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The Serendipitous ‘Suicide’ of the D.C. Madame

“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”

-Joseph Stalin

You can add D.C. Madame Deborah Jeanne Palfrey to that long list of marvelously convenient mysterious deaths, ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ that have for so long been a fixture of the hijacked by fascist American political system. The dead giveaway on the importance of Palfrey and the threat that she represents is that ordinarily such an incident would be flogged to death 24/7 on the corporate media machine given the sexual sleaze factor and the celebrity allure. Well that insipid blathering sow Nancy Grace spent about ten or fifteen minutes on it on Thursday and was then on to something involving actor Rob Lowe, as much as I hate cable ‘news’ programs I tuned again last night and she was talking about some kidnapped or murdered pregnant teenager, you know, the same local news that is trumped up and manufactured into a national crisis.

Palfrey was really big trouble for a lot of folks with serious clout and the cover story of her hanging herself is in my opinion just more of the same easily digestible lemming food that is usually spoon-fed to the masses of asses when such things occur so as not to induce even the slightest doubt in the legitimacy of the good and wise people who are running their government while they can stay in their narcotized state in front of their beloved television sets.

Now I just happen to live in the same county where Palfrey’s body was found and after being front page news in the major area newspaper on Friday the next day’s follow up story was very small, below the fold in the local and state section not about Palfrey but rather one that was dismissive of so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ who found the ‘suicide’ to be as suspicious as I do. It has not been covered in depth by any of the major websites to my knowledge, you know the same ones that gave us all of that wonderful detail on the Natalee Holloway disappearance, Anna Nicole Smith’s O.D., the amazing adventures of Laci and the fetus and the great in depth coverage of the sex offender or pederast of the week at the expense of say the crimes of the Bushreich, the war, real economic news absent the numbers massaging to obfuscate and obscure the real picture and the accompanying dismantling of America by the Wall Street looters as the oligarchy locks in the gains and offshores the rest of the country.

Every and I mean EVERY piece that I saw in the mainstream media accepted and sold at face value that this was a suicide even though Palfrey’s prostitution operation was so tied in to the most integral parts of the fascist establishment and that she had given interviews on radio programs that she was NOT going to commit suicide. The one story that I did see in the Orlando Sentinel had this little tidbit that wasn’t picked up anywhere else but should have been for a very obvious reason:

On Monday, Palfrey arrived at her two-bedroom, two-bath corner condominium at Park Lake Towers, where she often stayed on trips to visit her mother, Strizack said. She had owned the Orlando home since 1996, but it was up for sale.

Palfrey was a pleasant, meticulous person, Strizack recalled. She treasured her privacy so much that she once sued the condominium association because it kept a key to her unit.

She did not draw attention to herself, but when she talked to you, she was clearly well-organized and in control, he said.

On Monday, Palfrey seemed no different. She carried clothing, briefcases and suitcases down the stairs from her second-floor apartment to a rented car in the parking lot, stopping to chat as usual.

She told Strizack she was taking her property to her mother’s home in preparation for prison. Contrary to the U.S. Attorney’s Office estimate, she told the condo manager she thought she might spend six or seven years behind bars.

On one trip down the stairs, she lugged a 2-foot-wide box she suggested carried materials related to her infamous court case.

“This is my evidence,” she told Strizack before carrying it out the door.

Now I personally would find it strange that the women was found swinging from a rope shortly after making a comment like that. But Florida being what it is which is the diseased penis of America, a sweltering cesspool of crime, corruption, black ops and depravity where elections go to be stolen there is no chance in hell that any sort of legitimate follow up investigational work be done into Palfrey’s death. Not with Jeb Bush’s people still dug in like ticks in the state bureaucracy and with sitting Governor Charlie Crist rumored to be on the list as John McCain’s running mate.

Regarding the client list Republican diaper baby David Vitter (who still sits in Congress) was the one main name came out but dark rumors abounded that heavy hitters like one Richard B. Cheney may have at one time used the service while in the employ of Haliburton. Of course now we’ll never know will we?

Palfrey is just the latest but there have been so many others, the lesser minded and the deniers will of course accuse me of being a ‘tin-foil hatter’ but they are intellectually barren and content to lay warmly inside their warm security blanket of denial and suck their thumbs rather than acknowledge that this government is run (and has been for a long time) by a criminal syndicate far worse than the mafia itself.

Here are just a few of the others whose deaths were marvelously serendipitous for the prevailing status quo that I personally find to be very interesting.

Danny Casolaro: Was working on a book about a far-reaching global criminal syndicate with roots in the U.S. government that he had called The Octopus that tied together elements of the Reagan-Bush administration, an old boy CIA network, the theft of the legendary PROMIS software, international gangsters, BCCI figures and government contractors. He was found dead in a bathtub with his wrists sliced open in a West Virginia motel after telling friends that he was going to “bring back” the head of the Octopus.

Steve Kangas: Critic of the American extreme right and the Central Intelligence Agency Kangas wrote the marvelous piece The Origins of the Overclass and was rumored to be working on a book on CIA covert operations when he was shot dead in get this – the home of Hillary Rodham-Clinton buddy Richard Mellon Scaife.

Gary Caradori: During the Franklin Coverup involving allegations of child prostitution against Republican officials including rising GOP star Lawrence King and leading up to the White House itself investigator Caradori along with his young son perished in yet another of those small plane crashes that seem to occur with great frequency when the occupants are a threat to the establishment

Gary Webb: investigative reporter who wrote the famous Dark Alliance on the CIA-Contra crack cocaine connection series for the San Jose Mercury news and then had his life and career destroyed. He was found dead in 2004.

James Hatfield: Wrote a book called Fortunate Son about then presidential candidate George W. Bush alleging that Dubya had been busted for cocaine in 1972 and that his father had intervened to have the arrest covered up. Hatfield was then smeared, slimed and publicly vilified. He was found dead of an overdose in an Arkansas motel room in 2001.

Cliff Baxter: Enron executive and potential witness found shot dead in his car, death was ruled a suicide.

Kenneth Lay: Kenny Boy, a buddy of George W. Bush and the biggest kahuna of them all with Enron died of a heart attack after his conviction and before he could potentially cut a deal for sentencing leniency. Dead men tell no tales do they?

There are of course a multitude of others, and each of the above merits and entire post on their own all though could have caused serious problems to the existing establishment. Just a bit of research into the plethora of similary convenient and suspicious deaths related to both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration build a circumstantial case that this is no longer a government of the people for the people but one that has long become a criminal enterprise that serves the elite, the corporations, the defense industry and the financiers and will use any method at its disposal to terminate those who threaten it with extreme prejudice. A good piece that I recommend reading is L.F. Prouty’s An Introduction to the Assassination Business.

The trail of prematurely dead reporters, politicians, bureaucrats, former CIA directors and witnesses who are connected to government and corporate scandals is something that bears more serious scrutiny or at least the same amount of scrutiny that the missing teenager or pervert of the week is afforded by our pathetically deficient and corrupt mainstream media.
None other than old Joe Stalin himself put it best, “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem”.