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Polishing the Brass on the Titanic

You think I am a fool but you are a greater fool than I am.

– Sitting Bull

Helicopter Ben Bernanke spoke Wednesday at the first press conference in history conducted by the high priest of the temple of moneychangers formally known as the Federal Reserve. Mr. Green Shoots as usual was dapper with his costly suit and professorial clipped beard, the lighting reflecting off of his bald head and shooting off in waves of positivity porn thanks to well rehearsed talking points sprinkled with focus group tested terms such as “headwinds”, designed to put a sunny side up sheen on the former Time Man of the Year’s message. Bernanke’s wondrous Quantitative Easing 2 (QE2) program as is not obvious to anyone except idiots, cynical politicians and top level finance industry scoundrels has been an abject disaster when it comes to anything other than destroying the value of the dollar, driving a huge spike in gas and food prices and igniting waves of global unrest.

I don’t know just where I’m going
But I’m goin’ to try for the kingdom if I can
‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man
When I put a spike into my vein
Then I tell you things aren’t quite the same

When I’m rushing on my run
And I feel just like Jesus’ son
And I guess I just don’t know

And I guess that I just don’t know

– Lou Reed, Heroin

Zombie Banks, Zombie Jesus – In the aftermath of Easter, the Fed and King Ben have administered the kiss of the sweet, sweet spike into the vein of the banking monstrosity with dog whistle language that QE3 will soon be coming. After the afternoon’s regurgitation of balderdash that was so lame as to make a George W. Bush presser seem as a gem like fountain of rare and exalted truths the markets did what any junkie does when the next fix arrives. Stocks and the winner’s circle that is the DJIA (Dick Jammed In Ass) hit a multi-year high while the dollar continues to collapse showing the complete erosion of reality based economics as compared to the crack ho economy for which Chairman Ben is both pusher and pimp. The finance oligarchy mugwump Bernanke was lobbed softballs repeatedly and one gets the feeling that the entire charade was scripted from the get go. For an example of the utterly incomprehensible nature of Bernanke’s answers get a load of this one:

“While it’s very, very important for us to try to help the economy create jobs and to support the recovery, I think every central banker understands that keeping inflation low and stable is absolutely essential to a successful economy”

Keeping inflation low? It is obvious that he hasn’t been to the fucking grocery store lately or for that matter a gas station. The very fact that energy and food costs are omitted from core inflation stats would in any sort of educated society trigger the bullshit detectors immediately, unfortunately we here in America don’t live in one. That the Fed press conference is being hailed as indicative of a new era of openness speaks of both the dire state of idiocy, willful blindness and ineptitude that has taken hold over the past thirty years and gradually grown into a voracious and incurable form of crotch rot fungus. Bernanke, like Atlas shrugged, downplaying the rotten future for jobseekers, such a shameful and woebegone situation that there were reportedly around 938,000 applicants turned away from McJobs during the trumpeted hiring spring spree for Mickey D’s. What Dear Chairman in his innate arrogance and maniacal certitude did was dance around and run  out the clock, leave the heavy lifting about the rancid state of the American economy to a guy like Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke who dared to utter the unthinkable and that the shoppers at his florescent discount emporiums for ever more expensive Chinese goods are GASP – running out of money!    

Scumbaggers Lament Release of Obama Birth Certificate

 OK, So Now Fucking Prove It’s Real Goddammit!: In a stunning, beautifully timed and theretofore unannounced move on Wednesday morning the White House released the official version of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. That giant sucking sound that was heard in the aftermath was the asshole of the Donald doing an extended puckering. Of course though it will never be enough for the low grade half-wits that are the birthers, the teabaggers and the cynical assholes seeking to profit off of their idiocy. Rather than just let the entire fucking circus die, the corporate media of course spins reality on its head in order to suck in ratings, hey this is Murka. MSNBC led with the story of the ridiculous ass clown publisher of the borderline retard gazette otherwise known as World Net Daily claiming that Obama was not born in the USA, Farrah, who sports a nifty dirty sanchez mustache in his bio pic justifiably has his panties in a wad because of the obvious hit on sales for his upcoming slimefest book. Farrah, like Trump is obviously in it all for the money and I guess that Glenn Beck got out while the getting was good having extracted millions of dollars from morons to fund his phony populist schtick as well as his plush digs in tony New Canaan, Connecticut. This being America, a land where P.T. Barnum once famously observed “there’s a sucker born every minute”, H.L. Mencken nailed as “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” and W.C. Fields chipped in with his words of advice to the Farrahs, Becks and Trumps to “never wisen up a chump”. So while Obushma presented the paper the Republicans and neocon schemers were already well into their next step, LIE. The Adolf Hitler maxim of the big lie continues to be the gift that keeps on giving to right-wing scum like Frank Luntz and the rest of the degenerate pigfuckers who sure as shit didn’t need fucking experiments on lab rats to determine that the pea brain of the average scumbagger is as pliable as a wad of play doh shaped into a pocket pussy just waiting to be impregnated with the seeds of the next whopper.

