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They Hanged Julius Streicher Didn’t They?

Editor’s Note – I would like to take an opportunity to recommend a piece from a friend of mine, William Cormier who has written today on the complicity of the mouthpieces in the fascist propaganda machine in the crimes that they so eagerly encourage. Such an essay is especially important to bring awareness to with the $40 million a year ‘populist’ spokesman for the anti-American virulent Republican party form of dead-ender fascism that is the last bastion of scoundrels trying to save their think tank paymasters, the malefactors of great wealth who have subsidized their careers and purchased the media from which they belch their hate and bile. Now with the paymasters of the extremist right in The Homeland doing their damn level best to incite violence, revolution and a crusade against the hated libruls, brown-skinned devils, commies, gays and every other scapegoat that could be invoked at the snakepit of sin and stupidity that was this week’s CPAC bund conference it is imperative that we ask the forbidden question.

How complicit are the establishment hatemongers in the crimes that they have done so much to endorse and in many cases encourage? In my personal opinion, and I have brought this up recently in my own writings – the propagandists and the whores in the media should no longer be able to cower behind the defense of free-speech as a shield as they and the oligarchy that employs their sordid services use the First Amendment as a shield from behind which they can use their money as ‘free speech’ while seeking to destroy the rights of everybody else.

So without further adieu, I present the following with the request that it be taken into account just how complicit that the purveyors of hatred are in the crimes of those that they encourage to commit.

Denial is no excuse, not any longer, not when the stakes are this high. The smell from those smokestacks downwind from Auschwitz wasn’t from freshly baked apple pie.

Nuremberg Trials Provide Legal Precedent For Prosecuting Purveyors Of Hate

By William Cormier

During the Nuremberg Trials after World War II when Julius Streicher was convicted and subsequently hung for “Jew Baiting” we were provided with the legal precedent for prosecuting those that incite others to violence. I have been contemplating this essay for quite some time, but today I read a revealing article on Op-Ed News that provides direct proof that purveyors of hate can and are directly responsible for the deaths of innocent Americans! Those who agitate and constantly spew their hate and prejudice in print and on America’s airwaves constantly hide behind “Freedom of Speech.” However, it is already an established rule of law that if you yell “fire” in a crowded theater, Free Speech can and will not protect those who abuse this right which results in the harm of innocent civilians. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia which details the trial of Julius Streicher, and please remember the circumstances of his conviction as you read the remainder of this essay:

Trial and execution

Julius Streicher was not a member of the military and did not take part in planning the Holocaust, or the invasion of other nations. Yet his pivotal role in inciting the extermination of Jews was significant enough, in the prosecutors’ judgment, to include him in the indictment of Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal – which sat, ironically, in Nuremberg, where Streicher had once been an unchallenged authority.

During the trial, Gustave Gilbert, an American Army psychologist, was allowed to examine the Nazi leaders who were tried at Nuremberg for war crimes. Among other tests, a German version of the Wechsler-Bellevue IQ test was administered. Julius Streicher scored 106, the lowest among the Nazi leaders tested.

During his trial, Streicher displayed for the last time the flair for courtroom theatrics that had made him famous in the 1920s. He answered questions from his own defense attorney with diatribes against Jews, the Allies, and the court itself, and was frequently silenced by the court officers. Streicher was largely shunned by all of the other Nuremberg defendants, who thought him a vulgar, despicable man (Göering’s hostility toward him was well-established). He also peppered his testimony with references to passages of Jewish texts he had so often carefully selected and inserted (invariably out of context) into the pages of Der Stürmer.

Streicher was found guilty of crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial and sentenced to death on October 1, 1946.[13] The judgment against him read, in part:

“…For his 25 years of speaking, writing, and preaching hatred of the Jews, Streicher was widely known as ‘Jew-Baiter Number One.’ In his speeches and articles, week after week, month after month, he infected the German mind with the virus of anti-Semitism, and incited the German people to active persecution… Streicher’s incitement to murder and extermination at the time when Jews in the East were being killed under the most horrible conditions clearly constitutes persecution on political and racial grounds in connection with war crimes, as defined by the Charter, and constitutes a crime against humanity.”

Streicher was hanged in the early hours of October 16, 1946, along with the nine other condemned defendants from the first Nuremberg trial (Göering, Streicher’s nemesis, committed suicide only hours earlier). Streicher’s was the most melodramatic of the hangings carried out that night. At the bottom of the scaffold he cried out “Heil Hitler!” When he mounted the platform, he delivered his last sneering reference to Jewish scripture, snapping “Purim-Fest 1946!” The Jewish holiday Purim celebrates the escape by the Jews from extermination at the hands of Haman, an ancient Persian government official. At the end of the Purim story, Haman is hanged.[14] [15] Streicher’s final declaration before the hood went over his head was, “The Bolsheviks will hang you one day!” MORE

Below is an excerpt from an excellent article authored by Rady Ananda. Please note the similarities, and in this instance, we can directly correlate the murder of innocent Americans based on the publication authored by Bernie Goldberg:

O’Reilly’s Hate Factor: ‘Venom Boys’ Blamed for Shooting Spree

The right wing hate machine fails to recognize its own hypocrisy. Even worse, its hate speech has been directly linked to a mass shooting.

Bernie Goldberg’s list of fans includes Jim David Adkisson, the nutjob who last year shot up a liberal church during a children’s musical. The killing was “symbolic” because he really wants to kill everyone mentioned in Goldberg’s Screwing up America book. I can’t imagine writing something that would inspire murder, but the right wing hatemongers do it all the time. Knoxville News Sentinel published the full manifesto, excerpted below:

“Know this if nothing else: This was a hate crime. I hate the damn left-wing liberals…. This was a symbolic killing. Who I wanted to kill was every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg’s book.”

Sara Robinson provided this analysis, noting that “police searched Adkisson’s apartment and found it filled with books and newsletters penned by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and other right-wing hate talkers.”

She goes on to say: “Nicely done, Messrs. Hannity, Goldberg, Limbaugh, Savage and O’Reilly — and all your lesser brethren who keep the hate speech spewing 24/7/365 across every field and into every shop in the country. There is no more debate to be had, no more doubt about it: What you did in the name of ‘entertainment,’ and for the sake of the almighty ratings, raised and animated a monster like Jim Adkisson, gave him a list of targets … and was directly responsible for the deaths of two brave and decent people. Adkisson was clearly angry and crazy — but his ‘manifesto’ draws the clearest, brightest line possible between the media he consumed and his actions that terrible Sunday morning.” MUCH MORE

Furthermore, we must not forget the case of Matthew Shepard and other gays that have been beaten and murdered, often incited by America’s chief “hate purveyors, and sadly, that includes some of our most radical Evangelicals:”
10 Years After His Death, Matthew Shepard’s Mother Fights On

Ten years ago this month, University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard was severely beaten, tied to a fence and left to die near Laramie, Wyoming. He died only a few days later from his injuries on October 12, 1998. His attackers, Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney are now serving consecutive life sentences. But although Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother, says justice was served against her son’s killers, she still continues to fight on to protect the gay sons and daughters of other parents across the nation.

Matthew Shepard, son of Judy Shepard and Dennis Shepard, was a political science major at the University of Wyoming in October of 1998. On the night of October 6, Shepard accepted a ride from Russell Arthur Henderson and Aardon James McKinney, whom he had met in a local bar. McKinney and Henderson drove Shepard to a remote area, where he was beaten, tortured, robbed and finally tied to a fence and left to die. A passing cyclist discovered Shepard still tied to the fence 18 hours later. On October 12, Shepard was pronounced dead, never having awakened from a coma.

During the trial against McKinney and Henderson, both defendants attempted to claim a “gay panic” defense, claiming they had acted under “temporary insanity” in killing Shepard. They alleged that Shepard had made sexual advances toward them and they had reacted by killing him. However, their stories were inconsistent and the men’s girlfriends testified under oath that Henderson and McKinney had previously plotted to rob a ‘gay man.’ The prosecutor in the case claimed that McKinney and Henderson had pretended to be gay in order to lure Shepard into their car to be robbed. MORE

How many gays have been murdered or severely beaten because of the constant hate being espoused by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and rabid right-wing Evangelicals? We have laws against “hate crimes” and I am asserting that those who constantly “gay-bait” their respective audiences are complicit in the subsequent crimes that occur directly because of their public venting of their hatred and loathing of the Gay Community. I wrote an Op-Ed which was extremely popular titled: “Evidence Supports Reverend Wright’s Claim That AIDS Was Created By The Government.” I wrote this article for informational purposes, and then received comments that Justanothercoverup was a “Gay Site” and that I was also gay. I’m heterosexual, but to be honest, I really don’t care what people think – and if I were gay, I’d say so.

One thing is certain; I’m an American and believe in equal protection under the law, and that includes everyone, Black, Brown, Gay, Lesbian, you name it! People have a right to choose their own lifestyles, and regardless of whatever the purveyors of hate may say – if you support the rule of Law and our Constitution, then all people, no matter what their lifestyle is, as long as it’s legal, have the right to worship as they choose, and someone’s sex life is no one’s business except for that individual. In the same breath, we don’t have to approve of another individual’s lifestyle; however, when that disapproval becomes public and incites violence against any segment of our population, I believe that it’s an actionable crime against humanity.

One of the most shocking instances of fear-mongering and inciting people to violence was a segment on Fox News by Glenn Beck. Read it yourself and you be the judge; do we need this type of propaganda that incites people to violence? We do not need a civil war or a “revolution” to bring forth change – and in my opinion, Fox News is advocating revolution in America which will supply the Neo-conservatives with the violent actions they seem to advocate that will usher in martial law in the United States:

FOX News Suggests America is Doomed, Civil War May Be Justified

by News Hound Ellen Brodsky

Those “we like America” folks at FOX News sure have a funny way of showing their esteem sometimes. Take, for example, Glenn Beck’s February 20, 2009 show in which he did his darnedest to scare viewers into thinking that the country is on the road to Apocalypse. In a paranoid fantasy spun out over several segments, Beck and a series of guests set forth a number of dire “worst-case scenarios” for the United States in 2014. During each segment, Beck gave viewers the disclaimer that the apocalyptic visions he and his guests presented were not predictions of what would happen but merely what could happen. And yet Beck and his guests spoke as though the doomsday scenarios, including civil war, were a likelihood, if not a fait accompli.

In “Worst-Case Scenario” No. 1, Beck and his experts imagined the impact of a complete financial meltdown. In this scenario, as Beck described it, all the banks were nationalized, the Dow was at 2800, unemployment at 12%, the commericial real estate market collapsed, the USA’s credit rating was downgraded and government and unions control most businesses.

Again, the guests bumped up “maybe” to “likely.” Former CIA officer Bob Baer described the “probability” scenarios as “prolonged depression,” and warned of trouble with Iran. According to Baer, the Gulf countries would suffer and Iran therefore would “move into the Gulf and take it. We have a hostile regime in control of our resources. That is not that far away (my emphasis).” A MUST READ ARTICLE!

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the GOP, and now that we know Republicans that have crossed the line to vote in favor of President Obama’s stimulus package are being punished by their own party, it is obvious that the Republicans in Congress are attempting to sabotage the Obama administration and are acting like a gang of criminals rather than responsible members of Congress. It is vital for the American public to remember that it was the Republican Congress that allowed the Bush administration to rob America blind – and now that their “Criminal in Chief” is out of office, they are stating that the stimulus was irresponsible; at best they are hypocrites – at worst, they are co-conspirators in helping to destroy the economy of the United States and allowed their corporate banking cronies to indulge themselves in the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the United States:

GOP punishing members who cross party lines

by Rachel Oswald

Determined to enforce the party line, the GOP has taken new steps to punish those members who have crossed the aisle in recent weeks to vote in support of the federal stimulus package and to send the message to any party moderates – turncoats will not be tolerated.

In a Monday interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele said he was open to primary challenges to the three Republican senators who voted in favor of the federal stimulus package –Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania and the two senators from Maine, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Spector is up for re-election in 2010.

