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A Year In Hell: Part Three

Desperately searching for an exit strategy
A Shameless Sham: The King’s triumphal resurgence in front of a national television audience on Thursday night September 16th had all of the typical hallmarks of a Karl Rove bullshit epic: the extensive attention to detail in the staging, lighting and angles that allowed Bush to be shown at the podium with the perfectly illuminated Jackson Square in the background as well as the absence of any extemporaneous activity or pesky reporters or audience members that could provide a distraction from the great and mighty leader. This was yet another meticulously crafted public relations achievement by a White House propaganda machine stocked with those highly influenced by the work of Leni Riefenstahl and given the fact that they had to truck in their own lights and generators to pull off the big con of putting the bloom back on the rose, polishing the turd or otherwise putting lipstick on the pig that any documentary footage could be transformed into a modern masterpiece that would totally blow away Triumph of The Will.

It’s a good thing that the reopening of the French Quarter and its legendary drinking establishments are the first and foremost priority in the plans for the rejuvenation of the Crescent City because you would have to be pretty fucking snockered to place any credibility at all in Thursday night’s shameless horseshit disbursement ceremony. In the speech itself there was the obligatory linking to terrorism and 9/11 although it was much more subtle than the fear mongering of the past. More predictably and perhaps more alarmingly there was a super sized helping of the usual red meat that is thrown to the radical ‘christian’ crusaders that comprise the majority of Bush’s base and the holy warriors can expect even more as Rove orders the government to spend like drunken sailors which is certain to alienate the fence sitting fiscal conservatives who are growing more nervous by the day at the profligate in chief maxes the national credit cards for present gain. The speech if anything was well put together, Rove’s screenwriters did a great job as is typical, especially the historical references which are rare for an administration determined to keep the public as ignorant of the past as humanly possible. I have absolutely no doubt that a good percentage of simple minded Americans have are thoroughly convinced that their divinely annoited emperor actually penned it himself with talent on loan from God, a real miracle from a man whose literary skills were most recently displayed while scribbling slips seeking permission to go potty, and he didn’t even use a crayon.

After playing the God and Terror cards, Bush’s dissertation also contained stunning promises of massive government largesse and the ensuing piling on of even more debt to an already unseemly deficit that is groaning under the burden of frivolous tax cuts (Bush later absolutely ruled out tax increases to finance the grand rebuilding plans put forth), an extremely costly foreign war (that for the time being much to Rove’s delight has been forgotten the mainstream media and consequently by the general public who are focused on New Orleans) and the government sanctioned graft machine that has become so overtly prevalent during the past four and a half years of Rove’s agenda and the unscrupulous reign of Tom DeLay. The massive expansion of federal government this time is sanctioned by traditionally anti-big gov’t ideological think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and underwritten by radical special interest groups who only hate government spending of goliath proportions when they don’t control the politicians who control the purse stings.

Strangely enough the devastation wrought by Katrina as well as the indifferent initial response of the Bush administration, the GOP Congress and the Federal Government offered Americans a real life look at the true face of this country, the ugliness that is hidden behind the fantasy façade of consumerism and mass marketing, of television and advertising glamour. This drawing back of the curtain revealed the ugly little uber capitalist trolls pulling the levers of power and briefly exposing the true ugliness of the festering wound on the nation’s soul that was opened by the ‘Reagan Revolution’ and has worsened by over 20 years of the neglect of the poor and the shrinking middle class whose terrible plight has been held away as far from the public eye as technologically possible so as to allow the illicit transfer of wealth to the richest of all.

Excuse me but where is the honor or dignity in using yet another national tragedy to further a radical and corrupt political agenda? Then again, these are the same rat bastards who were using the agonizing deaths and suffering of the victims of 9/11 to advance their agenda before the first bodies were pulled from the rubble at Ground Zero and the smell of rotting flesh was freshly hanging in the Manhattan air. Ghouls exploit death and exploit it both callously and without regard to the long term moral implications that their pathological buzzard-like traits to elicit profit from the wreckage of the lives of the innocent represent. The stench of decomposing bodies was still heavy in the dank and fetid Louisiana air on Thursday, mingling with the malodorous bullshit scent of the same ole, same ole from Rove and his crew of crackerjack production experts in propping up the most pathetic excuse for a leader in American history yet again for the ever present cameras all while a large portion of the city was still underwater and the unrecovered dead lacking both the dignity and compassion that a truly humble god fearing man would marshall all forces within his power to provide.

This is the accountability moment America, do you seize this rare and maybe final opportunity to stop this insane dismantling of the social contract, of progressive government, of civil liberties, of our American legacy itself…or do you rub your eyes, change the channel and immerse yourselves in a comfortable world of familiar fantasy once again? You decide….if two plus two equals four than everything else is a given but the moment that you allow yourselves to be duped into believing that two plus two equals five then you have already sold your soul to the company store.

Putdown for the 21st Century and Beyond : “You’re doing a good job Brownie” will be used in sarcastic attacks for the rest of our lives on earth. The Bush administration is the gift that keeps on giving.
Trapping A Rat: Tom DeLay is indicted in Texas and as a result has to ‘step down’ as House Majority Leader leaving his proxy Roy Blunt in place. The legal maneuvers will continue for the remainder of the year and Denny’s House of Pigs will even go to the extraordinary length to extend their return until January 31, 2006 so that DeLay can weasel his way out of the charges in the Lone Star State. One problem with this for the GOP is that Jack Abramoff is going to end up ratting out ‘The Hammer’ and others to save his own slimy ass.

A Convenient Scapegoat: Ignorant little Lynddie England convicted in Abu Ghraib abuse scandal. The ignorant little hick slut who became the poster girl for post 9/11 America for her picture holding an Abu Ghraib prison detainee on a leash is thrown to the wolves while Rummy and his minions emerge relatively unscathed for their endorsement of the perversion of the torture sessions.

Surrender: John Roberts sworn in as chief justice as feckless Democrats in Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs roll over again with no resistance, I often wonder who is more at fault for our current problems Bush and the neocons or the spineless Dems. You have to admit, you expect the Republicans to be rat bastards and they do believe in standing for something even if it is the evil takeover of the country.

Who Fucking Cares? Part Two: NHL Returns with ‘new and improved’ video game style rules designed to boost scoring along with new logo designed to boost merchandise sales and in a throwback to the glory days of the Gretzky years of the eighties a television contract that will forever be legendary for it’s obscurity.

A Shoe Hits The Floor: Scooter Libby indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald in Valerie Plame CIA leak probe, Karl Rove pulls off another masterful last minute scam in order to avoid indictment….for the time being.

Cannon Fodder: ‘Official’ U.S. death toll in Iraq hits 2,000, of course this does not include those who have died in transit or in medical facilities after being wounded nor does it include the thousands of newly disabled veterans who lost limbs, sensory and cognitive abilities and their dignity in the neo con meatgrinder. Who the fuck cares? Given the reaction of the corporate media that is tired of the bummer news about the war the answer is far fewer than should.

Little Scalia: After being foced to dump Harriet Miers, Bush nominates radical right wing judicial activist Samuel ‘Scalito’ Alito to Supreme Court as extremist court packing scheme rolls on, the New Christian Right and corporate high rollers rejoice while America yawns….again.


Dishonoring Veterans: Bush used a PennsylvaniaVeteran’s Day appearance as a blatant and shameless forum to launch into a political diatribe regurgitating talking points, beating the drums of fear and divisiveness and attacking war critics. As far as honoring the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform what do you expect from a man who not only used his daddy’s influence to land a coveted job in the Texas Air National Guard despite test scores only slightly higher than those of a fry cook, sending some other poor bastard to risk death and/or torture in his place but then doesn’t even bother to show up for the last year of his own service commitment. Bush also played to all of the arm chair patriots by dragging out the great hunk of brainless jingo spewing nationalist red meat that is the flag burning amendment:

“In June the House of Representatives voted for a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration. I urge the United States Senate to pass this important amendment.”

Is it possible that there is anything more disrespectful to Old Glory than allowing it to be used as a wrapper for exteme right wing Republican turds? And what would a product relaunch be without the ubiquitous references to 9/11, Islamic fundamentalists, global war on terror, the swapping out of Pentagon created bogeyman Zarqawi for ‘Iraqi resistance’, terror, terrorists, terror, terrorists, 9/11, Al Queda, terror, they hate our way of life, Zarqawi, terrorism, September 11th, terrorism, kill Americans, militant Islam, democrats, 9/11, with us or against us…yada….yada…yada…. same old bullshit from this bunch of thieves and traitors. Veteran’s Day was so tarnished by its exploitation by the Republican Slime Machine that it was it was as though the very gates of Hell itself swung open today and discharged every damnable disgrace of a flag waving, repugnant, chickenshit sorry excuse Repug from the bubbling sulphuric dung pits where they normally thrash around amongst each other like rabid rats in a fetid nest. Draft Deferment Dick Cheney, the man who had ‘other things’ to do while his less fortunate peers were bleeding to death in rice paddies to stop the domino effect of those who in that era hated Americans for their way of life slimed out of his secluded bunker just long enough to defile the memory of veterans in an appearance at Arlington Cemetery where he dissembled once again and invoked what else…..terrorists.

Domestic Stalinism: Secret CIA overseas gulag network is revealed, White House and Pentagon outraged…..not that it exists but that they have been exposed.

Gutless Wonders: It is revealed that White Phosphorous was used against Iraqi civilians during the destruction of the city of Fallujah. The Italian documentary ‘Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre’ exposes the barbaric conduct of the Bush administration in authorizing the usage of the corrosive chemical and strips it of the faux moral high ground that it always claimed to possess but never practiced what it preached. This devastating piece is unrelenting in its honest and gut wrenching display of the burned bodies of the dead who are acceptable collateral damage in the holy crusade for empire and the global profiteering of Haliburton and the rest of the military industrial complex that traffic in human misery for their ill gotten gains.

Battle Of The Bulge II: Massive Team Bush counteroffensive begins four week blitzkrieg of propaganda and attack ads combined with distractions seek to regain momentum for fascist transformation of America. Results: A small bump in the polls and the general public ignorance as the holiday season begins.


Feeding Time For Lemmings: The phony ‘War on Christmas’ is once again promoted by right wing media goliath FOX and it’s resident lunatic attack dog Bill O’Reilly to further divide America along cultural and religious lines while obscuring real news, this tactic worked brilliantly last year and there was no reason to think that the people couldn’t be duped again….Rove and company are getting to the point where they are so predictable now. Get a grip people, Santa Claus relegated Jesus to second banana a long time before cable television even existed.
Somebody’s Watching YOU: Bush authorizes illegal spying on American citizens. Bush denounces exposure of NSA surveillance program as ‘shameful’, this could be the big one as any serious digging will surely discover that political opponents were targeted as well as domestic activist groups. Not even Nixon had brass balls this size.

