core that the consolidated and interlocking media in this country has become. Oh, and now here’s a real knee-slapper, the Republican whiners, continuing with their well-established culture of victimhood are pissy that none of the credit for taking out bin Laden is being given to Dubya or to his immoral and illegal torture programs. But at least it’s consistent since they never saw fit that there should have been any of the blame  assigned to him despite the damned inconvenient fact that the 9/11 events occurred during his watch. Perhaps there can be a commemorative edition of My Pet Goat issued in order to honor Bush for his heroism on that morning. 

God Dammit, they cut into Celebrity Apprentice!

It is pretty obvious that the story of bin Laden’s assassination by Seal Team 6 is the official story of the state and it is already being reinforced with the same type of groupthink promulgated by the corporate media that followed the original attacks. While the release of any actual photos of the body have been nixed by Obama on the grounds of national security the government has released bin Laden home videos that are making their way about the internet and media megaphones today. The post death storyline goes to great lengths to play down the mythic capacity of the man once built up to be the baddest motherfucker in the valley of the shadow of death. There have been stories describing bin Laden as “unkempt”, “bored”, “shabby”, “frail” and “weary”. There have been stories on the contents of his medicine cabinet, did he have eczema or some other skin condition? Was he using a form of Viagra? Xanax? Interestingly enough nothing seems to have been found that would indicate treatments for kidney failure. The official propaganda gains new layers by the day, this from an article in Time’s Special Report issue:

Living the Good Live

So he wasn’t in a cave after all. Osama bin Laden, master marketer of mass murder, loved to traffic in the image of the ascetic warrior-prophet. In one of his most famous videotapes, he chose gray rocks for a background, a rough camo jacket for a costume and a rifle for a prop. He portrayed a hard, pure alternative to the decadent weakness of the modern world. Soft Westerners and their corrupt puppet princes reclined in luxury and sin while he wanted nothing but a gun and a prayer rug. The zealot travels light, his bloodred thoughts so pure that even stones are as cushions for his troubled sleep.

Now we know otherwise. Bin Laden was not the stoic soldier that he played onscreen. The exiled son of a Saudi construction mogul was living in a million-dollar home in a wealthy town nestled among green hills. He apparently slept in a king-size bed with a much younger wife. He had satellite TV. This, most of all, was fitting, because no matter how many hours he spent talking nostalgically of the 12th century and the glory of the islamic caliphate, bin laden was a master of the 21st century image machine.

The deconstruction of the uber-fiend, peddled for years, most relentlessly by the insidious Bush regime to hold political power and justify their wars and associated criminality was well under way. The Republican party owned 9/11, wielded it as a trusty bludgeon and used it without mercy as they eviscerated the United States Constitution, turned torture into the guiding principle of national policy, looted the treasury and doled out ever more lucrative contracts to mercenaries and private war profiteers on the taxpayer dime. Whenever it was questioned one of those timely bin Laden videos or tapes just happened to pop up, up went the color-coded terror alert and the nuisance of having to come up with answers went away. For example when Osama bin Laden just happened to pop up on a video four days or so before the 2004 elections it provided a ringing endorsement for the terrorism of Bush and Cheney and with a bit of help in Ohio courtesy of Karl Rove’s election stealing machine the king was coronated anew for four more years of hell. The Republicans seized bin Laden and along with him the mythic menace of the destroyer of worlds, it was as though George W. Bush had pulled the magical sword Excalibur from the stone of the smoking rubble of the World Trade Center and the use of the tragedy for political expedience was already official policy while the rotting flesh of the victims still hung heavy in the lower Manhattan air.

Later in the Time piece there is this:

No Hollywood filmmaker ever staged a more terrifying spectacle than 9/11, which bin Laden conjured from a few box cutters and 19 misguided martyrs. When the Twin Towers collapsed, he became the real-life answer to the ruthless, stateless and seemingly unstoppable villains of James Bond fantasy. It was necessary then, to find him and render him mortal again, reduce him to mere humanity – not just as a matter of justice but as a matter of self-defense. 

And it has been done, Barack Hussein Obama has stolen away the mighty sword while at the same time the Mighty Wurlitzer of the pocket media not only ensures that the truth of the death of the evil one will be that of the official story of the state but that the original dogma of the attacks themselves would be reinforced for all time. With the establishment of the official historical account (which as the maxim goes, written by the victors and sanitized to omit the dirt) not only does the questioning of any part of the 9/11 story become intolerable by bin Laden himself is being body scrubbed with his past CIA association being denied by think tank hacks like Peter Bergen in his prominent WaPo piece entitled Five Myths about Osama bin Laden. The usual gaggle of reliable neocon stooges like Charles Kraüthammer patting themselves on the back while trumpeting the great success of the phony war on terror, the sadists and authoritarian freaks on the right-wing decrying any criticism of torture, in Time’s case making apologies for the ugly Americans celebrating the demise of the bogeyman with their idiot “USA,USA,USA” chants and viciously cracking down on those who happen to wander off the star spangled lemming farm. Take for example Pittsburgh Steelers running back whose most recent claim to fame was a key fumble during the Super Bowl that pretty much sealed his team’s doom. Both barrels were turned on Mendenhall this week for his daring to use TWITter to weigh in on the orgy of glee during the national barbecuing of bin Laden’s ass – “those of you who said you want to see Bin Laden burn in hell and piss on his ashes, I ask how would God feel about your heart?… What kind of person celebrates death?”. For this the man was descended upon as if by a biblical plague of flesh-eating bats by the pocket media kingmakers, flag-sucking drones and assorted other imbecilic dwellers of the most befouled gutters of the mind. Were this a more primitive (or in our case futuristic) society, Mendenhall would have been quickly an ruthlessly hunted down, his tongue ripped out with fire heated iron tongs and his wayward fingers chopped off so as to never again engage in such heresy as well as to sent an example for others. 

