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America has been duped once again in a masterful bait and switch by the Republican media machine. Just as a slumbering populace and previously toothless mainstream media establishment was being shaken awake by the critical story on the treasonous outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by White House political apartchik goons, a breach of national security that could reach to the top levels of this most corrupt of administrations, the seamless segue to the Discovery space shuttle dilemma was grabbing headlines and television news time. This story immediately relegated any mention of Karl ‘Turd Blossom’ Rove to Doonesbury comic strips that could be easily censored by news corporations determined not to offend the hicks in the red states who are too juiced on GOP Jesus and whipped into a nationalist frenzy wrapped in the flag hell bent on unquestionably following their supreme leader while seeking to destroy those with the unpatriotic gall to dare to suggest that the emperor not only has no clothes but may be in fact be a stark, raving lunatic as well. This latest bit of chicanery is nothing more than a blatant attempt to obstruct justice by working to impede or otherwise destroy the ability of a special prosecutor and grand jury to investigate and enforce the law on a gravely serious matter that constitutes the most treasonous breach of national security in U.S. history. When an undercover operative working on WMD issues in a time of war when the threat of terrorism hangs over our heads for purely political reasons it is a matter that must be severly punished in order for the system itself to maintain legitimacy. Then again, matters of the law, just as with traditional domestic and international political protocol and the will of the people are just nuisances to the Bush-Cheney junta, trivial concepts to be swatted away as though they were flies and gnats pestering the elite at a family picnic and polo tournament on the shores of Kennebunkport.

You could see it coming as the death of beloved Star Trek character James ‘Scotty’ Doohan received far too much attention last week quickly followed by renewed space based activity among the vipers in the House snake pit who suddenly began debate on Bush’s manned space flights to the Moon and Mars that were earlier junked after little popular support and much ridicule. It was as though good ole Scotty was able perform one last daring rescue by finding enough juice in the dylithium crystals to kick off the transporter one final time as he himself beamed up for good and beamed the Bushies off of the firing line. This respite will allow just enough time for the GOP goon squad to work their black magic and lay the groundwork for the imminent wet work to be performed on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald who just happens to conduct his operations in the jurisdiction of the House Speaker Dennis ‘Jabba the Hutt’ Hastert. ‘Denny’ is the fat, wheezy pig who acts as the front man for conniving bastard and pathological criminal Tom Delay, another Texan flim flam man seeking to use every dirty trick in the book in order to slither his way out of several ongoing investigations that could lead to his own indictment on criminal charges.

The drooling simpletons in this country have always been transfixed by space stories, from the fantastic writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells to the early days of cinema where Flash Gordon and other movie serials thrilled moviegoers, to the advent of the television era which produced the first classic shows that would forever plant the flag squarely in the center of the rapidly growing sci-fi geek subculture as well as claim a home base from which future missions into the increasingly desolate territory of the American mind would be conducted. The original Star Trek series became a pop culture phenomenon that has since spawned countless spinoffs, takeoffs and rip offs. The sales of sci fi memorabilia has made many a merchandiser wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of king Midas, they have reaped their riches through the obsessions of those childlike individuals who turn entire rooms into shrines to Captain James T. Kirk, Captain Jean Luc Picard, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. They descend en masse on cities holding sci-fi conventions dressed as Imperial Storm Troopers, Romulans and Jedi warriors and name their pets Tiberius (the T in Captain James T. Kirk) in order to escape their entrapment in the existential hell of lousy jobs, bad relationships, lack of health insurance, loneliness, fear and an overall declining standard of living facilitated by the destruction of the middle class. The geeks who didn’t devote their lives to indulging their space fascinations by living vicariously through earthbound space cults either grew out of it or splintered off into groups whose mania progressed into a far more dangerous sector of the galaxy once they discovered the apocalyptic ravings of Hal Lindsay and The Late Great Planet Earth. This bastardized melding of religion and sci fi generated its own spinoffs including today’s mega million dollar Left Behind franchise which would in and of itself become a mobilizing factor for millions seeking to kick off the rapture and the return of Jesus by becoming vocal advocates for global warfare and Armageddon itself.