Pop Goes The Bubble: A Census Bureau Report announces that new home sales dropped 11 percent in November. It will be a glorious sight indeed to see greedy Republicans ensnared in the spider web of their own speculative greed and burdened with the overpriced properties that they have leveraged all to purchase for the sole purpose of flipping which has only served to flip the bird to working class families who are being priced out of the ‘ownership society’ with alarming rapidity. With rising interest rates, food and energy prices and families that are mortgaged to the hilt an obsolete SUV or two already in the garage disaster may be on the horizon for millions of Americans. That giant sucking sound is the noise of easy refi money exiting the economy and if there is any justice the sight of homeless Republicans rummaging through dumpsters will soon become commonplace.

Darwin Wins Again: Anti-Enlightenment dogma loses out again as Pennsylvania judge rules against the teaching of ‘Intelligent Design’ as a Trojan Horse for Creationism to smuggle religion into the classroom. Don’t these people ever give up?

The Power of Organizing: A three day pre Christmas strike by the Transit Worker’s Union brings the city to a near standstill and according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg approximately one billion dollars in lost revenue was a result. This should be an very important message in an era when the power of labor is being laid waste to by corporate fascists and their political whores in Washington. As Howard Zinn puts it in his classic ‘A People’s History of the United States’ perhaps it is a time for a revolt of the guards.

The Disappearing Elections: The sham Iraq elections that had been so ardently pimped by the White House propaganda machine as proof of progress disappeared from the headlines as soon as it became apparent that not only had they succeeded in sowing the seeds for another future Islamic state but that the results themselves were being called into question with widespread allegations of fraud and vote fixing. Bush was absolutely correct when he promised to bring American style ‘democracy’ to Iraq and it couldn’t have worked out any better if Katherine Harris and Kenneth Blackwell themselves were sent to oversee the voting process. Iraqi voters are giving their occupiers the purple finger, how long will the corporate media ignore the ugly truth that thousands of American casualties have sacrificed life and limb to put into place another theocracy?

Dick’s Pick: Neo cons jubilantly ring in the new year with appointment of the corrupt swindler Ahmed Chalabi as the new Oil Minister, quite an influential position for a candidate who only managed to pull a meager one percent of the vote in recent elections. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The sound of popping champagne corks echo throughout Washington as elitists party over resounding success of their latest sleazy maneuver.
The one consistent thread throughout the entire year was the Bush administration’s ongoing thumbing of their noses at America and continuing their onslaught on the constitution. Let us hope that 2006 brings some sort an accountability moment that they couldn’t imagine in happening to them in their worst nightmares, with the growing mountain of scandals and leaks and Jack Abramoff getting ready to sing like a canary the conditions are ripe for a massive shift in the zeitgeist. With mid term elections on the horizon in November and every seat in Denny’s House of Pigs up for grabs it’s time to flush the toilet and start fresh in January 2007 with an impeachment party!

A Year In Hell: Part Two


The Smoking Gun: In a revelation that could have blown the lid completely off of the Bush administration’s insane lies in the run up to the invasion of Iraq The Sunday Times of London ran a story from a top secret British government meeting in early 2002 that documented that Bush had already made up his mind to remove Saddam from power and turn the country into a new Middle East hub for Haliburton and that “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy”. Holy Lying Sack of Shit Batman! Of course the corporate media in the U.S. did their duty and completely ignored it, leaving the news to be reported by the real journalists in the alternative media and the blogosphere where the story gained exposure to the point where Michigan Congressman John Conyers was able to gather a position and demand an inquiry. A hearing was actually held although the Republican thugs in Denny’s House of Pigs forced Conyers to do so in a crampted basement room in the Capitol and scheduled a flurry of legislative votes in order to stifle participation….what a bunch of scumbags!

Damned Bad Luck: If you thought that the true definition of serious misfortune was having a busload of Republicans going over the end of a cliff with two empty seats think again. On May 10 during a speech in Tbilisi, Georgia a cloth wrapped hand grenade was apparently lobbed from the crowd at George W. Bush and landed about 100 feet from the podium due to the inability of some rag armed loser in not being able to make the throw, talk about a hostile audience! Much to the dismay of the majority of the civilized world the fucking thing was a dud making the would be assassin a two time loser and ensuring that Bush would be around to continue his administration’s dismantling of America as well as escalating the holy crusade against all non fundamentalist Christians on the planet.

Power of The Dark Side: Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith, the long awaited final installment in the epic space series debuts much to the delight of the legions of faux stormtroopers, Wookies, Droids, Boba Fetts and other plastic light saber yielding dorks who spent ungodly amounts of their time standing in line for the opportunity to see the culmination of the origin of the evil Darth Vader. The movie was just another of the shallow, special effects laden pieces of trash that the series had become in the era of computer generated graphics but George Lucas and crew took a rare foray into social and political commentary by allegedly taking veiled shots at our nation’s very own enfant terrible turned dark, power drunk emperor. The Klingons, Romulans and Imperial Storm Troopers of the Republican noise machine were outraged at the ripple in the force.

Deep Throat Revealed: The mystery of the identity of Deep Throat, the inside source who tipped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to the story of the seventies and ultimately led to the demise of the nefarious bastard Richard M. Nixon, who now looks like a piker compared to the far more dangerous megalomaniac in the White House now and it wasn’t Hal Holbrook. Later on in the year Woodward would lose a bit of the sheen off his Robert Redford image when he is reveled as just another one time good journalist gone to seed having grown fat off of his reputation and become just another cog in the establishment machine when his duplicity in the Valerie Plame leak scandal is revealed kicking off a new grand jury session for Patrick Fitzgerald. His access for recent hagiographies on George W. Bush appears to have come with a price. More on this one later in the year.

Nataleemania: In another of the silly tabloid stories that corporate media so adores and runs 24/7 as an ongoing electronic lobotomy for the masses for months on end (sometimes even for years like the story of Scott, Lacie and the Fetus) Natalee Holloway, a pretty young white blond girl from Alabama goes missing in Aruba during a post High School graduation party trip and the nation apparently comes to a standstill as the news is on it with this ‘highly’ important tale that in a saner time would be relegated to Birmingham local news. The Hollaway distraction would be run through the summer like a malignant form of Kudzu, for a period alternating with the Michael Jackson pedophilia trial and choking off coverage of any stories that truly affect the lives of Americans like the ongoing carnage in Iraq, it couldn’t have worked better for Karl Rove who has his tentacles inside every major domestic media outlet. Is this a great country or what?


Yeah, Well Fuck You Too: Republicans trying to steal the Washington state governorship are shut down by judge’s ruling and for once lose as their intimidation tactics don’t work as well in a blue state with an educated, diverse and progressive population. Cry me a river you sleazy, conniving GOP bastards.

Really Brain Dead: Poor Terri Schiavo’s autopsy was completed and contrary to the diagnosis of Dr. Bill Frist and all of the other so called ‘expert’ witnesses called by the well funded movement theocrats who so vehemently advocated against the courts and her husband Michael who was viciously slandered, her brain had substantially liquefied and was irreversibly damaged although she still possessed a higher I.Q. at death than ninety percent of the ignorant unemployed peckerwoods who showed up at the hospice to protest and obstruct the rights of other sick patients and their grieving families.

Jacko Beats It: Michael Jackson once again slimes out of child molestation charges in what should have with any sort of prosecutorial competence been a slam dunk case that would have sent the ‘King of Pop’ to the slammer once and for all. However, the power of celebrity along with millions of dollars spent to smear and intimidate witnesses and pander to the public through a barrage of P.R. trumps the law once more giving yet another black eye to Southern California district attorneys who despite their desire to hold wealthy celebrities accountable for their actions are absolutely clueless tacticians when it comes to fighting the dirty battle that is necessary for justice to be served, the incompetent pussies have just got to be Democrats given their track record of futility and incompetence. O.J. Simpson is still working on his golf game while devoting his life to looking for the real killers (Marcia Clark and her incompetent crew of prosecutors were so overmatched that the only way that they may have actually gotten a conviction would have been if they had introduced into evidence photos of Simpson poking his dick into the mouth of Nicole’s decapitated head and maybe not even then given their gross ineptitude in matching up with the so called legal ‘Dream Team’ of Johnnie Cochran and F.Lee Bailey made the decision very early on according to fellow attorney Robert Shapiro ‘not only play the race card but to also deal it from the bottom of the deck’…they were Rove before Rove became a national name and the prosecution was clueless from the get go in the same manner as Democrats are today), Robert ‘Baretta’ Blake is out hunting for a new wife and now Whacko Jacko will be free to continue his career as a pathological sexual predator although facing dwindling finances that will make him use far more discretion when seducing young boys with ‘Jesus Juice’ before swallowing their cocks.

More Tabloid Cheese: Tragic isn’t it to watch the world of celebrity sleaze destroy a deity of their own making but that’s exactly what happened to man child Tom Cruise due to his recent ‘bizarre’ behavior. Cruise who was booked solid throughout the electronic carnival of perversion that is television in the era of the cult of celebrity had the audacity to defile the Temple of Oprah with a spontaneous outburst of energy over his most recent celebrity love affair, jumping up and down on a studio couch and most importantly becoming a bigger attraction than the host herself. For this he was vilified and mocked but the biggest ‘outrage’ came during an interview on NBC trash morning offering and primo network profit center ‘The Today Show’ where the actor dared to admonish poseur journalist and big time shill Matt Lauer over the drug Ritalin which is given to children with ADHD. Cruise had both the ignorance to proclaim that psychiatry is a ‘pseudo science’ as well as the audacity to make the un-American, anti-Capitalist statement that runs counter to the pharmaceutical lobby and neocon agenda and dared to suggest that the systematic turning of children into doped up little zombies was wrong. For that Cruise was vilified, his religion (Scientology) mocked and attacked as any religion other than radical Dominionism or Armageddon obsessed eschatology is in post inclusive America. Perhaps Cruise’s recent choice of projects which have found him in collaboration with the Jewish Steven Spielberg is a particular burr in the ass of the rising Christo Fascist empire, after all they need the Jews to perish in fiery agony for their sick fantasies of lustful revenge and domination to be fulfilled.

