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Save The Last Elephant Ear For Me

Peckerwood Nation’s Last Stand

Salvaging something after the general election debacle the fascist Republican armies threw everything that they had left into defending the Georgia Senate seat of one Saxby Chambliss, a man so despicable that he became a party legend for running campaign commercials comparing his opponent, a Vietnam war triple-amputee to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. While Max Cleland lost both legs and an arm at Khe Sahn, good ole back-slapping Saxby Chambliss was taking five deferments to keep his chickenshit ass out of the action and to begin his career as a credentialed armchair patriot and water carrier for big bidness and the dead enders of the Religious Right. Chambliss decisively won Tuesday’s runoff election against feisty challenge of one Jim Martin making that coveted 60 seat Senate majority (hype as it may be) wet dream now statistically impossible – sort of like the Detroit Lions or Cincinnati Bengals making the NFL playoffs but more on that malodorous crock of malarkey in a little bit.

To hear the talking points of the right-wing extremists and their highly paid propaganda pimps like millionaire thrice divorced drug addict Rush Limbaugh tell it he was the last man to halt the agenda of the “far left” which would supposedly allow the flipping of the country into one of those damned hated European socialist countries, the ones with free education, health care, public transportation systems that are the envy of the world and god forbid, an educated populace. So the GOP threw everything that they had into defending the Chambliss seat, kind of like Stalin marching thousands directly into the meatgrinder of Stalingrad, a sort of cornered animal type of desperation drove the rally of the knuckle-dragging, Confederate flag waving aggrieved lumpen Republicans who were already chafing from having that burr of a ‘darkie’ president rammed up their asses. The Jesus juicers were out in force and there was no fucking way in heaven or hell that they were going to run up the white flag of surrender on this one. They would let John McCain go down in flames but the cracker Saxby was one of theirs, and Sarah Palin (who Saxby praised to high heaven), new darling of the REAL Republicans as well as the hoochie mama who has induced as a record amount of monkey-spanking and meat-yanking mania amongst the angry white dittoheads that has left that haggard, horse-faced, crack whore Ann Coulter in the dust (you have to admit, at least Palin has a set of tits to come on) . Now I personally don’t think that Jesus would approve of such ‘mass-treebatin’, but shitfire Jim Bob, if he dared to show up at either a Klan picnic or a Palin rally (what’s the difference when you really get down to it?) he’d find his meddlesome, long-haired librul ass crucified on a piece of plywood by a nail gun faster than you can say Oh God Sarah baby by the ignoble savages that are our southern brethren and you gotta admit, at least Palin HAS a set of tits to come on.

The rise of Palin as the Führess of the most vicious and bigoted portion of the population, the ones who have been descending on gun shows across the nation since November 5th like so many Black Friday Wal-Mart shoppers is a terrifying thing to behold, especially on the brink of an economic crisis with hyperinflation of the sort unseen in the western world since it took a wheelbarrow full of reichmarks to buy a loaf of bread and the need for scapegoats for the coming suffering. Try as I must to talk myself out of such a wild assed conspiracy theory but the parallels between what is going on in Der Heimat and the rise of Nazi Germany have just too many eerie parallels to be a coincidence, and there is that long history of Nazi-U.S. Corporate and financial collaboration (Prescott Bush was the poster boy) but that is a story for another time. The Republicans are going to go more ideological, become more fanatical and regenerate like the hydra that they are and it’s all going to gestate in the belly of the beast south of the Mason-Dixon line, these people have had their noses bloodied before and in a bit of grudging admiration they don’t forget things like William Tecumseh Sherman’s cutting a bloody swath through Georgia during the Civil War using what could objectively been called terrorist tactics and they are still fighting that goddamned war five or six generations later. The aggrieved psychotics who actually run the party, guys like Georgia based Newt Gingrich are going to be rubbing the sores of discontent raw in the south and given the victory lap and synchronized jacking each other off over the election results by Democrats, progressives and liberals who are now ready to go back to sleep this is a recipe for doom.

But I digress…

The victory of cracker Chambliss in Peckerwood Nation really means nothing in the real scheme of things outside of the extreme right finally getting a tourniquet onto the wound to stop the bleeding and to provide an opportunity to regain momentum for the battle royal against the dark skinned demon Obama and the librul hordes. Not that a 60 seat majority would guarantee jack shit given the history of the jellyfish centrists in the Democratic party, Casper Milquetoast Harry Reid a coward of Neville Chamberlain proportions still runs the place, the receiving line stretched around the rotunda to kiss the ass of Judas Lieberman and the one person who could have provided a backbone and some much needed bellicosity to the ranks, Hillary Rodham-Clinton who should have been installed as majority has slithered like a snake into the Obama cabinet. A win in Minnesota by the unfunny comedian and former Air American personality Al Franken is largely irrelevant and besides, aren’t there already a disproportionate amount of Jews who hold positions of influence within the system? And with the son of a fanatic Zionist terrorist in Rahm Emanuel already acting as the gatekeeper in the Obama White House I just have a very sick feeling that our disgustingly one-sided Middle Eastern policy that contributes to an overwhelming amount of violence is not going to change anytime soon.

