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Alex Jones: Conspiracy Crank or Captain America?

Paranoia is just another word for ignorance

-Hunter S. Thompson
Let me get this out of the way right out of the gate, I am personally very ambivalent towards the work of talk radio firebrand and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones. I have followed his work on and off for a good number of years now and am still not completely sure of what drives him, who backs him and what his true motivations are. His radio show and films are a mixture of contradictory ideas that while highly informative too often rely on standard Bircher style anti-United Nations conspiracies, illegal alien (translation: Mexican) bashing diatribes, global warming denial and wild-assed tirades against fluoride in water, chem.-trails in the sky and pseudo-religious hogwash not to mention the tolerance of idiotic Birther nonsense. Jones also was one of the earliest promoters of the Obama ‘Joker’ minstrel show poster which he of course denies as being racist despite it’s obvious intention to resonate with a certain black-hating, southern-fried, white-power element. Too bad, because there is much great information mixed in as well, a borderline anarchist view of a society that truly deserves rebelling against and spot on attacks on the loss of civil liberties that were it not for the inclusion of the aforementioned dubious material would surely garner the Austin, TX flamethrower one hell of a lot of crossover appeal. While I am but an armchair quarterback when it comes to these things, I consider much of the work of Alex Jones to be cutting-edge and brilliant but just as much to be counter-productive.  I admit that Jones is first and foremost one hell of a showman, his rants are volcanic and put other hosts to shame. While pigs like Rush Limbaugh and stone-greedy charlatans like Glenn Beck fill their diatribes with standard Republican party establishment tripe, dog whistle terms, cynical glorification of the system that made them into millionaires, dumb it down for the easily duped cretins and wrap it all up in a big star, spangled package of pure unadulterated horseshit, Jones dares to be intellectual in a country that is increasingly hostile to thinkers. Not that I would compare Alex Jones to the less than dynamic duo frontmen for the cult of angry white dittohead dopes, he is far too anti-establishment in his denunciations of the rapidly closing iron fist that is the American police state, neocons, the dumbing-down of society, endless war and other things that are held so dear by the sanctioned propaganda mouthpieces for the establishment.

Alex Jones is now becoming more prominent thanks to not only the hosting of the now infamous interview with America’s public enemy number one Charlie Sheen but also in appearing in the snakepit that is the  popular women’s talk show The View that has an audience of millions. During the appearance, much to the chagrin of has-been Whoopi Goldberg, never-will be Elizabeth Hasselbeck and the queen herself Barbara Walters (who looked like she was about to have an aneurysm) Jones was wonderfully off subject. He defended Sheen but continued to plug his website and interject relevant comments about the police state, George W. Bush’s by proxy murder of millions in his illegal wars, WTC7 and the TSA goons whose state-sanctioned sexual molestation is a brilliant example of just how far America has fallen. Jones also was featured in a recent Rolling Stone piece by Alexander Zaitchik entitled The Most Paranoid Man in America which despite the typical corporate media smear tactics, straw men and innuendo wasn’t nearly as vicious as the normally expected knee-capping of one who dares to ask the forbidden questions.  Jones himself commented on the article during a fairly recent show and while not praising the piece didn’t condemn it either. Of course the article resorts to the standard mockery and denunciation of crazy “conspiracy crank” ideas but so it goes in a nation of sheep where the truth is a horrifying thing that is deserving of shunning and were we living in either a more primitive or advanced society Jones would have his tongue cut out by the high priests of the temple. 

Jones can preach it though, like an apocalyptic prophet with doomsday rolling in, the day of reckoning for the sins of elite, the moneychangers and the war pimps for which we all will be bathed in the blood tide for, if not for our own moral shortcomings but for our collective failure to stop any of it. Launching into darkly funny rants invoking pop culture, history, political theory, scientific terminology, fire, brimstone and extrapolation his style isn’t for everyone, especially not for the squeamish or politically correct. The problem with Jones is that he does want to tie it all together into one gigantic global conspiracy and that makes him susceptible to being less logical and more biased in building the case to support his own research and conclusions. That is why the globalists, right-wing bogeymen like the deep-pocketed George Soros and the even more reviled Al Gore are such key pieces in the puzzle that Jones is assembling, their purported involvement in the use of the carbon taxes to enslave humanity conveniently ignores real scientific evidence of global warming in favor of a Koch Brothers friendly plan to keep their energy businesses running in full profit mode. Jones, while he doesn’t overtly use the Bircher’s grand global Communist conspiracy terminology directly often parrots the language, features far too many Council For National Policy (CNP) friendly guests and lays off serious criticism of big Texas oil and energy, the latter possibly being the prudent thing to do if based in Austin and within easy reach of the Texas mafia.

Not that there isn’t a massive global conspiracy…it’s just not a monolithic entity and is far more attributed to the ongoing evolution of capitalism into the final, cannibalistic and authoritarian manifestation where a global cabal of ultra-wealthy elitists will back the fascist corporate takeover of the entire planet – that is if they don’t destroy it first. Capitalism, not communism or socialism as the Birchers have long and loudly insisted is the most dangerous system in human history as is evident in 2011 as the world reaps the whirlwind of rigged markets, neo-liberal destruction of entire countries and the resultant unrest, genocidal and unstoppable financial speculation including in commodities such as oil and food that will combine to starve more people than Mao, Stalin and every other dictator in history combined. Goldman Sachs will bring down plagues of misery, famine, pestilence and suffering all in the name of global finance capitalism. In what has to be one of the grossest obscenities in contemporary history (and they are legion) the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Japan, a deadly trifecta of earthquakes, tsunami and now nuclear meltdown are in the American corporate media secondary to how the mass displacement, death and looming radiation poisoning of tens of thousands of innocent people will affect the fucking stock markets. To his credit Jones has been covering the Japan disaster extensively as of late and dare I say comes across as very left-wing in his criticism of the dangers of nuclear power.

