Post Turkey Day Musings

There was no top secret PR mission to Iraq this Thanksgiving Day, no pictures of the idiot king hamming it up for the cameras with a plastic turkey. There was however another bombing in Baghdad, an insurgent detonated a car outside of a hospital near a group of American troops who were handing out candy to children, thirty dead, at least 40 wounded according to ‘news’ accounts, four American servicemen among them, the body parts of the victims were strewn throughout the street, their families crying in anguish. In the city Hillah another car bomb exploded, at least 11 killed and 17 wounded, there have been over 200 deaths in less than a week. No reason for Thanksgiving in Mesopatamia. How rational is it to stay the course if the course itself is madness.

There were arrests at Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX where war protesters were hauled off while dirty George hunkered down inside, making the obligatory phony calls to ‘the troops’ and enjoying a holiday feast of roasted free range turkey, chipotle maple whipped sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus with red peppers and fruit ambrosia. The trollop twin daughters of the Bushes celebrated their 24th birthday, the atmosphere was festive, the booze likely flowing now that daddy was allegedly on the juice again. Outside protesters gathered, and were kept under control, many arrests were made by locals, word was out that Cindy Sheehan was coming, the woman demonized by both the extremist right as well as the establishment Democrats of Hillary, Lieberman and Kerry, not a one of which with the courage to stand up for what is right and call for an end to the bloody fiasco in Iraq. The utmost in hypocrisy is that Emperor Bush dared to preach the abstractions of freedom and democracy as to the Chinese last week and then had his personal gestapo haul off those who sought to express their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and protest at home, of course Bush also invoked the ever present evangelical message in China as well, more likely as an appeasement to the red state knuckle draggers of the base than in sincerity.

There were empty seats at holiday dinner tables across the land, seats that once would have been filled by loved ones who have been killed in Bush and Cheney’s bloody fuck of a war. Some chairs were filled by it’s living victims, men or women with brain injuries, crushed and useless bodies, some were missing extremities blown off by roadside bombs, unable even to lift a fork, these are the invisible veterans of Bush’s war, hidden away from the public eye lest the truth be know that there is no glory in war and that those who will never be the same again are better forgotten by the rulers lest their dirty little secret be given away. The FOX network broadcast a football game on Thanksgiving, as with all of their productions the flag waving faux patriotism and use of the troops as props was on display once more, the militarization of the American psyche through ubiquitous propaganda knows no holiday, propaganda that is an officially sanctioned function of the Bush administration who uses taxpayer dollars to hire public relations firms like the Rendon Group. The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine has an expose called ‘The Man Who Sold The War’ that is as disturbing as it is outrageous, even more outrageous is that a music magazine is able to publish great investigative journalism that the so called mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole for fear of incurring the wrath of their corporate masters and the criminals in the military industrial complex for whom they function as shills.

A few days prior to turkey day a British paper published a story on how it had obtained a memo showing that last year Emperor Bush actually contemplated bombing Al Jazeera, the Arab television network based in Quatar, an ally, even more proof that the terrorists are among us, the lunatics have seized control of the asylum. The maniac Bush had to be talked out of this futile and stupid gesture by Tony Blair who despite his own lust for power and duplicity is rational enough to understand that such an act would inflame the Arab world and further unite them against American and Britain. Talk about winning the hearts and minds of the Arab world…Jesus! A fucking three year old playing with toy soldiers in a sandbox is a more competent commander in chief than the ass clown in the White House. The White House of course vehemently denied this report but the proof is in the pudding, the British government was scared shitless to the point of invoking a gag order and issuing threats on any news organization that would release the document. Not to worry about much domestic outrage, the corporate media made this story disappear as quickly as granny’s sweet potato pie.

The Pentagon team was also called into action this week over reports that the demonic super terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been killed in a raid on an insurgent stronghold over the weekend. Rummy’s asshole must have puckered big time over the news that somebody may have blown up their poster boy. The rise of Zarqawi has been a phenomenal thing to watch and the credulous public has bought the bait and switch with the same unquestioning fealty allowed them to overwhelmingly believe that Saddam Hussein was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. The elevation of this small time operator to international terrorist mastermind has been a masterful deception by the black ops masters and image makers. The fact that the real Zarqawi was the only militant with alleged ties to Al Quaeda who could be placed in Iraq (even if it was in an area that wasn’t controlled by Saddam) at all in the run up to the invasion was immediately seized on by the lie factory and lo and behold he is now a bigger influence to the shadowy global terrorist networks than Osama Been Forgotten himself. Of course any such story of the death of an iconic figure who has become the very symbol of ultimate evil that allows the neo con dream of hegemony and chaos in the Middle East had to be debunked swiftly and with extreme prejudice, too much time and money had been spent in the making of the myth. How do you kill a man that is already dead?

An amazing new movie is out, a movie that I am astonished that was even allowed to be made in this dark era of nationalism and disinformation where questioning the intentions of power is denounced as being tantamount to treason. The movie is Syriana and is about the geopolitics of oil, corporate and governmental corruption, CIA complicity in assassinations and terrorism. It is a movie that is foreign to our era of the dumbness, subliminal advertising and special effects extravaganzas that pass for mass entertainment. Hard hitting political movies just don’t get made anymore lest the servile and ignorant begin to ask questions of institutions of power, the golden era of such films was in the 1970’s in the aftermath of Viet Nam and Watergate when the lies were exposed, film is an extremely powerful medium and such incisive films soon gave way to the trash revisionism of the Reagan era and it’s Rambos. George Clooney has had a phenomenal year in terms of intelligent political movies, Syriana comes on the heels of Good Night and Good Luck a film that explores the evil of the McCarthy era where dissent was also crushed under the jackbooted heel of labelling Americans who dared to call power into account as ‘communists’, the precursor to the invective of ‘unpatriotic’ that is so well utilized by today’s demagogues. Clooney’s character in Syriana is loosely based on former CIA agent Robert Baer whose books See No Evil and Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude offered a glimpse into the real life international intrigue of the politics of oil and the Middle East. This is an important movie and the slime machine will soon be ramping up their efforts to discredit it as well as the hated liberal Clooney. Some in the right wing media are already up to their usual tricks in their debunking of the movie the ruling queen of the industrial strength vibrator Ann Coulter is leading the way with her attacks that refer to Clooney as
‘Danny Ocean’ and then inserting whatever hateful malarkey that the closet dyke throws out to her audience of right wing alpha males whose masturbatory fantasies of being violated by the sex toys of ‘Mistress Ann’ are only second to their conscription into the army of Bush Armchair Patroits who have nothing better to do than gather together for circle jerks over a Ouija board to Coulter’s channelling of Eva Braun. The rest of the electronic goon squad will soon be jumping on the anti-Clooney bandwagon and there is little doubt that FOX’s Bullshit Billy will be driving.

And finally:

A 100 lb Virginia woman won a turkey eating contest by consuming 4 pounds, 3 ounces of bird in twelve minutes. All the major media outlets covered the gastronomic miracle.

God Bless America!

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