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The Wrong Mexican to Fuck With

Here is the new bootleg video for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete that has the right wing filth having shit hemmorhages today. Scored from this website – be forewarned the Memory Hole attendants at YouTube are flushing this wonderful little piece of film away by the second. On the heels of the Phoenix Suns brilliant in your face rebuke of Arizona’s new Naziesque ‘show your papers’ abomination of a law by showing up for last night’s NBA playoff game in LOS SUNS uniforms this is bound to send a shiver up the deformed spines of the chickenhawk phony patriots and the GOP co-opted scumbagger movement. Intersting concept for a change, let the REAL Americans start to take the fight to the fascist pigs on the right, nice to see that is finally beginning to dawn on many that the only way to deal with fascists is to destroy them.

The trailer actually came from the Rodriguez-Tarantino flick Grindhouse which was a mixed bag, Planet Terror was great but Death Proof was slow moving and a bit long although Kurt Russell’s character was outstanding, the soundtrack and the carchase was awesome but the best part of the entire thing was the Machete trailer at the beginning. Nice to see this finally being made into a full length movie and pushing back against the racist filth. Arizona is a bone dry shithole full of cactus plants, rattlesnakes crazy ass right wingers (not that there is much of a difference) and a lot of interesting rock formations but the politics are only slightly to the left of Hitler. It would be nice to see Machete going after the cowardly charlatan John McCain who made propaganda videos for the communists during Nam or Sheriff Joe Arpaio…sooner or later all of them will pick the wrong Mexican to fuck with.

The American fascist right, the scumbaggers and their ilk were even enough to make Barry Goldwater want to puke as he was revulsed at the mutation of conservatism that was birthed during the Reagan years.

Pass this one around while you can, it’s brilliant.


Bravo Los Suns

“It’s hard to imagine in this country that we have to produce papers, It rings up images of Nazi Germany.”

-Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr
The sound of puckering assholes among the fascist filth that is the rabid American right brings to mind Ross Perot’s famous quote about a giant sucking sound. The scumbaggers and their GOP bund buddies are shrieking foul over the NBA’s Phoenix Suns doing the unthinkable for a sports team – making a political statement. In flipping the bird to their Arizona fanbase of cranks, losers and racist nutjobs who worship Sheriff Joe Arpaio as though he is the second coming of Jesus Fucking Christ only imbued with the full power of the rising American police state the Suns wore orange uniforms with the team name “LOS SUNS” across the front. Now this is ballsy in the rapidly closing society that used to be the United States of America post the 9/11 false flag attacks that turned us into a poverty ridden sewer of fear, loathing and stupidity.
I am sure that gasbag Rush Limbaugh, the shameless multi-millionaire moon-faced demagogue Glenn Beck and the scatterbrained but worshipped by a cult of millions of morons Sarah Palin will be railing at the traitors who dared to defile sports by going native. Not that any of the garden variety scum who will be screaming for their fifth columnist champion Joe Lieberman to hurry the fuck up and pass his filthy Naziesque bill to strip Americans of their citizenship so that LOS SUNS can be rounded up en-masse and packed off to the torture chambers at Gitmo. The pill-popping poobah of propaganda who may purportedly have talent on loan from God but can’t get an erection without pharmaceutical assistance will likely remind his legions of angry white losers that they already have the orange suits. As for the NBA, it’s not exactly popular among the nativists that fill the reich-wing anyway, as my old co-worker Stick once said “It’s full of goddamned niggers”.
The blazing hatred directed at Los Suns today over their daring political statement is really more than a bit hypocritical (a right wing standard) given that all of those pigs never seem to have a problem when the shit-salesmen on FOX’s NFL pregame show like the idiotic Terry Bradshaw and his ilk get to dress up like toy soldiers in their cammies and move their set to Afghanistan to promote the war. None of the armchair ‘patriots’ ever have a problem with the regular wasting of taxpayer dollars on the standard flyovers of NFL games nor to they do anything other than stand up and salute their beloved 50 inch plasma screens when General David Petraeus goose steps out in full dress uniform to flip the coin at the Super Bowl. That’s because those are all symbols of the white man with his bloated military kicking the living shit out of the ragheads, skinnies, sand niggers or gooks. White supremacy is what this is all about and sweet Jesus it is just downright un-American to not worship our imperialist military. The dastardly slander against Los Suns has already started, when I did a Google search of Steve Nash, one of the Suns players the first thing that popped up was some Tom denouncing him as an “overrated Canadian point guard” for daring not to bow down to Governor Jan Brewer’s institutionalized racism – the meme is going to be hot today, that much is predictable.
Not that you would know it by the corporate cowardice of the new American century, the iconic Michael Jordan once famously remarked “Republicans buy shoes too” but there is a long and rich history of sports and politics and the fight for social justice. There was the Muhammad Ali of old, denouncing racism and the Vietnam war, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Paul Robeson, Dave Meggyesy and who knows what sort of stories that Pat Tillman would have told if he were allowed to return from Bush and Cheney’s illegal wars were he not murdered by his own troops, very likely on orders to silence a poster boy gone off the reservation. All of the stories of those who used sports for principled stands against the oppressive machine are untold, Americans would rather worship the crucifixion and resurrection of a freak like Tiger Woods than bother to read up on those with principles. For those who would, I would recommend the work of the outstanding Dave Zirin, his website is Edge of Sports and he has written three outstanding books on sports and social justice: What’s My Name Fool?, Welcome to the Terrordome and A People’s History of Sports in the United States.
Steve Nash and his team did more last night than beat the San Antonio Spurs and won a game, they won over the hearts of the silenced majority, those of us who have had a bellyful of the vicious racism and foaming at the mouth hatred of progress and diversity that is exemplified in the teabagger movement and the payrolled swine who goad it on. The anti-intellectualism that is championed by the Sarah Palin worshipping freaks in this country brings to mind the sort of fervor that drove the Khmer Rouge when they took over in Cambodia and implemented their Year Zero program of social change. They struck a blow for freedom of thought, inclusiveness and fairness and now are going to catch hell over it, with any justice though they just may emerge as America’s Team. And why doesn’t the teabagger filth just get the fuck out of MY country if they hate it so much? That is a question that more decent Americans should start to ask and ask LOUDLY.
So Viva Los Suns, in a land of cowardice, conformity and apathy your principled statement is one to be cherished and an inspiration to all who aren’t down with the creeping fascism that has for too long now suffocated our spirits and allowed the assclowns like the teabaggers and dittoheads to control the discourse. What would be truly inspiring would to see the Los Suns jerseys start to outsell those of theocratic Manchurian Candidate and new Denver Broncos third string QB Tim Tebow when it comes to sports merchandise. Now that would be a real sign of progress.
Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe