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Polishing the Brass on the Titanic

You think I am a fool but you are a greater fool than I am.

– Sitting Bull

Helicopter Ben Bernanke spoke Wednesday at the first press conference in history conducted by the high priest of the temple of moneychangers formally known as the Federal Reserve. Mr. Green Shoots as usual was dapper with his costly suit and professorial clipped beard, the lighting reflecting off of his bald head and shooting off in waves of positivity porn thanks to well rehearsed talking points sprinkled with focus group tested terms such as “headwinds”, designed to put a sunny side up sheen on the former Time Man of the Year’s message. Bernanke’s wondrous Quantitative Easing 2 (QE2) program as is not obvious to anyone except idiots, cynical politicians and top level finance industry scoundrels has been an abject disaster when it comes to anything other than destroying the value of the dollar, driving a huge spike in gas and food prices and igniting waves of global unrest.

I don’t know just where I’m going
But I’m goin’ to try for the kingdom if I can
‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man
When I put a spike into my vein
Then I tell you things aren’t quite the same

When I’m rushing on my run
And I feel just like Jesus’ son
And I guess I just don’t know

And I guess that I just don’t know

– Lou Reed, Heroin

Zombie Banks, Zombie Jesus – In the aftermath of Easter, the Fed and King Ben have administered the kiss of the sweet, sweet spike into the vein of the banking monstrosity with dog whistle language that QE3 will soon be coming. After the afternoon’s regurgitation of balderdash that was so lame as to make a George W. Bush presser seem as a gem like fountain of rare and exalted truths the markets did what any junkie does when the next fix arrives. Stocks and the winner’s circle that is the DJIA (Dick Jammed In Ass) hit a multi-year high while the dollar continues to collapse showing the complete erosion of reality based economics as compared to the crack ho economy for which Chairman Ben is both pusher and pimp. The finance oligarchy mugwump Bernanke was lobbed softballs repeatedly and one gets the feeling that the entire charade was scripted from the get go. For an example of the utterly incomprehensible nature of Bernanke’s answers get a load of this one:

“While it’s very, very important for us to try to help the economy create jobs and to support the recovery, I think every central banker understands that keeping inflation low and stable is absolutely essential to a successful economy”

Keeping inflation low? It is obvious that he hasn’t been to the fucking grocery store lately or for that matter a gas station. The very fact that energy and food costs are omitted from core inflation stats would in any sort of educated society trigger the bullshit detectors immediately, unfortunately we here in America don’t live in one. That the Fed press conference is being hailed as indicative of a new era of openness speaks of both the dire state of idiocy, willful blindness and ineptitude that has taken hold over the past thirty years and gradually grown into a voracious and incurable form of crotch rot fungus. Bernanke, like Atlas shrugged, downplaying the rotten future for jobseekers, such a shameful and woebegone situation that there were reportedly around 938,000 applicants turned away from McJobs during the trumpeted hiring spring spree for Mickey D’s. What Dear Chairman in his innate arrogance and maniacal certitude did was dance around and run  out the clock, leave the heavy lifting about the rancid state of the American economy to a guy like Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke who dared to utter the unthinkable and that the shoppers at his florescent discount emporiums for ever more expensive Chinese goods are GASP – running out of money!    

Scumbaggers Lament Release of Obama Birth Certificate

 OK, So Now Fucking Prove It’s Real Goddammit!: In a stunning, beautifully timed and theretofore unannounced move on Wednesday morning the White House released the official version of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. That giant sucking sound that was heard in the aftermath was the asshole of the Donald doing an extended puckering. Of course though it will never be enough for the low grade half-wits that are the birthers, the teabaggers and the cynical assholes seeking to profit off of their idiocy. Rather than just let the entire fucking circus die, the corporate media of course spins reality on its head in order to suck in ratings, hey this is Murka. MSNBC led with the story of the ridiculous ass clown publisher of the borderline retard gazette otherwise known as World Net Daily claiming that Obama was not born in the USA, Farrah, who sports a nifty dirty sanchez mustache in his bio pic justifiably has his panties in a wad because of the obvious hit on sales for his upcoming slimefest book. Farrah, like Trump is obviously in it all for the money and I guess that Glenn Beck got out while the getting was good having extracted millions of dollars from morons to fund his phony populist schtick as well as his plush digs in tony New Canaan, Connecticut. This being America, a land where P.T. Barnum once famously observed “there’s a sucker born every minute”, H.L. Mencken nailed as “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” and W.C. Fields chipped in with his words of advice to the Farrahs, Becks and Trumps to “never wisen up a chump”. So while Obushma presented the paper the Republicans and neocon schemers were already well into their next step, LIE. The Adolf Hitler maxim of the big lie continues to be the gift that keeps on giving to right-wing scum like Frank Luntz and the rest of the degenerate pigfuckers who sure as shit didn’t need fucking experiments on lab rats to determine that the pea brain of the average scumbagger is as pliable as a wad of play doh shaped into a pocket pussy just waiting to be impregnated with the seeds of the next whopper.

Let’s get one thing straight though, I am no defender of Obama but rather than invent silly fantasies to peddle to pathological bigots, brokedick losers and retrogressive bible whackers there are more than enough REAL legitimate beefs with the man and his fascist lite agenda. Obama has not met one serious Bush criminal policy that his administration hasn’t defended, tinkered with an made it worse or condoned by refusing to overturn. A series of campaign promises quickly became nullified when the parties were over and the majority of voters went back into their four year cycle of hibernation. The rottenness of the Obama administration began with the appointment of the ill-mannered, borderline psychotic and crooked little pit viper Rahm Emanuel and went from there into dragging back Clinton era ghouls and Robert Rubin Wall Street scam artists, retaining Bush Secretary of War Robert Gates and reappointing the deranged Bernanke. He had the pustulent anti-gay pig Rick Warren give the invocation at the inaugural, played kissy face with arch war criminal Bibi Netanyahu, reneged on closing Gitmo, I do however live in the reality based world and am not a racist, read books and am possessed of a deep sense of skepticism so I am not susceptible to the routine dog and pony shows that the fascist Republicans have trafficked in ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

Hawaii Five – Ohhhhh Fuck No….

Horses-assus Interruptus: Donald Trump’s Hawaii Pakololo patrol was scooped on the million dollar paper chase for Barry O’s birth certificate. The Donald, whose presidential hopes sustained a devastating hit amidships when his keystone issue was blown out of the water best call back his ace investigators who had descended upon the Hawaiian Islands like a swarm of maggots over a piece of rotting meat, why continue to pour money into an obviously failed venture. Not that politics is anything like the man with the hairdo that looks like a skin graft from the ass of a baboon can equate to his gig as a real estate mogul but one would think that a man with a history of bankruptcies an failed ventures would appreciate the concept of cutting his losses. Despite the dead-enders who wouldn’t be satisfied of the proof of Obama’s birth were they to have a fucking video of the event the release of the certificate pretty much relegates this to the fringes once the initial corrupt media followup is swallowed whole by the coming royal wedding saturation coverage.

It is going to be interesting in seeing the evolution of the birth certificate issue, so much time, money and effort has been spent in this obvious smear campaign (a good amount of it coming from our special friends over in Israel I suspect) to slyly capitalize on traditional American ‘nigger hating’ racism. From the get to the entire operation has been constructed to foment suspicion against Obama and to paint him as some sort of an alien, an Islamic terrorist supporting plant, a cunning Kenyan anti-colonialist, a Manchurian style deep cover Commie bent on destroying the American capitalist system (Lloyd Blankfein and the boys over at Goldman Sachs must have really pissed themselves laughing over that one) and the entire narrative pandered to those who are the dumbest among us, the peckerwood trailer trash who just can’t accept a black man as being elected to the presidency. An early diversion for the birther bullshit is being embarked upon by journalist Wayne Madsen, a man whose work I have extreme reservations about who has been slumming around on the Alex Jones show and talking about how he is having to leave the country under a vague and secretive death threat by the Obama government. Madsen is pushing that there is a CIA connection to Obama and his parents now that the birth certificate issue has been debunked once and for all to anyone with a smidgen of sanity. Not that Madsen isn’t totally full of horseshit but I could buy the CIA angle, especially with the CIA being nothing more than Wall Street’s Gestapo and Obama by his actions has done nothing but serve the interests of Wall Street. This is something that the Big O has been quite adept at and let’s face it, the CIA has had a hand in the destiny of the U.S. Presidency ever since they colluded with other criminals and ruthlessly anti-American capitalist elements to blow half of John F. Kennedy’s head off in Dealey Plaza back in 63. For a synopsis of CIA malevolence check out this post from my old buddy Len Hart over at The Existentialist Cowboy on How the CIA created a Ruling Corporate Overclass In America.


It would be too easy and flippant to say that the last few days worth of biblical devastation of the American south, notably the asshole of civilization Alabama is God’s punishment on peckerwood nation for their sins against mankind as a result of their stupidity, bigotry and raw hatred … but why the fuck not? Hey you chicken fried motherfuckers, just how many of you are going to turn down that big gubmint disaster relief money from dat dere Kenyan Nigga in the WHITE House tomorrow?

Just my two cents


A Preponderance of Useful Idiots

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

-Robert A. Heinlein

One of the major reasons for my recent decision to retire from blogging is that I just became fed up with the ugly and unavoidable truth that we are living in a real life version of the movie Idiocracy. It’s not that this is any sort of a big surprise or anything it’s just how all-encompassing that it has become since the election of President Barack Obama. The mass delusion extends from both the ‘left’ or more appropriately the silly-assed utopians and thin-skinned political correctness Nazis that now comprise it as well as the ever more bizarre, ridiculous and living in a different fucking universe altogether teabaggers. In this time of horrendous woe, with the sheen finally coming off of the Green Shoots propaganda blitz that along with bogus bank stress tests, the elimination of the mark-to-market accounting rules that allowed the Wall Street criminals to value their asswipe derivatives at whatever the fuck they decided was necessary to keep the bonuses coming it is increasingly obvious that the only CHANGE since the Obama era began is that we as Americans have become even stupider than ever before.

Not only is the childish belief that the disemboweled economy is getting better being exposed as total bullshit in the aftermath of Friday’s catastrophic 3 % plunge in the DJIA (Dick Jammed In Ass) but the lies of B.P. and the corporate rats in the Obama administration about the environmental catastrophe that is the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico (DRILL BABY DRILL!) that this biosphere destroying example of good old stick it to you American Capitalism being under control are just becoming a bit too audacious for all but the most delusional O-Bot to buy. The birds are coming home to roost my friends, and they will be coated in plenty of oil as they reach the shores of the Gulf states. Especially devastated will be the diseased penis of America better known as the state of Florida, I find it deliciously ironic that the GOP have decided to hold their 2012 convention in Tampa. By then the local beaches should be covered in oil, of course that won’t stop their diseased and wretched local teaparty activists from showing up by the thousands in acoration of that filthy little salsa-dipped Nazi prick Marco Rubio, the Joan of Arc of the bats in the belfry bible-thumping hockey moms (or Grizzlies or whatever the fuck it is this week) as well as the prophet of modern times that is Glenn Beck. The GOP high-rollers may not get the beach time but it is a goddamned written-in-stone guarantee that the bare pussy bars on Dale Mabry Hwy will be doing record business and the local hookers are already deliirious at the prospect of the family values crowd rolling into town. Hell, there is probably going to be a surge in underground lesbian bondage bars opening in anticipation of Michael Steele and his pigboys alone descending enmasse with RNC credit cards.

All of this though is immaterial, the good old U.S. of A is a failed state, so corrupted and broken and populated by the rankest of swine has our entire political process become that it’s only a matter of months until we at least unofficially become a banana republic. The news just keeps getting worse, the police state keeps expanding its powers and the corporate media is doing it’s bought and paid for duty in digging up the good old Natalee Holloway again to trot out for the masses of asses, of course this corpse-humping is no less dispicable than the typical spinning of the latest Israeli human rights atrocities, like murder in cold blood of those activists on the Gaza aid flotilla earlier in the week. Dogs bark, birds fly, pigs wallow in shit and the mainstream media lies – it is what they are supposed to do. They are today trumpeting the arrest of the latest “jihadists” The sanctioning of the criminal activities of the New Hitler Bibi Netanyahu’s genocidal regime by beloved neocon stooges like the insidious Washington Post propagandist Charles Krauthammer whose standard Jew baiting has reached the level of parody with his latest malodorous piece of garbage entitled Those Troublesome Jews are pumping out loads of horseshit  at even a faster volume than the ruptured pipe from the Deepwater Horizon is spewing black death. It’s going to continue too as the recalcitrant Netanyahu reportedly now has maniacally stationed Israeli nuclear subs off the coast of Iran and like the real Hitler in those dark and final days down in the bunker before he popped cyanide and fellated his Walther PPK is a man with nothing left to lose…only Hitler didn’t have nukes and Bibi does. The Rapture is coming you morons but you are just going to be incinerated with the rest of us heathens while God laughs his jolly white ass off at all of you buffoons.  

Jesus Fucking Christ, where was I?

Oh, back to the topic of useful idiots. We have been dealt a staggering loss in the war against stupidity in this pathetic shell of a country and we aren’t coming back. That much is a certainty. Just for the sheer hell of it I dropped by one of my old haunts back before I became convinced that much of the ‘left’ was as deranged and loopy as their more openly fascist right-wing counterparts and wandered into a pitiful defense of the moral coward Buddy Dharma’s jackbooted Daily Kos style of censorship over ANY discussion of the blatant inhumanity of the Israeli rogue state. I figured what the fuck and just let it all rip since the place is below anyone with any semblance of either dignity or a functional thought process to begin with. My very troublesome (but pragmatic) suggestion to threaten to nuke Tel Aviv to initiate a massive uprising against the Netanyahu-Lieberman government before they succeed in starting World War III was flushed down the memory hole within 30 seconds with Kosian efficiency. From that point on I just trashed that filthy overrated sleazeball Buddy and his minions until my account was terminated (it took about three minutes total) once and for all. The point of this is that the ‘left’ or the sorry remnants of what was once a strong, economically moral, pro-America and pro-labor movement is as responsible for the state of terminal rot that this country is now entrapped in as any of the idiot teabaggers (who I will get to in a minute). What passes for triumph with these people are the small victories, like mobilizing to fight for the revocation of the prejudicial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about gays serving in the military. Trust me idiots, this would NEVER be revoked if the military didn’t desperately need more cannon fodder for the great Obama’s Afghanistan crusade. The ‘left’ also finds it a huge victory when MSNBC corporate shill Rachel Maddow can successfully bait an abject moron like Rand Paul into making an asinine statement about the Civil Rights Act on cable television and then the DNC talking points can make hay out of yet another strawman. Incidentally, while I have often defended Ron Paul for his principles (many other things I am in serious disagreement on) I have no illusions that his son is anything other than a slightly more articulate version of George W. Bush. So really, while the useful idiots on the ‘left’ drive me to teeth-grinding frustration how can I really just walk away and let the worst of them continue to do their parts to administer the final fucking of America?

The answer is that I can’t….and so I am back.

In an attempt to make some sort of sense out of my disillusionment, a few months ago I signed up to receive emails and to post on our local Tea Party Meetup. It was my naïve hope that at least some of these people could be reached, that they could be peeled away from the shrieking berserkers, the dregs of our doomed society and the unrepentant bigots. What can I say? I was badly mistaken. In the beginning I actually had some hope as one of their honcho organizers was a local neurosurgeon who had run afoul of the press with his circulation of the infamous Obama witch-doctor cartoon (definitely racist) had sent me an email. I suspect that it was inadvertently a response to his email list that was captured when I had previously sent him a rant calling him out as a right-wing Nazi. He was actually a very nice guy and we exchanged emails for awhile discussing the sort of serious philosophical issues such as collectivism versus individualism that are lost on the average teabagger who couldn’t find his or her own ass without directions from Glenn Fucking Beck. The Doc was decent enough to me and was grateful for my respect so I figured that I’d see what the rest of them were like. After all, could I really judge the actions of an entire group based on the actions of the most vile of them? There had to be real people there whose shared frustrations could be reasoned with into some sort of a rational attempt to bring about systemic change.

I was at first welcomed and the administrator (a very nice lady) said that they could learn from me. After a while though it was obvious that this was no grass roots movement pissed off at the government but rather a fully owned subsidiary of the Republican party.

Get a load of some of these post titles and content:

New Meetup: National Day of Prayer


Brighthouse Field
601 N Old Coachman Rd
Clearwater, FL 33755

The 58th Annual National Day of Prayer (NDP) will be held May 6th at 7 p.m. at Brighthouse Field in Clearwater. In cities all around the country, people will gather to pray to God for the healing our great nation and the well-being of those that lead it.

Yes, PRAY.

Prayer has always been used in this country for guidance, protection and strength–even before we were a nation or a handful of colonies. The Pilgrims at Plymouth relied on prayer during their first and darkest winter.

In 1775, the Continental Congress designated a time for prayer to ask God’s intercession in forming a new nation. In our founding fathers’ eyes, our recently-created nation and freedoms were a direct gift from God. And being a gift from God, there was only one way to insure protection–through prayer.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln officially called for prayer in the midst of a crisis that was dividing our nation. It was his belief that, “it is the duty of nations as well as men, to owe their dependence upon the overruling power of God.”

As American troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944, President Franklin Roosevelt called for our nation to unite in prayer. He also offered a prayer to prepare each citizen for the road ahead. “Let our hearts be stout, to wait out the long travail, to bear sorrows that may come, to impart our courage unto our sons wheresoever they may be. And, O Lord, give us faith. Give us faith in Thee.”

In 1952 President Harry S. Truman officially established an annual event by an act of Congress, and the National Day of Prayer was signed into law.

President Ronald Reagan amended the law in 1988, designating the first Thursday of May each year as the official NDP.

Historically, the most visible gathering of the NDP is held at our nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C. The executive, legislative and judicial branches of government have been represented, along with the military. Unfortunately, this American tradition is yet another that Mr. Obama has chosen to ‘opt out’ of.

Mrs. Shirley Dobson, NDP chairman, reminds us: “We have lost many of our freedoms in America because we have been asleep. I feel if we do not become involved and support the annual National Day of Prayer, we could end up forfeiting this freedom, too.” How prophetic of her — just today (April 15) a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled the NDP unconstitutional, saying the government “cannot call for religious action”. Please join us to pray for our nation, while we are still allowed to do so!

So much for the Constitution lovin’ folks respect for the separation of church and state.The Jesus Nazis were there as well as the standard Republicans picking the low-hanging fruit. And if people are so fucking stupid to believe all of that Dobson Inc. hogwash about the Christian founders then any sort of association with them at all was going to be an exercise in stifling the gag reflex.

Here are more:

New Meetup: Marco Rubio & Mitt Romney (with this gruesome twosome any of that crap about a restoration of honest government is discredited)

New Meetup: Ladies Only – LOCK, LOAD, EAT (a bunch of sexually frustrated white old bats with guns and an infatuation with Sarah Palin.)

New Meetup: Flaunt the Flag Day (what would any gathering of right-wingers be without the inevitable flag worship, brings to mind Weimar Germany. Now as to the flag worship you do have to at least respect it and not use it to wipe your ass or burn it like so many of the hippie, Commie losers on the other side are prone to do. To quote the great Saul Alinsky who got it:

Even the most elementary grasp of the fundamental idea that one communicates within the experience of his audiende – and gives full respect to the other’s values – would have ruled out attacks on the American flag. The repsonsible organizer would have known that it is the establishment that has betrayed the flag while the flag, itself, remains the glorious symbol of America’s hopes and aspirations, and he would have conveyed this message to his audience.

It’s no wonder that Rules for Radicals by Alinsky is enjoying a resurgence of sales but to the Tea Partiers and NOT to the flag-burning pinkos on the fake left.

The place was pretty much a trolling ground for Republicans as every Tom, Dick and Marco was heralded as the second coming to these people. Finally, I had enough and I posted a scathing diatribe of how these self-proclaimed patriots were being hornswoggled by the same old crooks and that they were only being duped into thinking that it was the nasty black man in the White House who was taking over their country.

The response from the administrator was surprising, it was actually quite fragile considering the virulent nature of the Beckers and Palinazis and it certainly was more friendly than the champagne socialists and cruise missile liberators of oppressed women over at Docudharma.

I can’t write as beautifully as you but I think I can get my message across. We agree 100% with you that BOTH parties are responsible for the disasterous situation our country is in. Actually, I blame the Rep even more because I expect it from the Dems but truly didn’t from the Reps. 51% of this group are Democrats and Independents. I, like many others, are registered Rep. However, we are encouraging ALL members that are Independents to register as something so that they can vote in the

Primary. Have you gone to any of the PCREC meetings? You may find that a good place to discuss your opinions.