Let’s get one thing straight though, I am no defender of Obama but rather than invent silly fantasies to peddle to pathological bigots, brokedick losers and retrogressive bible whackers there are more than enough REAL legitimate beefs with the man and his fascist lite agenda. Obama has not met one serious Bush criminal policy that his administration hasn’t defended, tinkered with an made it worse or condoned by refusing to overturn. A series of campaign promises quickly became nullified when the parties were over and the majority of voters went back into their four year cycle of hibernation. The rottenness of the Obama administration began with the appointment of the ill-mannered, borderline psychotic and crooked little pit viper Rahm Emanuel and went from there into dragging back Clinton era ghouls and Robert Rubin Wall Street scam artists, retaining Bush Secretary of War Robert Gates and reappointing the deranged Bernanke. He had the pustulent anti-gay pig Rick Warren give the invocation at the inaugural, played kissy face with arch war criminal Bibi Netanyahu, reneged on closing Gitmo, I do however live in the reality based world and am not a racist, read books and am possessed of a deep sense of skepticism so I am not susceptible to the routine dog and pony shows that the fascist Republicans have trafficked in ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

Hawaii Five – Ohhhhh Fuck No….

Horses-assus Interruptus: Donald Trump’s Hawaii Pakololo patrol was scooped on the million dollar paper chase for Barry O’s birth certificate. The Donald, whose presidential hopes sustained a devastating hit amidships when his keystone issue was blown out of the water best call back his ace investigators who had descended upon the Hawaiian Islands like a swarm of maggots over a piece of rotting meat, why continue to pour money into an obviously failed venture. Not that politics is anything like the man with the hairdo that looks like a skin graft from the ass of a baboon can equate to his gig as a real estate mogul but one would think that a man with a history of bankruptcies an failed ventures would appreciate the concept of cutting his losses. Despite the dead-enders who wouldn’t be satisfied of the proof of Obama’s birth were they to have a fucking video of the event the release of the certificate pretty much relegates this to the fringes once the initial corrupt media followup is swallowed whole by the coming royal wedding saturation coverage.

It is going to be interesting in seeing the evolution of the birth certificate issue, so much time, money and effort has been spent in this obvious smear campaign (a good amount of it coming from our special friends over in Israel I suspect) to slyly capitalize on traditional American ‘nigger hating’ racism. From the get to the entire operation has been constructed to foment suspicion against Obama and to paint him as some sort of an alien, an Islamic terrorist supporting plant, a cunning Kenyan anti-colonialist, a Manchurian style deep cover Commie bent on destroying the American capitalist system (Lloyd Blankfein and the boys over at Goldman Sachs must have really pissed themselves laughing over that one) and the entire narrative pandered to those who are the dumbest among us, the peckerwood trailer trash who just can’t accept a black man as being elected to the presidency. An early diversion for the birther bullshit is being embarked upon by journalist Wayne Madsen, a man whose work I have extreme reservations about who has been slumming around on the Alex Jones show and talking about how he is having to leave the country under a vague and secretive death threat by the Obama government. Madsen is pushing that there is a CIA connection to Obama and his parents now that the birth certificate issue has been debunked once and for all to anyone with a smidgen of sanity. Not that Madsen isn’t totally full of horseshit but I could buy the CIA angle, especially with the CIA being nothing more than Wall Street’s Gestapo and Obama by his actions has done nothing but serve the interests of Wall Street. This is something that the Big O has been quite adept at and let’s face it, the CIA has had a hand in the destiny of the U.S. Presidency ever since they colluded with other criminals and ruthlessly anti-American capitalist elements to blow half of John F. Kennedy’s head off in Dealey Plaza back in 63. For a synopsis of CIA malevolence check out this post from my old buddy Len Hart over at The Existentialist Cowboy on How the CIA created a Ruling Corporate Overclass In America.


