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Dirty Brown Skinned Devils

When I opened the advertising section of my Sunday newspaper I was much surprised to find the above little treasure mixed in with the circulars from chain stores hawking more of the same cheap made in China crap that has replaced American manufacturing and to a large degree had a big hand in our current economic disaster. A nice little mongering racist DVD with what else? A picture of old glory at half mast among the ruins of the World Trade Center. The DVD in question is some piece of propagandistic drivel called Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West.

Living here in the south, a bastion of strip mall churches, Raptureheads, ever declining living standards, a legacy of bigotry and an education system that should rightly be the shame of a more advanced state or a different era, my first thought was that either some zealot at the main distribution center or the carrier himself had inserted this insidious little bomb and while I was on hold to the circulation department to lodge a complaint I noticed that some mysterious right wing group called the Clarion Fund had been responsible for the paid advertisement. It wasn’t only my paper that got it either, the verbiage on the card that the DVD was attached to listed no fewer than 74 national newspapers that this thing was included in. So curious to find out what was behind this other than the obvious pre-election fear mongering to whip up the peckerwoods that swarthy Arab terrorists may be lurking under their beds waiting to slit theirs and their children’s throats I did a bit of research.

The Clarion Fund paid is a pro-McCain/pro Zionist aggression group who circulated a whopping 28 million of these little plastic motherfuckers in swing states! That would have taken some serious coin as well as organization because it takes clout to put such a politically charged and obvious fear mongering piece in this many newspapers. Could you imagine a group that was interested in promoting an agenda for a lasting Middle East peace and speaking of Muslims as actual human beings instead of portraying them as the typical cartoon devils being able to get such a thing accomplished no matter how much they were willing to pay? Fat chance! Here is a brief sample of the information on the DVD:

Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western Civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals an ‘insider’s view’ of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the Nazi movement of World War II, the radicals of today and the western world’s response to both threats.

The Nazi reference is a dead giveaway that this piece of crap has ties to militant ultra right wing Zionist groups and their sympathizers in the American military industrial complex, hell it could have been put together in the bowels of the American Enterprise Institute so insipid and over the top is the neocon agenda. According to Christian News Wire this particular video was to be widely promoted at the Republican National Convention and activists were encouraged to use it as an informational tool to work the political aparatchik for support. The actual quote from the action alert was that it was a: Documentary about radical Islam will challenge RNC to make national security top priority. The neocons are back and back with a vengeance. The fanatical Sarah Palin who will be the new face of the neo-Nazi agenda of the American theocratic movement along with her (?) Downs sticken stage prop of a demon love child, her fucking moose chunk stew, her entire putrid tabloid storyline and her affiliation with the most extreme hardliners has energized the movement as much or more as the presense of hated she devil Hillary-Rodham Clinton ever cold have hoped for.

Further research into this putrid effort at hatemongering in order to influence the upcoming election with the ‘low information voters’ (God, do I love that term – the politically correct way to say lazy, stupid, snake-mean motherfucker) and it’s the same film that that piss-reeking little troll David Horowitz was showing as he barnstormed the country on his Joe Lieberman-Lynne Cheney crusade to nazify the nation’s campuses. I half expect the Zionist warmongers and their foaming at the mouth Dominionist shock troops that comprise the real dregs of Republican party dead enders – folks like the Palin freak family to co-opt the Ku Klux Klan in mailings shrieking over the sheer anti-American concept of that negro being uppity enough to actually think that he can be president. But even the KKK has some standards unlike the neocon Nazi Christian Zionist army of ignorance and moral depravity.

Kudos though to The Greensboro News and Record though, the newspaper actually refused to include the 9/11 pimp’s pornography disc in their newspaper – and it’s as encouraging as hell that it happened in North Carolina, previously a bastion of resistance in Peckerwood Nation.

This from Editor and Publisher:

One Newspaper Refuses to Distribute ‘Islam Terror’ DVD

By Greg Mitchell

Published: September 15, 2008 10:00 PM ET

NEW YORK As explored here this past weekend, the Clarion Fund has paid dozens of newspapers across the country — almost solely in “swing” election states — and The New York Times to distribute the “Islam terror” DVD “Obsession” with their home delivery packages. Among the larger cities where this has taken place: Miami, Philadelphia, Denver and Pittsburgh.

An estimated 28 million copies have been distributed so far, also through the mails and other magazines. An article at the group’s site,, all but endorsed John McCain this past week, then was pulled down.

