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Strange Bedfellows: An Alliance Against Tyranny

The Myth of Real Choice in a Sham Democracy

Somewhat lost in the hand-wringing over two Supreme Court decisions on the rights of gun ownership and death to pederasts (has there ever been a country more obsessed with the death penalty? It’s getting pretty creepy these days.) was the massive reduction in damages due as a result of the Exxon Valdez environmental by the fascist bloc of pocket justices who are worth every penny that corporatists have paid to advance their careers. While the trademark wedge issues have set the corporate media and far too many of the blogs atwitter, the shaving off of $2 billion and change from the damages owed to the state of Alaska by those greedy fuckers at Exxon shows exactly what this country is all about. Two systems of justice, one for the rich and the corporatists and one for all of us lesser beings, just another day in the ongoing travesty of societal decay among the feed cattle of the vampire elite here in Der Heimat.

That the courts no longer work for the majority of Americans and that ‘justice’ has become just another abstract term that is synonomous for commodity (as the Orwellian changes in the meanings of words proceeds unabated) is apparent to all but the most incorrigible of idiots and deniers, all the better to herd them into the vast networks of for profit corporate prisons that are the festering boils on the slimy reptilian skin of a demonic police state. The courts have been far too long polluted with the fascist lackeys of the anti-American Federalist Society with a smattering of graduates of hokum law schools founded by a score of high rolling false prophet millionaire preachers mixed in to give the appearance of a social and religious crusade to seize America for God. Nothing shows this corruption of the courts like the boon to Exxon courtesy of apple cheeked Johnny Roberts and his fellow appointee that the Dems didn’t bother filibustering Sammy Alito who along with entrenched extremists fat Tony Scalia and Clarence ‘Uncle’ Thomas delivered the bacon for their paymasters. The public as usual just swims along in their blissful ignorance, carefree frogs blessing their luck for the warmer water in that great big cauldron while the invisible hand slowly ratchets up the thermostat.

Just like the recently deceased social critic George Carlin said:

That’s what the owners count on, the fact that Americans will remain wilfully ignorant about the big red, white and blue dick that is being shoved up their ass every day. Because the owners know the truth. It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

The increasingly irrelevant, packed by special interests and politicized mockery of a judicial system though has nothing on the roiling spring of filth that is the United States Congress. The House and Senate are largely a pack of perverts, crooks, cronies, moles and jackals who are every bit as complicit in wrecking his country as their more overtly fascist collaborators actually in the Bush-Cheney administration itself. This unholy temple of whores and swine have never failed to fail when it comes to protecting the Constitution (or as Lord Bush likes to refer to it that “goddamned piece of paper”) with the latest outrage being the bestowment of retroactive immunity against both the Bushreich and thieving big telecommunications corporations for their illegal spying on Americans under the big lie of the grand Orwellian War on Terror. So over the top outrageous was this latest disembowelment of the Constitution that essentially has wiped out the Fourth Amendment and taken us all a bit closer to a mixture of a post-industrial version of Nazi Germany, Oceania and an Eastern bloc authoritarian police state that finally enough Americans have realized that there is no longer a point in trying to work with those entrenched within the existing rotting system.

So in a time of total systemic failure we finally have an alliance coming together that is going to attempt to transcend the bogus left-right paradigm that has pitted us all against each other for far too long while our pockets have been picked and our rights stolen by the oligarchy. I speak of that wonderful new coalition that calls itself Strange Bedfellows and features some of the best of the ‘left’ an the best of the ‘right’ unifying to raise enough money to afford one gigantic enema bag which one day with a bit of luck and a lot of tenacity and hard work can be stuck right into that giant reeking asshole that is Washington D.C. and the bulb be given one hell of a squeeze. The alliance, originally started as an effort to stop the monstrously unjust and just signed off on by both houses of Congress FISA bill is being led by the great blogger Glenn Greenwald, elements of the Ron Paul Revolution including Money Bomb organizer Trevor Lyman, the great blog, the ACLU, Jane Hamsher of Firedog Lake and others to finally do the only logical thing and come together despite the obvious ideological differences (that are always brought up as obstacles by the doubters and those with much to lose if the existing status quo is challenged) to take a serious and principled stand against the fascism that has metastasized through this county like some form of malignant cancer.