“My retribution is the retribution of the voters in their state. They’re going to have to go through a primary in their state,” Steele said, adding that the RNC would follow the lead of the state parties in choosing which Republicans to back with campaign money. “When the state party says we’re going to endorse a candidate, the RNC is behind them. When the state party says we have a problem with them, so does the RNC.” MUCH MORE

There is a difference between free speech and inciting people to violence. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Bill O’Riley are prime examples of those who constantly agitate and promote hate in print and on our national airwaves. There are also several rabid “Evangelicals” who also promote hate and actually promote war in the Middle-East to bring forth the second coming of Christ so they can be “raptured” while the rest of us are “Left Behind.” Their religious beliefs are OK with me; however, some of these Evangelicals promote the violent takeover of the United States if they cannot achieve it through politics – and in my book, that’s treason! LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or an Independent; if you promote violence and hate and attempt to incite violence in these United States, in my opinion, you’re committing an actionable crime, and hiding under “Free Speech” should not be allowed! I vividly remember several statements made by Ann Coulter, and the article below lays-out another legal strategy and cites laws that are already on our books to prosecute those who promote violence; I am only posting a brief part of the article, however, it is excellent, and demonstrates why we need to stop the hate purveyors in our country before they can incite more violence and as Fox News seems to advocate, a civil war:

The True THREAT Of Ann Coulter And Her Ilk

by thepen

Judging intent in a criminal case often turns on a pattern of behavior. And here the record is not friendly to Ms. Coulter’s stance. She has a HISTORY of such statements, having previously cracked these other “jokes”, targeted at those she disagrees with politically:

“We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens’ creme brulee.”

“My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”

“We need to execute people like (John Walker Lindh) in order to physically intimidate liberals.”

The last quote is especially significant in the climate of fear which has deliberately been inflamed by the Cheney administration and the vast right wing echo chamber that the corporate media has become. We are constantly bullied with name-calling of the most offensive sort, for the sin of having a differing political opinions. And people like Coulter well know that their physical threats are a form of intimidation. ANOTHER MUST READ ARTICLE

I don’t want to sound like a broken-record. However, I cannot emphasize enough that violence is counter-productive to America in general, and falling into that trap is a guarantee of the Obama administration being forced to declare Martial Law. That act alone will guarantee that Americans will never again enjoy their personal freedom or liberties as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

-William Cormier

I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy, the rule of law, and am absolutely outraged on how the Bush administration is defying our Congress, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! (more…)

False Idols, Armchair Patriots and Girlie Men

They keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and class less and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see

-John Lennon

Duchess Nukem Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s ongoing Lazarus reality show style contest in that relentless quest for that one great drink from the holy grail that will slake her insatiable thirst for power makes the latest stop in the now all important state of Pennsylvania – land of the moving goalposts. For the past seven weeks or so the corporatists, the downright mean, overly vicious Clinton surrogates, the Zionist neocon war pigs, the thoroughly rotten pocket media and the hordes of militant feminists whose one big chance for that big fuck you asshole! moment of comeuppance towards every male who has ever fucked them over in a real or perceived way right down to leaving a pubic hair on the bath soap would finally be realized with the ascendance of the ultimate Machiavellian power bitch to the Oval Office.

That Mrs. Clinton has used the quintessential Republican tactics of fear, racism, slander and balls out demagogy to relentlessly saturate the media with Karl Rove style campaign commercials packed with insinuation, anti-American accusations (Obama didn’t wear one of those ridiculous motherfucking flag pins) and guilt by association slime jobs (a real hoot considering the Clinton association with global arch criminal Marc Rich and Ollie North’s little Mena cocaine trafficking operation when they were in the Arkansas governor’s mansion which is a story for another time) to pull of the great bait and switch that will allow the elitist fat cats to repudiate the will of the voters once again. I am sure that everyone reading this is intimately familiar with it all and probably as close to being ready to vomit as I have been so I will spare you the sordid details. I do find a good deal of sardonic humor in the Clinton smears of Mr. Obama being some sort of nefarious operative of an anti-American cartel, especially when it comes from people who regularly consort with such exclusive globalist clubs like the Bilderberg Group, The Council On Foreign Relations and the caviar munching cloud dwellers in Davos.

The one thing that really sticks in my craw though is this entire tsunami of horseshit regarding Mr. Obama’s truthful comments on the “bitter” fucked over by the system small town dullards who have a known proclivity to“cling” to guns, religion and xenophobia in order to smear a little bit of magic balm on that big bite out of their asses that has been chomped off by the looter capitalist empire of greed. Only in America is it an ultimate sin to engage in the lost art of truth speaking, the land of Horatio Alger where old saws like “the streets are paved with gold”, “grab the tiger by the tail”, “when you wish upon a star”, “the glass is half full”, “the little engine that could” and Christ knows how many others there are have been used with great success to tell that one big lie that this is a land of bountiful fruits and great opportunity to all who just seize the straps of that star spangled jackboot and pull themselves up out of the shit and squalor into their palatial palaces of destiny.

The key has always been to pimp the falsehoods of American greatness and opportunity for all to live long and prosper and the dirty little secret is that the fear stricken, television addled, undereducated, unsophisticated sheep ALWAYS allow themselves to be hornswoggled by the traveling salvation shows into voting against their own self interests by lining up behind the geek tent barkers at the latest and greatest carnivals of perversion to throw in with god, guns and greatness against the hated brown menace and the evils of heathen libruls who come bearing gifts of abortion, sinfulness and a festering hatred of all things that are great in America, like John Wayne but I’ll get to him in a little while.

The rot that eats away at America today is built largely on the foundation of that great “elitist” lie. What could possibly be more elitist than the high-rolling Republican pigs snorting laughter as they continue to peddle this crapola to the hayseeds while they lock in their gains from the nearly three decade long looting spree that would NEVER even have been possible were it not for the gullibility of the easily offended and little minded small town dopes, heartland hicks and rubes in peckerwood nation (both north and south of the Mason Dixon Line).

The ONLY reason that the Republicans can get away with their elitism and hypocrisy is that they so successfully have tapped into the psyche of Americans in order to milk the indoctrinated minds of the masses of asses trained to be obedient little flag suckers from the first day that they are made to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance. The uproar over the latest feast of lemming food is an affront to the intelligence of all but the most willfully ignorant haters and if there was any semblance of decency left in the media this would be an affront to it. The latest tempest in a teapot of media manufactured manure is nicely addressed by one of the finest and most underappreciated essaysists out there Joe Bageant in his recent piece that is appropriately entitled Media Shit Storms and Heartland Reality:

Obama’s remarks were not in the least controversial and just plain boring in terms of content. Certainly not newsworthy.

Yet he had no sooner closed his mouth than this media manufactured hell broke loose. “Oh my gawd,” they screamed. This guy has the unmitigated gall to suggest that their might be some bitterness out here in the lily white realms of Grant Wood, grange halls and Methodist church suppers! Right here in River City!” — where the combination of God rhetoric and Chamber of Commerce boosterism have managed to ban the word from public discourse. Even the mention of it can be explosive, simply because there is so much of it stuffed inside working folks, inside the lockbox of denial that comes with being the citizen of a culture in collapse.

The latest utterly ridiculous meme was carried forth into that abysmal mockery of a ‘debate’ last week where the prissy little insider George Stephanopoulos and the out of touch media star Charles Gibson combined with Mrs. Clinton for a vicious gangfucking of Obama which in addition to illustrating in textbook fashion the incestuous relationship between the beltway elite and their media whores showed exactly how fucking stupid that said beltway elitists believe that the average American truly is. And sadly they are right on that one because millions of the boobus Americanus are all too predictably played by the sweet songs of the propagandists of the ruling class that keep us all pitted against each other rather than the rapacious system that fucks us all and doesn’t discriminate.

The larger point here is that all of the coordinated thuggery used to turn the most eloquent and hope eliciting figure that the Democratic party has been able to roll out since JFK himself has been reduced to a finger diddling, non-bowling, egg headed girly man who is a consort of the dreaded legion of serendipitously appearing Al CIAda bogeymen who wants to kill your babies in the middle of the night, hangs out with sixties radicals and black militant preachers whose primary offense is to engage in calling for God to damn his most damnable of empires of filthy avarice and blood. The Clintons and the larger DLC corporate octopus that passes for an ‘opposition’ party have gone directly to the tried and true Republican dark bible of bullshit, a veritable grimore from which evil spells of deviltry and manipulation are conjured up to turn compost heap dwelling swamp toads into princes and the American idols upon which our false religion of greatness, patriotism and providence desperately needs as pitchmen. But I digress, I was talking about phony right-wing iconography and the true agenda concealed behind the cloaking device conjured up by the corporatist media that is now being co-opted by the Clinton cultists of doom who are preaching it like gospel.

Blogger extraordinaire Glenn Greenwald’s latest book Great American Hypocrites takes a great look at the lying gutless chicken hawks and highly compensated weasels of the Republican party who have so successfully created an impeccably conceived (at least in terms of deep seated psychological tendencies) marketing campaign of what is really a product that is so terminally fucked, fraudulent and inferior that if any corporation would try to similarly foist off such a preposterous piece of folderol they would be rapidly sued for their flim flammery. It is all such a blatant con job that even the Roberts SCOTUS couldn’t possibly take this horseshit seriously.

Here is an excerpt from a piece that ran on the wonderful

Central to the right-wing mythmaking machine is the depiction of their male leaders as swaggering tough guys in the iconic mold of an American cowboy and brave, steadfast warrior. Above all else, Republican leaders are invariably held up as exuding the virtues of traditional American masculinity – courage, physical strength, “regular guy”ness, and most of all, a willingness and ability to stare down America’s various and numerous enemies – in war, if necessary – and defeat them through superior strength.

The reality, in virtually every case, is the opposite. Those who end up as leaders of the right-wing movement in America have nothing in their lives to demonstrate any actual courage, physical strength, or any of the warrior virtues they desperately strive to exude. Their only “toughness” or masculine “tough guy” credentials are from cheerleading as they send others off to fight wars, never to fight in any themselves. Just like John Wayne, their masculine toughness comes from the costumes they wear, the scripts they read, the roles they play – never from the reality of their own lives.

While Republicans have ensured that virtually every asset of America bears the name of Ronald Reagan – including a glorious battleship, the USS Ronald Reagan – right-wing tough guys who never spent a day in the military protested and mocked endlessly when it was announced, in 2005, that a submarine would be named after Navy veteran Jimmy Carter. Carter is a graduate of the Naval Academy, having attended during World War II. In the Navy he became a submariner, serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets, and he rose to the rank of lieutenant. He was personally selected by Admiral Hyman Rickover, known as the “Father of the Nuclear Navy,” for the top-secret nuclear submarine program, where Carter enrolled in graduate work in reactor technology and nuclear physics, and served as senior officer of the precommissioning crew of the Seawolf, America’s second nuclear submarine.


Greenwald spares no armchair patriot, this puncturing of the gasbag Rush Limbaugh is brilliant: Limbaugh is a physically weak individual, wallowing in a life of depraved hedonism, who has never displayed a single act of physical courage. He avoided combat in Vietnam by claiming that an anal boil rendered him unfit for service (and, once he became famous as an über-warrior, said nothing when a Limbaugh biographer falsely claimed it was due to a football injury).


While the civilized world has recoiled in horror at the excesses and war-hungriness of the United States over the last six years, the only real complaint from our right-wing war cheerleaders about the commander in chief is that he has not given them enough torture, secret prisons, wars of aggression, barbaric slaughter, and liberty infringement. Their hunger for those things is literally insatiable, because they need fresh pretexts for feeling strong. And nothing provides those feelings of strength better than revering a tough-guy male leader and mocking liberal males as weaklings and losers.

The term “chicken hawk” (in the context of war) is much used, debated, and discussed, but its true, most revealing meaning is rarely made explicit. Although there is no formal definition for it, the chicken-hawk criticism is not applicable to someone who merely (a) advocates a war and also (b) will not fight in that war and/or has never fought in any war. After all, the vast majority of Americans in both political parties meet that definition. The war in Afghanistan was supported by roughly 90 percent of Americans, as was the first Persian Gulf War, even though only a tiny fraction of war supporters actually fought in them.

Something more than mere support for a war without fighting in it is required to earn the chicken-hawk label. Chicken-hawkism is the belief that advocating a war from afar is a sign of personal courage and strength, and that opposing a war from afar is a sign of personal cowardice and weakness. A “chicken hawk” is someone who not only advocates a war but believes that that advocacy is proof of the same courage required of those who will actually engage in combat.

One of the nation’s most consummate chicken hawks is, unsurprisingly, one of the loudest advocates of sending others off to fight in endless wars: Weekly Standard editor, Fox News contributor, and New York Times columnist Bill Kristol. Kristol’s central political view is that those who advocate sending other Americans off to fight in more and more Middle Eastern wars are themselves strong, resolute, principled, and brave. But those who oppose sending others off to fight in those wars are weak, cowardly, spineless appeasers.

