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Right Wing Bullies Cry Foul Over Tea Party Zombies Must Die

Once again exhibiting all of the classic traits of bullies who can always dish it out but can’t take it the fascist right-wing has their star-spangled, cum-stained undies in a wad over a new video game. The game, rapidly becoming an online sensation is called Tea Party Zombies Must Die and Republicans, especially the payroll demagogues over at Rupert Murdoch’s sewer of disinformation are just outraged that anyone would have the gall to do something like this. The game, a first person shooter along the lines of many of the ultra-violent video slaughterfests that have made millions of dollars has a nice twist in that players can actually go medieval on media figures the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Mike Huckabee. The game also features drop dead hysterical zombie versions of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann (sans horsecock sized corndog embedded in mouth), Newt Gingrich and several variations of the Koch Brothers. Also included are zombie versions of figures typical of the miscreants of society that comprise the Tea Party such as a “pissed off stupid white trash redneck birther zombie” and “generic pissed off old white guy zombie”. Like any good shooter the game takes place in a sci fi style post-apocalyptic landscape where toxicants, likely high grade nuclear waste unleashed from an environmentally hazardous Koch Industries plant. The game has already tighter than a cat’s asshole right-wing sphincters puckering across the fruited plain, note the perpetually whiny Birchers raging against the demon liberal Commies in this cry me a river of crocodile tears post over at New American, the official house organ of the JBS.

Now I personally have the idea that video game violence, just like television and movie violence desensitizes humans to such behavior as well as to teach them that settling arguments with guns is acceptable. American society is saturated with violence and gruesome atrocities occur on a daily basis amongst the inhabitants of our armed to the teeth lemming farm, most recently at a Carson City, Nevada IHOP restaurant. Such acts of abominable violence are now commonplace within our rotting empire and the desensitization of citizens to murder certainly doesn’t hurt the permanent war industry as many shooter games have a military theme. The average American child has witnessed tens of thousands of simulated murders on television before they even hit puberty and the entertainment industry pumps out ever more gruesome and sadistic slasher flicks, upping the ante to the point where the once shocking original Texas Chainsaw Massacre from back in 1974 now seems like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.Violence is ingrained in the American character, hell we may be totally ignorant of history and the epic slaughter that was conducted in order to ‘civilize’ the west by eradicating the Indians as well as in conquering foreign countries to steal their natural resources but that is the way that it is. A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a California law restricting the sale of violent video games to minors citing the long tradition of violence and that such graphic exhibitions of such are protected under the First Amendment. One of the most fervent defenders of the simulated slaughters was arch-conservative Antonin Scalia and the typical right-winger killer mentality makes the outcry over Tea Party Zombies Must Die just another example of neoconservative hypocrisy.

However, the social danger of desensitization to violence is a story for another time so I digress….

I must admit that I found Tea Party Zombies Must Die to be a hell of a lot of fun when I gave it a test drive yesterday. I was limited on time so I wasn’t able to get to the FOX News studio level where most of the action would be but was able to beat the living fuck out of numerous low level teabagger zombies in a couple of trailer park levels with a crowbar. I did have a pistol but found the crowbar much more satisfying, there are more weapons to be had as with any good shooter game but the sheer primeval instinct in me would really prefer working my way through the studios of the American Der Stürmer with as blunt a tool as possible. It would be nice to slowly peel back zombie Glenn Beck’s rancid and festering scalp with the business end of the crowbar, followed by a chainsaw disembowelment. Upon returning home from work today I decided to go a bit further into the game and was rewarded with a machete or some sort of hacking tool as well as a shotgun. I made it into the FOX studios early levels where I joyously chopped the fuck out of zombie Bill O’Reilly, zombie Sean Hannity, zombie Brit Hume and zombie Rick Santorum like a member of one of Ronald Reagan’s School of Americas trained Contra death squad assassins. I might add that my simulated butchery had the distinction being that I was hacking to bloody chunks video versions of some of the most vile and treasonous anti-American criminals rather than the helpless women and children who were tortured, raped and sliced and diced by the Gipper’s beloved “freedom fighters”. 