Greenwald, a growing voice with crossover appeal as well as a man of principle has rocked the boat by coming out in his Thursday Salon column entitled Keith Olbermann: Then and now and questioning MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann for his failure to hold Barack Obama accountable in any sort of consistently meaningful way for his callous and politically expedient cave in on the FISA bill rather than to apply the same standards set by his special comment back in January on Bush’s bullying to include immunity for the telecoms made appropriate references to fascism and Nazi Germany including the scathing:

“This is no longer just a farce in which protecting telecoms is dressed up as protecting us from terrorists conference cells. Now it begins to look like the bureaucrats of the Third Reich, trying to protect the Krupp family, the industrial giants, re-writing the laws of Nazi Germany for their benefit.”

Now in saying that I believe that Olbermann has consistently been the most vocal critic of Bushist and Fox fascism to be found anywhere on cable or regular television (Jon Stewart doesn’t count as he is just an outright buffoon) I have noticed that he often comes across more often as just another shill for the Democratic wing of the corrupt two party joke of a system but such is the price of success. What likely really put the burr up the ass of Olbermann and his General Electric owned MSNBC is that Greenwald does have a point and in using his platform in the blogosphere to advocate for unity against a rancid ruling class and their media toadies he represents a threat to the oligarchy in a manner that blowhard ass clowns like Bill O’Reilly could never hope to. Olbermann, outraged at the audacity of Greenwald for daring to question the high priest of Democratic restoration for his failure to apply the same standards when it comes to desecrating the Constitution to Mr. Obama as he does to King George, the sharp dressed man turned to none other than that teeming nest of venomous orange striped cocksuckers and their charismatic cult leader: Daily Kos.

The intention would to one as jaded as myself (who has had his own share of run ins with those minions of that monkey faced little pigfucker Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga) seem to be to unleash the full fury of those savage little laptop thumping pricks for a counter attack against the growing coalition of Strange Bedfellows. This is going to be pretty interesting to see as Cyber Stalin unleashes his legions of yuppie, orange hued winged monkeys with orders to put the phasers on kill. One of the one aspects of blogging that has increasingly brought much revulsion to me is the co-opting of the so called “A List” blogs (a bunch of sniveling, self centered shithacks if you ask me) by the Democratic party political machine. The Olbermann-Kos thing is going to be absolutely fascinating to watch in the coming days and weeks as they swarm like mindless programmed antibodies to attack any threats to the system that they are tasked with guarding. That Olbermann would eventually become a ‘left’ gatekeeper should certainly come as no shock to anybody who is truly aware of the way that things operate, the shameless Bill Maher’s attacks on those who question 9/11 and Israeli human rights violation show that these guys place priority over principle and let’s face it, neither of them are exactly hurting as the rest of the country is beggared and the economic diaspora grows by the day. Bill Maher knows where his bread is buttered and balling porn stars, partying and enjoying the celebrity status of a top gatekeeper on HBO is a gig that anybody would kill for. As for what ultimately drives Keith Olbermann who really knows but you cannot be a renegade while being part of the same system that you claim to want to change.

Greenwald and Strange Bedfellows are the proverbial live grenade rolling around in the bunker so explosive is the possibility of an alliance that no longer buys the preposterous folderol that has been routinely sold to the chumps that exist here on our God kissed land mass on planet shit and are just well enough educated and pissed off enough to call bullshit on the entire fucking game. A thing like this, which could begin to spread given the growing rate of dissatisfaction and waves of anger that threaten to crash through the once invincible dam of managed reality for the masses – the comments about Olbermann are a shot across the bow and the owners of this country damned well know it. That treacherous foreign pig Rupert Murdoch ‘s newly acquired crown jewel in the American propaganda machine The Wall Street Journal (or as I like to refer to it The Gospel for the Moneychangers already has chimed in on Strange Bedfellows as well so the alarm bells are going off in ivory towers throughout the land. I am personally going to join this alliance and would strongly recommend the rest of you to do likewise if you really want to make a difference and get in on the ground floor for as I have preached in the past this is the future and long after the Daily Kos and the rest of the former internet insurgents who chose the seductive lure of going native over integrity are once again irrelevant the new alliance will reign supreme.