Nice to see such attention given to that little dipshit Kristolnaght, the unctuous a doughy little mommy’s boy effeminate sissy whose regular screeds, polemics and cable television appearances to pimp war are surreal, like an adult version of one of the library dwelling high school nerds who obsessively huddled over Avalon Hill war games while the other boys were out playing football. Yet Kristol is such a top neocon propagandist and war pimp that he was recently given his gig over at the damned liberal New York Times as if there weren’t enough on the dole, money losing scandal sheets from which this grinning little demagogue can launch his cowardly attacks on thinking Americans.
Greenwald’s book is brilliant, coming right out and taking a high powered firehose to wash away the multiple layers of bullshit that coats arguably the greatest of all right-wing icons Marion Morrison himself. Of course America came to know him better under his fake name John Wayne from which he launched his career as a fake American icon, hypocrite and draft dodger who like fellow traveler Ronald Reagan would grab hold of the tits of the false legend of the great western manly man and milk the bitch for all that it was worth. Note that Wayne like Reagan curried favor with the fascist right by turning fink and ratting out leftist Hollywood peers during the great scourge of the McCarthy years that served as a shining example for today’s “unpatriotic” jihadists in screaming traitor at anyone who dares to question the growing authoritarianism of the strong daddy government.
But this all plays into something much bigger, the necessary destruction of the Ronald Reagan mythos among Americans because let’s face it, every stinking rotten problem that we face today originated with Reagan whose prototype was Marion Morrison. The frenzied deregulation of everything, the savage destruction of the unions, the Pollyanna “morning in America” mindset, Ollie North’s REX 84 which laid out the plans for the implementation of martial law and the internment in camps of American citizens, the looter mentality that despite recent bailouts and public relations campaigns to shore up confidence among the suckers in Ponzi scheme financial markets has the world economy on the brink of disaster. You name it and it either had a genesis in the Reagan administration or was made much worse during those years. Most importantly though the Reagan administration served as the incubator for some of the foulest neocons and the Iran Contra cabal that exists to this day with top Reagan era cockroach Elliot Abrams having survived to continue to run U.S. policy in the Middle East.
Reagan’s winning of the Cold War is the single greatest myth of those eight years after the post-Vietnam/Watergate era when America cavorted with it’s failings, began to recognize the worms in the apple and rather than to become a better nation chose the wrong fork in the road. The toppling of the USSR and the Gipper getting credit is like adage about Paul Revere’s horse: the horse did all the work and the guy riding it got all of the credit. Reagan’s messianic anti-Communism (he was linked to the notorious WACL – an organization so extreme that it was shunned by the John Birch Society) that had roots in a festering, deep-seated contempt of egalitarianism among the elite had as much to do with this falsehood than anything that Reagan himself actually did.
Buying The Myth, Selling Our Souls

The idle rich, the rentiers, the industrialists and Wall Street were looking for a champion and in Dutch they found one and they crowned him for his efforts. The hatred of having to share the wealth contributed to the wars at home against labor and the middle class as well as a series of brutal U.S. backed extreme right-wing regimes putting down `leftist’ movements in Central America. The horrors of the torture states and blood soaked counterinsurgencies sponsored by covert CIA operatives and cowboys like Ollie North are an ugly blight upon our history that will never be removed.

The Reagan era also institutionalized the freewheeling style of fuck you anything goes vulture Capitalism that has gutted today’s economy, destroyed our manufacturing capability, wrecked the regulatory agencies that were created to keep corporations and Wall Street looters at least somewhat honest and the environment clean, seriously undermined the public education system, crippled organized labor and made the Social Darwinist race to the bottom line the nation’s economic religion. CEO’s became folk heroes and the poor were shamed into blaming themselves for losing the birth lottery.

Reagan also blamed government for all social problems, he often invoked the crowd pleaser that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. Truthfully Reagan and the so-called conservatives love government – as long as it is government that works to further their own self-interests and to keep the rabble in their place. Reagan style government consists of an exponentially growing military machine, a surveillance industrial complex, agencies that bestow taxpayer money to radical religious groups (Christian Socialism), corporate welfare and an enforcement arm that allows the government to meddle in every aspect of the lives of Americans who don’t share the same `values’ of the ruling elite.

Reagan style conservatism wants to invade citizen’s homes, regulate what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms, meddle in the education of their children by deliberately undermining the public educational system, promote a virulent state favored religion that has been hijacked by fanatics, destroy social programs like Medicare and Medicaid and of course that crown jewel of leveling the playing field Social Security. Reagan was able to successfully dupe the people that big government was the problem, the unspoken caveat being that only those governmental agencies that served the people, held industry accountable and protected the rights of the American worker were evil. Big government is even better when it is used as the foundation for a police state that acts to crush dissent and political opposition to Anti American, neo-fascist policies.

And the Star-Bellied Sneetches were exalting the coronation of their new king from the get to, the Washington air was filled with the musk of greedheads in heat, their delight in having a fox as the henhouse gatekeeper bordered on orgasmic. Haynes Johnson’s excellent book on the Reagan era Sleepwalking Through History describes the atmosphere at the inauguration as follows:

It was an outpouring of wealth and privilege. At National Airport, corporate jets were parked wing to wing on the tarmac. The airport was unable to accommodate the private planes seeking space. They touched down, dropped off invited inaugural guests, then departed to bring back more. One group of Indiana Republicans traveled to Washington in an elegant railroad car once owned by J.P.Morgan. Limousines were the preferred symbol of status. “They give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment,” explained a Republican national committeeman from Salt Lake City, “They give you a feeling of enthusiasm for your leaders”

So brisk was the limousine business that all available ones in the capital were quickly leased. Calls went out to dispatch others from as far south as Atlanta and as far north as New York. They poured into the city, vanguards of a new era bearing special inaugural plates with names of the corporations that had leased them. Gliding up to museums and galleries and other public buildings, they discharged women in designer dresses and diamonds and men in formal wear. Society page writers, with press entry credentials to the private festivities, strained for metaphors to describe the display of affluence. Hotel coat racks, laden with mink, “looked like furry beasts.” At Sunday brunches in Georgetown, “furs swallowed the beds.” At a black-tie-and boots Texas party, “a perfumed herd of thousands drank beer and wore emeralds.”

The catering business had never been better. “There are ten times as many parties this inaugural as last time” said Jeff Ellis of Ridgewell’s, a firm that had been waiting on Washington’s social-diplomatic set for generations. Ridgewell’s alone served more than four hundred thousand hors d’oeuvres during the pre-inaugural parites. “I’ve never seen anything like this” Ellis remarked happily. “These people have really fine taste. Rather than shrimp salad, they want the whole shrimp.”It was the costliest, most opulent inauguration in American history, and some of the scenes gave credence to critics who likened it to “a bacchanalia of the haves”.

It was a feeding frenzy, a gathering of pigs at the trough to worship at the altar of unfettered monopoly capitalism six years prior to Gordon Gekko’s oft-repeated commandment that “Greed Is Good” was chiseled into stone inside the temple of the moneychangers. The Reagan administration went for the throat right out of the gates. The return of the wealthy elite and robber barons to power and prominence was facilitated by the ability to distract and deceive. Karl Marx was only partially right when he stated that religion was the opiate of the masses, it is but that was prior to the advent of television and when the two are combined the potency is jacked up to the highest possible level, like black tar heroin.

The elitist power brokers knew this and with his Hollywood background Ronald Wilson Reagan was the perfect front man for the myriad of their ideological schemes and voodoo economics that would wage war on progressive society and deal a staggering blow to fairness and equality in the land of plenty. It was the great national regeneration decade and that fabulous and almighty leader was our champion, the iconic president who would make things right, who would deal harshly with those bastards in Iran unlike his milquetoast predecessor, who would restore the national glory and make us that shining city on the hill. After a prolonged darkness clouded by nuance it was morning in America again, black was black and white was white it was Pleasantville in the US of A and as the they say in the movie “what’s outside of Pleasantville?” – it was perfect, it was Americana and it was Ronald Reagan was our national treasure.

Those were the days, the 1980s, the demarcation point from reality and the base camp for our national descent into the abyss of post the 9/11 world of fear and globalist economics. But I am getting ahead of myself here. The Reagan years were the period when America went back to the future in pursuit of that mythical period of greatness and nostalgia that Kevin Phillips wrote about in Post Conservative America. It was a time where a nation wounded by the twin betrayals of Vietnam and Watergate failed the test and rather than gathering together to shape a future that would prevent the amoral interest of a greedy ruling class and their corrupt system from ever again resulting in such disaster we as a nation looked into the mirror and were horrified at the monster glimpsing back, we were in denial and in desperate need of a return to better days. As Phillips so aptly put it:

“More precisely, the 1980s must be considered a decade following a twenty-year period of turbulence in which the American people lost their first war, saw a number of prominent leaders assassinated, their first President forced from office, their currency at one point lose 95 percent of its value against gold, and generally came to feel that their “Heaven-bless’d nation” was somehow no longer favored.”

The possibilities were infinite, an increasing prosperity for the well to do and government cheese for the rest. The days of ketchup as a school lunch vegetable, Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk, Rambo exacting blood vengeance in Vietnam, Sonny and Rico kicking ass clad in Armani, Marty McFly and Doc time tripping in a flying De Lorean, J.R. and Alexis flaunting wealth and power, MTV in every household through the miracle of cable, televangelism exploded and took the first steps towards allowing video preachers to become political kingmakers and the personal computer became a force that would eventually transform every aspect of our lives and society. We were mesmerized by the images on the tube, the VCR made available fantasy at the fingertips in your very own living room and the bread and circuses made it all the easier to ignore the looting and dismantling of the infrastructure in the background.

Again I quote from Johnson’s Sleepwalking Through History:

“In the eighties the symbiosis between Reagan and television raised new questions. Was it possible the predominant values of success, winning, fame, and fortune that television transmitted into American homes had begun to manifest themselves in the character of the country? Were Americans becoming what they saw? Were they being held hostage by the miracles of their own technical inventions? Did their repeated exposure to fictional happy endings create an appetite for more of them in real life and make it more difficult for them to face lifes realities?”

“Reagan affected television and the viewing public in two significant ways. First, and most important, was the power of his own soothing personality. Both he and television offered new opportunity for diversion and helped breed a new passivity in public life. Under Reagan’s lulling spell and the television trance, increasing numbers of Americans became spectators instead of participants. Politically and personally they were couch potatoes.”

Couch Potatoes Who Bought The Myth and Continue to Do So

To reiterate my point, nearly every serious problem that we face today is rooted in the surrealism of the Reagan years and the ability of the administration to utilize the fixation with the tube to gradually turn up the temperature on the pot in which the boiling frog sat slowly cooking to death in such gradual incremental increases in heat that it didn’t even notice. The frog was us and it continues to be us as the ruthless servants of the Establishment that are the Clintons are using the same “tougher than the rest” strategies to prevent any realistic chance at national salvation and reform to once again keep going back to the future.

Pennsylvania is our new beginning to a story that is nothing more than a mediocre remake of those rootin-tootin freak shows that we have been weaned on for so long that we believe that they are reality.

What the fuck is next? Morning In America II.

By Ed Encho

Flag Pin Fascists

Quoting from the scriptures
With patriotic tears
We got the same old men
With the same old fears
Standing at attention
Wrapped in stars and stripes
They hear the phantom drummers
And the nonexistent pipes

-Don Henley, If Dirt Were Dollars

You have to give it to the Republicans, at least they are always consistent when it comes to sliming away with scurrilous charges questioning the patriotism of any who dare to question their extremist power grab. The latest season of the flag pin lapel frenzy is on again, the caterwauling of the conservatives (I use this term very loosely here because true conservatives abhor the fascists who have hijacked their good name) is being jacked up in combination with the ever present Muslim bashing, fear mongering and soon to be rolled out most kick ass clubs in the bag – Al Qaeda, 9/11 and the fantasy collaboration of Democrats with those insidious enemies of all that we love and hold dear here in ‘The Homeland’.

The flag pin thing really rubs me raw for some reason as though putting some ridiculous little metal symbol (likely made in China anyway) on your clothing somehow makes you more American than others, it’s as superficial and dishonest as all of those idiotic yellow ribbon magnets that used to adorn the backs of gas sucking SUV’s before the actual costs of Republican wars of aggression made them too expensive for the average American to drive so now they sit in the garages of over-mortgaged, over-priced McMansions.