Ed, we are truly grassroots. We volunteer every spare minute we have from our jobs to run this group. We probably do a ton of things wrong but by God, we try so hard. When I think back to one year ago when, unfortunately, most of us were watching TV and shopping and I look at us now, I am so very proud. America is waking up. Hopefully, it is not too late. I have friends who think I am crazy. These are friends I have had for 50 plus years. They are STILL clueless. And when I try to talk to them, it falls on not only deaf ears, but they laugh at me. I feel closer to the people I have met this last year than I do to all of my old friends. Not all are awake yet. And some will never awaken. But, with people like you, we have a shot. Please recognize that the Tea Party/9.12 people are passionate, God fearing/loving individuals who are trying with every once in them to make a difference. We may not all be as bright as you but I guarantee we love our Country as much as you. Be patient. Let us all do our jobs. We can and we will make a difference. What we don’t need is to be put down by those people who are basically on the same side as us, just go about it in a different way.

I hope we can remain friends. I told you when you signed on that I thought we could learn a thing or two from you. I still believe that. But you can’t knock us down and then expect us to not fight back. That is no longer in our nature. Stick with us – calmly and respecfully tell us your thoughts and I think you just might be interested in what the members reactions might be. They may disagree with some of what you have to say but done correctly, we will learn from each other. Making them angry right off the bat will accomplish nothing.

Now this is a nice lady although misguided and my diatribe was obviously hurtful. She doesnt’ seem to post much over there having ceded the duties some real GOP cheerleader who has no shame in pimping the rotten party line to all of the hateful lemmings, dupes and just poor fucked over people with no other outlet for their frustrations. I did find some humor when some guy used his “WE THE PEOPLE” moniker to advertise for his local business and was castigated by the admins. Strange view for a collection of people whose sole goal in life is to sell Glenn Beck’s ghostwritten drivel in order to make him millions and to ensure that principled reformers like Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum can rise to power in order to preserve the tax breaks on yachts in Florida while pissing all over the poor slobs who are doing the legwork for them.

Sigh, that is just the way it is in America anymore. Is it any wonder that even one as stout as I can become disillusioned and just run away from the Brawndo vat as quickly as my legs can carry me?

Back in action my friends.

Just my two cents


Alex Jones Pimps Phony Race War

Alex Jones, the proprietor of, a man who I have had serious reservations over for awhile now but due to the concept of finding an occasional diamond in a mountain of manure I have largely refrainied from critcizing is over the line. Mr. Jones, an influential online radio host, documentary producer and bombastic self-purported thruth sayer despite his failure to ever call out the Texas Oil Nazis, the Koch family, the Council For Foreign Policy or the John Birch Society on his syndicated show has now began to promote a dangerous meme. I speak of the ridiculous and inflammatory jihad against the Robert Rodriguez film Machete which the morons over at Infowars are calling out as an instigation for a race war. This is what happens when those that have been subjected to dehumanization, deligitimization and demagogy over a prolonged period like Hispanics finally counterattack. The brown menace has been the bread and butter for Jones and a large portion of his listeners for years now, it is painful to have to wade through the global warming denial, whacked out and tired conspiracy theories like flouride in the water, gun grabber paranoia and the incessant race baiting on Jones’s show to hear the guests who actually have something worth a damn to say yet are shut out of saying it anywhere else.

While I have in the past defended Jones and his affiliation with a long list of CNP contributors such as Doctor Stan Monteith despite serious reservations while taking holy hell from my former allies on the left, a bunch of in denial, politically correct and feckless toads who are in their own way every bit as bad as their more virulent right-winger counterparts. Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon and Collapse pegs the pathetic excuse for what passes as the American left as: “…the most delusional, ineffective, and compromised political worm ball I have ever experienced, past and present” in speaking as one who has now left it for good I find little to argue with Ruppert about. The caveat though is that there are a lot of decent, good intentioned people there who remain friends despite my disagreements with them. It is my hope and opinion that ideologues will one day be able set aside their preconceived notions of a perfect society where there is no hate, a world without war and a utopian communist rule by the workers (when all that communism is is just another group of thieves, sadists and perverts using the power of the state to steal and murder) and just realize that human nature is inherently bad and that there are one hell of a lot more bad people out there who will pick the meat from their bones in a second if it suits their own needs.

Alex Jones and his operation are now exposing themselves as the wolves roving amongst the sheep despite the ongoing falsehoods of waging war against tyranny and corruption and anyone who is a listener should boycott the program over this latest shrill rhetoric. We have very serious problems in this country today regarding real concerns about a rising tide of violence that has already thanks to the demagogues on the right become a cold civil war. Jones and his more refined and famous counterpart (who he is quite obviously jealous of) Glenn Beck have done their damned level best to create a climate of hatred, fear and animosity and using the constant race-baiting black propaganda to do it. Where did all of those obscene images of the infamous Obama Joker come from? The Alex Jones show, that’s where. And this farcical and ridiculous attempt to manufacture fake outrage to fool his audience into buying the reverse psychological bullshit of the race war that he and his ilk have spent years ginning up as typical lard-assed Texan troglodytes is as beyond the pale as it is ludicrous.

The Christian white majority that has ruled this country and presided over the rapid decline and strip mining of the economy that could never have occurred without their foul stupidity, their meanness, greed and inability to turn their backs on superstition and mass murder will soon be a minority. The coming demographic shift is imminent and irreversable and pigs like Jones and his ilk would rather have blood flowing in the streets than to simply accept the inevitable and try to work towards fighting against the real tyranny – corporatism and the military industrial complex and the unwinnable, bankrupting illegal wars of destruction. It is fitting though that the white man is getting eased out, at least it is more humane this time than when they slaughtered the original indigenous inhabitants of what would come to be known as The Homeland.

Just my two cents


Another Fine Day in the Land of Fear

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.

-Roy Batty

Another day in the kingdom of fear, the land of the lemmings and the trap continues to close, largely unnoticed by the too busy to care inhabitants. The average American attention span these days is something short of that of a gnat and there is always more celebrity to suckle, tainted sports heroes to cheer upon and reality television shows through which one can live vicariously. If ignorance, as has been said is truly bliss then the population of Der Heimat are the most blissful bitches and bastards on the planet – just like the cattle milling about at the entrance to the steel chute. In playing their true role as guardians against democracy, the pocket media mockingbirds are in full-throated roar as they in unison electronically bludgeon the American sheeple into a quivering pulp over the latest and greatest terror attack that wasn’t.

The thing that both horrifies and amazes me is just how easily that the Obama administration has co-opted the rhetoric of the Bushreich in ratcheting up the dread and feeding the panic monster. Faisal Shahzad, the latest addition to the 21st century pantheon of non-Christian bogeymen is being portrayed as a sinister deep cover saboteur, another tentacle of the global Islamic hydra that hates us for our way of life (as if being mean, obese, willfully ignorant debt slaves electronically lobotomized by our beloved televisions is anything to fight to preserve) and sweet Jesus we were lucky that the amateurish car bomb in Times Square didn’t detonate. Of course this is just more of the same bullshit that has been mainlined into our national carcass like the sweet spike of a heroin fix of fear since the day that the American Reichstag fire, that holiest of holy days that was September 11, 2001 punched our national ticket towards our rendezvous with destiny and the stamp of infamy that will only be fully appreciated with history.

This guy was a boob, a bumbler, a piker and a loser. He was just another underwear or shoe bomber, a phony threat of what could have been were there actual terrorists that serves as grist for the propaganda mills that ensure that the two minute hate remains a truly American institution. Hell, just the construction of the bomb should tell any halfway astute inhabitant of this childlike alternate universe that this is another manufactured incident. Any serious terrorist posessing a semblance of skill and integrety would have packed that fucking vehicle with semtex or some other military grade explosive, hundreds of pounds of poison-dipped nails, nuts and screws for shrapnel and a maximum casualty count and used a real detonator instead of some cheap shit made in China alarm clock bought off the shelf at the local Wal-Mart. But that of course is lost on the schmucks, too much television, too many episodes of ass-kickin’ Jack Bauer or whatever other paranoid, paramilitary propaganda piece designed to ensure that the suspension of disbelief kicks in whenever one of these incidents crop up. Remember the idiots who were allegedly going to storm Fort Dix and kill all of our precious green army men? The ones who were going to gain access masquerading as pizza deliverymen and then take on hundreds of heavily armed trained soldiers on their own turf? Or there were the Miami morons who were allegedly planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, of course the pertinent fact that they were borderline retards whose gross incompetence was only surpassed by the Bush propagandists need to convince the rubes that there were al CIAda sleeper cells everywhere and by god they could be next door to you! Look at Shahzad, his neighbors reported that he didn’t like sunlight…whooooooo, now that is spooky or what? If that is what it takes to be tabbed as an international terrorist in Murka then we are all more fucked than even the most paranoid fraidy cat could ever imagine.

The aftermath of the failed Times Square bombing is predictable, the Palinazis will have yet another one of them damned dirty Muslims to trot out as evidence of the great war of civilizations, more reason to force them all to convert to Christianity or kill them as one of Palin’s dim-witted demagogic predecessors once put it. There will be an increased drive to further implement fascist police state laws and sell more of those wonderful naked body scanners to the government and in keeping with tradition in the land of the cowardly, stick taxpayers with the bill for building their own systems of oppression and slavery which they will inevitably be controlled by. There is already the cacophony of ginned up righteous indignation by Republicans in braying for a military tribunal for Shahzad as well as greasing the rails for the McCain-Lieberman Hitlerian masterpiece that is the Enemy Belligerent Act. Oh, and Bibi is clicking his heels today because the attack on Iran, the wettest of wet dreams of the Zionist genocide machine is a bit more likely…just give the William Kristol propaganda shops ample time to find a link to the devil Ahmadinejad that can be propelled into the national consciousness via the FOX echo chamber by Glenn Beck’s golden tonsils. The xenophobic idiots already richly intoxicated by Arizona’s new diktat to put down those dirty Meskins will be shrieking anew for Barack Obama’s birth certificate, if nothing else the moron minority is very predictable. During my recent hiatus I have studied my local version of the tea party group and have found a very interesting fragility mixed in with the woeful ignorance and garden variety racism but that will have to be a story for another time. Let’s just say that the people that I found were more fragile than formidable.

Now of course in getting back to the media spin cycle there is always the jabbering jackass that is the beloved sound byte spewing weapon of mass deception that is John McCain. Fresh off of his spirited defense of allowing neo-fascist goons like Sheriff Joe Arpaio to harass and bully brown skinned American citizens of Hispanic heritage the man is in rare form – Again. Maverick McCain was blowing geysers of mud into his grampers when he denounced the standard American legal requirement of the reading of the Miranda rights to Shahzad. The old bastard was practically hyperventilating in an exhibition of animation rarely seen from a walking corpse, it was his most exciting pronouncement since he sang songs for Charlie for a room upgrade at the Hanoi Hilton or more recently practically performing cunnilingus on Sarah Palin during an unnofficial public Klan rally. All of the Republican Nazis are jumping onboard this beast and it’s only gonna get worse as the oppo researchers are able to unearth fallacious leads tying the Times Square dufus to the great Islamofascist conspiracy.

