Attack Of The Surrogates

Emperor Bush has been sent packing, gone away overseas to the Orient on a mission from God to ‘repair his image’ (maybe he can vomit on the Japanese Prime Minister like his daddy did) and to stay out of trouble while his vicious good squad spins away with category five force strength, seeking to throw enough bullshit against the wall in the hope that some of it will stick in order to reverse his devastating post Katrina slide and restore his onetime mantle of ‘The War President’, but alas, when all of the markers are back in and counted good ole Abe Lincoln will be proven right once again:

“You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Bush couldn’t cut and run fast enough from his increasingly damaged regime and the accompanying plummeting public approval ratings, leaving a vapor trail of invective as he blasted off from Alaska where he again likened Democrats and war critics to traitors who would sell out the troops that he sent to Baghdad under trumped up pretenses, an accusation so shameful that Republican Senator Chuck Hagel saw fit to break ranks with the goose-steppers in his own party to denounce it:

“The Bush Administration must understand that each American has a right to question our policies in Iraq and should not be demonized for disagreeing with them. Suggesting that to challenge or criticize policy is undermining and hurting our troops is not democracy nor what this country has stood for, for over 200 years.”


The utmost in hypocrisy is the story of George W. Bush pushing for freedom in China while his henchmen do everything possible to crush dissent and strip civil liberties at home, extending the USA PATRIOT act beyond it’s original sunset provisions in order to provide a standard enabling act for tyranny. Habeus Corpus is likely going to be a quaint thing of the past before much longer due to the rottenness of the fascists in congress, the torture state will firmly be in place and the FBI and other government agencies could be rifling YOUR data without any sort of oversight or accountability for potential ‘terrorist’ connections. Makes you feel real secure doesn’t it? Even the flag wavers would likely have problems with this if they were to ever bother to do a bit of research on their own rather than to rely on electronic demagogues to tell them how to think.

Bush has a history of having others fight his battles which is indicative of the spoiled little Richie Rich type of prick that he truly is and always will be despite the phony luminescense of the glowing halo that his fantastic image masters imbue the inarticulate little dunce with in order to offer an undeniable allure to the fundamentalist peckerwoods and other suckers of the party base. The GOP Slime Machine has even conjured up the penultimate demon of Dick Cheney to wage his cowardly verbal war of distortion and vitriol against the truth that is rapidly closing in on his office: the Valerie Plame leak and Iraq lies are strictly bush league, the really serious shit is going to start coming out soon. The Washington Post actually had a story about Cheney’s corrupt energy task force in which his complicity had been walled off from the public by a deal with the devil and Antonin Scalia that was consumnated on a ‘duck hunting trip’. The Cheney-Scalia excursion reminds me of the outdoor gangster gathering in the Danny DeVito movie Hoffa where the great outdoors male bonding session was merely a pretense to conduct criminal activity and so was Cheney’s Louisiana safari with Scalia, a judge so tainted that he doesn’t only deserve impeachment but also needs to be tried as the sleazy mafioso that he truly is alongside the rest of the Bush Brothers crime family.

The real stuff about Dick Cheney is just too much too handle for most of the credulous, infantile and outright ignorant populace but it’s coming. When a right wing advocacy rag like the Wall Street Journal actually runs a piece by former FBI Director Louis Freeh basically accusing the vaunted 9/11 Commission on covering up the existence of Able Danger on the Op Ed page and questions the integrity of the commission itself it is a sign that serious questions about that ugly September Tuesday morning four years ago have reached the penetration point where they can no longer be easily dismissed as the rantings of cranks, conspiracy theorists and tin foil hatters. The actions of Cheney on the morning of 9/11 and the total breakdown of standard intercept protocols for off course potentially hijacked flights that allowed sufficient time for the twin towers to be destroyed in a spectacular display that could be forever seared into the American consciousness are the Rosetta Stone of the tragic transformation of America into a nascent repressive police state in the early twenty first century. While it would be hard to imagine that any serious investigation into exactly who benefited from the attacks and why will ever be undertaken by either the government or the media as it currently exists, any independent researcher should be able to form a pretty damned good working thesis by doing a serious and objective analysis of all of the inconsistencies, fortuitous foul ups and machinations of neo conservative ideology.

Then again as Colonel Jessup once said “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Of course it was Cheney riding to the rescue as chief pitbull as it always is when Little Lord Fauntleroy wants to stay out of the fray and allow his surrogates to fight his battles. In one of the most anti-American displays of incendiary rhetoric in recent memory Darth Dickie blasted off with a rolling thunder attack on war critics that continues to smolder three days afterward. The five time draft deferring chickenhawk lashed out in front of an audience of rabid right wingers during a speech at another one of the fascist think tanks that serve as launching pads for the shit missiles fired by the cowardly commanders of the Army of Bush. Cheney practically blew out his aorta with a rabid onslaught of totalitarian bile in which he further disseminated the GOP weekly talking points that have decided that painting the majority of Americans as terrorist collaborators who seek to undermine the troops for political advantage and throwing down the dreaded trump card of tarring the opposition as ‘unpatriotic’ that has worked so well in the past for this scum is the best and only strategy for polishing the turd of their failure of a bloody goddamned war. Cheney blabbered inane denunciations in a phlegm choked semi roar, calling Democrats “opportunists peddling cynical and pernicious falsehoods” as he tightened the ropes that held the flag tethered to the pirate schooner of Republican fascism and nationalist imperialism. The very week that the story is broken on how the U.S. military dropped chemical white phosphorous on civilians and insurgents during the Guernica style razing of Falluja last November it is ironic and tragic that the ruling junta has chosen a similar rhetorical tactic in der homeland.