It would be too easy and flippant to say that the last few days worth of biblical devastation of the American south, notably the asshole of civilization Alabama is God’s punishment on peckerwood nation for their sins against mankind as a result of their stupidity, bigotry and raw hatred … but why the fuck not? Hey you chicken fried motherfuckers, just how many of you are going to turn down that big gubmint disaster relief money from dat dere Kenyan Nigga in the WHITE House tomorrow?

Just my two cents


Birthers: A Strong Argument For Retroactive Abortion

Show me a desperate white male in the economic and cultural diaspora of Murka and I will show you a person who is susceptible of being one of those yahoos that have been popping up like shrooms in cowshit after a fresh rain who claim that Barack Obama is not qualified to be U.S. President because he was born in Kenya.

Birthers as they have been tagged in the same snarky manner as the useful idiots who flocked to the GOP sleeper cell co-opted tea party events who were mocked as ‘tea-baggers’ after a certain sexual act in which a scrotum is inserted inside a partner’s mouth. Not that that child-fucking, drug addled pig Limbaugh doesn’t enjoy such things during his little Viagra fueled soirees in notorious fleshpots and Meccas for child prostitution like the Dominican Republic of course but that is beside the point. The Birthers are the remnants of the bitterest of those folks who The Pope of Hope dared to suggest during his campaign for the DemocRAT nomination clung bitterly to their guns and religious superstition against a world that they care nothing of even trying to expend their lizard brains in trying to understand. As someone who occasionally wallows in the sleazier corners of the blogosphere where I rub elbows with the real black helicopter types just because I like to walk on the wild side this was something that was being pimped hard in the runup to the 2008 elections by Jeff Rense and others. That it has resurfaced now with the GOP having been thoroughly devoured by the theocratic racist parasites and the Rahm Emanueal, Max Baucus, Harry Reid cash and carry Dems all too happy to cater to the whims of the country clubbers and Wall Street scum leaving the Republicans with the dregs of American society is no surprise at all. Rense, actually a talented radio show host (gotta do something bout that hairdo though) regularly provided a forum for the peddlers of the non-citizen myth sandwiched in with the insanity spewed by Larry Sinclair, a wretched little degenerate loser who claimed to have smoked the rock (as well as Obama’s cock) with the soon to be crowned reality TV prez as the horror of actually seeing a black man in the White House set the pointy heads on the far right spinning and spewing peasoup green vomit – most of them already speak in tongues.

Even Alex Jones of Infowars who has largely stayed out of the Birther garbage has now caught the scent and diverted from his global warming denial/gun grabber/Mexican bashing diatribes to engage – that was on Monday’s show. Now as I have mentioned above, I am one who actually visits a lot of the right’s websites and listens to the shows, once you sort out the corporate subsidized drivel from the chosen pit bulls of the establishment like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck and their ilk there is some damned good information to be gleaned if you can stand the neighborhood. I admit that I have been and Alex Jones fan for quiet some time now, the guy can bring it and it’s entertaining radio that blows the shit out of most of the lame crap out there. The guests are occasionally great (although mixed in with the more extreme of the cretins and buffoons who are associated with the so-called Patriot Movement) and there is valuable intel to be had. There is also no greater monitor of the rise of the domestic police state than Jones but the foray into Birther territory is a bridge too far. I have been a bit suspicious of Jones as of late, primarily for an interview awhile back with Peter Dale Scott where the Council For National Policy (CNP) was brought up as a domestic counter to the internationalist Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and Jones, a well-researched man who is obsessive with documentation claimed ignorance. So it’s the Yankee and Cowboy War all over again right? Dueling factions of the elite with the sunbelt oil magnates and military industrialists throwing down hard.