And of course in these sorry assed days of imperial decline there is the always reliable asshat on call that is Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich (born Newton Leroy McPherson) who has been an active fifth columnist both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. Gingrich, his snakelike skin as shiny as a freshly stuffed link of shit sausage continues to act as chief mouthpiece for the neocons. His ludicrous tirades denouncing Obama as a secular socialist are so ridiculous that only the teabaggers could believe them. Long a tool of the neocons and their PNAC/Clean Break doctrine for global dominance as well as one of the most vile political figures EVER produced by the American system Gingrich is pulling out every dirty trick, lie and preposterous piece of folderol from his lard-assed academic carcass. The plan to destroy Obama by using the teabaggers as shock troops to take down the loathsomely inadequate health care reform in a variation of what he was able to do to the Clintons back in 94 went up like a flaming bag of dogshit in his meaty paws and as for DRILL BABY DRILL…with a looming environmental catastrophe heading right for the U.S. gulf coast well, that hasn’t turned out too well either for the philandering little fascist dwarf. The natives are getting restive here in the diseased penis of America more formally known as the state of Florida as millions of gallons of oil are heading directly towards the beaches and will be the final nail in the state’s economic coffin after the real estate bubble collapse and the nightmare of Jeb Bush’s crony capitalist privatization scams, now the tourism industry is soon going to go bye bye everywhere outside of the land of the mouse in the time share capital of America Orlando or the still to be built holy shrine to Tim Tebow.

Gingrich will surely be chiming in with his declarations of treasonous atheist commies like Obama and his ilk turning the country over to the ‘terrorists’ despite the fact that they are so fucking incompetent that they couldn’t blow their noses much less bombs that go off as advertised. One thing is for certain though, the line at the all you can eat bullshit buffet will be long, white and moving rapidly through the turnstiles towards the Kool Aid vats.

Just my two cents


ACORN: The Militant Negro Bogeyman Cometh

Republican Replicant Army of Bull Connor Clones on the Attack

That damned anti-Semite Jimmy Carter has taken some time out from his Jew baiting to join the Communist conspiracy by enlisting as a propagandist in the militant nigger forces who will rip babies from their mother’s wombs, gas granny and indoctrinate the nation’s youth into the evil Marxist mind warp….oh and they’ll take yer guns too. Former President Carter, screech the drooling peckerwood Beckers, Birthers, Deathers and Dumbasses is a race traitor, a hemmoroid according to the Grand Poobah of white populist propaganda who should know a thing or two about such things after an pesky anal cyst kept him out of the military. The latest fusillade from the fascist fifth column, a gaggle of pissy crybabies playing the victimhood card for the millionth or so time involves the hated activist organization ACORN that long ago became codespeak in true RepubliKKKan fashion for NIGGERS. The outcry is deafening over the latest manufactured scandal involving ACORN, a suspicious sting operation designed to manufacture outrage over an attempt to convert a house into a brothel. Gotta love the indignant wailing of the GOPiggies, a dangerous anti-American political thug organization that still boasts an influential Senator, one David Vitter of Louisiana whose weird diaper fetish led him to employ prostitutes including the conveniently suicided D.C. Madame. The irony is so thick that you can choke on it, that is if you aren’t choking back the vomit over this latest outburst of reverse racism.

Herr Beck: Pope of the Peckerwoods

While it can be said that those who are not Caucasians generally face an overall more inclusive society than in the days preceding the civil rights movement which became evident with the election of Barack Obama as the first black President there is still a very virulent undercurrent of racism that thrives in this country today. The racially charged atmosphere at the lunatic theatre of the absurd town halls, and last weekend’s ridiculous march on Washington to protect the rights of the looters and insurance company parasites to just keep jamming their 24 inch long vulcanized rubber red, white and blue dildo up our asses is getting dangerously close to a serious outbreak of violence and you know damned well that the haters are just jacking up the rhetoric in the hopes of encouraging one of the armed to the teeth freaks to take a shot at Obama.
The Republicans have institutionalized racism since the days of Richard Nixon’s infamous Southern Strategy. It was a plan that sought to divide and conquer by fomenting racial enmity. It was immensely successful in charting the path to GOP power by capitalizing on the festering resentment in the deep south over their being forced to accept their ‘devils’ as equals instead of relegating them to subhuman status. The epitome of the charlatan as politician that was Ronald Reagan tapped into this when in 1980 he shamelessly pandered to the moron peckerwoods in Philadelphia, MS the site of the 1964 murder of three civil rights workers. The film Mississippi Burning was based on that tragic incident where animosity and raw hate combined in brutal murder that opened the eyes of a nation in torment to the cruelty and repression within. The Gipper used this carefully chosen forum to continue the sly peddling of the demagogy of race baiting that would form the cement for the next quarter century of disastrous conservative rule:

“I believe in states’ rights. I believe we have distorted the balance of our government today by giving powers that were never intended to be given in the Constitution to that federal establishment”
Preached doddering Dutch to the delight of hordes of sweaty, knuckle draggers assembled at the Neshoba County Fair.
The importance of Reagan’s speech was the inclusion of the code word ‘states rights’ being newspeak that fanned the flames of racism. The late Lee Atwater admitted as much in a 1981 interview with historian Alexander P. Lamis that was published in his book Southern Politics in the 1990s:

As to the whole Southern strategy that Harry Dent and others put together in 1968, opposition to the Voting Rights Act would have been a central part of keeping the South. Now [the new Southern Strategy of Ronald Reagan] doesn’t have to do that. All you have to do to keep the South is for Reagan to run in place on the issues he’s campaigned on since 1964… and that’s fiscal conservatism, balancing the budget, cut taxes, you know, the whole cluster…


But the fact is, isn’t it, that Reagan does get to the Wallace voter and to the racist side of the Wallace voter by doing away with legal services, by cutting down on food stamps…?


You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can’t say ‘nigger’ – that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites.

And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me – because obviously sitting around saying, ‘We want to cut this,’ is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘Nigger, nigger.’
Atwater incidentally was the man who as a campaign strategist for Poppy Bush was behind the lowball sleaze of the Willie Horton commercials that helped to bring down Michael Dukakis in the 1988 election. One of Atwater’s protégés was an ambitious and amoral man of some renown in recent history, a man named Karl Rove who continued Atwater’s filthy legacy by using an orchestrated clandestine slime campaign based on innuendo that Senator John McCain had fathered a black child to lay waste to his momentum in the 2000 GOP primaries and catapult George W. Bush into a lead that he would never relinquish. I would bet the farm that Rove and Newt’s Nazis are deeply intertwined with Dick Armey’s Freedom Works and other well financed and extremely subversive groups who have been upping the racism level as their S.A. invade public events and disrupt them in a fashion that would give Hitler himself a hard on. It’s only going to get uglier after Obama’s big fuck you to the neocons by scrapping the vaunted Reagan missile defense system yesterday in Eastern Europe. I haven’t had a chance to look at too much today but the assholes over at the American Enterprise Instute and their loathsome ilk must be in a foaming at the mouth, chew their own balls off fury. The full fury of the Cold Warriors and their McCarthyist red baiting diatribes will be rolled out and spliced directly into the secrety Muslim, not born in the USA, racist storyline that is being spoonfed to Beck’s lemming forces.

Now the ACORN outrage over the pimp an ho-house following the crucifixion of Van Jones the and subsequent quisling Democrat cave-ins leading to yesterday’s mockery of the House of Pelosi and Hoyer’s dog and pony show resolution to punish ACORN by cutting funding, as if it gets more than chump change to begin with. Ace blogger Glenn Greenwald was out in front of all of this horseshit yesterday with his piece The Distracting Benefits of ACORN Hysteria:

Earlier this week, I wrote about how the Fox-News/Glenn-Beck/Rush-Limbaugh leadership trains its protesting followers to focus the vast bulk of their resentment and anxieties on largely powerless and downtrodden factions, while ignoring, and even revering, the outright pillaging by virtually omnipotent corporate interests that own and control their Government (and, not coincidentally, Fox News). It’s hard to imagine a more perfectly illustrative example of all of that than the hysterical furor over ACORN.

ACORN has received a grand total of $53 million in federal funds over the last 15 years — an average of $3.5 million per year. Meanwhile, not millions, not billions, but trillions of dollars of public funds have been, in the last year alone, transferred to or otherwise used for the benefit of Wall Street. Billions of dollars in American taxpayer money vanished into thin air, eaten by private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, led by Halliburton subsidiary KBR. All of those corporate interests employ armies of lobbyists and bottomless donor activities that ensure they dominate our legislative and regulatory processes, and to be extra certain, the revolving door between industry and government is more prolific than ever, with key corporate officials constantly ending up occupying the government positions with the most influence over those industries.

And –

As previously documented, Goldman Sachs itself has a virtual lock on the top Treasury positions no matter which party is in power. The vaunted bipartisan “Baucus plan” was literally written by a Baucus aide who just left her position as Vice President of Wellpoint to write the health care reform plan for the Senate — a revelation which barely caused a ripple. And the Supreme Court is on the verge of striking down the few limits on corporate involvement in our politics, a ruling which may (or may not be) constitutionally defensible but which will flood American politics with so much corporate money that it will give new meaning to the term “oligarchy.”

So with this massive pillaging of America’s economic security and the control of American government by its richest and most powerful factions growing by the day, to whom is America’s intense economic anxiety being directed? To a non-profit group that devotes itself to providing minute benefits to people who live under America’s poverty line, and which is so powerless in Washington that virtually the entire U.S. Senate just voted to cut off its funding at the first sign of real controversy — could anyone imagine that happening to a key player in the banking or defense industry?

Apparently, the problem for middle-class and lower-middle-class Americans is not that their taxpayer dollars are going to prop up billionaires, oligarchs and their corrupt industries. It’s that America’s impoverished — a group that is growing rapidly — is getting too much, has too much power and too little accountability.