Where the Birchers and others on the intellectual (versus the delusional neocon) spectrum of the right get it wrong is that they misinterpret the work of the influential historian Carroll Quigley , especially in the seminal Tragedy and Hope. In the book, his masterpiece Quigley writes of the behind the scenes power elite behind the curtain influence of ’round table’ groups that gather in secret and exert their influence over the publicly visible elements of the state. The Birchers and Cleon Skoussen, who is an idol of Glenn Beck (who pimps Skoussen’s manifesto The Five Thousand Year Leap) get it wrong with Quigley in interpreting the work as referring to global communism and socialism as the New World Order when in fact the groups that Quigley wrote about were primarily agents of global finance capital, the same global bankers that Jones so often condemns. Quigley himself disputed the interpretation of Tragedy and Hope by Skoussen who incidentally was an early member of the Council For National Policy. The problem with these types of analyses is that they too often focus on the influence of the old Eastern establishment, transnational types, particularly the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission but at the same time pay no mind to the influential role of the powerful interests that rose out of the western states and the sunbelt, primarily big energy and defense, the new money. While I agree with them to some extent about the dangers of the rising police state bent on human enslavement through debt, global government (although corporate is conveniently omitted) and in the case of the Rockefellers and the other big wheels, the creation of a system of control that as Jones and others extrapolate to include embedded microchips (this is coming folks) and a taste for eugenics (Hitler got his ideas from the American elite) and ultimately a massive culling that will lead to the depopulation of the planet. What I take issue with is the idea that the threat from the “globalists” pales in comparison to that posed by their U.S. counterparts, particularly emanating out of the Council For National Policy and the predominant influence of powerful Evangelical Christians who have slowly and largely off the radar hijacked the American political system and to a good extent elements of the military. Not a good thing when a cancerous anti-Muslim/Islam bent is eating the country from within as a cancer, when bankrupting wars of imperial conquest are ongoing in Muslim countries and the crusader mentality is encouraged. The war of civilizations plays directly into the ideology of tens of millions of American Evangelicals hellbent on seeing the apocalypse in their lifetime so that they can be Raptured up to sit at the foot of God’s throne while the rest of us eat each other. This is very scary stuff and whenever any of it seeps out as to the religious motivations behind the wars the messenger must instantly be discredited, note the brutal pillorying of Seymour Hersh over a recent speech when he spoke of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), the Knights of Malta and the deeply entrenched Christian crusader mentality in the military. But Jones doesn’t go there which is one very serious problem that I have with him, he is not covering the BIG picture only selective elements, all of which are compatible with the Council For National Policy agenda.

Zaitchik’s Rolling Stone piece references the influence of the John Birch Society on a young Alex Jones:

Home life was intellectual, but not overtly political. “My parents were careful not to give me political views almost as an experiment to see what I’d turn into,” he says. “The closest thing to a childhood political training was some neighbors who were members of the John Birch Society. They’d come over for dinner and I’d be exposed to those ideas, starting at around age two.”


The most enduring influence, though, was a 1971 bestseller he found on his father’s bookshelf: None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Authored by Gary Allen, a spokesman for the John Birch Society, the book provided the cornerstone for New World Order conspiracies. According to None Dare, the federal income tax is nothing but a plot by a cabal of megarich “insiders” who work to suck the middle class dry and transfer its wealth to the Ford and Rockefeller foundations. As a teenager, Jones read the book twice. “It’s still the easiest-to-read primer to the New World Order,” he says.

Hey, it’s not that the Birchers are bad people; they are for the most part loudly pro-American patriots, they just have a different view on many things but to ignore the fact that despite their more outrageous histrionics there is much common ground on a good many issues of great importance. I have myself on several occasions worked jointly with the organization on issues of agreement and unlike say or other political action groups, I always get a return letter from my so-called Congressional representatives when using the JBS activism tools. Like all organizations, they continue to evolve but their focus on communism as the ultimate menace was and is wrong and is reflective of the formation of the JBS during the Cold War era when paranoia first became a virtue in America although of life as it is post 9/11 . For the record though, the JBS in it’s current incarnation is far more outspoken and progressive on civil liberties issues than either the Bush or Obama administrations. It is just that they are misguided and far too overly concerned with the external threats than those that are internal and have overwhelmed the traditional, reality-based conservatism of the past.

As for civil liberties this is where Alex Jones is the most effective, in attacking the vile transformation of what used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave into some bastardized version of Oceania, Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany called The Homeland.There is no more of a passionate and ardent defender of American civil liberties on air than Alex Jones, and truthfully that sucks because it is due to problematic and uncompromising stances on such issues as illegal immigration  abortion (Jones is against it), failing to denounce the Tea Party movement after it had obviously been infiltrated and compromised by Neocon Republicans, Koch Brothers style global warming denial and a certain dark xenophobia relating to Mexicans (he accused Grindhouse spin-off flick Machete director Robert Rodriguez of fomenting a race war) he would have such crossover appeal that he would become a very dangerous man to the oligarchy. The one thing that this pathetically impotent, broken down and busted out lemming colony desperately needs (absent a functional political system) is a libertarian – progressive-green alliance that could find enough common ground to pose a serious and highly motivated threat to the current corrupt system. Jones, a libertarian who is a huge supporter of the former insurgent Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, a man whose anti-interventionist, pro-civil liberties, anti-torture, anti-Federal Reserve and pro-America views make him anathema to the Neocon controlled GOP has gained much clout with thinking progressives for his principled stance on what ails America. Paul recently joined with the hated bogeyman of establishment Democrats, Ralph Nader in an alliance against the corporate warfare state so there is potential. Were Jones to reign in his tirades in order to appeal to a wider audience and using his skills as a showman and filmmaker he would be formidable indeed.

The Rolling Stone piece is actually about as fair a bit of writing about a guy with the controversial nature of Alex Jones is going to get in a major American publication. Certainly not a cowardly knee-capping, the article portrays Jones’ family life as being very normal, he “dotes” on his wife and children, “cracks jokes with his young staff” and is according to the author “shockingly sincere” in everything that he says. And the article makes it a point to emphasize that Jones has no tolerance for racism (Obama Joker posters and unruly Meskins [sic] aside) and is against the sort of anti-Semitism that is exemplified in many of the more extreme elements of the far-right. With any attacks on the Neocons and their insatiable bloodlust for global hegemony often resulting in knee-jerk and libelous accusations of anti-Semitism from the normal William Kristol, Israel Lobby and Alan Dershowitz influenced winged-monkeys it is important that one be wary of being accused as being nothing more than a ‘Jew hater’. Zaitchik’s piece makes a point of mentioning that Jones’ wife is of Jewish descent and I have on occasion when listening to his show often heard him respond to callers (more than a few so over the top that they are likely some of those paid actors who read scripts on radio shows) denouncing Jews in a harsh manner, this is good currency to have considering the highly coordinated activist presence of movement conservatives. And as for the ultra-slick, multi-millionaire, fish-belly white faux populist spokesman for the corrupted beyond redemption Tea Party that is Glenn Beck, a followup bit on how Beck has stolen from Jones, changed the message to one of partisan politics and deception and helped to build a proto-fascist army of American brownshirts who with the help of the vast right-wing conspiracy network of think tanks, front groups and local bunds of haters that can be bussed in to any hotspots, like they were to Madison, Wisconsin during the rebellion against Governor Scott Walker.