It is the galactic curse of the intelligent life that remains (while slowly dwindling) here on this lovely blue orb of a planet that the modern day Republican party has captured both of these cults in it’s tractor beam and harnassed their power to assist in the building of the Deathstar. Having learned a lesson on the power of space travel and its effect on American mass culture when the 1969 Apollo XI lunar landing knocked both the nefarious machinations of Richard Nixon’s thug army as well as the horrors of Viet Nam off of the front pages and evening news broadcasts, the radical right would ensure that an entire section of their neo fascist playbook would consist of exactly the type of diversionary tactics proven to mesmerize the public. A public which in the 36 years since the voice of Neil Armstrong was broadcast from the surface of the moon has reached the event horizon of the black hole and is increasingly becoming so fixated on fantasy that it is difficult for most to separate it from reality. We may have nationally jumped the shark at the time that the words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” were broadcast to the masses, Walter Cronkite himself teared up a bit during the broadcast as millions of others surely did. Little did we know at the time that the great leap would be into the abyss.

During my adolescent years in the 1970’s those who were among the biggest consumers of the epic tales of the space travel and infinite universal possibilities were derisively known as ‘the geek squad’, a bunch of brainy nerds who spent their free periods and lunch hours huddled over Avalon Hill board games in the school library and had their bedroom walls adorned with posters of Han Solo, R2-D2, C3PO and Chewbacca while the ‘normal’ kids tacked up pictures of the scantily clad Cheryl Tiegs and Farrah Fawcett, played football and listened to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. ‘The geek squad’ all wore horn rimmed glasses, had no interest in girls, sports or rock and roll and when not reenacting the D-Day invasion or the battle of Gettysburg with little multi-colored cardboard squares on a large map board, spent their days writing cryptic code for the extremely crude computers of the time. Now that everyone has grown up the little bastards are all likely tech millionaires or think tank neocons: exactly the type of people who are now running the country.

Knowing all too well the effectiveness of tales of interstellar wonder, the right wing echo chamber will undoubtably milk the shuttle story 24/7 until the next pervert scandal, missing WASP teenager or London terrorist suspect arrest occurs. Space shuttle foam will become as much a household term as shaving cream once the cable news shows do their job in gently redirecting the American public back onto it’s normal course: cruising along in the nebula of ignorance and stupidity. Once the coordinates have been set, then you can rest assured that Republican Klingons will begin to hunt down Patrick Fitzgerald with their phasers set to kill.

Return of the Queen

Hillary Clinton had her coming out party in a recent speech in front of the DLC cabal, the so called Democratic Leadership Council that is comprised of Washington elitists who are Republican lite. These pro corporate hacks represent policies that used to be considered right back in the days before the GOP became enamored with global fascism and dreams of a theocratic police state now they are merely the left wing of the one party government. These so called ‘moderates’ who are proponents of CAFTA, NAFTA and other American job destroying pacts worship at the same altar of globalization that has created the new Walmart economy, a job creation machine based on urban sprawl and the need for big box retail outlets that jack up profits by peddling foreign goods, chain restaurants that are becoming too expensive for an average family to dine at and other services for the enjoyment of those who are able to profit off of the ongoing destruction of the middle class. The DLC has formally anointed Mrs. Clinton with the prestige of a chair position that she can use as a forum from which to begin her 2008 presidential campaign, a campaign that has long been in the planning stages and aims to sucker America into buying yet another bill of goods that empowers the wealthy while enslaving the poor.

Hillary has spent a good amount of time lately moving rightward as quickly as possible while leaping over the supine bodies of those doormat dems who through their inaction and unwillingness to assert themselves (lest they become more popular than the queen) have facilitated the rise of the rogue power that is the neo conservative movement, a movement that has made America into the pariah of the world as well as laid waste to the very foundations of the mythical American dream from sea to shining sea in what is now known in the most un American of terms as the homeland. Hillary and the DLC have spent more time and effort attempting to placate the militant religious right through the softening of her stance on abortion as well as embracing SCOTUS nominee John Roberts, darling of hate groups masquerading as religious organizations, a Trojan horse who will play a crucial role in the eventual overturn of Roe v. Wade and the continued dismantling of the rights of the citizenry. If any principled groups seek to mount any sort of organized opposition to Roberts the support of Mrs. Clinton means that you are wasting your time and money, it’s better to redirect your efforts towards an organization that wants to reform the corrupt system, reverse the damage of the radical right’s power play and bring economic opportunity back to all Americans, not only those who play ball with the elite.