But at least one newspaper turned away the money and refused to distribute it, calling it “divisive.”

It’s the Greensboro News & Record in North Carolina.. The longtime editor, John Robinson, explained his reasoning in a column yesterday.

“Many newspapers across the country distributed a controversial DVD today about Islam, titled ‘Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.’….We did not distribute it. I was not involved in the decision; it was an advertising call, in keeping with advertising policies.

“I asked our publisher about it. He said it was divisive and plays on people’s fears and served no educational purpose. The revenue it would have brought in was not a motivator.

“As I’ve said on other occasions about news decisions, just because you can publish doesn’t mean you should.”

It’s nice to see an example of real American values in this rotting land of cowardly feckless swine, moribund clueless lemmings and the oligarchy that they serve all while under the watchful eye of the rapidly closing trap of the police state.

And today has been one hell of an interesting day to put it mildly, the fetid, rotting carcass of the creature known as Reaganomics is rapidly disintegrating, leaving thousands of high fallutin’ Wall Street yuppies out of work, the same slimy little pricks who quote Gordon Gekko, masturbate over Alec Baldwin’s classic Glengarry Glen Ross “third place – you’re fired!” routine and who are now left to mill around in confusion and panic like a bunch of piss ants whose hill has just been kicked in by an inbred red state third grader. This is history folks, the fall of looter capitalism and we should all be ready to dance drunkenly in the streets and celebrate as if the Berlin Wall came down….better party now though because once Americans truly understand the real meaning of ‘trickle down economics’ we will be fighting to the death over food scraps in the streets or if we can just manage to get our shit together forming organized mobs to lay siege to the swells in their fortified gated communities that were built by greed. It is the opinion of this blogger that perhaps Marxism needs to be given a really serious look in the aftermath of this debacle or at least the heady days of the French Revolution, we can park the guillotine in the atrium at Goldman Sachs.

And finally, Hillary Rodham-Clinton donor Lynn Forester de Rothschild on the very day that the entire world banking system is further exposed as the biggest con game on the planet has formally announced that she would be coming out in support of John McCain. If the last name sounds familiar to some it is because she is an heiress to the great Rothschild banking dynasty and I’ll leave any further analysis to the New World Order folks who are already being smeared as conspiracy theorists by none other that Washington Times Moonie shill Robert Stacey McCain (no relation) who gets his kicks out of hanging around with southern white supremacists who get their thrills about dancing around like packs of drunken faggots in sheets in front of flaming crosses.

Methinks Lady Rothschild may feel a bit of anxiety that centuries of farting through silk may be coming to an end now that the big con of fractional reserve banking, debt slavery and central banks that serve the real economic royalists may be coming to an end.

The Smell of Desperation: McCain Tabs Alaska’s Sarah Palin as Running Mate

No Fetus Can Beat Us!

From the man who previously brought us Monica Goodling, the callow, ideological twit in charge of polluting the Justice Department with the most wretched refuse from America’s most disgraced ‘law’ schools comes the bar none, worst vice presidential candidate for a major political party in history. Dan Quayle should be thanking the stars this evening because he is not off the hook for this infamous and highly dubious distinction. Meet Sarah Palin because just when you thought that the Republican party had finally hit bottom the powers that be (ie a chubby and elusive little criminal who goes by the name of Karl Rove) have not only hit the depths but awarded a no-bid contract to KBR to come in and set up shop for deep drilling.

Now we can argue this little statement till the cows jump over a green cheese moon that Dick Cheney (the bastard’s cardiologist should be public enemy number one) is the worst V.P. candidate (other than Mr. Potatoe Head) but your have to give it to the dark lord of the shadow government, he may be an evil and psychotic megalomaniac hellbent on world domination/destruction but at least he knows what the fuck he is doing and had a lifetime of experience in serving the more four overlords of the American empire when he anointed himself after being in charge of the selection committee. We still have five months left of Cheney too and he is on his way to Georgia next week to further provoke a war with the resurgent Russians so his resume could grow a bit more before he’s done but in nailing down the bottom spot on the Bush Jr. ticket he at least had been pre-qualified as a master war criminal. Palin though is still far more odious and not only due to her grossly thin history – which of course will be run through the doublethink and newspeak filters to be an asset – but in that her selection and the corporate media’s rush to perform mass acts of public cunnilingus on her while relegating Barack Obama’s incredible speech to the garbage bin of yesterday’s news.