Zaitchik (and likely the editors) does make more than a few of the standard tricks and tactics used to discredit those who dare to ask the forbidden questions as wingnut ‘tin foil hatters’. For instance the sly references to the diseased little monster Jared Loughner, Loughner is said to have been a fan of the 9/11 Truth film Loose Change, as if that sort of guilt by association with a film that dares to examine the American Reichstag Fire hasn’t been now viewed by tens of millions of people who don’t go on kill crazy rampages. Jones is mocked for daring to question the official story and to ponder whether the Arizona shootings were in fact a “government mind control operation”. There is of course no reference to the longtime involvement of the CIA and military in mind control experiments such as MKULTRA, the obsession with trying to create ‘Manchurian Candidate’ style assassins (reference the work of a Colonel Thomas Narut found in the out of print Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart), there is one hell of a lot of money that is spent on mind control and Jones understands that, even if the sheeple don’t. Also the article seems to state that Jones’ belief in FEMA camps, total government tracking and fusion centers is absurd. Of course there is no mention is given to the ACLU’s report on the fusion centers that are hidden in plain sight just about everywhere now, Oliver North’s REX 84, Continuity of Government or the existence of these bizarre sort of detention facilities in America. This stuff is real and people had better get it though whatever may remain of their television lobotomized brains that they are there for a reason, and it’s not going to be a good reason. Of course such facilities must be downplayed, the blockbuster episode of TruTv’s hit show Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura dealing with the fusion centers, detention camps and police state (which Jones contributed to) was yanked off of the air and flushed down the memory hole by the an oligarchy hellbent on concealing the truth for as long as possible while the police state or as Jones refers to it, “the global, Stasi,Borg state” can be fully completed.

Zaitchik also writes:

To Jones, what matters most is the “continuity of agenda at the top. When I called Clinton a Wall Street puppet, they called me a right-wing extremist. When I said the same about George W. Bush, they called me an anti-war communist. Now that I’m against Obama for the same reasons, mainline conservatives embrace me. When I attack the next right-wing ‘savior,’ they’re gonna call me a communist again.”

On the spiritual cancer of modern capitalism, Jones sounds more like Ralph Nader than a Fox Business channel libertarian. “Madison Avenue makes us addicts of consumerism, using glass wampum to steal our capacity to direct our own lives,” Jones says. “The globalists are smart and tell us sin is fun, sin is a red-­devil cheerleader. No — sin is cheating other people, it’s sending troops to die in illegal wars, it’s keeping people dumb so you can control, exploit and kill them.”

While in recent years Alex Jones has disproportionally focused his energy on attacking Obama, who has now proven that he really isn’t the second coming of anything other than the Bushreich, only a smoother, better packaged version of it (as I write this the teflon-coated bullshit salesman is preening and prepping for his very own war on Libya) – he was critical of Bush as well. While some of his newest films The Obama Deception and The Fall of the Republic are denounced by the pathetic excuse for the left as sinister propaganda it would be a nice bit of context were an earlier Jones film also be referenced. In 9/11: The Road to Tyranny there is an extended segment on the Bush Family Nazi history, bizarre ceremonies at Bohemian Grove , an annual gathering for the elite located in the northern California forest and covered the Nuremberg style rally in 2004 New York City that was the Republican Party convention. So Jones does denounce the entire rotten system despite the earlier mentioned policy omissions, he also regularly ridicules the idiotic notion that Osama bin Laden and al-CIAda have become convenient bogeymen to be dragged out to justify every Draconian assault on civil liberties and war crime committed by the empire. It was Alex Jones who correctly called the 9/11 ‘terrorist’ attacks before they took place and on July 25th, 2001 and according to Zaitchik “became the only radio host in America to begin his September 11th broadcast with a tirade against the U.S. government”, now that’s chutzpah! 
The Rolling Stone piece describes an incident from Jones’s youth when he realized that corrupt local police were involved in drug dealing which made a serious impression on him and would influence his life’s work:

It was in high school that Jones discovered a corrupt, Blue Velvet underbelly to his town. At weekend parties, he watched as off-duty cops dealt pot, Ecstasy and cocaine to his friends. “A truck would appear, sometimes with a guy still in uniform inside,” Jones recalls. “Then, on Monday, they’d have D.A.R.E. and drug-test us for football.” Jones, a young var­sity lineman, did not appreciate the irony. “I was like, ‘You want to drug-test me, when I know you’re selling the stuff?’ I called them the mafia to their face. At the time, I didn’t know anything about CIA drug-dealing.”
Things came to a head during Jones’ sophomore year, when he was pulled over while driving without a license, a six-pack of beer under the passenger seat. Jones told the cop he was corrupt and had no right to enforce laws. “They brought me to jail,” Jones says. “Afterward, one of the cops told me to wise up, or they’d frame me and send me away.” The following week, his father was so spooked that he sold his dental practice and moved the family to Austin. A few months later, Rockwall County’s sheriff was indicted on organized-crime charges.