The Fear Factor: On July 7th, a coordinated suicide terrorist attack hits the London subway and transportation systems during rush hour, paralyzing the city, shocking the world, killing at least 52 and injuring at least 700 and most importantly of all giving Bush the opportunity to use the event to exploit the fear of Americans and invoke 9/11 ad nauseum. Once again the world is given yet another example of the destructive desperation that is a direct result of our warped foreign policy and global imperialism that continues to subjugate and oppress the poorest while forging relationships with some of the most barbaric despots on the planet in order to fuel the military industrial complex, plunder resources and keep a steady flow of cash running into the Swiss bank accounts of the global elitists. All of Bush’s rhetoric about ‘those who hate us for our way of life’ is just that, bullshit and rhetoric and as long as U.S. foreign policy is run by neocons and other fools the attacks will never stop. Of course avid right wing fetishists in post 9/11 paramilitary America advocate ‘killing them all’, a typically simplistic view that in layman’s terms is called genocide and this would result in becoming the moral equivalent of Hitler and his regime, a conclusion that couldn’t possibly be reached by the pea brained knuckle draggers of the pro Bush crusaders whose worldview was formed by watching too many John Wayne, Rambo and other movies and television series where the typical Arab is reduced to a caricature. None other than the one time radical bombthrower Pat Buchanan puts terrorism in perspective in his book ‘Where the Right Went Wrong’ as a tactic used often throughout history by any variety of societies including America and notes that some who are looked upon as heroes today actually used terrorism as a tool to further their own causes. General William Tecumseh Sherman and his union army committed attrocities and cruelty in their march through the south during the Civil War that culminated in the torching of Atlanta, revered abolitionist John Brown led a bloody slave rebellion and assault to punish southerners in general for their part in taking human beings for slaves, the heroic Nat Turner led a gang who murdered women and children and the civilian cities of Dresden and Tokyo were pulverized by allied bombing and burned with incendiaries during World War II. As Buchanan states “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ with far too much nuance for Bush and his theocratic lynch mob of anti-American revolutionaries. You get a very good idea of just how far down the rabbit hole that we have all gone when Buchanan sounds like a sensible voice in a wilderness otherwise packed with snarling, bloodthirsty wolves.

Deliverance: Sandra Day O’Connor retires from Supreme Court bench clearing the way for the holy grail of the theocratic movement, packing the judiciary with anti American zealots who are hell bent on blowing up the wall of separation.


Kiss His Royal Ass: King Bush subverts democracy through the recess appointment of the insidious and notoriously ill tempered John Bolton who was so unpalatable an grossly unqualified for the position that even GOP goosesteppers in the Senate refused to confirm the ‘ suck up kick down guy’ as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. In typical Bush fashion the move is yet another from the through the looking glass bizarro world that el predidente inhabits where down is up, white is black and rhyme and reason are interspersed with damn the torpedoes ideological moves to transform the country into a neocon/theocratic empire. In a normal world a nation’s chief diplomat would be someone who is actually skilled in the art of diplomacy and able to negotiate in an even handed manner complex solutions to critical problems with the utmost of cultural sensitivity and not the biggest asshole in America who has the disposition of a bullying Junior High School gym teacher and 7th grade football coach and comes with the cheesy seventies style hair style and idiotic unkempt mustach to look the part, all that is missing is the whistle around his neck and the appointment stinks worse than a locker room hopper bag full of moldy jock straps . Johnny B’s whose seething disdain for the very institution of the U.N. is illustrated by this quote “There’s no such thing as the United Nations. If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.” Bolton’s enmity for the U.N. would do a New World Order obsesseed, paranoia wracked Bircher proud.

Hearing Voices Again: Fiercely possessed Christian Reconstructionist and highly influential Republican televangelist Pat Robertson suggests that the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez be sanctioned by the Bush lackeys in Porter Goss’ new, revamped CIA. Hey Reverend, those voices that you are hearing are probably very similar in tone to those of the Son of Sam’s dogs…maybe it’s time to seek some professional help for that megalomania and those paranoid delusions that you keep having.

Storming The Gates: The nascent anti-war movement rears it’s head. Cindy Sheehan, and anti war activist mother whose son died in Iraq sets up Camp Casey outside of ‘Chickenhawk Ranch’ in Crawford where Dirty George is holed up, cutting brush in an ongoing phony attempt to appear as a reg’lar guy and popping out occasionally for fundraisers. Sheehan is of course vilified by right wing media and abandoned by the appeasers of the DLC and their corporate suckass platoons of bought and paid for so called opposition party politicians including queen in waiting Hillary Clinton. The unexpected result is a black eye for the Bush administration as she taps into a growing public sentiment of uneasiness with the war. Didn’t you notice that all of those ridiculous fucking yellow support the troops ribbons started to disappear from vehicles about this time…..all but the ones that were turned sideways in reference to the ‘Jesus Fish’ in support of the Evangelical crusade to bring about The Rapture. This was a huge and rare public relations loss for Team Bush whose aura of invincibility would very soon be swept away forever by the force majeure known as Katrina.

Making Landfall: The horrible fury of nature is displayed as Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast leaving behind devasting scenes more reminiscent of pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the aftermath of the dropping of the atomic bombs sixty years ago. Grand Emperor Bush shrugs and strums away on a gittar at a phony P.R. stop in San Diego on his ‘Escape from Cindy Sheehan Tour’ while the Big Easy drowns and then fails to respond adequately for days while anarchy breaks out in the streets and thousands of mainly black Americans are stranded in deplorable conditions in the Louisiana Superdome and New Orleans Convention Center amidst without food, water, medical assistance or adequate law enforcement to prevent the looters and rapists from engaging in their mayhem. This debacle would prove to be the long needed reverse 9/11 that would strip the Bush administration from their aura of immunity to criticism and expose the emperor as the naked, babbling fool that he is and always has been to any not seduced by the imagery or terrified by the fear mongering. The normally proficient White House propaganda operation was caught off guard by this one and the man in the bubble had to be shown a DVD of the wreckage before he went into damage control mode. The official excuse (there always is one for losers) was that Karl Rove was in the hospital with kidney stones which I hope caused the rotund fiend days of excruciating pain….he deserves it.

A Year In Hell: Part One

G.W. Bush may have been Time’s Man of The Year but so what, Hitler once was too!

The Best ‘News’ Money Can Buy: In what would become a recurring theme throughout the year with numerous others black commentator Armstrong Williams is revealed to be an administration shill, taking payola to advocate for the right wing agenda of Karl Rove and Tom DeLay. The Williams bombshell was only the first to be revealed as the pervasive use of taxpayer dollars to fund global fascist propaganda is raging throughout the media like an unstoppable malignant cancer. Not that the vast majority of Americans bother to read or watch the news anyway.

All Hail The Fourth Reich: Bush’s coronation ceremony features a Nuremberg style speech that promotes empire and hegemony in the guise of democracy. Fanatical neo conservative propagandists Charles Krauthaummer and William Kristol were retained as consultants in the crafting of this epic Leo Straus tinged disgorgement of bellicose rhetoric that served notice on the world that Iraq was only the appetizer or the modern day equivalent of the Sudetenlands…will Iran soon be Bush’s Poland?

Quid Pro Quo: Condi Rice rewarded for duplicitous obsequiousness with Secretary of State appointment. It took a lot of stones for Rice to lie in front of the 9/11 Commission after public opinion in an election year demanded it but she dissembled masterfully and was rewarded with Colin Powell’s old office as a result.


Watch Out For Speedy Gonzalez: Longtime Bush lackey Alberto Gonzalez confirmed as Attorney General, sails through on the sole virtue of being an improvement over religious fanatic John Ashcroft. The nude statues in the Department of Justice are once again allowed to return to their natural state.

Our National Day of Excess: The defending champion New England Patriots beat prima donna WR Terrell Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 for NFL title in national pagan orgy of hype and excess that is the Super Bowl. The real winners are the advertisers who are able to once again charge a record amount for tasteless and tacky advertising spots during the game.

Hot Gay Sex in the White House: The Jeff Gannon sex scandal explodes like a cum shot off of the roof of the mouth of an ‘unnamed senior White House official’. There was nothing funnier than hypocritical Republicans crying ‘gay bigotry’ over this lurid little tale of a gay prostitute with high level White House clearance. Where were the national morality police this time? At least Bill Clinton was getting his joint lubed by a member of the opposite sex not presiding over a house of ill repute where homosexual prostitution was rampant. Where is the restoration of honor and integrity to the White House when so much cornholing is being conducted in the outer offices?

Who Cares? Part One: NHL Season officially cancelled: no fucking shit!

A Trophy for the Right: Dan Rather, feared and loathed by the extreme right since his days as the CBS White House Correspondent during the exposure of Richard M. Nixon’s criminal behavior signed off for good as anchor of the CBS Evening News after being disgraced and hung out to dry by CBS corporate hacks as a result of a Karl Rove trap regarding allegedly falsified documents relating to George W. Bush’s controversial absence from his stint with the Alabama National Guard. The right wing bloggers rejoiced after hanging this prized pelt in their trophy case.

Feeding Frenzy: The Terri Schiavo circus, it is rare where one extended incident manages to taint every person and institution involved but this was the one that did it. From Tom DeLay and Bill Frist’s posturing and pandering to their whacko masters of the radical religious right, to George W. Bush’s midnight bill signing, to his brother Jeb’s near state constitutional crisis by sending his storm troopers to invade the hospice and seize the living corpse to the typical rollovers of the Democrats, to the hundreds of freaks who turned out to hold vigils, to the death threats and excommunication from his church of the local judge, to the bottom feeders like racist cop of O.J. Simpson fame Mark Furhrman, publicity hound Jesse Jackson, to violence preaching anti abortion activist Randall Terry, to militia hero Bo Gritz and the FOX network onsite crew, to the Schindler family who prostituted their daughter out to the theocrats all emerged from this sordid fiasco forever stigmatized by their association with it.

Pope Dies, Parasites Rejoice: Beloved Pope John Paul II passed away after holding the exalted position for 27 years during which he survived assassination attempts, toured the globe playing to audiences that contemporary rock stars could only dream of in the stadium venues that they typically dominated, did more to defeat Communism than the fraudulent poseur Ronald Wilson ever did and in his last days even allegedly feared that George W. Bush was the Anti-Christ. The opportunists were out in force before the body of the pontiff even reached room temperature, peddling memorabilia on E-Bay and in kiosks and retail outlets throughout the world. I personally was awestruck when my local Super Wal Mart’s legendary JIT (Just In Time) inventory system ensured that there were commemorative Pope John Paul II magazines and other cheesy items available within three days of the Pope’s passing proving that the only power more impressive than that of God himself is that of free market Capitalism and the ultimate symbol of worship: $$$$.
Judicial Activism: Religious right attacks on the judiciary cross the line from normal nonsensical ranting into an outright attempt to overthrow the American judicial system. Tom DeLay (who else) used the triumph of the system over zealotry in allowing the sad Schiavo debacle to finally end with the poor woman’s passing to launch a renewed assault against judges everywhere in stoking the fires of holy rollers with volcanic rhetoric “The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior” spouted DeLay who threatened judges who interpreted the law according to the constitution with impeachments as well as cutting the funding for the courts. Implied threats and the apparent sanctioning of violence were evident in comments of Texas Senator John Cornyn where he blamed recent courtroom attacks on pent up frustration over judicial rulings not in accordance with the theocratic agenda. Conferences and rallies were organized by hate spewing demagogues including a massive Justice Sunday event where Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist appeared to denounce ‘judicial activism’ and threaten to invoke the ‘nuclear option’ to eliminate the filibuster from Senate procedures via a television broadcast that was beamed into participating into megachurch temples of wrath throughout the land. The Naziesque events were organized by Tony Perkins (the other psycho) of the Family Research Council. Perkins is a man who once purchased the mailing list of former KKK Grand Wizard and Louisiana politico David Duke to recruit members for his organization…and you wonder why these people are so hostile and bigoted?