The “Hockey Mom” is such a blatantly cynical and contemptibly contrived piece of red meat to be cast into the dog eat dog savagery of the mosh pit where the beasts that are the Republican base dwell. In any decent society it would be that great revealing moment like in Elia Kazan’s classic film on political immorality A Face In the Crowd where the con man turned populist hero Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes is caught on a live microphone after what he thought was signoff where he is exposed as a charlatan and a fraud by laughingly mocking the gullibility of the well intentioned folk who bought his act as “idiots,” “morons,” “guinea pigs” – or in 2008 language: the Republican Base. But this is not a sane or even decent society and no matter what sort of vision can be presented by a Democratic party too in hock to the corporatist powers that be is loathe to challenge the legitimacy of the system itself. Obama came as close as possible last night and it was truly shocking to actually hear a modern day Democrat invoke Roosevelt but unless he is able to mount a serious challenge to the gross inequalities of capitalism gone cancerous there will be little meaningful change at all, just rhetoric and a few more crumbs thrown to the peasants.

But I digress, the surprising choice of Mrs. Palin the red meat has been fed to the beasts and a complicit media will surely give her an immunity talisman lest the big fraud be exposed. The rabid loathers and red state fascists who have given us George W. Bush will now join forces with those most bitter of recalcitrant bitches that are the Hillary Clinton dead enders, they now have a champion and like the pied piper luring the rats they are going to lunge for the hook and in their blind rage to avenge their phony and prematurely crowned queen they will proceed to back a ticket that will then pack the Supreme Court with fascist clones of Scalia and Alito and continue to wage war against the very women’s rights that they have always fought for.

And Sarah Palin will be their Judas Goat.

I mean if McClown and Rove wanted a woman on the ticket for the sake of say…just having a vagina which in the hoary days of post primary animosity among militant feminazi dead-enders is what qualifies one to sit in the White House – they could have chosen Paris Hilton. Hell, at least she HAS an energy policy.

The one thing that Democrats outside of the Hillemmings should find hardest to swallow thought is that this unqualified, inexperienced nitwit will be a heartbeat away from the presidency with the oldest man ever to run for office already babbling senile nonsense and worn out after a grueling two year campaign. I am curious as to what the pros, the Vegas oddsmakers have the over/under set at for John McCain to even survive his first term let alone make it to the inauguration without keeling over if he is elected. Ironically, as sad and perverse and grotesque that this spectacle of sin and deception is, it truly is ugly in a uniquely American way in the post-9/11 wasteland that now goes by the name of The Homeland it could have been even worse – it could have been Lieberman!

And so it goes….at least Paris Hilton has an energy policy and as much national security experience as the Hockey Mom from frozen Bum Fuck does…

But that is really what this is all about isn’t it, the energy policy. Barack Obama goes on national television in one of the greatest political speeches of the modern era and makes an all out commitment to alternative energy and that just can’t be allowed by the oil corporation mafia so along comes Suzy Creamcheese with her little Downs stricken demon child, her anti-abortion crusader credentials and presto, the base has been appeased and the angry army are furiously jacking off into a sock once again. The base has been duped again is more like it, overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean jack fucking shit to the Hockey Mom but playing a key role in throwing open Anwar to the looter capitalists (who can then drill it until it resembles the moon’s surface and export the oil to China) does.

The same dirt-poor rubes and country cretins who have routinely been rode wet and put up dry by the whore-mongering strip miners of America will once again buy the big lie, turn out en masse come November to throw down against that dirty Muslim darkie and his 60’s radical bomb throwers, vote against their own economic self-interests and doom their children and grand children to a life of indentured servitude, debt slavery and the now standard corporate sharecropping but they will have once again made that one great stand to preserve the treasured paradigm of the Sixties and further cement the black legacy of Nixon and Reagan in amber. And you fucking know that the fix is in when a vitriolic misogynist pig like Rush Limbaugh is shilling for Sarah Palin, say what you will about that grand poobah of white populist propaganda but he is worth every fucking penny of that $400 million dollar contract that he just signed to pollute the minds of the mindless with lies and continue to sow the seeds of discontent like some sweaty, swollen, pregnant male version of Johnny Appleseed.

I have to hand it to the Republican fascists, the Powell Memorandum and the think tanks have grown into a propaganda and idol making machine that would cause even the late Rove role model Joseph Goebbels spew his goo into his riding breeches, this thing is an awesome thing to behold because despite the overwhelming rejection of right-wing fascism among the rank and file it continues to ensnare just enough outside of that certain twenty something percent of true authoritarians that exist in any society to continue to chew up and spit out all comers while it rolls through history, cutting a wide swath through what used to be a quaint thing called American ideals. The Democratic party consultants would be wise to recognize that the most potent alternative fuel along the purpled, rotten-fruited plains is abortion and as long as they continue to defend the practice without apology or constraint it will continue to be used to bludgeon them into submission.

Change? Well the more that things change, the more that they stay the same.

And some people actually question why I do not preach the bestowing of liberal tolerance and inclusiveness towards these motherfucking fascist pricks and prickesses…

Get a clue because New Rome is burning and our path to the exits is blocked.

Dispatch from Idiot America: Obama’s Bubba Gap

You know who is bitter in America? I am. Because shit-kickers voted twice for a retarded guy they wanted to have a beer with, and everybody else had to suffer the consequences!

-Bill Maher

The bubba vote? What a fucking hoot! Newsweek magazine just continues to amaze in their increasingly successful quest to become America’s predominant tabloid shitrag. This week’s cover story is laughingly entitled Obama’s Bubba Gap and flogs the latest Clinton slime machine storyline that the magical mulatto is failing to attract the same dumb motherfucker demographic who were largely responsible for giving us the eight year running pox on western civilization that is the George W. Bush soft dictatorship.

The Clintons are really fixated bagging their share of rubes with the tired charge that Obama is some sort of high falutin, nappy headed version of John Kerry, an effete snob and an ivory tower elitist who some slobbering white trash freak wouldn’t want to have a beer with. He is just a prissy boy with no ‘testicular fortitude’ who doesn’t throw down shots of whiskey at photo ops and can’t bowl worth a damn, but I sure as hell bet that he can wind surf and is a living god when it comes to polo.

This is just phase 26 of the ‘kitchen sink strategy’ designed by a vengeful woman scorned in the aftermath of that Super Tuesday so long ago to keep moving the goalposts down the field, paying off the refs and making the ball carrier face repeated flagrant fouls on the way to the end zone. Like some grotesque running of the gauntlet designed to exact the maximum amount of damage because the ultimate sin in Murka is bucking the system. I brings to mind the great and eerily prophetic 70’s movie Rollerball in which Jonathan E. refuses to retire and faces the ultimate death match of a game with no rules, no time limit and a sole purpose of publicly killing him because he had the audacity to believe that he was bigger than the ‘game’.

A lot of those 70’s movies have a lot of relevance today when viewed again because let’s face it, people really had their shit together a lot more back then and were scared fucking shitless of what this country was becoming. Rollerball was about the corporatization of the planet, the elimination of any actual wars and the mass opiate game that kept the masses in line, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it and don’t waste your time with the silly remake. Soylent Green is looking more and more like the work of great work of vision too with the current world food crisis, global warming, over population and borderline anarchy. How long is it going to be before some corporate genius comes up with the great solution that wraps up everything in one great bundled solution for all of our current problems?

Hell, the prototype program is already out there just waiting to take on some of that great added value that Wall Street looters cream their suits over and of course like so many other nefariously anti-American things like web censorship, bioweapons, military arms and vaccines is it being test marketed in a country without the civil liberties protections that even our now picked clean constitution offers us here in Der Heimat.

It was recently revealed that the Chinese government (you know, the human rights abusing chinks sponsoring the idiotic corporate Olympics this summer) is utilizing mobile execution units or ‘death vans’ to dispatch with criminals and more than likely in keeping with tradition, other enemies of the state including any dissidents that are not destined for slave labor factories to produce cheap shit for export to your local Wal-Mart.

The old Stalin era Russians sent out bread trucks at night to haul off dissidents, the Nazi’s used buses with non-threatening silhouettes of people painted onto the windows so as to not appear menacing in order to more easily lure their victims into vehicles that were specially designed to asphyxiate the occupants with exhaust fumes, could it be that there will be big yellow smiley faces painted on the vans when they are rolled out here in the USA? As with Google and Microsoft who are currently using China as a market in which they can beta test internet censorship software before the imminent U.S. rollout it is probably only a matter of time until there is a death van coming very soon to a location near you. And since you are out here acting as a subversive blogger in the Bushreich’s surveillance state rest assured that YOU will likely already be on the pick up list.

On being confronted with the gruesome truth about the new state fleet Chinese officials were positively Rovian in their shameless explanation that the vans actually represented a more humane means of performing executions rather than the traditional use of firing squads and for good measure further justified the new program by saying that it actually benefits the poor per the following excerpt from a 2006 USA Today story:

Makers of death vans say they save money for poor localities that would otherwise have to pay to construct execution facilities in prisons or court buildings. The vans ensure that prisoners sentenced to death can be executed locally, closer to communities where they broke the law.

My God that sounds so Murkan that it sends a cold chill running up my spine. Just how quickly do you think that the one party rulership of this country would jump at the opportunity to introduce legislation to roll out the newest weapon in the ‘Global War on Terror’ to deal with all of those sleeper cells of secular humanist, al-Qaeda worshipping, godless, gay loving liberals? And guess which company will probably get the no-bid contract? If you guessed the same one that was recently awarded $385 million to construct ‘temporary detention facilities’ you are already more of a danger to the state than you might realize.

But wait, there’s more. The truly ghoulish part of this horrible tale is that the death vans are staffed with medical professionals who after performing the execution by lethal injection then proceed to harvest the victim’s organs which are put up for sale and the bodies are being driven immediately to a crematorium before relatives are allowed to view the decesaed or otherwise investigate. According to Amnesty International, the same world human rights organization that incurred the wrath of the Bushist government for their condemnation of our new national right to torture and maintain a gulag system:

Injections leave the whole body intact and require participation of doctors. Organs can “be extracted in a speedier and more effective way than if the prisoner is shot,” says Mark Allison, East Asia researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “We have gathered strong evidence suggesting the involvement of (Chinese) police, courts and hospitals in the organ trade.

Executions in death vans are recorded on video and audio that is played live to local law enforcement authorities — a measure intended to ensure they are carried out legally.
China’s refusal to give outsiders access to the bodies of executed prisoners has added to suspicions about what happens afterward: Corpses are typically driven to a crematorium and burned before relatives or independent witnesses can view them.

Chinese authorities are sensitive to allegations that they are complicit in the organ trade. In March, the Ministry of Health issued regulations explicitly banning the sale of organs and tightening approval standards for transplants.

Even so, Amnesty International said in a report in April that huge profits from the sale of prisoners’ organs might be part of why China refuses to consider doing away with the death penalty.

What a great idea for the mutated form of capitalism/fascism that is so popular in the world among the globalists today and the vans can also one day be used to facilitate the elimination of the unfit so that the entire Social Darwinist process can be accelerated. The organ market represents yet another opportunity for money to be made, you can bet that Wall Street will go absolutely bonkers over the profit potential and the futures market will explode faster than you can say Thurston Howell III. Aren’t the wonders of the fucking free market grand?

There is a marvelously sick serendipity in the possibility of the death vans hitting the domestic market at exactly the same time when civil liberties are disappearing, secret arrests are looming, the death penalty is being expanded and Haliburton is constructing concentration camps for ‘future programs’ yet to be defined, people are getting hungrier by the day and with the U.S. manufacturing base having been gutted the bean counters are desperately looking for a new export product other than toxic financial shit bombs.

Could Soylent Red, White and Blue be coming soon?

But I digress….

We have come to where the highest qualification for the presidency is the abilty to successfully pander to the white trash aka the Hoosier state vote, a bunch of ignorant racist hicks who worship Larry Bird, just Midwestern versions of the same dumb, beer swilling, testosterone reeking dipshits who were largely responsible for George W. Bush and the by proxy ass fucking of the rest of America. It was pretty damned funny when this little story came out that Clinton hack Mickey Kantor is in the political classic movie on the 1992 Bubba For President campaign War Room referring to those pasty white inbred idiots in Indiana that are now being hornswoggled as get this – “white niggers”! The actual quote attributed to Kantor is “How would you like to be a worthless white nigger?” Now that is piss your pants hilarious but Bill O’Reilly won’t be asking the Queen about that one during her next hot session of dry humping on Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing propaganda pulpit will he? This is as astoundingly humorous a bit of true honesty as when Jack Abramoff referred to the rubber fetus crowd as the bunch of ingorant, knuckledragging morons that they are an email that was exposed a few years back. I say that Hillary has one set of brass balls to accuse Obama of being an elitist with yuppie pricks like Kantor on the staff.

