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Teabagger Queen Palin Spits on Nation’s War Dead

In yet another of the now standard orgies of shameful behavior that charlatans engage in, Sarah ‘lock and load’ Palin has latched onto the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day rally as her latest public relations spectacle. Palin, out of the news as of late for her detestable national display of self-victimhood in the aftermath of the Tucson Arizona shooting rampage is back with a vengeance. The klavern of clowns that is the 2012 Republican party presidential field is bracing for the queen of the teabaggers and the ugly shrillness, race-baiting, rabble-rousing and insinuations of Obama the secret Muslim is going to be kicked up several notches. Palin, like a bad case of genital Herpes just isn’t going away, a parasite that refuses to detach from it’s host, Sarah Barracuda is poking her proboscis back into the national political scene and a shameful corporate media that has barely finished licking it’s wound after being played by “the Donald” is eagerly lapping it all up in all of their inept laziness.
Not that Sarah Palin, a Wasilla hillbilly piece of northern trailer trash who hit it big when John McCain, a real life war hero shockingly plucked her from obscurity in a desperate attempt to win the presidency is doing anything different. All of the Republicans and especially the teabaggers revel in shamelessly exploiting the nation’s war dead for their own political expediency. They are always the ones thumping their chests the hardest, shrieking the loudest for others to die on foreign soil for their slothful ignorance and waving the bloody flag of raw nationalism yet what they truly exemplify is a truly stupid form of cowardice unique to our star-spangled sheep colony. Today on Memorial Day, 2011 there are many a BBQ being fired up with the beer-sodden pigs that are the scumbaggers eating cheap hotdogs, waving their made in China replicas of Old Glory and praising chickenhawks like Palin and her ilk for their faux patriotism.
As a military veteran myself, there is nothing that I find more despicable and odious to me than those who cheer the wars and those who die in them while parking on their sofas playing Call of Duty on their XBoxes. Their support of tin pot Republican despots who also never served along with their fervor to destroy the very freedoms that so many paid with their lives for amounts to nothing less than spitting on the graves of those who are being honored today.
So a message to the nation’s war dead from the Palinazi teabagger fifth-column:
Other than a right-wing Koch Brothers underwritten Republican fascist political agenda hellbent on destroying America from with here is what you paid the ultimate price for:
So that law-abiding Americans could be spied on by their own government with the complicity of the corporate hacks in congress who lack the morality and the backbone to take a principled stand against such an egregious violation of the fourth amendment which specifically protects Americans against unwarranted invasions of privacy. All of the great totalitarians in the rogues gallery of the evil and the damned enjoyed the ability to conduct surveillance against their peoples so as to identify political opponents, quash dissent and suppress those who would seek to learn the truth about what sort of business is really conducted behind the closed doors of the Politburos, Reichstags and White Houses of the world. The rogue Bush administration’s use of the NSA in partnership with the telecom giants to electronically eavesdrop on law abiding citizens under the guise of protecting the cringing, servile, ignorant and apathetic populace of what was once justly referred to as ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ is an affront to every concept of freedom that you sacrificed so much to protect. Obama has not only continued the Bush Gestapo state but has reinforced it.
You perished before your time so that a rogue faction of extremist fascists could one day come to capitalize on mass public ignorance and apathy in order to rig not one but two national presidential elections, a bloodless coup that installed anti-American vermin like Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice and a neo conservative junta whose ideologies were more influenced by the same thinkers who underwrote the Nazi regime. They are those who have far more in common with their brownshirted cousins than with the intentions of the founding fathers and whose seizure of the levers of power were manipulated by an utterly diabolical and ruthless Machiavellian traitor named Karl Rove to pit American against American using such age old tactics as race and religion baiting and feeding on nationalist frenzy so as to distort, deceive and mislead a cowed citizenry into surrendering the treasured liberties that you paid for with your lifeblood against enemies of the same sort of those who now shamelessly wrap themselves in the flag while waging war against the American people in the name of profiteering, empire and global hegemony. Obama has done not one goddamned thing to end these illegal wars and has now put yet another one on our tab in Libya.
You sacrificed so that America could one day become a torture state no better than the cruel and vicious enemies who you so valiantly fought against. The President of the United States and those who are the true power behind the throne have broken down barriers to inflicting cruel and unusual punishment against vaguely defined ‘enemies’ through the practices of acts so heinous that they are barred by the Geneva Convention which the axis of evil ensconced on the banks of the Potomac not only fail to recognize but hold in as much contempt as our very own constitution. Extraordinary renditions are used to transfer ‘enemy combatants’ to vile torture state nations where pesky courts do not act as an impediment to brutality and sadism. Our sexual perversion and wanton viciousness in acting out at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib has forever tarnished our people and our country in the eyes of the world outside of our brainwashed, self-indulgent fortress state. Neither history nor God will judge us favorably.