These are dark clouds on the horizon, large portions of the liberal base are already chafing at the bit over Obama’s establishment ‘centrist’ appointments and unless there is some serious action to deliver on that promise of change the turnout is going to suffer, support is going to wane and it could be 1994 all over again come November 2010. Our brand spanking new President Elect Obama may have had a crackerjack ground game, a veritable Wehrmacht of local operations and an organized army of online activists that contributed greatly to his near landslide win but in typical establishment fashion the antiwar, pro-Constitution base is already having their backs pissed on and being told that it’s raining. The trickle could become a downpour of biblical proportions that will surely be seized upon by the minions of Limbaugh, LaHaye, Hagee, Robertson, Gingrich and their Alaskan Valkyrie queen. If nothing else, the more overtly fascist elements of the Republican party are experts at destabilizing governments and any perceived betrayal of the left along with the coming depression is going to create opportunity for a resurgence. The most foolish mistake of all would be for jubilant liberals, progressives and their feckless centrist Democratic party champions to ignore what the always profound Chris Hedges refers to as “American fascists” and he isn’t throwing that term around loosely, these people are a huge threat to the republic and as a recent Hedges column over at truthdig describes it we are still in very serious jeopardy of losing it all:

The old assumptions and paradigms about capitalism and free markets are dead. A new, virulent populism, still inchoate, is slowly and painfully rising to take their place. This populism will determine the future of the country. It is as likely to be right-wing as left-wing.

I watched these competing populisms flicker Thursday night at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., when I moderated a debate between independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin. The two candidates come from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Nader, in essence, is a democratic socialist in the mold of Eugene Debs or Norman Thomas. Baldwin, a founder and minister at the Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Fla., is an evangelical, right-wing populist.

Baldwin, like Nader, rails against corporatism and our involvement in foreign wars, wants to repeal NAFTA and denounces the curtailment of civil liberties. But Baldwin goes on to support the abolishment of whole departments of the federal government, such as the Department of Education. He calls for U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO, the elimination of the Food and Drug Administration, the outlawing of abortion and removing all restrictions on the purchasing of firearms. One of his catchier campaign slogans is: “To help keep your family safe and your country free, go buy a gun.” He wants to seal our borders, deny amnesty and social services to illegal immigrants and end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants. He calls for dismantling the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, overturning the 16th Amendment and the personal income tax, and returning the American monetary system to hard assets: gold and silver.

These candidates, while marginal figures in the current election, express the two forms of populism that will soon find a wide political currency. The anger toward our elites will morph into rage. These new populisms may not be articulated by Nader and Baldwin, but they will be articulated by people like Nader and Baldwin.

The ideological foundations of free-market economics and a consumer society have collapsed. This collapse is hard for us to fathom. We are still in shock and denial. We cling to old structures of meaning and outdated words to describe them. We have yet to realize that all our political science and economic textbooks have become junk. We have yet to formulate a vocabulary to describe our altered reality. We grasp, on a subliminal level, that laissez-faire capitalism is gone, but we have not viewed the corpse, scheduled the funeral and read the last rites.


The left, with a few exceptions, like the Progressive Party in Vermont, has largely thrown in its lot with the Democratic Party. Right-wing populists, as is evidenced by the acrimonious split in the McCain campaign, remain clustered around the fiefdoms of large megachurches that stoke hatred and frightening totalitarian visions of a Christian state. The left has no correlating centers of activism, organization or mass support, especially with the decline of labor unions. If left-wing populists do not rapidly build local organizations, as was done in Vermont, to compete with the right-wing populism of the Christian right, the most dangerous mass movement in American history, they will be easily swept aside. There is not much time left. A Democratic victory in November may signal not a reversal of our fading fortunes but the start of a precipitous slide toward the Christian dystopia peddled by people like Baldwin.

Progressives are playing a dangerous game of mass self-congratulation right now and in that comes an inversion of one of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief – DENIAL – and in failing to recognize that the extreme right is not going away, not now, not ever without a very serious (and in measured terms I say dealt with using ‘extreme prejudice) effort to cut out the cancer that is the Republican base, now in apparent remission but in actuality mestasizing to rage anew then we may one day look back on the Bush administration as tempered moderates.

This is the reality of the situation: deep south bible belt whites, mainly poor, increasingly hostile and always Republican have contributed mightily to our current economic and global crisis through their long run of owning a disproportionate amount of political power in America and if they regain it they will be ever more determined to wield it and the next time they will be playing for keeps. They will use it in order to drag the country backwards through time to a dark place in our history that had apparently been buried in the past. They seek to return to the days where the American south was mired in the smothering blackness of a festering, hateful and corrupt parallel universe to the more progressive states above the Mason Dixon Line, trapped like a dinosaur in a tar pit. It was only through the courage of the civil rights movement and federal anti discrimination laws that the roaring beast was able to be semi-tamed to a point where it would be able to interact with decent folk. With the ascendancy of a red state evangelical movement the south is back for blood revenge, thundering a bastardized version of Christianity from pulpits, preaching hatred and bigotry and the end times and drawing the masses of the disenfranchised into ever growing mega churches and mobilizing armies of activists. The southern regressive fervor cunningly infiltrated the United States government itself with their ultimate triumph being the rise of George W. Bush who will now serve as a teaching tool of what NOT to do the next time, say when Sarah Palin is deemed to be ready. This southern fried anti-Americanism will, if not watched very closely once again creep back into power like some malignant strain of alien kudzu.

America is far from out of the swamp of backwoods religion and politics and very soon could be forced to bend over that log, take it up the ass with a double-barreled shotgun pressed to our necks and forced to squeal like a pig like poor old Ned Beatty in that fine cinematic depiction of that paradise of the old south Georgia: Deliverance.

Strange Bedfellows: An Alliance Against Tyranny

The Myth of Real Choice in a Sham Democracy

Somewhat lost in the hand-wringing over two Supreme Court decisions on the rights of gun ownership and death to pederasts (has there ever been a country more obsessed with the death penalty? It’s getting pretty creepy these days.) was the massive reduction in damages due as a result of the Exxon Valdez environmental by the fascist bloc of pocket justices who are worth every penny that corporatists have paid to advance their careers. While the trademark wedge issues have set the corporate media and far too many of the blogs atwitter, the shaving off of $2 billion and change from the damages owed to the state of Alaska by those greedy fuckers at Exxon shows exactly what this country is all about. Two systems of justice, one for the rich and the corporatists and one for all of us lesser beings, just another day in the ongoing travesty of societal decay among the feed cattle of the vampire elite here in Der Heimat.

That the courts no longer work for the majority of Americans and that ‘justice’ has become just another abstract term that is synonomous for commodity (as the Orwellian changes in the meanings of words proceeds unabated) is apparent to all but the most incorrigible of idiots and deniers, all the better to herd them into the vast networks of for profit corporate prisons that are the festering boils on the slimy reptilian skin of a demonic police state. The courts have been far too long polluted with the fascist lackeys of the anti-American Federalist Society with a smattering of graduates of hokum law schools founded by a score of high rolling false prophet millionaire preachers mixed in to give the appearance of a social and religious crusade to seize America for God. Nothing shows this corruption of the courts like the boon to Exxon courtesy of apple cheeked Johnny Roberts and his fellow appointee that the Dems didn’t bother filibustering Sammy Alito who along with entrenched extremists fat Tony Scalia and Clarence ‘Uncle’ Thomas delivered the bacon for their paymasters. The public as usual just swims along in their blissful ignorance, carefree frogs blessing their luck for the warmer water in that great big cauldron while the invisible hand slowly ratchets up the thermostat.

Just like the recently deceased social critic George Carlin said:

That’s what the owners count on, the fact that Americans will remain wilfully ignorant about the big red, white and blue dick that is being shoved up their ass every day. Because the owners know the truth. It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

The increasingly irrelevant, packed by special interests and politicized mockery of a judicial system though has nothing on the roiling spring of filth that is the United States Congress. The House and Senate are largely a pack of perverts, crooks, cronies, moles and jackals who are every bit as complicit in wrecking his country as their more overtly fascist collaborators actually in the Bush-Cheney administration itself. This unholy temple of whores and swine have never failed to fail when it comes to protecting the Constitution (or as Lord Bush likes to refer to it that “goddamned piece of paper”) with the latest outrage being the bestowment of retroactive immunity against both the Bushreich and thieving big telecommunications corporations for their illegal spying on Americans under the big lie of the grand Orwellian War on Terror. So over the top outrageous was this latest disembowelment of the Constitution that essentially has wiped out the Fourth Amendment and taken us all a bit closer to a mixture of a post-industrial version of Nazi Germany, Oceania and an Eastern bloc authoritarian police state that finally enough Americans have realized that there is no longer a point in trying to work with those entrenched within the existing rotting system.

So in a time of total systemic failure we finally have an alliance coming together that is going to attempt to transcend the bogus left-right paradigm that has pitted us all against each other for far too long while our pockets have been picked and our rights stolen by the oligarchy. I speak of that wonderful new coalition that calls itself Strange Bedfellows and features some of the best of the ‘left’ an the best of the ‘right’ unifying to raise enough money to afford one gigantic enema bag which one day with a bit of luck and a lot of tenacity and hard work can be stuck right into that giant reeking asshole that is Washington D.C. and the bulb be given one hell of a squeeze. The alliance, originally started as an effort to stop the monstrously unjust and just signed off on by both houses of Congress FISA bill is being led by the great blogger Glenn Greenwald, elements of the Ron Paul Revolution including Money Bomb organizer Trevor Lyman, the great blog, the ACLU, Jane Hamsher of Firedog Lake and others to finally do the only logical thing and come together despite the obvious ideological differences (that are always brought up as obstacles by the doubters and those with much to lose if the existing status quo is challenged) to take a serious and principled stand against the fascism that has metastasized through this county like some form of malignant cancer.

Greenwald, a growing voice with crossover appeal as well as a man of principle has rocked the boat by coming out in his Thursday Salon column entitled Keith Olbermann: Then and now and questioning MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann for his failure to hold Barack Obama accountable in any sort of consistently meaningful way for his callous and politically expedient cave in on the FISA bill rather than to apply the same standards set by his special comment back in January on Bush’s bullying to include immunity for the telecoms made appropriate references to fascism and Nazi Germany including the scathing:

“This is no longer just a farce in which protecting telecoms is dressed up as protecting us from terrorists conference cells. Now it begins to look like the bureaucrats of the Third Reich, trying to protect the Krupp family, the industrial giants, re-writing the laws of Nazi Germany for their benefit.”

Now in saying that I believe that Olbermann has consistently been the most vocal critic of Bushist and Fox fascism to be found anywhere on cable or regular television (Jon Stewart doesn’t count as he is just an outright buffoon) I have noticed that he often comes across more often as just another shill for the Democratic wing of the corrupt two party joke of a system but such is the price of success. What likely really put the burr up the ass of Olbermann and his General Electric owned MSNBC is that Greenwald does have a point and in using his platform in the blogosphere to advocate for unity against a rancid ruling class and their media toadies he represents a threat to the oligarchy in a manner that blowhard ass clowns like Bill O’Reilly could never hope to. Olbermann, outraged at the audacity of Greenwald for daring to question the high priest of Democratic restoration for his failure to apply the same standards when it comes to desecrating the Constitution to Mr. Obama as he does to King George, the sharp dressed man turned to none other than that teeming nest of venomous orange striped cocksuckers and their charismatic cult leader: Daily Kos.

The intention would to one as jaded as myself (who has had his own share of run ins with those minions of that monkey faced little pigfucker Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga) seem to be to unleash the full fury of those savage little laptop thumping pricks for a counter attack against the growing coalition of Strange Bedfellows. This is going to be pretty interesting to see as Cyber Stalin unleashes his legions of yuppie, orange hued winged monkeys with orders to put the phasers on kill. One of the one aspects of blogging that has increasingly brought much revulsion to me is the co-opting of the so called “A List” blogs (a bunch of sniveling, self centered shithacks if you ask me) by the Democratic party political machine. The Olbermann-Kos thing is going to be absolutely fascinating to watch in the coming days and weeks as they swarm like mindless programmed antibodies to attack any threats to the system that they are tasked with guarding. That Olbermann would eventually become a ‘left’ gatekeeper should certainly come as no shock to anybody who is truly aware of the way that things operate, the shameless Bill Maher’s attacks on those who question 9/11 and Israeli human rights violation show that these guys place priority over principle and let’s face it, neither of them are exactly hurting as the rest of the country is beggared and the economic diaspora grows by the day. Bill Maher knows where his bread is buttered and balling porn stars, partying and enjoying the celebrity status of a top gatekeeper on HBO is a gig that anybody would kill for. As for what ultimately drives Keith Olbermann who really knows but you cannot be a renegade while being part of the same system that you claim to want to change.

Greenwald and Strange Bedfellows are the proverbial live grenade rolling around in the bunker so explosive is the possibility of an alliance that no longer buys the preposterous folderol that has been routinely sold to the chumps that exist here on our God kissed land mass on planet shit and are just well enough educated and pissed off enough to call bullshit on the entire fucking game. A thing like this, which could begin to spread given the growing rate of dissatisfaction and waves of anger that threaten to crash through the once invincible dam of managed reality for the masses – the comments about Olbermann are a shot across the bow and the owners of this country damned well know it. That treacherous foreign pig Rupert Murdoch ‘s newly acquired crown jewel in the American propaganda machine The Wall Street Journal (or as I like to refer to it The Gospel for the Moneychangers already has chimed in on Strange Bedfellows as well so the alarm bells are going off in ivory towers throughout the land. I am personally going to join this alliance and would strongly recommend the rest of you to do likewise if you really want to make a difference and get in on the ground floor for as I have preached in the past this is the future and long after the Daily Kos and the rest of the former internet insurgents who chose the seductive lure of going native over integrity are once again irrelevant the new alliance will reign supreme.

Anyway, it is a damned good idea and the end result has the potential to be far more rewarding than just raising coin to target corporate quisling Democrats like that glad handing, crab cake quaffing AIPAC stooge Steny Hoyer and his ilk for their complicity in once again selling the American people down the river for thirty pieces of silver. A sustained and growing coalition has the possibility to overturn the tables in the rigged casinos, the dens of iniquity and the wood paneled parlors that serve as breeding grounds for the rats who ensure that the game stays rigged and the sham democracy and its pocket media kingmakers can continue to feed on the rest of us like the fucking vultures that they are.

By Ed Encho

The God Damn Media Owes Reverend Wright an Apology

After his Friday interview with PBS journalist Bill Moyers and after the specially edited for the dual purposes of fearmongering and race baiting for political gain sound bytes were heard in their proper context the fake devil that is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright not only right but he is deserving of an apology by every lazy corporate media hack who have once again chosen that a regular paycheck earned by picking the low hanging fruit and not upsetting the plantation masters is far more desirable than such quaint antiquities as journalistic integrity. When looking at the ‘questionable’ sermons in their true context I must agree and also must say that I have heard similar sentiments espoused by some of those on the right although in slightly less bombastic terms (they dearly cling to their blood soaked rag and whimper stars and stripes forever), it’s called BLOWBACK (see Chalmers Johnson’s book of same title) and this country has a closet full of murderous skeletons when it comes to those of darker skin color.

Personally Mr. Obama hurt himself with his dispicable throwing of the Reverend under the bus today rather than to take a principled stand against American fascism, I expected better of Obama but as many have tried to convince me he really is just an empty suit. It was a cowardly and disreputable act to just tow the fascist line and condemn Wright rather than to address the sins of the empire. You see what happened to Ron Paul when he brought it up too, there is nothing in Murka that is more dangerous than the truth but it is as kryptonite to the John Wayne Ubermensch that is the ultimate superhero for the television addled dopes and woefully ignorant suckers in this land of sorrowful decline where fantasy long ago replaced reality. I would strongly recommend all progressives, patriots and otherwise concerned Americans to circulate Reverend Wright’s sermons in their proper context and to compare them to dangerous anti-American Zionist tools like the lunatic Pastor John Hagee whose religious doctrine could have been written by the Likud Party.

Let’s see what the dreaded anti-American black devil said in unedited transcripts (from the Bill Moyers program) of those sermons that have been pimped so hard by the Establishment media to take down Barack Obama through the very McCarthyist tactic of guild by association:

From the “God Damn America” sermon:

Where governments lie, God does not lie. Where governments change, God does not change. And I’m through now. But let me leave you with one more thing. Governments fail. The government in this text comprised of Caesar, Cornelius, Pontius Pilate – the Roman government failed. The British government used to rule from East to West. The British government had a Union Jack. She colonized Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Hong Kong. Her navies ruled the seven seas all the way down to the tip of Argentina in the Falklands, but the British government failed. The Russian government failed. The Japanese government failed. The German government failed. And the United States of America government, when it came to treating her citizens of Indian descent fairly, she failed. She put them on reservations. When it came to treating her citizens of Japanese descent fairly, she failed. She put them in internment prison camps. When it came to treating citizens of African descent fairly, America failed. She put them in chains. The government put them on slave quarters, put them on auction blocks, put them in cotton fields, put them in inferior schools, put them in substandard housing, put them in scientific experiments, put them in the lowest paying jobs, put them outside the equal protection of the law, kept them out of their racist bastions of higher education and locked them into position of hopelessness and helplessness. The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law, and then wants us to sing God bless America? No, no, no. Not God bless America; God damn America! That’s in the Bible, for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating her citizen as less than human. God damn America as long as she keeps trying to act like she is God and she is supreme!

From the ‘Blame America for 9/11’ Sermon

The people of faith have moved from the hatred of armed enemies, these soldiers who captured the king, those soldiers who slaughtered his son and put his eyes out, the soldiers who sacked the city, burned the towns, burned the temples, burned the towers, and moved from the hatred for armed enemies to the hatred of unarmed innocents, the babies, the babies . “Blessed are they who dash your baby’s brains against a rock.” And that my beloved is a dangerous place to be. Yet, that is where the people of faith are in 551 BC and that is where far too many people of faith are in 2001 AD. We have moved from the hatred of armed enemies to the hatred of unarmed innocents. We want revenge. We want paybacks and we don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

I heard Ambassador Peck on an interview yesterday. Did anybody else see him or hear him? He was on Fox news. This is a white man and he was upsetting the Fox news commentators to no end. He pointed out. You see him John? A white man he pointed out -an Ambassador! He pointed out that what Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Mohammad was in fact true. America’s chickens are coming home to roost! We took this country by terror away from the Sioux, the Apache, the Arawak, the Comanche, the Arapaho, the Navajo. Terrorism! We took Africans from their country to build our way of ease and kept them enslaved and living in fear. Terrorism! We bombed Grenada and killed innocent civilians, babies, non-military personnel. We bombed the black civilian community of Panama with stealth bombers and killed unarmed teenagers and toddlers, pregnant mothers and hard-working fathers. We bombed Gadafi’s home and killed his child. “Blessed are they who bash your children’s head against a rock!” We bombed Iraq. We killed unarmed civilians trying to make a living. We bombed a plant in Sudan to payback for the attack on our embassy. Killed hundreds of hard-working people; mothers and fathers who left home to go that day, not knowing that they would never get back home. We bombed Hiroshima! We bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye! Kids playing in the playground, mothers picking up children after school, civilians – not soldiers – people just trying to make it day by day. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and Black South Africans, and now we are indignant? Because the stuff we have done overseas has now been brought back into our own front yards! America’s chickens are coming home to roost! Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred and terrorism begets terrorism. A White Ambassador said that y’all not a Black Militant. Not a Reverend who preaches about racism. An Ambassador whose eyes are wide open, and who’s trying to get us to wake up and move away from this dangerous precipice upon which we are now poised–

This is called blowback and our continued willful ignorance of the consequences of a misguided foreign policy based solely on imperialism and the installation of brutal dictators that are U.S. puppets and who torture and repress their own people under despotic regimes blessed by Washington and Wall Street will only continue to produce more hate and retaliation until such misguided policies are halted. The cowardly smear campaign being conducted by the pocket media and political operatives of both the Clintons and the fascist Republican party is an affront to American ideals, an assault on freedom of speech and association, an attack on the black churches and those who are actively complicit in this electronic assassination have blood on their hands for their role in failing to honestly examine our failed policies.

We can just blame the inevitable next terrorist attack (given our monstrous destruction and murder in the Middle East which is creating terrorists by the hour) on Reverend Wright can’t we? That would be the easiest thing to do and once again provide cover for the lemmings snuggled warmly inside their cocoons of denial.

Planet Shit Dispatch: Pimping Chelsea Edition

The New Nixon?

No Fucking Sense of Humor: The overall shrillness of tone and the incredibly harsh and disproportionate response to MSNBC shithack David Shuster’s perfectly in bounds (in my opinion anyway) critical comment: “Doesn’t it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” is just another one of those examples how the media has so abysmally failed America – you never see potential child fucking degenerate and drug addicted gasbag Rush Limbaugh being castigated but then again he is shilling for Clinton too along with the shrieking skank Ann Coulter. The outrage along the left front of the blogosphere over this is over the top and disingenuous as well as a show of strength of a ruthless Clinton machine that is not to be trifled with. That MSNBC would yank Shuster over something as relatively mild as this is a knee jerk response and more proof that the Clinton restoration is nigh as if Rupert Murdoch’s sucking up to the Queen wasn’t enough.

