Torturers R Us

“We Do Not Torture’
-George W. Bush-
Another day, yet another insanely contrived lie from the bare-assed naked, stark raving mad emperor of the United States, a man as crazy as a shithouse rat with the moral principles of a degenerate addict on a bad jones with no money for the next fix and looking for an easy mark. In the political realm there is of course no easier mark than the millions of adoring suckers who will gobble up the lastest imperial bullshit biscuit as though it were a sacred morsel of the God’s honest truth just as a good ole peckerwood gobbles up grits ‘n biscuits ‘n red eye gravy along with Timothy LaHaye pulp fiction novels.

Of course this is a lie, and as Hitler once reportedly said “the bigger the lie, the more people who will believe it”. The Nazi analogies once seemed to be over the top for this goon squad of an administration and their sycophants but when the United States of America becomes just another human rights abusing torture state the piss baby Republicans who bray on in mock outrage at each invocation of the dreaded ‘N’ word in connection with their vile totalitarian policies lose credibility with each new incident that comes to life and with each prevarication from the liar in chief and his minions.

Bush and his master Dick Cheney have been taking the war to congress in their very advocacy of the divine right of the United States to savagely beat and humiliate and illegally imprison whoever in the hell that they damned well please by using the bully pulpit to intimidate and paint opponents as somehow being facilitators of terror:

“There’s an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again. And so, you bet we will aggressively pursue them. But we will do so under the law.”

The caveat is that when the law has been altered to allow torture that this will be a true statement and these lunatics are hellbent on doing whatever is necessary to allow for perverse, ultra violent, bloody and painful sadomasochistic techniques to become perfectly legal tactics that will become commonplace. Cheney himself is the chief advocate of striking the Geneva Convention from the American language and rarely has there been a man so desperately in need of having his balls ripped off by a pair of fire heated cast iron tongs than the nefarious master manipulator. And if Crazy Dick Cheney and his allies get their way and the law is permanently changed in order to allow torture the real enemy that is seeking to destroy America, and destroy her from within will be one step closer to their ability to use their tactics against domestic dissenters and enemies as the dawning of the day of the American Inquisition draws ever nearer. When looking at today’s social and political trends it is fairly simple to extrapolate forward several years and when taking into consideration the growing infatuation with a hate filled, vengeful and virulently evil strain of militant theocratic dominionism, mix in a political party determined to hold power through deception and fraud and a nation of desperate, destitute, dumbed down, reality television addicted zombies and it could only be a matter of time until the new FOX network smash hit reality show will be American Torquemada where any liberal or moderate could become the guest of the week.

Don’t look now but the foundations of a fascist police state are already in place through the creation of the massive Department of Homeland Security and the passage of the USA PATRIOT act, a vile piece of enabling legal chicanery that is already being abused to cast a far wider net than originally explained according to a recent Washington Post story that should send a shiver up the spine of any rational citizen still in some sort of a state of semi-denial over this five year ongoing nightmare. The neocons and Cheney have their own reasons for brutality and as acolytes of the twisted Leo Strauss whose belief that religion should be used as a methodology for mass deceit they have found all too willing partners in the power hungry, revolutionary zealots of the radical religous right, a long gathering force in domestic politics that has been allowed for far too long to fly under the radar and has grown like a raging fungus in a dank cupboard. The much desired theocratic society must have the state sanctioned usage of torture available to them in order to initiate the return to the good old days of the middle ages, today’s story that congress is scrambling to mount an investigation into the leak of the administration’s global torture gulag network is proof of what is at stake. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert (Tom DeLay’s front man) are ready to go medieval on a leaker whose exposure of their existing torture training camps threatens to expose the entire game. A like sense of urgency to initiate Senate investigations into the Valerie Plame leak or manipulated pre war intelligence never received any serious discussion from the legislative point men for the religous right; Frist and DeLay remember brought the country to a standstill to introduce emergency legislation in order to override the decisions of the courts in the tragic Terri Schiavo family melodrama. Why the sudden desire to go to the mattresses if some serious hidden agenda is not in jeopardy? Frist’s intimate ties to the theocratic elite are hardly a secret given his appearances at the anti-American gatherings to overthrow the constitutional foundations of the judiciary laughably called Justice Sundays.
Regarding the condemnation of torture, the ‘christian’ fascists of the militant religious right are strangely out of the dialogue and as usual their stance is completely contradictory to the teachings of Jesus Christ who incidentally happened to be tortured to death himself. Where is the outrage? Unsurprisingly it is absent from the millions whose accolades for Mel Gibson’s bloodbath of an epic torture snuff film ‘The Passion of the Christ’ show that they have both a taste for blood and a yen for voyeurism and cruelty. The radical religious right that constitutes the vast majority of George W. Bush’s rabble is only now beginning to be recognized by mainstream figures as the menace to democracy that it always has been. Former president Jimmy Carter addresses the power of the fundamentalists as well as their strange interpretations of the life and teachings of Christ in his great new book ‘ Our Endangered Values’ in which he often contrasts traditional Christianity with the mutated version that has now become so widespread in the United States that Abraham Foxman, the director of the influential Jewish Anti Defamation League warned of the growing threat of institutionalized extremist Christianity and the coming dangers to religious tolerance and the wall of separation between church and state.

“Today we face a better financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before. Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America. To save us!”

While funneling billions of dollars of taxpayer funded graft through Faith Based Initiative programs to nurture and empower the fundamentalist movement, the Bush administration freely uses the IRS as it’s personal financial Gestapo in order to threaten real churches who dare to preach Christ’s message of peace as is evident in this report of a recent crackdown on a Pasadena, CA ministry who dared to denounce Bush’s evil Iraq war when at the same time, churches who are on message and therefore effectively advocate the policies of the state are allowed to operate without a similar invocation of IRS audits for their blatant politicizing of sermons, expulsion of Democratic parishioners and distribution of propaganda materials.

The truth needs to be known: The terrorists are already here, they always have been here, the terrorists are among us and unless their ability to restructure the laws to allow for their cruel, animalistic need to dominate is stopped then any who are not with them will be against them and will be rounded up under the pretenses of being either an enemy or a collaborator of an enemy of the state. The initial structure for this theocratic torture state is being erected a plank at a time behind a façade of legitimacy that will be dropped once the work has been completed and there is no longer a necessity for illusion. The time to stop this insane power play is yesterday and any sane American needs to scream now and scream loudly in righteous outrage in order to stop this decline into despotic barbarism. Start reading your history and most specifically read the history of the horrors of the inquisition and the heinous techniques that were utilized by the inquisitors.

You will be screaming much louder when it is you who is strapped to the torture table.

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