In the aforementioned film, Mississippi Burning, FBI Agent Rupert Anderson who was played by Gene Hackman, a good ole boy who had renounced the racism of his upbringing mused aloud:

Where does it come from, all this hatred? You know, when I was a little boy… there was an old Negro farmer liveddown the road from us, name of Monroe. And he was… Well, I guess he was just a little luckier than my daddy was. He bought himself a mule. That was a big deal around that town. My daddy hated that mule. His friends kidded him that they saw Monroe ploughin’ with his new mule… and Monroe was gonna rent another field now that he had a mule. One morning that mule just showed up dead. They poisoned the water.
After that there was never any mention about that mule around my daddy. One time we were drivin’ past Monroe’s place and we saw it was empty. He’d just packed up and left, I guess. Gone up North or somethin’. I looked over at my daddy’s face….and I knew he’d done it. And he saw that I knew. He was ashamed. I guess he was ashamed. He looked at me and he said…”If you ain’t better than a nigger, son, who are you better than?”

That very little snippet of dialogue from a movie better exemplifies what drives the moronic and pathetic shitheads of angry white putridity and the ability of the cynical operatives who serve to protect the intrests of the oligarchy to dupe them into smearing themselves with dung paint and mounting a charge against their own economic self interests like some mangy horde of angry assholes straight out of Braveheart.

Just my two cents over the mornin cup o’ joe



Republicans: The Enemy Within

YOU LIE! Screamed Gerbil Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina, the pride of peckerwood nation during Wednesday’s much hyped Presidential address on the rim of the toilet that is the U.S. Congress. It was another of the audacious S.A. style goon tactics that have disrupted honest debate at health care town halls during the sweltering summer of hate. Wilson, no doubt a Birther, a Becker, a Deather and a class A cocksucker has with his moronic outburst become the poster boy for a fascist political cult long ago gone mad. Even fellow RepubliKKKans are today spinning to denounce the disrecpectful outburst by one of their own in a venue where at least a bit of respect is a necessary courtesy. More hypocrisy because not one of the foul Nazis has done one fucking thing to reject the lynch mobs that their payroll demagogues have done so much to incite, it’s the bread and butter to play on the fears and hatreds of losers, morons and freaks to sow the seeds of division and to reap political benefit. There is going to be blood soon, and it’s gonna be on the hands of Gingrich, Rove and the rest of the pigs who call the shots for a white supremacist, neoNazi fifth column that is dug in as deep as an Alabama tick, armed to the teeth and jacked up on Jesus to do some killin’ when the word goes out that librul’ huntin’ season has commenced.

Of course the hick Wilson was only the most obvious idiot, the rest of the scum just sat there with pissy looks on their faces, the more radical ones booed and hissed during the Pope of Hope’s speech and frantically waved around copies of something that was not easily identified (Mein Kampf perhaps?) like the petulant little turds that they always have been. After last night’s spectacle perhaps others will realize as I long ago did that there is no dealing with this sort of vermin, they need to be put down like rabid dogs, there is a cancer that has metastasized through American society and it needs to be cut out and cut out very quickly. The economic diaspora only grows, the redistribution of wealth to the looters is nearly complete and the most susceptible are braying for blood and looking for scapegoats – the horns, my friends will be on US and WE will soon be the ones being slaughtered if there is not an intervention.

I mused the other day about how American eugenics programs of the early 20th Century, now in retrospect may not have been a bad idea no matter how onerous such a thing may have been and the type of human excrement like Hitler who were inspired by it and took it to another level entirely. Perhaps if the ancestors of today’s idiots were sterilized long ago we wouldn’t not be overrun by hateful lemmings and knuckle-dragging swine incited to violence by FOX News attack dogs. Just think of how much more evolved that this society would be sans the drooling moron demographic that while technically a minority is an easily manipulated army of ready for action berserkers who will be sent into battle against their fellow citizens to protect the interests of a corrupt oligarchy. But of course it’s now too late, the Neanderthals have won, idiocy and the pox of willful ignorance are now virtues and Der Heimat is choking on hate and fear.

So what is the solution? These vicious pigs can’t be reformed, reasoned with or relied upon to be anything other than voracious termites eating away at the pillars of society. While I abhor the institutionalized use of state power to deprive people of their civil liberties we now are on the edge of oblivion and a cold civil war is about to go hot, all that is missing is the spark. You can bet the mortgage money (if you are employed and not in foreclosure) that today the vermin on hate radio and FOX News will be canonizing Joe Wilson and fomenting the rage, sooner or later they will hit the jackpot and reach one of the angry freaks who is serious enough to pull a Timothy McVeigh or even better for the racist thugs – to take a shot at Obama (you can be certain that the shadow government is already in the plotting stages and only needs a dupe like Oswald) just like they took down Kennedy. The signs are already evident, those nasty Obama Joker posters promoted by some elements on the right are right up there with the JFK Wanted For Treason posters that were spackled across Dallas by Birchers before the assassination.

It aint’ gonna take much….

Cut the cancer out now…..

Just my two cents over the mornin’ cup o joe


All Aboard the Tea Party Express!!

“Hey, Rube” is an old-timey phrase, coined in the merciless culture of the traveling carnival gangs that roamed from town to town in the early 20th century.

Every stop on the circuit was just another chance to fleece another crowd of free-spending Rubes – Suckers, Hicks, Yokels, Johns, Fish, Marks, Bums, Losers, Day Traders in Portland, fools who buy diamonds from gypsies, and anyone over the age of nine in this country who still believes in his heart that all cops are honest and would never lie in a courtroom.

These people are everywhere. They are Legion, soon to be a majority, and 10,000 more are being born every day. It was P.T. Barnum, the Circus man, who explained the real secret of his vast commercial success by repeating his now-famous motto, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” in this country, ahd his job was to keep them amused, with a zeal that has never been equaled in the history of American show business.

Barnum knew what people wanted: Freaks, Clowns, and Wild Animals. The Barnum & Bailey Circus came to town only once a year, and those days were marked as sacred holidays on the John Deere calendars of every Rube in America…. Those dates were special; many schools closed when the Circus came to town, and not every student returned when the public frenzy was over. “Running away with the Circus” was the dream of every schoolboy and the nightmare of every mother with a bored and beautifyl daughter.

– Hunter S. Thompson

Blessed Be The Moneychangers

The town hall terrorism perpetrated by extreme right-wing goon squads is going to erupt into violence any day now, the front groups and fascist fifth columnists just keep pouring gasoline on the fire and soon it will be set ablaze. The American SA thugs have taken on an increasing aura of malevolence post the announcement by their beloved crazy queen Sarah Palin that that damn Muslim, nigger communist Obama would be creating death panels to snuff old folks and children with handicaps. Of course this sort of vile and perverse propaganda is best absorbed by those who already hate with the intensity of an apocalyptic fireball, are already conditioned to submit to authoritarianism through their religous indoctrination and whose understanding of the very complex nature of life is equivalent to that of a cave dweller – UGH – cause God did it….

So today, rather than go off on a rant what I want to do is to feature the talking points that were sent out to the flockers, mouth-breathers and gullible sheep by an ultra-fascist group that is affiliated with the late Reverend Jerry Falwell (still roasting on a spit in the bowels of Hades) with the standard Orwellian name The Liberty Counsel. I am posting it in its full vomitous entirety with the most outrageous morsels of lemming food:

Obama Administration’s Health Care Plan

HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives

Reviewed, revised and adapted on July 29, 2009, by Liberty Counsel from the original authored by Peter Fleckenstein and posted on and his blog,

Sec. 113, Pg. 21-22 of the Health Care (HC) Bill MANDATES a government audit of the books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self-insure in order to “ensure that the law does not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure”!

Sec. 122, Pg. 29, Lines 4-16 – YOUR HEALTH CARE WILL BE RATIONED!

Sec. 123, Pg. 30 – THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE deciding what treatments and benefits you get.

Sec. 142, Pg. 42 – The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your benefits for you. You have no choice!

Sec. 152, Pg. 50-51 – HC will be provided to ALL NON-US citizens.

Sec. 163, Pg. 58-59 beginning at line 5 – Government will have real-time access to individual’s finances & a National ID health care card will be issued!

Sec. 163, Pg. 59, Lines 21-24 – Government will have direct access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

Sec. 164, Pg. 65 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions & community organizations (ACORN).

Sec. 201, Pg. 72, Lines 8-14 – Government is creating an HC Exchange to bring private plans under government control.

Sec. 203, Pg. 84 – Government mandates ALL benefit packages for private Health Care plans in the exchange.

Sec. 203, Pg. 85, Line 7 – Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your HC plan and has the ability to ration your health care!

Sec. 205, Pg. 95, Lines 8-18 – The government will use groups (i.e., ACORN & AmeriCorps) to “inform and educate” (sign up) individuals for government plan.

Sec. 205, Pg. 102, Lines 12-18 – Medicaid-eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No freedom to choose.

Sec. 223, Pg. 124, Lines 24-25 – No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No “administrative of judicial review” against a government monopoly.

Sec. 225, Pg. 127, Lines 1-16 – Doctors – the government will tell YOU what you can make. “The Secretary shall provide for the annual participation of physicians under the public health insurance option, for which payment may be made for services furnished during the year.”

Sec. 312, Pg. 145, Lines 15-17 – Employers MUST auto-enroll employees into public option plan.
Sec. 313, Pg. 149, Lines 16-23 – ANY employer with payroll $400,000 and above who does not provide public option pays 8% tax on all payroll.

Sec. 313, Pg. 150, Lines 9-13 – Businesses with payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who do not provide public option pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.

Sec. 401.59B, Pg. 167, Lines 18-23 – ANY individual who does not have acceptable care, according to government, will be taxed 2.5% of income.

Sec. 59B, Pg. 170, Line 1 – Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay for their health care.)

Sec. 431, Pg. 195, Lines 1-3 – Officers and employees of HC Administration (government) will have access to ALL Americans’ financial and personal records.

Sec. 441, Pg. 203, Lines 14-15 – “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.” Yes, it says that.

Sec. 1121, Pg. 239, Lines 14-24 – The government will limit and reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors, low income and poor are the ones affected.

Sec. 1121, Pg. 241, Lines 6-8 – Doctors, it does not matter what specialty you have; you’ll all be paid the same. “Service categories established under this paragraph shall apply without regard to the specialty of the physician furnishing the service.”

Sec. 1122, Pg. 253, Lines 10-23 – The government “validates work relative value units” (sets value of doctor’s time), professional judgment, methods etc. (defining the value of humans).

Sec. 1131, Pg. 265 – Government mandates and controls productivity for private HC industries. “Incorporating Productivity Improvements into Market Basket Updates that Do Not Already Incorporate Such Improvements.”

Sec. 1141, Pg. 268 – The government regulates rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.

Sec. 1145, Pg. 272 – Treatment of certain cancer hospitals: Cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing!