The reich wing screeching is now reaching an ear splitting pitch over the failure of Barack Obama to display his ‘patriotism’ by wearing that crappy little pin that belongs more appropriately in a historical context in some European countries where symbols were of the utmost of importance – post Weimar Germany comes immediately to mind as does Communist Russia or for a more international flavor Maoist China. Despite their standard propaganda the modern day Republican Party actually cribs a good deal of their tactics from various authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

Coming in the aftermath of the manufactured outrage over Michelle Obama’s statement that was somehow twisted into her not being proud to be an American (personally speaking I am ashamed to be one right now for obvious reasons but I will leave that for another time) and the Clinton dirt diggers leaking of that oh so Islamic picture of Mr. Obama to the Drudge Report (now a bipartisan dumping ground for fascist filth) the keening of the chickenhawks over his lack of that shitty little pin is offering up a glimpse at exactly the divisive, scorched Earth campaign that the cult of the dung encrusted elephant is going to be running once again as November nears. The porcine propagandist, grand master Karl Rove himself was out pimping the red meat fake patriotism on FOX last week:

Rove: “Look, with all due respect, he is a very left-wing Democrat. He came out of a very radical background in organizing. His record in the Senate is the most liberal, according to the ‘National Journal.’ He has been a conventional far-left Democrat. And we ought to recognize that. As a result, he has these associations and these people he has been comfortable being with who are not in mainstream America. Look, after 9/11, when he said true patriotism did not consist of wearing a lapel pin – – an American flag lapel pin on your lapel, but instead speaking out on the issues, he was basically, with the back of his hand, being very dismissive to millions of Americans who thought it was a patriotic act to put a flag pin on their lapel.”

Colmes: “Does he lack patriotism because he does not wear a lapel pan? Is he basically saying, patriotism isn’t about a pin? That is his point of view.”

Rove: “Alan, I didn’t say that. What he said was that people — he was implicating that people who did wear a flag on the lapel were not true patriots. My point is not — in America, you get to decide whether you want to wear a flag lapel pin or not. What he did though was say, it was true patriotism to speak out on the issue, not to wear a flag lapel pen. He was the one questioning the patriotism of people with flags on their lapels.”

Colmes: “I didn’t get that from what he said. What I got –“

Rove: “Read the statement carefully. He said, true patriotism — quote, true patriotism consisted of speaking out on the issues, not wearing a flag lapel pin.”

Colmes: “He wasn’t questioning people who wore it. He was questioning the war.”

Rove: “No, he was questioning the patriotism of those who did put a flag on their lapel. Admit it. I’m not questioning his patriotism. But he certainly questioned the patriotism of millions of people who felt the simple gesture of putting the flag on their lapel was a patriotic act, and it was.”

Mr. Rove, the man largely responsible for the ongoing exploitation of the 9/11 victims for political gain and the body count from the illegal wars that he acted to sell for the sake of the ‘permanent Republican majority’ (it sounds so much like the Thousand Year Reich that it is eerie but then again Rove has copied Goebbels at every opportunity) continues to rise exponentially is like a bad case of genital Herpes, he just won’t go away. Well if the Democrats had anything even remotely resembling a spine Rove needs to be rebutted with two little inconvenient truths that will never rear their heads even outside the FOX ministry of propaganda studios and they are:

1: Sticking feathers up one’s ass no more makes one a chicken than wearing a flag lapel pin makes one a patriot. (In Rove’s case a gerbil is likely a more desirable object but only speculation on my part because all of those White House logs detailing the visits of one Jeff Gannon have disappeared down the memory hole:


2: The great misconception that the flag pin somehow is representative of 9/11 is total horseshit, actually the Republicans who defended arch criminal Richard M. Nixon during the Watergate hearings wore them too. Republicans love to have fun with little thingies like that as is evident from all of those thoroughly tasteless purple band aids that adorned lapels to mock John Kerry during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

It is of little surprise that such criticism comes from chickenhawks and armchair patriots who never had the guts to serve, with the exception of John McCain (a self-admitted “baby killer” and “war criminal”) none of those who are braying the loudest about Obama’s lack of that silly assed little flag lapel pin ever even bothered to put on a uniform in service to their country. As a military veteran myself I find this sort of rhetoric deeply offensive, almost approaching the level of revulsion and contempt that I have for those whose real idea of supporting the troops is sitting on their asses in front of the television and pumping their fists like they were cheering for a goddamned football game while the body bags continue to come home containing the remnants of what used to be our finest young men and women who were blown to kingdom come for the freedom of dittoheads to remain snake mean and willfully ignorant.

They are the ones who are shouting the loudest for others to die in foreign lands, they are the ones waving the flag the most vigorously while undermining all that it is supposed to stand for. They are the armchair patriots, and they are being used by fifth columnists who really do hate us for our freedoms. The insistence of the most vile of all, the Republican party, a group that has come to symbolize the darkest of all American traits to ‘wave the bloody flag’ and tar all others as disloyal and treasonous is a low point in our nation’s history.

Of course being a Democrat he is by that very association deemed `unpatriotic’ and a `coward’ in using the dastardly labeling of Rove and the rest of the unscrupulous and yellow thugs who control the government, the media, the courts and by extension are the operators of the message machine that spits out the hateful swill that motivates the most reactionary and ignorant segments of the populace who represent their base. This anti-American political party could never carry the torch were it not for their deception and demagoguery in playing to the most base and vile instincts of the perennially angry. Like any good purveyor of tyranny enabling double speak and race baiting, they have a little something for everybody.

Festering resentment towards women? Welcome to the party.

Hate Arabs, Mexicans and Blacks? Step right in.
Do you fear those that want to kill us because they hate us for our freedoms? Worry not.

Think that the liberals are destroying the country? We do too.
Interested in killing em all and letting God sort em out later? Yesssss.

Are you on God’s side? Hallelujah, so are we.
Do you think Muslims are terrorists and agents of evil? That’s why WE are going to kill them.

Do you want to defeat the homosexual agenda? We are on your side and God is too.

The Constitution? It’s just a goddamned piece of paper, we have our flag pins!

The Republicans have made hay out of their twisted exploitation of the phony patriotism tactic and they only continue to piss on the graves of every American serviceman who ever gave his life for this country with their exaltation of fascism swaddled in the stars and stripes. Give me reality, not some whacko fantasy about who is more patriotic than the rest. To use the words of George Bernard Shaw “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to other countries because you were born in it”. I am conducting a trivia contest as to which 1930’s nation was the one where patriotism and the worship of the almighty state were exalted above all else.

A nice little patriotic swastika adorned lapel pin is the prize to the lucky winner.

Plaintive Wails From Planet Shit

The Ideological cornerstone of Modern GOP political theory

No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.-H. L. Mencken

Good God, here we fucking go again. In addition to the renewed flogging of that tired old al-Qaeda warhorse, the ongoing focus on the most ridiculously destructive wedge issue of all time: ABORTION and the fear and smear bread and butter tactics of scaring the bejesus out of simpleton yokels while screeching “unpatriotic” and “traitor” at opponents. Leave it to the recently ousted Paul Wolfowitz to blame it all on the liberal media. The two-time loser Wolfman who was recently run out of the World Bank on a rail after his bestowing of a lavish salary on his personal fuck buddy Shaha Ali Riza (an Arab of all things which must have gone over like an inconvenient burst of flatulence at those AIPAC Anonymous gatherings) who dumped him soon afterwards generated mass outrage bemoaned his fate with that baleful neocon lament that it was ALL the media’s fault. I am still trying to suppress a gag reflex at the thought of any woman doing the naked horizontal bop with that comb-sucking freak.

These people have absolutely no fucking shame! First they spend millions if not billions of dollars constructing a perpetual propaganda machine that makes Joseph Goebbels look like a rank amateur, further hedge their bets by consolidating nearly every fucking aspect of the mainstream media into five or six goliaths with interlocking directorates then use this vast electronic echo chamber to piss away an entire generation by selling them tabloid illusions as reality as well as instilling a deep seated free floating fear and the accompanying national meanness that comes with it and he actually has the balls to blame the pocket media for his Clintonesque worshipping of his own dick at the expense of any semblance of the sort of moral authority that could be reasonably expected from the president of the World Bank. But as we peasants are all too often reminded in the sordid land of post 9/11 Homeland Amerika the rules don’t ever apply to either neocons or other servants the three-headed monster of the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil.

Jesus fucking Christ these people have no shame but I repeat myself.

I would be hard pressed to think of a more nauseating spectacle than the unctuous fraud John Boehner’s breaking into a blubbery jag of crocodile tears during the debate on the Iraq spending bill on Thursday. Times have changed, such an outburst ruined the political career of Ed Muskie in another era but then that was when high crimes and misdemeanors and fibbing about a blowjob was the trigger of impeachment proceedings. It was a performance for the ages that was so bad that it bordered on camp or the sort of faux macho cheese that you typically would find in an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Fred Thompson movie where the Alpha male musk fills the air like a ripe wheel chasing skunk that just met it’s match on the hottest day in July. It reminded me of that scene in the movie “Used Cars” where Toby the dog plays along with one of the lot lizard scams by playing dead to generate sympathy and guilt that would cause the prospective buyer to shell out money for the overpriced lemon that he would drive off the lot (the door fell off on the way out) – “that price is just too fucking high”! (I just had to slip that line in). Boner’s [sic] waterworks were right up there in terms of rank cynicism and in sneering insincerity as the tactics of any of the sleazeballs employed by the Fuchs Brothers on their competing lots and God knows in America there are ALWAYS buyers for that sort of lame horseshit – a land of suckers who breed like fucking rabbits and are ever proud to call themselves Republicans.

I know that it’s one hell of a statement to make regarding the less than becoming conduct of the House Minority Leader especially given the recent history of the best little whorehouse in Washington but his bawl baby routine is right up there with every act of sordid rottenness of the House that begat Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay. It surpassed Ohio’s star spangled tomboy Jean Schmidt’s cowardly shanking of John Murtha, the banishment of John Conyers to a basement closet to conduct unofficial hearings on The Downing Street Memo, the calling of the Capitol police on Democrats by piss baby Republican sore winners, the routine tantrums of the jowly James Sensenbrunner and even the disgraced pervert Mark Foley’s cybersex with young boys during legislative sessions. I just can’t sugar coat it any more than that.

Le Enfant Terrible is taking Adolf Hitler’s advice to heart that “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” invoked al-Qaeda 19 times during a hastily called press conference on Thursday. In repeating the talking point cadence to the army of red stated simian knuckledraggers Bush even managed to hit a new low for himself (no small accomplishment given his criminal career) by suggesting that the swarthy bearded ones were coming after the children of reporters who did not recognize that their primary duty was deference to the unitary executive and who refused to act as bobbleheads while engaging in their normal stenography. According to Dana Milbank of the Washington Post:

The session was called to draw attention to the fact that Democratic leaders had just caved in to Bush’s demand that the Iraq spending bill have no withdrawal timeline. But as frequently happens at presidential events these days, it quickly became al-Qaeda, all the time. Bush invoked the terrorist group 19 times and even suggested it was going after individual reporters’ kids.

“They are a threat to your children, David,” he advised NBC’s David Gregory.

“It’s a danger to your children, Jim,” Bush informed the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg.

This last warning was perplexing, because Rutenberg has no children, only a brown chow chow named Little Bear. It was unclear whether Bush was referring to a specific and credible threat to Little Bear or merely indicating there was increased “chatter in the system” about chow chows in general.

At least a passing bird had sense enough to shit on our national fucking disgrace of a ‘war president’ by offering up a great exclamation point to the Rose Garden snake oil sale event. The Republicans are determined to play the terrorism card and to deal it from the bottom of the deck until either hell freezes over or until the feckless, slack jawed sheep in the Democratic majority finally get the stones to hold REAL hearings and start impeaching, arresting and hauling all of the vermin off to prison where the filthy motherfuckers belong. Rudy Giuliani can’t get three words out of his mouth without mentioning 9/11 and the remainder of the ideologically bankrupt goose stepper caucus parrots the party line as they always have. The Republican strategy always reminds me of that National Lampoon cover “If you don’t buy this magazine we’ll kill this dog”.

