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The Nine Dollar and Eleven Cent Store

With the ongoing farce over the proposed Ground Zero recreation center with a mosque in it and the dangerous fake outrage being manufactured by the Becked up Neocons and Palinazis and the Republican Tea Party brownshirts it is nice to find some humor in it all. I was listening to the Mike Malloy Show the other day and heard this absolutely drop-dead funny idea of converting the spot into a nine dollar and eleven cent store to commemorate what is truly dear to America. Here is the transcript from Grand Vizier Mark of Silicon Valley. Check this out!

If for some reason, the proposed so-called Ground Zero mosque doesn’t get built, I suggest that the old Gap store which is where this would be built be turned into something that really celebrates or rather venerates this country’s true god which is the almighty dollar.

My idea, turn it into a nine dollar and eleven cent store! A 9-11 store. Something that would by the way fit in nicely with all the low rent commercial establishments in the area like the head shops, the Burger King and other fast food joints, strip clubs etc, etc. Yes, think of all the 9-11 souvenirs one could get for nine dollars and eleven cents: mugs, flags, pennants, cds, dvds, photos, calendars, t-shirts, plastic World Trade Center models, piggy banks, snow globes, commemorative coins, Christmas ornaments, action figures…it is sooo American!

And to commemorate America’s response to 9/11; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld bobblehead dolls, model airplanes just like the ones used to carpet bomb Iraq, leaving 300,000 dead and 3 million homeless, bobbleheads of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, plastic U.S. soldiers and Afghan Taliban freedom fighters, create your own battlefield and live out your wildest fantasies…


I’d make a killing, I would. And for just two million dollars, the amount my old church owes me I’ll let you have it.

Oh well, you know me, you learned free so give free. I’m willing to let anyone use my idea as long as they give me credit.

Grand Vizier Mark of Silicon Valley.

Read by Mike Malloy 8/18/2010, Transcribed by Gilmore Tuttle