We have been here before, any dissent from the Bush administration’s blatant usage of the 9/11 event for reasons of politics and settling an old score with Saddam Hussein were affixed with the scarlet letters of traitor and anti-American. This is just the reverse form of the same primitive defense of the official religions. When it comes to doubts about the ceremonies, false idols and totems any who dare to utter the blasphemies must be dealt with summarily and with extreme prejudice. Any really serious examination of the scaly underbelly of the angry beast with millions of electronic eyes that is the Homeland in the new American century must be taken with a familiarity of the allegory of Plato’s cave. Once you have been outside don’t even bother to venture back to try to enlighten the other slaves for ye shalt be damned for your efforts if not drawn and quartered by a team of Clydesdales. 

Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared.

– Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

Maybe the real truth of the bin Laden story is that his former sponsors and associates within the American establishment finally just wanted to write the end to his story, tie up that last loose end because to do anything else would ensure a demise, sucked under in the quicksand bog of the wars without end. Obviously spooked by the recent Standard and Poor downgrade of the U.S. debt perhaps it was just an acknowledgement of that which is obvious in that the wars, especially the bottomless money pit in Afghanistan are destroying the country in ways that bin Laden or any other foreign enemy ever could. The bin Laden execution brings to mind the scene from the classic film Apocalypse Now when finally reaching the river’s end Captain Willard is delivered to the compound of Colonel Kurtz who had gone rogue and was as a result marked for death by his own country’s military leadership in order to terminate his command:

Kurtz: Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command?

Willard: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.

Kurtz: It’s no longer classified, is it? What did they tell you?

Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.

Kurtz: Are my methods unsound?

Willard: I don’t see any method at all, sir.

Kurtz: I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you an assassin?

Willard: I’m a soldier.

Kurtz: You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

Osama bin Laden was never going to stand trial, not in this Empire, not with what he knew. Despite the best efforts of the professional propagandists and spin doctors to downplay his longtime involvement as a valuable instrument of U.S. policy, most notably with the Mujahadeen in the proxy war against the Soviets back in the Reagan years in Afghanistan. What is now existent in popular culture as a noble effort, Charlie Wilson’s War for example with the all-American Tom Hanks playing the flamboyant Texan Republican who used his seat in the U.S. Congress to promote arming Islamic radicals, a Reagan pet project right up there with letting good ole Ollie North run guns and drugs to fund arming the Latin American death squads. Were bin Laden to have a forum the potential revealing of such a duplicitous history could prove to be immensely embarrassing and in our sugar-coated, sanitized and flag-draped narrative we couldn’t possibly admit to colluding with criminals, dictators, Nazi war criminals or Muslim fanatics in order to further an agenda largely dictated by corporations and plutocrats. Best to just send in the hit squad and be done with it, if that’s what actually happened. 

Media analyst Danny Schecter puts it well in his piece Nailing Osama Bin Laden: Was it a military or amedia operation? Why now?

They could have captured him, but that would lead to the hassle of putting him on trial. Besides, what if he revealed his long connection with the CIA and US officials? Can’t have that. So the kill order was given, along with a quick disposal of the body, mafia-style (as in “sleeping with the fishes).”

But we will never really know will we?

I have always personally believed that he was dead, at least since shortly after the towers fell and I have never been convinced that he played anything more than an ancillary role in the 9/11 attacks. The attacks as they occurred couldn’t have been carried out by anything less than a multi-national alliance of serious and I mean stone cold professional military personnel, intelligence pros, mole networks largely compartmentalized to provide plausible denial and government officials with the clout to influence both the behind the scenes preparatory work as well as the following cover-up. The weakest part of the entire story to me has always been Osama bin Laden and his flight-simulator trained Islamic fundamentalist fanatics like Mohammad Atta, Ninjas with box-cutters who could overwhelm a multi-trillion dollar intelligence colossus, circumvent the entire national air defense command, dupe U.S. allies and their intelligence services and then pull off with crackerjack precision three daredevil direct hits on U.S. buildings with such damage being done to the structures as to defy the basic laws of physics. Americans are stupid though and swallowed it all, rolled over and gave up their rights and begged for more tyrannical enslavement as their tax dollars were funneled to private military contractors (mercenaries) and private   intelligence firms operating with impunity, zero oversight and no loyalty except to the bottom line. Maybe in the movies Bruce Willis can assemble a crew of losers, party freaks, misunderstood geniuses and hard-assed oil patch roughnecks who could be trained by NASA in less than two weeks to go into space and destroy a killer asteroid but this is reality and when something smells like bullshit there is a 99.9 % chance that it IS bullshit.

The entire official story of 9/11 is one big lie but it is now a lie that like the assassination of President Kennedy will live on while any naysayers will be stigmatized and ghettoized in the predictable manner that “conspiracy theorists” are always treated by a corrupt state seeking to keep its skeletons in the closet with the doors nailed shut. What is now occurring is the death of the 9/11 Truth Movement, as the national wound that was ripped open on that Tuesday morning in 2001 begins to scab over there will be no tolerance for those who continue to pick at it. Already in the days after the big announcement there is a real chill in the air and the establishment is in all likelihood implement the Cass Sunstein plan to “cognitively infiltrate” groups that question the official government fairy tale of 9/11. Personalities who had previously done much good work in investigating 9/11, for example alternative media firebrand Alex Jones has essentially discredited himself through his willingness to feast upon the fruit of the poisoned tree that was the finally and hopefully permanently discredited Birther movement (which smelled like an Israeli black propaganda campaign from the get go) and as a result of this been immersed in a vat of horseshit. While playing fast and loose with themes friendly to the Council For National Policy like global warming denial and pandering to bigots for ratings by demonizing Meskins any of Jones’ skepticism at the serendipitous death of bin Laden is easily mocked despite the legitimacy of such questions. There are others as well calling bullshit on the bin Laden murder and they will surely face immense difficulty and much scorn in pursuing this line of skepticism. My personal advice is that it just isn’t worth it, there are too many other areas that are in more need of serious attention than wailing away at the tar baby that is Osama bin Laden. Again, where is the body? Why the changes of story? Why now? I defer to recent work by Paul Craig Roberts The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event and Russ Baker More Questions on bin Laden for provocative reading and unlike Alex Jones they have not self-immolated. 

This may sound like a cop out but as far as I am concerned an official admission that the man is dead works fine for me, whether it happened last weekend or nine years ago is at this point moot to me. In the end what is most important is that we are able to exit the bizarre, down the rabbit hole because it just may end up being a grave, parallel universe that we were catapulted into when the planes hit the building on September 11, 2001. That will have to suffice right now for nothing will ever have even the remotest chance of returning to a state of semi-normality or what is going to pass for that unless we are able to get some closure and an escape from the neocon Republican fear mongering that has mired us in unwinnable, bankrupting and immoral wars of occupation based on lies. Barring a real investigation into the 9/11 attacks, which by the way is NEVER going to happen, I personally think that it is best to just accept the official story of Osama bin Laden’s death as it has been put forth by the state and it’s organs. Face it, the story may have that now familiar rottenness about it but it’s just time to move on beyond the horrors of the last decade. 

I recall that one great line from the famous western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance :

“when the legend becomes fact, print the legend”

So it goes….

Al Qaeda the Phantom Menace

Al CIAda – The Emanuel Goldstein of the New American Century
My old friend Len Hart over at The Existentialist Cowboy featured this clip on the phony war on terror and the even phonier Al CIAda, especially relevant now that The Pope of Hope has lately adopted George W. Bush’s rhetoric in order to justify neverending war. The Christmas Day underwear bomber and the Mighty Wurlitzer that his the U.S. corporate propaganda machine media is once again striking all the right chords to keep the sheep in a panic. This particular clip is from Adam Curtis’s brilliant BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares.
That this pathetic country of cowards is in a tissy over the underwear bomber, an obvious black op/psyop is no surprise, resistance has long been drained out of Americans as they have been conditioned to accept the dirty myth that there is a swarthy Arab ‘terrorist’ lurking under their beds and in closets and they are all too willing to cower in a pool of their own piss while they eagerly surrender their hard won (back when Americans had a spine and before the massive dumbing down) civil liberties to a metastasizing police state run by ruthless thugs. I must admit with great pride that I am personally ashamed to be an American, the incineration of innocent women and chilren in illegal wars, the torture, the Wall Street criminal bailout, the abandonment of the rule of law in Obama’s refusal to drag the war criminals of the Bushreich into the dock where they belong are bad enough but it’s the constant keening of frightened lemmings that really make me ashamed to be amongst them.
As for Al CIAda it is a fraud, always has been and always will be, it is really the name of nothing other than a database of Islamic radicals who could be used as assets for the wetwork that was necessary for the Empire. The real story behind 9/11 has never been allowed to come out and the so-called truth movement is so full of disinformation by now that any serious attempt to get the truth is pretty much impossible. The lies of 9/11 and the patsies that allegedly carried out the attacks is by now so useful to the state as the lynchpin of the new fascism that it can never be allowed to be challenged, it is the Holy Grail of bullshit. As the saying goes from the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” I wanted to also share another excellent post that I ran across over at OpEd News by Joe Quinn entitled The Underwear Bomber – Crushing Freedom With Phony Arab Terrorism. It is a long piece with a lot of links and great information so I strongly recommend it.
It’s obvious that the new year is going to be rung in starting today with an onslaught of GOP pricks and the feckless quisling Democrats trying to outdo each other on hyping this idiotic staged event to bring back the glorious days of Bushreich Neocon fascism and it is imperative that all do their parts to continue to discredit this filthy war propaganda as what it is.
Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe

Bong Hits 4 Paris

In yet another triumphal week in the long-running quest to dumb down and fatten up America for the slaughter the pocket media mockingbirds were on the top of their game. The consolidated cartel of money-sucking moguls never fail to offer up irrefutable proof that their collective fingerprints are all over the dagger that has been implanted to the hilt in America’s back and facilitate the rise of domestic fascism. Virtually ignored was the full frontal attack of the fascist bloc of activist justices on an increasingly dangerous Supreme Court, the crown jewel of a politicized judicial system that has slowly metastasized and is rotting from within.

In a massive news week chock full of highly important stories like the Washington Post’s massive Pulitzer Prize worthy four-part series on the nefarious machinations of one treasonous pig named Richard B. Cheney entitled “Angler”, a flurry of subpoenas unleashed against a criminal administration, imploding hedge funds, a full frontal attack on Brown vs. Board of Education that essentially overturns the landmark civil rights ruling and the coming return to the segregation of public schools, a Pakistani humanitarian crisis that has left a million people homeless and potentially viable recruits for a resurgent Taliban, another incident of ‘collateral damage’ in Afghanistan with the killing of innocent civilians by NATO bombs, more of the same reigning in of free speech (the non-corporate type) in the bong hits 4 Jesus case, opening the money spigots on corporate ‘free’ speech, more pro-corporate favoritism in bestowed upon the looters and leeches by the state’s involvement in the economy through the sanctioning of price fixing, another cowardly Vichy Democrat cave-in on the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine and the national release of SiCKO and the predatory vultures in the medical industrial complex’s massive counterattack through their compliant little whores in the press.

These were all stories that affect millions that would be considered newsworthy in a time prior to the creeping tabloidism of Rupert Murdoch, media consolidation and the blatant cheerleading for war and advocacy of the oligarchs that have reduced the Constitution to nothing more than “a goddamned piece of paper” to use the words of Dick Cheney’s sock puppet George W. Bush. The corporate media has again succeeded in acting as a palace guard for executive power run amok and instead of acting in the best interests of a democratic society per their first amendment responsibility the greedy moguls have once more served to wash away important events that truly affect lives in a flood of more of the standard lurid tabloid slime and lowball, dirty yellow journalism.

Any substantive news on the deteriorating situation in Iraq is given little mention these days as well and when it is the gatekeepers ensure that it very quickly disappears down the memory hole because after all, there is always more celebrity, always a demented sex offender or a missing child that is of such utmost importance to Americans that the bummer of the carnage of a costly debacle of a war of choice can be shoved back behind the curtain where it belongs. That is unless of course the war is repackaged in order to be invoked as a crusade, a jihad, a holy war or a clash of civilizations interspersed with coded biblical terms and images of mushroom clouds and predictions of suicide bombers stalking the aisles of your local Walmart when they follow us home were coitus interruptus to occur at the behest of the cut and run traitors that are far left Democrats and godless secular liberals seeking to deny the faithful the prophesied glory of the Rapture. While playing games with the truth in Iraq the neocon propaganda chop shops and their Likudnik war monger allies are ginning up the case for the imminent attack on Iran. Of course this is going to happen and unfortunately for the winged monkeys of the Zionist brownshirt brigade that is the extreme ‘Christian’ right there will be no Rapture although it’s even money that we all will be incinerated together when the nukes start dropping from the skies.

And when it happens the pathetic losers and American lemmings will be prostrated in front of their beloved big screen televisions to cheer on the further exploits of the freed goddess Paris while the split screens festooned with ‘patriotic’ digital images mark the rocket’s red glare as they begin hitting their targets in Tehran. But back to the latest fucking disgrace of the week for the corporatist media. Michael Moore was bumped for Paris Hilton Thursday on that reptilian world champion of divorces and staunch defender of pederast Michael Jackson known as the Larry King Live show. Moore was also banned from that gross temple of iniquity of capitalism gone horribly awry that is the New York Stock Exchange.

Two amateurish ‘terrorist’ plots uncovered in the U.K. jacked up the fear factor and sent the country to the brink of lockdown. With the declaration of a heightened state of crisis along with the dispatching of heimat security to march through America’s airports in their Darth Vader suits you would think that an airliner had smashed into a landmark building instead of two clowns in a burning car running into an airport in Glasgow. Homeland Security poobah, Israeli-American dual-citizen and Boo Radley lookalike Michael Chertoff took to the Sunday morning bloviation circuit to foment fear in step one of the annual two-pronged attack that will culminate in a gross orgy of bone sucking red meat nationalism on Wednesday for the 4th of July.

The hysterical hyping of the latest terrorist plot by those who want to kill us for our freedoms (HA HA!) was especially fortuitous to the secret government operating out of Dick Cheney’s office because it swallowed whatever smidgen of coverage that that serious transgression against the constitution was allotted. And of course in staying with the official narrative the explosive cars are linked to…drumroll please AL QAEDA the great bogeyman that through design has become a menace to the survival of the civilized world unseen since SPECTRE. James Bond saved the world from SPECTRE but who is going to save the world from al CIAda and the neocons who have infiltrated and overthrown the legitimate government of the United States?