Gulag systems are currently being constructed right here in America by the same massive corporation that profits off of the blood and carnage in our latest illegal lie of a foreign war, Haliburton/KBR is the beneficiary of no bid government contracts facilitated by former CEO Richard Cheney, a five time draft deferment abusing chickenshit who dodged serving his country during the last bloody lie of a war in Vietnam. Who will ultimately be interned in these camps? Most likely the very Americans who choose to dissent against the tyranny of the cynical, amoral rulers of this sad, fading nation that once held so much promise but was betrayed by the enemies within whose disregard for democracy is surpassed only by their lust for power and riches. A heroic young whistleblower named Bradley Manning, an American citizen is being held in inhumane conditions and tortured right here in America as the pigs fire up their Memorial Day BBQs.
You served with honor so those who are the most dishonorable of all, those whose only loyalty is to money have destroyed the once mighty American manufacturing base and now this country is the world’s largest debtor nation, owing trillions to China and the same Arab countries whose tyranny towards their own people still surpass ours… barely.
Our foreign policy is now more concerned with defending the existence of the bellicose state of Israel, a country whose arrogant belief that it has been chosen for the glory of God’s favoritism mirrors our own deep seated and misguided belief in exceptional qualities and divine providence and acting as its Golem in securing the Middle East while unfairly ignoring it’s very own cruelty and inhumanity towards the Palestinians. This misguided support is against our very own self-interest and fuels the fires of hatred across the region towards our bestowing of special nation status upon the mortal enemy or the poverty stricken and oppressed, this only perpetuates animosity and leads to more ‘terrorism’, perhaps another 9/11 style attack is what is most desired because it will be the trigger event for the imposition of the dictatorial police state for which the infrastructure has already been built. With Bibi Netenyahu’s recent visit to the U.S. Congress which is most appropriately described as Israeli occupied territory there will be no serious change in policy as was evident by the thunderous applause that this Zionist war criminal received.
You forfeited your futures so that we could become the must uninformed, overly entitled, apathetic, ignorant, regressive, overindulgent, selfish, reckless, cowardly, decadent and just plain mean collection of bitches and bastards on the face of the planet. A people devoted to the accumulation of materialistic goods, the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures, gorged to the point at bursting at our groaning seams with the cheap products of consumerism, instant gratification and the fascination with the bread and circuses that distract from the rot of the empire. We as a people are so poorly versed in history that it is a safe bet that most of our young (and a good percentage of our mature) citizens cannot even identify the wars in which you spilled your blood or locate the countries in which you died on a map. Our disinterest in civics have led to a political system as corrupt as any in modern history and allowed for criminals and sociopaths to gain control of all of our institutions of power from which they loot and plunder and eat away at the pillars of American society like termites. Our regression into pre-Enlightenment religious dogma has only served to allow an intellectually lazy public to seek an easy answer to the complex problems of the modern world, our disdain for science as well as our increasingly destructive bent for fundamentalist religion has made us a laughingstock to the civilized world.
God Damn us all for betraying your honorable sacrifice, we sure as hell don’t deserve it.
I will close this little rant with a passage from Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun:
You can always hear the people who are willing to sacrifice somebody else’s life. They’re plenty loud and they talk all the time. You can find them in churches and schools and newspapers and legislatures and congress. That’s their business. They sound wonderful. Death before dishonor. This ground sanctified by blood. These men who died so gloriously. They shall not have died in vain. Our noble dead.
But what do the dead say?
Did anybody ever come back from the dead any single one of the millions who got killed did any one of them ever come back and say by god I’m glad I’m dead because death is always better than dishonor? Did they say I’m glad I died to make the world safe for democracy? Did they say that I like death better than losing liberty? Did any of them ever say it’s good to think I got my guts blown out for the honor of my country? Did any of them ever say look at me I’m dead but I died for decency and that’s better than being alive? Did any of them ever say here I am I’ve been rotting for two years in a foreign grave but it’s wonderful to die for your native land? Did any of them say hurray I died for womanhood and I’m happy see how I sing even though my mouth is choked with worms?
Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk about are worth dying for or not. And the dead can’t talk. So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. If a man says death before dishonor he is either a fool or a liar because he doesn’t know what death is. He isn’t able to judge. He only knows about living. He doesn’t know anything about dying.
If he is a fool and believes in death before dishonor let him go ahead and die.
Shame on you chickenhawks, shame on all of you rotten fuckers!