While armchair patriots across the land fired up their BBQ’s and swilled beer in honor of their three day weekends the ‘commander guy’ defiled the final resting place of America’s fallen heroes by dragging his draft dodging ass to Arlington National Cemetery to spew lame platitudes about such empty slogans as duty, honor and sacrifice for democracy. If the dead could only call bullshit on the sort of amoral politicians who ensured that they would end up at Arlington they might say something like this from Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun:

As for the Neville Chamberlain wing of the war party, the Democrats made much ado that Queen Hillary and Barrack Obama voted against the Bush Iraq Carte Blanche Enabling Act but lost in translation is that neither actually voted when the fate of the bill was still in question. Both of them slithered out from their DLC rocks well after their symbolic votes had lost their meaning but it’s good PR that will endlessly be pimped to the dumb asses happily awash in blissful ignorance in this attention deficit democracy. The Bob Schrum disciples will be sure to dissemble, spin post their swill on notorious Operation Mockingbird vacuum cleaner operation clearinghouses like Daily Kos and continue to talk a good fight while rolling over again and again for King George. At least Joe Biden cast his vote while the outcome hadn’t been decided which while more deserving of merit than Hillary and Obama’s cowardice shows that he has a tin ear outside of his regular appearances for Dick Cheney’s favorite lapdog Tim Russert on ‘Press The Meat’ and still can’t pull his foot out from that flaming bag of dogshit but in this twisted, sick bizarro world he proves even a one eyed man can be king in the land of the blinded albeit temporarily, such is the fleeting cognitive dissonance of the days of the Bushreich.

And finally, Satan’s Memorial Day pit BBQ was a smashing success as the Reverend Jerry Falwell’s fat ass was served basted with a nice chili chutney mixed with blackstrap molasses and slow roasted on a spit until well done.

You can always hear the people who are willing to sacrifice somebody else’s life. They’re plenty loud and they talk all the time. You can find them in churches and schools and newspapers and legislatures and congress. That’s their business. They sound wonderful. Death before dishonor. This ground sanctified by blood. These men who died so gloriously. They shall not have died in vain. Our noble dead.


But what do the dead say?

Did anybody ever come back from the dead any single one of the millions who got killed did any one of them ever come back and say by god I’m glad I’m dead because death is always better than dishonor? Did they say I’m glad I died to make the world safe for democracy? Did they say that I like death better than losing liberty? Did any of them ever say it’s good to think I got my guts blown out for the honor of my country? Did any of them ever say look at me I’m dead but I died for decency and that’s better than being alive? Did any of them ever say here I am I’ve been rotting for two years in a foreign grave but it’s wonderful to die for your native land? Did any of them say hurray I died for womanhood and I’m happy see how I sing even though my mouth is choked with worms?

Nobody but the dead know whether all these things people talk about are worth dying for or not. And the dead can’t talk. So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. If a man says death before dishonor he is either a fool or a liar because he doesn’t know what death is. He isn’t able to judge. He only knows about living. He doesn’t know anything about dying. If he is a fool and believes in death before dishonor let him go ahead and die.

Seig Heil Santa and Talking Jesus

In a recent interesting story that I ran across on Der Spiegel Online entitled Is Santa Claus a Nazi? regarding the German public outcry over miniature statues of Old Saint Nick that appeared to be giving the infamous straight armed salute that was a national requirement to show loyalty to the regime during the darkest days of the reign of Adolf Hitler. It was as much a necessity for patriotic citizens as those little flag lapel pins that so adorned the collars and lapels of Republicans seeking to show a similar style of national worship in the run up to the Iraq war and to espouse their undying loyalty to their own strong daddy leader while elevating themselves in their own minds and their groupthink to some sort of superior citizen status. Anyway, for some dark reason I found in this story not only a sardonic humor but also a contrast between two cultures that despite the years separating them have similar characteristics.

According to Der Spiegel:

Christmas shoppers in Germany are horrified. Across the country, models of Santa Claus in shop windows appear to be giving the Nazi salute. Some chains have already removed them from the shelves.

If Santa Claus were to move away from the North Pole to one of the more populated parts of the world, what political party would he support? His “peace on Earth” message might indicate a left-of-center stance. But what about his Big Brother (“He knows when you’ve been sleeping. He knows when you’re awake) tendencies? Sounds a lot like the Republicans in the United States these days.

Or maybe he’s a fascist? That, at least, is what a report in the Thursday issue of the tabloid Bild seems to indicate. Germans shopping for Christmas trinkets have been shocked recently to discover row upon row of Santa Clauses looking to all the world as if they are giving the Hitler salute — right arm, straight as an arrow, raised skyward. Never mind that St. Nick is carrying a bag of toys and wearing a silly red hat complete with a white pom-pom. Shoppers were sure — these Santas were Nazis.

You just have to love that line about Republicans, one thing about Germans is that they can smell a fascist movement across an ocean. So intense has been the damnation of history that for millions the first image that pops into their minds whenever even hearing the word ‘Germany’ is of course Hitler so it is only logical that any sort of reminder of the ghastly past be managed lest it provide a spark that could potentially fuel the Neo-Nazi movement that exists in the shadows of Europe and which would more likely be more akin to Hitler Lite than the real thing but the apprehension of the Germans in not waking sleeping dogs is understandable if not admirable.

fter the initial uproar a country that is far more aware of the dangers of shadowy totalitarian movements than ours the ‘Hitler Santas’ were destroyed. Such a shame, they would have made such nice gifts for the Bushist youth, perhaps a few will still be floating around out on E Bay for that Republican hell child who has everything. Maybe Sean Hannity can even score one for his spoiled little rat bastard to go along with that much obsessed over Playstation 3. I haven’t seen Hannity get so hot over anything other than fisting as the PS3. Especially in his running down of John Edwards for trying to procure one for his own kid, perhaps Sean is yet another of the repressed latent homosexuals who run rampant in the GOP these days and maybe what he really wants is to be fisted by Edwards….but hell, I am not a psychoanalyst but only one who is cognizant to the many studies that find that the most homophobic of all are really raging closet queens projecting their self loathing outward to others.

The destruction of the seig heil Santas shows that the German culture is very cognizant and vigilant of any signs that could lead to the reemergence of the Nazi hate machine that destroyed Europe and murdered millions in it’s black wake. The Germans have a reason to be ashamed of their blood soaked recent history and their transformation into a nation of Der Fuhrer’s hateful automatons and while it may seem trivial to outsiders that Germans see a threat of the reemergence of the cult of Nazism that always lurks beneath the surface in something as seemingly harmless as the Santa statues it nonetheless illustrates the fear of a people who have seen the horrors of unaccountable mass movements. Americans should pay heed to this and draw their own conclusions regarding the revisionist history behind the Christian Reconstructionism movement as well as the white supremacy and hatred of Hispanics and fear of Muslims that breeds like virulent germs in petri dishes and is preached by the vilest of Republican demagogues and the propagandists on hate radio.

Much weeping and gnashing of the teeth accompanied the recent news that the Marine Reserves Toys For Tots Christmas toy drive turned down the donation of 4,000 talking Jesus dolls because of GASP religious sensitivity towards potentially sending the doll to a non-Christian child. The very concept that true Americans would be anything BUT Christian is a widely held view in post 9/11 Amerika and the rejection of the dolls created a firestorm of biblical proportions that led to the Toys For Tots program caving in and reversing of the initial decision after the likely deluge of activists and operatives engaging in the standard economic terrorism in the form of targeted boycotts and harassment. The entire Jesus Doll imbroglio smacks of the religious totalitarianism that at least in my opinion is potentially every bit as dangerous of German National Socialism in that it distorts religion to use as a control mechanism, a bludgeon and a cloak of legitimacy for marginal views and holds millions in its sway.

The bible (already a controversial book as far as its historical accuracy due to hundreds of years of revisions and reinterpretations) is cherry picked by theocratic minded scholars and policy makers and every chapter and verse has the potential for spin. For example I once was sent a ‘bible’ that had nifty little explanations next to every admonition of Christ towards the evils of wealth, power and his damned liberal insistence of caring for the poor and downtrodden, the one that sticks out to me was the ludicrous explanation that Jesus’ warning that it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven was reinterpreted to mean that the so called ‘eye of the needle’ was local slang for the narrow gate to Jerusalem.

The Jesus industry thrives in America despite the transformation of the prince of peace into the avenger of Timothy LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ multi-million copy selling ‘Left Behind’ series that has in and of itself become a cottage industry with spin offs like versions of the repulsively anti-biblical, ultra-violent pulp trash for children as well as video games that encourage violence. The extreme right indoctrinate their youth to be both ignorant of reality (home schooling) and as most bizarrely revealed in the movie Jesus Camp little warriors for God. The kids are programmed by the cult to the extent that they are even featured in camouflage at some points begging the question of what exactly is the agenda behind such mind control and brainwashing at such an early age and what is the end game especially when considering the militia factor and the Christian aspects of the extreme right.

This is a very long and complex topic that I will explore at some point but not today. For now I would recommend David Byrne’s short essay American Madrassas for good comments on the subject. Incidentally, the particular ‘Kids On Fire’ indoctrination center featured in the movie will be closing due to outrageous on screen behavior such as speaking in tongues, being threatened with damnation and having the children appear to ‘worship’ a cardboard figure of George W. Bush as well as the embarrassment of several scenes with the now disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard who preached fire and brimstone from his Colorado Springs megachurch while snorting meth and having sex with homosexual prostitutes. The center portrayed in Jesus Camp is not the only one either, many similar compounds exist in America but since the operators are predominantly white and ‘Christian’ they merit no scrutiny from the Department Of Homeland Security.

Now as far as the graven image and false idol thing let’s not even go there regarding the controversial Jesus Dolls but I am curious as to what they say and whether it is in fact biblically correct. I suppose that it all depends on which Jesus that you happen to believe in, Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus of George Bush. If it is the latter, also known as Republican Jesus/Left Behind Jesus a pushing of the voice button would likely bring forth the following homilies:
Kill the Queers

Keep On Bombing Brown Babies

Screw the Poor and Downtrodden

Mammon is God

Personally I would rather my kids play ‘Gears Of War’ or any other snuff style ‘shooter’ game, at least they’re up front about the exploitative primal allure of violence and don’t have to conceal it behind flags and crosses.

Bush Preaches to the Choir

The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

-H. L. Mencken

I happened to catch the raw spectacle of George W. Bush’s stump speech during his last minute barnstorming tour to shore up support in the red states and it was an incredible thing indeed. This particular stop was in Perry, Georgia which can’t be far from the locale depicted in the movie Deliverance and was absolutely stunning in its completely over the top (even by Rovian standards) level of stridency in attacking Democrats by doing everything but accusing them of assisting the ‘terrorists’ in the coordinated killing of babies in the streets of America. Appropriately it was given on Halloween and Bush and his propagandists took fear mongering to a new level by all but denouncing Americans as traitors and spreading dread amongst the meticulously selected audience of shit kickers assembled at the George State Fairgrounds as though it were manure.

I haven’t seen or heard demagoguery on such a level since the last time that I watched ‘Triumph of the Will’ and the glazed look on the faces of the zombies in the audience was eerily similar to the normal looking Germans in what is widely hailed as the greatest propaganda film of all time. Bush’s speech writers and image masters are now outdoing themselves and are starting to make Leni Riefenstahl and Paul Joseph Goebbels look like rank amateurs by comparison.

I knew that the already tenuous mental state of Le Enfant Terrible was deteriorating daily but this was some radical stuff even for me and signs of a rapid escalation for sneaky and conniving cornered rats like Rove and Junior is not a good sign, I just have this feeling that it is going to be scorched Earth from this point onward. Colonel Kurtz has reached the end of the river and gone totally fucking insane, I mean God help us if the DLC manages to fuck up the election on Tuesday because this lunatic is demented enough to engage in some serious shit and has already proven that he regards the law as something that he can spit on whenever he damned well pleases. I can envision the nightmarish scene of the White House lawn turned into a hideous sort of tableau reminiscent of the jungle compound of Kurtz when the PBR Erebus arrived to find the heads of recently killed enemies lining the banks of the Mekong, mutilated bodies hanging from the trees and the stench of depravity and pure unadulterated evil lingering in the air.