Hillary supports the stinking charnel house that is the bloody lie of Iraq. A war started through the use of propaganda and outright deception that has led to an occupation that breeds Islamic hatred toward America, bleeds our treasury and forces the country into borrowing more from foreign powers the likes of China, and casts our military into an increasingly futile quagmire that becomes more of a meat grinder with each passing day as the country descends into civil war with our youthful men and women caught in the middle. Her and her ilk have sought to become the latest badasses in the so called war on terror (a metaphoric conflict that is doing far more to destroy the civil liberties of law abiding American citizens through the USA PATRIOT and accompanying creation of a surveillance society/police state than constructively attack the root causes of what makes people so angry that they are willing to strap bombs to themselves to murder innocents) than in working to shore up the base of her own party.

The queen hath decreed from on high that a closing of ranks is needed, that for those members of the Democratic party who still cling to the values of the past when the donkey actually stood for something it is time to sit down and shut up, she wants unity for her impending coronation. “It’s high time for a ceasefire,” Clinton said. I guess this means that Howard Dean and the DNC are beginning to become effective at mobilizing the grass roots to become active and to see the game for what it is, a royal scam. A scam that is perpetrated by the Washington elite and the globalists who own them, a scam that makes losers of all of us as the wealthy profit off our inability to organize. Perhaps the DNC is finally beginning to shake the trees, wake up the sleeping majority and to show that we are being played as fools by the establishment who only seek to pit the lower classes against each other as a diversion by using bigotry and religion as tools. The DLC and the power elite also seek to marginalize the efforts of activist groups such as that are beginning to represent a threat to the oligarchy.

A Ceasefire? The Hell I Say!

The Democrats used to stand for something, but men the likes of the Kennedy brothers, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King are long gone, and their legacies are being wiped out by those who seek to exploit the masses by incrementally eliminating the progressive programs and causes that these courageous men were champions of. In today’s society where the word hero has been cheapened by its increasingly ubiquitous usage we collectively fail to recognize that which a hero truly is.

This country has endured far too much for this cold and calculated power play to be allowed to succeed. At least the radical fascist, right wing, militant ‘christian’, free market fanatic, nationalist Republicans are brutally up front about what their desires and ideologies are, as anti American as they may be. But Hillary Clinton? She is just another servant of the oligarchy that really holds the power in this country, an oligarchy that has deemed the current administration far too greedy, radical and dangerous to be good for business in the long run. The Clintons are members of the club as well as it’s servants and a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008 would maintain the necessary illusion of a system that however flawed, however steeped in suppression of the masses and unleashing of corporate power to operate without regard to the rules, still works.

This is a lie of course, just as everything is these days. Why did John Kerry cave in so easily without contesting Ohio, a state rife with voting irregularities per the Conyers Report? Kerry, after all campaigned on the promise that EVERY VOTE WOULD BE COUNTED. In retrospect he should have qualified it with unless you are black. The stench of another fixed election was never allowed to escape the state, they learned their lessons well after Florida in 2000. A Kerry presidency would have obstructed the window of opportunity for Hillary, complicated things far too much.

Another fix? A bi-partisan one?

A Truce?

Go to HELL bitch!

Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Once you started hanging around with the likes of Newt Gingrich and lying down with the whores in the DLC your so called ‘liberal’ cover was blown and no amount of posturing will allow you to regain it, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. You should have filed for divorce when it became apparent that your hubby was getting his stogie smoked by that fat little trollop in the White House, at least then you would have been able to go out with dignity.

It’s time to take America back, and you are a part of the status quo, not a savior.

Here is an excellent piece by David Sirota on the slime known as the DLC: