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Dems Play Croquet While Iraq Burns

“Off With Their Heads!”
-The Red Queen

Vacation’s over and I’m back with a vengeance! While it is certainly nice that Iran has not yet been attacked the shoddily constructed house of cards that is Wall Street and the global economy is in trouble, the stock market is having a panic attack, gas prices have gone up by nearly forty fucking cents a gallon in the last goddamned week here in South Central Florida and the horrifying ongoing fascination over that disgusting pig Anna Nicole Smith’s sordid and trashy existence is coming to an end leaving the mass media maggots to find another carcass to feast upon now that her body has been planted.

While bombs the haven’t been dropped on Tehran the big stink bomb that is the new and as some would like you to believe improved version of the Democratic party is ticking ready to detonate and spray a deluge of the same foul shit mist that it has basked in ever since the DLC corporatists latched onto the coattails of Saint Ronnie Reagan for a ride on the gravy train of Gordon Gekko style monoply capitalism.

The feckless bunch from the jackass party just can’t seem to get a grip. The pathetic excuse for an opposition party is so terrified of the stigma of the right-wing manufactured cartoon stereotypes of their past (hippies, Vietnam era peaceniks and college protestors, civil rights marches and most importantly of all principle) that they have gone to the extent of cutting off their noses to spite their faces by junking the legacy of their true greats like Roosevelt and Kennedy. Hell, they have even let that conniving little shit George W. Bush steal Harry Truman from them!

Now after having won both houses of Congress by riding a wave of anti-war sentiment the fumbling, stumbling, bumbling Democrats have chosen to punt, dithering away precious time with ridiculous non-binding resolutions and dog and pony shows like the 100 hour agenda. At this rate it won’t be long until minority status beckons again – really though, what’s the difference? The Dems are still played like a Stradivarius by Karl Rove and generally bullied by Republicans who are such masters of hypocrisy that they can get away with filibustering with aplomb only months after threatening to torpedo the procedure. . What is the difference between now and when DeLay and Frist were running the Capitol Hill con game??

Spineless, morally vacant ass clown Democrats refuse to exercise their constitutional obligations and control of ‘the purse’ by cutting off war funding to end the debacle that they were complicit in creating through their complete roll over before giving the war party a blank check in the first place. Either they are afraid of being called on the carpet by such brave patriots who have so well served their country like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity or the fear of upsetting the AIPAC apple cart and disrupting the ample flow of easy campaign cash from The New York money people” as Wesley Clark called the high rolling Zionists who are down with the regional brutality espoused by Bibi Netanyahu, Likudnik hard liners, their winged monkeys on the Christian right and the ideologue neocon moles within the U.S. policy making apparatus. Carl Levin is even calling for action against Syria for God’s sake, when will this long national nightmare end? The Democratic party establishment has only served to use the recent elections to further reinforce the Praetorian guard around the emperor and in order for any real change as well as a return to sanity they too must be taken out come November 2008 and replaced by progressive or third party candidates who are not slaves and lackeys to the cartels of powerful anti-American, anti-labor, pro-war special interest groups. The dog and pony shows and half measures in the face of the destruction of America from within would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so high and we all deserve better than DLC frauds dicking around to protect their stake in the rigged game while the streets in Baghdad run red with blood and the streets of America are increasingly filled with those who have been chewed up and spat out by the compassionate conservatives.

So thoroughly gutless are the Democrats, so timorous and so browbeaten into being called out for their lack of ‘patriotism’ for something like the millionth time that the majority party won’t even block funding for a looming attack on Iran. Once the missiles and bombs start to fly we will be Germany invading Poland, the bad guys, the aggressors, the new Nazis. History will not be kind to us nor should it be. But with our national reputation already long since flushed down the toilet by a neo-fascist junta that is assisted in destroying this country from within by the sad shell of what was once a party of the people that fears stealing the limelight from their thin-skinned queen in waiting more than the historical infamy of being accessories to the ruination of America and the slaughter and pestilence of the coming World War.

But with our reputation already long since flushed down the toilet by a feckless opposition party that fears stealing the limelight from their thin-skinned queen in waiting more than the historical infamy of being accessories to the ruination of America what’s a few trillion more dollars and hundreds of thousands of more bodies. Hell, by the time that this Vichy bunch gets done they can stack the dead all the way up to fucking Jesus.