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be on the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil’s official enemies list on Wednesday morning if America awakens to a still standing and pissed off one party Republican fascist government and a demented despot determined to exact revenge on his tormentors. If your name happens to be Rahm ‘ass-eyes’ Emanuel and your strategy of under funding progressive candidates in favor of funneling cash to DLC approved corporate whores and warmongers the GOP may be the least of your worries because every tuned in American who is counting on your ‘leadership’ to halt the Bushist juggernaut is going to want to have your scrawny ass drawn and quartered for fucking up the opportunity of a lifetime due to your own sleazy ambitions and the vainglorious arrogance having to have all suitors line up to come and kiss your ring prior to being granted a seat at the table.

As with all officially sanctioned PR stops and the stage show events in which Bush appears access was strictly controlled and only the worst of the worst of dead enders and die hards were allowed in the doors to begin with. It is tragic that the majority of Americans never get to hear these rambling, demagogic diatribes or they would likely be shaken from their apathetic slumbers and justifiably horrified that a man who is by all signs a certifiably insane megalomaniac ccupies the most powerful position in the entire world and is in possession of the nuclear launch codes.

Here are a few pieces of the Perry, GA stemwinder:

Now I want you to — when you’re out rounding up the vote, and people say, well, there’s no difference between them, or they’re saying, well, maybe I feel comfortable with the Washington Democrats, I want you to remind them about these three votes we just recently had. There’s a clear pattern. When it came time to renew the Patriot Act, more than 75 percent of the members — Democrat members in the House of Representatives voted, no.

When it came time — when it came time to vote on whether to allow the CIA to continue its program to detain and question captured terrorists, almost 80 percent of the House Democrats voted against it.

And when it came time to vote on whether the National Security Agency should continue to monitor terrorist communications, almost 90 percent of the House Democrats voted against it.

On all these vital measures, measures necessary to protect you, the Democrats in Washington follow a simple philosophy: Just say no. When it comes to listening in on the terrorists, what’s the Democrats’ answer? Just say no. When it comes to detaining terrorists, what’s the Democrats’ answer? (The crowd then roared “JUST SAY NO” in unison)

In this global war against extremists who use murder as a weapon, Iraq is now the central front. Oh, I’ve heard all of the voices in Washington, D.C. They say — a lot of them say, it’s just a distraction in the war on terror. That’s not a part of the war on terror, people in Washington — Democrats say. Well, all I ask if you’re undecided about this important issue is just listen to the words of Osama bin Laden, or Mr. Zawahiri, the number two of al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden calls this fight the third world war. He has said that victory for the terrorists in Iraq will mean America’s defeat and disgrace forever. It’s important to listen to the words of the enemy if you’re in war.

Now I want you to listen to the words of a senior Democrat in the House of Representatives. The reason I bring this up is I want you to understand there is a different mind set in Washington. She said, the President says that fighting them there in Iraq means it’s less likely we will have to fight them here. I did say that, and I strongly believe it. The opposite is true, she went on to say, because we are fighting them there, it may become more likely we will have to fight them here.

Iraq is a central front in the war on terror, but the only thing they want to do is leave before the job is done. I want you to hear some of the voices of leading Democrats. They say we should pull our troops off the battlefield right away. My opponent in 2004 said there should be a fixed date for withdrawal. Others suggest that we ought to move our troops some 5,000 miles away to an island. Nineteen House Democrats introduced legislation that would cut off all the funds for the troops in Iraq.

However they put it, the Democrat approach comes down to this: The terrorists win and America loses. And that’s what’s at stake in this election. The Democrats want to get us out of Iraq, and the Republican goal is to win in Iraq. I’m not saying these good folks are unpatriotic. I’m just saying they’re wrong. You can’t win a war if you’re not willing to fight it.

I want you to go home and think about what retreat from Iraq would mean before the job is done; it would embolden the enemy. It would enable them to ridicule countries like the United States to folks who are wondering where the balance of power will lay in the world. It will embolden the extremists and radicals. It will enable them to gain a new safe haven from which to launch further attacks on the United States. It would strengthen the hand of the extremists and deny hope to millions and millions of people who simply want to live a peaceful life. It would dishonor the sacrifice of the men and women who have worn our uniform.

I see the impending danger. I will use all assets at my disposal to do the most important job of the government, and that is defend you. We will fight in Iraq, and we will win in Iraq. (Applause.) Oh, I know there are Democrats and independents in a great state like Georgia who do not share the views of the Democrat leadership in Washington. You may not agree with Republicans on every issue, but you should also realize what voting Democrat in this election would mean for the war on terror.

When you vote next Tuesday, your vote will determine more than who is your local congressman. It will also determine which party’s leadership will set the agenda on Capitol Hill. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote for the liberal Democrat leadership in Washington, D.C. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the Senate Majority Leader a man who bragged about killing the Patriot Act. A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee a man who said the world would be better off if Saddam Hussein were still in power.

A vote to send a Democrat to Washington is a vote to make the chairman of the House of Ways and Means Committee a man who has suggested cutting off funds for our troops on the battlefield.

A vote to send a Democrat to Congress is a vote to make the Speaker of the House — the third person in line for the presidency — a woman who said that capturing Osama bin Laden would not make America any safer.

That’s about all that I can stomach so go to the official White House website if you want to read the rest (and have the NSA do a courtesy scan of your computer) and of course the sweaty crowd cheered and roared for liberal blood with each invocation of 9/11 and each inference that the Democrats were the enemy.

It is because of idiots like those sweating and dementedly cheering Bush in Perry that the entire south gets lumped in with the worst of the bigots and crazed rabble rousers like the dyed in the wool rabble rousing berserker Zell Miller and any number of high potency fundamentalist preachers who unfortunately happen to be the most vocal and influential spokesmen for morally repugnant Republican party which is always looking for regressive, knuckle dragging, cross burning, bible thumping angry freaks and all normal southerners need not apply. I really feel for the people who are forced to live amongst these hostile morons who have never gotten over the fact that they lost the Civil War or that they were forced by the government to recognize the rights of blacks and women.

James Webb who is running against the silver spoon country club racist George Felix Allen for Virginia’s Senate seat was featured in a recent piece in The New Yorker where he as a southerner offered up some valuable insight which I will take a few passages from it here:

Webb also believes from experience that the Republican hold on the South is not unshakable. His own political remigration began when he was working on “Born Fighting” and realized that his culture’s natural home is the party of Andrew Jackson. His people don’t hate the government; they hate governmental intrusion. It is the government’s job to build dams and highways, not the perfect society.

“It’s a bottom-up culture that has been manipulated,” he told me one day. “Really, that’s one of the big reasons that I decided to go ahead and do this-—test the theory, because I believe it.”

This is, of course, a thought that has occurred to other Democrats. It’s what Howard Dean was trying to get at in 2003, while campaigning for the Presidency, when he said, in a characteristic display of unfortunate phrasing, “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.” Dean’s point (and Webb’s) is that Democrats cannot succeed in the South until the Party broadens its tent, becoming less insistent on such matters of current Party orthodoxy as abortion, gun control, and gay marriage. “You know, it’s been a hard thing to get through the heads of many Democrats,” Webb says. “They have to rethink a piece of something that’s become fundamental to them, which has hurt them in ways they don’t understand.”

Webb’s campaign adviser David (Mud-cat) Saunders recalls a revealing exchange he had last spring at a retreat for Democratic senators in Philadelphia. “I had a very prominent U.S. senator come up to me and say, ‘Mudcat, why are your people so stupid that they would vote against their own economic self-interest?’ And I replied, ‘Listen, we do vote against our own economic self-interest. We do that. But you say it’s stupid. Do you ever consider that there might be a powerful force at work, and that it’s driving these people to vote against their economic self-interest? I’m telling you, it’s there. It’s called culture.’ ”

Webb’s point should be well taken, because the perception that the south is mocked as a whole by all liberals has allowed the Republicans to create a bastion of infallible support by showing up as wolves in the clothing of sheep bearing gifts of bigotry, false religion and an opportunity to essentially re-fight the Civil War through the divisiveness that is the Culture War and this only throws gasoline on the fire and creates a self fulfilling prophecy. We all need to find a way to marginalize the worst elements and work together on the economic issues that are destroying ALL of America.

I myself am admittedly guilty of taking more than my fair share of shots at the red state denizens who happen to be card carrying members of the KKK wing of the GOP while failing to acknowledge differentiate between the many good people south of the Mason-Dixon Line who abhor what the Neanderthals have done to their image to the rest of the civilized world. I have friends in the south, have lived a good many of my years in the south and there are many who are proud of their heritage, we should not disrespect them as a whole but rather seek out their help in exorcising the demons amongst them. Conversely I hold those red staters who insist on goose stepping adherence to the bellicose party line in the utmost of contempt especially those who are responsible for giving this country the stinking, rotten, debased Bush administration as some sort of revenge on liberal society and if they are offended then I only have two words for those ignorant and bigoted yahoos: fuck y’all!

I would like to implore every southerner who is appalled at the Republican party, the white supremacists and the snake handling preachers of the gospel of Armageddon and the military industrial complex to get out there on Tuesday and vote Democrat even if you feel that you must hold your noses to do so. Granted there are many problems with that particular party that need to be ironed out but at least they are reasonable enough to engage in debate and some sort of discourse rather than the anti-Enlightenment tyrants who know control the entire country, demand lockstep unity, have no tolerance for dissent and are dismantling the constitution bit by bit. The constitution incidentally protects the rights of southerners too or it used to before it was gutted by the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil.

If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Democrats, libertarians, greens or even a write in candidate instead of a dangerous and deceitful Republican party that has lied to you about matters of importance as God and country as well as exported the industrial capacity of America and our shared economic prosperity along with them for the sole reason of greed then just stay at home….please just stay at home on Tuesday.

And by the way, George W. Bush and his ilk are playing y’all as suckers, he is just another phony dude rancher like George Felix Allen. Bush is a yankee from an eastern elitist family who was born in Connecticut and educated at Andover and Yale. What could be a bigger insult to the intelligence of southerners than a stupendous fraud like he passing himself off to you as some plain spoken populist man of the people and Earthly executor of God’s orders?

As they sometimes say in the south – that dog just don’t hunt!

George Felix Allen: Chickenhawk Down

A terrible month for dude ranch cowboy George Felix Allen just got worse after he was smacked around by Democratic opponent (and decorated combat veteran) James Webb on Sunday’s Meet the Press’ debate with Tim Russert. GFA was rode hard and put up wet continuing his ugly fall from grace in the aftermath of being called out and held up for public ridicule over his recent racist comments that referred to a non-Caucasian Webb campaign volunteer as a “macaca” which is a French slur right up there with the more well known South African ‘kaffer’ which both are invoked to trash those of a dark complexion in a similar manner to that most dreaded third rail of American political language that is the ‘N-Word’. One which a man such as George Felix Allen has likely often heard when keeping company with the same sort of folk who dig a tough talkin’ Ronald Reagan impersonator who happens to have a fondness for Confederate flags (despite not actually being from the south) and who once kept a noose in his office.

George Felix Allen showed up in his customary dime store cowboy costume of shit-kickin’ boots but minus the ten-gallon hat and was generally mocked by Webb who has used his status as a real life veteran who truly knows what it’s like to actually have have boots on the ground often. Webb has been great at contrasting real military service to the contrived standard chickenhawk talking points of the same Republican neocons who are all too anxious to send the children of others off to be blown to bloody bits in ill conceived wars while ensuring that their own brood get no closer to the front lines than watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on big screened plasma televisions in their gated community McMansions.

Webb has been cleaning George Felix Allen’s clock lately mainly because he is authentic. This is a trait which has sadly become an endangered species in the post 9/11 wasteland of what used to be America where the term ‘hero’ has been tainted and essentially rendered irrelevant due to its constant invocation and overuse by right-wing Republican propagandists seeking to claim that they have a monopoly on patriotism. They have been very good at using ‘heror’ to frame their fraudulence in a manner that is readily accepted by a populace far too accustomed to the fantasy of television, movies and video games which are all that they sadly have come to accept as our nation’s history despite the ratings and agenda driven revisionism that thoroughly permeates the medium.

The Meet The Press debate was excellent in that it allowed Webb to connect with several great shots that effectively defused Allen’s Republican talking points. My personal favorite was this exchange as chronicled in a Washington Post article:

Allen also lashed out at Webb, accusing him of failing to support the first Iraq war. “Heck, the French were even in favor of military action in 1991,” Allen said.

Webb responded aggressively, often returning to his experience as a Marine in Vietnam. Using a line from his son, Webb said, “George Allen didn’t fight in Vietnam. Even the French fought in Vietnam.”

Talk about having your face rubbed in Freedom Toast!