Veteran’s Day: The Dishonor of War Worship

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day of war worship in an immoral and rotting empire fueled by more wars. There will be plenty of sanctimonious asses posturing and pontificating patriotism, politics and ‘glory’ on the usual right-wing vomitories like FOX. Hell, FOX even got into it all early this year with Sunday’s travesty NFL pregame show where privileged phonies like Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and the other moron ex-jocks dressed up like toy soldiers to shill for the black ops assassin General Stan McChrystal’s bloodlust in overrunning Afghanistan with more American troops, cannon fodder that will not be treated with the reverence of the green Army cadavers of Ft. Hood. I mean who would have given a tin shit if the hallowed Ft. Hood 13 had been blown to smithereens by a mortar round ten seconds after they stepped off the plane to Afghanistan? It suits the neverending war agenda to paint the poor saps as victims you see, and it fuels the fires of both intellectually and economically impoverished Americans to blame it all on the horrible Muslim man who according to the usual anonymous sources is affiliated with al CIAda and if the terrursts [sic] are already carrying out nefarious plots on our military bases well Sally Soccer Mom, just how long will it be before they are blowing up your children in our shopping malls? All rank horseshit, exploited by traitors and cowards to send others to die in the wars that they are too gutless to serve in. Today a military veteran I want all of the right wing war lovers to line up in a single file line and come and kiss my big fat ass….oh, and don’t forget to salute me first you filthy chickenhawks.

Veteran’s Day Storytime: From Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun

Of course a lot of guys were ashamed. Somebody said let’s go out and fight for liberty and so they went and got killed without ever once thinking about liberty. And what kind of liberty were they fighting for anyway? How much liberty and whose idea of liberty? Were they fighting for the liberty of eating free ice cream cones all their lives or for the liberty of robbing anybody they pleased whenever they wanted to or what? You tell a man he can’t rob and you take away some of his liberty. You’ve got to. What the hell does liberty mean anyhow? It’s just a word like house or table or any other word. Only it’s a special kind of word. A guy says house and he can point to a house to prove it. But a guy says come on let’s fight for liberty and he can’t show you liberty. He can’t prove the thing he’s talking about so how in the hell can he be telling you to fight for it?

No sir anybody who went out and got into the front line trenches to fight for liberty was a goddamn fool and the guy who got him there was a liar. Next time anybody came gabbling to him about liberty- what did he mean next time? There wasn’t going to be any next time for him. But the hell with that. If there could be a next time and somebody said let’s fight for liberty he would say mister my life is important. I’m not a fool and when I swap my life for liberty I’ve got to know in advance what liberty is and whose idea of liberty we’re talking about and just how much of that liberty we’re going to have. And what’s more mister are you as much interested in liberty as you want me to be? And maybe too much liberty will be as bad as too little liberty and I think you’re a goddamn fourflusher talking through your hat and I’ve already decided that I like the liberty I’ve got right here the liberty to walk and see and hear and talk and eat and sleep with my girt I think I like that liberty better than fighting for a lot of things we won’t get and ending up without any liberty at all. Ending up dead and rotting before my life is even begun good or ending up like a side of beef. Thank you mister. You fight for liberty. Me I don’t care for some.

Hell’s fire guys had always been fighting for liberty. America fought a war for liberty in 1776. Lots of guys died. And in the end does America have any more liberty than Canada or Australia who didn’t fight at all? Maybe so I’m not arguing I’m just asking. Can you look at a guy and say he’s an American who fought for his liberty and anybody can see he’s a very different guy from a Canadian who didn’t? No by god you can’t and that’s that. So maybe a lot of guys with wives and kids died in 1776 when they didn’t need to die at all. They’re dead now anyway. Sure but that doesn’t do any good. A guy can think of being dead a hundred years from now and he doesn’t mind it. But to think of being dead tomorrow morning and to be dead forever to be nothing but dust and stink in the earth is that liberty?