Got Mit Uns: The media frenzy continued unabated as the conclave gathered at the Vatican to select the successor to the deceased pope, mesmerized by puffs of smoke up the chimney of the chapel, an archaic ritual that would signify that a new pontiff had been elected. And the winner is: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger nicknamed God’s Rottweiler and Panzercardinal, former member of the Hitler Youth and current leader of a Catholic church movement seeking to return to the good old days of yore before the Reformation and Enlightenment put a damper on the true blood soaked spirit of Roman Catholicism. The man who once said that “The process against Galileo was reasonable and just”, a former servant of Der Fuehrer himself , a man representing the most hardcore elements of the church and espousing a return to the doctrine of the days when heretics were flayed apart during the inquisition was the winner. The arcane ceremony of the chimney and smoke made for great tv but is yet another sign of the regressive religious fervor that is plaguing society these days. After two streams of black smoke up the chimney showing failed votes to elect a new pope there finally came to the delight of the holy flockers gathered in St. Peter’s square a signal that a new pope had been chosen, a stream of white smoke belched forth from the chimney of St. Peter’s Basilica, perhaps it just took Ratzinger a while to finally find a Jew to burn. As Pope, he has chosen the name Benedict XVI to use as the stamp of approval that will be affixed to his holy crusade….I guess that the title of Hitler II would have generated just a bit too much controversy for comfort.

Pearls Before Swine

The GOP spin machine is raking the bottom of the barrel given yesterday’s public relations update regarding the king’s activities during his holiday season vacation (fucking off on the taxpayer dole yet again) at the phony movie set of Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX. The man who discourages reading is now being touted as an ‘avid reader’ for apparently doing some page turning himself during this current hiatus from the White House. Strangely enough one of the books is on former president Theodore Roosevelt. Bush is a “history buff” according to a flack who provided the details to the press. Teddy Roosevelt is a strange choice for Le Enfant Terrible because despite his macho image that included charging San Juan Hill as a rough rider and sending the ‘Great White Fleet’ on a world tour to promote growing U.S. Naval power he held views that would be anathema to many the policies currently championed by the Bush administration. T.R. was an outspoken advocate of progressivism and in an effort to create a balance between labor and industry championed policies that would promote a ‘Square Deal’, he also was known as a ‘trust buster’ for going after the goliath monopolies of the wealthy that were strangling the rights of the common citizens through their avarice and worked to strengthen the ability of the government to regulate monopolistic corporate entities. Roosevelt also is credited for his conservationist views in creating national parks and nature preserves and being himself an avid outdoorsman was a champion of the environment. It is impossible to reconcile the philosophies of Roosevelt to either Bush’s Wall Street and corporate cronies or the polluters and profiteers who have been empowered by the Orwellian ‘Healthy Forests’ and ‘Clear Skies’ initiatives that Rove Inc. has thrown like chunks of raw meat to lions as enticements for graft to industries determined to destroy the environment for profit. It is glaringly obvious that this is just more of the same spin and focus group tested horseshit that is typically foisted off on the public by this most cynical of administrations. Even if Bush is actually able to read the book do you honestly think that he will come away with any sort of epiphany that will bring him an understanding as to the importance of the issues that Theodore Roosevelt promoted for the common good of America? Just consider that given all of Bush’s alleged infatuation with the New Testament and his so called special relationship with God have done absolutely nothing to instill any of the true meanings or values of the teachings of Jesus Christ into him. Judge a man not by his words but his deeds and Bush’s consistency at failure leave no reason for optimism that that most stubborn of all men will ever change.

And in an interesting footnote the front group champion of the fascist agenda Move America Forward is launching an advertising attack that seeks to reinforce original administration lies about Iraq and falsely insist that WMD’s existed as a rationale for the attack. Now that the much heralded Iraqi elections are being protested and widely decried by locals as illigetimate it is time to resort to the Goebbels playbook in repeating the big lie.

This is from the WSJ Online Edition:

Some Conservatives Return to Old Argument

Outside Advocacy Group Aims To Rally Support by Backing Bush’s Initial Claims on Iraq

By YOCHI J. DREAZEN and JOHN D. MCKINNON Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNALDecember 28, 2005; Page A4

WASHINGTON — The television commercials are attention-grabbing: Newly found Iraqi documents show that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, including anthrax and mustard gas, and had “extensive ties” to al Qaeda. The discoveries are being covered up by those “willing to undermine support for the war on terrorism to selfishly advance their shameless political ambitions.”

The hard-hitting spots are part of a recent public-relations barrage aimed at reversing a decline in public support for President Bush’s handling of Iraq. But these advertisements aren’t paid for by the Republican National Committee or other established White House allies. Instead, they are sponsored by Move America Forward, a media-savvy outside advocacy group that has become one of the loudest — and most controversial — voices in the Iraq debate.
While even Mr. Bush now publicly acknowledges the mistakes his administration made in judging the threat posed by Mr. Hussein, the organization is taking to the airwaves to insist that the White House was right all along.

Similar to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth — the advocacy group that helped derail John Kerry’s presidential campaign — Move America Forward has magnified its reach by making small television and radio ad buys and then relying on cable- and local-television news outlets to give the commercials heavy coverage. Move America Forward has no discernible formal ties to the White House or the Republican National Committee, and the group says it operates independently from the Republican Party establishment. Still, the organization provides a clear benefit to the administration by spreading a pro-war message that goes beyond what administration officials can say publicly.

The effect of the ads hasn’t been measured. Amid a simultaneous flurry of speeches by the president and a ramped-up RNC effort aimed at boosting the war, polls show that Mr. Bush’s job-approval ratings, specifically his handling of the Iraq situation, have risen this month from all-time lows.

“The White House has really done a poor job of getting the message out, which is why we’ve had to step into the breach,” says California-based Republican political strategist Sal Russo, one of the group’s three founders. “They should do a better job of coordinating with those willing to get out and tell the story. We shouldn’t be the only ones out here fighting.”
The White House didn’t return several calls seeking comment. A Republican National Committee spokesman declined to comment.

Move America Forward has raised more than $1 million, mainly in small donations, over the past two years. The group grew out of the successful 2003 effort to recall Democratic California Gov. Gray Davis. It was officially founded in 2004 by Mr. Russo, whose company provides office space for the organization; Melanie Morgan, a conservative San Francisco radio host; and Howard Kaloogian, a Republican former state assemblyman seeking the congressional seat of former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, who resigned recently after admitting to taking bribes from defense contractors.

One of their early efforts was a campaign supporting John Bolton’s contentious nomination as United Nations ambassador. Another involved backing U.S. detention policies at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by selling “I [Heart] Gitmo” bumper stickers.

When the White House was caught flat-footed this summer by the emergence of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a fallen soldier turned vocal administration critic, Move America Forward sent pro-war protesters to her camp in Texas and mounted a parallel bus tour of war supporters that culminated in a large rally in Washington. The counter-Sheehan campaign showed how the organization has raised its profile by staging well-publicized rallies and public events that attract substantial media coverage, even if the number of participants is relatively low.

In July, with the administration facing a torrent of negative media coverage of the war in Iraq, Move America Forward sent five conservative radio-talk-show hosts to U.S. military bases in Baghdad for a week of upbeat broadcasts. Ms. Morgan says that, during her time in Iraq, she rode up and down the so-called highway of death leading from Baghdad’s airport seven times to prove to her listeners that it wasn’t as dangerous as media reports suggested.

In addition to his Iraq political work in the U.S., Mr. Russo has an open-ended political-advertising contract with the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq for whom he produces advertisements that run in the U.S. seeking investment in Kurdistan. Some critics accuse him of having a vested financial interest in prolonging the U.S. presence there.

Liberals question how the group has maintained its status as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, which requires strict nonpartisanship, given the anti-Democratic tone of its campaigns. The group’s Web site, www.moveamericaforward.org1, for example, attacks the current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, referring to “Howard Dean types who only see a future of failure for this country.”

“When you have people participating in partisan activities with nonprofit dollars, that’s really something the IRS needs to look at,” says Tom Matzzie, the Washington director of the liberal advocacy group, another frequent target for Move America Forward’s rhetoric. “An organization with a shady tax status participating in partisan activities and saying things that aren’t true is a rogue element in American politics.”

An Internal Revenue Service spokeswoman declined to address the issue, saying that it is agency policy not to “comment on individual taxpayers or organizations.” MoveOn is a “political action committee,” meaning its donations aren’t tax-deductible and must be disclosed.

Move America Forward officials acknowledge that the group’s leadership is conservative, but insist they are nonpartisan and point out that the organization also has criticized Republicans. They say that the organization has no connections to the Bush administration or the Republican Party and has been unable to get meetings with White House personnel. And they say there is no conflict between the organization’s advocacy work and Mr. Russo’s financial ties to the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq.

“If you consider being pro-America and pro-troop to be Republican, then we’ll proudly take that label,” Ms. Morgan says. “But we’ve never been embraced by the White House or made part of a secret-right wing conspiracy.”

Indeed, Ms. Morgan says she is baffled that the White House no longer makes the case that Mr. Hussein had WMDs. The White House dropped the claims after a variety of investigators found no evidence to substantiate them. But Ms. Morgan says her ads are justified, based on documents given to her in Iraq by an Iraqi general she identified as Abdul Qader Jassim, and on information from U.S. officials involved in the hunt for weapons there. She believes Mr. Hussein possessed WMDs, and that those weapons remain in Iraq today. It couldn’t be ascertained that Mr. Jassim is a general and he couldn’t be reached for comment.

The organization has kept up a steady drumbeat of pro-military and pro-war commercials in recent weeks. Its newest radio ads, timed to the holiday season, feature parents of service people killed in Iraq or on their way back to the country. In one spot, a woman described as military parent Deborah Johns observes that the “the terrorists know they can not defeat our military — they can only win by beating down the morale of the American people.”

Several Move America Forward officials hope to participate in the Iraq debate more actively than through mere advocacy. Mr. Kaloogian has an early fund-raising lead in the crowded field of Republicans hoping to succeed Mr. Cunningham, the former U.S. representative who resigned after admitting taking bribes. And Move America Forward Executive Director Robert Dixon, furious over a recent troop withdrawal resolution passed by the Sacramento City Council, is weighing a run for a seat in the hopes of getting the declaration reversed.

2005: Disgrace of The Year

While the soon to be over year of Hell numbered 2005 brought many notable contenders for recognition as the most vile and dishonorable event of the year there is one that was so despicable, that so tainted every person and institution involved and so completely debased society in general that it was an easy pick for well deserved recognition as 2005’s Disgrace of the Year Award Winner: The media and political circus surrounding Terri Schiavo.
Free Terri

March 21, 2005
It was only a matter of time until that oily little thug Tom Delay latched onto the fight over Terri Schiavo like the blood sucking leech that he is. This is his modus operandi, to charge viciously ahead, dragging along the marauding gang of bandits known as the US House of Representatives who serve as his enforcers. These rogues are today mounting a hellish legislative and public relations blitz as the seek they transform a Florida family’s grievous feud into an all out siege at the Alamo, manning the parapets in a life or death struggle for political advantage and the votes of the religious right. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, of the HCA Frists also joined the circling buzzards, seeking to capitalize politically over this circus. GOP talking points obtained by ABC News and intended for confidential distribution to the Republican members of that brain dead body stated the following:

This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the senate is debating this important issue.

This is a great political issue, because Senator Nelson of Florida has already refused to become a co-sponsor and this is a tough issue for Democrats.

These two statements are quoted as is from that document, now about that concern for human life and dignity? Frist has intentions to run for president in 2008 and Delay is desperate to do anything within his ability to throw red meat to his fanatical base and to throw the bloodhounds off of his trail over a mounting pile of ethically questionable stories that just happen to embarrassingly pop up in the news with alarming frequency that threaten to shine a light on just how this cockroach conducts business. Setting up bogus children’s charities as fronts to funnel graft through, accepting lobbyist sponsored golf trips to storied St. Andrews where he prostitutes government influence to the highest bidder while quaffing Glenfiddich and dodging criminal indictment in an ongoing Texas probe involving illegal corporate contributions are a hell of a motive to conveniently use the Schiavo case as a diversionary tactic from his own mounting troubles. Delay is so crooked that he has to screw his pants on every morning and the Republican controlled house is not far behind as they seek to eviscerate the ethics rules so as to keep their leader in place if he just happens to be indicted in the criminal probe. Delay is a gangster punk, pulling out all of the stops while fighting a losing battle of attrition against the growing momentum of the backlash of his corruption. He is going to go down in flames and the use of Terri Schiavo’s body as a political tool is tantamount to rape.

The only guarantee that this grotesque intervention by an increasingly dangerous and meddling government brings is that it will further disgrace the ‘people’s house’ if that is still possible due the already lowlife quality of the rabble that has trashed the neighborhood ever since the ruthless assault of the bomb throwing Newt Gingrich laid the for the poisonous ascent of Delay and his morally bankrupt gang of fundamentalist thugs. The ability of Delay and his mob to bring the entire legislative process to a halt in order to pander to those that seek to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state should send a cold chill up the spine of any citizen who is still able to think lucidly in the constitutional wasteland that is post 9/11 America. For this intrusion by Delay and his ilk is for all to see a testament to their reckless disregard for the very principles of state and individual rights that this country has always stood for. These are rights that are callously relegated to the garbage heap for political advantage whenever it comes to enforcing the brutal and unchecked power that has become the hallmark of the legislative body since the devious and calculated assault by radical bomb thrower Newt Gingrich vaulted a new generation of right wing deviates bent on rolling back all societal advances into control in 1994. It was Gingrich who laid the groundwork that would later on be exploited by the rise of DeLay Inc.

As for other groups seeking to benefit from the national attention that the Schiavo case is bringing there is the increasingly powerful and dangerous radical religious right. The so called ‘Christian’ right movement has wrapped intolerance and ruthless hardball tactics in a cloak of self righteousness in their crusade to usurp the institutions of secular government and impose their rights on the majority of Americans. Call this the tyranny of the minority, but this is a bellicose and extremely driven minority, many of these are people without jobs who are able to devote every waking minute to advancing the agenda of their leaders through bombing congress with threatening mass generated emails, letters, phone calls and when all else fails, mass mobilizations that are able to bring designated areas to a standstill, note the invasion of Wichita, Kansas during a 1991 anti abortion orgy of protest that served as the launching pad for today’s militant pro life movement. The radical religious right has long milked the grief of Terri Schiavo’s parents, harnessing their grief and denial in order to fuel their aggressive, no holds barred assault on the constitutional structure of U.S. government. The radical religious right has inserted themselves into a tragic and contentious family feud that has already been adjudicated numerous times with the same result, that Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo acting as her legal guardian has the right to honor her wishes to not be kept alive by artificial means. The courts are where civil issues are decided and that is what makes the intrusion of the Delay/Frist led congress even more disturbing and egregious. Right wing propagandists have long launched an assault on the judiciary through using the focus group approved slogan ‘activist judges’ as a rallying cry and now these rogues are seeking to remove yet another check and balance mechanism on the sole basis that they do not agree with their decisions, nor given the radical religious right’s disdain for scientific progress do they agree with the numerous medical professionals who have found that Terri Schiavo is not coming back unless she is able to miraculously grow a new brain which is of course as impossible as trying to reason with zealots.

The parents have been led to believe that there is hope, that prayer and that their sanctioning of militant activism by Operation Rescue founder and renegade activist Randall Terry to act as their representative will somehow allow their daughter to one day function and live again, to miraculously awaken from her fifteen year coma. Terri’s father, Bob Schindler, obviously unable to cope with the concept of due process of the judicial system justified Terry’s intervention:

“Our family asked Randall Terry to come, and we gave him carte blanche to put Terri’s fight in front of the American people. He did exactly what we asked, and more. Randall organized vigils and protests, he coordinated the media, he helped us meet with Governor Bush.”

Of course Terry and his minions immediately launched a smear campaign against Michael Schiavo, performing as the hired gun that he is. Swift Boating slime and destroy tactics are the first choice of these charlatans when they are unable to bully the system into accommodating their militant demands. When you enlist the services of Randall Terry you may as well be consummating a deal with the devil himself. Terry is an anarchist whose militancy is only matched by his hypocrisy, preaching the sanctity of life while backing radicals who bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors, preaching the sanctity of marriage while dumping his family for a harlot that he was shacking up with on the sly and casting his lot with the modern day versions of the very moneychangers that were run out of the temple by Jesus. Terry is neither a man of integrity nor a man of any sort of serious conviction to the biblical view that he supposedly espouses and if the bible is to be taken literally and there is a heaven and a hell then I would strongly suggest that Terry has a good supply of some serious sun block on hand for when his own personal day of judgment day arrives.

In a way, you have to feel for the Schindlers and their desperation, whether it comes from genuine beliefs, grief, guilt or just outright animosity towards their son in law that has festered over the years as he continued to rack up victory after victory in court. Allegedly the split between them was caused by money, which is often the case in rancorous family disputes, Schindler had demanded a portion of a malpractice settlement as repayment for past loans made to Schiavo. Schindler has a different story of course but as with all family disputes of such a nature it is the duty of the courts to sort it all out, not the legislature of either the state or the country. Enter Terry the anarchist and his army of militant activists, Schindler had decided to go nuclear in an attempt to bring political pressure and circumvent the courts. The family matter became a rallying cry for the fanatics of the radical right and Bob Schindler became a pimp, prostituting out his daughter’s body for the evangelical jihad seeking to tear down the wall between church and state. Everybody involved in this debacle will be forever tarnished, both institutions and individuals, but it is the Schindler family that will suffer the most for when it all is tallied up at the end of the day they are allowing themselves to be used and the shameful prostituting out of their daughter to a movement bent on destroying the very fabric of American democracy is as disgraceful as it is pathetic.

They are nothing but pawns being moved about by the likes of Pat Robertson, Randall Terry, James Dobson and their ilk, now enter Tom Delay and the Republican opportunists and snake-oil salesmen. In real life, miracles are for suckers and fools and there is no shortage of either and whenever those who are unscrupulous enough to peddle lies wrapped in focus group perfected slogans such as compassionate conservatism are looking for marks to fleece. As for the Republican party and the radical religious right, they are fucking vampires, ghouls and parasites that feed off of human misery for the publicity and the unconditional political support of developmentally challenged morons who will line up at the paperless electronic voting machines in 2006 and thereafter to vote on only one or two issues, they are the people who put their kids to bed hungry and cold due to their declining economic status that is perpetuated by the very charlatans that they continue to put into office. They are willfully ignorant of the gutting of whatever vestige of the American dream still remains by a ruthless corporate-political machine that is relentlessly destroying the middle class and laying waste to the poor that these very people are a part of, they do not care that their social safety net is being eliminated by ruthless think tank ideologues, they only care about the bastardized version of Jesus that is being peddled to them by the shamans selling them trash novels by the millions where right wing ideology is wrapped in biblical mumbo jumbo, the perfect propaganda device to appeal to the feeble minded who spend every day in slavering anticipation of the coming of the rapture. These flockers are symbolically nailing Terri Schiavo to the cross in order to save themselves from their own sins, the sins of allowing all that is America to be washed away by a flood of greed, intolerance and hubris.

Where were the bloodsuckers when five-month old Sun Hudson was removed from the machines that were preserving his precarious grip on life in a Texas children’s hospital last week? His breathing tube was cruelly yanked out without his parent’s consent and Tom Delay was nowhere to be found despite the fact that the Houston location being well within smelling distance of his home district, close enough to smell the moral rot and pungent stench of bullshit. Sun’s mother, Wanda tearfully told reporters after her son’s blue teddy bear pajama clad body was taken away, “I talked to him, I told him that I loved him. Inside of me, my son is still alive.” Texas law allows for the terminally ill to be removed from life support systems if they are unable to pay their hospital bills despite whatever the family’s wishes may be. Where was the media frenzy? where was the U.S. Congress? Where was the President? Where were the ‘Christian’ activists? Where was Randall Terry? By the way, Sun Hudson was black. The bill that allowed for the removal of this baby from life support was signed by then Texas Governor George W. Bush in 1999, where was the outrage? The only way that the allegedly ‘religious’ right and their co-opted politicians could have cared less would have been if he were gay as well.
Absolutely none of the political grandstanding does a goddamned thing for Terri Schiavo herself, her entrapped soul remains shackled to this mortal coil by her useless and wasted body. Where is the compassion for her? If the truly religious had any concern for her wouldn’t they actually be advocating for her immortal soul to finally be released so that she can go to God? Isn’t fifteen years enough time to spend trapped in the horrible purgatory of a shell of a body that is being used as a political football? No, these idiots are too busy hauling replicas of the ten commandments throughout the land, boycotting businesses that advocate diverse views, waving rubber fetuses in front of abortion clinics and flooding congressional staffers and media outlets with threatening phone calls. These lost souls are the sorry victims of those who Jesus Christ himself warned of in Matthew 7:15, the leaders of the religious right are exactly the false prophets and goats among sheep that those who take scripture seriously are able to recognize instantaneously. The rest of the doomed are too addicted to the apocalyptic fiction of Timothy LaHaye to be saved, unfortunately for them they are the ones who all too easily fall under the sway of the purveyors of blasphemy disguised as righteousness that is peddled by the shameless con artists of the religious right.