And in the ultimate shot across the bow the Webb campaign used footage of the hallowed ‘Gipper’ himself for a commercial praising the service of the man who was once Secretary of the Navy under Reagan. This naturally sent Allen campaign honcho Dick Wadhams into a frenzy and the GOP dipped into their smear war chest to dredge up a 27 year old article from Webb on women in combat as well as his writings that referred to the Naval Academy as: “a horny woman’s dream” and the dirt-digging will only continue in the run up to November 7th as the one party Republican fascist government pulls out all stops to keep the investigations at bay and the Bush crime family and their loyalists firmly in control. You can count on it that Rove will be sending his covert operatives to Virginia in the next month in order to slime Webb but he as a fighter will hopefully prove to be a wily and formidable opponent to business as usual.

As James Webb himself has so succinctly put it regarding the latest poseur saddling up ala American icon John Wayne for the Republican image makers who continue to go to the well in order to find the next Ronald Reagan who could sell ice to Eskimos as surely as he could sell the rugged western archetype to the rubes and suckers weaned on so much fantasy:

“There are no cowboys in Virginia.”

There only dude ranch desperados and I might add an increasing number of veterans who are running nationally as Democrats who all too well understand the cynicism of Allen and the elitist ideologues who see our brave military as only grist to feed into the mill of whatever war of convenience that they have chosen to use in order facilitate their perpetual hold on political power while they tell the silent majority to go straight to Hell. Back during our last divisive, corrupt quagmire of a war that was Vietnam an Arkansas Senator named J. William Fulbright came up with a term to describe those who blatantly disregard the will of the people. He called it “The Arrogance of Power” and never has it been as pervasive and as cancerous to the institutions of democracy as it is today.

George Felix Allen and every one of the Republican incumbents (as well as a good amount of the entrenched DLC Vichy who seek to appease the fascists to maintain their personal positions) are afflicted by this arrogance and it is well past the time to just back up the truck and start hauling off the garbage. Let November 7th be a day that Americans can always remember with pride as the day that we demanded that the whole pack of rat bastards finally be held accountable and began the much needed housecleaning that is necessary to return honesty and integrity to government.

Fuck Newt and Other Ruminations

If you notice a foul and fetid stench in the air it is that of Newton McPherson Gingrich running off at the mouth again. First it was taking to the airwaves to pontificate on the coming of World War III and dispensing tips on how exactly the Bush administration and the neocon fascists could use Middle East unrest as a cudgel with which to bludgeon liberals and Democrats with for the coming elections.

Gingrich recently has been spouting off that the bloggers constitute an “insurgency”. Hey this isn’t entirely incorrect and in fact is rather complimentary coming from someone other than this little Machiavellian fruitbag with a worse hairpiece than fellow sexual degenerate Marv Albert. When an ideologue and FOX regular like Newton introduces language like that it is intention is to paint a Rovian picture of any dissenters as the same sort of ‘terrorists’ who are currently burning out the body count scoreboard in Baghdad. Here is the link to the post courtesy of the Progressive Daily Beacon.

As for Gingrich is an enduring wonder why this high priest in the cult of douchbaggery has any credibility whatsoever. After all isn’t this pompous piece of shit the same ‘man’ who once dumped his wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery? And wasn’t he actually engaged in a sexual affair with an intern of his own when he brought the wrath of the entire wicked theocratic right down upon Bill Clinton for his dalliances with chunky little Monica Lewinsky? I can easily imagine him getting a chubby while reading ‘The Starr Report’ and feeling envy that he couldn’t lick the cigar.

Newton certainly got his panties in a bunch after Clinton allegedly snubbed him on Air Force One on the way back from poor Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral. So Newton threw a hissy fit and teamed up with grumpy old Bob Dole to shut down the government, and when that didn’t work he jumped onto the moral outrage wagon despite engaging in his own covert sexual operations with a woman young enough to be his daughter. I wonder, did he fantasize about sloppy seconds with Monica when he was fucking her? So, Newton couldn’t close the impeachment deal and was eventually replaced in a purge that cleared the path for the totalitarianism of Tom DeLay.

He went and wrote books on revisionist history, some horseshit about the South winning the Civil War. Good politics for a yankee charlatan from Pennsylvania who had so successfully fooled the rubes and peckerwoods in Georgia that he was one of them. Then Newt became a FOX regular and plotted his return while throwing in with the neocons and their doomsday fascist fever dreams and very recently joining forces with Hillary Rodham Clinton last year in a bizarre dance that brings to mind the mating dance of poisonous spiders.

Now he is tarring Americans who dare to use their First Amendment rights to protest against the decidedly anti-American wet dreams of global hegemony and empire and a more refined version of the Third Reich’s master plan for a thousand year reign.

Little Lord Fauntleroy wants to be a player again despite that fact that he has little more credibility than the average used car salesman.

All Over But the Spinning Now:


Today is the big day. The vastly over-hyped Connecticut primary where the so called future of the Democratic party is up for grabs. That slimy little GOP mole Joe Lieberman is on the ropes. The Daily Kos led bloggers have been screaming like banshees for blood and the entire corporate DLC establishment and their elitist bought media mounting a furious defense of Holy Joe. The results of this first referendum on the party elite’s support of the war, unchecked Israeli aggression and across the board capitulation and boot licking of George W. Bush will soon be coming in….and then what?

Would anybody truly be surprised if ‘The Wandering Jew’ pulls off a miraculous comeback? Does anybody really think that AIPAC is going to let their favorite son be hung out to dry by Gingrich’s ‘insurgents’? Maybe, we will see if it is close enough for more election chicanery.

If not expect Lieberman to run as an independent as promised instead of being the honorable statesman that he should be expected to be. A win by the nice, family friendly and well packaged product Ned Lamont today will likely only unleash a concerted offensive for the coming steel cage death match. Rove and the GOP are certainly interested parties in the outcome and the Swift Boat brigade is on high alert..

That much is evident by Lieberman’s claims that his campaign website was hacked. This should evoke memories from any informed blogger of Karl Rove’s alleged bugging of his own office back in his Texas days prior to latching onto GWB as a meal ticket.

Joe ain’t going down quietly and there is nothing like a threat against the existing order of the protectors of the oligarchy to ensure that all hands will be on deck if and when the time comes to beat down the peasants.

FOX has been running the following as polls in Connecticut begin to close:


Hopefully they have finally learned that the cynics and amoral swine who are in power will continue to feed FEAR to the masses as long as there is a vacuum that is unfilled by those who are fearlessly willing to invoke the great words of a true democrat who is reviled by the Jacobins and neocon fascists who now control all three branches of our government and the state controlled media:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Collateral Damage

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin’
Our very street today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost it’s way

War, children, it’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away
War, children, it’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away

Rape, murder!
It’s just a shot away
It’s just a shot away

– The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter

If Mick Jagger and the boys had any balls left whatsoever they would have opened the garish free market capitalist travesty that was the Super Bowl XL halftime show with the roiling menace of their classic Gimme Shelter followed by Sympathy for the Devil and Street Fighting Man despite their pre-arranged set. Once the anal retentive fuck-sticks who run the heavily censored corporate media were able to scrape their jaws off of the control room floor would they have cut the power to the entire set? If a line like “you can make a dead man come” is too provocative for the childlike minds of the year’s biggest infomercial what would a triple barreled blast of pure sixties rebellion do? A nation obsessed with graphic details about fucking but adverse to any similar graphic details about dying ugly….especially when the dying occurs in an illegal foreign war of intervention that is far more complicated than the bunting draped patiotic horseshit that is now so ubiquitious at national sporting events and other hoohah that distracts the simple minded.
In Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel Slaughterhouse Five he uses the books of a fictional science fiction writer named Kilgore Trout to insert social commentary into his overall story. One of ‘Trout’s’ tales addressed the strange contradictions of a society that will accept with open arms one who kills civilians with state sanction during wartime while ostracizing one for silly, superficial reasons:
The Gutless Wonder: This, too, was the title of a book by Trout, The Gutless Wonder. It was about a robot who had bad breath, who became popular after his halitosis was cured. But what made the story remarkable, since it was written in 1932, was that it predicted the widespread use of burning jellied gasoline on human beings. It was dropped on them from airplanes. Robots did the dropping. They had no conscience, and no circuits which would allow them to imagine what was happening to the people on the ground.Trout’s leading robot looked like a human being, and could talk and dance and so on, and go out with girls. And nobody held it against him that he dropped jellied gasoline on people. But they found his halitosis unforgivable. And then he cleared that up, and he was welcomed to the human race.

Vonnegut of course was present at Dresden on the night that allied bombers laid waste to the ‘Florence of the Elbe’, a historic city as well as a non-military target with little or no air defense system that was packed with refugees and prisoners and was targeted by bombers that incinerated over one hundred thousand civilians. Vonnegut spoke of seeing the boiled bodies of schoolgirls floating in a water tower through his character Billy Pilgrim and also of being forced to dig through the wreckage in the aftermath to find “corpse mines” and described the odor of the bodies:

“They didn’t smell bad at first…but then the bodies rotted and liquefied, and the stink was like roses and mustard gas”

He also spoke of a character, another soldier who died of the dry heaves from having to go down into a corpse mine and being overcome by the stench:

“He tore himself to pieces, throwing up and throwing up”

Dresden doesn’t get much mention when it comes to our nation’s war history, neither does the decimation of the Japanese homeland by bombing of civilian areas nor the bombing of Viet Nam nor the brown skinned dead in any other foreign imperialist adventure undertaken by the politicians and their wealthy backers who cash in on the destroyed lives and flesh of those who become victims so that they may live opulent lives of carefree exploitation. I do want to make the statement that in doing so I am differentiating between ‘combatants’ and what is deemed to be acceptable ‘collateral damage’ to those dropping their bombs or launching their shells and missiles from far away lest they actually have to bear witness to the devastation. ‘Trout’s’ Gutless Wonder is a perfect metaphor for the apathetic and cruel philistines who allow for the murder of innocents to take place in their name as long as it doesn’t intrude upon their pathetic and selfish little lives.

I want to at this time take an opportunity to recognize it here for the sake of the memory of the dead and perhaps the hope of the living that we can one day finally recognize war for the profitable, industrialized slaughter that it is by listing a few accounts:

“The firestorm is incredible, there are calls for help and screams from somewhere but all around is one single inferno. To my left I suddenly see a woman. I can see her to this day and shall never forget it. She carries a bundle in her arms. It is a baby. She runs, she falls, and the child flies in an arc into the fire. Suddenly, I saw people again, right in front of me. They scream and gesticulate with their hands, and then – to my utter horror and amazement – I see how one after the other they simply seem to let themselves drop to the ground. (Today I know that these unfortunate people were the victims of lack of oxygen). They fainted and then burnt to cinders.” (Margaret Freyer: Dresden Resident)

“The elephants gave spine-chilling screams. The baby cow elephant was lying in the narrow barrier-moat on her back, her legs up in the sky. She had suffered severe stomach injuries and could not move. A 90 cwt. cow elephant had been flung clear across the barrier moat and the fence by some terrific blast wave, and stood there trembling. I had no choice but to leave these animals to their fate. I had known for one hour now that the most difficult task could ever bring was facing me. “Lehmann, we must get to the carnivores,” I called. We did what we had to do, but it broke my heart.” (Otto Sailer-Jackson: Dresden Zookeeper)

“We did not recognize our street any more. Fire, only fire wherever we looked. Our 4th floor did not exist anymore. The broken remains of our house were burning. On the streets there were burning vehicles and carts with refugees, people, horses, all of them screaming and shouting in fear of death. I saw hurt women, children, old people searching a way through ruins and flames. We fled into another cellar overcrowded with injured and distraught men women and children shouting, crying and praying. No light except some electric torches. And then suddenly the second raid began. This shelter was hit too, and so we fled through cellar after cellar. Many, so many, desperate people came in from the streets. lt is not possible to describe! Explosion after explosion. It was beyond belief, worse than the blackest nightmare. So many people were horribly burnt and injured. lt became more and more difficult to breathe. lt was dark and all of us tried to leave this cellar with inconceivable panic. Dead and dying people were trampled upon, luggage was left or snatched up out of our hands by rescuers. The basket with our twins covered with wet cloths was snatched up out of my mothers hands and we were pushed upstairs by the people behind us. We saw the burning street, the falling ruins and the terrible firestorm. My mother covered us with wet blankets and coats she found in a water tub”. (Lothar Metzger: Dresden Resident)

Among other things Vonnegut later wrote:

“You guys burnt the place down, turned it into a single column of flame. More people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame, than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.”
And of course he is correct, the dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy and whether it was ultimately necessary against a broken enemy or was merely an opening gambit in the Cold War will be debated until the end of our days but the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will always be interpreted by most as necessary steps to end a long, cruel and far too bloody war and to spare even more American casualites. I can even see the validity of this argument although I am not a convert but these were only two events, albeit massive in the systematic destruction and the breaking of the will of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Regarding the bombing of Japan an excellent resource would be Errol Morris’ fine film the Fog of War during which he interviews at length former Secretary of Defense and Viet Nam war architect Robert McNamara who was Rumsfeld before Rumsfield in his arrogance. The film while not depicting the slaughter on the ground offered a glimpse into the methodology of industrialized mass murder. General Curtis LeMay, McNamara’s superior and the commander of the Twenty-First Bomber Command that devastated the Japanese Home Islands in the late days of the war plays a prominent part. In the film McNamara explains his role in the incendiary attack by chillingly reducing it to the banality of number crunching as to the potential casualty tally. LeMay, who was savagely lampooned in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove as General Jack D. Ripper who kicks off nuclear Armageddon is featured in actual film clips that are among the most interesting parts of the movie.