The sad reality is that a one-time acquaintance of mine who happened to be a rabid Marxist is right, both parties are just corrupt factions of a rotting capitalist system, one is only more outright fascist than the other which is only better at pretending not to be killers. The efforts made by the corporatist wing of the Democrat party to go out of their way to withhold support from anti-war, progressive candidates in the run up to the November elections prevented an enormous landslide and kept out reformers intent on taking on the rigged game of a system itself.

The Republican slime machine is churning again while the defenseless Dems are stuck in neutral as a result of their deferential treatment to Hillary, AIPAC, Wall Street, corporate America and the defense/surveillance industrial complex. Uber-cunt Ann Coulter has emerged from her spider hole of shame after last year’s embarrassing plagiarism incident to call John Edwards a “faggot” at the grand fascist fiesta that is formally known as the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where the movers and shakers of the reactionary filth that is the neoconservative movement rub elbows and plot the further destruction of all that is decent and moral.

Such despicable comments by one of more prominent members of the stable of neo-Nazi mouthpieces of course gets no traction in the pocket media that has long held double standards when it comes to neo-fascist hate speech. I am always amused at Man Coulter’s playing of the homosexual card (previously invoked by the bitch goddess to slime the Clintons and Al Gore) because if person’s sexuality could be called into question it would be that of a horse-faced, forty something woman whose bread and butter is to portray herself as macho and whose whiplike tongue could dance on a G-Spot like an angel on the head of a pin. The Republicans always love to cast the first stone despite being a haven for pathological perverts, pedophiles, garden veriety queers and incorrigible sodomites whose numbers are legion and I don’t have the two days to devote to this post to list them all here. As with Hitler’s brownshirts there is some sort of alluring pull to the GOP that makes it a magnet for degenerate cocksuckers (and closet dykes for that matter), while I am not a psychologist there certainly seems to be a similarity between the deep seated needs by extreme right-wingers to dominate and humiliate, much like the uncontrollable urges of the vilest of pederasts.

Then there was Friday’s great story of the hidden college thesis of the Queen of Hearts herself that broke on MSNBC just as Ms. Rodham was getting her panties unknotted over the spot on comments of David Geffen. So utterly silly is the Hillary thesis story that it is of the utmost in fucking hilarity, only the complete imbeciles in the Bushist flock could possibly believe that Mrs. Rodham-Clinton is some raving leftist radical rather than an overly ambitious former Wal-Mart board member drunk on raw hubris and the opportunity to seize the brass ring where she can preside over the ongoing strip mining of the lives of the have-nots with the misfortune to have ended up on the bad end of globalization. Unfortunately this means any of those who do not belong to the rapacious cult of vampires of the global elite who the Clintons and the Bushes are servants of.

The ONLY reason why I absolutely know that the Saul Alinsky connection isn’t a plant by the Clintonistas seeking to burnish her so called liberal roots with the more left-wing elements of the party base is the shameless insertion of a standard smearing of Hillary along some lines from the dearly departed reich-winger Barbara Olson that would allow the Rovian propagandists to once again slyly milk the 9/11 fear factor. The fact that the reactionary bitch perished in a blaze of glory on the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01 (therefore making the piece immune from criticism lest the memory of Babs be tarnished by any rebuttal) is a poison pill that even Herr Goebbels himself would be proud of but nothing ever changes with the Republican noise machine and there are always plenty of ignoramuses who hungrily lap up their bullshit. I do find the death of Olson to be one of lifes bitter ironies in that she was ultimately a victim of the anger, the futility and the relentless hatred of America that the impoverishment and subjugation of entire populations by the fascist right-wing Social Darwinist, greedheaded agenda that she so championed as a GOP shill were so very instrumental in creating. Just my two cents but it would be a very good thing for world peace and social justice if many thousands of the Barbara Olsons of this world including Ann Coulter would meet with a similar demise…..poetic justice I guess or karma or just a good ole helping of what fucking comes around fucking goes around!

Ahhh….it’s good to be back, so much to do so little time.