Does Hillary shave her pits? Why does Michella Obama hate America? Where’s his Merkin flag pin, is she really a hermaphrodite? just how are them hoop shootin’ local white boys at the local all American John Cougar Fucking Mellencamp little foreclosed on pink houses small town high school going to do this year? That is about as sophisticated as it gets for the dumbest fucking collection of white trash corn fed, pumpkin patch peckerwoods north of the Mason Dixon Line. Shit yeah, we have no jobs, the double-wide is in pre-foreclosure and the kids are going to bed cold and hungry but goddamit we are gonna wage us a proxy war against that uppity high fallutin darkie and all of his Muslim buddies.

And no amount of the empty suit’s damnation of Reverend Wright is going to do one fucking thing to change the mind of the ‘nigger hating white niggers’ when it comes down to it, they will all obediently goosestep to their polling places come November and cast their votes for John McCain.

The shit-kickers and rubes will once again be the ones who ultimately make the choice come November, they will swallow the same bullshit in a slightly different package and the rest of us will continue to suffer the consequences of living in a country with such an overwhelming amount of willfully ignorant, easily suckered morons.

I am beginning to strongly suspect that we are all doomed to be fucked!

God Bless America!!!!

Hillary’s Pennsylvania Beer Barrel Polka

Clinton is loopy to show she is a regular American Gal

Now well into the sixth or seventh week of Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s standard cynical pandering to the Pennsylvania yahoos the Clinton slime machine has found traction with a trick right out of the Karl Rove playbook. Capitalizing on a Barack Obama statement that Americans who have been fucked over by globalization and the new American feudalism are “bitter and frustrated” and often turn to God, guns and scapegoating gays as a balm for their anger the surrogates and pocket media elite have made hay for what is another true statement.
Well unfortunately we live in Pollyanna nation, a fear stricken hellhole of poverty and the requisite police state to protect us all from the brown menace seeking to attack from both our porous southern borders and from abroad where they will train camels to swim across the Atlantic Ocean with Iranian provided nukes on their backs. Until this country is unable to swallow that most bitter pill that is reality we will never be able to return to days of sanity and reason again. It’s a pretty deep fucking rabbit hole right now and it’s increasingly looking like a grave barring some sort of miracle.
I think that the day when Americans decided that the simplest of truths were deemed to unacceptable was the day when we all witnessed the epitaph for the republic being chiseled onto our headstone. Far be it from the hacks, shills and propaganda parrots in the media to take a serious look at Obama’s comments and to put them into any sort of meaningful context, they ceased to be journalists and reporters long ago and no longer have any credibility with anyone other than the yahoos, peckerwoods and rubes. These are the demographics that the Clintons are pandering to with their Rovian appeals to the basest instincts to conjure up their beloved wedge issues and avoid sort of honest discussion of the real issues like war, the economy and the ripping apart of the Constitution or for that matter our slow slide into infamy as the world’s foremost sponsor of torture and murder.
Despite her tours or rustic Pennsylvania taverns and the mocking of Barack’s girly man style of bowling (where is “the Jesus” from the Big Lebowski when you need him?) and trying to once again repackage her brand for consumption with the dumbest of the dumb (after all, who else would swallow her populism after her husband rammed NAFTA down our throats?) to dupe the media into yet another moving of the goalposts. Hell, before you know it we will be hearing of some slight, real or perceived that Obama has made to Puerto Ricans. It’s ALL about managing perception and milking this thing as long as possible so as to allow the Clintons to seduce the superdelegates into finally and belatedly coronating the Queen.