In a precursor to modern corporate number crunching the bombing run efficiency was maximized to the point where stripped B-29s were sent in flying so low that they literally reeked of burning flesh, a good and short although militaristic account on LeMay and the bombing has been written by Victor Davis Hanson and entitled The Right Man, this piece is featured in the World War II compilation called No End Save Victory, a pretty good book of essays that you could likely pick up cheap online. The ruthless efficiency of the incendiary bombings even had LeMay himself to comment that “I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal”.

On the nights of March 9 & 10 in 1945 Tokyo was subjected to an incredible incendiary bombardment that destroyed sixteen square miles of the city, boiling asphalt and cooking flesh. Although the true number will never be known it is estimated that nearly 100,000 were killed, most incinerated and most civilians including women and children and the helpless elderly. The fire consumed the city structures that were mainly built out of wood and the heat according to Nicholas Von Hoffman as published in Pat Buchanan’s Where The Right Went Wrong “boiled the water in lakes and ponds, cooking those who fled to safety there like human lobsters” But this is always the way that it is in war isn’t it? General LeMay was correct, the victors are never the war criminals and never the terrorists, the infamy as well as the true costs of agrression are not ultimately paid by the warmongers but suffered by the poor bastards who just happen to live under the rule of rogue governments or those that otherwise fall into disfavor with the most powerful of nations.
The graphic examples of civilian ‘collateral damage’ aren’t something that the public want to see or know about, they like their wars sanitized, neat, convenient, and morally clear along the lines of a John Wayne movie or other simplistic celluloid trash. Americans are mostly ignorant and express indifference at the true suffering of war and are generally the most mindless and unenlightened citizens of the world’s most dangerous of empires. We as a society gorge ourselves on violent fantasy on television, in movies and in video games reveling in every beheading, rape, dismemberment, shooting, knifing, incinerating and bludgeoning as long as we can remain safely detached and free from ever having to consider the actual consequences of violence. This is hypocrisy, a society so conditioned to accept the abominable as long as it is a part of the great American myth of righteousness and destiny glorifies death but when that death is real, nobody wants the gory details of what is perpetrated in our name. The exception being the near masturbatory glee that the mutilated and widely displayed corpses of Uday and Qusay Hussein elicited from a voyeuristic public addicted to sensationalistic cheap thrills. The bullet riddled bodies of the sons of Saddam were constantly and graphically displayed in order to feed the bloodlust necessary for rabid and continued support of the war against the Islamic savages.

The outrage over the images was made all the more conspicuous by it’s absence.

A while back, after the early afterglow of ‘Shock and Awe” had subsided and when the truth was slowly starting to seep out that “mission accomplished” was just another two word phrase along the lines of bull shit and cluster fuck I read a letter to the editor in my local newspaper that had dared to display the gruesome hanging of the charred corpses of four ‘contractors’ who were killed by a mob in the Iraqi city of Fallujah which would go on to be severely punished later. Some ridiculously dumb bitch had the audacity to write expressing her “outrage” that she actually had to explain this to her children. Americans love their wars as long as they don’t actually have to see what is being done in their names. As for the four ‘contractors’ I have no mercy and nothing but contempt for them, they were mercenaries, nothing but parasites that move from host to host preying on human misery for both the thrill and the money that comes with it but that alas is lost on those who shelter their spoiled children from all but electronic video violence. I doubt that she bothered to dash off a similar protestation over the bloody display of the war trophies that were the sons of Saddam.
What is lost in translation was the fact that the government was contracting mercenaries to do the wet work for the military. It is obvious that they were targeted for a reason, quite possibly the torture or murder of friends or family members of the rioters during one of the death squad raids that are now common in Iraq. I find the ongoing use of these ‘contractors’ to be repugnant and abhorrent, not only are they far more highly paid than the actual members of the military but they operate independent of any sort of congressional oversight and bear no accountability for their actions. I have no sympathy for bastards like that who are cruel violence junkies and arrogant psychopaths more into it for the thrill of the kill than the actual money. Just think of how great that a heroin addict would find it if he could be paid for riding the dragon. The assemblage and widespread use of private armies by the Pentagon is a very foreboding thing and may prove to have extremely grave consequences to us at home if their existence becomes acceptable to the general public and future domestic operations are commenced. Blackwater, one of the top mercenary firms was providing ‘contractors’ in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and no doubt these paramilitary goons already have contingency contracts lined up in the event of a ‘terrorist’ attack on the homeland.

I am not merely being callous over the violent fate of the ‘contractors’ , I just have far more sympathy for the innocent victims. Victims such as the Hassan family whose seventeen members were packed into a 1974 Land Rover in the early days of the invasion and were driving toward their dream of democracy and freedom from the evil savagery of Saddam. Instead of democracy, this family (the grandfather was dressed in his finest garment, a pin striped suit to look American for the celebratory occasion of their deliverance) was slaughtered in an unimaginably horrific manner by a nervous American soldier at a checkpoint who panicked and unloaded a barrage of military ordnance into the oncoming vehicle. Eleven members of the family were destroyed, not just killed but destroyed…as a veteran you can appreciate the power of military weaponry. Lamea, the pregnant wife of Bakhat Hassan survived the attack that turned the vehicle into an abattoir in which she described as follows:

“I saw the heads of my two little girls come off, my girls — I watched their heads come off their bodies. My son is dead.”

An army public relations officer stated that it was “A miscommunication with civilians” after which the surviving members of the family were offered monetary compensation for their loss. As Bob Dylan once sang “money doesn’t talk it swears” and the true obscenity in this tableau is that we as Americans are so ignorant of the culture of others and so empty in our very souls that anybody could possibly offer money as a remedy for this atrocity. Unfortunately things such as this don’t get much play in the American mainstream media, there is always a Michael Jackson, Laci Petersen, Tom and Katie, Bennifer or Kobe Bryant to exploit in order to save some pathetic cunt from having to explain the insanity and abhorrence that is a war being waged in her name to some pathetically spoiled child who is pampered and indulged on the now traditional journey to become a selfishly ignorant and obese adult in the land of plenty while the impoverished children of the third world are dying of starvation.
Fallujah would go on to perish for our sins, targeted for destruction by a series of brutal military operations to quell the insurgency and to avenge the deaths of the mercenaries and to wash the bitter taste of public humiliation from the mouths of war planners. In a series of sieges that reduced the city to rubble civilians as well as combatants were targeted, snipers targeted ambulances, access to the main hospital was blocked, hundreds of Iraqis were killed and the ‘collateral damage’ was significant. A foreign documentary entitled Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre was produced and showed that the U.S. military was using incendiary White Phosphorous in the assaults. The video is highly recommended although not for those without a strong stomach, the evidence is as brutal as the imagery of the burned bodies. Of course this would never be allowed to air in the homeland. The media downplays the truth that is the charnel house of Iraq, there is always a king’s crusade to glorify or a celebrity to worship or a lurid sex scandal to lasciviously salivate over. Just another day in the empire according to the corporate press of the ruling party.
For real journalism and truths about the bloody quagmire we must utilize foreign sources, a sick joke in a land where a free and unimpeded press is supposed to act as a vital check against the tyranny of madmen. Dahr Jamail is essential reading for those who seek to stay informed as is Robert Fisk whose brutal honesty would serve as a slap across the face were any domestic sources permitted to carry his columns on a regular basis. Were the corporate media to have any balls or the majority of the public have any brains this is what they would be reading:
So we are going to support the myth. As the headless bodies are found along the Tigris, as the mortuaries fill up, as the American dead grow far beyond 1,700 – and, let us remember, the Iraqi dead go into the tens of thousands – Europe and the rest of the world still support the American project. The smell of the dead pours into the street through the air-conditioning ducts. Hot, sweet, overwhelming. Inside the Baghdad morgue, there are so many corpses that the fridges are overflowing. The dead are on the floor. Dozens of them. Outside, in the 46C (114F) heat, Qadum Ganawi tells me how his brother Hassan was murdered. “He was bringing supper home for our family in Palestine Street but he never reached our home. Then we got a phone call saying we could have him back if we paid $50,000 [£27,500]. We didn’t have $50,000. So we sold part of our home and many of our things and we borrowed $15,000 and we paid over the money to a man in a car who was wearing a keffiyeh scarf round his head. “Then we got another phone call, telling us that Hassan was at the Saidiyeh police station. He was. He was blindfolded and gagged and he had two bullets in his head. They had taken our money and then they had killed him.” There is a wail of grief from the yard behind us where 50 people are waiting in the shade of the Baghdad mortuary wall. There are wooden coffins in the street, stacked against the wall, lying on the pavement.

The American public has neither the time nor the stomach to trouble themselves with vagaries as this and the absence of the widespread syndication of Fisk’s work is a testament to a nation of selfish, apathetic, timorous fools who are far more concerned with halitosis than the stench of burning and rotting corpses that is so commonplace in the wars fought in their name. The atrocities of course take place in any war, war is a horrible thing, not something of valor and honor but an exercise in sorrow, death, destruction and the piles of stinking corpses and shattered lives that are left in the aftermath, such is as it always has been and always will be in the future. A public too accustomed to the sanitized death and violence of their false little worlds of television and video games and never forced to confront the real thing.
And So It Goes…
The military industrial complex has a vested interest in hiding this from the general population and of perpetuating the myths through propaganda. Hiding behind impugning the patriotism of others and invoking empty sloganeering such as ‘support the troops’ is not only of the lowest form of morality but of the highest form of cowardice and in the case of those who turn their magnetic ribbon stickers sideways to represent the Jesus fish, hypocrisy and apostasy. A large number of Americans ignorantly spout the jingoist phrase “nuke them all” when referring to non-Caucasian, non-Christian countries, specifically those in the middle east. This only reinforces their stupidity and lack of knowledge of the true horrors of war borne by those whose only crime was in happening to be citizens of a regime deemed to be an enemy of the American state and therefore subject to the full wrath of the arsenal of democracy, an arsenal that will always be restocked by the merchants of death that are the defense contractors.
Our cultural priorities have become so fucked up, corrupted and polluted that a glimpse of a woman’s nipple shown on national television dominates all media coverage and elicits outrage while the illicit occupation in Iraq with women and children being blown apart into bloody bits in the name of the never ending and all encompassing ‘war on terror’ does not make it into the national psyche who are more interested in getting their next hit of vicarious celebrity living off of the electronic crack pipe. Our idiot king has alienated us from the rest of the world and the psychotic court jesters of his rogue administration only continue to conspire to lead us all down the path that will ultimately conclude with the destruction of the very ideals of a democratic society if not the lives of those not only here in America but throughout the world. The crack down on dissent is coming that much is certain, too many people are starting to become restless and beginning to ask questions for it not to.

The equilibrium of international relations has not only been upset by these fools and charlatans but sent off spinning into the depths of some bizarre parallel universe in which up is down, wrong is right, truth is ignorance and war is peace. We have begun the journey down the rabbit hole, let us hope that the rabbit hole does not eventually end up being a mass grave. We are now on the precipice of the new crusades, a war of civilizations and religions perpetuated by those both ignorant of history as well as world culture.

We are now playing for keeps.