As one who regularly researches “conspiracies” and other manifestations of the deep state it is very easy to become cynical once exposed to the established patterns of gross amorality, cloak and dagger operations and raw corruption as is embodied in the global elite but especially in the ruling oligarchy here in the U.S.A. That being said, once one really gets it about the way that things truly work, has been exposured to the darkest  aspects of all of the dirty little secrets of how elements of the U.S. government operate, the sordid alliances with mobsters, drug dealers, dictators and stone crazy maniacs it takes a certain type to not openly reject it all as lunacy, that is how successful that the indoctrination is. It is just way too much of a mindfuck for the average American to understand such grotesque perversions of the white-picket fence illusions of virtue and decency. America is always the good guy, a God kissed land of greatness, opportunity and righteousness, the global cop and the blessed spreader of that great myth that is democracy for that is the narrative that they have been weaned upon since their earliest days of cognition. When the curtain is pulled back exposing the horrors of imperialist exploitation, big financial cartel monetary chicanery, arms and drugs trafficking to fund off the books black operations, the destabilization of legitimate foreign governments, assassinations, death squads, CIA mind control experiments, false flag terror attacks, propaganda, mind controlled assassins, ginned up wars for profit, institutional corruption and a myriad of other gross transgressions by the powerful against the powerless is truly understood. When one realizes that conspiracies are the normal way of doing business then the indoctrination is broken and the mind freed from it’s red, white and blue chains. Not everyone can do it, it takes courage, an understanding that one will be forever shunned by those stills staring at the shadows on the wall of the cave and the fortitude to not give a damn. That is one hell of a big rock to roll in a society where critical thinking is discourage, conformity is demanded and those who dare to not fall in line will become pariahs. You see, once one gets a true glimpse behind the façade of our Potemkin Village on the primrose path to perdition then it is virtually impossible to look at anything the same way ever again. That is way too much for a people mesmerized by falsehoods spewed from the pocket media on their big screen electronic crackpipes that feed them the steady methadone of celebrity, reality tv, nonsensical millionaire worship, desensitizing faux murders on ultra-violent cop worshipping epics, lurid sex, war glorification, meaningless sports contests, potty humor that infantilizes the mind and other rot that has replaced reality in 2011. Simply put, there are alternate realities in post 9/11 America, only one of which is real and that one is Jones’ “global Stasi Borg state”

In my own opinion, Jones comes across as a true patriot albeit one who should lay off the caffeine and take a more methodical and reasonable approach. Rather than try to tie it up in one big long-term global plot by ruthlessly efficient, eugenics obsessed elite that spans centuries and is in the final stages of their “Endgame” he should focus with laser precision on all that has gone so horribly wrong in America and has flipped the country fascist and about three moves shy of being branded, yoked and sold to the man. I really prefer to look at how author Peter Dale Scott describes it in his foreword the 2008 update of his book The War Conspiracy:

“Thus I looked at these repeated-rule breakings together under the rubric “war conspiracy,” a clumsy term which in retrospect could have been improved on. At the time I made it clear that I was not pointing to some single group of guilty plotters, but to a “syndrome” of sustained collusion and deceit. I likened the process to a “floating crap game”, in which the players (and dealers) change, but not the motive of gain. This analogy in retrospect seems absurdly linear. I had stumbled, almost by accident, on a far more pervasive process of subversion of public order. Today I talk instead of a dominant mindset, one found in various power centers: the military, intelligence agencies, the media, and even universities.

No doubt my analogy of a floating crap game could be characterized as an example of what Richard Hofstadter called “the conspiratorial mentally or ‘paranoid’ style – for which important events in public life are best understood as the product of hidden, malevolent forces in history. But what shall we say of those people, usually in privileged stations of the Establishment, for whom “conspiracy theory”, as Murray Rothbard once observed, is “quite beyond the pale of correct thinking and permissible discourse?” Is their preference for non-conspiratorial explanations not really a psychological tendency? “Lone-nutism,” the Establishment’s answer to “conspiracism” in the case of the Kennedy assassination, can be carried to spectacular lengths, as when Allen Dulles in the Warren Commission applied it to the simultaneous shootings accompanying the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The obvious failing of comprehensive conspiracy theories which invoke a single “invisible government” is their tendency to attribute a wide spectrum of unrelated events to a single controller or group. Just consider the list of controllers that various authors have suggested: the Pinay Circle, the Safari Club, the Round Table, the Bilderberts, the Knights of Malta, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Jesuits, Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations, Wall Street, the Trilateral Commission, the American Security Council, the Mafia, to name only some. One ingenious writer has claimed that a Jesuit Freemason member of the Round Table inspired the Bilderberger meetings, where in turn David Rockefeller “broached the idea of a Trilateral Commission.” But even such a synoptic hypothesis will not begin to cover the disparate evidence of plural hidden forces at work.

What all the aforementioned groups have in common is some degree of connection to what I call the global overworld – that fraction of the few hundred superrich (whose combined wealth is estimated by U.N. sources to nearly equal the annual income of the poorer half of the world’s population), and their representatives who also use wealth to exert political influence.

In the end it all comes down to money and power, when in doubt always refer to the Golden Rule which is that those who have the gold make the rules. As the system itself which is unsustainable deteriorates by the minute, the dollar being devalued by a cabal of genocidal fanatics led by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and uncontrollable commodities speculation that is driving a wave of global insurrection it is imperative for those who are able to see it for what it is can come together. It may already be too late to salvage anything, but there is a certain intrinsic value in the dignity of the fight against that which is unjust. Make no mistake, the FEMA camps and police state that Alex Jones rails about are real and they will soon be occupied by those who dare to question the raw fascism of the new American century. No matter how flawed that his message may be at times there is no question that Jones is influential, has a dedicated following and is the antidote to the whores and charlatans like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who work for big money in order to distract, divide and hijack the revolution. It is going to take a unified effort to fight that which is coming, thanks to the internet and those who use it to expose the great lies there are millions who already awake and somewhere in the back of the minds of those who are not there is a gnawing feeling that things have gone horribly wrong, the right message with crossover appeal could be the spark that ignites the powder keg that the oligarchy is sitting upon but time is running out. 