Next I made my way to the breeding pit for the “Factory Made Blonde Fox News Barbie Who Has Never Had A Problem In Her Life Zombies” where I was overwhelmed by an onslaught of the big-titted bimbos with the thousand yard stare and found myself “teabagged” which is what it is called when one meets their demise in Tea Party Zombies Must Die. I nearly snorted a double Jack and Coke up my nose when the following comments appeared on the screen: “P.S. You didn’t have health insurance so you died” and “P.P.S. There’s no such thing as God so you died for eternity”. I do have one suggestion for the game developer, a firm called StarvingEyesAdvergaming – please release an updated version where the “breeding pit” features a full blown nude lesbian sex orgy with about a dozen “Factory Made Blonde Fox News Barbie Who Has Never Had A Problem In Her Life Zombies” and the zombie Sarah Palin and zombie Michele Bachmann, I would love to see zombie Bachmann in action on the end of a 18 inch vulcanized rubber double-dong dildo like it were an Iowa corndog. By the way, also give StarvingEyesAdvergaming some love, the same sort of prissy liberal idiots who are afraid to get their hair mussed by getting down into the gutters to fight the vermin on their own turf like the rich blowhard Keith Olbermann are aghast at the game. The sharp dressed man, his new gig over at Al Gore’s network likely not as well paying as his MSNBC job is calling for a boycott. It’s funny but I never saw that arrogant loud-mouthed shit come out with the same denunciations of the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve or the fascists who have used 9/11 as a pretense to strip away ALL of our civil liberties over the past fucking decade. Just fuck Keith Olbermann, I couldn’t agree more with Chris Hedges who has loudly told the truth that Liberals Are Useless. Those gutless, worthless chickenshits would be on the cattle cars being trucked off to the death camps discouraging resistance because “we are better than that”. No we aren’t! It’s fuck or walk time and as history has repeatedly shown only the strong survive, guys like K.O. end up with their heads on pikes being displayed as trophies while those who follow him are rendered into bars of soap and have their skin used for lampshades.

Librul [sic] Huntin’ Season Ready to Open?

The very idea that the right-wingers, especially the brownshirts of the Tea Party can weep and gnash their pointy teeth over Tea Party Zombies Must Die is as absurd as the idea that Barack Obama, savior of Wall Street is a socialist. These people live for thuggery, threats, violence and in a good many cases outright murder. There is a huge and well-funded network with the U.S. that does nothing but promote the most vile type of anti-Muslim hatred in the hope that it will encourage the stupid fucking white teabaggers to jump on board with the right-wing Israeli atrocity machine. This network was revealed in the fine investigative report by the Center For American Progress entitled Fear Inc. that should be far more bothersome than blowing electronic zombie demagogues into bloody chunks. This network has recently been dragged into the light to be exposed as the cockroaches that they are when Norwegian right-winger Anders Breivik went on a real live shooter style rampage and killed 69 people, mostly teenagers. Breivik was inspired greatly by the same putrid right-wing scum that are exposed so well in Fear Inc.

The hatemongering anti-Muslim network in America is deeply embedded in the Christian Right establishment and the desire to eradicate Muslims will eventually boil over into real violence here in Der Heimat. The coming 2012 election season, combined with the real life anger and frustration caused by a rapidly disintegrating economic and political system is a sweating ammo dump just waiting for a spark to ignite it. A desperate and increasingly controlled by fascist religious fanatics who gravitate to a potential Fuhrer like Rick Perry Republican base is having their buttons pushed on a daily basis by the real life versions of the zombies in the video game. Glenn Beck has already made his pilgrimage to Netanyahu’s Israel and is currently in the process of synching his demagogic lunacy with Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel. The amount of toxic incitement to violence vomited up by FOX and the anti-American fascist fifth column has already led to isolated incidents as the bitches brew of raw racism and apocalyptic religion bubbles in the cauldron. Just last month a pack of Alabama teenagers determined to go and “fuck with some niggers” beat and murdered a random black man, James Craig Anderson. The progeny of the Pissed Off Stupid White Trash Birther Zombies are many and they are ready to rock and roll very very soon. They are also armed to the teeth and will be serenaded by the Republican fascist party, their false prophet preachers who spew blasphemous hate from their pulpits in order to incite and the FOX News multi-millionaires.

Why the fake outrage and pompous self-righteousness over Tea Party Zombies Must Die? People may start to get ideas and the right-wing swine fear nothing that doesn’t fight back.

Just My Two Cents


6/6/06 – A Day From Hell?