The pandering continued with yet another of those idiotic faith forums conducted for the sole purpose of luring the bible thumpers who haven’t already purchased their tickets to the blessed Rapture that a rain of nuclear bombs onto Iran will bring but it’s just more of the same bait and switch for the two party three card monte Establishiment. The purpose of these stupid fucking dog and pony shows is not to get the votes of the dead enders as the conventional wisdom would have it but to keep the focus away from the real issues. None of the rubber fetus cultists would ever vote for the Democratic party in it’s current incarnation anyway, they would rather sell their souls to Satan (which they arguably have already done by backing Bush for the last two election cycles) than vote for the party that still is defined by that great Richard M. Nixon saw of standing only for “acid, amnesty and abortion”. The Faustian bargain that the Democrats made was in their selling out of organized labor in favor of globaliziation and corporatization they were forever stuck with the millstone of being the abortion party chained to the neck of the jackass.
And to be honest with you I actually believe that the carpetbagging Clintons and their ilk like it this way, it is far easier to manipulate the sheeple. Hillary can rage long and loud about the consequences of John McCain appointing Supreme Court justices who would scuttle Roe V. Wade (which for pragmatic reasons would be a good thing in my opinion) but she did nothing to use here national celebrity status to impede the apointment of the fascists John Roberts and Sammy Alito, both darlings of the Federalist Society and in Alito’s case Opus Dei. Clinton is certainly no champion for women’s rights – or for anybody elses for that matter other than her own ruthless ambition and that of the oligarchy which she and Bill have served so well. The Clintons and by extension the entire system requires divisiveness to continue to function.
We are all being used as proxies of the Establishment in their war against the American people. Let’s face it, their entire system is crumbling before our eyes and they know that there is a tremendous hunger for change right now. They desperately need to keep the existing culture wars which are all based on the manipulation of identity groups, they NEVER would have been able to achieve the level of success that they did without that race, gender, religious animosity that keeps all of use cattle busy going at each other while the treasury has been looted and our rights stripped away one by one.
Now Obama scares them, he is bringing new people into the political system in droves who are not tainted by allegiance to the existing two party sham democracy and all of it’s phony paradigms. That is exactly why you see the Clintons working so hard to keep this American vs. American hatefest going because they ARE already a part of the elite and can be counted on to protect the Establishment and allow Wall Street to lock in their gains before any sort of unified popular revolt.
And what is going on now is only playing right into their hands by alienating the new participants and maintaining the existing divides that are so easily exploited so that the rich can stay rich, the poor will be fucked for generations and the empire can continue to metastasize until it eats itself alive.


The Establishment Strikes Back

Like a bad case of genital herpes the Clintons never really completely go away and with the regularity of the rising of the sun the punditry got it all wrong again. The ballots are all in from the New Hampshire primary and the DLC once again has their queen in waiting, the insurgents have been chastened and the myth that this coming election is about change has been put to rest with the ugly truth that it is really about corporatization, globalization, militarism and the building of an impenetrable firewall around the status quo. Oh, and those skeptics who may have questioned my labeling of Barack Obama as a ringer had best give that very simple and ugly possibility some sincere thought. He went down quicker than an altar boy and just like the traditional change agent Democratic party tomato can in the Granite State. Lost in all of the Barack vs. Hillary steel cage death match hyperbole was the largely ignored campaign of John Edwards who may not have Bill or Oprah but he does have a message focused on the unchecked rise of rapacious corporations and looter capitalism gone cancerous and dared to openly speak of the detritus of the undeclared yet ever present class war that has laid waste to the land of plenty.

As for the bloggers who exalted in Obama’s surprise win in Iowa I reference the classic quote of that great philosopher Winston Wolf who warned against irrational and premature exuberance “let’s not all start sucking each other’s dicks just yet” which should immediately be transcribed onto a post it note and should adorn all of their monitors for the foreseeable future. In their haste to coronate the warm and fuzzy Obama and stick the proverbial fork into Hillary’s pasty white ass they momentarily forgot who really runs the show in America and they have all lined up behind Mrs. Rodham-Clinton, and of course there is the matter of Israel and her signature of blood with the Lieberman-Kyl amendment. Coupled with John McCain’s Republican win and his magic Bobbsey twin sweater that according to some of the sort of rumors that populate the darkest corners of cyberspace is likely woven with the hair of blood red heifers and sacrificed goats the neocons scored a double win but more on Manchurian Mac in a little while.

Queen Hillary’s reestablishment of her aura of inevitability was largely helped by her much overblown show of emotion with the most shameless act of fake crying since the unctuous John Boehner last took to the House floor to bray his great choking sobs about supporting the troops so Wall Street flim-flam men could have the freedom to continue their looting spree with like pigs in a rutting frenzy or some other happy horseshit. The mini Gulf of Tonkin ‘provocation’ by Iranian patrol boats also helped to trigger the fear instinct that is always just below the surface in this tragic post 9/11 land of cowardice, torture and wretched dumbness and the assuredness that Rodham-Clinton would dive head first into a scrum for the nuclear launch code “football” before the corks on the Dom Pérignon were popped for the grand inauguration ball for the restoration of the Clinton dynasty was undoubtedly a factor in the minds of voters. The shameless invocation of al Qaeda by the candidate didn’t hurt her either, in fact the with all of the past few days of fear mongering, slander, crocodile tears and blaming the media for her woes you would have to ask yourself whether Rodham-Clinton was running for office as a member of the wrong party. William Kristol’s new co-worker Maureen Dowd of the damned liberal New York Times has a great piece on the resilient future queen and her astoundingly cynical display of ‘emotions’ that went over so well with the great masses of television addicted asses who are easily duped into buying such swill as genuine that is entitled Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?

