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For Democrats V is for Vichy


Q: What is the difference between a Republican and a DLC Democrat?

A: The DLC Democrat at least has the courtesy to use a dab of KY during a good ass-fucking. 


Is there to be any return to national sanity before the Rapture Bus that we are all trapped upon makes it’s final Evel Knievel ‘Snake River’ style jump off of the end of the cliff into the abyss? George W. Bush and his neocon death cult have the doors locked and the pedal to the metal and this is largely possible due to the appeasement and enabling of the reactionary Jacobins by the corrupt, malodorous and impotent so-called opposition party. I am hereby issuing a blanket denouncement of every fucking slimy, feckless, Vichy scoundrel with anything to do with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). They must be eradicated at all costs in order to regain control and reimplement progressive American values and there is no better place to start than with whiny little neocon tool Joe Lieberman who wears his sense of entitlement like a crown.

The removal of both the Republican party and their DLC enablers is absolutely crucial for the drive to take back America from the relentless, ruthless thugs now running the place like a crime syndicate. The apparent merger between the DLC and the GOP is like the Sopranos and the Corleones launching a joint venture. If done correctly this fall -starting with Lieberman-then 2008 will become an opportunity to launch a coordinated drive to take back American once and for all and hold the thieves and thugs accountable for their criminal actions.

Never under the DLC which has hijacked the Democratic party will things ever be set right, if one thing that they have proven to be capable of doing well it is wearing the mantle of LOSER and it will only continue as long as corporate cash continues to be the lifeblood for the D.C. elitist wing of the party. Yet another great example of the cave in to right-wing Republican pressure to
recently pull an ad featuring flag draped coffins because they were charged by the GOP goon squad with politicizing the war. Feckless losers they shall always be under the leadership of the DLC and Rahn Emanuel’s DCCC. How did the venerable and virtuous Republican slime machine respond? They immediately ran an ad exploiting 9/11, a bread and butter tactic that has been used by Karl Rove’s minions while there were still bodies being pulled from the rubble of the twin towers and the stench of rotting human flesh hung in the air. The target of the ad, Ohio Representative Sherrod Brown who is running for Senate was accused of being soft on terrorism and would weaken America’s security. This tactic is particularly galling because the DLC stuck a shiv into the back of Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett who would have had immunity against such dastardly Rovian swift boat style attacks by taking down his run for the same seat by throwing their weight behind Brown.

Republican Mike Dewine was forced to pull the ad not because of it’s slander and fear mongering but because the image of the burning WTC in the background had been doctored. Why does the DLC continue to play the game as if there are any rules when their opponents don’t? That is the million dollar question. The piss poor losers of the DLC are dead men walking, and don’t even know it yet.

Joe Lieberman IS the DLC…..and that is the main reason why Joe must GO.

The DLC has been circling the wagons in defense of the highly visible Lieberman, a man who despite hitting the trifecta through his alliances with the Bush administration, AIPAC and the corporate pigs clustered around the feeding trough is facing the fight of his life against Ned Lamont, the first true test as to the effectiveness of the netroots insurgency. The two pronged effort to paint the netroots as extremists who would drag the Democratic party to the left (that it would a monumental task to drag it far enough left to even get back to Reaganism is left out, god forbid that we have context) is bogus but a work in progress, we will see how effective that it is next Wednesday. A good op ed in the Houston Chronicle last week summed it up nicely:

Lieberman’s message is whiny with a selfish threat of bolting the Democrats to run as an independent in November if he loses the primary. The Connecticut incumbent looks more and more like he’s ready to retire. Lamont is exactly what the Democrats need to revitalize their party — a young entrepreneur with ideas who is itching to take on Washington and the Republicans.

Connecticut Democrats have a real chance to restore the Democratic Party to its progressive and populist roots on Aug. 8. Bouncing Lieberman from the Democratic ticket will send shock waves across the Democratic Party and the nation.

Connecticut voters are in a position to do what Senate Democratic Whip Durbin has failed to do — insist that the opposition party start acting like one.

That message will not only be felt in Connecticut and Washington but also serve as a wake-up call for certain 2008 presidential candidates — especially a pro-war Democratic senator from New York named Hillary Clinton.

Also the July 24 edition of the New Yorker blamed Lieberman’s unpopularity not only on his constant licking of Bush’s boots and support of the war but even took it back to his attacks on Bill Clinton over Monicagate, this is great regarding a speech on the Senate floor delivered by the whiny little fucker:

“It was an exceedingly pompous performance, in which the Senator expressed his “deep disappointment and personal anger” at President Clinton for his sad, furtive affair with a White House intern and deplored the “impact on our democracy and its moral foundations.”

In the same article this great passage is attributed to one of the Senator’s constituents:

In the Congress, in the press, and on the networks, the righteous grandstanding creeps, crazy to blame, deplore and punish, were everywhere out moralizing to beat the band: all of them in a calculated frenzy with what Hawthorne (who, in the 1860’s, lived not many miles from my door) identified in the incipient country of long ago as “the persecuting spirit”; all of them eager to enact the astringent rituals of purification that would excise the erection from the executive branch, thereby making things cozy and safe for Senator Lieberman’s ten-year-old daughter to watch TV with her embarrassed daddy again.

And this guy is supposed to be a Democrat? The bastard has ALWAYS been a duplicitous double dealing charlatan. Hell, I wouldn’t doubt if he were a mole that purposely assisted in sabotaging Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

And the DLC honchos were all a mile high in Denver where they gathered to preach the gospel of a pro-corporate, pro-globalist Democrat party and to pay homage to the great Joe. Former First Lady and Queen in waiting Hillary Rodham she of Walmart legal big-gun and more recently New York Senatorial fame actually and astonishingly addressed the economic disparity issue, more likely out of necessity to steal the issue from the progressive netroots and potential primary opponent John Edwards than for any principled reason:

“They’re not taking care of America. They’re bankrupting our country and failing to address the problems”

Said Senator Rodham Clinton, wagging a finger in the face of the Bush administration and the crony capitalists. There is one problem though, the DLC are a large part of the problem and will only provide window dressing rather than to get to the true root of the problem that is a global system of corporatism and a domestic economy that is solely driven by financial speculation. We are over-indebted, disproportionately over-taxed, grossly unsophisticated, underemployed, our manufacturing base has been decimated by two and a half decades of corporate plundering, our jobs are being shipped offshore by the thousands, the housing bubble is ready to burst thereby ending the refinancing that allows millions of Americans to rob Peter to pay Paul, our infrastructure is crumbling due to the lack of reinvestment by the greedy, global warming is a reality and energy costs are eating us alive and we are involved in a series of costly and ruinous foreign wars that will drive the country into bankruptcy.

Add to that a very angry and militant portion of the population that has been ensnared by the gospel of hate and hellfire preached by GOP co-opted charlatans disguised as ministers and who are ready to rumble and you have a tinderbox waiting to have a match put to it. The party power brokers and beltway elitists have waited too long to address this, choosing to instead fuck around with the phony ‘Culture of Corruption’ public relations campaign that went up in smoke about the same time that Representative William Jefferson was found with $90,000 stashed in his freezer. The sudden focus of the DLC on economic disparity is nothing more than a desperate effort to remain entrenched as the status quo.

The New York Times this weekend threw in their two cents by endorsing Ned Lamont over the wandering Jew I am sure that the keening from state run media will be intense with more threats and smears of ‘treason’ being leveled against the NYT and the inconvenient fact that Joe’s favorite team just took out a house full of civilians, many of them children couldn’t have come at a wore time for the neocon advocate of the implementation of the PNAC plan in the Middle East. It was his unwavering support for the Bush-Cheney-Rummy’s Iraq quagmire that got him into this mess to begin with and despite his sunny side up ‘things are getting better’ party-line parrotting of the Bushist propaganda machine the bombs continue to go off and the morgues continue to overflow. Lieberman’s wars are about to claim his scrawny ass as well.

These are desperate times for the DLC with Lieberman apparently on the ropes so look for an escalation in rhetoric this week. The little weasel himself even said in addressing another issue that much to the chagrin of Republican propagandist Frank Luntz the public hasn’t forgotten:

“It’s time for politicians to let Terri Schiavo rest in peace.”

Strange words from a man who joined the flock of vultures like Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Randall Terry, Mark Fuhrman and every other sleazy, amoral reprobate who kicked the poor woman around like a political football and incited hordes of rubber fetus waving religious zealots to descend on the Florida hospice with no regard for the suffering of the others who were being kept there. Little Joe must have gotten nervous when Michael Schiavo showed up to join the campaign against him.

Paybacks are a motherfucker aren’t they? Joe may be about to find out first hand.

Do you want to see people devoted to the concept of democracy? Look south to Mexico where thousands are taking to the streets to protest a rigged election. Where was John Kerry on that cold November 2004 Wednesday morning when evidence was emerging on Ohio voting irregularities and potential electoral fraud? Did he hold out for a recount….no he listened to his weasel DLC consultants and threw in the towel.

Democracy is for peasants, we have American Idol.