Alex Jones is many things to many people, a veritable Rorschach test, but truly what he remains is an enigma.

by Ed Encho 

A Rotting Empire, A Restive Oligarchy and Ron Paul

First off I want to emphatically state that I do not endorse political candidates and this piece should not be interpreted as an endorsement for Ron Paul, rather it is a series of my thoughts on why it is that his popularity continues to grow. I don’t endorse candidates for the simple reason that I always prefer to call out hypocrisy and corruption both of which are plentiful and have gotten to a point where I have developed an extreme distaste for the electoral process itself. I have in the past done a good amount of posting on blogs that wear their party loyalty on their sleeves and while I have generally preferred Democrats I just don’t have the fucking stomach for them anymore either. Besides, I am now and have always been a registered independent although I increasingly am finding myself drawn towards a more libertarian point of view for what should be obvious reasons. I have nearly always voted Democrat for the sole reason that it is the lesser of two evils but goddammit it I am sick and tired of voting for an evil at all and we all should start to demand more rather than just the newest versions the same indecent and dishonest shits who adorn the ballot while men of ideals and merit are cast aside by the media and big money but more on that later. I would absolutely have to concur with the used and then abused Cindy Sheehan in her excellent column The ‘Fix’ where she calls a spade a spade because let’s face it, when CNN is rigging debates in favor of Hillary Clinton to the extent that Brent Budowsky is able to say with total accuracy that:

And I might add when such a ‘debate’ is mediated by former AIPAC lobbyist and well known establishment lackey Wolf Blitzer while Nosferatu lookalike and veteran Clinton operative James Carville is given any cred at all as an impartial analyst then indeed the fix is in.

I do not happen to agree at all with many of Ron Paul’s domestic policy ideas although I am vehemently against the wars both at home and abroad. They are wars that the Democrats played the base and independents as fools by promising to bring the troops home and put a halt to the Bush-Cheney junta’s war against the Constitution and then reneged once they were given control of Congress by suckers like us who they are now playing for fools once again. As with most others sickened by the betrayal of the jackass party as well as their marginalizing of progressives like Dennis Kucinich, mavericks like Mike Gravel and their keeping John Edwards on a short leash lest all of the loss of dignity, the death, the misery and the rank stupidity of the last seven years be in vain. You just can’t sacrifice all that has been sacrificed for the miserable ambitions of one woman and her reprobate husband to be impeded so close to the finish line. I often wonder how much the soon to be queen’s relentlessness has contributed to the pathetic and embarassing reign of Harry Reid who has presided over Hillary’s temple of eunuchs lest a stronger personality intrude on her limelight, the fecklessness of the Congress as well as the shank that they planted in the backs of the antiwar base has greatly contributed to my current state of anger and disenfranchisement. The failure of the Democrats to function as an effective opposition party is perhaps as big a contributor to Paul’s surge as anything else and he would end these fucking wars.

I also think that Paul’s criticism of the Federal Reserve system has a good deal of merit because the more that I learn about it the more it appears to be nothing more than a great big Ponzi scheme but that is a very long and convoluted topic that I will have to address at another time in order to do it with the justice that it deserves. For those interested in The Fed there is plenty of material out there that exposes this foul pseudo governmental entity that was set up through subterfuge, has been shrouded in secrecy since it’s inception and was chaired for nearly two decades by Ayn Rand cultist Alan Greenspan. ‘Greenie’ was initially canonized by Wall Street and the looter society spawned by Reagan as some sort of iconic figure and financial mystic but now that all of the elaborate scams are beginning to come unraveled. Now the dollar is dropping like Newton’s Law of Gravity and the ugly little truth that America’s manufacturing capability has been reduced to assembling Big Macs and Whoppers, rampant speculation and moving nonexistent money around and erecting a surveillance state while our top export is death and suffering courtesy of the Halliburtons, Blackwaters and other blood barters of the world is beginning to dawn on all but the most moronic and those whose sole mission in life is to sniff Brittney Spears’ panties (metaphorically of course). It’s time to reform this entire fucking putrid system and for the first time a lot of people are starting to get it that nothing else will suffice.

I am a loyal American and a patriot who loves the country but despises the fucking fascist assholes running it and is horrified at the ongoing gutting of our great constitution, the transformation of the corporate media into an arm of a government run amok and the extremely dangerous and foolish ideology that is neoconservatism and I find common ground with Ron Paul on all of these. He also gave the most impressive speech condemning the neocons that I have yet to hear from an elected politician and it was in 2003 (transcript) when most of this bullshit could still have been avoided. Paul’s brilliant response to the huffing and puffing indignant shithead Rudolph Giuliani during the FOX dog and pony show ‘debate’ in South Carolina when he dared to suggest that 9/11 was a result of our misguided foreign policy and the resultant blowback stood out for his sheer audacity to not be one of the rich white guys invoking Jack Bauer and trying to out Nazi each other. Paul stood his ground and when the show was over calmly offered up a reading list for the American Il Duce and 9/11 fear pimp. It was classic and stunning if only for the simple reason that none of the other corporate products being groomed for the top slot would dare to utter anything so close to the truth. This was the exact moment that Ron Paul went from obscurity to a factor and it was all due to him standing up like a pre 9/11 American and speaking the truth to power.

That being said I want to take a look at the so-called Ron Paul phenomenon that has the oligarchy scared shitless to the point where their attack dog propagandists like dimestore demagogue Glenn Beck are sent out to make the disturbing allegations that Paul supporters are dangerous anarchists and potential ‘terrorists’ along the lines of one Timothy McVeigh. At the same time in a two-pronged attack on dissent elected officials with a history of questionable loyalty (namely AIPAC whore Jane Harman) who also has deep involvement with the foulest elements of the defense industry are furiously working to pass legislation enabling them to develop a very loose definition of what constitutes terrorism that in essence borders on Pre-Crime as portrayed in the movie Minority Report. This is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation that should not be taken lightly by anybody who values the concept of free speech, free association and the ability to read and write what one chooses but while the mainstream media jerks the public off once again with the ridiculous ‘newest developments’ in the Natalee Holloway saga (Jesus Fucking Christ, what’s next, an exhuming of Laci and the fucking fetus?) they are entirely silent on this latest egregious attempt to shut down what was once a free and open society.

Harman’s demon child which is formally called H.R. 1955 – Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 was recently addressed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now and is correctly seen outside of the pocket press as the grave threat to freedom that it truly is. It has already sailed through the House of Hoyer and Pelosi by a 404-6 vote and will surely be passed in the Senate where it conveniently will be taken up by that treacherous little fish-faced pigfucker Joe Lieberman’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. This is nothing less than a blatant attempt to crackdown on activists, bloggers and truth seekers whose relentless probing is only beginning to expose the extent that the entire fucking United States government and a media that has been thoroughly infiltrated by moles has become a snakepit without a bottom. I would strongly recommend checking out Indypendent for Jessica Lee’s fine article on this serious attempt to destroy America from within entitled Bringing the War on Terrorism Home: Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical Movements in the United States and taking appropriate action to educate everyone possible on the ramifications of allowing this latest plank of an authoritarian police state to be cemented into place – even if it is holiday shopping season and there is football to watch – that being sardonic humor on my part, this is serious fucking business.