If any good at all is to come of this matter it will be to shed enough light on how radical that the Republican party has become since the hostile takeover by the extremist right to allow for the scales to fall from the eyes of rational but otherwise ignorant Americans. It may be that through their meddling in what is a personal family tragedy as well as the blatant undermining of the very principles of limited government and states rights that were at one time staples of the party platform that the radicals are exposed for what they truly are. The true face of the Republican party is finally here for all to see, stripped as naked as their beloved emperor who gleefully prances daily in bare-assed ,arrogant, narcissistic splendor much to the delight of the blind masses who have elevated him to near legendary status as a decisive leader, a paragon of virtue, morality and righteousness sent by God himself to lead the holy war against the evildoers. The true intentions of these hucksters is now out in the open for all to see, whether the corporate mass media bothers to temporarily free itself from the teat of the cash cow that is Michael Jackson to provide coverage remains to be seen, the guardians of democracy have proven to be more interested in elevating their stock prices than in any vague concept of constitutional duty or patriotism by providing a check on uncontrolled power. Whether the invertebrates who call themselves the Democratic party is able to use this rare opportunity to actually assert themselves as an opposition party also remains to be seen. This is a rare opportunity of vulnerability for the extremists, when a Tiger tank is outmaneuvered and trapped it is not wise to allow it to escape unscathed, it is time to bring in a fucking bazooka.

And beware Pinellas Park, Florida, the freak show is coming to town, the flockers will show up en masse to regale the value of the culture of life, summoned by Randall Terry and his acolytes to descend on your sleepy Tampa-St. Petersburg area suburb. They will be there to encircle the hospice where what used to be Terry Schiavo lies and awaits release from the madness that surrounds her. They will be told that they are championing a culture of life that is in and of itself a contradiction, a culture of life that oddly doesn’t extend to either brown skinned babies of mothers unable to pay their medical bills, nor to those on death row awaiting execution, nor to the bodies of the little brown babies that are hauled out of the debris of wrecked buildings in Iraq, victims of munitions paid for by their tax dollars, nor to the brown skinned African children are hacked to death with machetes or have their fragile little skulls smashed with rifle butts by genocidal masses. Then again if there is anything that is consistent it is the hypocrisy. Jesus denounced the hypocrites throughout the gospel, as well as he denounced greed and the evils of wealth and power but he never once denounced homosexuality. These concepts from crucial parts of the bible are sadly missing from the exhortations of those with agendas to fulfill and are lost on people who have been turned into unquestioning zombies through the brainwashing of megalomaniac televangelists and politicians or the scam artists seeking to turn a buck on their credulous piety.

Every day that it goes on is another day that she is violated a tactic that reeks of desperation by a rogue movement that is beginning to feel the repercussions for their blatant abuses of power. The dog and pony show that was the baseball steroid witch hunt didn’t go over as expected What is the quality of a democracy when the very principle of a republic installed by the founding fathers is able to be usurped by crime lords like Delay contempt for over two centuries of representative democracy is evident every time that he slithers in front of a television camera. This man has long ago sold his soul by discarding whatever ethics or morality that he may have had at one time in a quest for power and greed of his ruling minority, a group whose relentless determination to eviscerate the system of checks and balances becomes more evident by the day. The founders set up a representative democracy in order to prevent against mob rule that is exactly what Delay, the Bushes and their legions of flockers embody but they had the naïve belief that men of integrity would fill those positions as precious representatives of the people of the United States, how ashamed that the would be to see the treason that is perpetrated in their names by the reactionary right.

Shame on the electorate for their apathy that has allowed these vermin to rise to power in the first place, shame on the feckless ‘opposition’ party, the democrats for selling out to these thugs and pirates, for rolling over with such ease so as to not offend their own corporate donors. Shame on the scandal obsessed media for distracting the masses with a never ending barrage of junk news, of lurid stories involving celebrity sex scandals, for leading news broadcasts with the latest minute details on Michael Jackson, of Scott Peterson, of Bennifer, of Robert Blake and any other fraudulent, tawdry morsel of ‘news’ that they can feed to a credulous public in order to distract them from the true scandal that they have lost their freedom in the name of greed and sanctimonious hypocrites the likes of Tom Delay, for pimping their electronic circus through the preposterously positioned propagandists that masquerade as journalists. Most of all, shame on us all for allowing the rape of Terri Schiavo to continue.

We have allowed the poseurs and pimps to turn this country into a joke, the senate caved in to pressure earlier and the house has scheduled a vote at 12:01 am Monday, the brutal power of a slim but unified majority rule will once again quash dissent and ram through a bill that will offer Delay political cover as well as appease the fundamentalists. This bill will be immediately taken to the king who will make his mark and apply his wax seal and the feeding tube will be reinserted as the battle over Terri’s body enters another phase. The political football will be punted once again and the circus will continue, facilitated by the ringmasters in congress and sold to the public by barkers named O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter.

And in yet another blatant example of the image makers’ stagecraft an allegedly slumbering George Junior was brought the new bill at just past one where he was awakened of sugar plum laced dreams to affix his signature on the bill outside his bedroom in his jammies and bunny slippers.

There is nothing funny about a gathering of clowns at midnight.

And the joke will be on all of America when the sun comes up.

Darwin Scores Again and More

W.J. Bryan Rolls Over: In another triumph over mental retardation a Pennsylvania judge ruled that Intelligent Design aka Creationism, another of those great Orwellian right wing slogans that are targeted for the two word bumper sticker culture that is pervasive in America today.What a fucked up month it has been for the theocrats, first the trumped up phoniness of the godless heathen liberal war on Christmas and now the rotten judicial activists are chasing God/alternative theories of the origin of man out of the classroom. Wasn’t this issue settled during the Scopes Monkey Trial eighty or so years ago? Get over it people, your crusade to roll back the Enlightenment is going to start getting one hell of a lot more difficult once it becomes exposed as the power grab that it is and with each and every passing day there are more and more truly rational people who are being awakened to it. Not only have you succeeded in polluting the holiday season through your ill will towards man and your irrational hostility and bigotry toward inclusiveness, but your little snit induced targeted boycotts towards retailers have actually reinforced their importance in the grand capitalist orgy of consumerism that is Christmas in America and further entrenched Jesus as second banana to Santa. Hey, you fucked up, you trusted your preachers and pundits and your FOX created jihad is a complete fraud and as a result of your impetuousness your war against Darwin has also just been dealt a major setback. What’s next? Proof that George W. Bush is the product of early experiments in artificial insemination technology involving simian butt fucking? There is no doubt that Jerry Falwell’s legal army will be massing and the holiday outrage will be flowing like egg nog spiked with rot gut liquor throughout the right wing echo chamber. During my recent drive through several local neighborhoods I noticed that blowup snowmen, grinches, santas and even Homer Simpsons outnumbered inflatable Jesuses and nativity scenes by about 100 to 3 and I actually live in a RED STATE… but just have a Merry Fucking Xmas nontheless ok?

The Mythical Phoenix: One of the top Republican noise machine talking points of the week is the resurrection (no pun intended for the nation’s top Christ figure) of the ratings of George W. Bush. The corporate media is falling over each other to trumpet his resurgence in the wake of the month long P.R. blast and point to the results of one poll that was commissioned by The Washington Post and ABC News that has placed the King’s approval rating at 47 percent while simultaneously failing to cover two other influential polls that seem to indicate otherwise. A USA Today/Gallup poll placed Bush’s approval at a whopping 41 percent and an MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll had it at 39 percent. Three polls within a week and the only one that receives any major coverage is the one that most serves the Bush administration? HUH? P.T. Barnum was absolutely correct in observing that there is a sucker born every minute, they breed like horny rabbits in the land of the sheep and weasels that is present day America.

Congressional Circle Jerk: Hillary’s Temple Eunuchs made a rare stand on Wednesday, smacking back another slimy attempt to subvert the democratic process by the Republican’s attachment of the ANWAR drilling provision onto a must pass defense appropriations bill. Oil industry lackey Ted Stevens of Alaska was left to wander around in a daze wearing his ridiculous fucking ‘Incredible Hulk’ necktie (was he wearing Spidey undies as well?) muttering profanities to himself and wondering just what in the Hell had gone wrong. Of course the Army of Rove would exercise a dirty pool tactic thereby decrying any opposition of this oil company giveaway as ‘unpatriotic’ and tarring those voting against the bill as ‘not supporting the troops’ as is so common for all of the armchair patriots who never bothered to take the time to serve in the military to begin with. The weasels in the Senate were true to form in caving in on civil liberties and negotiating to ‘temporarily’ extend the heinous USAPATRIOT Act for six months in the same week that it was revealed that Lord W. was systematically signing off on wholesale bugging of American citizens and couldn’t give a tinker’s damn on whether or not it was legal because HE is above the law and everyone else can ram their Habeus Corpus up their ass. Republican honcho Senator Arlen Specter promised that there would be investigations and revisions but given his sad history of rolling over time and again to the Bush-Cheney junta and the fanatics on the Christian right along with the shortening attention span of the public and it will soon be the law of the land for the remainder of all of our lives…kiss your right to privacy goodbye and just pray that you are not deemed to be a significant enough of a menace to the Bush regime to end up secretly arrested by the Homeland Security Gestapo and locked up in a secret dungeon where you will be tortured until either death, madness or the rapture come to rescue you from oblivion. The sooner that the right wing lap dog Specter’s cancer comes out of remission and he succumbs and takes the dirt nap that will remove him from this mortal coil and most importantly the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee the better. Never one to bypass issues of severe national importance like threatening to hold hearings over whether Terrell Owens got a raw deal when his ass was sent packing in Philly while putting trivial matters such as the Samuel Alito confirmation hearings, the Bush administration’s illegal use of the NSA to monitor domestic political opponents and now the USAPATRIOT Act’s enshrinement as the rule of the land in the United States of September Eleventh on the back burner. Specter is an affront to the constitutional responsibilities of the Senate to act as a vital check upon fanatical executives seeking to become kings. May the New Year bring a return of the organ eating malignancy that in poetic justice is doing to his own body what his accommodation and appeasement of the reactionary fascists who have illicitly seized power are doing to American democracy itself.

NOTE: Charon will be taking an extended break for the Christmas weekend in order to revel in the traditional American values of gluttony, drunkenness, football, general sin and the opening of the mountain of colorfully wrapped tokens of consumerism that are piled up beneath my family holiday tree but will return again next week with the first annual year in review as well as recognition for the most despicable event of 2005.

A Christmas/Holiday Wish

The Bush Family: The gift that keeps on giving
With apologies to Clark Griswold, If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like George W. Bush, our king, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Pennsylvania Avenue with all the other rich people (and degenerate slime) and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is!

