A Holiday Feast of Fear

“Quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it? That is the life of a slave”

-Roy Baty
King Bush’s epic invocation of fear mongering during yesterday’s major address regarding the dreaded Avian Bird Flu has the mainstream media’s panties in a twist and disseminating dread over—GASP—whether your Thanksgiving turkey could potentially kill you! Jack up the fear level, what better method to get the taxpayers to agree to willing bestow billions of dollars to the already bloated and blood-sucking pig that is the pharmaceutical industry. Next, I have a damned sneaking suspicion that the Pentagon/Rove propaganda shop will soon be invoking Al Queda in connection with this modern day plague and attack on both a hallowed American holiday as well as the domestic food supply. The word to all of you quivering pilgrims is that you have far more reason to be fearful of the turkeys in Washington than the one on your table.

By the way, those cute little pilgrims in your holiday display were the James Dobsons, Fred Phelpses and Pat Robertsons of their day. They were far more likely to burn you at the stake than break bread with you. England didn’t run those fanatics out of the country without reason.

I can only wonder what’s next, the evil phantom menace Zarquawi hi jacking Santa’s sleigh and sliding down the chimney with an uzi? Nothing is below the level to which they will stoop to keep Americans in a constant state of dread and confusion.


I read a particularly disturbing piece in the Washington Post regarding the House of Tom:

DeLay Loath to Doff His Leadership Hat

The crux of the story is that much to nobody’s surprise that everyone’s favorite slimy little prick from Sugarland is refusing to actually cede leadership despite being forced to step down over a flurry of disreputable ethics issues. Lard Ass Denny Hastert and fellow stooge Roy Blunt who have effectively taken over in DeLay’s period of diminished influence are as they always have been the Martin Bormann and Hermann Goering of Tommy’s house of fascist pigs are mere front men for the true tyrannical power of the biggest prick in the history of U.S. politics. The article, by Jonathan Weisman has several interesting and extremely disturbing passages which I will translate in italics below for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the hardball, scum tactics of the rancid and vile piece of toxic excrement that is Toxic Tommy.

Although he was forced to relinquish his leadership post Sept. 28, after the first of two indictments for alleged involvement in money laundering related to the 2002 Texas election, DeLay continues to use an office in the leadership suite, occasionally presides over private meetings with committee chairmen and lobbies members during key floor votes.

Captain Corruption fully intends to put down any attempts at mutiny from saner crew members and is intent on going down with the ship if necessary.

“My issue is having an indicted former leader hanging around the leadership offices,” said one House Republican, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of DeLay’s remaining authority. “This guy did so much good work getting us into the majority. Why does he want to stick around? He’s not helping us.”

Hasta La Vista Dickwad, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Countering those are DeLay’s ardent House supporters, dozens of whom now sport hammer-shaped lapel pins evoking DeLay’s nickname, “The Hammer,” to proclaim their allegiance. They say much of the discord is due to DeLay’s departure from the leadership, not his continuing influence.

My God, these people are so shamelessly Nazi like that they even have their secret Hitler decoder insignia to display for the grand dragon of their bizarre little cult.

“Ethics is everything,” Shays said. “If you don’t have a strong moral standing, if you don’t have an ethical foundation, you just crumble.”

Wow, those are two words that when used in a positive tense just have no reality based connection with the House of Pigs, a real oxymoron like friendly fire or military intelligence.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and other leaders remain publicly in DeLay’s camp. House Republican Vice Chairman Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) distributed a glossy “member profile” of DeLay last week, gushing about DeLay’s role in foster parenting, his run-in with an errant quail hunter, his love of jazz and his affections for his bichons friss , Baily and Taylor, and his miniature dachshund, Scooter.

Let’s just hope that the member profile picture was laminated, it would be both a shame and a waste of money if they had to be pitched after only one use. Also, does anyone really believe that DeLay wouldn’t drown the puppy of any opponent in a bucket with demonic glee if the opportunity presented itself?

And he has continued his well-honed practice of rounding up votes on controversial measures that otherwise might not win House approval.

It’s pretty damned hard to find an utterly irredeemable sociopathic thug with no qualms about kicking opponents in the balls (at a minimun) come crunch time to deliver the goods to the big money corporate interests….why let the best of all time go?

Regardless of how members feel about DeLay, Republicans across the ideological spectrum say the current unstable structure of the leadership is inviting discord. DeLay has asked Republicans to leave his post vacant until the charges against him are resolved, and supporters say the case could be tossed out or beaten by January.

The Texas Mafia is going to be very busy in the coming two months.

But for now, the majority leader’s office is “a staff without a head,” said Rep. Michael N. Castle (R-Del.).

If we lived in the days of the guillotine and French Revolution there would be one shitload of headless house members laying around without need of a staff.

GOOD GOD, The man is public fucking enemy number one, how in the hell could anybody who has not already consigned their soul to Satan continue to support this piece of shit?

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