But I digress…

Honestly I don’t know what the meatheads, pollsters, party moguls and rank political whores don’t understand about the appeal of GOP (in name only) dark horse candidate Ron Paul. He is for the Constitution and against the wars and rather than the normal business as usual horse trading, backstabbing, triangulating and dicking around that keeps continually inept dipshit Democratic party beltway elitist consultants like Bob Schrum employed despite their epic history of incompetence perhaps it’s time for someone in the jackass party to get a fucking clue before the 2008 election goes up in their hand like the same flaming bag of dogshit that their overpaid clown strategists keep handing to them in a perverse reenactment of Groundhog Day and given the arrogant way that they have treated their real base in basically saying “fuck you, we’re not ending the war” and allowing George W. Bush wide latitude in destroying the country I would not count on them turning out again for more of the same. Republicans can always mobilize the knuckle dragging denizens of peckerwood nation, the Raptureheads and the pathological haters and racists but they work hard at appealing to the brainless and the dumb, liberals and progressives are actually able to think and many of them are beginning to think that the entire system is one big con designed only to keep a façade of false legitimacy plastered across the front of the whorehouse.

The Democrats are to the Republicans what the Washington Generals were to the Harlem Globetrotters and Ron Paul is a threat to a putrefying system just as Ross Perot was back in 1992 when he essentially stopped the Bush dynasty dead in it’s tracks at least for a short period, and Perot was spot on about the disaster of NAFTA, the great David Sirota weighs in on this in his latest piece. Paul though is a far bigger menace to the existing order as the Bush restoration gave rise to the neeocons, tripped the latch for the Wall Street pigs and financial hucksters to be loosed and the junta has gone to work on eliminating the constitution all facilitated by a unified force field projected by a pocket media hellbent on preserving the poisonous status quo at all costs. People are much more angry now than in 92, the system itself is on the brink of collapse, wars are engulfing the planet, the dollar is worth jack shit and the technological advances that gave us the internet have allowed for many to become educated as never before to the criminality of it all.

Granted that the majority of moron America stays glued to their beloved televisions dooling over lemming food and addicted to the accompanying mental masturbation but there really are millions out there working the net, reading and rebelling. They are also coming to the conclusion that the Democrats are thoroughly corrupt, to the extent where ‘debates’ are rigged in favor of the oligarchy’s queen in waiting who will only continue the policies of Bush, a change agent who pushed it to the wall and now a more moderate face is brought in to drive the war machine but the ultimate goal remains the same – keep the wars going, implement the police state and protect the ruling elite. The Clintons know all too well how the game works. Bill was a disciple of Carroll Quigley whose massive historical tome Tragedy and Hope spoke of the real movers and shakers, the men behind the curtain or as the father of public relations Edward Bernays once correctly tagged them: “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”.

A critical thing to take into account is that the Bushreich has been so extreme and the toady Democrats so abominable that the whole fucking game is now becoming exposed, the ball of string is now unraveling and the big onion being peeled with each layer being worse than the one preceding it. The internet has done the oligarchy and the criminals that it employs in governments immense damage by allowing for their long history of covert ops, drug running, assassinations, hostile takeovers of countries and the accompanying slaughter of ‘leftists’, market rigging and in the case of 9/11 a coup d’etat piggybacked on top of terrorist attacks. The transformation of the media into a propaganda arm of the octopus has actually to a large degree backfired with more people reading more, networking and digging deeper, technology has at least for the time leveled the playing field a bit but as Harman’s decidedly anti-American bill shows they are rapidly working to beat back the threat of an informed and agitated populace. They can criminalize whatever the fuck they choose to but the truth of the matter is that you just can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube and more people are losing faith in these corrupt bitches and bastards by the day. They are going down and no amount of slanderous inference or reckless legislation to criminalize free speech is going to stop them. The United States is being methodically and incrementally dragged to the precipice of the abyss of fascism and I would stongly recommend reading Naomi Wolf’s excellent analysis of this in this Guardian article which is examined in greater depth in her new book The End Of America: Letter Of Warning To A Young Patriot and finally there is some pushing back against the neocon juggernaut and their Vichy appeasers in the Judas Democrat party over their sad legacy of feckless appeasement.

so In a nutshell the complete failure of the American political system is what fuels the Ron Paul machine and it transcends traditional definitions of who can and should be allowed to be allies. The recognition that tt’s all one great big fucking sham, a rigged game of 3 card monte on the main drag of a Potemkin village of a legitimate democracy that masks a globalist, corporate and militarist agenda that will now rest until billions have been beggared, enslaved and left for dead. Justin Raimondo of the outstanding hits the target dead center with this from a recent column on Dr. Paul’s popularity entitled Why Are They So Afraid Of Ron Paul?:

I find that the truly exciting thing about Ron Paul’s popularity is that we are now witnessing a nascent movement that actually has the potential to grow into a political force to be reckoned with. Shit, this is all beautiful to me. I grew up in the Seventies when questioning authority was in vogue and I couldn’t be more revolted at this sick joke of an era and the line-dancing over the cliff of legions of ass-sniffing lemmings. It is an amazing experience when I am mocked by co-workers and family members for daring to try to explain how our very ability to make a living is imperiled by the massive fraud of the subprime scams, globalization, endemic greed on Wall Street and a falling dollar but the same people engage in endless banter about every bit of triviality and minutia regarding the lives of Paris, Brittney, The Donald or whatever other example of what one should aspire to be happens to be pimped by the corporate media on any given day. Stupidity and apathy have become so entrenched that it is only natural that the oligarchy is justifiably horrified at those who have escaped their trap and now are screaming BULLSHIT at the top of their lungs. So just fuck Oprah and Dr. Phil and all of the rest of the virtual zoo keepers pimping preposterous folderol over the electronic crackpipe that is designed to keep the public pacified and dumb as Dylan once sang “the masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools” and there sure as fuck is no shortage of the latter in George W. Bush’s post 9/11 wasteland of dumbness, decadence and desperation.

