King Of The Angry White Males

Screaming head Bill O’Reilly, Sir Galahad to the doofus populist faction of foaming at the mouth white male bittermen is spouting off in anger once again! The former cheese tabloid tv frontman and current FOX propaganda network resident blowhard went off on yet another lunatic fringed tirade, this time against the city of San Francisco that has both drawn outraged protests as well as reinforced the image that his anger management issues and ego driven megalomania are rapidly threatening to turn into a full blown sociopathic personality disorder….a perfect spokesman for Bush Republicans.

During a regularly scheduled hissy fit Billie Blowhard got his panties in a bunch over a city initiative to ban military recruiting in local high schools and went off on a typical mentally unhinged slobbering rant that ended wih his encouragement to Al Qaeda or any terrorist organization to feel free to launch an attack on the landmark Coit Tower and the city of San Francisco. O’Reilly, as with the rest of the chickenhawk contingent whose ‘patriotism’ is so often and easily offended by any person or group that would dare to invoke true American values such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom of religion and just freedom in general of course didn’t serve one day in the United States military. To the legions of armchair patriots so eager to send others into battles based on questionable merit and/or outright falsified intelligence apparently serving the country means parking their often ample asses on sofas in front of the tube and cheering on insane, jingoist celluloid revisionist history garbage the likes Rambo II, Rambo III or any war movie starring either John Wayne or Chuck Norris, this is the bizarre through the looking glass world of fantasy that they inhabit.

O’Reilly is emblematic of the angry white male without a clue to what the true causes for his hostility really are that are drawn to the GOP like starving fleas to a mongrel dog. Their bitterness is masterfully used by party message masters and misdirected at the welfare state (code phrase for blacks) which allows them to express outwardly their belligerent racism with a degree of false legitimacy. The interesting paradox is that the ones who rant the loudest and most virulently about ‘those who are too lazy to get a job and would rather live on the government dole’ are strangely silent and unperturbed when it comes to the leeching off of the same federal teat by tax dodging corporations that pay for favorable legislation allowing for them to offshore operations, export jobs and deplete the tax base therefore smacking angry white man in directly in the wallet. They also have little or no beef with the wealthy elitist chiselers who use every method of chicanery and deception available to squirrel away their money in tax shelters or just cheat outright in order to avoid paying their fair share. The concept that the powerful institution of rich, capitalist whitey is by far a bigger abuser of government programs and publicly funded largesse than any lower income, lower class black or other minority with no access to accountants, investment consultants and attorneys could ever be will never reach a penetration point that would allow for such an idea to penetrate their thick Cro-Magnon skulls and imbed itself into their pea sized brains. That is precisely why they need guys like Bill O’Reilly to ‘watch out for them’.

The resentment of strong women or feminazis to borrow a phrase from of one of O’Reilly’s fellow radio blowhards who is also a degenerate as well as a thrice divorced racist drug addict (one of the ‘values’ people) not to name any names, is also a symptom of ‘angry white male syndrome’. Men who are especially susceptible to this mental malady are those who are incapable of accepting that a woman could actually be capable of being anything other than either a subservient domestic slave or an object that exists only for their own perverse fantasies of power and sexual gratification, they literally see a woman as nothing more than a walking vagina and reinforce this image through their infatuation with pornography and masturbation. An underlying reason for such misogynist hostility is that most of these guys couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison if they had a pocketful of pardons within their posession. They resent having to compete with women in the work environment and feel that their masculinity has somehow been compromised as a result of the women’s rights movement. Many have never had any sort of meaningful relationship with a woman with the exception of their mothers, a great example would be their almighty leader George W. Bush who is not only a real momma’s boy but is in such constant need of motherly reassurance that he needs surrogate mommies like Condi Rice and Karen Hughes around to constantly prop him up. You see a lot of the exploitation of this trait in many of the policies of the religious right as well, women are definitely subordinated so that ‘strong daddy’ can assume his rightful place as the head of the family. I would imagine that a lot of the anti-abortion fervor stems from the subconscious desire to deny a woman both her right to do with her own body as she pleases as well as to trample on any right that she may have regarding privacy or otherwise autonomy. Women are big time bugaboo number two in the world of the angry white Republican male.

And speaking of San Francisco and right wing blowhards, I wonder if Billy Brainbleeder took the time to look up a fellow radio demagogue while in the Bay area, despicable reprobate and militant homophobe Michael Weiner aka Michael Savage. It could have been one Hell of a time in the Tenderloin District for these two manliest of manly men, latex, loofah sponges, amyl nitrate poppers, studded dog collars, a small thermos full of KY jelly and enough raging testosterone to satisfy any and all submissives in search of strong daddy doms, talk about a rager of a party, it would make the annual Bohemian Grove elitist orgies look like a glee club meeting by comparison to the onslaught of seriously perverse, wretchedly sinful debauchery that those two would be capable of if they were to join forces.

The preceding horrifying statement sets up a nice little segue into the third leg of the ‘angry white male’ tripod and another of the great right wing Republican allures when casting a net for loyal, party line parroting brown shirts: homophobia!

Homophobia is a convenient disguise for latent homosexuality, studies have indicated that extremely homophobic men when monitored while being shown both straight and gay pornography experienced greater stimulation while viewing the boy on boy stuff. Not that I am a psychologist but it doesn’t take Freud to figure out that a large amount of the anger directed at gays can be described as a percolating self loathing that is outwardly projected. Why do you think that fellow FOX mouthpiece Sean Hannity spends a substantial amount ruminating on the sexual act of ‘fisting’ in his shitty ghostwritten book? It is interesting that there are so many single white men on the Bush administration political team, many from Texas and it certainly would not be a reach to speculate that the White House itself could be a huge garrison for the Dick Army. There are even many rumors floating around that Karl Rove himself may be a longtime closet pole smoker and after all, false reporter and gay prostitute Jeff ‘hot military’ Gannon held an astounding level of clearance for a hack reporter in a time of a heightened state of national security, Gannon visited the White House over 200 times over two years and he wasn’t sneaking in through the back door…no pun intended.

When Bill is not spewing bullshit over perceived slights to his nationalist fetish with home grown fascism he certainly is a proven and reliable attack dog when it comes to disseminating yet another great right wing grievance with modern society, the War on Christmas! What would a holiday season be without O’Reilly stirring up the zealots of the land with yet another edition of the same lame jihad about how the godless liberals are trying to take the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas…damn their eyes! Usually the grease on the turkey gravy from Thanksgiving has already congealed and the last slice of pumpkin pie has been devoured before this good ole yuletide treat is hauled out by the righties but when the idiot bastard son of George H.W. Bush’s poll ratings are plummeting like thermostats in houses where medicine takes a priority over overpriced heating oil it is time to get the talking points out before GWB ends up being the nastiest little twerp on Black Peter’s Christmas list. This year the invocation came while the ‘no spin zone’ was spinning off into a p.r. campaign trumpeting the virtues of Sammy Scalito:

“By the way, if Alito is confirmed, that will be a good thing for conservatives. That’s the bottom line. Because Alito will take a more traditional view than a [Supreme Court justices Stephen G.] Breyer or a [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg. OK? He’ll look at things, and he’ll say, “You know, the Founding Fathers didn’t want partial-birth abortion. The Founding Fathers didn’t want all mention of Christmas stricken from the public arena.” That’s what Alito will do. He’s a traditionalist. He’s going to rule that way.”


American Christmas is in and of itself the ultimate piece of propaganda, far more geared to getting consumers out to the stores to participate in the gross annual pagan festival of capitalism called holiday shopping season. Jesus Christ has long been relegated to playing second banana to Santa Claus in the land where the ultimate holiday season currency is not frankincense and muir but Visa and Mastercard. Stress and spending overkill, racking the plastic and indulging the already spoiled and ignorant brood with increasingly expensive toys and electronic gadgets are what really make the bells jingle or more precisely beep now cash registers have become high tech. Ho Ho Ho, Santa’s on his way and be it the politically correct ‘Season’s Greetings’ or the traditionalist and currently under siege by the liberal heathens ‘Merry Christmas’ you can count on one thing….that the credit card companies are singing Joy to the World off our national profligate holiday spending spree.

The firing up of the lunatic fringe is a given as demagogues like O’Reilly throw yule log after yule log on the smoldering fire of divisiveness and ill will towards men is not only contrary to the peaceful spirit of the holiday spirit that Christmas is supposed to be about but ironically it is all for a cause that is as phony as that of old Saint Nick flying through the skies in a reindeer driven sleigh: brace yourself for this one…Christmas Day is more than likely not even the birthday of Jesus Christ!

That’s right, December 25 is an arbitrary day picked by a Roman emperor, the true birthday of Jesus Christ could be on Halloween, Kwanza, Martin Luther King Day or even….GASP…Gay Pride Day.


Not only that but Christmas is not mentioned even once in any widely accepted Christian bible, not even the hallowed King James version, therefore Christmas is a PAGAN holiday. The entire religious aspect of the entire season is nothing more than a long running urban legend.

Not that this will ever stop the haters like O’Reilly and the rest of the Republican demagogues from exploiting the stupidity and gullibility of their flocks of pigeons and sheep, the point is in playing on the emotions and whipping up the outrage, it keeps them turning out to vote when it counts despite the blatant use of their infantile and misplaced faith in a benevolent government.

Here is exactly what their leaders think of them from a Salon article on the Abramoff Indian Casino Senate Investigation:

Consider one memo highlighted in a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday that Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, sent the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana to describe his strategy for protecting the tribe’s gambling business. In plain terms, Scanlon confessed the source code of recent Republican electoral victories: target religious conservatives, distract everyone else, and then railroad through complex initiatives.

“The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees,” Scanlon wrote in the memo, which was read into the public record at a hearing of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. “Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them.” The brilliance of this strategy was twofold: Not only would most voters not know about an initiative to protect Coushatta gambling revenues, but religious “wackos” could be tricked into supporting gambling at the Coushatta casino even as they thought they were opposing it.

So there you have it, the party base, the angry white males and the religious right are not only fucking stupid but are in all likelihood going to hell anyway, but hey look at the bright side, they will have plenty of time to spend with their fellow Republican mega church congregation members.

Maybe O’Reilly can even lead them along in a chorus of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in front of a nice warm chestnut roasting holiday fire when they are all gathered there together.

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