They were always fighting for something the bastards and if anyone dared say the hell with fighting it’s all the same each war is like the other and nobody gets any good out of it why they hollered coward. If they weren’t fighting for liberty they were fighting for independence or democracy or freedom or decency or honor or their native land or something else that didn’t mean anything. The war was to make the world safe for democracy for the little countries for everybody. If the war was over now then the world must be all safe for democracy. Was it? And what kind of democracy? And how much? And whose?

Then there was this freedom the little guys were always getting killed for. Was it freedom from another country? Freedom from work or disease or death? Freedom from your mother-in-law? Please mister give us a bill of sale on this freedom before we go out and get killed. Give us a bill of sale drawn up plainly so we know in advance what we’re getting killed for and give us also a first mortgage on something as security so we can be sure after we’ve won your war that we’ve got the same kind of freedom we bargained for.

And take decency. Everybody said America was fighting a war for the triumph of decency. But whose idea of decency? And decency for who? Speak up and tell us what decency is. Tell us how much better a decent dead man feels that an indecent live one. Make a comparison there in facts like houses and tables. Make it in words we can understand. And don’t talk about honor. The honor of a Chinese or an Englishman or an African negro or an American or a Mexican? Please all you guys who want to fight to preserve our honor let us know what the hell honor is. Is it American honor for the whole world we’re fighting for? Maybe the world doesn’t like it. Maybe the South Sea Islanders like their honor better.

For Christ sake give us things to fight for we can see and feel and pin down and understand. No more highfalutin words that mean nothing like native land. Motherland fatherland homeland native land. It’s all the same. What the hell good to you is your native land after you’re dead? Whose native land is it after you’re dead? If you get killed fighting for your native land you’ve bought a pig in a poke. You’ve paid for something you’ll never collect.

And when they couldn’t hook the little guys into fighting for liberty or freedom or democracy or independence or decency or honor they tried the women. Look at the dirty Huns they would say look at them how they rape the beautiful French and Belgian girls. Somebody’s got to stop all that raping. So come on little au’ join the army and save the beautiful French and Belgian girls. So the little guy got bewildered and he signed up and in a little while a shell hit him and his life spattered out of him in red meat pulp and ho was dead. Dead for another word and all the fierce old bats of the D.A.R. get out and hurrah themselves hoarse over his grave because he died for womanhood.

Now it might be that a guy would risk getting killed if his women were being raped. But if he did why he was only striking a bargain. He was simply saying that according to the way he felt at the time the safety of his women was worth more than his own life. But there wasn’t anything particularly noble or heroic about it. It was a straight deal his life for something he valued more. It was more or less like any other deal a man might make. But when you change your women to all the women in the world why you begin to defend women in the bulk. To do that you have to fight in the bulk. And by that time you’re fighting for a word again.

When armies begin to move and flags wave and slogans pop up watch out little guy because it’s somebody else’s chestnuts in the fire not yours. It’s words you’re fighting for and you’re not making an honest deal your life for something better. You’re being noble and after you’re killed the thing you traded your life for won’t do you any good and chances are it won’t do anybody else any good either.

Maybe that’s a bad way to think. There are lots of idealists around who will say have we got so low that nothing is more precious than life? Surely there are ideals worth fighting for even dying for. If not then we are worse than the beasts of the field and have sunk into barbarity. Then you say that’s all right let’s be barbarous just so long as we don’t have war. You keep your ideals just as long as they don’t cost me my life. And they say but surely life isn’t as important as principle. Then you say oh no? Maybe not yours but mine is. What the hell is principle? Name it and you can have it.

You can always hear the people who are willing to sacrifice somebody else’s life. They’re plenty loud and they talk all the time. You can find them in churches and schools and newspapers and legislatures and congress. That’s their business. They sound wonderful. Death before dishonor. This ground sanctified by blood. These men who died so gloriously.

They shall not have died in vain. Our noble dead.


But what do the dead say?

Did anybody ever come back from the dead any single one of the millions who got killed did any one of them ever come back and say by god I’m glad I’m dead because death is always better than dishonor? Did they say I’m glad I died to make the world safe for democracy] Did they say I like death better than losing liberty? Did any of them ever say it’s good to think I got my guts blown out for the honor of my country? Did any of them ever say look at me I’m dead but I died for decency and that’s better than being alive? Did any of them ever say here I am and I’ve been rotting for two years in a foreign grave but it’s wonderful to die for your native land? Did any of them say hurray I died for womanhood and I’m happy see how I sing even though my mouth choked with worms?

Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk a;bout are worth dying for or not. And the dead can’t talk. So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. If a man says death before dishonor he is either a fool or a liar because he doesn’t know what death is. He isn’t able to judge. He only knows about living. He doesn’t know anything about dying. If he is a fool and believes in death before dishonor let him go ahead and die. But all the little guys who are too busy to fight should be left alone. And all the guys who say death before dishonor is pure bull the important thing is life before death they should be left alone too. Because the guys who say life isn’t worth living without some principle so important you’re willing to die for it they are all nuts. And the guys who say you’ll see there’ll come a time you can’t escape you’re going to have to fight and die because it’ll mean your very life why they are also nuts. They are talking like fools. They are saying that two and two make nothing. They are saying that a man will have to die in order to protect his life. If you agree to fight you agree to die. Now if you die to protect your life you aren’t alive anyhow so how is there any sense in a thing like that? A man doesn’t say I will starve myself to death to keep from starving. He doesn’t say I will spend all my money in order to save my money. He doesn’t say I will burn my house down in order to keep it from burning. Why then should he be willing to die for the privilege of living There ought to be at least as much common sense about living and dying as there is about going to the grocery store and buying a loaf of bread.

And all the guys who died all the five million or seven million or ten million who went out and died to make the world safe for democracy to make the world safe for words without meaning how did they feel about it just before they died? How did they feel as they watched their blood pump out into the mud? How did they feel when the gas hit their lungs and began eating them all away? How did they feel as they lay crazed in hospitals and looked death straight in the face and saw him come and take them? I! the thing they were fighting for was important enough to die for then it was also important enough for them to be thinking about it in the last minutes of their lives. That stood to reason. Life is awfully important so if you’ve given it away you’d ought to think with all your mind in the last moments of your life about the thing you traded it for. So did all those kids die thinking of democracy and freedom and liberty and honor and the safety of the home and the stars and stripes forever?

You’re goddamn right they didn’t.
They died crying in their minds like little babies. They forgot the thing they were fighting for the things they were dying for. They thought about things a man can understand. They died yearning for the face of a friend. They died whimpering for the voice of a mother a father a wife a child They died with their hearts sick for one more look at the place where they were born please god just one more look. They died moaning and sighing for life. They knew what was important They knew that life was everything and they died with screams and sobs. They died with only one thought in the* minds and that was I want to live I want to live I want to live.

Rummy And The Gutless Wonders


“Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country.”

-President Theodore Roosevelt

They are the ones who are shouting the loudest for others to die in foreign lands, they are the ones waving the flag the most vigorously while undermining all that it is supposed to stand for. These are the Armchair Patriots, and they are legion. The insistence of the most vile of all, the Republican party, a group that has come to symbolize the darkest of all of the basest human traits and who love to ‘wave the bloody flag’ and tar all others as disloyal and treasonous is a low point in our nation’s history and is certainly the most scurrilous and rotten of periods since the days when Joseph McCarthy was persecuting political dissidents suspected of being “Communists”. Of course McCarthy was a Republican and so were his lackeys Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan as well as his most prominent and outspoken living advocate: a woman named Ann Coulter.

Of course being a Democrat is by the very association deemed `unpatriotic’ and a `coward’ in using the dastardly labeling of Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rove and the rest of the unscrupulous and yellow thugs who control the government, the media, the courts and by extension are the operators of the message machine that spits out the hateful swill that motivates the most reactionary and ignorant segments of the populace who represent their base. This anti-American political party could never carry the torch were it not for their deception and demagoguery in playing to the most base and vile instincts of the perennially angry. Like any good purveyor of evil that is expert in enabling double speak and race baiting, they have a little something for everybody just like their role models the Nazis but we’ll get to that a bit later.Festering resentment towards women? Welcome to the party. Hate Mexicans, Arabs and Blacks? Step right up. Think that liberals are destroying the country? We do too. Are you on God’s side? Hallelujah, so are we. Do you want to defeat the homosexual agenda? We are on your side and God is too. Are You Afraid? We promise to protect you. The Constitution? It’s just a goddamned piece of paper, we have the flag!

When you look beneath the flotsam and jetsam on the surface you will see that the values volk are anything but patriotic and their value system is anything but American. Flag desecration? Let the Republicans wrap themselves in it, what could be more disrespectful than that. Consider their collective military service, the majority of them have never worn a uniform, or at least never worn one in the service of their country.