Anyway, it is a damned good idea and the end result has the potential to be far more rewarding than just raising coin to target corporate quisling Democrats like that glad handing, crab cake quaffing AIPAC stooge Steny Hoyer and his ilk for their complicity in once again selling the American people down the river for thirty pieces of silver. A sustained and growing coalition has the possibility to overturn the tables in the rigged casinos, the dens of iniquity and the wood paneled parlors that serve as breeding grounds for the rats who ensure that the game stays rigged and the sham democracy and its pocket media kingmakers can continue to feed on the rest of us like the fucking vultures that they are.

By Ed Encho

On Little Cats Feet

I recently had the opportunity to catch the late Aaron Russo’s provocative and controversial America: Freedom To Fascism . While it was an uneven film (in my opinion far too much time was spent on the tax segment) and had a tendency to become drawn out it is a worthwhile watch that I would recommend primarily for supplementary knowledge to those who already have a basis in the true reality of a rotting system gone to fascist seed. The movie is far too much for newcomers still soundly asleep in a world of make believe and television. Regarding the film, I can certainly understand why the subject matter is so volatile (the title itself is so in your face that it alone ensures censorship in the corporate media) and the widespread acceptance of even a small portion it would be very dangerous to the established order. The film has been largely suppressed by the mockingbirds of the MSM (swift boated when mentioned at all) who along with the bought politicians are nothing but servants of a filthy and corrupt oligarchy.

The same cone of silence also extends to the two outstanding BBC documentaries by filmmaker Adam Curtis. The Power Of Nightmares explores the parallels between the neocons and the Islamists and dares to debunk the war on terror as nothing more than being conjured up for the sake of political expediency. The Century of The Self examines the origins of the use of propaganda in manufacturing consent in America based on the ideas of Freud that were used to combine the ideas of capitalism and democracy. Both are fascinating and are absolute musts for those seeking to make sense of all of this insanity. Neither been aired domestically nor are they available on DVD for the obvious reasons that they represent a serious threat to the illusory world that we now inhabit. These two are every bit as incendiary as Russo’s film although on a different level in that they make a damning case against beliefs long held dear by pulling back the curtain to allow a glimpse at the ugliness behind. They are both widely available online.

America: Freedom to Fascism is far more militant of a film in that it dares to attack the sacred cows of the legitimacy of the federal income tax as well as the Federal Reserve System itself. I felt that the inordinate amount of time spent in attacking the tax system took away the very serious issues that are addressed after the opening. Russo trots out tax protesters, former IRS agents and to his credit does make a case that there is no law that actually requires a federal tax on individual income. You can argue that six ways till Sunday and you are always going to lose because as the familiar saying goes “you can’t fight city hall” and there is no way in hell short of an outright revolution that the federal government is ever going to cave in on their sucking out of money from the average working Joe.

I think that a far more compelling argument would be to state that there is a systemic problem where there is taxation without representation unless you are a high roller or a tax cheating corporation – either of which is able to unfairly rig the system so as to not pay their fair share. The class war that began in earnest under Ronald Reagan and was the midwife to hellspawn like the insipid Grover Norquist has been nothing other than a looting spree and a mass redistribution of wealth unseen since the days of the robber barons and gilded age exploitation. No surprise since Karl Rove is on record as idolizing the infamous Mark Hannah but that is a story for another time. In short the tax portion of this film detracts from the rest of it and leaves it open to attacks from those who like to pigeonhole tax protesters as ‘money cranks’ and extremist fanatics.

When American: Freedom to Fascism finally gets past the hurdle of the overly long income tax segment and into more sincerely important territory is when the transition is made for a look at the Federal Reserve System itself. This is an area where Americans (including myself) are lacking in even rudimentary levels of knowledge over this monolithic Ponzi scheme that has it’s hooks into every single one of us. Russo does well in giving a high level overview of this banker’s cartel and the unaccountable power that it has over not only our national economy but to each and every American who entrapped in an inescapable web of debt as a fly stuck in a spiders we. The Fed is an entity created by banking interests to ensure that their rapacious practices and vulture capitalism would be a preeminent force in enslaving debtors in perpetuity to a system where money is created out of nothing and backed by nothing and which facilitates the practice of state sanctioned usury.

