Alex Jones Pimps Phony Race War

Alex Jones, the proprietor of, a man who I have had serious reservations over for awhile now but due to the concept of finding an occasional diamond in a mountain of manure I have largely refrainied from critcizing is over the line. Mr. Jones, an influential online radio host, documentary producer and bombastic self-purported thruth sayer despite his failure to ever call out the Texas Oil Nazis, the Koch family, the Council For Foreign Policy or the John Birch Society on his syndicated show has now began to promote a dangerous meme. I speak of the ridiculous and inflammatory jihad against the Robert Rodriguez film Machete which the morons over at Infowars are calling out as an instigation for a race war. This is what happens when those that have been subjected to dehumanization, deligitimization and demagogy over a prolonged period like Hispanics finally counterattack. The brown menace has been the bread and butter for Jones and a large portion of his listeners for years now, it is painful to have to wade through the global warming denial, whacked out and tired conspiracy theories like flouride in the water, gun grabber paranoia and the incessant race baiting on Jones’s show to hear the guests who actually have something worth a damn to say yet are shut out of saying it anywhere else.

While I have in the past defended Jones and his affiliation with a long list of CNP contributors such as Doctor Stan Monteith despite serious reservations while taking holy hell from my former allies on the left, a bunch of in denial, politically correct and feckless toads who are in their own way every bit as bad as their more virulent right-winger counterparts. Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon and Collapse pegs the pathetic excuse for what passes as the American left as: “…the most delusional, ineffective, and compromised political worm ball I have ever experienced, past and present” in speaking as one who has now left it for good I find little to argue with Ruppert about. The caveat though is that there are a lot of decent, good intentioned people there who remain friends despite my disagreements with them. It is my hope and opinion that ideologues will one day be able set aside their preconceived notions of a perfect society where there is no hate, a world without war and a utopian communist rule by the workers (when all that communism is is just another group of thieves, sadists and perverts using the power of the state to steal and murder) and just realize that human nature is inherently bad and that there are one hell of a lot more bad people out there who will pick the meat from their bones in a second if it suits their own needs.

Alex Jones and his operation are now exposing themselves as the wolves roving amongst the sheep despite the ongoing falsehoods of waging war against tyranny and corruption and anyone who is a listener should boycott the program over this latest shrill rhetoric. We have very serious problems in this country today regarding real concerns about a rising tide of violence that has already thanks to the demagogues on the right become a cold civil war. Jones and his more refined and famous counterpart (who he is quite obviously jealous of) Glenn Beck have done their damned level best to create a climate of hatred, fear and animosity and using the constant race-baiting black propaganda to do it. Where did all of those obscene images of the infamous Obama Joker come from? The Alex Jones show, that’s where. And this farcical and ridiculous attempt to manufacture fake outrage to fool his audience into buying the reverse psychological bullshit of the race war that he and his ilk have spent years ginning up as typical lard-assed Texan troglodytes is as beyond the pale as it is ludicrous.

The Christian white majority that has ruled this country and presided over the rapid decline and strip mining of the economy that could never have occurred without their foul stupidity, their meanness, greed and inability to turn their backs on superstition and mass murder will soon be a minority. The coming demographic shift is imminent and irreversable and pigs like Jones and his ilk would rather have blood flowing in the streets than to simply accept the inevitable and try to work towards fighting against the real tyranny – corporatism and the military industrial complex and the unwinnable, bankrupting illegal wars of destruction. It is fitting though that the white man is getting eased out, at least it is more humane this time than when they slaughtered the original indigenous inhabitants of what would come to be known as The Homeland.

Just my two cents


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