It sure as fuck ain’t gonna be Jesus.
And in breaking news George W. Bush has just commuted the sentence of convicted criminal and man of a multitude of rumored dubious shady Israeli connections I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby – former lawyer for the recipient of a controversial pardon by Bill Clinton and global crook Marc Rich. This is just un-fucking believable and I need a bit of time to comment on this latest blatant flouting of the very principles of the rule of law by this gangster administration. This’ll give Corn Fed Fred and the rest of the neocon cronies a good chuckle at the desecrated American system over their Fourth of July barbecues. There will be much huffing and puffing and mock indignation from the Pelosi-Hoyer-Reid Congress but it shall be short lived least those AIPAC donors be offended at any prolonged scorn directed at one of their favorite sons.

Rejoice Rejoice for Paris Hilton is free and now so is Scooter Libby. Jesus Fucking Christ, I think that I am going to be sick!

Fred Thompson? Why Not Fred Flintstone?

Still desperately seeking to reincarnate the right-wing crackpot, commie basher, fink and phony western hero turned Social Darwinist pitchman Ronald Reagan the flailing remnants of the juggernaut that was the Republican party is casting a longing eye towards that little glass screen and getting high off of the fumes of that sweet opiate high that emanates from the national cult of celebrity. After last week’s national fucking embarrassment of the South Carolina GOP debate exposed the gaggle of goofballs competing for a shot at King George’s throne and all of the powers of the unitary executive as a bunch of amoral hucksters, charlatans and fear pimps the Republicans need to rapidly find a plan B. Outside of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s daring to bring up the real stuff and not the sideshows of fear, abortion and those damned homosexuals the bunch that was trotted out in Columbia were just more of the same finely suited shills for a nation gone to seed.

Rudy Giuliani: His pompous grandstanding and misinformed smackdown of dark horse Paul’s introduction of the unwelcome and alien concept known as reality was a testament to both his shameless pandering to the red state fascists as well as his sole ownership of that holy grail of Republican politics that is 9/11. After all, he did happen to be the mayor when the fucking attacks took place and he was in the streets as he likes to boast primarily because the oily ass clown had his command center in WTC7 – you know, the building that just happened to fall down hours after the twin towers were hit? And did I forget to mention that his wife was once employed by a company that murdered dogs?

Mitt Romney: Another Massachusetts flip-flopper with the looks of a matinee idol and the charm of a repo man but make no mistake, Romney is a slithering snake who will sell out everybody in his quest for the White House. Hell, John ‘Frenchy’ Kerry rode the straight talk express compared to this ‘Bean Town’ bullshit artist who is the most conniving rat outside of Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award winner “The Departed”. Romney is a triangulating flim flam man trying to parlay his anchorman good looks into landing the GOP nomination by advocating expanding Gitmo because we just aren’t fucking torturing enough people already. Would you buy a car from this man?

John McCain: Another flip-flopper trying to have it both ways on every issue while at the same time sucking up the black ops political fixers of the Bushreich who laid him low with slander and push poll insinuation in South Carolina in 2000 and recently departed radical cleric Jerry Falwell. McCain is as corrupt as they come despite the ‘maverick’ media hype, don’t forget the Keating Five scandal and his unholy alliance with that bloodsucking little prick Joe Lieberman. There was the great Baghdad market photo op where he needlessly exposed our troops to harm and that likely resulted in the abduction and slaughter of 21 of the market workers whose lives were sacrificed for the Manchurian candidate’s vainglorious stroll through the Mesopotamian charnel house.

Duncan Hunter, Tommy Thompson, Manny, Moe and Jack are irrelevant and I won’t even bother including in the group the three retrograde moron poltroons who proclaimed that they didn’t believe in evolution or Ron Paul who as a man who dared to bring up that inconvenient about the disastrous blowback that occurs due to our longstanding foreign policy of stealing resources, propping up murderous dictatorial regimes and spreading ‘democracy’ at gunpoint. He has already been mocked and marginalized by the fifth columnist shills in the pocket media and will very soon be unceremoniously dumped from the ‘debates’. The LAST thing that the Republicans or the establishment in general wants is a party pooper who could give away the whole game.

To further stack the deck for mass consumption (aka lemming food) the ‘debate’ was held in front of a Foxed up, carefully screened audience of Neanderthals, outright sadists and red state fascists and knuckle-dragging peckerwood morons straight out of Mississippi Burning who would be certain to whoop it up for the cameras whenever the designated fascist talking points were spewed. Take the raucous applause when the goodfella Guiliani tried to shank Paul for his comments on bombing and blowback which would form the basis for the operatives and FOX fifth-columnists to launch their swift boat attack, or the hoots of approval during mentions of torture which in the pre-9/11 world was something that the bad guys resorted to, back before America the land of the free and home of the brave took that dark journey through the looking glass and emerged as Amerika land of the fearful and home of the slaves.

The latest American hero, psychotic torturer Jack Bauer’s name was mentioned with only slightly less reverence than that of the Gipper during the previous get together showing with ever more clarity the blurring of the lines between fantasy and reality in TV nation.

I already looked at the dangerous influence of FOX’s smash hit 24 in one of my recent posts entitled Jack Bauer: America’s Favorite Nazi and the barrage of references to torture and Bauer by men seeking to wield the power of what is arguably the world’s greatest military machine and intelligence network should terrify any sane citizen of this rapidly deteriorating republic as well as those who it targets as it’s enemies: both foreign and domestic and if I were Michael Moore I would be seriously looking into applying for citizenship in a country without an extradition treaty with Der Heimat, but more on him later.

It is quite obvious that none of the buffons onstage stands a snowball’s chance in hell against the long pre-selected candidate of the financial oligarchs, the blood barters and AIPAC to carry the day in a general election (presuming that it hasn’t already been fixed by Karl Rove’s chicanery) against Queen Hillary. The philandering fascist dwarf Newt Gingrich is still threatening to slime his way into the race like a starving rat crawling into a house through a dryer vent but his liabilities far outweigh his massive ego so he is toast even if he did appear on James Dobson’s national brainwashing network to give a mea culpa over his adulterous ways. None of this had to happen either, but the carefully cultivated successor to that great phony western hero iconography George Felix Allen went down in a blaze of ugly public racial comments, hubris and lurid tales of stuffing deer heads into black folks’ mailboxes during a Senatorial reelection campaign so completely bungled and mismanaged by the lamentable Dick Wadhams that it could have been Bob Schrum in disguise. But alas, when the dude ranch desperado went down to James Webb last November the GOP was left in the lurch without the next Reagan. As the day is getting later and the situation more dire it is now time for the great man on horseback to ride to the rescue and turn back the hordes of secular liberal varmints and renegade paleoconservatives.

Here comes Fred Dalton Thompson to continue to drag America back to the future.

After the GOP hype machine and the pocket media echo chamber gets finished pushing the supposed virtues and credentials of yet another bad actor as Reagan redux the neocons will have their champion. Personally I have always thought that Thompson sucked as an actor. He spends the majority of his onscreen time towering, glowering and mumbling in a voice that is reminiscent of a man with a mouthful of marbles or Mushmouth from those old Fat Albert cartoons. His performances are totally unimpressive and devoid of any actual thespian skills to all but the red state yokels who are still addicted to reruns of The Dukes of Hazard. But that is strictly my opinion, others see him much differently.

Take Liz Garrigan of the ‘Nashville Scene’ writing at Mockingbird Central more formerly known as The Washington Post. By the time that she gets done building up Fred with her slavering columns like ‘He Sure Can Act The Part’ Thompson will be right up there behind Jesus and Jack Daniels in the Volunteer State and on the rise nationally. Here is a few paragraphs of Garrigan’s nauseating tripe:

Like voters everywhere, we Tennesseans want our politicians to be part professor, part John Wayne. But the top-tier candidates in the GOP field so far — John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney — somehow lack that magic merger of smarts and swagger, which is probably why nearly half of Republican voters say they’re still waiting for the right candidate. Well, their John Wayne is standing just outside the corral.

He is Fred Dalton Thompson, and while he’s no admiral, he has played one in the movies. The former senator is also the third man from our humble horizontal Southern state to be touted as presidential material in the past year, after former Senate majority leader Bill Frist and former vice president Al Gore. Thompson has yet to raise a nickel — or a presidential posse — but grass-roots Republicans from the East Coast to the West already see the man with the low drawl and the towering stature as their political savior. But is he?

It wouldn’t be the first time a B-list actor united the country. In fact, part of what this former ladies’ man has going for him is widespread Ronald Reagan nostalgia. That, and he’s a refreshing contrast to the calculating likes of Gore and even Frist: He’s a guy with a Senate legacy of bipartisanship and even-handedness. (When he led the Senate investigation into 1996 campaign-finance irregularities, he targeted not just the Clinton-Gore White House but Republicans, too.)

And he knows how to play the political game. At the start of his Senate race in 1994, Thompson was a high-dollar Washington lawyer and lobbyist who drove a Lincoln Continental, lived in a condo and wore dark suits and ties to even the most folksy barbecue-and-beans Tennessee campaign appearances. But nobody — nobody with an echo, anyway — accused him of being phony when he eventually decided to prop up his flailing bid with, well, props: a getup of jeans and work shirt and some down-home locomotion in the form of a used cherry-red Chevy pickup truck that he drove across the state and featured in television ads to transform his campaign.

All of which makes him some combination of brilliant and lucky as hell.

But there’s more to it than that. Unlike his Democratic native-son counterpart Gore, who was picked apart like so much Tennessee roadkill in 2000 for his campaign-consultant-directed wardrobe transformation from dark suits to warmer tones, Thompson was rewarded for his makeover from slick silk-stocking lawyer to accomplished hayseed. In 1996, when he won election to his first full term, more Tennesseans voted for Thompson than for any other politician in state history.