Not one to allow her ideological cronies to cash in on the big trifecta that is 6/6/6, a marketing bonanza for every business entity from the radical clerics who control the GOP to the woeful Tampa Bay Devil Rays who are playing the Los Angeles Angels (the Colorado Rockies whose proclamation that they were God’s Team came too late for the MLB schedule makers to capitalize on that titanic clash) to the yet another inevitably shitty Hollywood remake of a classic in the 2006 version of The Omen to the ruling dominatrix of irrational hostility and demonic Succubus Ann Coulter’s release of her latest dark grimore of anti- American psychotic rantings (DSM-IV certifiable…just check it out yourself) subtly and modestly entitled Godless: The Church of Liberalism and should be entitled Brainless: I Am Getting Rich off of Stupidity. The queen of mean is definitely not above pandering to the masses with today’s exploitative release of this tome of dementia and I am sure that somewhere on the internet some right-wing website is selling autographed and laminated copies….what’s the sense in plunking down 25 bucks for something that you can only use once guys? If Coulter really wanted to walk the walk as a paragon of ‘moral virtue’ for the ‘protecting the sanctity of marriage crowd’ she could get hitched herself… a member of the opposite sex. Thank God that she’s an arch-conservative, were she a ‘godless liberal’ she would be inundated with innuendo that being 40 something and single may make her……GASP….gay!
Anyway, today is the big day, 6/6/6 and the snake handlers in the GOP base of fundamentalist, gay-bashing red state regressives will no doubt be breaking out the Tim LaHaye books as well as their other talismans and screeching like demented banshees over the signs of the coming Rapture. I happened to drop by one of my local convenience stores over the weekend and my purchase of a six pack of Bud Ice Light and a bag of peanut M & M’s just happened to come to a total of GASP….6.66! The funny thing is that the clerk on duty, a mousy blonde girl in her mid-twenties with a look of about four kids in the past and a lifetime of we in the future suddenly froze and stared at the register muttering something unintelligible although I think that I could vaguely make out the word Jesus but then again I am not much of a lip reader. After ten or so seconds that seemed like a hell of a lot longer she shoved my stuff at me and backed away as if I somehow had caused her machine to product that dreaded combination of numbers. Knowing all to well the irrational tendencies of the local members of the God Squad I grabbed my shit and got the hell out of the place very quickly before she was able to reach under the counter for a gun seeing that in Florida it is now legal to kill people if you feel threatened (praise be upon the lord and Governor Jeb Bush) and I wasn’t about to stick around to see if that little trailer park hoochie mama was going for the gun loaded with silver bullets to dispatch a damned secular earthly agent of Lucifer himself.

As the masses of the mythical Antichrist in the south (he was known as the great deceiver after all but you NEVER hear this angle from the turn the other cheek pansies on the so-called religious left) gather in anticipation of the coming assault on Christo-American values that has once again been juiced by a renewed crusade against honest, taxpaying loyal American gay people Karl Rove and the other maestros of manipulation are rubbing their little cloven hooves together and cackling with demonic glee at yet another clever distortion that will keep the morons focused on winning the Civil War through a theocratic takeover and the subsequent inquisition where the elimination of torture protections and the prurient desires of the flock will allow them to bend us all over backwoods logs like poor Ned Beatty in the classic Deliverance. The GOP has hit the big trifecta by exploiting greed (the repeal of the estate tax), fear and loathing (the gay marriage amendment) and racism (the anti-Mexican crackdown disguised as a crusade against illegal immigration) and succeeded in changing the subject from Iraq, Iran, the schizophrenic stock market, government corruption, global warming and the myriad of other crimes of the Bushists including covert efforts to modify the military manual to downplay the importance of Geneva Convention as well as the discussion for mandatory conscription to provide more cannon fodder for the wet dreams of the PNAC boys.

I happen to listen to C-SPAN and Washington Journal in the mornings, you know the show where no matter the issue the hosts have split the callers into two camps which depending on which day that it is are broken down as Democrats vs Republicans or callers For or Against George W. Bush. Nice little gig but it is alas a rigged game as well. The ‘Republicans for The President’ line is often stacked with very articulate, on message callers armed with the daily talking points and a mandate to hog as much airtime as possible while the ‘Democrat line’ seems to be carefully screened to allow only the true dunces to get through on most occasions and when there is a well spoken caller armed with the facts they are either dumped due to the always suspicious ‘cell phone interference’ or given as little airtime as possible.

Anyhow I digress…

This morning the featured guest was none other than Senator Wayne Allard, he of the insidious anti-gay amendment that the GOP has chosen as the most important crisis in America this week (and the elimination of the estate tax on the unearned incomes of the wealthiest of the rentier class misleadingly named ‘the death tax’ by Republican think tank propagandists) rather than acknowledge the mounting body count in Iraq or….you get the picture, basically anything that really matters. Allard did his duty carrying the water for Karl Rove and Bill Frist by using his airtime to filibuster and regurgitate the standard RNC talking points repeatedly invoking terms like “the people’s will”, “activist courts” and the always successful when used in reference to racism and discrimination “state’s rights” is a wonderful quote from a column by the great Bob Herbert of the New York Times (sorry, the link is unavailable unless you plunk the money to subscribe to Times Select) called Impossible, Ridiculous, Repugnant that pegs it dead on in the words of the late GOP strategist and Rove mentor Lee Atwater the man who was behind the infamous Willie Lee Horton racist ads that attacked Daddy Bush’s 1988 opponent Michael Dukakis:

“You start out in 1954 by saying ‘Nigger,nigger,nigger.’ But by 1968 you can’t say ‘nigger’ – that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites.

“And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me – because obviously sitting around saying ‘we want to cut this’ is much more abstract than the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘Nigger, nigger.”

There you have the states rights thing and the coded racism and if you extrapolate it forward to include the wide net cast for the fundamentalist red state rabble by the substitution of gays for blacks although the war against civil rights and entitlements is still on you have the current GOP strategy of demonizing a convenient scapegoat for all societal ills while the right-wingers and their fascist lackeys pick the public pocket and manipulate those who are the most ignorant into making the worst choices possible in supporting policies that ultimately destroy their own living standards. Allard was right on in pontificating from the electronic pulpit this morning in getting the message out, ‘Dullard’ as he is nicknamed according to a Time Magazine story was the perfect pitchman for this message of hate, Adolf Eichmann was also a nondescript, ordinary type of guy but always a loyal servant to an evil system as is ‘Dullard’. He and his ilk love to invoke the constitution and the intent of the founders and always find the First Amendment a useful shield whenever they are cowering behind it in order to tear down the rights that are guaranteed to all and not only those with their particular ideology and fealty to the elitists who run the system. He actually came across as a sort of a more refined version of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, a much smoother dissembler but the key job requirement of a Senator is exactly to be a highly polished liar and in this Allard fit the bill and was a perfect representative of a Republican Congress that is such an unrepentant mass of crooks and cheats gathered together in a house of ill repute that it is only a matter of time until a constitutional amendment is introduced to ban the display of Flying Spaghetti Monsters to appease the bible thumping yokels who may as well be screaming “RAPE ME” to their elected representatives as “PRAISE JESUS”! Personally I would love to see these rebel flag waving Neanderthals just secede from the union or even make a mass exodus to Texas where they can install George W. Bush as their Moses and Earthly king in two and a half years after he finally leaves the White House but it isn’t that simple, unfortunately we have to live with these idiots for better or worse, like a really bad marriage.

Maybe we have finally found something for which we can all pray together for: separation!

Anyway, enough of that tangent for the time being. Tonight is the big night…6/6/6 and I would strongly advise any and all free thinkers, liberals and most especially gays to lock yourselves inside safely and barricade the doors….the vampires and werewolves will be out in force tonight along with the freaks. They will gather together in their megachurches and board buses to the pastures where they can watch for the sky turning red and parting for the return of Jesus Christ and the opening kickoff of the Rapture. They will dance and cavort while smearing themselves in goats blood and feces while singing in strange tongues, thumping their dog-eared copies of Glorious Appearing and braying psychotically at the full moon in anticipation that the long-awaited end times will begin and their pathetic, wretched little lives on Earth will end and they will all be summoned up (minus the XXL Dale Earnhardt T-shirts) to sit at the right hand of God and watch their bosses, the liberals, the gays and the Clintons forced to endure plague after plague and unspeakable violence during the tribulation.

All of this is highly unlikely and pure hokum to any with a smidgen of intelligence, but wouldn’t it be extremely amusing (at least to me) to actually see following two things:
1: Jesus Christ actually returning to Earth and the subsequent horror of the red staters in realizing that he is actually a LIBERAL who is disdainful toward the corrupting influence of wealth, decries the indiscriminate bombing and execution of children of a darker complection than our lilly white asses, preaches tolerance towards your fellow man, disdains those who turn worshipping into a spectacle in garish and gauch mega-churches and their accompanying pomp and circumstance and loathes hypocrisy.
2: Seeing the ignorant peckerwood worshippers of the pulp fiction gospel of Tim LaHaye run as fast as they possibly can to their pickup trucks in order to scrounge up enough wood and a big assed nail gun to have another crucifixion.