Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

“Every one of us has brought a shovel, because Mar del Plata is going to be the tomb of F.T.A.A.

-President Hugo Chavez

Massive protests greeted Emperor Bush in the streets of Mar Del Plata in Argentina where he had slimed off partially in order to act as a shill to corporate American intestests and the promotion of the anti-labor F.T.A.A. agenda but also to avoid the bothersome scrutiny over the Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney CIA leak fiasco by an increasingly inquisitive press but the poseur king had this time jumped from the frying pan into the fire. People took to the streets to protest, unfortunately a small amount of them as they always do turned to violence and rioting, the burning of buildings became imagery that the spin machines could immediately seize upon in order to discredit the protestors in the same matter that they were demonized as a whole in Seattle. To the people who took to the streets to protest, all that I can say is that according to recent polls that a majority of Americans think that Bush is every bit the fascist asshole that you do.

The ‘Latin Bureau Correspondent’ shithack for my local newspaper was on the story and damning the evils of those would condemn the free trade agreements that are anathema to big moneyed American and transnational corporations seeking to open new slave labor markets and privatize every ‘commodity’ down to the water they drink and very likely when technology reaches a stage where it becomes possible, the very air that they breathe. Take a close look America: they are us! Latin America is only the test environment for products that will one day be rolled out domestically.

He railed against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the only man with the balls to stand up to U.S. Imperialism and the oil to allow him to not be taken out or made into a complete pariah by well organized public relations spin chambers. He impugned the credibility of any who would dare to protest the gross inequities of the FTAA, tarring Chavez and celebrity soccer star Diego Maradona as mere lackeys of Fidel Castro, a longtime bogeyman to be invoked whenever U.S. Latin American imperialism is met with resistance. Of course what in the hell does this idiot know, he was writing the damned thing in Miami, he had neither the balls nor the backing of the conservative rag that he worked for to bother to actually show up in person. How appropriate that it was Miami, the same city where Gestapo tactics were used by police in a vicious crackdown to quash protest two years ago where he was laid up like a typical GOP lackey, more than likely in a fine South Beach hotel eating well, chasing tail and getting juiced on a nice expense account to file his byline from poolside. Unfortunately this right wing advocacy was pretty much the extent of the coverage that the locals in my area received, what in the name of Christ has happened to decent, objective reporting? What is the point of sending these people to journalism school in the first place when headhunters for public relations firms circle college campuses like vultures looking to pick the most talented writers to join the ranks of the flacks and spinmeisters that have sent our vaunted freedom of the press plunging like a stone affected by Newton’s law of Gravity to such an abysmal point that we as a country now trail notorious former fascist states as well as Soviet Bloc countries when it comes to allowing the public to receive the truth and not spin and propaganda. We now rank at 44 and closing in fast on N.I.T. eligibility.

Chavez’ growing popularity among South Americans is a continuing burr in the ass of the Bush junta and their globalist corporate pimps, he is becoming quite the figure and a much needed voice who speaks the truth about the sham trade arrangements that are destroying the ability of the majority to ever experience any life outside of the cruel and inhumane existential hell that is abject poverty. Chavez took to the stage in front of thousands to denounce the fraudulence of free trade as “the way to hell”. The masses cheered, chanted Bush is a Fascist and represented.

There were tens of thousands in the streets, these you see are people who actually get it. They are all too familiar with the foulness and corruption of tin pot banana republic dictators, they have seen men like Bush before and know both what they are capable of and can’t be fooled when it comes to the fact that their true interests lie in the further suppression of the masses (often violently) in favor of the cruel, plutocratic leaders who form U.S. puppet governments. They can actually remember past events with a clarity not found in the citizenship of their northern television infatuated neighbor, they haven’t forgetten the Reagan era bloodbaths, they don’t forget the previous century of intervention of U.S. corporations, CIA assassinations, Wall Street backed invasions, death squads, body dumps, exploitation, torture and abandonment. They have had their Pinochets, Noriegas and any other number of United States backed goons.

There is a semi famous but mainly unrecognized little tract written by the great Marine Corps Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler called War Is A Racket. Butler is the man whom Wall Street thugs once attempted to enlist to lead an attempted coup against the hated Franklin D. Roosevelt only to have Butler turn on them and rat them out to congress. He was a military man who was sick of the game and stated:

“I spent 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism.”

It’s just a shame that Americans within our own borders have the innate ability to live their lives in a state of myopic ignorance that allows little tin gods like George W. Bush to continue to perpetuate the lies of the benefits of a ‘global freemarket’ while most are only a job loss or tragic health incident away from poverty themselves.

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