Treasonous, anti American vermin the likes of Cheney whose naked greed is surpassed only by their lust for power should according to the the immortal words of Dalton Trumbo:

“be hanged and drawn and quartered and paraded through the streets in small chopped up little bits and thrown out into the fields where no clean animal will touch them and let their chunks rot there and may no green thing ever grow where they rot.”

Hanging is far too good for this despicable pig fucker of a traitor, but the drawing and quartering would be far more appropriate for a nazi bastard who cowers in some rathole of a bunker, eating Viagra tablets like skittles and slowly masturbating over a damp, dog earred copy of Mein Kampf while fantasizing about becoming the grand emperor of a secret underground government that would replace Jeffersonian democracy with Straussian deceit and Hitlerian repression. A wounded animal however is the most dangerous, and with nothing to lose and a potential world spectacle of a trial for treason and murder look for Big Dick to do whatever is in his power no matter how ruthless…hell…participating in the murder of over 3,000 innocent Americans as a matter of business wasn’t an issue for this psychopath when he wasn’t under scrutiny……how many will he kill to save his own ass by instigating a massive terrorist attack that will give him the power to revoke Habeus Corpus, turn America into a totalitarian police state and simultaneously invade Syria and nuke Iran?

The bastard’s cardiologist should be declared public enemy number one.

How in the hell did we ever get to the point where we as a country could become so morally depraved that we would allow a sleazy, immoral, unpatriotic, morally deficient, perverse, evil, greedy, criminally insane sluttish piece of shit slime his way into the White House to begin with? If Cheney is the ‘human’ embodiment of the military industrial complex and all of the evils that have been wrought upon the innocent and poor in the name of stealing natural resources, the naked greed of war profiteering and the unbelievably despicable afterbirth of the Nixon years then George W. Bush is the ‘human’ embodiment of the effects of stupidity, sloth, apathy, avarice, ignorance and selfishness that have afflicted this nation in the subsequent generations since our brave ancestors sacrificed all to defeat the fascist evil of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi war machine, a juggernaut built with if not outright complicity by American industrialists and Wall Street capitalists then built with their sanction.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are God’s plague upon us all as well as a pox that will never be erased in the lifetime of any living reader of this posting. So contemptible has their repudiation of over two hundred and thirty fucking years of American values been that it will forever taint we as a people as it has weakened us both within and without.

What Price Is Too High…when will we finally wake up?

Interestingly enough the longtime Karl Rove tactic of muddying the waters also popped up this week when it was revealed that famed Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward has inserted himself into the Valerie Plame investigation and has through his admission to Patrick Fitzgerald’s office that he too was intimately involved in the case but was so concerned with being interrupted from working on his Bush hagiographies that he at the time did not disclose that he was allegedly the first reporter to learn of Plame’s CIA status. This is obviously spin designed to extricate the administration from the perils of the Scooter Libby situation and the potentially damning testimony that could come out in a trial. Rove, having bought time through a last minute diversionary tactic that kept him from also being indicted is now calling out all hacks in an attempt to spin, slime and discredit Fitzgerald. A chief hack is apparently Woodward, a legendary and once great reporter now gone to seed and corrupted by wealth, easy access and celebrity. The man who helped to bring down the corrupt Nixon regime has sold his soul to the apparatchik and apparently in addition to becoming a White House mouthpiece he is now an official member of Team Bush, first denouncing the merits of the investigation and now dragging himself across the trail like a red herring. The Post should do the right thing and run this sycophantic ass kisser out the door, pressuring him for his ‘resignation’ ala the New York Times’ Judy Miller, another whore masquerading as a reporter.

And the right wing has the balls to whine about a ‘liberal media’, just more horseshit to distract from their well compensated imbeds throughout the press. Carl Bernstein, the Watergate reporter who maintained his honor by not selling out ala ‘Robert Redford’ Woodward wrote a very good although difficult to find piece on the practice of CIA use of plants within the media which was published in Rolling Stone back in 1977 and is unbelievably to my knowledge unavailable on the internet in it’s entirety. I did manage to however find it on microfiche at my local library and it reveals the history of the sinister manipulation of public opinion by the power elite through the dissemination of propaganda. Operation Mockingbird was the code name and despite rumors to the contrary the imbeds are dug in even deeper in 2005.

How fitting that Woodward would eventually succumb to the glamorous Redford imagery, a monster of his own creation, the one time golden boy of American journalism has like Anakin Skywalker discovered the power of the dark side of the force where he runs with the wolves.

And to end with an extremely disturbing piece of gossip:

According to some reports, the little tyrant is slowly beginning to lose it, quite possibly hitting the bottle again while cutting himself off from most of his dipshit sycophant advisers as well as finally acting out with the longtime psychological damage caused by his Oedipus complex and resentment against his daddy by completely cutting the old man out. Bush is reportedly only accepting regular counsel from his real and surrogate mommies, the chaotic consequences of empowering the deranged, idiot spawn of the ultimate dysfunctional American family is now coming home to roost.

It will be like The Jerry Springer Show only that the featured guest will have all of the nuclear launch codes and an increasingly tenuous footing in reality.

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