Big Time Chickenhawks:


George W. Bush: Served in National Guard through the grace of a rich and influential daddy (then he didn’t bother to show up for his last year while addled on coke and no matter what the fuck what the right-wing activists who set up Dan Rather say….just fuck them all because in all likelihood they are sniveling chickenshit bastards too.)
Dick Cheney: Never Served (multiple draft deferments)
Condi Rice: Never Served(But once had oil tanker named after her)
Karl Rove: Never Served
Sen. Bill Frist: Never Served
Speaker Dennis Hastert: Never Served
Gov. Jeb Bush: Never Served
Sen. Rick Santorum: Never Served
Sen. Joe Lieberman: Never Served
Sen. George Allen: Never Served
Gov. Arnold Scharzenegger: Never Served (although his daddy once served in Adolf Hitler’s military)

The Neo Cons (PNAC’ers andthe architects of the war)

Donald Rumsfeld: Hooray…he actually served! (which makes him stick out like a turd in a punchbowl with the rest of this crowd even if he wouldn’t know the definition of ‘fascism’ if it ran up and bit him in the ass)
Paul Wolfowitz: Never Served
Richard Perle: Never Served
Newt Gingrich: Never Served
Eliot Abrams: Never Served
Douglas Feith: Never Served
Michael Ledeen: Never Served
William Kristol: Never Served (But was once nicknamed “Dan Quayle’s brain”)
Charles Krauthammer: Never Served

The Flag Waving Electronic Demagogues:

Bill O’Reilly: Never Served
Sean Hannity: Never Served
David Horowitz: Never Served
Michelle Malkin: Never Served (Although there is an unconfirmed rumor floating around the internet that she may be an anchor baby of somebody who actually did)
Ann Coulter: Never Served (and Godlessly so I might add)
Michael Weiner: Never Served
Rush Limbaugh: Never Served due to large cyst on ass (and by the way why isn’t anybody asking what this fat fucking deviate slob was fucking during his Viagra powered soiree through the Dominican – little girls or little boys….what a piece of shit)

Beginning to notice a pattern here? I have neither the time nor the space to continue with the chickenhawk roll call but rest assured the aforementioned have plenty of company amongst their cowardly ranks. They are Armchair Patriots, those who detest American values but wave the flag as though it were some sort of shield for their fascism. Armchair patriots believe in war without their own personal sacrifice, they believe that war is the simplistic jingoism of the John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone movies that they have been weaned on. By the way, John Wayne never served either.

The F Word: And when they are not otherwise occupied in impugning the patriotism of loyal Americans the one-party ruling Republican government is engaged in their typical tricks of manufacturing their own version of revisionist history:

The latest and greatest talking point for the continuation of one-party Republican tyranny is the misuse of the actual term ‘fascism’ to only apply to Islamics and the invocations of World War II the good war in pimping their phony ‘war on terror’. The war on terror is a fake you ask? Heresy? No it is just politically expedient in that there is a vaguely defined enemy that can be used by the amoral snakes of the Bush junta for purposes of fear mongering and marginalizing of dissent. Just ask yourself this one main question: if the GWOT was anything more than hype and sloganeering then exactly why in the fuck are our borders still so porous? The Republicans are far more concerned with providing a constant flow of cheap labor to their corporate paymasters than in stopping the potential smuggling of WMD or the infiltration of terrorist elements into the USA. Then there is a NAFTA super highway currently under construction that will make it even easier for unchecked cargo to be trucked in from non-union ports in Mexico but that is a story for another day.

The truth is that the bottom line is more important to the one-party Republican government and the industrialists and corporatists that they loyally serve than the safety and security of average Americans.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld led the vanguard of those desperate scoundrels in  Wednesday speech  in front of an American Legion gathering where he cowardly labelled the critics of this bastard of an administration and their foul war as appeasers of “a new type of fascism.” New is correct as this so called “new fascism” flies in the face of the true historical definition of such , a governing philosophy that has far more in common with that of the Bush administration than any of the Islamic theocratic regimes that the Rovians seek to ensnare in their public relations blitz to trash critics.

You have to give a hell of a lot of credit to those who see the slime and have the nuts and backbone to stand up for that which is truly American in denouncing this new McCarthyism. I would strongly suggest than anybody who doesn’t understand what true courage is to watch MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann’s excellent and truly patriotic denunciation of Herr Rummsfeld’s reprehensibly depraved comments while it is still available. Also check out this excellent piece by Thom Hartmann on the right-wingers’ attempts to redefine the term fascism in order to avoid drawing attention to their all too obvious association with it.