Rather than even attempt to explain the complexities of the Federal Reserve and the con game of fractional reserve banking – I am certainly no financial genius although I do have an acute sense of smell for something rotten I suggest that readers all do their own research and draw their own conclusions. Russo’s film is only a jumping off point for taking a knife to the stinking carcass of a looming economic disaster due to this particular house of cards built on a foundation of greed. Check out G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island, he is in the film and is able to cut through the banking and financial jargon to make a case against The Fed in layman’s terms. The only problem that I have with this book is that it is referenced often by fringe elements of the extreme Christian right (and the paranoid anti-United Nations freaks fed by the delusions of Timothy LaHaye and the Secretary General Antichrist of the Left Behind empire) who also take issue the monetary policies of this country but I would not let that discourage anybody from taking a look at it. There are many other books and other materials out there to back up Griffin and to expose the system as the debt slavery sham that it is. I would recommend the short video Money As Debt as essential viewing – and pass it around too!

It is when America: Freedom To Fascism gets into the rise of the police state and the surveillance society when it is at it’s best. The erosion of civil liberties and the implementation of programs more commonly associated with totalitarian systems since the Reagan era (and even prior to that but that is a seriously indepth topic for another time) that have been accelerated during the reign of the Bush-Cheney-Neocon Axis of Evil is an existential threat to America. The corporatization of our voting processes through black box vendors like Diebold make all elections subject to being rigged by those with vested interests and proprietary software place the machines outside the authority of local elections officials. As Joe Stalin once famously said: “Those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything”. Stalin would be undoubtedly be a high level neocon were he alive today.

There is a look at the increasing use of RFID chips for tracking purposes. These little electronic spying devices were rolled out by corporations ostensibly to manage inventory but are being used increasingly to monitor consumer behavior and demographics for marketing. The technology is here right now and is examined in depth in the book Spychips by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre, a copy can probably be picked up used on or some other online bookseller but this is not futuristic paranoid stuff…it’s real. Worse the corporatists and interests within the government have designs on using this and similar technologies to use for social control. Pets are already being implanted with tracking chips and the fear mongering media uses lurid stories of child abductions to soften up the public for implantation into humans. The possibility that Americans one day in the not distant future will be tracked and managed like a laboratory rat faster than you can say Amber Alert is an imminent danger! Of course our friends in the mainstream media will soothingly assure the public that it is only for our own good and will protect us from the ‘terrorists’ and that any who object are conspiracy theorists or more ominously those who have something to hide. After all, what good American wouldn’t trust the word of Homeland Security?

The Orwellian USA PATRIOT Act that was rolled out in the aftermath of 9/11 guarantees that the police state was already in the planning stages and waiting for an opportunity. The attacks presented that to a ruthless fascist elitist element who had rose to power on the backs of an idiot scion with a brand name and a rigged election took advantage of that opening. And have used every minute since that day to destroy the American system and that ‘goddamned piece of paper’ the U.S. Constitution. This was all planned. Paranoid? It’s a compliment in these days of mass ignorance, fear and apathy. I strongly recommend this movie despite it’s flaws because it scares the living shit out of the establishment. It can either be purchased or it is widely available on the internet as are the Curtis films. See them all now….while there is still time but the clock is ticking.

And now with the public growing restive and the war plans for Iran still on the table with that pesky Admiral Fallon out of the way the neocons and the oligarchy are desperately trying to complete their deal with the devil, the consumation of which led to 9/11. They are like rats slowly clambering on top of each other while drowning in a septic tank largely filled with their own shit and as the dead enders that they truly are would rather go with the scorched earth plan than face the condemnation and justice that they truly deserve….just look at Dick Cheney, do you really think that you can negotiate with terrorists like that?

Basically just fuck them, keep it up truth seekers, rebels and patriots because every little bit of research is yet another slice in the death of a thousand cuts that these global fascists are incurring which will ultimately bring them down. To hell with their scare tactics, just keep circulating the information and circumventing the mockingbirds in the mainstream media. A decentralized swarm attack is the most successful of all battle plans and hundreds if not thousands of individual researchers working to dig up information is what will ultimately dig these fuckers’ graves and god willing we can all live long enough to piss on those graves.

And pay heed to your Second Amendment rights, arm yourselves to the teeth now while you still can before the fascists are able to disarm America through creeping ‘legal’ incrementalism and before the goon squads are able to capitalize on an event where they can pile into their black vans and start picking up the future residents of those KBR camps.They are coming, they are coming to take you down. To take you down to Chinatown and make no mistake that there will be any mercy or a functional system of due process to resort to when the jackboot kicks in your door.

By Ed Encho