Part Two – The Golden Rule: ALWAYS kill the messenger:

Ron Paul’s crossover appeal absolutely horrifies the ruling class, his anti-abortion views are unbelievably based on principle (a career obstetrician) rather than any sort of religious hokum or political expedience. God forbid that the one great mobilizing issue that cements the bogus left-right paradigm that has fucked this country up for the past forty years be treated in a way that is less than sacrosanct for it has proven to be a useful holy grail in preserving the power of the elitists and the establishment. The rarest of bipartisan alliances is starting to percolate upwards through the corporatist media and it is an all out effort to stop Ron Paul in his tracks. Dennis Kucinich was easy prey with the killshot delivered by beltway hack Tim Russert that reduced the anti-war Democrat to just another loon babbling about UFO’s. They distorted the audio for the now famous “Dean Scream” to kneecap outsider Howard Dean in 2004, Mike Gravel was terminated with extreme prejudice and war critics are affixed with devil horns and castigated for being dangerous anarchists and leftists who worship at the altar of Karl Marx.

The entire fucking fascist movement has been built on the back of overturning Roe V. Wade and yet despite total extreme right-wing Republican control of every fucking branch of the government right after the hapless Democrats were spanked in 2004 it never even came close to being wiped from the slate. With a fanatic blood sucking little tick like Tom DeLay who seriously believed in the eradication of the existing system, a stranglehold on power in the Presidency, the Judiciary and the Congress, a braying horde of theocratic brownshirts who were foaming at the mouth to avenge Terri Schiavo it should have been dead certain that abortion be outlawed and that the death penalty applied (some have suggested by stoning) to physicians who would provide such services. Yet it didn’t happen for if it did it would be the equivalent of a large bucket of water on a smoldering fire, starving a movement of its energy, depriving the simpleton counter revolution of their raison d’etre and removing the biggest sideshow issue of modern times and this could not be allowed to happen under ANY circumstances because Christ only knows the aversion that the dummies and the angry army and the peckerwoods have to actually taking a look at the REAL issues that really affect their lives.

And Paul is in their sights now, it will be a brutal triangulation of crossfire already blessed by an oligarchy growing increasingly restive as the internet slowly and methodically exposes them as the murdering, blood thirsty parasites that they truly are. Once Paul is taken down then the queen in waiting will have a clear path, Hell the red carpet has already been rolled out and the ‘debates’ are just stagecraft to sell our sham democracy to the suckers. The nasty character assassinations of Paul and his followers are now everywhere as phase two of Gandhi’s famous proclamation of “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” has ended and phase three has begun with a vengeance.

As I previously mentioned the insipid baby faced Beck who prior to his ascendance to CNN house propagandist was a third rate local loser shock jock who specialized in such matters of grave import as sponsoring eating contests took point in launching the smear campaign along with the flipped Marxist that is America’s “I HATE YOU” troll David Horowitz, a fanatical fulminating bag of shit who in any decent society would be just another rote piss reeking miscreant standing on a streetcorner braying his nonsensical diatribes from atop a soapbox but he is given credibility here as some sort of authority and his crusade to promote the ‘Nazification’ of the American eductional system.

Horowitz, a shriekingly shrill textbook example of a reactionary anti-American douchebag even went so far as to suggest that Paul’s supporters along with the great libertarian blog Lew Rockwell and the usual whipping boy liberals are actually in bed with Islamofascists – that little nonsensical term created in some reich wing think tank to pimp the war of civilizations and to lump all of the enemies of that shitty little paranoid country Israel in together with one great little marketing phrase. They even found the term “Ron Paul Revolution” to be indicative of terrorism, typically the hypocritical bastards give no mention to either “The Reagan Revolution” or Newt Gingrich’s “Republican Revolution” as the vicious assaults on American values that they have proven to be. Fortunately there are some principled bloggers like Glenn Greenwald who are out there debunking the attacks that are coming from the poisoned arrows of both sides seeking to preserve their monopoly on power.

Beck and Horowitz labelled Paul supporters as potential domestic terrorists because of the massive success of the Money Bomb fund raising drive on Guy Fawkes Day that sent tremors of fear through the establishment. Fawkes is mainly known to Americans from his significant presence in the movie V For Vendetta and as the saying goes “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” and those who control the media, the government and set the agenda also are free to label any dissenters as terrorists which is exactly what was intended with all of the tyrannical infrastructure built up with 9/11 as a justification. Paul’s supporters have scheduled their big next fund raising drive to coincide with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party so you can be certain that the media mockingbirds will be working harder than hell at finding a way to label the American revolutionaries and by extension the founding fathers as terrorists of sort. Hell, you already see what kind of festering disdain that they have for the Constitution or as no less an authority than Emperor Bush himself once referred to it “a goddamned piece of paper”.

The distinction that isn’t made is that state sponsored terrorism – which can be called war and includes the murder of innocent civilians is not recognized by the pocket media shills for neoconservative world domination. Firebombing Dresden or Tokyo, razing Fallujah, mercs and soldiers raping and gunning down civilians in Baghdad and the soon to be launched bombing of Tehran are by definition ALL acts of terrorism only they are in most cases condoned by the state. America also has a long sordid history of propping up terrorist regimes in Latin America who used death squads and were trained to torture at what was formerly known as the School of the Americas all to protect corporate interests and the right of the rich to exploit the poor. Author Naomi Klein’s excellent new book The Shock Doctrine gets into this but there is far more out there showing exactly how the deplorable ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ used at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo were already embedded in the empire’s DNA. Terrorism according to the definition doesn’t even actually require violence. According to the Miriam Webster dictionary terrorism is defined as:

Main Entry: ter·ror·ism
Pronunciation: ‘ter-&r-“i-z&m
Function: noun
: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Which of course would make George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, David Horowitz, Bill O’Reilly and every other scum neocon who repeatedly invokes fear as a means of control are by their own loose definition: terrorists. This being said once the people are able to regain control of the institutions of government and the courts every last one of them should be tried under the provisions of their own PATRIOT Act and other vile decrees that have codified the use of Gestapo style tactics in Der Homeland. Hoist the bastards on their own petards and punch all of their one way tickets to Gitmo.