The Clintons consistently work the refs with all the calculating bullying of any veteran Republican operative ever has with their damned lies about the ‘liberal media’ and now with Rodham-Clinton within sniffing distance of King Bush’s throne the CEO’s don’t want to risk offending the ultimate Machiavellian power bitch and then being cut off of the dole by a vicious political machine that will give Karl Rove a run for his money when it comes to running the spoils system. Rolling Stone magazine writer Matt Taibbi’s great new piece on Queen Hitlery that is entitled The New Nixon is required reading not only for his spot on description of the bitch as a paranoid, easily angered manipulator whose relentlessness and pure cold blooded political instinct is right up there with the dark master himself. I just love this part, especially the comparison of the amoral hired gun Mark Penn (he also has had luminaries like Blackwater’s Erik Prince on his client list) as some sort of a combination of Karl Rove and Jabba the Hutt:

Penn is the Democratic version of Karl Rove. He even looks like Rove, only he’s fatter and more disgusting. Up close in a forum like this, his eyes bulge out of his fat, blood-flushed head; his neck spills out of his too-tight shirt collar; and he generally looks like Jabba the Hutt, his suit bursting at the seams, with only the bowl of snackable live toads suspended at arm’s length missing from the picture.

After Obama’s win in Iowa, everyone familiar with the Clintons and how they operate could have set their watches by the Hillary camp’s inevitable decision to start reminding America of the dangers of electing a black teenager on coke. There is now a sudden sense on the campaign trail that the electoral chaos of the last year is a thing of the past, that this race is once again back in the hands of scaly Washington pros like Penn, the whole contest reduced to a series of empty PR ploys on the level of a staged crying fit and a series of back-channel character attacks. The Clintons are back, running things as they always have, with their back-stabbing, inside-baseball mastery, their fanatical, almost religious pursuit of the political fork in the road, their boundless faith in ruthless corporate bagmen of the Penn genus and other such faceless electoral point-shavers.

Taibbi is absolutely fucking great (while he and I part ways on 9/11), a true heir apparent to Hunter S. Thompson at the Rolling Stone which has also returned to the days of great political writing and he has also landed a gig on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher and seriously pissed off Hillary advocate and NOW president Kim Gandy with his hilarious commentary like this one from the show transcript:

TAIBBI: Yeah, I mean, I think Hillary Clinton’s whole thing about, you know how – “Well, I voted for the war; I voted for the authorization, but I didn’t know he was actually going to go in there.”

MAHER: Right.

TAIBBI: I mean, what a load of horseshit. [laughter] I mean, really. I mean, back in November, I mean, Bush and Cheney were practically already modeling their desert fatigues back then. [laughter] We all knew they were going into Iraq. I mean, the idea – I mean, the Democrats basically – they were afraid the war was going to be over in two weeks, that gas was going to be 50 cents a gallon and that Bush was going to be doing parades all summer. And they were going to be left out of it, looking weak.

What is missing though was Taibbi’s emphasis on the word HORSESHIT as well as the clearly audible sound of Ms. Gandy’s puckering asshole. At least somebody has a sense of humor to go along with a keen eye for the truth.

Super Tuesday Musings: Stick a fork in Willard Mitt Romney’s ultra slick ass because he is fucking done, it was too hard to sell the knuckle dragging Raptureheads a flip flopper from Massachusetts no matter how hard that the Wall Street greedheads wanted one of their own to keep shoveling the slop into the feeding trough. Romney officially ‘suspended’ his campaign on Thursday after getting little return on his personal $35 million dollar investment outside of the bastions of those who are rumored to believe that Jesus and the Devil are brothers which at least theoretically if true would mean that they would be Republicans. Elmer Gantry Huckabee held his own south of the Mason-Dixon in peckerwood nation and Manchurian McCain has completed his miraculous comeback from being scorned, ridiculed and mocked as a shameless opportunist and clearly out of touch septuagenarian war junkie but thanks to a convergence of the perfect storm of the great General Petraeus bait and switch, the stumping of the vile fucking turncoat Joe Lieberman and the chronic ineptitude of the Pelosi-Reid leadersheep has risen like the proverbial Phoenix. The reincarnation of McCain ironically may be the best thing to ever happen to the Democratic party because if he is able to win the White House over the much loathed Clintons then it will likely mean the death of the parasitical DLC as well and clear the way for a progressive/liberal resurgence. Then again he just may be the man crazy enough to actually launch the nukes on Tehran and even worse than the prospects of global thermonuclear war are the prospects that he may choose Jeb Bush as his running mate.

Hillary Clinton may have lost the overall count in states but won the big ones in New York, California and Massachusetts (despite the endorsement of the Kennedys) and while having to dig into her own pocket for five million bucks she knows damned well that she has the super delegates in her pocket as well and if she can just keep the campaign solvent until the DemocRATS roll into Denver for what appears to be a brokered convention the fix is indeed in. Rest assured that up to this point the big winners are the establishment and the elimination of voices that don’t parrot the party line of the glories of rapacious neoliberal capitalism or join in the madhouse choir for perpetual war like Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Mike Gravel and Ron Paul have been easily stifled so that the two-party con game can go on for perpetuity and the war on the American people can continue unabated.

