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Hannity and Kos

Not that the chaos and tumult over my short tenure as a member of the online community at the liberal blog Daily Kos where I posted occasionally and drew an onslaught of rabid flamers is the cause of this but I would like to make the following observations, not out of anger, desire for revenge or for any other reason than to state that which is true.

1: Da Kos is as quick to affix people with the dreaded ‘conspiracy theorist/tin foil hatter’ label as any right wing media outlet. I brought up something about a certain notorious media mogul’s past affiliation with the CIA and the Bush family and provided links to the story and it was denounced and scrubbed. I am also sure that any and all references to electoral fraud, the inconsistencies with the official story of 9/11, the JFK assassination and any other in the myriad of events with far too much remaining unexplained or left to coincidence and happenstance will be similarly treated. God forbid that the Democrats be affixed with the dreaded ‘tin foil hatter label’.

2: Every time that I sought to defend my position in the ruthless flame wars of my so called GBCW (Good Bye Cruel World – cute but not very original) posting I had my comments rapidly censored. Now I know what it must feel like to be a guest on Hannity and Colmes or the O’Reilly Factor. The left (at least on that particular site) is equally adept and quashing free speech if it doesn’t fit into their own interpretation of such. And by the way, the grammar police are always out in force there…frustrated teachers or something. The ‘Troll Police’ also enforce their frontier style justice and are eager to lynch whoever they desire.

My personal message to them, as Marshall Jed Cooper once said “when you hang a man you had better make that he’s dead” or something along those lines.

Blacklisting and Paranoia:
I have recommend he be banned and his diaries deleted.
He wrote diaries here so that the Right can use them to point out how “Crazy” Daily kos is.
by Armando
Blaming the messager:
this guy is a troublemaker
by buffalogirl

And too many more to list….it is sooooo Republican, but hatred eventually makes you become as bad as your enemy in many ways, it’s the looking into the abyss thing, trust me I know.

3: Some of those righteous individuals who sought to defend my stand were also harassed:

Anyone who uprated edencho’s comments, anywhere at dailykos should reconsider how they hand out their 4’s

Stop recommending the trolls!

Talk about enforcing discipline! It’s like the House under Tom DeLay

4: There are some on the left who are every bit as nasty as their counterparts: The flaming and distortion of my words was the sport of the day for the Kostapo, the one that I liked best was some little laptop wielding fruitbag who took the following words from one of my own bloggings totally out of context to state that my ultimate goal was to destroy the Democrats by telling voters to:

1: Stay Home
2: Vote Libertarian
3: Vote Green

And advise everybody else to do the same….

Unfortunately the dipshit ignored the entire fucking post up to that point where I railed against the corporate shithacks of the DLC and their continued lack of opposition to the GOP juggernaut as well as their failure to mount any sort of defense against GWB’s two fascist SCOTUS appointments to the high court’s bench.

The left wing blogosphere suffers from one thing other than a giant inferiority complex. That itself is pretty justifiable considering how the right has consistently made hay out of them due to the abysmal lack of leadership in the so called opposition party. Their problem is their stubborn unwillingness to take the time to look at any of the excellent sites or seriously discuss the opinions of principled conservatives or investigative reporters who could offer some context and insight that they could use for direction. If you are going to fight at least show up with as much information as you possibly can have about your opponent. The opinions and research that I immediately seek out are from conservatives that the right-wing slime machine itself decries and denounces. The left misses out on a lot of quality by ignoring the work of Paul Craig Roberts, Kevin Phillips, Lew Rockwell and his great libertarian site, Alex Jones of Infowars, Lou Dobbs, Wayne Madsen and even loose cannon Pat Buchanan who makes sense….at times. They are all outraged over the fascism of the Bushists and neocons.

Endnote: I do want to thank those who were cool enough to defend my right to say what I wanted to even if it did cross the line and piss a lot of people off, you know who you are and you are welcome here. A special shout out to those who really get it:

Mary Scott O’Connor whose excellent ‘My Left Wing’ blog has no similar problems with free speech or those who are opinionated. I also occasionally post there.

This following comment was very well put and very much appreciated.

Troll cops…anti-troll cops. Sigh. Really, there’s something kind of Republican about putting people into boxes like that. No offense, of course.

by alienabductee


I also want to apologize for offending people with ‘Peckerwood Nation’, this was a bit over the top even for me. If you were genuinely outraged by this diatribe I am sorry, I did not mean it as a blanket slur against EVERYONE in the south only those who fit into the stereotype and there are plenty of em! To everyone else I offer my sincere regret and assure you that I meant no injury to you or your families….honestly it got far more exposure than I expected.

There are a lot of good folks on KOS and it is blowing up to the point where the Republicans need to counter it….that is progress. My advice is to fight on against the right-wing machine but don’t become lemmings by tuning out the independents.

And don’t hitch your wagon to the DLC, use your megaphone to demand that we get the fuck out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY and then move the dialogue towards the CLASS WAR!

By Ed Encho