Sec. 1151, Pg. 280 – The government will penalize hospitals for what government deems preventable readmissions (incentives for hospital to not treat and release).

Sec. 1151, Pg. 298, Lines 9-11 – Doctors, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a readmission and the government will penalize you for that action.

Sec. 1156, Pg. 317, Lines 13-20 – “PROHIBITION on physician ownership or Investment.” Government tells doctors what/how much they can own.

Sec. 1156, Pg. 317-318, Lines 21-25, 1-3 – “PROHIBITION on Expansion of Facility Capacity.” The government will mandate that hospitals cannot expand (“number of operating rooms or beds”).

Sec. 1156, Pg. 321, Lines 2-13 – Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input required.

Sec. 1162, Pg. 335-339, Lines 16-25 – The government mandates establishment of outcome-based measures. Rationing.

Sec. 1162, Pg. 341, Lines 3-9 – The government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans (Part B), HMOs, etc. This will force people into a government plan. “The Secretary may determine not to identify a Medicare Advantage plan if the Secretary has identified deficiencies in the plan’s compliance with rules for such plans under this part.”

Sec. 1177, Pg. 354 – Government will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs people! “Extension of Authority of Special Needs Plans to Restrict Enrollment.”

Sec. 1191, Pg. 379 – Government creates more bureaucracy – “Telehealth Advisory Committee.” HC by phone or the Internet – dial 1 for your health care advice?

Sec. 1233, Pg. 425, Lines 4-12 – Government mandates Advance (Death) Care Planning consultation. Think Senior Citizens and end of life. END-OF-LIFE COUNSELING. SOME IN THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED RATIONING HEALTH CARE FOR THE ELDERLY.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 425, Lines 17-19 – Government WILL instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of attorney. Mandatory end-of-life planning!

Sec. 1233, Pg. 425-426, Lines 22-25, 1-3 – Government provides approved list of end-of-life resources, guiding you in death.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 427, Lines 15-24 – Government mandates program for orders for life-sustaining treatment (i.e. end of life). The government has a say in how your life ends.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 1-9 – An “advanced care planning consult” will be used as patient’s health deteriorates.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 10-12 – “Advanced Care Consultation” may include an ORDER for end-of-life plans – from the government.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 13-25 – The government will specify which Doctors (professional authority under state law includes Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants) can write an end-of-life order.

Sec. 1233, Pg. 430, Lines 11-15 – The government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life, according to preset methods (not individually decided).

Sec. 1302, Pg. 468, Lines 16-21 – “Community-Based Home Medical Services means a nonprofit community-based or state-based organization.”

Sec. 1302, Pg. 472, Lines 14-17 – PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION: One monthly payment to a community-based organization. Like ACORN?

Sec. 1308, Pg. 489 – The government will cover Marriage and Family therapy. This will involve government control of your marriage.

Sec. 1308, Pg. 494-498 – The government will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating and rationing those services.

Sec. 1401, Pg. 502 – Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. Big Brother is watching how your treatment works.

Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 13-19 – The government will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic medical records. “The Center may secure directly from any department or agency of the United States information necessary to enable it to carry out this section.”

Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 21-25 – The government may secure data directly from any department or agency of the US, including your data.

Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 21-25 – The “Center” will collect data both “published and unpublished” (that means public & your private information).

Sec. 1401, Pg. 506, Lines 19-21 – An “Appointed Clinical Perspective Advisory Panel” will advise The Center and recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.

Sec. 1401, Pg. 518, Lines 21-25 – The Commission will have input from HC consumer representatives.

Sec. 1411, Pg. 524, Lines 18-22 – Establishes the “Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund.” More taxes for ALL.

Sec. 1441, Pg. 621, Lines 20-25 – The government will define “NEW Quality” measures in HC. Since when does government know about quality?

Sec. 1442, Pg. 622, Lines 2-9 – To pay for the Quality Standards, government will transfer money from “qualified entities” (government Trust Funds) to other government Trust Funds. More Taxes.

Sec. 1442, Pg. 624, Lines 19-23 – Qualified Entities: “The Secretary shall ensure that the entity is a public, nonprofit or academic institution with technical expertise in the area of health quality measurement.”

Sec. 1442, Pg. 623, Lines 5-10 – “Quality” measures shall be designed to assess outcomes and functional status of patients.

Sec. 1442, Pg. 623, Lines 15-17 – “Quality” measures shall be designed to profile you, including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc.

Sec. 1443, Pg. 628 – The government will give “Multi-Stake Holders” pre-rulemaking input into selection of “quality” measures.

Sec. 1443, Pg. 630-31, Lines 9-24, 1-9 – Those Multi-Stake Holder groups include unions and groups like ACORN deciding what constitutes quality.

Sec. 1444, Pg. 632, Lines 14-25 – The government may implement any “Quality measure” of HC services that bureaucrats see fit.

Sec. 1444, Pg. 632-333, Lines 14-25, 1-9 – The Secretary may issue nonendorsed “Quality Measures” for physician and dialysis services.

Sec. 1251 (beginning), Pg. 634 to 652 – “Physician Payments Sunshine Provision” – government wants to shine sunlight on Doctors but not government. “Reports on financial relationships between manufacturers and distributors . . . and between physicians and other health care entities.”

Sec. 1501 (beginning), Pg. 659-670 – Doctors in Residency – government will tell you where your residency will be, thus where you’ll live.

Sec. 1503 (beginning), Pg. 675-685 – Government will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency programs, including teaching hospitals.

Sec. 1601 (beginning), Pg. 685-699 – Increased funding to fight waste, fraud, and abuse. (Like the government with an $18 million website?)

Sec. 1619, Pg. 700-703 – If your part of HC plan isn’t in the government’s HC Exchange but you qualify for federal aid, you don’t have to pay.

Sec. 1128G, Pg. 704-708 – If the Secretary determines there is a “significant risk of fraudulent activity,” on HC provider or supplier, the government can do a background check.

Sec. 1632, Pg. 710, Lines 8-14 – The Secretary has broad powers to deny HC providers and suppliers admittance into HC Exchange. Your doctor could be thrown out of business.

Sec. 1637, Pg. 718-719 – ANY Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services is REQUIRED to be enrolled in, or eligible for, Medicare.

Sec. 1639, Pg. 721 – Government MANDATES that Doctors must have face-to-face with patient to certify patient for home health services.

Sec. 1639, Pg. 723-24, Lines 23-25, 1-5 – The same government certifications will apply to Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s health plan: Your kids).

Sec. 1640, Pg. 723, Lines 16-22 – The government reserves right to apply face-to-face certification for patient to ANY other HC service.

Sec. 1651, Pg. 734, Lines 16-25 – Proposes, for law enforcement sake, that the Secretary of HHS will give Attorney General access to ALL medical data.

Sec. 1701 (beginning), Pg. 739-756 – The government sets guidelines for subsidizing the uninsured (and you have to pay for them).

Sec. 1704, Pg. 756-761 – The government will shift burden of payments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) to states (your taxes).

Sec. 1711, Pg. 764 – The government will require preventative services – including vaccinations (no choice).

Sec. 1713, Pg. 768 – Government-determined Nurse Home Visitation Services (Hello union paybacks).

Sec. 1713, Pg. 768, Lines 3-5 – Nurse Home Visit Services – Service #1: “Improving maternal or child health and pregnancy outcomes or increasing birth intervals between pregnancies.” Compulsory ABORTIONS?

Sec. 1713, Pg. 768, Lines 11-14 – Nurse Home Visit Services include determinations of economic self-sufficiency, employment advancement and school-readiness.

Sec. 1714, Pg. 769 – Federal government mandates eligibility for State
Family Planning Services. Abortion and government control intertwined.

Sec. 1733, Pg. 788-798 – Government will set and mandate drug prices, therefore controlling which drugs are brought to market. (Goodbye innovation and private research.)

Sec. 1744, Pg. 796-799 – Establishes PAYMENTS for graduate medical education. The government will now control your doctor’s education.

Sec.1751, Pg. 800 – The government will decide which Health Care conditions will be paid. Say “RATION!”

Sec. 1759, Pg. 809 – Billing Agents, clearinghouses, or other alternate payees are required to register. The government takes over private payment systems too.

Sec. 1801, Pg. 819-823 – The Government will identify individuals “likely to be ineligible” for subsidies. Will access all personal financial information.

Sec. 1802, Pg. 823-828 – Government sets up Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund. Another bottomless tax pit.

Sec. 4375, Pg. 828-832, Lines 12-16 – Government will impose a fee on ALL private health insurance plans, including self-insured, to pay for Trust Fund!

Sec. 4377, Pg. 835, Lines 11-13 – Fees imposed by government for Trust Fund shall be treated as if they were taxes.

Sec. 440, Pg. 837-839 – The government will design and implement Home Visitation Program for families with young kids and families that are expecting children.

Sec. 1904, Pg. 843-844 – This Home Visitation Program includes the government coming into your house and teaching/telling you how to parent!

Sec. 2002, Pg. 858 – The government will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000 (That’s Billions).

Sec. 2201, Pg. 864 – The government will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health Service Corps.

o Sec. 2201 – “Fulfillment of Obligated Service Requirement”

o Sec. 2201, Pg. 864-875 – The NHS Corps is a program where Doctors perform mandatory HC for 2 years for partial loan repayment.

Sec. 2212, Pg. 875-891 – The government takes over the education of Medical students and Doctors through education and loans.

Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 – The government will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps to ensure an adequate supply of public health professionals.

Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 – The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of civilian employees of the United States as Secretary deems necessary.

Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 – The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of officers of Regular and Reserve Corps of Service.

Sec. 340M, Pg. 899 – The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians. Will animals have heath care too?

Sec. 2233, Pg. 909 – The government will develop, build and run Public Health Training Centers.

Sec. 2241, Pg. 912-913 – Government starts a HC affirmative action program under the guise of diversity scholarships.

Sec. 2251, Pg. 915 – Government MANDATES cultural and linguistic competency training for HC professionals.

Sec. 3111, Pg. 931 – The government will establish a Preventative and Wellness Trust fund, with initial cost of $30,800,000,000 (Billions more).

Sec. 3121, Pg. 934, Lines 21-22 – Government will identify specific goals and objectives for prevention and wellness activities. More control of your life.

Sec. 3121, Pg. 935, Lines 1-2 – The government will develop “Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards.” They will tell us what to eat?

Sec. 3131, Pg. 942, Lines 22-25 – “Task Force on Community Preventive Services.” More government? Under the Offices of Surgeon General, Public Health Services, Minority Health and Women’s Health.