It is not at all strange in these twisted and terrible times that the Republican talking points have now converted ‘fascism’ into Rovian newspeak but who are you going to trust, the wordsmiths who toil in Rove and Cheney’s underground chop-shops or a higher authority on the English language than even the Bush administration propaganda machine – ‘The Miriam Webster Dictionary’:

Main Entry: fas·cism
Pronunciation: ‘fa-“shi-z&m also ‘fa-“si- Function: noun
Etymology: Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces Often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 


If you chose the former then a nice little patriotic swastika adorned lapel pin is the prize to you as a lucky ducky winner and official goose-stepping member of those in favor with Der Heimat and the New American Century.

If there were any sort of justice then treasonous, anti-American vermin the likes of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rove whose naked greed is surpassed only by their lust for power would according to the great words of author Dalton Trumbo:

“Be hanged and drawn and quartered and paraded through the streets in small chopped up little bits and thrown out into the fields where no clean animal will touch them and let their chunks rot there and may no green thing ever grow where they rot.” 


And when you really get down to it hanging is far too good a fate for despicable pig-fucking traitors the likes of Ragged Dick and his longtime Nixon era partner in crime Donald Rumsfeld but drawing and quartering would be a damned good start.

It’s going to get nastier now, and you can count on it that the ruling Republican fascist government will be pulling every dirty trick out of the bag for the big fifth birthday party for our new American century when it rolls around in a little over a week.

Just how in the hell did we ever get to the point where we as a country could become so morally depraved that we would allow sleazy, immoral, unpatriotic, morally deficient, perverse, evil, greedy, criminally insane pieces of shit like Cheney and Rumsfeld slither their way into power riding on the coattails of the idiot bastard son of a former president to begin with? This fascist Republican regime and the anti-American goons who comprise this most despicable of all administrations in our history are God’s plague upon us all, a pox that will likely never be erased in the lifetime of any living reader of this posting. So contemptible has their repudiation of over two hundred and thirty fucking years of American values been that we will forever be tainted as a people, this bullshit has irreversibly damaged us both within and outside of our borders.

And as for Cheney, the bastard’s cardiologist should be declared public enemy number one.

You just know that Rove and the Republicans aren’t going to go quietly into the goodnight, scurrying away like cockroaches from the illumination of their dank, fetid, stinking nest. No, that’s not their style, there is far too much at stake here, far more than the stupendous fraud of defending the ‘honor’ of their insolent king.

The stakes are much higher than just pulling together to dutifully reinforce the myth of the moral clarity of the illegitimate king’s rapidly crumbling shit bastard facade of steadfast leadership or of covering up for the incompetence of the bad seed of global power broker George Herbert Walker Bush… it is the entire dishonest, unprincipled, evil, perverse, tainted, degenerate, immoral, rotten, debased, unscrupulous, corrupt, infected and impure nature of their toxically contaminated defilement of the entire system of American government and it’s illicit network of benefactors that is at risk of exposure to the long needed media scrutiny that such a shamelessly concocted stinking dung heap of an endeavor of misbegotten gains and outright reprobate behavior needs to keep it safely away from the public trust and in the sewers underneath welded shut manhole covers in which it belongs.

No, they are going to fight this as though they were ensconced in the parapets of the Alamo itself, and considering that so many of the principles would be facing so many criminal charges, indictments, prison time and financial ruin that the entire judicial system would be swamped for years. Gitmo would have to be converted to a penal colony to house each and every rotten piece of unprincipled reprobate garbage that currently holds power in this debased and foul country.

The fascists like the real terrorists are within our own borders – they are the Republican one-party government that has spread the blackness of unopposed tyranny around our land.
The armchair patriots will soon launch a withering carpet bombing barrage because there is nothing that they won’t do to prevent both a legitimately independent investigation into the causes of 9/11 or their treasonous criminal actions thereafter.

This is a time that will truly test the mettle of those who truly believe in the American ideals that have been discarded by the fascists in the Republican one-party rule in particular and the wicked members of the Bush administration.

I will close now with this all too relevant quote from the great Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and the purity of its heart.”


We were so much smarter as a society at one time in our history…too bad that we pissed it all away for chump change and a ticket to ride on the Rapture Bus.