RETCH! To cut through the party line bullshit and put it in layman’s terms Fred Dalton Thompson is just the latest version of a bad product made palatable by a crackerjack marketing campaign. Thompson has also endeared himself to the angry hordes of white male loser Michelle Maladong/Glenn Beck watching miscreants with his attacks on Michael Moore for his visit to Cuba during the filming of his new movie SiCKO. Moore’s last movie Fahrenheit 9/11 went far too easy on the fourth generation criminal George W. Bush for my liking but it was effective and exposed some ugly truths to millions of Americans who had been kept in the dark. Attacking Bush and the war is one thing but SiCKO goes after the very paymasters of Thompson and his ilk – the health care lobbying leviathan that finances the legislative fornication at the Washington whorehouses where business is conducted. Look for lots of cash to come sluicing into Thompson’s campaign from that particular group of johns.

Thompson also has the trick of feeding red meat to the jihadists of the Republican base down as he is the lead attack basset hound going after the hated Moore. The GOP vendetta against Moore for his trip to Cuba is just more of the same standard use of the government as an arm of the Republican party Gestapo that has become commonplace during the reign of the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil. Thompson is just reading from the same tired old script in flogging that old Cold War nag that just doesn’t get too many folk outside of the most dug in enclaves of dead ender members of the John Birch Society or the raving lunatic Cubans in the Miami area who have already tried once to book the Orange Bowl for an orgy of ghoulishness when Fidel does kick or the mental midgets who watch FOX. Thompson and Moore have had a go round with Freddy spewing invective about internment and Moore challenging the big man to a debate on national health care. Thompson of course did the manly Republican thing – he declined. “I have been looking at my schedule Michael and you know I don’t have time for you” during a staged photo op where the new Reagan was smoking a Cuban cigar.

Ironically Michael Moore is being targeted for prosecution by the Bushist junta under the Trading With The Enemies Act which those who don’t rely on the corporatist pocket media for their information will instantly recognize that this is the same law under which the assets of George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush’s company were seized by FDR for doing business with Hitler’s Nazis. And if what I have heard about the Cuban footage in SiCKO is true then Moore has really done it by daring to rub Rudy and the 9/11 party’s noses in a big pile of the same bullshit that they have been shovelling down the throats of Americans for the past five and a half fucking years. The first responders on 9/11 who are suffering from inhaling toxic substances – which Rudy and the government tried to cover up – were taken to Gitmo by Moore to find that the terrorists interned there get better health care than they do. This is going to be a bomb that will detonate in theatres across the land next month unless the Bushists are able to get their way and suppress it which will be a public relations disaster of unprecedented proportions that even Big Fred won’t be able to overcome.

The Republicans are going to learn pretty quickly that you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Instead of continuing to cling to a failed set of anti-American ideologies like a life preserver adrift in a sea of shit it is time to just come clean and admit what is obvious – Reaganism, neoliberalism, imperialism and globalism along with the tapeworm economy that they are all dependent upon DO NOT FUCKING WORK! They have been robbing us blind, dismantling the middle class, selling off the national infrastructure to foreigners, looting the treasury, eradicating the Constitution, setting up a police state, turning the USA into a world pariah and now with the importation of unregulated food ingredients from China just to make a few more fucking bucks they are poisoning us. When in the Hell is enough enough? Do babies have to start dying from the same tainted imported shit additives that have already killed thousands of pets before Americans get off their fucking asses, put down their goddamned remote TV controls and take to the streets to scream “I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”?

So instead of rolling out Franken Freddy as yet another pitchman for the same disastrous shit isn’t it time for the Republican party to try something different while there is still an existing framework for a political system in America?

How About – Be Like Ike? For a party so steeped in the past it would refreshing for a change if they would pick another era other than the stone age to emulate.

Fortress Of Fear

The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety.

-H. L. Mencken

Prepare yourselves for the next big thing with the authoritarian right-wingers and the faux Democrats who serve as guardians of the oligarchy for it is coming and coming soon. The wonderful folks over at the RAND Corporation have just rolled out a comprehensive study on terrorism and shopping malls. How fortuitous that a massively publicized Utah mall shooting happened to occur the very week of the report and a blueprint for the transformation of America’s malls into the latest bastion of the creeping fascist police state had already been prepared. Kind of brings back all of those fuzzy memories of the USA PATRIOT Act doesn’t it?

Just when the ghoulish milking of the rapidly cooling gobdobblers of that prematurely deceased sow Anna Nicole Smith had slowed down a bit from the 24/7 circus maximus coverage that drowned out the spiraling Iraqi carnage, rumors war with Iran, the Scooter Libby trial, the sudden case of puppy love that Republican Senators (and that slimy little prick Joe Lieberman) had acquired for the filibuster and the ongoing needless sacrifice of more young Americans we had a winner as America’s next big thing. And even better yet, a story that would have the cowardly lemmings shitting in their pants. The premature demise of the American Goddess of the gauche only served as a warning as to the potential dangers of a bad diet, a neurotic personality, promiscuity, drug abuse and the consequences of a relentless quest to suck the poisoned cock of celebrity (to paraphrase crime writer James Ellroy) but a story that had the potential to once again put the awesome might of the Republican fear machine back online.