But I once again digress…

The most withering of fire of course comes from the neocons themselves who would be pathetic were they not so dangerous. By viciously attacking Ron Paul and libertarians with such intensity the neocons have blown their entire liberals as fake devils con job and made it pretty damned apparent that it is liberty itself that they so despise. Per Justin Raimondo in his most recent column What Antiwar Activists Have To Be Thankful For:

The neocon meme is now firmly ensconced in the American political consciousness as a term of obloquy. Back in 1995, when I first started contributing to this site, hardly anyone had ever heard of this particular “n-word,” let alone knew what a “neocon” was: today, the term is ubiquitous. And, contrary to the outraged and wounded cries of the usual suspects, this wave of popular resentment against the icons of Neocon-dom is neither mindless sloganeering nor “bigotry” of any sort. It is, instead, based on an amazingly precise understanding of neoconservatism as a kind of ideological mutant, a monstrous hybrid that originated on the far left and migrated, like a deadly cancer cell, to the far right, where it metastasized into something that resembles fascism in all its particulars to a frightening degree.

The neocon smear campaign against Paul is at the same time desperate and hilarious in the manufacturing of alleged links to Nazi sympathizers. That the neocons would dare to play the Nazi card against Paul is all too predictable with every over the top out of their fucking minds ideologue shrieking out meaningless tripe that compares Iran to Nazi Germany and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hitler is reaching the level of gross parody. Their incessant use of Nazi analogies crossed the border into the surreal when the notorious blowhard and bully Alan Dershowitz actually – and I shit you not – invoked the fucking Nazis as justification for an argument advocating the use of torture. This is a stunning how totally fucking batshit and out of sorts that the Israel Lobby has become, blinded by their racism and a pathological desire to launch their own genocidal spree against the Muslim world and willing to use any method possible to slander and destroy any in America who stand in their way. Nutty Norman Podhoretz, Horowitz and all of the moles and fifth columnists from AIPAC to the American Enterprise Institute and their media mockingbirds have flogged the Nazi horse to death. Besides, it is just more of the same illogic and hypocrisy from the fascist poseurs who never could muster up any similar outrage over Prescott Bush’s role as one of Hitler’s top American money men or of the complicity of Wall Street bankers and captains of American industry in helping to build the Nazi war machine or of the hallowed Gipper’s connection to surviving Nazi elements during his rise to the pinnacle of power as the smiling face of apple pie authoritarianism.

Part Three – So It Goes…

Can it be that the usurpers and the moles are getting nervous? The coming AIPAC spy trial, the Sibel Edmonds time bomb that could expose the systemic corruption of the entire fucking U.S. government, the Ron Paul movement and the growing realization by more Americans that their system is rigged and has been rigged for a long time has these despicable rats and traitors now working furiously to ensure that they can use the government as a weapon against it’s own people. In a perverse way I suppose that Leo Strauss was right in believing that a liberal society held the seeds of it’s own destruction and would give way to tyranny and repression. It was the very liberal belief that fifth columnists with anti-American agendas were somehow entitled to eat away at the pillars of this country from within and were entitled to the same rights to free speech that others were, this in retrospect was wrong-headed and destructive and is what has set America on it’s current trajectory spinning off into darkness along the fascism arc. In reality the fifth columnists, the moles and their propagandists should have been ridiculed, shunned and marginalized instead of being allowed to shift the discourse first through the Powell Memorandum and then the think tanks.

People are catching on now and it must be stopped at all costs, the establishment will now start to close ranks and in a rare bipartisan manner circle the wagons so as to protect their corrupt spoils system. Their disdain for the concept of America has become blatant, their dismantling of the Constitution and of the social safety net is criminal and their attempts to scurrilously invoke the Hitlerian tactics of labeling dissenters as terrorists is treasonous. This country was founded on rebellion and borne out of the blood of a revolution against tyranny, one should take the time to read that inconvenient (in today’s context) document Declaration of Independence that proclaims that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an American birthright:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Seems to me that the governed are no longer rolling over and offering their consent because now more so than ever is the time to fight the future. Perhaps the Ron Paul movement will eventually turn into something that will ultimately attract enough of the disenfranchised to form the basis of a counter-revolution against a corrupt oligarchy and it’s bought and paid for servants. Ron Paul like any other man is nothing to the establishment, he is but a fly in the ointment and he can and will be squashed when the time comes for an electronic assassination in the same corporate media that took out Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Howard Dean before him whose messages represented a threat to the existing order – the machine has become far more sophisticated since it became a necessity to eliminate JFK, RFK and MLK who were all simply shot by a deranged lone gunman who could then be made into a patsy and business went on as usual.

That Paul has no chance of winning the Republican nomination is irrelevant, what does matter is the spark may have been provided to a moribund and marginalized antiwar majority that is capable of catching fire to something much bigger. There is an oligarchy threatening, paradigm smashing crossover appeal attached to this that along with a largely disenfranchised electorate are a potentially volatile mix because such ingredients are necessary for the creation of a mass movement. As I referenced in my previous posting entitled The Antiwar Movement Needs A New Playbook Scott Ritter laid out the blueprint for an antiwar coalition backed by a drive for a restoration to constitutional values and the Ron Paul Revolution taps into this. I don’t think that I need to remind anyone of what can come out of failed presidential campaigns, look at what LBJ’s smashing of Barry Goldwater led to or for that matter the political power that was built using the mailing list from Pat Robertson’s failed run in 1988. This is a similar scenario which if left to grow will ultimately become a very serious threat to the ruling oligarchy, the looters and the blood barters and their global criminal enterprise.

As the protagonist in the aforementioned V For Vendetta so eloquently put it “Ideas Are Bulletproof” and I might add they are contagious as well.

Paul has become the equivalent of a rock star among the young, and his appeal goes way beyond the usual libertarian crowd: liberals and conservatives, all races and cultural types, from home-schooling Christians to San Francisco pagans and everything in between. On the Internet, and in the streets, the Ron Paul Revolution, as his followers have dubbed their movement, is taking off.

Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich have close to a hundred years of significant government experience and very significant things to say about the campaign, but have been treated in these debates like the opposition to Vladimir Putin are treated in the state-controlled Russian media.

It is a disgrace and a sham and a disrespect not only to those candidates but to the very idea of an informed citizenry choosing our next leader in a democratic election.