Now of course as far as that party thing goes anybody with any sense who has spent any amount of time doing their homework knows that other than an absolute aberration like the Bushreich there is really not much actual difference between the two parties that have come to be the Coke and Pepsi of the American empire. For proof that that particular idea has existed for quite some time you can find it in the massive and highly important historical tome for those seeking an understanding of how things really work Tragedy And Hope written by Mr. Clinton’s mentor Professor Carroll Quigley:

The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.

Big Bubba himself was out running the slime machine with his sniping about “fairy tales” and other cheap shots usually left to the hired help and vampires like James Carville, consider it an act of atonement for having made his spouse suffer through the indignity of a media circus after he was exposed for having his stogie smoked by that fat little thong wearing trollop Monica Lewinsky who lured the big lug in bearing gifts of pizza for tingly altoid juiced blow jobs back in less dangerous times. Some might say that it was below the dignity of a former president to act in such a manner but that is assuming that the big overly horny doofus had any dignity to begin with. Arguably had President William Jefferson Clinton had a little more personal control over his allegedly crooked cock and his ravenous animal craving for pussy or at the very least been a bit more discreet in his sexual dalliances like some of his predecessors had the good sense to do then the perfect storm conditions that led to the stealing of the 2000 election in Florida and the subsequent neocon coup d’etat and implementation of the fascist police state might never have occurred.

The hysteria and hostility towards Bill Clinton largely was responsible for Al Gore’s selection of Judas Lieberman as a running mate instead of Florida’s Bob Graham who would have had the necessary local connections to head off Jeb Bush’s vote stealing bandits at the pass. Now after two rigged elections we have an economy in shambles, no habeas corpus, a torture mad segment of the population brainwashed by the FOX TV Nazi Jack Bauer along with what Gore Vidal called “perpetual war for perpetual peace”, a constant state of dumbness, fear and loathing, a financial system that is a rapidly collapsing house of cards and millions of people who are coming to a slow rolling boil and who thanks to Jane Harman and Lieberman will soon be labelled as domestic terrorists. A hell of a price to pay for some sleazy afternoon sex and the strongest argument in favor of the merits of masturbation that one could possibly conceive of.

As for Senator McCain we have seen this movie before and were I one millionaire named Willard Romney I would right now be on the phone to Karl Rove offering up a seven figure retainer and first class tickets to Charleston where he can work roll out his sleazy dark gris-gris about Negro children born out of wedlock, drug addictions and insanity to keep the possibility of a McCain-Lieberman ticket trapped in the wet dreams of the war pigs at the American Enterprise Institute. If there is one saving grace in the detestable McCain’s win it is that we can all stop hearing about Elmer Gantry Huckabee and his Evangelical army for a little awhile it was beginning to wear a bit thin just like the ascendant Obama and his motivating of the slacker generation to get off of their lazy apathetic asses and vote for a change storyline.

The biggest winner last night in New Hampshire was the establishment itself for once again the two front runners had been restored to their proper places, the ringer did his job and the true agents of change John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and the questioners of the existing order Ron Paul and Mike Gravel will now be slowly erased from the collective memory by the pocket media kingmakers. After the next set of primaries later this month in the heart of peckerwood nation, South Carolina and the Republicans will descend upon the diseased penis of America that is the state of Florida where the American Il Duce Rudolpho Giuliani has been barnstorming and preaching the gospel of 9/11 and skipping while treating the early states with the same significance that he gave to the Iraq Study Group. Then it will be on to Super Tuesday where two days after that grand American bacchanal The Super Bowl where the entire nation is transfixed by a typically lousy football game wedged in between multi-million dollar advertisements the still hung over denizens of the world’s biggest lemming farm will eagerly look to the big political enchilada of 24 state primaries that could potentially crown the new world champion of the empire of greed and blood and the inheritor of the keys to the war machine and the money spigots that fuel the spoils system that our national politics have become.

Ahhh fuck it, is it time for the new season of American Idol yet?