A Truly Pathetic Display

I typically refrain from using the word ‘cunt’ as a pejorative but sometimes a line is crossed in such a grossly egregious and detestable manner that nothing less than calling in the rhetoric Arc Light will duly serve justice. Republican Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is therefore truly deserving of being forever labeled as a CUNT with a capital C for her disgraceful and cowardly attack on Rep. John Murtha on Friday in Dennis Hastert’s House of Pigs. Schmidt is the well connected Republicunt who narrowly held on for a victory over Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett in a 2005 special election. Hackett is a man who she also slurred repeatedly, dragging his military service through the muck and questioning his patriotism with the full backing of the GOP slimers including thrice divorced drug addict Rush Limbaugh and barely managed to eke out a win in a heavily Republican district. Scum like Schmidt only ‘support the troops’ when it is expedient to do so in order to promote their theocratic fascist agenda.

Schmidt, who is the the most junior member of congress was dressed up like a red, white and blue ‘patriotic’ condom three weeks after Halloween and performed her trickery like a veteran Republican chickenhawk in spewing out a phony letter from a right wing activist as a narrative vehicle for advancing the GOP talking points and labeling the 37 year Marine veteran a ‘coward’ for his criticism of the pathetic conduct of the Bush administration and Pentagon in conducting the ‘war’ in Iraq as well as calling for a withdrawal of troops. Schmidt’s unscrupulous demagogic attack should be a surprise to nobody who follows politics given the recent infamy of the ‘Buckeye State’ where the local Republicans are the largest collection of unprincipled thieves west of the beltway. Ohio is such a corrupt shithole of a state that it actually makes Jeb Bush’s Florida look like a model for good government by comparison.

Coingate: Another Republican money laundering scheme where sleazy operator Tom Noe was given 50$ million dollars in state taxpayer money from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation to invest in rare coins and other collectible items such as baseball cards and ‘shockingly’ (sardonic laughter) funneled a portion of the money into the GOP political machine with some of the money ending up being directed to both the campaigns of George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Investigators estimate that $10-$13 million total went missing, that money funds a lot of campaigns and when all is said and done it will likely be connected to the nationwide racketeering of Abramoff , Rove & DeLay Inc. Schmidt has longstanding ties to Noe and with any luck may go down with the other turds once the chain is pulled.

Governor Bob Taft: The grandson of former U.S. President William Howard Taft is just another slimy and corrupt Republican politician hiding behind a family name. Taft was recently forced to issue a public apology over his failure to report graft that included 52 golf outings and numerous expensive dinners and tickets to entertainment events.

Congressman Bob Ney: Likely to soon to be indicted in the potentially massive Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Ney peddled influence and used his official position as chairman of the House Administration Committee which controls capitol building functions such as assigning parking and office space to reign like King Tut over Dems and low ranking GOP house members. Soon he may find his influence limited to peddling cigarettes in a federal prison.

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell: The Uncle Tom who did everything possible to stack the deck against black voters in the 2004 presidential election, at one point invoking a statute over the paper stock that provisional ballots could be printed on in order to invalidate potential anti-Bush votes. Blackwell is just a smarter, darker version of fellow Bush family lackey Katherine Harris.

Election Rigging: Florida 2000 Redux. There are too many reports of black box voting machine ‘malfunctions’, racial intimidation, insufficient voting machine allocation and even a bogus Homeland Security lockdown to list here. I recommend the following:

The Conyers Report : U.S. Representative John Conyer’s report on the fraud that was Ohio in November 2004. A man so despised by Republicans in The House of Pigs that his hearings on the Downing Street Memo were relegated to a cramped basement room…see Bob Ney.

Mark Crispin Miller: This is a link to a Harper’s Magazine article of a few months back, since then he has had a book published named ‘Fooled Again’. I can’t review this book because I have yet to read it but Miller’s past work is highly recommended.
Northern Front of Theocratic Movement: The state of Ohio has been targeted as the northern front of the radical fundamentalist movement. The Ohio Restoration Project plans to mobilize evangelical voters based on bogus social issues that will be prevalent on every ballot, this is very disturbing news and if allowed to happen would establish a D Day type of beachhead from which further attempts to spread the poison gospel of Pat Robertson, Richard Land, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson throughout the northeastern hinterlands. The old sports writer’s condemnation of the city Cleveland as the ‘mistake by the lake’ has spread to the entire state of Ohio which has become as terminally toxic as the one time legendary EPA nightmare of Lake Erie. A northern rust belt state as full of bunco artists, dimwits, hicks, fish, suckers, stooges, fools, evangelicals and peckerwoods as in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi or any other regressive and terminally retarded red state. The theocratic master plan of tearing down the wall of separation between church and state cannot be executed without conquering the north.

And now that the dreaded ‘C’ word is out for only the second time in this blog’s history and for the first when not being used to describe Michelle Malkin as a “crazy cunt” for her advocacy of the insidiously Nazi like idea of herding up Arab Americans and sticking them in concentration camps, perhaps now is the appropriate time for all chickenshit, chicken hawk Republican House members male or female who callously impugn the patriotism of others and then hide behind the flag to launch their dastardly attacks to wear it as a scarlet letter:

Duncan Hunter? CUNT ! Jeff Davis? CUNT! Dennis Hastert? BIG FAT CUNT ! Roy Blunt? CUNT! (see, it even rhymes) Tom DeLay? DOUBLE CUNT! Dick Cheney? QUADRUPLE (bypass) CUNT TO THE SIXTHTEENTH POWER!
And So It Goes.

And what better word than cunt, one of the most offensive and inflammatory terms in the English language could be used to describe those who are the most offensive to the very concept of democracy, since there is as of yet no known word that could epitomize the utterly excrable and contemptible behavior of the ruling political party in America today.

It would only be fitting if the term Republican could one day become more loathsome than any in our common language including cunt, the current practitioners of this most militant and anti American of political dogmas deserve a label befitting their true place as the ultimate pariahs in American history and may the very mention of the word Republican be worthy of having a child’s mouth being washed out with soap or an adult being shunned by all respectable company.

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