On Any Given Sunday: Ok, now we know why I will never be able to make a living betting on football games. Final score: Giants 17 Patriots 14. So much for that 4 td ass stomping that I had predicted in my Super Bowl preview post but that I am cool with it because it was one hell of a football game and ranks right up there with my personal favorite when a Denver Broncos team that was given absolutely no chance by the media dorks went into San Diego and upset the heavily favored Green Bay Packers 31-24 and the score would have been much more lopsided had stud running back Terrell Davis not missed the second quarter with a migraine. But I have a reason for this, I grew up in Denver and the worship of the Broncos was akin to a local religion and let’s face it, after suffering through four of those rotten Super Bowl ass kickings with my team on the receiving end it was fucking great to see. I am quite up front in my bias on this.

Super Bowl XLII however was an awesome game, hats off to the Giants for shocking the idiots in the media by playing David to New England’s Goliath. They played one hell of a game and that defense rolled over the hapless Pats offensive more easily than the Bush-Cheney junta does over the perennially feckless Democratic Congress. At least I was half right about the game when I said:

A Patriots loss may be phenomenal and the story of the century to the media but to even the casual, serious NFL fan it really wouldn’t be a surprise at all. Hell, it’s not like New England has been playing dominant ball the last month or so and were given all that they could handle by a hobbled San Diego Charger team coached by Norv fucking Turner for Christ’s sake to even get to the Super Bowl this year. The 2007 version of the “Greatest Show on Turf” has been downright ordinary since rolling the hapless Buffalo Bills by 46 points back in November. The unbeaten streak may be nice (and I am actually hoping that they cap it off just for the sake of shutting up all of those classless motherfuckers on the 72 Dolphins once and for all) but it is only intact because A.J. Feely finally remembered who he was and the Baltimore Ravens punk mentality combined with the refs for an assisted suicide that was worthy of Dr. Jack Kervorkian so all of that bullshit about the 18-0 juggernaut is just that – bullshit. As the maxim goes in regards to the NFL on any given Sunday…

The Patriots are definitely beatable what remains to be seen is whether the New York Giants are the team to finally put the spear through the dream season.

Well the 1972 Miami Dolphins are still perfect assholes, there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to sports and Bill Belichick is still a classless douchebag; I mean what the fuck was that with walking off the field before the final gun had sounded? If you look up sore loser in the dictionary it should now have a picture of the scowling Belichick in his Unabomber style hoodie next to it. I don’t know what puts the giant bug up Belichick’s ass, after all he already has five rings and his three wins without the vastly overrated media creation that is Bill Parcells and the legend of the Big Tuna as the second coming of Vince Fucking Lombardi has pretty much been debunked no matter how hard that the jackasses in the corporate sports punditry try to peddle their storylines. I guess that he is just a total fucking prick when it really comes down to it.

Often maligned Giants QB Eli Manning looked more like his record setting older brother in picking apart the swiss cheese New England defense in the fourth quarter and that play where he barely escaped a sack to throw that amazing ball to David Tyree who made an equally amazing catch was the dagger in the Pats back, the rest was only a formality. They were beaten like cringing, whipped dogs and 18-1 will now be a figure that will live in infamy right up there with that absurd 537 votes that George Bush allegedly bested Al Gore by in Florida when the 2000 election was stolen. Peyton’s little brother was clutch when it came down to it and consistently delivered throughout the playoffs to complete the family sweep of the last two year’s title games. In an interesting side note that I am sure will not be lost on Giants management Eli was unbeaten after notorious team cancer tight end Jeremy Shockey was knocked out for the year in week sixteen so look for the prima donna to be sent packing in the offseason, he sure seems like he has Oakland Raider written all over him.

While the game was great the commercials represented yet another nadir for western society with many of them pimping E Trade and other financial snake oil outlets in order to draw in just enough suckers to the rapidly collapsing stock market for the big boys to cash out and leave the amateurs holding bags of flaming dogshit. The worst commercial though has to go to Coke for that ridiculous James Carville-Bill Frist feat of mental masturbation designed to appeal to the political awareness of the dumbest motherfuckers on the face of the planet and it wreaked havoc with my digestive system that even surpassed the ravages of the nacho cheese dip with habanero peppers.

I think I’ll stick with Pepsi.

By Ed Encho

The Petraeus Dog and Pony Show

With King George’s shameless proclamation last night that things have improved so much in Iraq that he can start bringing some troops back home(just like a pickpocket giving you ten bucks as a gift after lifting your wallet) Petraeus Week is now in the books. The “Surge” has received due credit as a heaven sent panacea for the blood soaked debacle in the desert and the PNAC plans for regional conquest (or as loony Ledeen likes to call it “creative destruction” are back on track. Even Osama bin Laden made yet another of those amazingly serendipitous appearances that always happen to occur just when the Bush-Cheney junta needs to pull a bogeyman out of the hat although skeptics are wondering just how the big spooky was able to get ahold of O.J.’s fake beard. Of course ‘The Juice’ could probably use it himself right about now given the coming 24/7 media feeding frenzy over an alleged hotel room theft that will knock every relevant event out of the next few news cycles. The sixth anniversary of 9/11 came and went and was amazingly subdued compared to the vast orgy of right wing demagoguery and bombast used to exploit the victims in the past and other than the few memorials the day’s biggest event was the congressional testimony of ‘Potemkin’ Petraeus. Now, perhaps I am being overly cynical but there just may be a coincidence in scheduling the sales pitch on that particular day to once more time shore up the big lie that Iraq is somehow related to 9/11. Hell, I know that I’m a cynic but I have nothing on the rotten bastards who actually run the circus.