Sec. 3141, Pg. 949-979 – BIG GOVERNMENT core public health infrastructure includes workforce capacity, lab systems, health information systems, etc.

Sec. 2511, Pg. 992 – Government will establish school-based “health” clinics. Your children will be indoctrinated and your grandchildren may be aborted!

Sec. 399Z-1, Pg. 993 – School-Based Health Clinics will be integrated into the school environment. More government brainwashing in school.

Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will you be tracked?

WOW! what a gene splicing of tin foil hats with white sheets, note how the devil ACORN appears frequently. While this is the textbook example of throwing out a monsterload of shit and seeing what sticks this can really be distilled down into it’s most potent message guaranteed to whip the rubes into a frenzy: The Commie Obama is going to use a nigger army to abort your babies, empower the homosexuals as government police and exterminate the white race.

Jesus fucking Christ, what a sick and twisted document, these freaks are the strongest argument for euthanasia that I have yet to see in my tenure on Planet Shit.

The Death Defying Plunge to the Depths of Dumbness

It’s another Monday morning in dumbass America, one of the top stories is that the remains of Captain Scott Speicher, the Navy pilot shot down during Daddy Bush’s Gulf War soiree has now been found. Now it seems that I recall, among all of the other lies being used to build the case for the attack on Iraq that would kick off the PNAC’s global domination tour the ‘fact’ that Capt. Speicher was being held in one of Saddam’s torture prisons was another one of the justifications. It turns out that Speicher’s body was buried by Bedouins in the desert after they saw the plane go down. So, the neocon propaganda was just that – bullshit, right up there with the infamous soldiers of Saddam ripping Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators and throwing them on the floor, perfect for the thumb-sucking saps in the USA that sold Gulf War I like it was the fucking Juicemaster or something. It was just as easy as lining up the rubes and whipping them into a frenzy over apocalyptic conjecture of smoking mushroom clouds and all of that other horseshit.

Today American troops are still bogged down in Gulf War II, Afghanistan and in too many other contries to count, a giant sucking black hole for money and a boon for defense stocks. Don’t ever count on any sort of meaningful reform for the national health care system as long as the pigs who run the system are engaged in the lucrative and bloody art of war profiteering. General Smedley D. Butler put it best, “War is a Racket”. Now if war is a racket then the selling of it is an art form to a public suckled at the teat of the goddess of war since their first breaths. Now throw in all of the ‘schooling’ which is really an indoctrination of American exceptionalism, a totally bogus version of history meant only to brainwash and then turn the babbling automatons loose in a militarized police state protected by a bought and paid for media and volla….WAR! So the Scott Speicher as a captive of the New Hitler’s torturers has been debunked but the ongoing corporate crusade against progressive society is ripping into overdrive.

The thing that really grabs my gonads are all of the ridiculous spin pieces about Barack Obama’s falling poll numbers on health care reform. Like all good propaganda these polls (not that I think polls are reliable to begin with, you can make a poll say anything just like a good accountant can produce miracles) are truth mixed in with outright falsehoods and given ZERO context. Of course the savior’s approval ratings are down, he has yet to live up to any of the hype, the wars go on and the only ones getting bailed out of the economic catastrophe are the banksters. Of course the imbeciles, the racist haters and the dead enders will always be against national health care because they are beyond saving. Pathetic wretches who believe anything that emanates from the foul pie hole of the porcine propagandist Rush Limbaugh and that moon-faced little Nazi vermin Glenn Beck. If the glimmer twins (and their goat barn preachers) say that Obama is a secret Muslim, a terrorist symp and a certified COMMIE then that is exactly what he is and there is nothing on earth that can override the FOX/EIB programming. It’s as embedded in their thick skulls as their thumbs are up their puckering assholes.

The real reason that national health care is losing popularity faster than say a typical season for the Detroit Lions is that liberals and progressives are recognizing it for what it is – another of the big con games in which corporate power uses the corrupted state as an enforcer. Get ready for forced mandatory coverage and the scum of the insurance industry writing the legislation. Now Americans are going to face the threat of punishment unless they buy insurance from the same swine who have really been killing Grannie by denying her care. The rest of the stupid scare tactics – get ready for an multi-billion dollar August onslaught since Max Baucus and the other pigs in the pocket of the industry were able to extend the game – with lies, pandering to the lowest common denominator and more racist filth to destroy any chance at the public option. It’s already a done deal and all over by the actual wetwork. I have already seen the most farcical type of fraud in that Obama’s plan would deprive the elderly (heard of fucking Medicare?) of necessary operations to fund abortions courtesy of Tony Perkins’ and the [Manson] Family Research Center and some stuff out there on the perimeter that the ‘racist’ Obama is using the health care reform drive in order to push slavery reparations.

The ‘Birthers’ will feed on the lies as they always do, the problem more than the violent idiots of the Republican base is the media that gives this crap credibility by even bothering to give it any publicity at all. In a country where the typical lemming has been conditioned to define ‘news’ as that boiled down bullshit that is seen on CNN in thirty second clips delivered by big haired, big titted bimbos who stare into teleprompters and mindlessly repeat the daily talking points any mention of the numbskulls and the neo Confederate knuckle draggers in the headlines is taken as legit. The corporate campaign to incite the morons, scare the shit out of the old folks and sow just enough confusion with the average American dumbass to drive a stake through any sort of health care reform is going to be shock and awe….and Harry Reid and his fellow traitors will be kicking back on another of their taxpayer funded vacations while the dirty work is done.

Oh, and the job just gets tougher for anyone who challenges the system, new is that MSNBC has now reigned in the sharp dressed man Keith Olbermann for his tirades against the idiot Bill O’Reilly (who in any decent society would be incarcerated in a padded dungeon), FOX you see was starting to interfere with the real business of defense contractor GE which employs K.O. and he was muzzled. I have been pretty up front in my criticism of Olbermann as of late and taken no small amount of flak for being that way and now it appears that my perception was correct and that he has changed. Look for GE to also now find more ways to apply pressure to Rachel Maddow (a good journalist with a bad gig) and that centrist pig Ed Schultz as the real agenda is out of the bag. Face it folks, this fascism, a more refined version so as to not upset the sheeple as they blindly shamble off to slaughter but fascism nonetheless. And look out for that coming forced Swine Flu vaccination, resistance will not only be futile but criminal as well.

And it’s just another day in the land of birthers, buffoons and bizarreness…have a happy Monday and be proud that you live in the land of the largest gulag system of for profit prisons in history.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe


The Republican Crybaby Culture

Breaking news of the latest right-winger incited to commit acts of violence in support of the most virulent political party since the Nazis. A Kansas abortion doctor was gunned down in cold blood today in a Wichita, Kansas church, just another example of how these religious fanatics that dare to call themselves Christians would make Jesus puke were he return to earth tomorrow – then the same bastards would crucify his liberal ass. Here we have yet another example of the sort of mayhem that unstable, armed-to-the teeth freaks are capable of when their buttons are pushed by the malignant filth the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the rest of the house propagandists for the American fascist state. Nothing is sacred to these miscreants, murdering their whole families and then committing suicide is commonplace, the same houses of worship that they claim to be places of sanctity are now legitimate shooting galleries, shit some lunatic right-winger not long ago dressed up as Santa Claus and massacred a houseful of former relatives including children. A terminally diseased political philosophy breeds this type of scum and they should all be subject to euthanasia for the good of society. If you consider that to be overly harsh just imagine how many of these human time bombs that you in your normal daily doings encounter, they hate liberals, gays, minorities and even going to the grocery store becomes a dangerous endeavor when surrounded by them.

The ongoing fomenting of animosity, racism, sedition and the dehumanization that has become an institution since the rise of the post WW II fascist movement is reaching a level of dangerous proportions – and the drumbeat of hatred goes on. Which brings me to the Republican slime machine’s filthy attack on Obama SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayer, the spectacle a pack of racist swine playing the reverse race card in order to derail her confirmation is beyond the pale. Even more despicable is the way that the corporate media play right into it, giving credibility to the cowardly rhetoric of reverse discrimination that has been bandied about by the red-assed right. Perhaps the worst aspect of what appears to be a long and drawn out melodrama by the titans of truth who brought us all the O.J. Simpson circus, Michael Jackson’s ongoing saga over a flurry of allegations of pedophilia, Natalee Holloway, Jon Benet and the amazing adventures of Laci and the fetus is that a career reprobate like Newton LeRoy Gingrich is given one ounce of credibility. Gingrich is a fiend, a serial adulterer, a liar, a cheat, a pathological degenerate with the psychological makeup of a pederast and a charlatan whose Herculean ego is the embodiment of short man syndrome.

Newt barks, Media Salivate. The proclivity of Gingrich to rebuild his political career from the ashes of embarrassment and failure in a Nixonian fashion has been spayed across cable television ‘news’ and the rapidly collapsing under the weight of their own bullshit newspaper industry is an affront to the intelligence of America. Whoops, better strike that last comment, considering that we live in a burgeoning idiocracy were trash TV is king and the lepers bathe in the electronic stream of foulness as though they were lepers swimming in the waters of Lourdes I certainly don’t mean to give the average American moron too much credit. To qualify that, it is an affront to the senses of those of us with finely tuned bullshit detectors in our brains, more than a semblance of decency and humanity and a reality based view of history that outlasts the meteoric rise and fall of the beautiful and talented beacon of inspiration that is Susan Boyle.

Gingrich calls Sotomayer a “Latina woman racist”. What the fuck? Can’t we just flush down this rotten turd once and for all? What a horse’s ass! Might I remind people that this philandering little fascist dwarf was engaged in some serious adulterous fornication himself while he waged an ugly public jihad against Bubba Clinton for getting his stogie smoked. By the way, while Gingrich the fat, oversexed swine with the bad ‘do was bringing the full power of the snake infested Republican Congress down on our horny hillbilly prez, Osama bin Laden, the Cheney cabal, the Wall Street plunderers and the rest of the real threats to American safety were using the prurient salivating to plot their coming attacks.

Knowing the laws, I would never call for the assassination of a public figure but were I to be a Republican that has no such qualms about these things I would love to see that phony hairpiece that adorns Gingrich’s pathologically horny, conniving, demon-infested dome nailed to a fencepost someplace – feed the body to the pigs, who the fuck really cares as long as he is gone. He can usually be located in a FOX ‘News” studio – a target rich environment for anyone who may be sincere about cleaning up America and downsizing the fascist quotient. If I were to win Powerball this weekend there would certainly be less worthy things to use the money for than posting a bounty on that little douchebag, normally you can just call the Orkin man when the rats are massing but eliminating a world class, anti-American swine with a soapbox as dangerous as this would take some serious coin. Then again, once his hatemongering racism in spreading vindictive virulence to derail the Sotomayer nomination along with the growing backlash against Republican fomenting of violence in their ranks against the ‘brown menace’ it would probably take less than a hundred bucks and a bottle of good tequila to provide encouragement for some real victim if institutionalized racism Republican style to give this fat little prick a Columbian necktie in the name of justice.