Coffee Is For Closers

“Dishonesty is so grasping it would deceive God himself, were it possible.”
-George Bancroft
Whoops. Just as the closing pitch to the multi-million dollar month long public relations blitz to reinforce the image of the ‘war president’ as well as trumpet the costly invasion and occupation of Iraq as a noble cause was scheduled then came the pratfall. Sunday night’s nationally televised address by Le Enfant Terrible was to the be victory lap, the skating around the rink with the trophy raised high, the triumphant hunter displaying the pelts for the family gathered in the cave. It was anticlimactic when the ruler of the nation finally appeared at 9 pm est and did his best to seal the deal on the repackaging of his bloody clusterfuck of war a little more than a week before Christmas, a week before children recently left fatherless by his impetuous decisions will have to gather for the holiday with a family that is now smaller and the day will be one of sadness rather than joy.
The moment of the pitch that was the speech where America’s signature was to be again be affixed to a contract written in more of the same blood was tainted not by it’s own fraudulence and lies but by Friday’s revelations of administation sanctioned domestic espionage. The story, albeit inexplicably delayed by the former employer of ‘reporter’ Judith Miller who assisted in selling the meatgrinder to the American people in the first place came as a sucker punch to the gut of the propagandists. The hated ‘liberal’ New York Times which in the run up to the invasion had prominently featured the collaborative joint efforts of Miller and the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) that so successfully instilled fear into the masses through stories that contained apocalyptic conjecture regarding the potentially deadly consequences of allowing despot Saddam Hussein to remain in power belatedly ran the piece after sitting on it for over a year. While Friday’s story of the unbelievably arrogant abuse of power by Bush and his thugs in doing an end run around the law to spy on Americans without oversight were long past due it is hardly absolution for a paper that allowed itself to be used as a propaganda organ to trumpet the invasion in the first place.

The Times’ front page story caused a major uproar as it revealed that King Bush had ordered domestic surveillance without warrants in the aftermath of 9/11, using the very convenient terrorist attacks to advance the radical agenda of the neoconservatives at the expense of the constitution. It was a curveball that caught the normally cunning message machine off guard, the White House originally denied comment and after a night of frantic retrenching sent their top salesman out for his traditional Saturday radio address which was untraditionally live and covered by the media. An obviously angry Bush arrogantly admitted breaking the law and offered no apologies or rationale other than the same old reliance on invoking the ‘strong daddy’ character who is tasked to be the protector while making veiled threats on the illegality of leaking details of the top secret, civil liberty shredding machinations conducted within the NSA bunker. Bush was enraged that the Senate had on Friday rejected the extension of the worst parts of the USA PATRIOT act, the very foundation slab on which the coming totalitarian theocratic state must have in place to complete its ascent as a replacement to American democracy and to brutally crush and ‘disappear’ its opponents to ensure the domination of the Republican party and facilitate the spreading of the coming empire. Most importantly though, the surveillance powers of a police state are essential to prevent the prosecution of the crimes that were incurred in the installation of the rouge bastard Bush administration to the pinnacle of power in the first place.

Talk about taking the bloom off of the lily. This weekend was to be a triumphal period for the neo conservatives and the day when the American public and fawning press, skeptics be damned would shower Bush with accolades, flowers, nylon stockings and chocolate bars. The massive P.R. of the Iraqi elections and the heralded installation of a new American stooge government who would kowtow to the wishes of Bush/Cheney Inc. and become a gigantic profit center for Haliburton, Bechtel and other military industrial complex contractors would have Bush canonized by his ardent sycophantic supporters and the rest who dare to question the whims of the emperor groveling at his feet. Iraq had been hermetically quarantined from negative news coverage in advance of the great elections that would prove to the ‘Doubting Thomases’ in the United States and the hated Frenchies that in the end, the ends justified the means.

Former NSA director and top pitchwoman Condi Rice was again trotted out to present the administration talking points for the Sunday morning shows as is the standard operating procedure. V.P. Dick Cheney slimed out of his secret undisclosed location for a much publicized ‘surprise’ visit to Iraq where he will remain cowering in a secured area well within the safe confines of the Green Zone. The visit was such a ‘surprise’ that every major media outlet in the United States was in on the secret. Even former Secretary of State Colin Powell chipped in with his line that rendition and torture are not new, such is as it is when all of their asses are on the line, facing an increasingly inquisitive and skeptical public and rapidly declining support for their visions of empire. The Senate is rebelling, the investigations are chipping away at corruption in the House of Pigs and the masses are becoming more angry and hostile. Every day that passes is another day that more of the truth is beginning to seep out like a toxic pollutant and with an equally corrosive effect.

Sunday night’s highly scripted Oval Office broadcast was a day earlier called “symmetry” by an unnamed senior administration official according to reports. It would be the big red ribbon that would be used to tie closed the lid on the giant box of bullshit and shore up support for the war after Bush’s exposure as conniving little charlatan that he truly is and always has been, and just in time for Christmas. While subtly ‘admitting’ the faulty premise that the war was initially sold on, the salesman in chief offered to replace the product with another equally faulty but repackaged and more well promoted version. Bush of course took the opportunity to set up the typical straw men and engaged in the standard sloganeering designed to appeal to the Pollyanna types who flock to the Republican party when he denounced his critics as ‘defeatists’, a step up from previous administration rhetoric tarring them as treasonous and facilitators but dismissing input from rational minds nonetheless. There were the same old invocations of September 11th and terrorists that are so much a part of the standard vernacular of this most imbecilic and tyrannical of presidents that he probably can’t ask for the passing of the salt at the dinner table without spurting them out in a robotic stammer. The typical ass kissers of the so called opposing party were effusive in their praise of the ‘new candor’ demonstrated by the administration in talking about the war while putting in orders for cases of the new and improved snake oil that they had just been duped into buying….again while allowing the administration precious time to come up with a strategy to stench the bleeding of their corrupt power base in congress in time for the 2006 mid term elections.

Bush spun and spun, continually insisting that he would do ‘whatever’ was necessary in order to protect the American people from terrorism. This could be accomplished quickly by his resignation along with taking the rest of his criminal scum along with him.

That would be a real deal closer and for a change an honest solution to a complex problem.

The Anti-Semitic Factor

Despite all of the recent foaming at the mouth over the great Karl Rove diversionary tactic known as the secular liberal ‘War on Christmas’ one glaring point of this entire circus continues to lurk just beneath the surface. This media vacuum filling, public attention sucking tempest in a teapot has worked so well that it could have come out of Black Peter’s evil sweatshop where recalcitrant gay Republican dwarves toil around the clock to produce enough malevolent dirty tricks to counter the good of Santa’s real elves in the other wing of the North Pole corporate campus. Right wing fundamentalist hand wringing over this greatest non issue of them all has masterfully knocked stories of mounting Iraq war casualties and car bombs, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and the myriad of other Republican scandals almost completely out of the news while movement backed demagogues spew their venom over the ridiculously fictional ‘removal of Christ from Christmas’. With NCR fundamentalists and party activists busy declaring war over errant lawn displays, terrorizing corporate advertising campaigns and harassing the unfortunate retail clerks and waitresses who are only following their employer’s policies of inclusiveness and who suddenly find themselves being thrown into the trenches against increasingly hostile, intoleratant reactionary zealots. Am I the only one who has bothered to notice that this entire thing reeks of Anti-Semitism? Aren’t Jews one of the chief beneficiaries of the tolerance and inclusiveness of ‘Happy Holidays’?

Then again, as former Secretary of State and longtime Bush family crony James Baker once reportedly said “Fuck the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway”, which pretty much seems to sum up the GOP/NCR/FOX alliance’s official position. The entire right wing fundamentalist movement continually targets Jews as scapegoats and ‘Christ Killers’ and has little or no use for them other than their fervent support for Israeli hardliners but then their assistance is needed in order to prepare the playing field for the ultimate game: Armageddon, the Rapture and the impending return of Christ himself (who will not doubt be more than a little pissed over the cognitive dissonance of the right wing over his true message) but more on that later. The hidden message in the ‘War on Christmas’ is as always the same old GOP bigotry only this time wrapped in colorful paper, adorned with a ribbon and stuffed into a holiday stocking. The fact that Kwanzaa and Ramadan like Chanukkah also happen to be targets of this crusade is relevant because it is inclusive of more of the garden variety racists of the party base. The more heat that the hatred of the holiday firestorm is capable of generating the better for the success of the movement and the continued iron fisted rule of der party over der homeland.

Of course it would be the reptilian Bill O’Reilly who is tasked with being the chief foghorn of the FOX News ‘War on Jews’. In rolling out their rabid, overly horny top attack dog the White House propaganda organ of R. Murdoch has managed to find a way to stoop even lower than their standard mix of outright ‘yellow journalism’, toxic spin and blatant Republican party advocacy by unleashing the very poster boy for angry and resentful WASP males to spew his hatred and rouse the drunken, ignorant, sexually repressed rabble for holiday party pogroms. And now word comes that FOX has added yet another administration shill to their already deep bench in none other than the infamous Robert Novak, himself a man who has in the past been accused by some of having anti-Semitic views. O’Reilly regularly uses his highly compensated and subsidized duel positions as a mouthpiece of the radical right in both regurlar cable television and radio gigs to pound the bully pulpit and to pontificate at length to keep the resentment that fuels the Republican noise machine in adequate supply but a good many of his rants contain a particularly nasty and barely cloaked Anti-Semitism.

Didn’t O’Reilly recently denounce Anti Defamation League president Abraham Foxman as a ‘nut’ for his questioning of dismissive comments made towards a Jewish caller to his radio show to “Go back to Israel”? This is the same Foxman who recently made comments warning of the dangers of ‘Institutionalized Christianity’ in America thereby incurring the ire of the NCR.

O’ Reilly claims that the Jewish George Soros who contributed millions to the fight against George W. Bush in last years presidential selection is the mastermind and chief financier behind the ‘War on Christmas’

Wasn’t O’Reilly one of the most ardent defenders of Mel Gibson’s bloody ‘blame the Jews’ religious opus ‘The Passion’?

Doesn’t O’Reilly regularly pillory satirist, author and radio host Al Franken who happens to be Jewish? And doesn’t O’Reilly regularly engage in attacks on the much vilified ‘Hollywood Liberal Elite’ which is just another extreme right code phrase for Jews?

Much of O’Reilly’s schtick is peppered with good old fashioned Jew baiting such as his dismissive statements during an ‘interview’ with Neil Cavuto of FOX where he stated that “Jews are less than 3 percent of the population” there implying that they do not matter and reinforcing the widely held Fuck the Jews postion of so many on the extreme right. Doesn’t this at least on the surface make O’Reilly an ally of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri? Next thing you know he will be given the key to the city of Tehran and made the honorary mayor. It’s no wonder that O’Reilly is so fond of compiling Nazi style enemy lists. To paraphrase currently unemployed NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens “If it smells like a rat then it is one” and O’Reilly consistently presents evidence of Anti-Semitism and given his prominent position as a White House megaphone isn’t he simply put nothing but a highly paid salesman for Bush/Rove administration policy?

