Historical Ignorance

It just keeps coming. The latest horse-hockey that the Bushies and their hacks are prepared to feed as grist into the propaganda mill is that Iraq and WW II are comparable wars. This is a canard the size o’ Texas that will be inserted into an the coming p.r. campaign alongside the trusty old 9/11-Iraq link warhorse in order to form a dual pronged assault of mendacity as the cock of the walk will flee Chickenhawk Ranch for a series of p.r. appearances in front of the normal friendly, brain dead audiences. This newest nugget of spin was leaked to the media by ‘senior aides’ (aka Karl and Rove) over the weekend. The point being that WW II was a longer war, and due to its justifiable status as a ‘good’ war it is are more preferable to use as an example and fodder for Rovian spin than Viet Nam, a bloody quagmire that anybody but the most stupid of Americans are able to see is far more comparable to Iraq that the Big One. As Dirty Georgie and the gang goes into desperation mode to do anything to distract from a growing storyline centering on the hordes of anti-war protesters encamped at the main access road to Chickenhawk Ranch the fact that they have to resort to this folderol is proof that the anti-war movement is becoming a serious threat that the usual scum spewing talking heads have been unable to put down. Other than complete disregard for the intelligence of the American people by the Republican slime machine, there is nothing more certain than a dumbed down American public that is both eager and willing to gobble up more morsels of the same bullshit in a different wrapper. Increasingly ignorant of history and ever more distracted by the politicization of educational criteria, students just aren’t getting it when it comes to learning our national heritage and world history.

Many schools are so intimidated by right wing pressure groups led by fascists like David Horowitz that they neglect to teach it in anything form other than the blase, homogenized, state sanctioned version of America as the shining beacon of morality and goodness that cloaks the genocide of Manifest Destiny in a John Wayne style western myth of waging war against primitive, bloodthirsty savages and honors a ruthlessly greedy slave trader named Christopher Columbus as a national hero even to the extent of giving him his own holiday. It is only because of this type of mass institutional ignorance that so many are willing to swallow party line propaganda and revisionist history hook, line and sinker. Throw in a mind numbing barrage of 24/7 television, an endless supply of dumbed down formulaic blockbuster Hollywood releases and the growing popularity of the computer gaming industry and you have a totalitarian’s dream of a populace practically begging to be manipulated by government sponsored ruthless public relations firms that are paid to make YOU dumber with your own tax dollars.

Not that the great WWII Iraq link is new to these people, after all we were inundated with propagana while the war drums were being beaten that Saddam Hussein was in fact the new Hitler. Admittedly, there were some similarities: both used chemical weapons (Saddam’s were sold to him by U.S. corporations and with the knowledge of the Reagan administration, both left mass graves filled with victims (most of Saddam’s holes in the desert were filled with the bodies of those whom Daddy Bush incited to rebel against the regime in Gulf War I and then abandoned to be slaughtered) and perhaps most importantly since pictures are such a powerful medium of communication (even the illiterate can understand an image) they both have mustaches!


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