But I digress…

While the Birther movement has been kept alive largely through the efforts of many hard core activists and the wealthy interests that feed them like the attack dogs that they are it has largely been on the fringes where it belongs until lately when it has burst into the national discourse in what mysteriously coincides with Obama’s push for a public option and health care reform (as well as his rude insistence that the genocidal Israelis stop building those settlements) and a mega billion dollar effort by the medical industrial complex to derail anything resembling true change which would seriously fuck up their longterm plans for a new feudal police state. So the Birther bullshit has surfaced on more ‘respectable’ (and I use that term very loosely) outlets such as CNN (which incidentally is the longtime employer of a certain Mossad asset named Wolf Blitzer) where the painfully spent Lou Dobbs has incorporated it into his nightly anti-immigrant diatribes. Dobbs used to be a respectable personality back in the early days of cable news but with his ongoing descent into the most sleazy and malodorous swamp of shit inhabited by the demented right-wing nativist loons and now his fandango with the Birthers is likely his swan song, or his death knell.

Hey, the man is going to live large for the rest of his life by doing this and what do you really expect from corporate whore CNeNemy? Of course they are letting Dobbs go out in a blaze of embarassment, look at the other even more pathetic Pat Buchanan on MSNBC who literally was butt fucked by a strap-on fitted Rachel Maddow last week and exposed as the rambling and pathetic old white supremacist that the former Nixon henchman always has been although he did have some points occasionally before he was fitted with the drool bucket. The mastodons are braying like banshees in heat now that they are thrashing around in their tar pits, I even heard the poor old neo Nazi G.Gordon Liddy the other day and he is ready to have his jackboots taken from him and fitted with Grampers. These guys no matter whether you agree with them or not at least had some cred once..Now they are corpses being trotted out on scurvy broken down mules to tilt at those phantom librul conspiracists and their windmills. The idiots who buy into this bullshit are an embarassment in general, a sad and mangy bunch of dupes fucked over by the system and being mustered as a last line of defense by the protection racket that serves the oligarchy….were they not so instumental in dragging the rest of us down they wouldn’t even deserve a mention (even passing) in mockery.

Now that Sarah Palin, the Joan of Arc of the aggrieved white bible thumpers has slithered out of the Alaskan Governor’s mansion leaving a slime trail look for the Birthers to have a new leader, a bomb thrower who puts Bill Ayers to shame and who has no qualms about sly innuendos that will drive some bitterman looking for a scapegoat into taking a shot at Obama. This is just one more prong of the multi-faceted assault that would paint him as a secret Muslim, a terrorist or even the Antichrist. Miserable economic times breed the sort of discontent that can be tapped into by an ambitious populist without neither shame nor morals, note the rise of a scorned and fucked up loser named Adolf Hitler. Palin could be OUR Hitler and the Birthers will be a very useful corps from which to draw brownshirts from.

As for my personal message to the Birthers and others who are whipped into a ball-chewing rage by guys like Dobbs:

All that I can say is that old Lou will be collecting his millions laying on a beach while the suckers that he and his ilk have so successfully duped into scapegoating of the dreaded brown menace are standing in bread lines. Thanks idiots… have totally destroyed America, go and wrap that in your flags while you dance around like fools at the tea parties sponsored by the representatives of your own oppressors.

In a true historical context you are out there chucking tea into the dumpster to preserve the rule of the British Monarchy..

But you are all idiots and you wouldn’t know irony if it bit you in the ass.

That’s just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe.


UPDATE: For the record I was too quick to go off on Alex Jones for the failure to recognize the CNP and other whacko religious fronts for the empire. Since I podcast the Jones show there was no way of knowing when I posted this that he had Jeff Sharlet author of the book The Family on as a guest – see link here for download. It was an outstanding interview and Sharlet was on for about an hour, they discussed the Nazi links to this insidious organization that represents a very peculiar interpretation of the gospel of Jesus Christ run through the filter of global domination and the American empire. The admiration of leader Doug Coe of Hitler, Mao and Stalin as well as the power within the American political system of this cancerous group will make the hair on your neck stand up. Other than Sharlet however Jones was back to giving the ‘Birthers’ some credence as well as the standard Mexican bashing. This is what I find so maddening about Alex Jones, there is such brilliant information there at times but it makes me feel dirty wading into the muck to extract it. Just do yourself a favor, fast forward to the Sharlet interview and then stop listening afterwards. I have long suspected that the religious right through organizations like the CNP and The Family are fronts for the CIA and fascism and will be doing extensive research and writing on it in the future.