Karl Rove and the Leo Strauss disciples known as the neo cons are vigorous converts to the tactic of using religion to distract and divide in order to exercise control over the masses and this is yet another wonderful example of just how effective that the strategy can be in pitting the poor against the poor and allowing for the ruling elite to focus on the larger goals of laying wasted to the system itself. In an interesting footnote one early proponent of the taking the ‘Christ out of Christmas’ theory was none other than the John Birch society and in 1959 issued a pamphlet entitled “There Goes Christmas?!” which undoubtedly is included in the Rove library of propaganda.

My holiday wishes to all of you sycophants who pay homage to George W. Bush, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the scum that you so hallow in your narrow minded idolatry of the theocratic movement. While you yourselves have forsaken it, the true meaning of Christ is there for you and only requires one very simple task on your behalf so as to partake in the glory… read the message and be of your own mind. Do not allow the goats amongst sheep who are all to eager to reinterpret the holy scripture for their own ends and who are all too willing to you allow you to be deceived into following their signs to wander down their primrose path to damnation. Do you ever wonder in the most silent hours of the night just before sleep comes or perhaps in the minutes just prior to waking whether you are allowing yourselves to be used by the Anti Christ? Ponder this as you wage your perverse holiday holy wars and dance your whirling dervishes to the beat of the devil drummers whose mesmerizing beat is music to the ears of Caesar himself and sing his praises, or more precisely his ‘Christmas’ carols for you have long ago left behind the days of the sincere worhip of the child in the manger undefended to the attack of the image of the institutionalized capitalist Santa Claus that relegates the Christ child to playing second banana in an America ruled by the hypocrites who you now so fervently defend.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and most importantly a big gift wrapped and heartfelt FUCK YOU to the lunatic fringe right wing Grinches who are really trying to steal Christmas.

Goin’ Nuclear?

There he goes again! Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has shrugged off an ongoing insider trading investigation and slimed out of his hole to once again threaten to invoke the ‘nuclear option’ in order to eliminate the filibuster if Democrats attempt to utilize it in order to keep reactionary anti-abortion zealot Samuel Alito from sitting on the Supreme Court bench. If a sleazeball NCR (New Christian Right) lackey like Frist is able to successfully alter a 200 year old rule that allows the minority some ability to prevent outright tyranny of the majority and continues to champion the expansion of the powers of the presidency in order to transform the office into one with dictatorial powers then we are in dark days indeed. With the intent of the founding fathers slipping away through the abrogation of the powers of congress to reign in a kinglike figure then we are getting dangerously closer to the point where the very legitimacy of the government itself is in peril.

Why should citizens continue to recognize the authority of a government that has been so drastically altered so as to serve a lunatic fringe minority, completely undermine the principles of the constitution and act in unison to cover up the mounting corruption and moral rot of a rogue administration? The ultimate poisoning of the congressional well by the theocratic movement backed duo of Frist and Tom DeLay has damned near rendered the institution irrelevant and incapable of carrying out its constitutional duty as a check on executive power. The contamination of the Senate by Frist has in turn led to the tainting of the judiciary which the Senate is tasked with the duty of acting as a gatekeeper in order to screen out jurists who are ideologically unacceptable to longstanding American values and legal precedent or stare decisis which is the legal term for allowing the rulings of previous cases to stand. The inability to successfully prevent any of Bush’s ideologue judges from sitting on the benchs of the nation’s court system and the coming elevation of the anti-Roe v. Wade Alito to the swing vote seat on the SCOTUS is taken directly from the playbook of the NCR whose seizure of judicial power has been a serious step towards the ultimate goal of imposing a system of biblical law in the United States. Congress failed spectacularly and not as a matter incompetence, but rather one of design.

Bush himself rules as though by divine providence despite the fact that an increasingly large number of Americans are opposed to his policies which fly in the face of international law and acceptable science. He is the increasingly showing more signs of being extreme right’s Manchurian Candidate and his coming was decades in the making. Just think about it, the appeal of a former U.S. President’s mentally unstable son would represent both a malleable mind as well as an unbelievable brand name that would prove irresistible to a movement that originally saw Ronald Reagan as their deliverer to power and were so stunned by his ultimate rebuke that it took over a decade for them to fully recover. When you do the research you will find that it was the already well connected Rove who found GWB and not the other way around as is commonly and mistakenly believed.

King George W. Bush ignores public opinion as he seeks to ram through the ultra ideological agenda of the extremist right. This is taken from Dan Froomkin’s excellent but now endangered Washington Post ‘White House Briefing’ blog that is about to be censored for his ongoing efforts to put forth the truth as well as his hard hitting critiques of the lies of the Bush administration:

“However improbable the odds at this point or modest his short-term goals, aides say, Bush still subscribes to Rove’s long-held dream that his will be the transformational presidency that lays the groundwork for a Republican majority that can endure, as Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal coalition did, for a half-century or more. Once he gets past the midterm elections, Bush plans to introduce a concept that, if anything, is even more ambitious than his failed Social Security plan: a grand overhaul that would include not only that program but Medicare and Medicaid as well.”

Good lord, Colonel Kurtz has reached the end of the river and gone totally fucking insane! The messianic man is getting geared up to destroy the entire social safety net after his failure to privatize Social Security, like an evil malevolent hydra they just reconfigure, grow new heads and keep on coming and coming, relentlessly hacking away at programs that were the envy of the civilized and which Americans once took for granted, being lulled into the deadly sleep of complacency brought on by the instant gratification of rampant consumerism and the addiction to the fantasy worlds of sports and entertainment. Generations never knew the definition of sacrifice that their parents and grandparents had endured in order to pass down to them the benefits of a first class citizenship in a fair and just society. This is being tragically squandered and any members of future generations without the benefit of being born into the right situation will be subjected to lives of fear, disease, hunger, privation and persecution akin to those trapped in the endless cycles of powerlessness and poverty of a third world country.

Bush’s disregard for the sanctity of the constitution is as blatantly obvious as his pro fascist tendencies, the product of a life of mental illness and substance abuse that led him to the siren song of salvation sweetly sung by the false prophets who ‘planted a mustard seed of salvation’ in his soul. If a story on the blog Capitol Hill Blue written by Doug Thompson is to be believed and given the multitude of supporting evidence on Bush’s mental state and megalomania it is hard to discount then the following exchange recently took place:

Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act. Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.

GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

“I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

“Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “Thereis a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

I’ve talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution “a goddamned piece of paper.”

According to this piece Bush allegedly regards the document as only slightly higher than the toilet paper with which he uses to wipe his pampered ass. In renouncing the constitution with the unbelievably callous ‘It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’ in reference to the most important document ever crafted by this republic and one that was the guiding blueprint for the 200+ years of true democracy that preceded the sleazy little coup de etat in Florida back in 2000 that put this little demonic shithead in power according to plan and pushed by the neoconservatives, the free market worshipping investment class and the theocratic revolutionaries. These groups allied together as a triad and marshaled by Karl Rove combined to get us to this point, spending billions on advocacy and training provided by a vast network of think tanks. The media was also consolidated to the point where public perception could be molded through propaganda and the banishment of dissenting opinions.

The public has been intentionally dumbed down through a constant exposure to increasingly newsless media while being seduced by television imagery to purchase products that they don’t need, been pitted against one another by a ruthless political machine that harnesses their bigotry, fears and xenophobia and increasingly brought under the sway of a fundamentalist ‘Christianity’ so radical that a large percentage of the population actually is eagerly awaiting Armageddon and their so called rapture to heaven.

Outright stone cold ‘movement propagandists’ such as the consistently insipid syndicated shithack Charles Krauthaummer whose apologist columns continue to shill for the stinking torture state policies championed by the off the fucking reservation neo cons has gone stark raving apeshit mad over the criticism of the Bush administration stance on torture, cruelty and violation of international law. Such typical right wing bullshit reeks of the insane and childlike rationalizing of any ‘good German’ during the reign of Hitler’s Third Reich who despite smelling the stench of bodies being incinerated or rendered to make soap in nearby concentration camps wafting on the breeze engaged in a total disconnect of their olfactory capabilities, human decency, morality and ability for rationality in the face of mass murder in the name of being a ‘team player’ and supporting the nationalist perpetuation of the policies of a crazed dictator. Der ‘Kraut’ obviously speaks from a position of authority on the subject of torture considering that his national heritage and folkways once included the torture, rape, robbery, gassing and roasting of women, children and other ‘Juden’ who were declared to be ‘terrorists’ and subsequently branded as enemies of the state and would likely have no moral qualms were liberals in America be relegated to the same fate. The German attrocities were all in the name of eugenics and the ultimate purity of the Aryan race but such zealotry and blind faith is not confined to any particular era or country, the kindling for the pyres of national madness are already burning and as his poison pen drips with the blood of innocents he fuel to turn them into bonfires. It is always the ideologues who seek to cloak their hate speech and deception in the wrappings of bastardized legitimacy of causes such as the vile ‘war on terror’ that has made America into a world pariah while championing genocide of Islamics in the name of the holy crusade of global ‘Christian’ hegemony.

Just like all of the rest of the well paid right wing assholes preaching hatred during the holiday season Krauthaummer is a fraud, a shill and an utter charlatan. This smarmy prick is allegedly a real psychiatrist although one whose license to practice would immediately be revoked by any sane state medical board and whose qualifications are obviously bogus given the fact that he is unable to self analyze and reach the diagnosis that he himself is a sociopath who is as crazy as a fucking A certified shithouse rat. Were there any justice he would share a cell in a psychiatric institution with Bush himself where they could bounce off of the rubber walls in straightjackets and crawl around on the floor while snarling and gnawing at each others balls in order to satisfy their shared pathological bloodlust.

The ideologues and theocrats who have assumed control of the major political party in America through precisely the tactics described above are hell bent on a complete systemic transformation and well on their way to accomplishing exactly what they want due to the gross degrees of ignorance and apathy that exists in the population.

As journalist Robert Kaplan stated in his essay ‘Was Democracy Just A Moment’ the founders of this country who were all to familiar with tyranny of rulers such as Oliver Cromwell and the so called divine right of kings were:

“terrified of a badly educated populace that could be duped by a Cromwell and of a system that could allow too much power to fall into one person’s hands. This is why they constructed a system that filtered the whims of the masses through an elected body and dispersed power by dividing the government into three branches.”

The very system of checks and balances ensured by the constitution through the purposeful creation of the three branches is now being incrementally dismantled by the Republican party and rammed through virtually unopposed by the DLC dominated so called opposition party. With the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday to hear the Tom DeLay backed Texas gerrymandering case we will once and for all find out whether the third branch of government has been rendered illegitimate as well although the argument can be made that we already know the answer given their partisan decision that facilitated installation of Bush into the White House to begin with.

Where do we go from here? Who knows but the only certainty is that there is no existing map for this darkest of territories that we are being cast into and left to find our way out through a malignant enchanted forest teeming with ruthless predators.