It has been a thoroughly disgraceful week that exemplifies how America has come to rot, our institutions infected with the terminal disease of systemic corruption, rampant perversion and raw hubris of Republican rule. The bin Laden video was just so over the top that it allowed what alcoholics often refer to as a ‘moment of clarity’ on just how far down the rabbit hole that we have gone since 9/11. The neocon’s on call fiend has actually managed to get younger since his last really big appearance when he endorsed the Bush-Cheney ticket mere days before the 2004 election. Of course much of idiot nation that is already flying low with broken radar in an all encompassing fog of TV torpor buys this bag of horse manure lock, stock and smoking barrel like the good little fearful lemmings that they are supposed to be.

The hew and cry of the Republicans and their fifth columnist media shills screaming like the big authoritarian piss babies that they are over Move On’s General Betray Us ad is par for the course for the red team to whom decorum and rules are of no consequence when they don’t apply to their own tactics. The American Il Duce, Rudy Giuliani even deviated from his pathological ghoulish exploitations of 9/11 long enough to shriek with indignity that Hillary Rodham Clinton had smeared General Petraeus and attempted to tie her to Move On’s blasphemy of America’s newest military hero. The schoolyard bully mentality of a party of punks who go running to tattle to the teacher when they can’t keep the game sufficiently rigged in their favor makes the utter failure of the Democrats to fight back even more infuriating. The irony is that they would enjoy approval ratings much higher than inflamed hemorrhoids if they would embrace their base and Move On whose message is far more in line with the wishes of the American people than the crap shoveled out by the elitist filth and their pocket media. Another of this week’s big lies is that the centrist (aka Reagan Republican) Democrats who are denounced as though they were the second coming of Karl Marx are not nearly as outspoken about illegal wars as paleocons like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts and most libertarians. Some of the most withering criticism of Petraeus, a PR flack with political ambitions masquerading as a soldier who was once described by his superior as an “ass kissing little chickenshit” and the off the chain criminal conduct of an administration run amok comes from the principled right who have been marginalized by the neocons. In fact two of the most outspoken blogs/websites against the Bush regime’s reign of terror are libertarian: Lew Rockwell and the outstanding but they don’t get the establishment’s panties in a wad for the obvious reasons that the entire bogus left-right paradigm that pits us all against each other with sideshow ‘issues’ would be threatened and the sham democracy corporate status quo must be protected at all costs. There is a natural alliance with these people who are equally fed up Americans just waiting to bloom and any seriously minded politicians who sincerely are for reform would be foolish not to reach out.
The Dems are of course posturing and puffing about getting tough on Bush and Iraq and even threatening to block Alberto Gonzales’ likely replacement in rabid Republican ideologue Ted Olson but it’s all just window dressing and only suckers continue to fall for the same con over and over. By now we all know exactly what happens next with these feckless toadies, they just roll over and cave with nary a whimiper. Maybe they should just take Bobby Knight’s infamous advice that “if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it” rather than to continue insult our intelligence with meaningless rhetoric. While the charlatans are seeking capitulation and compromise American troops and dollars will continue to be fed into the meat grinder that is Iraq. Iran will also likely soon be attacked much to the delight of a certain highly influential special interest group that gives marching orders to the Dems (and that for the sake of argument shall remain nameless) and the Bush crime family will be free to continue their disembowelment of the constitution for another year and a half. It says one hell of a lot about the Democratic leadersheep when even the fucking John Birch Society is more of an advocate for the restoration of civil liberties than the Pelosi-Hoyer-Reid triad.

The elitist mentality of our beltway kings and queens was on full display during the Petraeus love fest. Not only did the entrenched establishment Democrat from the Show Me State Ike Skelton neglect to swear in the four star suck-o-matic for his testimony (Ray McGovern was ousted for bringing this up) but he was reportedly overheard referring to protesters as “assholes” This is the prevailing attitude by the Washington elitists to whom the First Amendment is just another annoying inconvenience. The real asshole is the entire stinking toxic waste dump inside the beltway and the rotten to the core gaggle solons who reside there. They are thoroughly vile, cowardly, corrupt and could give a rat’s ass about either the constitution or the people that they are at least in theory supposed to serve. Given the disgraceful conduct of this new Congress who were given a mandate for change it is long past time to stick an enema nozzle into the festering asshole that is the nation’s capitol and give the bulb a good hard squeeze.

The total failure to end this damned war or prevent the next one as well as the reluctance of any of the presidential candidates to take an aggressive antiwar, pro-worker stance shows why there is so much crossover appeal for a guy like Ron Paul who despite his problematic stance on other issues will END THE WAR. Americans are overwhelmingly against this crap, the illegal wars, the widespread looting, the plague of offshoring, the importation of low wage labor to take jobs that can’t be offshored, the subprime fiasco, unaffordable health care, a creeping police state and all the rest of the indignities of the past six and a half years and they want change.Sadly to this point the Democratic leadersheep and their inept strategists have been loathe to offer up anything other than fascism lite and that just isn’t going to cut it anymore.