This swine should be hung from his fucking balls… the pudgeball little twat should be fucking ignored, the media hacks who afford this foul little cocksucker time should be the ones who are hung. Oh and did I forget to mention that his get his rocks off by jerking off over the ongoing wars while he and the rest of his Republican chickenhawks never had the fucking nuts to serve in the military? Shit, Dick Cheney, the man who is openly cheering for another ‘terrorist’ attack on Obama’s watch and tens of thousands of dead Americans just to prove a fucking point about the grotesque torture state that he was the embodiment for took five goddamned draft deferments!

Why the fuck don’t the human time bombs for once target the true perpetrators of their fucked up lives? The stinking sacks of snake shit who are responsible for rigging the game so that their jobs can be sent overseas? Or their houses are in foreclosure? Or their health is in terminal decline due to the massive systemic corruption of the medical industrial complex? Or why gas is going back towards four bucks a gallon now that the Wall Street speculators have been given a new lease on life on the taxpayer dole?

If there is anything that disgusts me more than the Republican vermin who run this gone to dogshit system it is the moronic, angry white males who think with their dicks (if at all) and don’t have a motherfucking clue as to why they are angry. They are debauched, disgraced, degenerate, diseased, dicked-in-the-ass, demented, dumb, devoid of decency, borderline retarded, credulous, easily manipulated, stupid, stinky,wretched, pathetic, malignantly worthless, chronically moronic, mean-spirited, godless, guileless, slothful, treacherous, violent, putrid, rancid, stinking, filthy, syphilitic, short sighted, entitled, indolent, arrogant, perverse, four-flushing, cheapjack, dog kissing, spineless, dickless, malodorous, cowardly, chickenshit, retrograde, knuckle-dragging pieces of jaundiced, scabies ridden, scaly-skinned, protoplasmic slime that have for too long oozed into every crevice of this society, sucking out it’s life and vitality as the shit eating parasites that they are and always will be as long as they allow high rolling drug addicted perverts like Limbaugh and the rest of the neo Nazi Republican party do their thinking for them.


And I hate them, oh sweet fucking Jesus to I hate them. The fires of my hatred burns internally like white phosphorous munitions dropped upon brown skinned civilians out of the sky by our [snicker] ‘heroes. They are human excrement (and I use the term human very loosely) who are no good to themselves or to anybody else as they flail about outwardly as blind beasts in agony at the wretched and abysmal failures of their pathetic and botched little lives.

Simpering losers, saplings for trees of tyranny that find fertile rooting material in the mass failures of the dead enders on the extreme right. And there are always the demagogues, the servants of the oligarchy who so successfully sow the seeds of discontent so as to divide and conquer, dominate and rape not with force, but through the willing acquiescence of the dregs of society. They allow themselves to be defiled, to be showered with the come of those who only hold them in the most seething of contempt, the most curious forms of bemusement. They don’t get it that their heroes like the $50 million child-fucking, dope addicted vat of shit flavored jello that is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and his fellow country clubbers laugh and snicker at them as the white niggers that they fully understand them to be.

And for fuck’s sake, just how long until the next human time bomb goes off as their fears and desperation are exploited by the type of scum that should be hanged from their mangy necks until dead like Julius Streicher was at Nuremburg.

An Entrenched Culture of Crying:

But the very existence of the brazenly anti-American Republican party wouldn’t be possible without the support of the mouth-breathing, perpetually-pissed off, Jesus juicin’, knuckle-dragging retrograde morons that are the party base. These are the real dregs of society who are wired to salivate on command to demagogues, it was from this percentage of the population (an authoritarian element that exists in nearly every society) that ensured that Adolf Hitler would rise to power (see Bob Altemeyer’s study The Authoritarians), it is plain for all to see that despite the punditry that is speaking of the political demise of the GOP that the true fascists like Cheney, Rove, Gingrich and the rest of the treasonous scum is only seeking to radicalize and purify the dead enders, molding them into an effective and violent brownshirt force for when the time is ripe.

The fucking grievances are endless, they are played upon, exploited and the caterwauling nonsense of the culture of victims that the extreme right is made out of (FUCKING LOSERS) is like nails on a goddamned chalkboard but the pitch is right up there with the dog whistles that these moronic fuckers are conditioned to salivate over.

WAAAAA: The Queers are getting married! The evil homosexual agenda is destroying the nuclear family. This one is a real hoot given the proclivity of all of the latent little boy buggerers to burrow deeply into the Republican party (not to mention the Catholic church of course). The vicious and sustained campaign to deny the rights of marriage to a group of American citizens using the law as a bludgeon is insidious and has no place in a so-called free country. Why is it that the Republicans always want to snoop into the private bedrooms of people to play peekaboo at wee wees and pee pees? This is the nature of the repressive slavery of institutionalized religion (Evangelical Christianity in my opinion should be outlawed and their fucking churches taxed out of existence, if they can’t pay then just tear em down and build something useful like marijuana plantations in their palaces) and another prime example of how the abuse of the ‘GOD said it’ scam enables the persecution, dehumanization and murder of others. Were I a believer in Hell I have no doubt that it would be full of Republican ‘Christians’. Also the justification against the jihad against gays seems to me to be an outwardly expressed version of self loathing. Hell, there are plenty of gay Republicans, just get over it, do what is natural, cast aside your religious hokum and leave everybody else the fuck alone. Of course the ongoing demonizing of gay people is a boon to fascist Republicans, it is as consistent with their Hitler 101 playbooks as any of the rest of their disgusting horseshit.

WAAAAA: Obama’s a socialist, a godless Muslim, he wasn’t born in America, even Bo, his Portuguese water dog is un American, just pick your poison. “I work damned hard and don’t want to give my tax money to lazy minorities who just want to live off of the government dole”. It’s amazing at how some pea brained moron who works at Walmart (provided he still has a job at all) will so vociferously defend the right of the rich to bilk the poor through the massive redistribution of wealth, elimination of the progressive income tax system and the endless font of corporate welfare that flows through Washington. Think tankers and right wing money moguls are going back to the future to the glory days of McCarthyist red baiting. The positive aspect of this though is that there is actually a return of sorts to a discussion of the merits of democratic socialism versus predatory capitalism. Of course the Obama administration with the bestowment of trillions to the grifters of Wall Street and the hedge fund hyenas will only ensure that any sort of socialism will be heavily slanted towards the rich, the corporations and those who have hijacked the political system to protect their ability to remain the fuckers and keep the other 99 percent of the populations in their proper places as fuckees. But try to tell this to one of the imbeciles at one of those fucking tea parties. It just doesn’t register to the simian minded poltroons that they are out there essentially defending the rights of King George and the redcoats, that puts it in a bit of historical perspective.

WAAAAA: “They’re killing the babies, life begins at conception, Roe V. Wade is a an atrocity, it’s all the fault of the liberals, they don’t respect the culture of life.” And on and on it goes on the reigning champion for one issue voters which the GOP has grabbed by the tits and milked for years however in an interesting contradiction the so called pro lifers compassion extends neither to eliminating the death penalty or in showing any sort of outrage over civilian collateral damage in Iraq and the absence of any outcry over the recent revelations regarding the use of chemical white phosphorous on civilians is sorely missing from the public discourse. The hypocritical bitches and bastards don’t give one tin shit about the sanctity of life, once the kid is out of the womb it’s on it’s own to be fed upon by predatory capitalists with a better chance at becoming either permanent sources of income for the for profit prison system or in being sent off to be chopped into hamburger in another of the fucking imperialist wars that this criminal government is addicted to. This is bullshit, total bullshit and is more of the same misogynist domination games and double standards that the lumpen Republican are acclimated to sitting up on command for. Once again, Jesus would fucking puke over the ongoing use of Christianity to continually underwrite the warfare state and the oppression that sustains it.

WAAAAAA! On Gun Control: “The liberals are coming to take my guns away!” The NRA has milked this baby to death and otherwise sane progressive people who have nothing whatsoever in common with any other part of the right wing agenda will turn out in droves on election day to preserve their second amendment right to stockpile military style assault weapons and cop killer body armor piercing bullets. This is an essential lure to a fringe element exactly the same as gay marriage or abortion, another phantom issue. And do any of these wanna be Rambos who are arming themselves to the teeth to fight against the government when that damned Obama comes to pry my penis extension (with the 50 round magazine) from my cold dead hands ever bother to contemplate that their arsenals are fucking popguns when the state has tanks, bombs and a king hell surveillance system? More idiots. I am on record myself of course for arming yourselves to the teeth but I am far less afraid of the government than I am of the violent yahoos in the militias who I need to defend myself against.

WAAAAAA! On Taxes and Big Government: “The government is too big, I don’t want to pay taxes”. The war against ‘big government’ and taxes in general is a masterful dissemination of pro elitist propaganda in which the very people who benefit from progressive taxation are the lower and middle classes and who through their support of Grover Norquist style ‘starve the beast’ tax cutting are slowly committing mass suicide through the evisceration of the public school system, medicare, medicaid, social security and other essential ‘entitlement’ programs so that the wealthy can have their tax cuts and increasingly become the freeloaders that the indignant but proud ‘working man’ so despises. Then again, committing suicide is what lemmings usually do and always in mass. If you idiotic pig fuckers don’t like what the government does with your tax money don’t bother to call your local fucking fire department when you light your mattress on fire and you discover that lighting farts in bed is no more of a joke than your idiotic crusades in favor of the richest 1 % and the corporations who use and abuse your mental shortcomings so that they may forever be unburdened by paying their fair share to keep the fucking system running.

The litany of whining is far too long to list in depth, but it includes so many references to the removal of religion from the public realm and the perceived persecution of fundamentalists that additional decalogues on which they could be inscripted would reach higher than the Tower of Babel if stacked on top of each other. The piss babies of the right are as full of contradictions and hypocrisy as they are of bullshit. I could keep on writing but sadly I have only so much time for blogging and do have a real job unlike so many of the conservative activist blogger losers who live at home in daddy and mommy’s spare room, garage apartment or basement and wage electronic war against the very rigged game and backlash cultural environment that landed them there.

Cry me a river you big babies! Rush and Newt can buy a yacht and party all the way downriver in high style, floating downstream with booze and cooze on the current of your collective tears.