Not only did the Salt Lake City shopping mall shootings dominate the media coverage for several days, courtesy the flock of well-placed mockingbirds but the shooter was a Muslim to boot! Talk about the fear pimps hitting the fucking jackpot! If the hysterical overreaction to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force lite-brite style finger flipping boxes that practically closed down the entire fucking city of Boston a few weeks back made a mockery of the quivering leg-pissing culture of anger and anxiety that is so prevalent post 9/11 wasteland of Amerika then the Trolley Square Mall killing spree has propagandists in Der Heimat nearly pissing their own pants in sheer delight. The war on terror can once again be exploited because there are Muslims running wild and the may be coming soon to a mall near you! Be afraid…be very afraid!

The right-wing side of the blogosphere is aflame with anti-Muslim sentiment to begin with and the fact that the killer, a troubled 18 year old Bosnian refugee fits nicely into the Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Maladong and the rest of the reactionary fascist scum’s convenient catch all profile for ‘terrorists’ and is only going to contribute further to the irrational persecution of all Muslims by the roving army of ignorant shitheads that are an indigenous species in this tragically fucked up country. Muslims have been systematically demonized and viewed with wariness and suspicion as potential sleeper cell members ever since the twin towers went down and the electronic media thugs jump onto every opportunity to incite the pathologically xenophobic knuckle draggers who can’t be fucking bothered to educate themselves in the culture of others in any other manner than turning on FOX or Rush Limbaugh. These bastards won’t be satisfied until they are able to incite mass pogroms and there is blood running in the streets, much like their ideological cousins: Hitler’s brownshirts.

Decades of Hollywood propaganda have successfully imbedded the image of the Arab male as a swarthy, foaming at the mouth, sneaky, America hating savage and therefore the image is all too easily conjured forth whenever the government decides that it becomes necessary to use as a tool for manufacturing consent. The recent rolling out of the insipid slogan of Islamofascism serves to perfectly illustrates this strategy. I came across an extremely interesting little book awhile back called American Terminator which examines the affects of movies in shaping and reinforcing the basis for a mythical American exceptionalism and its desire for empire. The following passage is from that book which I strongly recommend to everybody with an interest in just how celluloid serves as a delivery device that is very useful in the indoctrination process.

Fear is essential: ‘Be afraid, be very afraid’ is the American condition. To live in America is to be beset by fear, anxiety and insecurity, to be surrounded by potential harm, enemies and evil intent. And the wolf is always at the door. A nation of optimists is the more usual self-representation of America. Repetitively, Hollywood films conclude with a resolution, a rescue, and the winners ride off into the sunset or snuggle into a warm embrace that reassures us they will live happily ever after. The formulaic ending, however, is necessary because the plot, the narrative, is founded on and propelled by fear and anxiety, the dark essential underpinning of the American condition. For America fear is an original, natural condition, the inescapable birth rite (and birth right), the inherited condition of a fragile existence that must constantly be defended. Without fear there is no America; constant recourse to fear is the motivating force that determines its actions and reactions.

The ruthlessly authoritarian Republican party has a history of using imagery and insinuation to spread the necessary fear that allows them to hold power. Blacks, gays, liberals, strong and successful women and hippies have all served as important segments of society that the GOP can scapegoat but there is nothing like the constant free-floating dread that a mysterious foreign enemy can evoke and when the Soviet Union disintegrated so did the Republican ability to exploit fear and loathing on a grand scale. That was until 9/11 and the fear of terrorism became their ultimate talisman.I would strongly recommend that any who have not had an opportunity to see Adam Curtis’ outstanding 3 part BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares to do so. It is a stunningly powerful piece that dares to pull back the curtain on the great bogus War on Terror and to call into question its very legitimacy. It will never be shown in this country as long as the neocon elitists need their bogeyman to justify their wars and their elimination of civil liberties but it is available on the internet for download at Internet Archive among other sites.

Then there is the latest Al-Qaida video. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed the different spellings of this most terrifying of all terrorist organizations in the mainstream media: Al-Qaida, Al Qaeda etc….just what the fuck is it or are these all different organizations altogether and we have been jerked around by a ruthlessly efficient propaganda machine for all these years? I can’t believe that such an on-message coordinated media machine would be so incompetent as to consistently botch the spelling unless it is deliberate. And take note that the word “Holocaust” has been inserted into this latest injection of mass propaganda for it’s sheer emotional value as well as a conflation with the comments of George W. Bush’s ideological soulmate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This word has been popping up with increasing frequency as of late with the doomsday clock ticking towards our rendevous with infamy and a nuclear attack on Iran.Never has the fear been so pervasive than it is today and never has an American political party been so cynical, amoral and coldly manipulative in playing to the most base of instincts to retain their iron fisted authoritarianism as the neocon Bush administration. Our airports have already been transformed into fortresses of fear and checkpoints, bag searches, racial profiling, metal detectors, dogs and heavily armed security goon squads are coming very soon to a mall near you. Fear is their ace in the hole and as Herr Goering himself once so succinctly put it “It works the same in any country”.